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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  March 28, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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victim just told us about losing his son in a stabbing in hillsberg. >> reporter: it is opening day for the a's at the oakland coliseum. we'll have a look at the preparations underway at today's game at 1:00. we have the attractions that fans can expect and plans for the new ballpark all coming up. good morning. it is tuesday, march 28th. i'm claudine wong. >> good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. dave and gas see gasia enjoying a day off. there may be some blue peeking through right now. right now we have cloudy and mostly cloudy skies. this is hit and miss. there's been to the south and a little to the north. so it could not take much for the cells to move over us.
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and we'll go upper 50s and 60s and the south 15 to 20 miles an hour. i think they'll play. but the system, you can see the onshore flow as the system begins to make its move here. it is sending in a lot of cloud cover. not much rain. but a little bit of rain. not much yesterday. it was about moran county north. and then had the cells came in t and there will is a little bit moving through. and that is not had the case on the pennsylvania lap and also in the santa cruz mountains. they made the track to fremont. that system has since collapse canned. and there will is still some in the santa cruz mountains. it is hit and miss. the system sends in one more ban. it is cooler on the temperatures. we'll have a southeast breeze front direction and the low continues to move north. but as it does, we'll have a lot of cloud cover in the morning and breaks in the
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afternoon. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. 7:01 on a thursday. the traffic is moderate. we have a couple of incidents that popped up this is the south bay. this is downtown san jose. it does look like here. and to put the map up, you see where the red is that the traffic is beginning to fill in on northbound 85. there is an overturned vehicle southbound 17 near big moody curve. but northbound traffic may be affected because people slow down to look at what is going on the other side of the road. but the traffic here is going to be affected by a crash southbound 17 and near big moody curve. once you get through, it does improve. contra costa county slow on highway 4. slowing on 24 and
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laugh 24 and lafayette. the police are investigating a homicide. about 30 minutes ago we talked to the father of the victim. he said that the son, 24-year- old yvonne torres was visiting from santa rosa and two men showed up at the apartment and got in a fight with his son and they stopped him. >> when i laid him down, i could see his face going really bad and his lips purple. and the eyes start going out completely. i called the ambulance like 15 minutes ago. they didn't show up. he died in my arms. >> we're still waiting to get
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more information from the police. we'll have an update from the scene in about 30 minutes. a four-year-old boy is hospitalized this morning after he accidentally shot himself in the head. it happened yesterday at a home at east oakland. we go live in the news room with more on the story. good morning. the boy is being cared for at children's hospital oakland. at last check, he was in critical condition. there was word that he may have been upgraded to stable condition we know that the family is calling this a terrible accident. family members shared this photo with us this is 4-year- old javon jackson. family members said that the four-year-old boy was visiting and he found a gun under a bed. it was apparently unlocked and loaded and the boy accidentally shot himself in the head. the police did take a handgun into evidence. they also detained two people. this man here and a woman who
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is believed to be the child's mother. i man that lives at the home is the one that is detained. and we talked to the sister of that man about the boy. >> he is very hyper, active kid. he likes to move around. you got to watch him. i pray for him. >> and the family and friend describe him as a happy playful kid. a woman said that she's related to the boy said the family lost relatives to gun violence before. a family should not be subjected to so much violence. as of this morning, no charges have been filed against begin. the police are working to determine who owned the gun and how exactly everything unfolded. classes are scheduled to resume this morning at fairfield. the campus was closed yesterday because of a plate of violence. and the school said that the
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threat has been deemed not credible. but they will be increasing the police presence on campus and providing support for anyone that needs it. and we learned that had the same school has been the scene of racist graffiti earlier this month. >> unfortunately, the adults who should be in charge have not given the leadership to say, under no uncertain terms, that hate, bigotry and evil acts will not be tolerated. >> four students were found responsible for the graffiti. they say that there is no connection between that vandalism and yesterday's threat. the hill task force is looking to address graffiti at the diabolo college.
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they were found in restrooms on campus. it targeted african-americans and middle east immigrants. this man is seen pushing an 85-year-old demonstrator to the ground. it happened outside the planned parenthood building. they scuffled for a while before he was pushed on the ground and kicked by the attacker. he could be charged with assault and battary and elder abuse. hope village near the airport has been vacated by saturday. there is plans to move the camp to the santa clara water district. but now the district has scrapped the plan.
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sam te'o's layer will lead the groundbreaking ceremony for a new affordable housing complex. they will create apartments for people that work 60% or less than most in the bay area. the first tenant is expected to move in by november by next year. there was one big winner in last night's $750 million powerball drawing. that ticket was sold in wisconsin. 7 other players won a million dollars. two of the detectives were here in the area. the tickets have the five regular numbers but not the powerball number. here are the winning numbers so you can check your tickets.
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i only missed six number. >> so close. baseball season finally here. and the fans are all the teams hoping this is their year. the a's will play the first home game at the coliseum this afternoon. and than is where we find allie rasmus live this morning live with everything that is in store for the big home opener. >> reporter: yes. we watched them take the tarps off the field a short time ago. they are getting ready at the last minute. this is some of the nicest looking grass that i've ever seen. this is just in time for the opening day at the oakland coliseum. the a's will play the angels at 1:00 this afternoon. in the future, years from now, this will be a public park because the a's have plans to build a new stadium at the howard terminal. and to talk more about that, i have katherine acres.
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what is the latest on the plans with the new terminal? >> we're progressing our plans for the ballpark. we're evaluating the physicalness of the site. >> reporter: what is the feedback that you're getting from people at the early stage of this? >> i think the emotions are positive. the public input is really important. so we're listening to what they want for the ballpark. >> reporter: today, fast forward to today or fast track, you're getting ready for the opener. in the future, you said what is going to happen to this site? >> we plan to redevelop the coliseum site to make sure it is meeting the needs of the east oakland community. so we talked about a park that
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we're going to preserve the field here to make sure that generations to come can play baseball her and we'll have housing, businesses and retail and preserve the incredible impact that we have had here and make sure that are we're making bigger impacts moving forward. >> reporter: thank you. again the game is 1:00 against the angels. the gates open at 8:00. allie rasmus, ktvu news. i understand the cast from hamilton will be there. that should be fun. the giants open the season this afternoon.
