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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 31, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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fox2 starts. the witnesses he had two unusual encounters outside the road before the attack. >> the witnesses the man was wearing the maca hat and was yelling homophobic slurs. the attack happened friday night at the church of 8 wheels near the intersection of fillmore and fell. leigh martinez with a report tonight. >> reporter: on friday night this church on fillmore street transformed into a disco rollerskating rink. that a typical friday night was scott sweeney but he says he was excited to give it a try. the first he and his friend had to get cash from an atm across the street. that is when they encounter to the alleged suspect outside of the store. >> we walked diagonally past him, he tried to intimidate us and we flipped him off at that point because we noticed he also had the maga hat on. at that point he started
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calling us homophobic slurs. >> kanis road walk away but said they had another bizarre encounter with the man a few minutes later to the church lobby. >> he walked up next was this time with the maca hat backwards. >> to so we could hear he then turned around that's when he noticed he had to use item in the back of his jacket. we didn't make the connection until he started to pull it out that it was a hilt of a sword. >> before 10 pm police were called to the area for reported stabbing involving the man in the head. according to san francisco police, the victim approached the suspect and as the victim was passing by the suspect that's when they suspect maga had fell down to the ground and that's when the suspect took out the sword and stabbed the
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victim. police say the victim had an injury to his hand and the suspect took off running with the sword. sweeney didn't witness a stabbing but took photos while he gave police his description of the man he saw early. >> he was white. he had darker squares classes. he had darker hair down to his ears, little bit wavy. i described it to the police as he resembled frank from 30 rock, but little bit skinnier. >> police say they are still actively searching for the suspect. leigh martinez. the head priest of the corpus christi catholic church in fremont has been arrested on suspicion of 30 counts of child sexual abuse. 42-year-old david mendoza vaya is in custody as santa rita jail in dublin. authority say the abuse began three years ago and continued for 18 months when the roof and was assigned to st. john the baptist church in san lorenzo. authorities say the victim was 14 or 15 years old at the time.
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in a letter oakland bishop michael barber told parishioners he will appoint a replacement as soon as possible. a man is under arrest in south america tonight where authorities say he traveled to columbia to have sex with minors. officers arrested thomas renaud of fairfax soon after he arrived and met in which is columbia's second-largest city. investigator say he used facebook to offer girls up to $100 for sexual acts. police say he shared explicit pictures and pornographic material with his victims. investigator say the victims are 13 to 17 years old. command eating at a benny's restaurant was badly beaten after he says adored ashley remand was verbally attacking employees. you spoke with the victim? >> reporter: yes, the victim is terrified with what happened
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and he wants the man caught. police were here earlier tonight reviewing the records of customers orders from this morning and also they obtained video evidence from inside the denny's and hopes to find who the suspect is. fred and lonnie can barely talk , eat and drink water after he says he tried to do the right thing and stick up for denny's employees. >> i don't like seeing people treated that way especially people who work in the same business that i do because we get treated badly by people all the time. >> he just finished his shift at her as a waiter in fremont and went to the denny's on avenue for late night dinner around 2:30 sunday morning. he was in the lobby when he said he witnessed a man being verbally aggressive to the workers. he believes demand works for jordache. >> the door-came in and was really angry that there were not taking care of him straightaway. it's denny's at three in the morning, i feel for the people that have to work with their. >> he spoke up. >> i yelled out calmed down.
