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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  April 9, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: the exposure started aboard caltrain and ended on a universe. it ended at golden gate avenue. the following day, they also stopped at johnny donuts on fulton street and the double- decker restaurant on grove street. >> the person was not hospitalized and is recovering at home. i cannot release any more information about the individual. most of the cases in the country have been linked to international travel. >> this marks the 18th case of measles in california this year including six children. there have been seven cases so far in the bay area. this comes as new york city declares a health emergency over the measles outbreak, the mayor ordering mandatory vaccinations for people living where measles cases have been reported. we have a situation where children are in danger. we have to take this seriously.
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>> facebook, youtube and pinterest have announced in the last month they are taking the outbreak seriously with changes to their policies to fight vaccine myth information. health officials classify the latest infection as a single case not an outbreak and it is not known how the person became infected with measles. you can find a detailed list of all the places the person visited on our website, again, to reiterate, as maureen said, we have a list of all of locations in san francisco that the person visited on our homepage at the san francisco board of supervisors formally can proposed a measure to shut down juvenile hall. the aging facility above laguna honda boulevard is too expensive to operate and they
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want to in years. >> reporter: more than 100 gathered on san francisco's city hall supporting the idea of shutting down the juvenile hall. 20-year-old fernando says he wants to see the juvenile justice center shutdown based on personal experience, having served time there is an offender. he works to keep kids on the right track now. >> they did not help me and it doesn't help nobody. nobody. i deal with multiple youth with the work i do and it doesn't help nobody. everybody says the same thing. >> reporter: the legislation to eliminate it by 2021 was authored by supervisor walton. >> there is no way we would ever put a system in place that is worse than juvenile hall. what we are talking about here is an alternative to the current juvenile hall lockup and custody situation. >> reporter: in all, 6 supervises have signed on to the idea, agreeing the youth crime rate has dropped considerably. at this point, the supervisors say there are only about 30 at
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the facility, that had a $13.3 million budget for the 2017- 2018 year. supporters say juvenile hall is hopelessly biased, incarcerating children of color at disproportionate rates, the idea getting support from both sides of the criminal justice system. >> young people don't do well caged. there is public safety improved, redeem the way we work with and rehabilitate people. >> it is exciting for us to see this finally happened. it means we are imagining and committing ourselves to a different approach, a more humane and holistic approach. >> reporter: support is far from unanimous. former supervisor, amos brown from third baptist church agrees the juvenile hall is troubled but says it should be fixed, not eliminated . >> i think that we need to chill, have scheduled hearings and not have any sweeping measure adopted here today.
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>> reporter: in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. a measure that would change the standard of when police could use deadly force as advanced in the state legislature. the public safety committee in the assembly past about a 5-to today. the measure would change the legal standard for an officer's use of deadly force from reasonable to necessary. at today's hearing, both sides made their arguments for and against the bill. >> if we need adjustments, let's make them but let's, anything that changes the word "reasonable" in the ability to defend oneself is unreasonable.
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>> the need for reform is clear and overdue and it is time to make clear the sanctity of human life is the highest priority. it is time for us to enact a state policy that saves lives. >> reporter: the legislation comes in response to the deadly police shooting of stephan clark in sacramento last year. police thought he was holding a gun. in the end, it turned out to be a cell phone. no charges were filed against the officers. the bill now heads to the full assembly. attorney general william barr was on capitol hill today. he told congress he will release a redacted version of the mueller report on the russia investigation within a week. fox news ray bogan is live in washington with more on barr's testimony. ray? >> reporter: julie, good evening. this is the first time attorney general william barr was questioned by congress since he issued the four page summary of the baseline findings from the mueller report and democrats did not waste any time questioning him about how he handled the situation. house lawmakers take advantage of a budget hearing to get answers on the mueller report. the hearing comes about two weeks after attorney general barr's letter to congress describing key findings of the investigation. bar frame says the special
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constableãbarr says it was not -- >> i met with special counsel mueller and his team and had a discussion about the report so we had an inkling as to what was coming our direction. >> reporter: in his letter, the attorney general says miller's office found no evidence of collusion with russia by any american during the 2016 election. however, according to barr, the report did not conclude whether the president of abstract injustice. you can you elaborate on what is meant by "does not exonerate" the president? >> that i i reported as one of his bottom line conclusionsthe nearly 400 page report on redacted but the attorney general says he will release a color-coded redacted version within a week . >> did the white house see the report before you released your summarizing letter?