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they're down south in san diego. this is the padre lineup. they are new and improved. they signed manny from the dodgers. he signed a ten-year $38 million contract in the offseason. and he's really good. and the giants' home opener next friday against the tampa bay rays. ahead the british prime minister, what she said she will do if they agree to the deal that she negotiated. do you know this guy? he's running for democratic candidate for president. we'll look at this underdog candidate from indiana. we're looking at a commute where the traffic across the bridges looks all right. it looks like the weather could play a factor in the commute at some point today. it is playing a little bit this morning. mostly cloudy and some hit and miss rain.
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not as much as yesterday. but it looks okay. we'll take a look at the satellite and the radar and show you what is going on.
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democratic candidate is at an event tonight in san francisco. he's here to speak at the commonwealth club at 6:30 p.m.
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he is 37 years old in the crowd of democratic candidate and openly gay and a veteran of the war in afghanistan. following the release of the summary of the report by special counsel robert mueller, both republicans and democrats are moving forward. democrats are continuing to push for the release of the full report. >> attorney general should release it promptly. and in the interest of transparency, we should see the mueller report with a few appropriate redactions. >> president trump is questioning the legitimacy of the entire investigation. he believes there was wrongdoing at the fbi. >> it was treason. if the republican party had done this to the democrats and done this to president obama, you would have a hundred people in jail right now and it would be treason. >> democrats want to see the entire report and all the sporting documents that could amount to millions of pages.
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special counsel robert mueller's team issued 2800 subpoenas and 500 search warrants and interviewed more than 500 witnesses. the city of san jose expanded the pilot program for people at risk of becoming homeless. and it offers things like financial assistance and legal help and child care to those in need. 540 families have been helped by the program in the pilot phase and 90% of the families got to stay in their own home. >> if it was not for is assistance, i know i would be living under a bridge. >> with the promising results, we're doubling down and scaling up the program because the police saw it works. >> the city of san jose allocating $4 million to expand destination home. the program has also received private donations from companies like google and cisco. it has a goal of helping 900 people a year for the next two
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years. time to go to sal for a check of our roads on this thursday. good morning. we have some traffic troubles out there in some spots. the other commutes are doing okay, considering what time of the morning it is. the peak of the morning commute is starting on 280 northbound. as we look at the rest of the morning commute in silocon valley, you see 280 slows at 18 and 85 slows from 87 to coopertino. southbound 17 at lexington hills there, is a crash there. the traffic -- let me push it is a little bit. the traffic northbound is the problem. people are slowing down to look at the crash on the other side. there was an overturned vehicle there. and the dunbarton and the sam te'o bridge, you can see the
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traffic. slow and likewise on 680. northbound 101 slows from the old candlestick exit. bay bridge, this be is a 25 minute delay. we'll keep a close eye on interstate 880 today as the a's opener will impact the commute for the afternoon use drive on 880. 7:19. get right to here on this thursday. cloudy to mostly cloudy and a little rain. but we have one more system that we have to deal with here. the a's will play. it is a splash and dash weather forecast. there is some rain around but not for everybody. upper 50s and low 60s as the next system comes in. the gfs, that is our global model -
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[ no audio ] there is some lightning strikes here. it doesn't show up yet. to a possibility of thunderstorm activity right now. and the system moves up in lake county. and fairfield and vacaville, that system is gone. we had a good one going through the peninsula to fremont and union city. here comes another one, out of the santa cruz mountain and coopertino and sunnyvale. that is over fremont and fell
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apart. that is what we're dealing with here. some of these can produce brief heavy rain. it will not last long. but it is in the forecast. and some of this beginning to rotate in and could produce some thunderstorm activity. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. south, southeast breeze and in advance of this front, this will be the last in the series. by the weekend, things look pretty good and we'll warm it up. there is not a lot of rain. a tenth of an inch and quarter of an inch will be the most. by monday night and tuesday, the forecast models start to bring the rain back there. is decent amounts. i think the rain pattern continues into april as well. some rain today but a lot more to show and go. if you get a cell and afternoon thunderstorms, you could get brief heavy rain. but everything points towards improving conditions for the weekend. 50s and 60s today and below
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averages on the temperatures. some rain and better this afternoon. partly sunny and mostly sunny and warmer for your weekend, c w. steps to get boeing boeing 737 max 8 back in the year. the safety featurers that have lawmakers want as they grilled the faa administrator. a memorial so simple that it speaks volumes. the solemn tribute to the service members that lost their lives in the vietnam war.
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traveling vietnam memorial is here. it is a replica of the one in washington d.c. it is two- thirds you the size. it still features the names of 58,000 americans killed in vietnam or who later died from wounds suffer the in the war. it is open to the public around the clock till sunday afternoon. >> it is like a pilgrimage. they don't teacher this in school. we have to keep remembering. >> you can view the memorial at the wilson ranch soccer park in windsor. there is no charge but you can donate to the group that bring to at the time area. it travels to some 30 cities
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each year. after windsor, it is heading to oregon. and we look at the reason for the dismissal of the charges to jussie smollett. president trump said that the fbi and doj to review the outrageous jussie smollett case in chicago, it is an embarrassment to our nation. people were surprised on tuesday when the prosecutors in chicago dropped all 16 felony charges against jussie smollett for lying to the police about being attacked. the cook county state's attorney defended her office's situation. >> he was availed to the alternative prosecution model that anybody else without his riches, without his fame, were also availed to. 6700 people have participated in alternative prosecution cases. >> kim fox rescued herself from
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the case because she discussed the case with one of his family members. an award for a man struck with cancer. you can see the traffic is going to be busy. we'll be watching this particular commute very closely. and today is the a's home opener. they play the angels at 1:00. and that means there will be a lot of people coming here today. weak system going through. some light rain possible but also the possibility of thunderstorm activity. there are some sun breaks here. we'll talk about that and what is in store for if the weekend. itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out
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and keep the public safe.
