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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  April 1, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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suspect. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 on monday morning, april 1. i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. you're going to want to grab an umbrella. steve paulson will tell us why you need it. >> tomorrow is more likely than today. lots of loud cover coming in. temperatures will start to head down a little bit today. still above average for most. concord, san jose, just on a couple degrees. santa rosa with the big drop due to the cloud cover coming in. it still has a ways to go so we're getting high clouds streaming in. embedded within the, we could get isolated showers. not a big deal, more late tonight. i'm hard-pressed to find much. maybe around the santa cruz mountains. 40s and 50s, the lows are up
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due to the cloud cover. the best chance for that weather is later today. we will get a break on wednesday. maybe early thursday and thereby thursday afternoon into friday, some decent totals. if this comes in, san francisco gets 1.88, it would exceed the april average of one point 25 inches. a wet pattern is still here. we're not done here. 60s and 70s of attempts. sal is here to tell you about the traffic. >> you made me laugh. >> is at what you do? >> the bay bridge. i know what you are asking. i'm just messing with you. we're going to start off with the bay bridge and getting out to the macarthur maze. steve is a very funny man, in my opinion. as you come through the macarthur maze, that is only taking 20 minutes, but once you
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get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see the traffic backing up. we're off to an early start. think a lot of people trying to get on the road early. no problems on to the bridge. my 880 camera just left. we will figure out what happened to that. westbound 92 as you can see, the san mateo bridge. that camera looks good and the traffic here looks normal as you get out to the peninsula. there are no problems on the dumbarton bridge. you can check out the silicon valley commute. a little bit of slowing on 101 and that's about it. now let's go back to the dust. following breaking news. flights all over the country are dealing with major delays caused by a systemwide outage. ktvu's elissa harrington is the oakland airport with more information from the faa. what you know? a little bit of good news. the faa says that the issue has been resolved but there will
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still be some residual delays. want to stay what we're seeing at the oakland airport. there are some delays especially on southwest flights, but i spoke with the communications director here and says that could just be a normal day. this is not necessarily connected to what we are seeing with the technical glitch. sfo says that operations there are normal. meanwhile, some airports in major cities across the country or seeing delays. that includes a boston, atlanta, miami, new york city, chicago, and detroit. there is a computer glitch that delayed hundreds of flights this morning. the faa released a statement? plenty what went on, saying several airlines are experiencing issues with a flight planning program called aero data. these are the airlines that saw impact. southwest, united, jetblue, alaska, and delta. i met a man in oakland traveling in oakland.
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>> i just want to get home. it has been a long day here. >> reporter: travelers spent the day reaching out to airlines. the airlines have apologized and explained that they it is a systemwide outage. the faa says the issue is resolved. elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. we will track further throughout the morning. a man in fremont is recovering. he worked at the smoking pig restaurant. he went down the street to denny's after his shift for a late night dinner at about 2:30 sunday morning. he says he saw a door dash courier being verbally aggressive to the denny's employees and decided to step in. that is when he say the man punched him in the face.
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he was hospitalized with a fractured nose and palate and two of his teeth were knocked out. >> he came in and was really angry that they were to just taking care of him straightaway. it is denny's at 3:00 in the morning. i feel for the people have to work there and deal with that. >> the suspect took off before anyone was able to identify him. they say in a statement that it is investigating. the police hope to get surveillance video from other businesses to find the suspect's car. the time is 6:05. san francisco police searching for an attacker wearing a make america great again hat and slashed a man with a sword. that happened friday night at oak and fillmore streets. investigators and the suspects make america great again hat flew off his head during an argument home is before the victim was stabbed. witnesses say the attacker also was yelling homophobic slurps. >> he had darker glasses.