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has the white house seen it since then? >> i have said what i am going to say about the report today. >> reporter: lawmakers have doubled will have one more chance to question barr before they see the mueller report. he is scheduled to testify in front of the senate subcommittee tomorrow. back to you. >> ray bogan in washington. thanks. east bay congressman, eric swalwell made it clear gun control would be the focus of his campaign for the white house as he held a town hall meeting in florida this afternoon. >> i think we can have a country where you keep your pistols, keep your rifles, your shotguns but we are able to unite and take the most dangerous weapons out of the hands of the most dangerous people. i think we can do that. >> the town hall on ending gun violence was held in sunrise, florida, only 13 miles from marjory stoneman douglas high school where 17 people were shot to death last year. congressman swalwell says he is the only candidate calling for a mandatory national ban and
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buyback of military style semiautomatics assault while since. the congressman has joined 17 others in the run for democratic nomination. among his rivals, california center, camilla harris, warren, booker and sanders. on big-name still on the sidelines's former vice president, joe biden who has led in the early polls. a man accused of slashing another man's hand with a sword pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, mayhem and assault. the march 29 attack happened in san francisco's fillmore district. witnesses say 30-year-old leor bergland had me worn a make america great hat and made anti- semitic remarks. that is when the hit the the man hit the cap off his head. that is when he pulled out his sword and slashed the man's hand.
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the man said he was minding his own business before the incident took place. activists are trying to keep chick-fil-a out of the san jose international airport. they let registered a complaint with the city citing the donations to anti-lgbt groups. the restaurant is set to open last month -- next month. similar objections led san antonio and buffalo to cancel chick-fil-a locations at their airports. in the past, the ceo of chicken blade has voiced opposition to same-sex marriage and the company's foundation has given to religious groups opposingrights. coming up, animals targeted in oakland. the reward being offered to person shooting stray cats with bb guns. plus a restyling a reshuffling of staff has meant a delay for american businesses. it is breezy but the rain has ended. clouds have gone away and we are looking pretty springlike.
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when we come back, i will let you know about the 5 day forecast. 2 coming up at 6:30 pm, more trouble over california's real ids. why people who have already received them may have to make a trip back to the dmv. first a look at traffic on tuesday night. this is i-80, the eastshore freeway, the university over the top of the screen. very heavy tonight in the commuting direction. 4 traffic problem to tell you about in san francisco. a tree toppled over in the area of 30- second and fulton, blocking traffic on fulton. drivers are advised to avoid that.
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firefighters are investigating a fire in berkeley that started before noon in a detached garage on delaware street. this is near the north berkeley bart station. a large plume of smoke could be seen across downtown. firefighters told berkeley side that there were a lot of things they needed to pull out to get to flames a neighbor said the person who lived there was a order. roads in the area were closed for several hours but have reopened. the cause of the fire is under investigation. now to oakland where 4 cats have been shot in over a month as ktvo's rob roth reports. investigators hope a sizable reward will lead them to the person responsible. >> reporter: this is morgan, a domestic shorthair and the latest victim of a serial cat
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shooter. he is recuperating at animal services with bb guns shot wound in his leg. he is the fourth straight cat to be shot by a bb gun since february and animal carers worry he may not be the last . >> i'm very worried about cats in oakland. >> reporter: next-door, the siamese was injured so badly, veterinarians had to emanate amputate one of his legs. one of the 4 cats could not be saved . >> he had a baby in his spine and we had to euthanize them. >> reporter: this man says he sees about 8 stray cats in the neighborhood and only feeds 3 of them . >> i don't see why we start bringing out weapons to take care of the problem. >> reporter: it is unclear why somebody is shooting the cats. there are theories . >> they may be coming around trying to mate with a cat, going in their yards and leaving feces or urine or other things but again, there are other alternatives to removing them without injuring them. >> reporter: animal control officers have been canvassing
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neighborhoods for clues. the volunteer group, friends of oakland animal services is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest . >> it happens enough times that it does not seem like it is going to stop unless the person is apprehended. >> we know violence against animals is an indication against other violent acts and against humans. >> reporter: whoever is doing this is committing a serious crime and could face charges of cruelty to animals. in oakland, rob roth, ktvo fox 2 news. taking a peek at the temperatures from today, despite warm the more sunshine, it was cooler in many places because of the wind. breezy conditions arou bay, gusts of 25 to 35 miles per hour. morgan hill, not too much when so 81, 69 in antioch, 68 in santa rosa, 65 in pacifica. with the wind, clear skies and tree pollen, you may notice of there, certainly tomorrow, if you are being bothered by
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itching and typical allergic cyst symptoms, the wind stirs it up quite a bit and that wind stirs it up as well. it came from this, the spinner hear from, i will zoom out, that area with the green moving off to the east and that is a low pressure center. as that leaves, the high jumps right in and the winds come from their. this time of year, the spring often has breezy conditions because you get these two pressure centers of the low to the right and the high to the as they get closer, they have the ability to close and the pressure gradient titans. springtime winds are a thing and that is why. there is no fog along the coast, a little trying to form off pigeon point. a few sprinkles around yosemite.