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pg&e wants you to plan ahead by mapping out escape routes and preparing a go kit, in case you need to get out quickly. for more information on how to be prepared and keep your family safe, visit
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. good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. people are like winter is over. >> we're like winter is here. and steve paulson is watching that. >> it is not cold anymore. >> i still get chilly. >> are you partaking in the opening day? >> i am. i'm ready. i'm ready for spring baseball. >> we're ready. it is spring and we have baseball today. there could be a few showers. it is one of those that may be a mile away or over today. but the system is making a move. upper 50s and low 60s and a mix
7:31 am
of sun and clouds. jim says, i was looking up to the sky and i noticed a strange color of blue. could that mean spring is here? it started on the 20th, jim. so, yes, spring is here. we have some thunderstorm activity here. we're picking up on a cell. but this line coming in could generate a thunderstorm or two or brief heavy downpours. you can see there is not much to the north right now. yesterday was a different story and heavy rain to the north and not much to the south. we had a few cells rotating through. and another one collapsing near coopertino that is over fremont. in the santa cruz mountains, a hit and miss. you'll get some brief downpours
7:32 am
out of that. it is a broad brush on the system. and one more with the system as it clears this afternoon and we'll get improving conditions. the low will move north or weaken. but it is sending in one more band. we could have a possibility of afternoon thundershower. 7:32. sal is looking at something. i have all of this computer stuff and sometimes i get alerts on my phone, like you, mike. so let's take a look at the commute. i want to talk about the bay bridge. and we have been talking about the east bay commute. so the bay bridge looks typical. it is normal driving there. this is across the bay to san francisco and getting out to the commute here. and you'll see that the traffic is going to be a little bit slow, mostly on northbound 101. today is a slightly better day
7:33 am
than yesterday for some reason. we don't question it. so coming here and getting cross the area, you'll see slow traffic. i'll talk about traffic that is going to be affected. let's switch to the south bay. let's go to the 280 commute. it does okay to downtown san jose. headlights on and the roads are wet. and we had an accident on highway 17 in the south bay in the lexington hills. this is southbound near big moody curve. northbound 17, traffic is going to be slow because of the emergency vehicles and the distractions. 17 lanes are open northbound. southbound, from hayward to fremont is slow and we're looking at contra costa county commute and a reminder, about today's a's home opener. a 1:00 game and it will let out about 4 and it will mix in with the afternoon commute. so bart is the best way to get
7:34 am
to and from the area. back to the desk. we're following developing news in sonoma county. we're hearing from family members of a man who was killed last night in hillsberg. >> reporter: good morning. a man showed up this morning and told me it was his 24-year- old son who was stabbed last night during an arguement with a couple of other men. he shared a picture with us. i want to show that to you. he said it was his son ivan. he was visiting him yesterday at the apartments on canyon run. two men showed up with a woman and they got into an arguement with his son out front. he does not know what the argument is about and they walked around to the side of the building and than is where the son was stabbed. the man told us that he tried to perform cpr and his son died in his arms. >> i put a lot of pressure on
7:35 am
him. and he started like going down. i lay him down. when i lay him down. i can see his face going really bad even his lips purple. the eyes start going out. i called the ambulance like 15 minutes ago and they didn't show up. they tell me what to do. he died in my arms. >> reporter: i reached out to the hillsberg police department several times but they're not releasing any new information. they are actively investigating it as a homicide. you can see how large the crime
7:36 am
scene area is. a four-year-old boy is fighting for his life this morning after accidentally shooting himself in the head. it happened yesterday afternoon in oakland. he was at a family friend's home. the four-year-old was rushed to children's hospital in critical condition. the family member said that he has no brain activity and they are hoping that the swelling in the brain does not go down. if he does not regain brain activities in the next three days, they will take him off life support. the family is calling the shooting an accident. >> everyone was in the living room and the little boy went into the back of the room and climbed under the bed and we heard a gun go off. so far no charges have been filed. berkley police are lefting a confrontation that left one man with a stab wound and one a
7:37 am
bad hand injury. this is cedar street and north berkley. the police found one man had been stabbed and another man suffered a head injury. both men had to be hospitalized. three auto burglary suspects are in jail this morning, following a chase that began in sam te'o. they jumped into a car and sped off on fashion island boulevard just before 8:00 last night. the police chased the suspect across the sam te'o bridge and hayward where the police suspects backed up and rammed the thp car. >> no weapons were fired. so it was a peaceful resolution for the most part. no officers injured. so we're happy to say that. we have three individuals in custody that need to be off the streets. >> if the police said they will look into whether the suspects can be connected to other auto
7:38 am
burglaries in the bay area. boeing is about to roll out a new safety system for the boeing 737 max 8. they invited 200 pilots from several islands to the seattle facility to explain the changes to the flight control system and require pilots to take a test and pass the test before they are allowed to flight boeing 737 max 8. federal lawmakers were accusing the faa to have a, quote, cozy relationship with airplane manufacturers. and if he questioned how they certified the max jets. senators questioned the acting faa administrator about how and why aircraft companies helped agencies certificate their own planes. >> the faa did safety on the cheap and put the box in charge. >> close relationship between industry and regulator threatened to erode trust in the entire system. >> the way it works with the
7:39 am
aircraft makers holds down cost dollars and make it less likely that a manufacturer will try to bury any problems that it knows about. the inspector general said they plan to significantly change how they oversee the development of new aircraft. but thru is no indication it plans to abandon the approach they currently use. the prime minister of great britain is willing to resign to get her country to leave the european union. she did not give an exact date. the parliament rejected the prime minister's brexit plan twice. the man convicted of a deadly car attack in virginia will no longer face the death penalty. 21-year-old james field junior made a deal with the
7:40 am
prosecutor. he pled guilty to 29 hate crime charge cans. the jury found him guilty of plowing his car into a crowd of people that are protesting unite the right rally. one woman was killed and 35 others were injured. a man accused of putting a puppy in a garage. the four-month-old chihuahua mix fell four story down the shaft and spent four days in dumpster without food or water. the puppy was adopted by one of
7:41 am
the first responders. a jury awarded $30 million to a man after they said that manson their product caused his cancer. we'll take you live to the field at coliseum for the a's big home opener to show you why the fans may want to get there a little early this morning. and tomorrow was supposed to have been a historic day for nasa. the changes being made because of an ill fitting space suit. space suit. getting closer to the opener at the coliseum as the a's host the angels today. the parking lot is about to open in about 20 minutes or so. and the traffic in the area is going to be busy. we'll be all over it. we would not have a forecast out of this world. but we have a mix of sun, cloud
7:42 am
and some rain that is pretty good. we'll show you that coming up. ♪ [ crying ] ♪
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witnesses said a man pulled up in a white bentley outside the church by the l.a. international airport. the witnesses said that the man looked suspicious and they called 911. one woman texted. >> hi guys, if you hear about the shooting, it is not true.