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he had darker hair and was a little bit wavy. i described it to the police that he resembled frank from " 30 rock" but skinnier. >> the victim was treated for a stab wound in his hand. no word on the motive for the attack. their soul searching for the man responsible for the man responsible for vicious attack at the dodger stadium parking lot. >> i went to see him and they had to pull me out of the room right away because he was struggling to breathe. >> his wife is pleading with the public to help police capture her husband's attacker. it is filing the violent incident early saturday morning. investigators say he was leaving the stadium after the dodgers extra inning game when
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he got into an argument that quickly turned violent. he suffered a fractured skull. >> sink him connected to all the tubes and the machines, i don't, how do you, how do you absorb that? >> his wife and their four children have been at his bedside for the past two days. this attack happened 8 years after two men attacked san francisco giants fan brian stowe. that was outside dodger stadium as well. the paramedics in santa cruz suffered a serious brain injury and is permanently disabled as a result of the beating. he says that he is devastated by the latest attack in the dodger stadium parking lot. >> i can't believe that it has been 8 years since it happened to me and it is happening again. i feel totally sad for him and his family. and i'm angry about the people who did this to him.
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>> brian stowe regularly visit schools throughout california to talk about bullying. the two men accused of assaulting him were convicted and ordered to pay part of an $18 million judgment that was awarded him 5 years ago. a catholic priest from fremont is in the alameda county jail facing charges of child sexual abuse. for the past 3 years, he was the head pastor at the corpus christi church. investigators say the charges against him stem from the time when he was a priest in san lorenzo at st. john the baptist church. the alameda county sheriff's office says the alleged abuse started in 2016 and continued for 18 months involving a teenage boy. a marin county man was arrested in south america. he's accused of traveling to columbia to have sex with minors. he was arrested soon after arriving in medellin, colombia.
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investigators say he used facebook to offer girls between the ages of 13 and 17 up to $100 for sexual acts. he's accused of sharing explicit photos and pornographic materials with them. it happened again. another racehorse has died at the santa anita racetrack in southern california. a horse injured his right front leg yesterday and tell during a race. he was later euthanized. since december, 23 resources have died at the track. the track just reopened on friday. it had been closed since march 4. the dirt course out there has been tested and the california horseracing board still does not know what caused the increase in the deaths of so many horses. the new spillway at the or oval down will be used for the first time since it was rebuilt. the department of water resources says it will allow water flow by tomorrow.
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the old spillway collapsed in 2017 during heavy storms. the construction project to rebuild it was completed in november. and a report says california has more bridges and poor conditions even after california impose higher gasoline taxes to repair roads. the new gas tax took effect in the beginning of last year. the la times reports that california has spent $121 million to repair or replace 89 bridges so far. the critics say that the work is not happening fast enough. information for the federal highway administration shows the number bridges in poor condition has gone up, even after the gasoline tax hike. caltrans says that bridge repair projects take 3 to 5 years to complete. oakland finally has the money to repair its potholes. but, the city's three-year plan to pave the bumpy roads is already running into resistance.
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the chronicle reports of city officials plan to shift a bigger portion of the infrastructure bond money to low income neighborhoods where residents have felt ignored by city hall. the wealthier neighborhoods in the oakland hills would get a smaller share of the pothole repair money. people living in those more affluent areas say that plan is just not fair, since they pay the most in taxes. today, many state and local government office are closed in honor of cesar chavez day. cesar chavez day has been a holiday in california for 19 years. became a federal holiday in 2014 under president obama. cesar chavez is credited with dramatically improving life conditions for immigrant farm workers. new tax increases to tell you about. coming up at 6:30.
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the bay area cities i will have higher sales taxes as of today and what that means if you shop online. will president trump moved to close the u.s. border with mexico as early as this week? maybe. i am doug luzader washington. we will have the latest developments.