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other than that, a nice looking pattern setting up for the rest of the week. again, temperatures tomorrow a lot like today. breezy conditions, not quite as windy but breezy again tomorrow. when i come back we will look at the long-range model and 5 day forecast. truck drivers say waiting times at the u.s./mexico border have doubled in some places since inspectors have been reassigned to handle migrants seeking a solid asylum. one and 500 border inspectors have been shifted that would normally screen people and cargo heading into the united states from mexico. truckers say it is so bad they have been sleeping in their trucks at border crossings to keep their place in long lines. officials with the san diego chamber of commerce says the delays are hurting local businesses. santa clara county supervisors heard from dozens of people about changes to the counties sanctuary policy. the debate after a stabbing death of bandi bambi larson in her home back in february. the suspect was in the u.s. illegally. he had been freed from county jail despite multiple requests from i.c.e. that they be notified before his release. 160 people spoke out during public comment. the majority of
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people are against the idea of changing policy. >> we need to treat everyone with respect and dignity. in order to do that we must treat everyone equally. >> the state and counties sanctuary policy are harboring illegal aliens and criminal resident aliens. >> a draft proposal would allow the county to notify federal agents if detainees are convicted of a serious and violent fellas felony is released. supervises voted within the hour to refer the plan to county returnees attorneys for review. those who use home are on the hook for hundreds of dollars. >> i am out $1300 not including the rent i had to pay in addition. >> the answers they are looking for after the company suddenly changed terms of service.
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warriors fans are holding their breath after steph curry hurt his ankle in new orleans. we will have an update on his condition coming up later in sports. at&t launches 5g in the bay area's two largest cities. the changes users will notice and what it will mean for the future of wireless communication. [ dramatic orchestral music ] [ announcer ] tiger woods. [ tap of the putt ] expect anything different? [ waves crashing ] probably the most important shot dustin johnson has ever hit right here. [ crowd cheering ] what a gem! now keopka, down there into the wind. [ club thwacking ] how about that? back to back united states opens. [ tense elegant music ] just awesome.
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mornings with ktvu means more power to you . >> the power to know. >> we are monitoring problems right now. >> the power to conquer your commute. >> interstate 680 is a mess. met more power to you . >> mornings on 2 on ktvu fox 2. the san francisco startup home share promised to make a living more affordable by matching roommates together but some people who use the service
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to save money ended up getting burned when the company laid off much of its staff. ktvo's tom baker has the report. >> reporter: for electrical engineer, john o'shea, home sure .com was a great idea. >> i thought it was perfect because i got the opportunity to move into a nice place. >> reporter: the idea, share the cost of a high-priced rental by partnering him with other background vetted roommates to a service that makes the arrangements, handles the rents and if necessary, replaces roommates if one leaves. the rent here? $3600 a month a split 3 ways . >> that was why i chose this place so i could have rent protection. if somebody moved out, i wasn't liable for their share of the rent. >> reporter: he says one roomma found . >> between mendwe were short $8 >> reporter: furthermore, when tenants moved in, home sure charged a move in fee equal to a month's rent. from that, some tenants say home share deducted a so-called of can't outstanding future service fee for the remaining months on their lease.
