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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  April 1, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning, thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. it is the first day of april. i am pam cook. nice to have you back. >> it's nice to be back. >> good morning, i am dave clark. the weekend was nice, but what is about to happen? >> changes this week. maybe some rain coming in. there is a little bit to the north. the system is pretty light. it will not be severe clear. we can see all the cloud cover. nothing really organize coming in. we will have some organized activity to the north. 70s in the south. cooler to the north with 60s and the rain will be very light. there are some systems in the pipeline. 40s and 50s compared to where they were a week ago. partly sunny to the south. any rain today into tomorrow
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saw the much. look what happened thursday night into friday and saturday. there is a decent amount, so it is not there yet. there still some rain in the near future. 70s for some, 60s for others. it is a little cooler than we saw yesterday. here he is. hello, sir. >> welcome back, steve. we do have traffic that is going to be busy already on northbound 101. the right line is taken away by the crash. one of the cars cannot be moved, but it is early enough for you to get a decent commute. we're looking at 580 and the tracie super commute. so far, no problems. this is right around here and the speeds are pretty high. if you're just about to go out and get on the way, you might want to hold off until this goes by. it will go by quick.
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as you can see, traffic is looking good. no problems on interstate 880 here north and south in front of the coliseum and at the bay bridge. so far, it is light. let's go back to the desk. a catholic priest from fremont is in the alameda county jail facing charges of child sexual abuse. for the past 3 years, he was the head pastor at the corpus christi church. the charges stem from the time when he was a priest in san lorenzo at st. john the baptist church. the alleged abuse started in 2016 and continued for 18 months. it involved one child in his early teens. a marin county man was arrested in south america, accused of traveling to columbia to have sex with minors. he was arrested soon after arriving in medellin, colombia. he had a facebook offering
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girls up to $100 for sexual acts. he is accused of sharing explicit photos and pornographic material with them. a man is recovering after he was beaten up in a fight with a food delivery driver. the man says the door dash courier was verbally attacking employees at a denny's in fremont. we spoke with the victim and police about the attack. >> reporter: he can barely talk, eat, or even drink water after he says he tried to do the right thing and stick up for denny's employees. >> i don't like seeing people treated that way, especially people who work in the same business that i do, because we get treated badly by people all the time. >> reporter: he had just finished his shift as a waiter at the smoky pig restaurant in fremont. he went to the denny's for a late-night dinner at around 2:30 sunday morning. he was in the lobby when he witnessed a man being verbally aggressive to the workers. he believes the man worked for door dash. >> he came in and it was really
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angry that they were not taking care of him straight ahead. it is denny's or 3:00 in the morning. i feel for the people who have to work there. >> reporter: he said he spoke out. >> bailed out, dude, calm down. they will get to when they can. this is denny's. come on, man. >> reporter: another patron chimed in. that is when the suspected person from door dash stood up and punched him in the face. >> i never raise my hands are so the threatening word to him. i just had come down. >> reporter: the attack lasted seconds of the man took up. his mother rushed him to the er a washington hospital. >> you yellow people and you get your face smashed in? my heart is broken. i cannot believe that this happened. >> reporter: to have his teeth were knocked out. they describe the man as the early 30s. said we are investigating the
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alleged incident and will take action is appropriate, including deactivating the dasher from our platform. denny's also sent a statement that says, we are shocked by the violence that took lace, we're looking into the details of this unusual situation and the status of our guess that was injured. he now regrets his decision, especially since he does not have insurance. >> i would much rather be able to go to work tomorrow and not have to figure out how i'm going to pay for getting my teeth fixed or going to the emergency room last night. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. police are searching for an attacker with the sword who slashed a man's hand. investigators said the suspect was wearing a make america great again hat and yelled homophobic slurs during the attack. ktvu's leigh martinez has more than that. >> reporter: on friday night, this church on omar street transforms into a disco
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rollerskating rink. not a typical friday night for scott sweeney, but he said he was excited to give it a try. first, they had to get cash from an atm across the street. that is when they encountered the alleged suspect outside the store. >> we walked diagonally past him. he started to glare at us a little bit. and then we flipped him off at that point. because we know that he also had the maga had on. then he started calling us [ bleep ] and then he started calling us homophobic slurs. >> reporter: they had another encounter with him a few minutes later the church lobby. >> he came up to us this time with a hat backwards. >> reporter: he says the man poked his head into the roller rink and then turned around. >> reporter: he was which was and then he turned around. we notice had a large item in the back of his jacket. we do not make the connection
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until he pulled about that it was the hilt of the sword. >> reporter: just before 10 pm, police were called to the area for reported stabbing. the victim approach the suspect and as the victim was passing by the suspect, that is when the suspect had to fell to the ground and then they took out the sword and stabbed the victim. the suspect took off running with the sword. sweeney do not witness this what stabbing, but he did take photos of the man he saw earlier. >> he was white and had square clashes. the a darker here down to his ears and kind of wavy. i described it to the police as that he resembled frank from 30 rock, but skinnier. >> reporter: they are still