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call today. comcast business. beyond fast. welcome back to mornings on 2. president trump is not backing down from a threat to
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close the u.s. border with mexico. the white house says it is the response to the growing waves of immigrants heading into the u.s. ktvu's doug luzader has the latest. >> reporter: the president says it is not a bluff and if it happens, the impact could go well beyond just immigration. with wave after wave, they are overwhelming u.s. agents along the southern border. the the u.s. is backing up the threat to close the border, saying it is not just idle talk. >> it is on above. you take the president seriously and here's why. 4000 migrants were apprehended and one day recently. we're on track this month for close to 100,000. we have never seen a surge like this. >> reporter: the president spoke about the possible border shutdown is something that could happen any day now. >> we will close a. we will keep it close for a long time. i'm not playing games. >> it will have huge ramification. the united states and mexico trade $1.7 billion of could see's day. is also focus on the southern
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northern triangle countries. the ministration is threatening to cut off funds. some democrats argue that the act visit opposite should happen. >> when he says he will close the border, that is unrealistic on his part. we should focus on what is happening in central america were three countries are dissembling before our eyes of people desperately coming to the united states. >> reporter: democrats have argued that there is no crisis of the border. they are fighting the presidents moved to declare a national emergency to move forward with the border wall. in washington, doug luzader. fox news. south carolina republican senator lindsay graham is defending the attorney general summary of the mueller report. >> told us people who believe that somehow the summary given by attorney general barr is an actor, that is ridiculous. do you think he would risk his entire life's mutation by putting out a summary of a 400 page report that did not get it
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right? >> he says he hopes to provide a public version of the mueller report by mid-april with reactions. meanwhile, problems are mounting for house intelligence chairman adam schiff. then i republicans have called for him to resign as chairman, saying he abused his position "to knowingly promote false information regarding president trump and russia. >> until the full report is not, people should reserve judgment on what adam schiff knows or does not know. because as chairman of the committee, he had access to a lot of information that the public does not yet have. >> kellyanne conway says he is completely compromised in leading the house intelligence committee after the mueller report showed no collusion. a dispute between president trump and democrats over hurricane relief for puerto rico. it is threatening disaster relief funding for california's
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wildfire victims. democrats are threatening to block a republican sponsored bill i get disaster into several states and a reduced amount of funding for puerto rico, which is trying to recover from back-to-back hurricanes in 2017. democrats want more funding for puerto rico in the bill. republicans reduce the amount of aid to puerto rico after president trump accused puerto rico's leaders of misspending the money they have already received. it is 6:18. let's check in with sal. >> in the sea 80 and they hayward area, there's a crash and the fire department and medics are arriving on scene right now. that means you need to give yourself a little extra time. just right there, right between hayward and union city in this area. traffic is going to start slowing down. if you're getting on the road in fremont, this might help you out a little bit. the traffic is being metered,
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if you will, past the accident. the 680 is slow out of pleasanton. gets better by the time you reach fremont. here's a look at the macarthur maze. 20 minute drive here. another 20 minutes to go through all of the slow traffic before you make it onto the spam. as we look at contra costa county, 680 is a little slow through walnut creek right now. the commute is off to a good start. now let's bring steve here with today's weather. >> if you're sitting at the airport digging, my flight to detroit or pitts were, i hope it is warm there, does not. look at that. detroit is 29 degrees. chicago is 31. pittsburgh is 28. buffalo is 26. new york city is 35. philadelphia is 34 and even cincinnati is cold. it is a cold 30 degrees. they are cold. we were warm yesterday. these are the high temperatures that focused on. oakland is 75.
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santa rosa 77. low 80s in morgan hill and gilroy. today will be cooler towards the east bay in the south. still in the 70s, just not as warm as yesterday. the biggest drop will be to the north. santa rosa one from 77 to 67. cooling down, this is probably the warmest day of the work week. a lot of cloud cover working its way through. there could be very little rain. there's not much to this. a couple of isolated cells going through one and taking aim through the peninsula. and others a little bit from marin county up to napa. not a lot but enough to get some light sprinkles. it is going to stay with us most of the week. a lot of the sky conditions should be cloudy or mostly cloudy. the rain days will be tuesday, thursday, and right it. not so much today, there's a little bit, but not much. on wednesday, looks like a break in between systems. what we have here is the warm