6:23 pm
>> i'm out $1300 not including the rent i had to pay. >> reporter: home sure .com did not return my text, phone calls or email. so we came to home share san francisco headquarters in this building in the financial district. i met a man who said he is the ceo. he said he would not go on camera but explained he was busy with his limited staff trying to process as many refunds as possible. if i wanted more information, i should go to the website. >> i don't know. i hope i can find a move roommate. >> reporter: at this point, there are people working in the building but with minimal staff, some clients may have a long wait for resolution. tom baker, ktvu fox 2 news. today, at&t announced they have turned on their mobile 5g network in parts of san francisco and san jose. this along with 5 other cities across the country. this comes as verizon announced they have 5 g in chicago and minneapolis.
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so far, at&t is only offering 1 5g device and our tech expert told us that it may be best to wait before jumping on the ndwa >> it is super early. if anyone signs onto 5g right now, on the at&t network, they will find their choices limited . they are only going to have access to a single hotspot they can buy for $500. after going through a lengthy application process. the speeds are not that great. >> next month, sprint is expected to roll out there 5g network in chicago atlanta and dallas. interview fox 2 news at 6:30 pm is next with an unexpected consequence of water conservation during the drought. did not water tomatoes. rown, we were great. >> a south bay water customers are facing higher rates because
6:25 pm
they conserved too much water. it turns out the real ids that are issued by the california dmv may not meet federal standards. what this means for the more than 3 million people who have already received them.
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now to our top stories, health officials say a south bay resident infected with measles visited several locations in san francisco during the first 3 days in april. the person road caltrain and a univest then visited hayes valley coffee shop, the federal building, johnny donuts on fulton and the double-decker restaurant on grove street. so far there have been 7 cases of measles in the bay area. more than 100 processors gathered on the steps of san francisco's city hall calling on city leaders to shut down juvenile hall. supporters of the measure cite
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a dropping youth crime rate and mostly empty juvenile hall facility with an annual budget of $13 million. six supervisors say they support the measure but others oppose it, including the head of the local chapter of the naacp. the plan would have juvenile hall close by 2021. u.s. attorney general william barr says most of the mullah report should be available to congress within a week. house lawmakers took advantage of a budget hearing today to question barr about the report. the hearing comes about two weeks after barr and a 4 page letter to congress describing key findings of the investigation. in his letter, barr said mueller's office found no evidence of collusion with russia. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm. it is a catch-22 for water customers in the south bay. they conserved water when they were asked to but now they may see a surcharge on their bills because the effort to cut back was so successful. >> ktvu jesse gary found out why the increase may be necessary. >> reporter: the lawns of san jose have finally recovered a gorgeous green color, after a
6:30 pm
type of brownout brought on by months of water conservation. move >> we met we let the grass go ground, did not water tomatoes, we were great. >> reporter: the 200,000+ customers were so good at meeting that conservation rate that the utility provided water services did not meet sales productions and is in a $9 million budget shortfall . >> conservation is great but comes with consequences. they use less water and we were not able to cover, recover all of the revenue that they thought they would get. >> reporter: spokeswoman jamie atkins detailed the formula. a few customers could be buried in a bimonthly bill that could see a surcharge of 2.26% added in the upper right-hand corner. she blames ted water and mandat
6:31 pm
the company project budgets three years into the future. the average customer uses 11 units of water during the billing cycle. if the unit drops, revenue has to be made up . >> if we have to rely on the amount of water we sell to recover fixed costs as well and water sales drop, then we can't cover our costs. the surcharge would allow us to go back and do that retroactively. >> reporter: if you get the feeling doing the right thing led to the wrong outcome, you're not alone. many customers question saving only to shell out more, possibly as soon as july. >> it doesn't make sense that if you are doing your part and conserving then you will be charged more. >> reporter: the surcharge is not a done deal. the puc will take public comment until april 18. if members decide to levy the surcharge for 1 year, company officials say at the end of the year, bills may not come down