7:45 am
everyone is fine. a weird guy came in the store acting crazy. the police were called and he was shot. i'm fine only the bad guy was shot. >> the officer and the suspect both taken to the hospital. the suspect died. one of the officers shot in the arm. they're trying to figure out in the suspect had a gun or in the police accidentally shot each other as well the suspect. in seattle, two people killed and two others critically when a gunman randomly opened fire at cars and a metro bus. seattle's lake city neighborhood is where it happened. the metro bus driver among those wounded. but he's also being hailed a hero for driving his dozen passengers to safety despite his injury. nasa has been promoting the first all female space walk
7:46 am
scheduled for tomorrow. they discovered they did not have two space suits of the right size ready for the women to make history. they say it is more time to spend time on the project than another space suit. she said that the safety of the crew is to come before taking risks. the number of small sized space suits were cut in the 1990s, when they had to redesign them from a technical glitch. >> i think she's got to be disappointed. they make history every day. takes us on the highways and give us some good news. let's talk about the richmond bridge. once you get on to the bridge, it looks good. and it has not been raining.
7:47 am
but the clouds look like they're threatening here. and we're looking at some of these other commutes. 30 minutes to the macarthur maze bridge. it is not bad for this time of the morning. you get to the bay bridge toll plaza and you'll see some slowing. some slow traffic. and those gates open at 8:00. and there will be a lot of people out there. and they'll be living at 4 or 10 when the game is over. westbound bay bridge bridge is backs up. sam te'o bridge, that traffic is okay and the dunbarton bridge. we'll talk about that coming up next. at 7:47. let's goss to steve. change requires kingvale to truck truckee.
7:48 am
road trip. let's go. >> road trip. >> i have not heard that in a long time. we have had some snow. but all eyes are on the a's home open near. there will be some shower activity. >> a lot of these are to the south and to the north. good morning. on and off descries and thunder in the distance. a cool 42 degrees. you can see the line that has been forming on the coast. and the sonoma coast and some lightning strikes observed that. nothing too eye popping right here. and we'll keep an eye on that. a little bit is developing in moran county and dillon beach.
7:49 am
i think we could get isolated rain. i just want you to be ready. we had some clouds coming in over the peninsula and fremont and stanford and over to saratoga and coopertino. they fall apart but not in the santa cruz mountains. it is lit up pretty well here. and that is moving onshore. the line that is coming in right back there, that could do the same as well. so late morning and early afternoon would be prime time for that. it is happening in the santa cruz are there a southeast breeze in advance of this system. we need some sun and is clouds
7:50 am
and showers again probably favoring the valley. we'll get a nice weekend and more rain comes in tuesday and even around the sixth as well to the tenth of april. there is a sign of a good system. not a lot, just don't put the rain gear away yet as we head to the end of march and going into april. there are signs of more rain and good rain coming in later. we'll have to deal with that. 50s and 60s. we'll have a nice weekend as we go in and we'll start to see the temperatures warming up this is coming up on more thans on 2. >> the next hour, five time all star was destined for the hall of fame. and he opens up why he thinks
7:51 am
he still is not no the hall and he thinks it is because of one comment. and nancy cartwright talking about something she did not do before, talking about her first episode and the legacy of the simpsons. seresto, seresto, seresto. jake... seresto, seresto, seresto. whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months
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some lawmakers are following a state lawsuit after
7:54 am
the college admissions scandal. they will could allow them to administer exams on campus and will do to 11th grade students. add advocates said it will benefits students with more limited means. the stock here is a new record high of $23 a hair to $169 a share. lieu lemon was up. a great holiday shopping season for them. and when the opening bell rang this morning, the marks went up
7:55 am
on renewed hope. yahoo rang the bell and celebrating some of their new livestreaming. the dow jones industrial average is still up just about a quarter tv a percent. 55 to 56 points. and the s&p 500 is up about the same percentage wise to 2813. and the nasdaq is up a third of a percent to 7665. walgreens the latest drug stores to sell cannabis related products. they will sell cbd creams, patches and sprays at nearly at 1500 of its stores but not in california. the products are in line with walgreen's commitment to well- being and health services to customers. walgreens rival, we reported, cvs already announced it will begin selling cannabis related products. it was bound to happen. the southern california fast
7:56 am
food chain fat burger is changing the name to skinny burger. they began 70 years ago. there is one in livermore. fat burger tried to put a healthy spin on the original name by take. now they changed to skinny. >> if you're eating a burger, you're eating a burger. there it is. >> it is was open late at night. >> college kids love it. new information about a homicide in a place where prime issues are being discussed. we'll talk to a man that just
7:57 am
lost his son. [ loud traffic sounds ] [ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ] the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. get $250 back on a new galaxy when you switch and save today. say "get a galaxy" to learn more.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is thursday, march 28th. i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm claudine wong. it is gorgeous out there. >> no pressure on the weather person today. but we have a line of
8:00 am