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sector. the front is not get here until tomorrow, then there's a break on wednesday. thursday and friday, look what happens. we will get decent totals here. friday looks to be the strongest of the bunch. 60s, 70s, low 70s to the north. mid-70s to the south. not as warm as yesterday. these are still above average. there is light rain on tuesday. on wednesday, partly sunny and partly cloudy. redeveloping on tuesday. maybe early saturday and then saturday night and sunday should be much better. thank you very much, steve. an emotional and an upset. the teams heading to the final four after surprising outcomes as march madness lives up to its name. first, celebrity attorney michael avenatti finds himself on the other side of the courtroom. the reason he will face a judge in california today after as a defendant.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the u.s. marine corps is investigating the death of two helicopter pilots killed during a training mission in southwestern arizona. went on saturday evening at the marine corps training ground outside yuma. no word on the cause of the crash and the names of the
6:25 am
pilots have not been released. authorities are expected to release a preliminary report into a deadly crash of an ethiopian airlines plane. they will give a briefing later today and the time has not been set. flight 2302 crash six minutes after takeoff. all 180 people on board were killed. it was the second deadly crash in five months involving a boeing 737 max plane. they say the black box data indicated that the stalling feature was engaged. the planes have been grounded worldwide as they work on a software fix. chuck schumer says he wants boeing removed from afa rulemaking committee. they make recommendations on regulations. congresses looking closely at the relationship between boeing and the faa can because the agency is accused of relying heavily on the safety assessments from boeing for
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certification of new plans. today, celebrity lawyer michael avenatti is due in a southern carolina criminal courtroom. they say he fraudulently obtained $4 million in bank loans and pocketed $1.6 million that belong to a client. he says he expects to be fully exonerated. he became famous when representing stormy daniels and her case against president trump. they dropped all charges against empire actor jussie smollett. kim fox has been facing a wave of criticism, many of her supporters, including civil rights leaders jesse jackson says that the criticism is unreasonable and politically motivated. a counter protest by the fraternal order of police is going to take place today. he was accused of faking a racist and homophobic attack.
6:27 am
a beloved rapper shot and killed in los angeles. the tributes pouring in for nipsey hussle and what they know so far about the deadly shooting. talk of taxes this monday, april fools' day. this is no joke. the double hit that is about to the people across california. we will talk about that. cropping up.
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from ktvu fox 2 news, this
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is mornings on 2. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. there is the opening bell live this morning. we're visiting the exchange this morning. this is the minister of finance. they are off to a great start. progress in the talks with china over trade. it looks like they will open up about 200 points. we have all the business news coming up. we will stay good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. it is monday, the first day of april. i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, thank you for joining us. we're getting more rain. i heard quite a few people say it is hot. feels like summer. >> it was warm. >> there were only two people there at the opening bell. that is the smallest group i've ever seen. >> i was thinking the same
6:31 am
thing. we did have a change. a few low 80s. we will have some 70s. the cloud coverage is on the way. we have the biggest drop in santa rosa from 77 to 67. concord and san jose are below average but not as warm as yesterday. that is because of the cloud cover. the front has a way to go. it will go late tonight take you into tuesday for some light to rain. the we will get a break on wednesday. we will get a break on wednesday. my phone app is saying all week, that we will not have another system coming in on thursday. the strongest will will be right it. nothing too heavy, just some quick little movers. one is approaching the peninsula right now. a few 40s and a lot of 50s. mendocino county, and some partly sunny to the south. rain is on the way for this week. thursday night into friday. i know that friday is very important because it is the
6:32 am
giants home opener. i will douthit tuesday and thursday. there is rain here in april as well. we're not done by a long margin. still above average but starting to slide back down to normal.?:32. sal is here to talk about part of the traffic. >> people say that you look at your phone and it has a little cloud with things coming down all we, and that is what we pay attention to steve, because it is more nuanced to them that. good morning, everyone. let's take a look at the commute between hayward and union city. there was a crash and that traffic is slowing down from just before highway 92 heading south. give yourself extra time. if you are in fremont, this might help you because people are not getting through fast. this is westbound 80 with a minor crash on the shoulder there. traffic is slow. 32 minutes to get there.