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because there could be another surcharge. in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. in the north bay, staff and students at sonoma state university are being warned not to drink water on campus. officials say problems with the water pumping system led to a drop in water crushed pressure and increased the chances of sediment in the water. the lines are being tested but in the meantime, students and staff are told to drink bottled water. the testing is expected to take 48 hours and the school says it will send out a notice when it is safe to drink the water again. california residents who have federal real id cards may have to go through the process again. the department of homeland security says the dmv fell short on requiring californians to show a second proof of residency when they applied for the federal id car. the dmv is requesting an additional $208 million from the state legislature to help with the rollout of real id. much of that money would go toward hiring thousands of
6:33 pm
temporary workers. still, lawmakers at the capital remain skeptical. >> the money was not properly spent last year because we gave them money for staffing. they were not trained. money for tablets, they bought them but did not use them. money to help with text messaging, they paid for the service but did not use it. >> dmv officials testified at the capital this afternoon. lawmakers blasted the agency for recent system outages including two this morning. dmv officials blamed aging computer infrastructure and maintenance. they say more funding will help address those issues. >> full house star lori loughlin, her husband and 14 others face a new charge of money laundering in the college admissions cheating scandal. they appeared in boston last week among 33 parents arrested
6:34 pm
last month on conspiracy and fraud charges in a conspiracy to bribe their children's way into elite universities. the couples could face a minimum of two years in prison if convicted. netflix has decided to delay the release of a film starring felicity huffman after the actress agreed to pilled the the -- plead guilty in a scandal. huffman is accused of paying a consultant $15,000 disguised as a charitable donation to boost her daughter's s.a.t. score. federal prosecutors are recommending she spent between 4 to 10 months behind bars. coming up, 3 billion accounts hacked. the settlement we are learning about in the largest data breach in history. a near miss caught on video. how an arizona woman's quick reflexes saved her from being hit. >> mornings with ktvo means more power to you. >> more power . >> more power. >> do you.
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israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu is declaring victory in the national elections. late returns show it a narrow victory. the prime minister's close ties to president trump played a strong role in the campaign. critics say he has been in power too long. is rival comes from the morris centric blue-and-white party. >> this is a sacred act. the meaning of democracy. we are blessed with it but one must choose good . >> we have to take responsibility.
6:38 pm
vote. choose who you believe in. respect each other. >> after the results are finalized, he will have to work on building a governing coalition with a very narrow lead projected in the israeli parliament. the pentagon says 3 americans were killed in a suicide attack in afghanistan this week, not 4. 3 u.s. marines died but not a contractor as originally reported. the pentagon has not released the names but one of the marines killed was identified as christopher slutman who was a former u.s. -- new york firefighter. he received a medal for heroin heroism in 2014 . >> he rescued an unconscious woman from a burning apartment in the south bronx. this, unquestionably, is ending the an example of the measure of this man. seven u.s.en killed in this year. two other marines and a navy corpsman was wounded in a massive explosion.
6:39 pm
yahoo is expected to pay $170 million in connection with the largest data breach in history. hackers accessed the personal information of 3 billion accounts between 2013 and 2016. the proposed settlement in a class action lawsuit was made public today. it still needs the approval of a federal judge. yahoo, which is now owned by verizon was accused of being slow to disclose the breach to customers. bank of america announced it is raising its minimum wage to $20 an hour. the increase will happen over a two year period. starting may 1, the hourly minimum goes up to $70 w $17 and gradually until it reaches $20 and 2021. it is part of a commitment to "being a great place to work and to stay competitive." a day care had its van stolen for the second time in a
6:40 pm
year. up next, a look at surveillance video that could provide crucial clues for investigators. it is breezy out there right now. the winds will die down tonight but will return tomorrow with more sunshine and a little bit warmer. we will see you back here with the long-range forecast. let's go to alex savidge in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the 7:00 news on ktvo plus. coming up new at 7:00, republicans in sacramento are condemning governor newsoms moratorium on the death penalty. what they say he should have done if you wanted to end capital punishment. you have heard of not in my backyard but now there is yes and my backyard. what they want lawmakers to do to help make housing easier to find and more affordable. we will have those stories and more coming up, live at 7:00 on ktvo plus. london breed's reaction to being shut down at a community meeting tied to helping the homeless. and details on what is soon to be streaming on netflix tomorrow on morning sun 2.