thunderstorms that is moving to the season on the coast. this is a midwest kind of a forecast. just wait five or ten minutes there. is thunderstorm activity to the south. look at that line forming. the detection is going crazy right there. that will be move through an hour or so. on the sonoma coast in the next hour or two. so you can see the line that is forming and you get brief heavy rain and some hail. and in the santa cruz mountains, you have one moving onshore. santa cruz and the santa cruz mountains. so you may see issues there with the traffic and one more system has to rotate in. and you get near the end of march. the days are longer and the
8:01 am
angle of the sun is higher. that can provide a good lift. and that is why i think some of the lines could form. and here is another one from dillon beach to the park. it is lifting northward to the pool and bennett valley as well. and occasionally around saint that clara. 40s and 50s. it is not like widespread rain for everybody. it is hit and miss. and possible thunderstorms and friday into the weekend, we'll look good. 50s and 60s. here is sal at 8:01. i have a shell, like something that folds up that i could pop out. we'll make sure that if it starts to rain, we don't have to change my day. we'll put the shell on. and some people at the giants
8:02 am
game using plastic bags. remember that this but people got out the about 4:00 or so. and everyone else was driving home. you can take bart to the stadium and get home that way. it is pretty good. you can cross the bridge to the coliseum. you see it is backed up to the macarthur maze bridge. and if you're driving on the bridge. we promises you a look at the south bay. and it the freeways are looking good in mountain view. 8:02. back to the desk. we're following developing news at hillsberg where the police are still at the scene of a homicide at an apartment complex on canyon run. we talked to a man that told us that he is the father of victim. he said that the son, 24-year- old ivan torres, was visiting
8:03 am
from santa rosa. two men and a woman showed up at his charm and got in a fight and stabbed him. we're still waiting to get more information from the police department. and we'll bring you any updates as soon as we get them. we're learning new information at this hour about a four-year-old boy accidentally shot himself in the head at a home in east oakland. an arrest has been made in the. the man's identity has not been released yet. they released a woman that was detained for questioning. family members shared a photo with us. family members said that the four-year-old found a gun under
8:04 am
the bed was unlocked and load. and the boy accidentally shot himself in the head. the police took the gun into evidence. they detained this man that lives there. they did release the woman who was detained for questioning and the man's brother spoke to us hours after the shooting. >> everyone knows that a gun is supposed to be locked up. i don't know why it wasn't locked up. >> i can tell you it was an accident. >> the family and friends describe the four-year-old was a happy, active child. an aunt said that the family lost relatives to gun violence saying a family should not have to be subjected to so much. we reached out to the oakland
8:05 am
police and the identity of the man. and we'll bring you any updays as soon as we get them. >> we're hearing this the fbi is looking into circumstances of jussie smollett. president trump said that the fbi and doj need to review the outrageous jussie smollett case in chicago. it is an embarrassment to our nation. people were very surprised that the prosecutor dropped the charges. san francisco police are trying to identify a man seen in this video. he pushed an 85-year-old demonstrator to the ground. this happened last thursday outside the planned parenthood building. the two scuffled for a while before the protester was on the ground being kicked by the attacker. he could be charged with as far as and elder abuse. classes are resumeing this
8:06 am
morning in fairfield. it was closed get because of violence. the let was deemed not credible. the same school was the scene of racist graffiti earlier this month. they have enlisted the help. naacp. >> the adults who should be in charge have not given the leadership to say that hate, bigotry, and evil beings will not be tolerated. >> the school said that four students were found responsible for the graffiti. but the travis unified school district said there is it no connection between the vandalism and yesterday's
8:07 am
threat. in pleasant hill, a task force is looking to look at graffiti found at deablow college. it was targeting african- americans and middle east people. they will engage the campus in a broader discussion. baseball season is finally here. and fans of all the teams are hoping this will the year. >> a's play their first home game this afternoon. and allie rasmus joins us live from the coliseum. and i'm sure the coliseum will be full in a few hours. >> reporter: yes. you see the thank you fans banner. when the gates open at 8:00, this is there the parking lot
8:08 am
for the tailgating. 1:00. they had two games in japan. they lost the games. but there are still a lot optimism. here's is a look at the people this morning. they are getting things ready. they are hopeful that the weather cooperates. right now we have blue skies and sunshine. they were busy in the overnight hours that the tarps cover the perfect grass. all things ready and preparations underway for the game that starts at 1:00 this afternoon. later this morning we'll check in with the tailgaters that will be making their way into the coliseum. the giants open the season this afternoon down in sunny san diego. madison will face a new lineup
8:09 am
t now includes slugger manny ma at that matato who signed a big contract. former warrior is speaking out. he said that words from ten years ago are coming back to haunt him. and questions about the effectiveness of sanctuary laws in california. a new report reveals that police agencies are using legal loopholes. on the way into the silocon valley, you see the freeways still crunch time on 101, 280 and 85. this is one of the sun, clouds and a brief downpour. there is a line of thunderstorms in the santa cruz mountains already. we'll show you them when we
8:10 am
come back. and keep the public safe.
8:11 am
8:12 am
pg&e wants you to plan ahead by mapping out escape routes and preparing a go kit, in case you need to get out quickly. for more information on how to be prepared and keep your family safe, visit the hijackers forced the cry to go north towards europe. four migrants were taken on the tanker in handcuffs after it docked. a new report of police agencies in california are still cooperating with the u.s.