6:33 am
if you're driving across the county, we have mostly good traffic highway 4. northbound 101 will be slowing near 280. for the most part, we are off to a nice start. let's go back to the best. the sales tax goes up today in 51 count of california cities. we're in one of the cities. he is in alameda to tell us the impact of the highest sales tax and in particular, online shopping. good morning. good morning to you. this is a way to start a monday. people are walking up and down main street, which is a popular shopping thoroughfare here in alameda. it is a good news to know that you're going to have a sales tax increase coupled with the fact that you can no longer shield yourself from that by shopping online. first, let's take a look at the list of cities. alameda is one of the cities
6:34 am
that sales taxes will go up from 9.25% to 9.75%. other cities are antioch, martinez, los gatos, and redwood city's. additionally, california and 29 other states require out-of- state retailers to pay the sales taxes, so when shopping online, you will see the sales tax for california added into the final price. governor gavin newsom predicts it will generate $219 million in revenue for the state from now until the end of the fiscal year. that is june 30. the next fiscal year, $554 million in the california coffers. rick and mortar retailers say it levels the playing field since customers not be able to avoid paying state sales tax when shopping online. we spoke with an alameda resident who told me that he is not happy about the higher tax rate or the online hit,
6:35 am
however, it will encourage him to shop locally at places here on main street. >> it's going to maybe go into the stores. there's no point if i'm going to pay for shipping fee in taxes, might as well get it at the store. >> reporter: all of this is taking effect today. were talking to people as they are up working out and grabbing coffee. will have more reaction for you coming up in the next hour. we will head back to you in the studio. thank you. police in san francisco investigating a deadly crash that happened half a mile from the shooting that was reported minutes before the crash. one person was pronounced dead at the scene. minutes before the crash, police received reports of gunshots. investigators have not said the
6:36 am
incidents are related. a man is recovering after the house caught fire in santa rosa. they show flames shooting through the roof of the home on college avenue near glen street. this is yesterday morning. shortly after firefighters arrived, the flames began shooting through the business next door. the man was sent to the hospital with burns. to 25 and two other men were shot yesterday outside of the store called the marathon. witnesses say that they heard several gunshots and saw him being taken away by an ambulance. fans lined up outside of the store grieving and comforting each other. they say that he will be remembered as someone who used his fame to help his community. >> he was here for all of us. whoever did that was wrong. >> nipsey hussle represented
6:37 am
the best of south los angeles. he was the best of our young people who wanted to get out of getting life. he was a help to the community. >> he did tweet about enemies about one hour before the shooting. a young woman found dead and a man is under arrest. police say that she mistakenly got into a man's car after leaving a bar. the 21-year-old university of south carolina student ordered an uber to take her home. her friends reported her missing a few hours later. they found her body in a rural area outside of columbia, south carolina. the suspect was arrested after police made a traffic stop blocks from where she got into the car. >> the officer approached and
6:38 am
asked him to survive a car. the driver fled on foot. the officer gave chase and was able to make an apprehension. >> investigators say they found blood and her cell phone inside the car. they also say the child safety door locks in the backseat were engaged, possibly to prevent and escape. a 4-year-old boy is still on life support after accidentally shooting himself in the head. the family of navaun jackson is making an emotional appeal to governor gavin newsom to let his father visit his son at the hospital. nathan jackson has spent most of his sons life in jail. he is dealing with serving time in prison. the little boy's great aunt had a message for the government. >> and being at his sons outside, very well may be a difference between the lives or dies. so i'm asking you. for one parent to another. from one human to another.
6:39 am
please please grant my nephew release. let him be by his son. >> governor newsom has allowed him to communicate with the sun in prison using skype, but family members say that is not enough. people are morning the husband and wife who are believed to be inside a truck when it plunged into the sacramento river. the suspended the search last week because of dangerous conditions. a professional dive team plans to try this morning. 15 to 20 trucks from different companies showed up yesterday to remember the couple. >> the drivers, they have a sense of love for one another. would one goes down, everyone wants to come out and show their support. >> authorities have not been able to retrieve the truck so they have not officially been
6:40 am
able to identify the people inside. were waiting for details on the funeral arrangements for an east bay catholic priest remember as a trouble is a. he was northern california's first african-american priest. he was director of the cathedral of christ the light. he served 26 years as pastor in saint benedict church. he died saturday night of an apparent heart attack. people who knew him remember his warm and loving spirit. >> energetic, loving, he really exemplified the best in catholic priest it. you are able to see christ's presence in a variety of different people in a variety of different circumstances. his parish was not saint benedict, but the entire city of oakland. >> he was incredible man. he was a chaplain for the oakland police and fire departments. he was 70 years old.