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a day care in concord is asking for the public health in finding a van stolen over the weekend along with all of the child safety seats inside. >> it is the second time in a year that the same van has been stolen. cristina rendon own shows us surveillance video from the property. >> reporter: saturday night, after 9:00, surveillance video captures two men walking toward diane adair at westwood enrichment center in concord. hours later at 2 am, two other people a a man and woman are seen on the property. in the same hour, the van is driven around a gate and off the property, stopping on the street to let someone in. >> this is 45 minutes maybe before the van drives off. not sure if it is connected. >> reporter: debbie trammell, the site director says the van is equipped with 10 car seats. we transport children every day from another school to hear for care. our kids are now concerned
6:44 pm
about their summertime. how is this going to impact field trips that we do? >> reporter: the day care has another van working double duty and before this, someone was siphoning several hundreds of dollars of gas out of the vans. it has been happening for the past few months at different daycare locations. >> we have gone to locking gas caps, done just about everything you can possibly think of. >> reporter: the ford e 350 vans seem to be a target at the same van was stolen last may and recovered three weeks later at an apartment comics in bay pointe. no arrests were made. >> who are these guys. what kind of intimate knowledge to they have that they did the same crime almost a year to the day? >> reporter: so you think it is the same people? >> i believe so, yes.
6:45 pm
sergeant carl crews says investigators will use technology to sharpen these images and say the crime is unfortunate because ultimately, it impacts the children. >> please return our van. we wanted so bad. our kids wanted. we really love being able to take our kids places. some kids never get to go to these places. >> reporter: here is one more look at the van. the california license plate is 5xxl760. it also has the logan the -- the logo you see on this other van. cristina rendon own, ktvo, fox 2 news. authorities are searching for two hikers who have been missing for three days in southern california. 31-year-old gabrielle wallace and 33-year-old eric splintered set off on mount baldy in san bernardino county. they were supposed to meet friends later that night but when they did not show up, the friends called police. dozens of search and rescue
6:46 pm
teams are looking for the couple. the pair is believed to have limited food and water. nearly 200 supporters of the burning man festival packed a meeting in nevada where the event is held to protest against new government restrictions. critics spoke against proposals to step up security searches and build new barriers around the event. the government is concerned the festival could be a target for terrorists. some people say the plans would cause more harm to the environment and cost millions. another public meeting is set for tonight. let's bring in chief meteorologist, bill martin. i'm wondering, i never quite got a whole idea of the burning man. have you been? >> my parents went there in the 80s. >> did they? >> they wanted to see what it was all about. dad was 85. >> did they camp out? >> yes, they went in a winnebago. that was another day. i have never been . >> annealing used to go all the time. >> really? >> it is pretty cool. i could not handle being up all night. the music and the noise .
6:47 pm
>> when i was younger i might but w >> dad said it was loud all night long . >> and hot. the temperatures generally 70 in vallejo, 74 in fairfield so numbers were cooler south of santa rosa than they were yesterday because of the when. it was blowing. a lot of wind out there today with wind gusts in the 40s in the higher peaks. last night, the day, the did jet stream goes up north. that was the blip that went through last night. the reason for the winds we saw today as the high builds and behind it. here we go, springtime, game on. that is how it will be through the week. i think you will find temperatures tomorrow about where they were today, maybe a little warmer. less wind, plenty of sunshine and winds have dropped off a little in the last hour. 25 out of concord, sfo is going up over 39, gusting to 39 miles per hour, on the great highway, blowing sand as you would expect.
6:48 pm
we are in the walnut creek area or lafayette and you can see the wind blowing still. it has been a whole day and what the wind does is cleanout the atmosphere so we have good visibility. that will allow temperatures to clear the atmosphere and you get rid of the warm air around during the day. overnight lows cooler than they have been. a lot of warm, mild overnight lows. tonight will be chilly, down to 41 in santa rosa. we are above the frost and certainly above freezing but it will be more chilly than it has been. there is the forecast really all day into the bay area in the evening, oakland, rich in richmond, san jose all look like that. the winds to the same where they wrap up -- they don't ramp up, they wrap down but the last of the strong winds look to be around 9 pm and then it gets cooler, representing less wind tomorrow. slightly breezy tomorrow and the forecast high will be not too far from where we were today. now we have a 5 day forecast.
6:49 pm
>> your dad went way up in my book. >> that is 93. i saw him two years ago . >> 85 in a winnebago? >> he was 88, i think . >> what was it about burning man? >> he said, let's check that out. >> thank you . >> in arizona, a woman's quick reflexes helped her to avoid getting hit by a flying ask. watch this. this is video of the incident. watch what happens. >> oh, gee. >> you see there holding an ax over her head and throwing it toward the target instead of landing, it bounces off the wood btoward her it. mech that is the craziest thing i have ever seen . >> the woman quickly docs and laughing, maybe a little in shock .