8:13 am
immigration and custom enforcement agents in spite of the sanctuary law. they found 40% of the police agencies are using legal loopholes and openly violating the sanctuary law. the state's of sanctuary law helps immigrants except in the case of violence or a serious felony. the border crisis is at a breaking point. the u.s. immigration said that the number of asylum seekers are the highest in more than a deck indicated. there are tens of thousands of immigration being held at the border and they will reluctantly method. they can come to pursue their claims in court that could take years. >> they are facing unprecedented humanitarian
8:14 am
crisis. on monday and tuesday, they started the day with over 12,000 migrants in our custody. as of this morning. that number was 13,400. >> the commissioner blames the crisis on the vulnerabilities in the u.s. legal system. migrants know they will be able to stay in the country during the pending immigration proceeding. the newest democratic candidate will speak today. 37 years old. he is the youngest candidate and the first openly gay presidential candidate and veteran of the war in afghanistan. the speech is sold out. the decision comes less than two weeks after the shootings the two mosque new zealands in, the suspected
8:15 am
shooter streamed the shootings on facebook. they did not ban white nationalist discussions earlier because they were linked to american pride. civil rights groups pressured facebook to change that policy. dense breast tissue makes it hard to detect breast cancer. and women will get a talk about their breast density and additional testing. we're hearing that two superintendents of the dixie school are resigning.
8:16 am
the superintendent announced that he will be resigning to, quote, seek other opportunities. it follows months of contentious name change. the iga reports that the district's assistant superintendent is leaving in may to become superintendent of another school district in santa rosa. and now over to sal for a check of our roads on this thursday. good morning. right now we see the traffic that is going to be busy if you are driving in the east bay. we've had a slightly better than usual traffic. some schools are on spring break. so you have a couple of weeks there where the volume is slightly lighter. the toll plaza is not empty.
8:17 am
we're watching this camera a lot today. the gates open at 8:00. and there are some people out there. i know how fans are. this is wonderful. you have these people out there tailgating. i love to see that on opening day. the parking lot will be full and that will affect the traffic later in the afternoon in front of the coliseum. you see the traffic will be a little slow. nothing out of the ordinary. we have our slow traffic out there. but it is within reason for morning commute. 8:17. let's bring steve in t. we have a mixed bag today. sun, clouds and showers and possible thundershower. we have this for a general area of thunderstorms today. you have sun and don't be surprised if you get a brief heavy downpour. so a mix of sound, clouds and showers. it is a broad brush. but you can see it is
8:18 am
developing. and therein is a line forming now along the coast just off the marine coast. that will move onshore in the next hour or so. so the thunderstorms are in your near future. there are some are popping up. you can see them south of santa rosa and this line is coming out of moran county. there are some in san jose. it is big time in the santa cruz mountain. so brief heavy rain and hail as that begins to move through. so this will be for the morning event. because of the breaks in the clouds, don't are surprised if you get a brief downpour or a thunderstorm here. southeast breeze in advance of this system. the low will move north and weaken in the next 24 hours. in the morning and early afternoon, we're dealing with some cloud cover and sun but also some thunderstorm possibilities today. we goat friday and the weekend,
8:19 am
it will be warmer. today 50s and 60s. we get more thundershower activity. today is favors us a little bit. it does look good into the weekend with warmer temperatures. our newly updated app is here. it has hourly updates and an easy feature for you to upload your videos to share. more legal troubles for facebook over alleged housing discrimination. how you can score a ticket to coachella with a selfie.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
. hardway blames the reason for not being in the hall of fame because of something he said ten years ago. he said that he hated gay people and they should not be in the world. he then apologized and 12 years later he said that he should not have said the comment. and he has been working with lgbt groups. the city of san jose is
8:23 am
expanding a pilot program to help people from not becoming homeless. it is called defendant nation home. 540 families were helped by the program in the pilot phase and 90% of them were able to stay in their homes. >> we've been getting a lot of feedback that if they did not get the assistance, they know they would have been living under a bridge. >> we see it works. >> the city of san jose is allocating to expand destination home. they receive private donations. they have a goal to help 900 people a year for the next three years. we're seeing impacts on the residents since february.
8:24 am
149 complaints. needles, feces, illegal dumping and aggressive behavior and blocking accesses to businesses and driveways. >> the berkley city council approved the ban tuesday night. it will give the city enough time to work out a new permanent system and find a location for the rv camps. they are working with them to find permanent housing. amazon is giving away free tickets to coachella. all you have to do is post a selfie with an amazon locker. amazon created an entire shop just for items that coachella- goers may like. there was one big winner in the $768 million powerball. it was sold in the state of
8:25 am
wisconsin. >> across the country there were 7 other winners that have smaller payoffs that are still worth a lot of money. two of the tickets, worth $2.9 million each were here in the area. one was sold at center wood liquor and at gateway food in san jose. they had five regular numbers but not the red powerball number. if you think i bought a picture from there. check your tickets. here are the winning numbers. the powerball number is 12. i would like to make ten bucks back. >> i said that is the day i would not win the state lotto. so i bought five tickets for the state lotto.