6:41 am
in a statement, governor gavin newsom said he was a trailblazer and an ambassador who builds bridges between people of different faiths and communities. an allegation against joe biden about inappropriate conduct. up next, how the former vice president is responding and how that could affect his potential run for president. plus, the reason one man called 911 reporting that the proceeds from his daughters girl scout cookie sales had been stolen. and, we have a look at the bay bridge driving in the city area to san francisco. up the road there is a crash. there's another bad spot on the east shore the way. that will affect the commute. we will let you know.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. people living in sonora took part in a unique fundraising event this weekend. >> i will do anything for my son. >> family members were among those in the community who shaved their heads to raise money for local law enforcement officer who is battling cancer. the parents of the county jail corporal organize the fundraiser. they began organizing it after
6:45 am
their son was diagnosed with stage iii hodgkin lymphoma. >> we are going to be positive. we are going to win. he is going to beat cancer like so many other people have. their son is married and the father of two and has been working at the county jail for the last 9 years. the couple says the fundraiser achieved their goal of providing financial and economic lucifer their son in their battle against can -- against cancer. >> joe biden issued a statement yesterday responding to accusations against a nevada state assembly member. lucy flores said joe biden came behind her, placed his hands on her shoulders, spelled her hair then kiss the back of
6:46 am
her head. >> think joe biden has a big problem here. he calls it affection, but his party calls it inappropriate. >> let's see how it goes out. i have respect for the former vice president. >> the allegations, as joe biden is expected to announce a possible presidential run in the coming months. new this morning, a vietnamese woman was the only suspect in custody for the killing of the half-brother of kim jong un pled guilty to a lesser charge. she faced a murder charge in the killing in 2017 during an attack in malaysia. the woman pled guilty to weapons charge and is expected to be freed by early may. also today, you can lawmakers are expected to vote again on a number of potential solutions to the brexit crisis. the british parliament is voting today on a variety of options for the uk departure from the european union. the prime minister government
6:47 am
is considering a fourth vote on the deal that she negotiated with eu leaders. so members of parliament say it might take a coalition of several political parties to reach a solution. the opposition labor party is calling for a group to delay the deadlock. the time is 6:47. investigation into leak text messages between the founder of amazon, jeff bezos, and his mistress, has concluded with an alleged link to saudi arabia. security expert gavin becker says the saudi government hatched the folds of jeff bezos and release the information. he was hired to find out how they found the text messages. he linked that hack to the aggressive coverage of the washington post about the murder of marcus og.
6:48 am
jeff bezos owns the washington post. the saudi government has made no comment. a man accused of stealing his daughters girl scout money and then calling authorities to cover it up the crime. he filed a false report and if properly used a reporting system. he called 911 to report a home invasion, which he claims involved in violent stronger will an intruder who stole class cash from his home. he says later that he stage the incident to cover up the $740 he had taken from his daughters girl scout cookie sales. >> have you heard anything like that? >> no. do remember when my mom was cookie chairman, my dad dig into the cookies a bit and all the sudden we out a bunch of money. >> we have to go to sal right now. we have a problem the east shore. >> there's a crash blocking all the lanes.
6:49 am
not quite all of them, but i'm gonna show you where it is. it is carlson and central. i will have on the map for you. it will be slow. there's a solid line of traffic. if you're driving in, this is before the 580 interchange. it is not affecting people coming in off the bridge and making the connection there. it will slow traffic. some people might start using the venetian bridge. and then come through this way to get over to the east bay, which is not a bad route right now. 39 minutes to take the east shore freeway. that is because of the crash. this is going to go up. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. this commute is okay. especially through the carpool lanes. southbound 880 traffic is going through. the southbay commute is getting
6:50 am
slower. downtown san jose traffic looks okay. maybe the san jose traffic camera has frozen there. now let's go back to steve. thank you. we will get to it. there's a big change from over the weekend when we had sunshine and warm temperatures.'s have a look there. we have a few low 80s. it is an important week. rob conway says i'm going to be tailgating for the opening day on friday. will the entire day be a washout? this is how looks right now. the day looks cloudy and the game looks iffy. rain is coming around the noon hour or so. this could change with four days to iron out the details. looks like it will be a rain day, just a matter of the timing. upper 70s to low set 80s. oakland 75. san francisco 72. concord 76. san jose is 75. they will come down a little bit but santa rosa will really drop due to the cloud cover. just take a look here.