6:50 pm
>> she is laughing but i would not be. >> that was a close call . >> yes, to close . >> a little, yes. coming up, warriors fans are holding their breath after seth curry steph curry hurt his ankle in new orleans. an update on his condition and sports. tune in for masterchef junior and 8:00, followed by master sam rye at 9:00 and the 10:00 and 11:00 news on ktvu. watch masterchef junior and master sam rye douglas mental samurai on ktvu, fox 2.
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the power of to continues to work for you. ktvu fox 2 news at 7:00. here is where to watch ktvu plus on your tv. some scary moments in new orleans. steph curry hurt his ankle. how bad is it? >> you get down to the final two games of regulation season and you have the playoffs looming over the weekend either saturday or sunday and the last thing you need to have happen is an injury and it looks like it has occurred with the golden state warriors. steph curry in the first quarter on the right-hand side of the screen goes down. you have to watch his right leg and he will go down on it. he is chronically hurting his ankles throughout his career. the thing was he kind of retied issue, got back up, did not leave the game and actually stayed in and hit this shot right here. watch him as he comes back into the back court and he will signal, i want out. he did go out and as soon as
6:54 pm
the play was stopped, he left the court and immediately kind of jogged toward the locker room. the deal is it is being diagnosed as a foot sprain right now, mild and obviously, he will not play again until the playoffs begin over the weekend so we will see. angles can swell up or it could be no big deal. we will see day today as they say. i want to have fun again. that is what magic johnson was quoted as saying tonight as he officially resigned as the president of basketball operations with his team, the los angeles lakers. it will be an interesting off- season for the lakers and lebron and company but there will apparently be no magic johnson in ball. meanwhile, take it to baltimore where the orioles are falling shy in a big way. they are against the a's tonight looking for their first road win of the year leading to-
6:55 pm
0 with semyon and parks in the cheap seats, and the o's have 2 on. before people stop running on him richie martin is a goner. this guy has a rocket for an arm . he throws other guy almost every night. baltimore, you have to look at your scouting report a little better before you run on that guy. your ex and pro far is off to a very serious start as a newcomer but lands in the bleachers there. he had 3 kids -- 3 hits and they are running 12-2 in the ninth inning, well on the way to the first road win of the year. of the weekend, if you did not see it, there was our first baseball many malay of sorts. we take a look at the video.
6:56 pm
today, the suspensions and fines,. the pirates and reds, critz archer 395 mile-per-hour fastball behind dietrich. the benches clear and the guy who became the altar aggressor here, old dodger friend, number 56, is heated. he gets suspended for two games and a fine that was undisclosed. archer, the picture was this is the best was suspended for 5 games. in the meantime, it is time to check this out. what would be your dream if you are a little kid, at yankee stadium, you bring your glove to the game? i think you can say a dream came true for a young fan with aaron judge is a yankee right fielder. >> is got to throw it to him. again! again! yes, yes! awesome! >> that is the coolest thing
6:57 pm
ever . >> it is cool but don't press your luck. >> yeah. look at this guy, osmonds mouthpiece falls out. is a wonder does not happen to steph curry every night. he gets a kick out of it. it is great one. check this out. lubinski, a 20 year career in the nba, his final game in dallas, the entire mavericks organization greets him as he comes to the arena tonight, one of the greats. he likes this. this is a hockey fight in france. the referee comes in, the guy did not realize that the other guy had left. >> he landed and that's what you call the wrong place at the wrong time . >> is the referee okay? >> the referee is just fine. >> really? >> see you later. good night. >> good night. >> he landed roughly. >> he did. every day,
6:58 pm
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gentlemen, i think i've come up with a fun way to get young people interested in science. physics mad-libs. now, give me a number. five. uh-huh. and an irrational constant. "e." and a funny greek letter. gamma. i said funny. upsilon? good one. and an electrical charge. positive. (laughs) perfect. sheldon: okay. get this. (clears throat) "professor jones told the symposium he had a new method "for calculating the mass of a muon. five times the limit of (laughs) 'e' to the upsilon as..." (laughing) (clearing throat): okay. no, no. i'll start over. "professor..." (cracking up) i haven't seen him laugh that hard since the day leonard made that multiplication error.


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