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actively searching for the suspect. one person recovering this morning after being hit by the bart train. a train his someone at the lower platform hit someone at 2:30 in the afternoon. some trains were displayed while they were investigating. a man from oakland are facing burglary charges. the burglary was reported early saturday morning and a security guard helped lead police to the suspect. officers arrested the man, who they say was in position of burglary tools and drug paraphernalia. los angeles police looking for the man who launched a vicious attack in the parking lot of dodger stadium. the victim is on life support. >> walking in there and then seeing my husband and then they had to pull me out of the room right away because he was struggling to breathe. >> the wife of the beating
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victim is pleading with the public to help police capture his attacker. they say that he was leaving dodger stadium after an extra inning game with the diamondbacks when he got into an argument that quickly turned violent. he suffered a fractured skull. >> seeing him connected to all of the tubes in the machines and i don't, how do you absorb that? >> his wife and the couple's four children have been at his bedside for the past two days. this attack happened exactly years after two men attacked brian stowe, a san francisco giants fan, outside of dodger stadium. he is a paramedic from santa cruz suffered a serious brain injury and he is permanently disabled. he told ktvu news that he is devastated to hear about this latest effect attack in the
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parking lot. >> i cannot believe it's been 8 years and to happen to me and it is happening again. i feel totally sad for him and his family. and angry about the people that did this to them. >> brian stowe regularly visits schools all over northern california, talking about bullying. it was part of an $18 million judgment that was awarded to him 5 years ago. state and local government offices are closed in observance of cesar chavez day. it is a day to celebrate the good tribulations of the labor leader. it has been a holiday for 19 years. it became a federal holiday. he is credited with improving the work and quality of life conditions for immigrant farm workers in central california and elsewhere. and 51 california cities,
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sales taxes are going up. here in the bay area, the cities include alameda, antioch, martinez, redwood city, los gatos, and santa rosa. unincorporated parts of santa cruz county was of higher sales taxes. most of the hikes will be between 0.5% and one from 1%. online sales are not exempt from the tax rules. a grammy nominated rapper was shot and killed outside his clothing store in los angeles. we will tell you how people are remembering nipsey hussle is police look for suspect. another horse has died at a racetrack in southern california. how authorities are trying to figure out what is the cause of nearly 2 dozen deaths in the matter of months. good morning. we do have traffic that is mostly doing well. a couple of things to talk about when we come back. we're looking at a nice picture
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of interstate 8 ab. after a glorious weekend, we have a lot of cloud cover working in. nothing really organize. the changes on the way. we will have some 70s and i will show you this, coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we're waiting to learn more about funeral arrangements on an east bay priest is being
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remembered as a trailblazer this morning. he was california's first african-american priest. he served 26 years as pastor. father matthews died of an apparent heart attack. those who knew him remembering his warm loving spirit. >> he was in general energetic and loving. he was able to see christ presence in a variety of different people. his parish was not saint benedict, but the entire city of oakland. >> father matthews was a chaplain for the oakland police and fire department. he was 70 years old. messina, governor newsom said that he was a blazer and ambassador who built bridges between people different states and communities. our time is now 4:15. another resource has died in
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southern california. he injured his right front leg yesterday and fell during a race and was later euthanized. since december, 23 resources have died at that track. the track reopen on friday after being closed since march 4. the dirt course out there has been tested, but the california horseracing board is still not sure what caused the increase in the deaths of so many resources. the new spillway at the dam will be used for the first time since it was rebuilt. they are planning to allow water as soon as tomorrow. lake coralville is 70% full, rising 50 feet since the end of march. $1 billion construction project to rebuild it was completed last november. happening today, the oakland public library is extending its hours.
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it will now be open seven days a week. the fortune of the neighborhood wrenches will be open six days a week. every library location will now be open mondays. many of the branches will stay open until 8 pm two nights per week. this is the first time in 15 years of the oakland public library has extended its hours. also today, one of san francisco's most colorful parades will mark april fools' day. hundreds of people are expected to turn out for the annual saint stupid parade. they say does not have much of a point, other than to celebrate stupidity. they encourage revelers to shop in anything silly. goes to the financial district in the begins at noon at embarcadero plaza. >> did you know about saint stupid day? >> every day i see people
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celebrating wearing something silly. >> sal, you are a serious talker. can you talk about the commute this morning. >> i'm perfectly serious. we do have things to talk about . traffic on northbound 101. we call it the gilroy super commute. the traffic continues to look good into san jose and all the way up into the area. on 101, we are clearing a crash from the right lane. it is so early, that we're not seeing a lot of slow traffic here. on the peninsula, it looks pretty good driving up into this area. let's talk about interstate 880. we can see that the traffic is moving well and the bay bridge is mostly light. it is 4:18. let's bring stephen. after a lot of sunshine and 70s on the temperatures for the weekend, we now see a lot of cloud cover.