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they will get to when they can. it's denny's. >> another patron chimed in, he stood up and that's when the suspected dasher cannot swing it repeatedly punching him in the face. >> i never said a word to him other than calmed down. >> the attack lasted seconds, the mantel got. his mother rushed him to the er at washington hospital. >> don't yell at people, you get your face smashed in. i heart is broken. i cannot believe that happened to them. >> he fractured the fractured nose and palate. he described the man in his early 20s. to attach sent a statement that said we are investigating the alleged incident and will take action as appropriately including deactivating the dasher from our platform. denny's also sent a statement that said in part, we are shocked by the violent that took place. looking into the details of this unusual situation and the
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status of our guest that was injured. he now regrets his decision especially since he doesn't have insurance. >> i would much rather be able to go to work tomorrow and not have to figure out how i'm going to pay for getting my teeth fixed or going to the emergency room last night. >> reporter: police are hoping to get video of the suspect's car here in the parking lot. they are working with nearby processes and hopes to get the video. let's hope they get information soon. a person was sent to the hospital after being hit by a train at the 19th street station in oakland. they happened around two: 40 this afternoon. the person was hit by a train heading to sfo. no word on the victims condition or how the person
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ended up on the tracks in the first place. there were delays on trains for about two hours while paramedics responded. grammy nominated rapper nipsey hussle was gunned down in south la today. investigator say hutsell and two other men were shot outside the marathon, a clothing store owned by hustle corporal the other two men are in stable condition. hustled. witnesses described herein several gunshots and see the wrapper being taken away by ambulance. fans have been lining up outside the store grieving and comforting one another. >> whoever did that they were wrong. >> detectives are not saying anything about the motive for the killings but the wrapper did tweet about enemies an hour before the deadly shooting. he wrote having strong enemies is a blessing. the man who was beaten in the parking lot of dodger stadium earlier yesterday morning remains in the hospital tonight with serious injuries. >> walking in there and seen my husband and they had to pull me out of the room right away
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because he was struggling to breathe. police say christel reyna's has been rafael reyna got into an argument with another man that ended up getting physical. they happened following the game against the arizona diamondbacks. ironically, it was eight years ago today that giants fan brian stowe of santa cruz was also attacked in the parking lot at dodger stadium. he suffered a brain injury and is now permanently disabled. hearing about yesterday's attack was unreal. >> i cannot believe that it's been eight years since it happened to me that it's happening again. i feel totally sad for him and his family and angry about the people that did this to him. brian stowe regularly goes to schools throughout california to talk about bullying. the two men accused of assaulting him were ultimately convicted and ordered to pay a share of an $18 million
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judgment. it was awarded to stowe five years ago. democrats in the house are not missing which. they say they want to see the full model report with no reductions by tuesday. all republican leaders are too many democrat adam schiff resigned as chairman of the house intelligence committee. boxes molly hindenburg shows us the back and forth between the two sides. >> reporter: attorney general william barr has said he hopes to provide a public version of the model report by mid april if not sooner. with reductions. house intelligence chairman democrat adam schiff says reductions are unacceptable and says are produced a biased summary of the report last week. republicans don't believe that. >> to all these people who believe that somehow the summary given by attorney general barr is inaccurate, that's ridiculous. do you think bill barr went with risk is tiger life's reputation by putting out a summary of 400 page report that
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did not get it right? the conclusions are there was no collusion, there was no obstruction and we will see the whole report redacted for classified information and grand jury testimony. >> house democrats say the attorney general has until tuesday to provide the full model report and underlying documents. there's still talks going on between the justice department and house democratic leadership. as for schiff, the nine republicans on the house intelligence committee had called for him to resign as chairman. sink schiff has abused his position to knowingly promote false information regarding president trump and russia. but democrats say wait for the report. >> until the full report is out people should reserve judgment on what adam schiff knows or doesn't know because adam schiff as chairman of that committee had access to lots of information the public does not yet. white kellyanne conway says shift is completely compromised and leading the house intelligence committee after the mall report showed no collusion. congressman time says shift