8:26 am
i got some numbers but no money. morning drive is digging deeper into your wallet. gas prices are on the rise. how refinery problems are affecting the prices at the pump. and we're following a developing story for you in a quiet hillsberg neighborhood. a 24-year-old man died overnight. and you'll hear what his father had to say this morning. one of the way that you improve your gas mileage is not to sit in stop-and-go traffic like this coming in from the parkway to the toll plaza on 580 west. it's been quiet this morning. i think some thunderstorms are in our forecast for the next couple of hours.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
look at that line forming coming in off the coast and moving onshore on the coast. and off the moran coast. so in the next hour or two, some of those could develop and some of them are beginning to pop up in moran county and over to santa rosa. you can see that they can get brief rain. there have been a few cells around. and it will collapsed a little bit. but not in the santa cruz mountains. it is 17 and over monterey highway and 101 and morgandale. this will be the last in this
8:31 am
series. we'll get a break starting tomorrow. but thunderstorm activity is likely today. and the days are long here towards the end of march. so hit and miss. but a possibility of thundershowers today and tomorrow a break. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. sal is here at 8:31. i see slow traffic on highway 17. i'm going to talk about that. this is the crash on the santa cruz mountain commute. the macarthur maze bridge has been better than the last few. this is been about 30 minutes. and that is a little lighter. when you get to the bay bridge, there is slowing. and we'll keep watching that for if you. but i will say that the traffic is going to be all right. this 880 northbound already some tailgaters out there at
8:32 am
the coliseum. today is the a's home opener. they are hosting the angels. you should plan for that this and you'll see the sam te'o and the dunbarton bridge commutes are heavy. south bay commute, all the freeways getting into the valley are sunnyvale and cooper teentino. we're learning more about a four-year-old boy that accidentally shot himself. they have arrestedded one man but his name has not yet been released. it happened yesterday afternoon while the child was at a family friend's home. the four-year-old was rushed to children's hospital in critical condition. the family said that the boy found the gun under a bed and that the shooting was an accident. the police released a woman that was detained for
8:33 am
questioning. the man convicted of a deadly car attack at a white national rally in virginia will plead the rest of his life in prison of the one woman was killed and 35 others injured. the u.s. department of housing is charging facebook with housing discrimination. the charges come one week after facebook disagreed in a settlement to overall the add targeting systems. we're following developing news out of hillsberg where a man was killed out of an apartment complex. and we just learned that his brother has been arrested for his murder. >> get go there for the latest.
8:34 am
>> reporter: that's right. i spoke with a man than said that he was the father of the victim. we now know he's the father of both of these men. he said that the stabbing happened during an arguement. he shared a picture from his son of ivan torres. he is 25 years old. they said that he and his 18- year-old brother moses got into an arguement and moses stabbed ivan. the police were able to track down the suspect. he was trying to flee the area and they found him running away. i spoke with the father that initially that told me that he didn't know who attacked him son. the police said that he was probably in a state of shock and his son died in his arms. >> i kept giving him cpr.
8:35 am
and i called the ambulance and it took 15 minutes. the hospital is right here. he took the last breath and that was it. it died. >> it appeared it was a physical fight. and from the physical fight, the 18-year-old pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed his 25- year-old brother. it is a tragedy in hillsberg. i spoke to the dad and we're in contact with him. our condolences to the family. this is not something that happened in hillsberg. >> reporter: there there is crime scene tape surrounding the apartment and also a field behind the unit because the argument ended up moving to the front of the building and the father told me that they did go around to the back and that is where his son was stabbed.
8:36 am
this is the first homicide in hillsberg in several years. the police sergeant told me it's been about two or three years since they have investigatedded something like this. and it impacted the department because they knew this family and they wish they could have prevented something like this from happening. boeing said it is about to roll out safety systems for the boeing 737 max 8. they invited 200 pilots to explain the changes to the flight control system and require the pilots to take and pass a test on the new flight control software before they are allowed to fly. boeing made the announcement at the same time that the federal lawmakers were accused the faa of having a, quote, cozy relationship with the manufacturers. they questioned how they certified the max jets that are
8:37 am
now grounded because of two deadly overseas crashes. and they look at how and why they help the agency certify their own planes. >> they decided to do the safety on the cheap. >> close relationship. >> the faa said that it the way work and the inspector general said that the faa plans to significant this change how it oversees the development of the new aircraft. the a's home opener is about four and a half hours away. mike trout and the a's or in
8:38 am
town. people are already getting to the parking lot for a little tailgating. joe is there for more on the home opener. >> reporter: good morning. the great news is that the tarp is off the field. the sun is out. and the bustling all around the stadium. it will be a beautiful day in oakland. and we're happy to have with us right now, a guy that does a number of broadcast entities these days. but we cannot talk to you about going backing to may 2010 because you are the 19th person in major league history to throw a perfect game. and did you it on mother's day. so we got to ask you to relive that one more time. this is why coming to this ballpark is so special for me. it is a moment frozen in time. but being able to relive moments like that, especially on days like today, opening day when the excitement is an all- time high not only in the
8:39 am
clubhouse but the fan base, they were getting after it. >> reporter: i'm betting -- we talked to detwice dwight clark, and he said he never gets tired of talking about that. >> true words have never been spoken. that is the reason why i bought a surf board. you're not kicking me off this wave yet. >> reporter: we have to talk about the oakland a's of 2019. the guys didn't know when they broke camp exactly what they had. they found out about the middle of the season they had something pretty good. and that changed the expectations for this year. they are saying we don't want to be just a playoff team. >> last year was a collective unit, mature and get better all at the same time. i think that is why we saw such growth early on in the season.
8:40 am
moving forward this is a young group of guys of that gotten the taste in their mouth and they are not ready to be pushed away from the table. >> when you come back from a ten run deficit in texas, some of the things that he did, it builds confidence, doesn't it? >> you reinstill and reenforce the idea that we're never out of a ball game. it could be down 10 or the eighth inning. they got the potentsy. and they would like to get on the mound as far as the rotation is concerned. they know they have a job to do and they are more than capable of doing that job. >> you've been on both sides of the microphone. what we find out with the oakland a's is they seem to
8:41 am
have a great number of walkoffs. there is a tradition that got started some time ago. we're going to roll some video where you had to dodge the pie and gatorade. >> got to stay nimble. you got to be an athlete. >> reporter: we got keep our eyes open because there are grounds crews and sometimes balances floating around. one final thing, opening day is and exciting time is what going through mike meyer's name. >> he got the first one out of the way, if you will, albeit overseas. while you would like to think that the opening day jitters are gone that is not going to be the case necessarily. be here in front of the hometown crowd. right now, he's just trying to figure out how to navigate a lineup and weave his way in and out of the angels' lineup to
8:42 am
get a w today. >> we appreciate you dropping by. we'll watch you at a number of entities throughout the season. thank you for being with us. >> does it get better than opening day. we'll be back with more at 9:00. back to you guys. >> one of my favorite days of the year. kevin durant is an nba final. he had a game to remember. hear why he had one of the best games of his career as the warriors regain the top seed in the western conference. what jordan bell is accused of doing at a hotel. we have the commute getting just a little better. you can tell is inching along, including this one approaching the richmond bridge. if you have the time to wait it out, we'll suggest that. we'll tell you more about the morning commute when we come back. some rain and thunderstorm activity and north and south it
8:43 am
is a mix of sun and clouds. that is a line getting closer to the sonoma coast. so an active day. but i think we'll play baseball. [phone ringing] remember the way we used to do things? hey man... like connect with friends? dig it! or get in shape? or sell a house and pay a real estate agent a big commission. [crash] at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee. and because is america's #1 brokerage site our agents get more eyes on your home so you sell for thousands more
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than the one next door. ♪ [ crying ] ♪ you protect them at home. we help protect them online. this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome.