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there is not much to this yet, but this is going to continue to roll in and by later this afternoon, there will be some light rain to the north. to the south, there's going to be a mix of sun and clouds. still some 70s. you can see a little bit up toward mendocino county. probably santa rosa and calistoga north. that will increase a little bit more today. 40s and 50s are way up on the lows. we had 30s for lows over the weekend. it is the end of march and i was pretty incredible. now it is running noticeably warmer as well. 30 up in truckee. look for a mishmash of clouds today to the south, will be partly sunny and in the 70s to the north. claudia mostly cloudy. there is not much to the system today. it is more tomorrow. very light rain. on thursday, here comes the second system and that will move stronger than friday's system than the one is going to pack a punch for right now. i will do with all the timing as we get closer to it.
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i realize that coming up, does a pretty important we care for some. even into saturday, you can see the pattern that looks like it is still active, even though we are into april. 60s to the north. 70s to the south. this will be the warmest day of the week, no doubt about it. cloudy with light rain tomorrow. we will take that in on wednesday. then thursday, light rain and a bigger system looks to be friday lingering into saturday. we will be a little warmer and sunday again. thank you. rallying support for law enforcement officer who is battling cancer. people in the sierra foothills are taking to the barber state to raise money. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg wants facebook to be regulated. the reason he says more oversight is needed.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. look at the pictures here. a professional dive team plans to be out of the sacramento river this morning searching for a husband and wife that might have been inside of a tow truck that plunged into the water. the friends and family fear the worst and the held attribute to them yesterday in sacramento. >> the driver says that they had a sense of love for one another. >> the county dive team had to call off the search last week because it was too dangerous.
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the professional team is going in today. they have not been able to retrieve the truck so the have not officially identified the two people inside. people in san francisco are rally in support of muslims following the mosque shootings in new zealand. the islamic council held a rally in the embarcadero plaza yesterday. they say they are committed to continuing to raise the alarm on islam a phobia so that the violence can be stopped once and for all. >> we want to stop islam a phobia. we have the political leadership's, media, and everyone involved. it is not only a muslim problem, it is there. >> 50 people were killed in a terrorist attack on two mosques in christchurch, new zealand.
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facebook ceo work sucker -- mark zuckerberg says that private companies should be more active in policing the internet. the live stream to the attack. the video was viewed 5000 times before facebook removed or. the new gas tax took effect at the beginning of last year. the la time says the state has spent money repairing the ridges so far. the number bridges and poor condition has increased, even after the gasoline tax hike. caltrans as is typical bridge repair projects can take about
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3 to 5 years to finish. it is 4:25. he had big dreams and is working to help the community. up next, how people in southern california remembering the grammy nominated rapper who was shot and killed a friend of his own clothing store. they are threatening to close the border this week. we will have the latest development on that. coming up. so far so good for the morning commute. we do not have a lot owing on, which is how we like it. here is a live look at highway 4. lots of warm temperatures over the weekend. april is here and it will be sunny and warm for a while. there is no rain yet, but it is there in the near future. we will talk about that. ♪ ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week
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if you need help lowering your a1c, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. from ktvu fox 2 news, this
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is mornings on 2. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is monday morning. it is april 1, but it is not april fools. >> good morning, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. it is good to have dave clark back. steve is here. have you played any april fool's jokes and anyone? >> no. >> you don't like that? >> no. do you know any weather jokes? upper 70s for some. we will still have some 70 s. but to the north, lot of cloud cover. this is more show than go, but we will have some more light rain by tomorrow. thursday and into friday, we will have the timing that is 40s away before we have to do a friday. a lot of cloud cover to the north. 60s of the highs today. 40s and 50s and the lows will
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come way up as you might imagine. 70s yesterday. a lot of cloud cover today. the south will still be some 70s, but this is the last day of the 70s this week. there is not much the thursday and then thursday into friday, we will start to get decent totals and here again. we're not done yet. 67 is on the temperatures today under mostly cloudy to partly sunny skies. 4:30 on monday. did the chase and? >> the chase ended. we're looking at llano county. for the most part, we are in nice shape here for the money commute. i am looking around and do not see anything major. we are starting on 80 westbound, coming through westfield. you can see the traffic moving pretty well through the solano super commute. it looks good. it is moving along very nicely. to get to the macarthur maze, it is nice. here we are at 4:30 already.


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