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never said the president is guilty. in washington, molly hindenburg, fox news. former vice president joe biden says he doesn't think he's ever acted inappropriately toward women. biden issued the statement today responding to accusations from former nevada state assemblywoman. lucy flores says during a rally five years ago biden came up from behind her, placed his hands on her shoulders, linkedin, smelled her hair and then slowly placed a kiss on the back of her head as she was preparing to take the stage. >> i think joe biden has a big problem here because he calls it affection handshakes is particles that completely inappropriate. >> let's see what the facts bear out in right now i have tremendous respect for the vice president. for his allegations come as joe biden is poised to announce whether he is going to run for
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president. there's number of pedestrian deaths is on the rise with transportation experts say is at least partly to blame. the state of california said it's ready, the spillway oracle them will be used for the first time since its billion-dollar rebuild. rain back in the forecast. not a lot but when weather and clouds and what we saw the last couple days. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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the catholic community is mourning the death of an oakland priest who made history in california. reverend jay matthews died of an apparent heart attack last night. father mattis was found unresponsive in the cathedral's rectory and rushed to the hospital. to 70-year-old was the first african-american priest in northern california. he also served as a pastor at st. benedict church in east oakland for 26 years. father jason linde is a new father matthews for more than 30 years and tonight reflected on his warm and loving spirit. >> energetic. loving. +2 people. he really example find the best in catholic priesthood. he was able to seek christ's presence in a variety of different people and circumstances. in his parish was just not st. benedict but the entire city of oakland. father matthews was also chaplain for both the oakland police and fire departments during some of his tenure in the city. the governor stands with open
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and catholics across california as we mourn the passing of other jay matthews. father jay was a trailblazer and ambassador who build bridges between people of different faiths and community. new figures show pedestrian deaths across the country are at a 30 year high. jackie hundred tells us that distracted driving is among the factors in the search. >> the data from all 50 states showed findings so stark the nonprofit is urging a change in behavior before more lives are lost. according to the governors highway association more than 6200 pedestrians were killed in 2018, the highest number in three decades. in just the last 10 years that was a 35% increase. more than a third happened on local streets rather than highways showing a need for better road crossings. a number of variables were blamed but two factors were deemed most responsible, higher number of large vehicles on the
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road and more distracted drivers. >> the fear is unless we make changes we going to continue to see more and more pedestrians are dying every year so this needs to be a national priority. >> data show the number of suvs involved in pedestrian deaths increased by 50% since 2013. cells of trucks outpaced cars, more heavy vehicles mean crashes pedestrians are less likely to survive. distracted driving also increased. today walkers and drivers used 4000% more cell phone data that they did in 2008. have to deaths occurred in just five states but in new york city officials are pointing to the success of the vision zero program which aims to reduce fatalities. despite 490 miles of road and 3700 intersections in manhattan, 2018 was the safest year on record. police give special attention to danger zones and that risk groups. >> while they comprised only of 30% of the population people 60 and over comprise close to 50% of the fatality so that's a target group we continue to
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work at. >> police departments are urging drivers to take extra caution as the weather warms up and more people hit the streets. jackie hundred, fox news. police in san francisco are investigating a deadly crash that happened half-mile away from the shooting that was reported minutes before. the crash happened around 3:00 this morning near cesar chavez and vermont streets. one person was pronounced dead at the scene another person taken to the hospital and expected to be okay. police say minutes before the crash officers received a report of gunshots in the area of toland street and mckinnon avenue. investigator still haven't said whether the two incidents are related. starting tomorrow the sales tax rate will go up in 51 cities across the state. here in the bay area includes alameda, antioch, martinez, redwood city, los gatos and santa rosa. sonoma county in unincorporated will also see increases. most of these so's tax hikes
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will be between half percent and 1%. online cells are not exempt from these new tax rolls. checking in on the weather. we've got temperatures today that got into mid-70s. 75 in antioch, 24 livermore 81 in morgan hill. temperatures tamara koehler. a lot of clouds move in and the chance of rain. perhaps by the middle of the week and towards the end of the week as well. 81 today, that was a warm spot in morgan hill. as a look at the two weather systems sitting offshore. as they move and they will bring the clouds right now partly to mostly cloudy. vrabel clouds willie all week with the best chance legit chance for rain on friday. it is cloudy outside and you can see live radar. coming close temperatures warmer than they were last night by a couple of degrees. you can see a live camera shot of the san francisco airport. not too bad.