8:46 am
>> durant scored 28 points and curry, had ten rebound and also 28 points. they play the timberwolfs in minnesota tomorrow night. they played without bell. they report that he was suspended for charging a hotel purchase to the bill of assistant coach mike brown. the hotel in memphis alerted brown of the charges causing the team to investigate and determined that bell was responsible. and they report that bell has charged items to other accounts several times. and they asked the coach about it he said that it is team
8:47 am
business and everyone will move on. >> but it happened before. >> could be a joke or something else. >> don't know what to say about that, sal. >> i have a ten foot pole that i could lend you. we have been talking about the a's a lot. as much as fun as the game to be, there will be happy people coming to the coliseum today. the best way to get there is bart. don't try to drive your car. you are going to affect the commute here. if you're driving on northbound 880, it will be slow. you can see on 880 north and southbound, you can see the traffic is moving along relatively well w and the both bay commute is still busy.
8:48 am
8:47. hello, steve. >> that joe fonzey is pretty good. >> he's been doing this for a little bit. >> yes. we have clouds and sun and rain and then back to clouds, sun and rain. sun now. but don't be surprised if we have showers. hopefully they'll stay away. there is a line moving in. right it is just off the moran coast. but could you get briefs heavy downpours. this is beginning to develop again. so things are going to pop here as soon as we get a little cloud cover even sun breaks. this was active here for a bit heading to south san jose and morgan hill. one more system in the pipeline. so 40s and 50s in the current pattern. we had a little southerly breeze. you see the system swinging in. and the line has to swing in
8:49 am
the next couple hours. some rain but a mix of sun and clouds for your thursday. and we will have warmer temperatures moving in friday, saturday and sunday. and the next rain might be here monday night or tuesday. there may be some thundershower. more changes at disneyland why this will be bared from all disney parks.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
lu-lu lemon signed foles. and the earnings were much higher than the analysts expected. the stock shot up to $23 a share to a record 169 when the bell rang this morning. checking in on the big board, renewed trade talks with china taking the markets up initially. but now the arrows are starting to point down. and the dow jones industrial average is fluctuating a little bit. and the nasdaq and the s&p 500 down. a little concern that the latest gdp numbers for the
8:53 am
fourth quarter came in. but it is not as high as president trump was hoping for. so we'll keep watching the marks. gas prices in california and the bay area have increased. this is following the temporary shut down of the refinery. the average price of gas in california is now 3.54. that is nearly a dollar higher that is according to aaa. gas prices in california jumped 25 cents a gallon. it was shut down on sunday after and issue at the refinery that caused the relief of smoke causing particles that could cause breathing problems in particular. wow! airlines announced it ceased operations. the low cost carrier that flies to iceland launches in 2012 and expanded quickly and now passengers are being advised to book flights on other airlines.
8:54 am
some may be eligible for compensation. the wow ceo said that the negotiatings to save the air line went on to the early morning hours. they were hoping for and investor to step in. but that you did not happen. walgreens will start selling cannabis related projects. in nine of the 46 states that have legalized medical marijuana. california is not on the list. but the company said that the products are in line with walgreen's commitment to the well-being of its customers. cvs already announced it will begin selling cannabis related products. the most prevalent uses for cbd is pain relief and anxiety and nausea. so having them available over the counter in your cvs and walgreens make it easier for people to get their hands on these things. >> and ask some questions of
8:55 am
the pharmasists. >> yes. the voice of bart simpson. nancy cart wright will join us on the 9s. she will tell us what is going to happen this sunday for the first time in 30 years. a new world record hiding underground. we'll show what you the researchers have been exploring for two years.
8:56 am
8:57 am
we have new video, one that is making israel a new world record holder. researchers announced they had found the world august saul cave located near the dead the -- sea.
8:58 am
state lawmakers are proposing changes to allow school districts to administer sat or act exams on campus for free to 11th grade students. prosecutors say some wealthy parents arrived proctors. advocates say the change would also benefit of more limited means. teaches in santa rosa stand to receive a 7% pay raise over the next two years. schools and the teachers union restate tentative agreement. the deal also includes an additional $1500 in medical benefits. the tentative agreement still has to be ratified by the school board and teachers union. the san jose unified school district is dealing with a shortage of school bus drivers. right now there are 15
8:59 am
openings. the shortage of affordable housing is also making it hard to find drivers. the short file -- sure file -- shortfall is causing problems. >> the bus driver shortage is not just a problem in san jose. school district in santa clara, hayward and mount diablo reportedly all have shortages. a 19-year-old woman has been sentenced to two days in jail after pushing her friend off of a washington state bridge. video went viral last summer. she broke six ribs and punctured her long. taylor smith pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of reckless endangerment. >> i just want to apologize for the pain and humiliation that i
9:00 am
have caused. >> smith was also ordered to serve 30 days in a work crew and is not allowed to contact jordan for two years. the investigation into jussie smollett far from over. what the president had to say this morning. we are alive for the aids home opener. why fans will want to get there early. a first for america's favorite family. the woman behind one of our favorite simpsons characters joins us to tell us what she is doing for the first time. good morning. look at this, take me out to the ballpark. it is opening day at the coliseum. all 30 teams are in action. the giants are in


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