6:51 am
it is 1 april, and it is cold. milwaukee is 30. cincinnati's 30. pittsburgh and buffalo are in the 20s. new york and philadelphia in the 30s. if you're traveling back there, bundle up. it is cold. we have a system on the way which will start to inch closer tonight. ahead of that, you could get some light rain. these are not big-time cells or anything. there are some occasional rain. we have a little bit going over marin county. maybe out towards vallejo. the same thing along the peninsula. the cells do not do much but it is a sign of things to do. 40s and 50s and the temperatures here. there up to the cloud cover. the opportunity for rain today is in the north. by tonight, we're starting to see the system hit a little closer. this will give us the rain on tuesday. not a lot. wednesday looks like a break. the matter what your phone app says, wednesday does look like a break. thursday, we will cloud up and
6:52 am
there's a name friday it looks like the main system. it looks pretty good. we will see some decent totals coming in. by saturday morning, should be on the way out. signs of going out to the middle of the month of there is more rain on the way. 60s and 70s under temperatures. a little bit above average for some. this will be the warmest day of the week with a high temperatures. there coming down tomorrow. they will be in the 60s. rain will develop on thursday. on friday, looks like the main system and early saturday. >> thank you. the time is 6:52. sales taxes are going up for california drivers to pay for bridge and road repairs. when i report says the number bridges in bad condition keeps growing. not shrinking. but first, let's check in and see what is coming up in the next hour of mornings on 2. >> you think that well-paid dockworkers would not have problem paying rent. but rent prices are outpacing salary growth for some the best paid workers in the region.
6:53 am
in the bay area, paychecks are going ahead of monthly housing cost. >> and also, uc president janet napolitano the will be in our studio talking about her new book, how safe are we?: homeland security since 9/11.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. people in san francisco are rallying in support of muslims after the deadly mosque shootings in new zealand. the islamic council held this rally yesterday. they say they are committed to continuing to raise the alarm on islamophobia so that the violence can be stopped. once and for all. >> we are here to bring attention to islamophobia and being a civil society issue. a civil so light society, the political leadership, religious leadership, it is their problem, not just a muscle problem. they need to take responsibility. >> a key message was that no one should have to fear violence during prayer or at their place of worship. 50 people were killed during friday prayer on march 15. it was a terrorist attack on two mosques in new zealand.
6:57 am
facebook ceo mark zuckerberg once more government regulation on social media sites. he said that the government, rather than private companies, should be more active in policing the internet. the comments came after facebook was criticized when the gunman and the new zealand mosque shootings live stream the attack. the video was seen by more than 4000 views before facebook removed it. the time is 6:57. on a lighter note, the ncaa men's basketball tournament has its final set. top-seeded duke and michigan state battled in a close game in the east region. there were several changes, but he hit a couple of big shots. it was the one they gave michigan state the lead. the spartans held on for a 68- 67 win. two-time national champions are
6:58 am
heading to the final four for the 10th time. yesterday's other game, it was kentucky against auburn. the tigers are trying to make it to the final four for the first time in their history. kentucky had a two-point lead with less than 1 minute to play. they play the shot the tie the game. they went to overtime tied at 60-60. auburn took control in overtime and won. 77-71. their first ever final four appearance. the tigers will play virginia. stanfords women are one win away from the final four and women's basketball. they beat missouri state 55-46 on saturday in the third round. stanford went on an 11-1 run in the second half. missouri state came back. stanford sealed the game by making free throws. they are going to play number 1 seed notre dame at 6:00 tonight. the winner will then play against number 2 seed uconn.
6:59 am
happening today, one of san francisco's most colorful parades will mark april fools' day. hundreds of people are expected to turn out for the annual st.stupid game . they celebrate stupidity. they are telling revelers to show up wearing anything that is silly. the prayed goes through san francisco's financial district and begins at noon at embarcadero plaza. on late night attack an east bay restaurant. how one man says he was assaulted will trying to defend an employee and the ongoing search for the attacker. if you're traveling today, you want to check your flight status. a technical glitch grounded hundreds of flights early this morning. how that is impacting travelers around the bay area. coming up.
7:00 am
would you believe there is rain in our future?


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