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cloudy, partly cloudy. overnight lows tonight and 40s and low 50s. not freezing, but freezing in many locations. the model does this, this is for open san francisco from all of us looks like sky cover him a partly cloudy to cloudy in the morning then in the afternoon partly cloudy. should be dry all day. this is how the model does monday morning, monday afternoon then here is tuesday morning with a slight chance of a sprinkle but not a game changer. tuesday afternoon then here comes wednesday then wednesday afternoon. it's low-grade stuff, not a lot going on there. with that said let's look at the long-range model and the chance for showers is going to be here on friday. i went through a bunch of days and you can see friday more of a bull's-eye on the bay area. not a big rain event but friday looks like the best chance for a wet morning commute and wet afternoon commute. we will see how that plays out. in the meantime the weekend
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looks good. this week is not a washout, is not like today or yesterday. here's the forecast, you can see this friday with a slight showers than partly cloudy, partly sunny on the weekend. the new spillway at the orville them will be used for the first time since it was rebuilt this week. state what officials say the rebuilt spillway is safe and planning to allow water to run down it as early as this tuesday. they orville has risen 50 feet in the past month. is now 77% full. spillway collapsed in february of 2017 during heavy storms and was rebuilt and completed last november as part of a $1 billion construction project. sports rap is minutes wait, here are joe and scott with a look at what they are working on. you have to wonder which version of the warriors will show up tonight it was a good version which sets the stage
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for a dramatic game on tuesday and we will tell you why the ace season outlook has gone from good to really good taste on what we saw this weekend. stay with us. still ahead here at 11 dozens of people lined up to shave their heads for a great cause. our community in northern california is coming together in support of a sheriff's deputy. the first rare white lion cubs born at a safari park. the cubs mother gave birth to one female and one male cub. white lions are endangered species with only about 300 of them in the world most in captivity. trainers are working to find the perfect name for these little guys. you're watching the 11:00 news on ktvu.
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it is a true sign of spring, duff the hill is open for business. located in the town of volcano in amador county about 50 miles east of sacramento. it is an amazing sight. it opened up this week in. thousands of daffodil fans but the drive to amador county. many traveled for hours then sat in traffic while they try to find a parking spot but most didn't seem to mind. >> the drive was about an hour and a half. the wait was about an hour and a half. but it is totally worth it. it is beautiful up here. it's a beautiful day and we really enjoyed it very much.
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we waited in line about 45 minutes. it wasn't too bad. it was well worth it. when people made it to the flowery spot they stopped to take in the view, take selfies and family photos. daffodil hill didn't open last year because of poor weather like rain and hail and snow damaged the field of flowers. people shaved their heads today for a great cause. krista gross tells us it was part of a fundraiser for sheriff's deputy who is now battling cancer. >> reporter: doing anything makes shaving his head. it's part of a fundraiser the organize for their son shane was recently diagnosed with stage iii hodgkin's lymphoma. >> we cried but then we said we are not going to let this get us. we going to fight. we going to be positive and when. he's going to be cancer. >> a married father of two have worked as a corporal for the last nine years. it's a job she loves up and
11:26 pm
cannot do for at least eight months while he focuses on his battle with cancer. cancer not only takes a physical and emotional toll but also a financial one. >> the cost in networking they have two small children. life doesn't stop. the bills keep rolling in. >> the community and shane's work-family turnout in full force. with a line out the door waiting to get their buzz cut and pigeon. shane's friend wanted to join in because he survived his own battle with hodgkin's lymphoma as a teen. >> my dad in my brother did. >> the sound of clippers was constant as a person after person shaved their head for shane. >> this is a night we are supporting him personally, not just financially. showing him we are here for him and whatever he needs. >> his parents say the whole family is grateful for the support.
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>> i can't even explain. i'm humbled. it's a little overwhelming but we are very gracious. it's an amazing place, friends, family, neighbors. this is what they do for each other when there's a need they jump in and don't hesitate. >> reporter: krista gross, fox news. nice to see people come together to help. >> that is a report for tonight, sports rap with joe and scott up next. tonight.
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the warriors play well, though not exactly nice. >> the game no way this age is now set for the biggest game of the regular season. how it could have been a big game for the sharks, turned into just another had scratcher. just a little crush for the a's. why early offense is not the story of the young year. the giants searching for any offense. why their opening series is cause for major concern. and the final four is set. why the third time down to the wire was not the charm for the tournament favorites. so get excited.


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