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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  April 10, 2019 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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mornings on 2. i am claudine wong. pam cook has the day off. >> i'm dave clark. well to me, it was breezy her and colder when i came in. >> i just noticed colder. >> it's pretty cold out there for some. we had just smacked 40 miles per hour, 45, and novato gusts smacked as well in the 40. the wood and half moon bay were 20 miles an hour, but they are 32 miles per hour yesterday, and there's novato again, one side getting over 25. north of santa rosa, but temps, 36 now from lakeport, 48 by concord, fremont is in there as well. the breeze is holding up some of thesekelsey, though.
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it's 34 near napa is 41, so if it feels cold it is. we are running about 40 degrees cooler than we were at this time yesterday. there are some snow showers that developed again yesterdayin the sierra. another system is on its way for tomorrow, which will probably do the exact same thing, give us wind and melting snow showers today. north wind can be warm for napa. 5:01. super commute time, and also news. if you're driving on 580 anytime sooner expecting someone from the central valley, we are going to start with the tracy super commute, and we watch it all the time. you can see traffic he was going to be a little bit slow coming in from tracy and driving to livermore. that is why we call it the tracy super commute. there have been no major issues
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driving into the area. livermore, dublin, and haworth, and want to get to 880 it's pretty good. at the bay bridge, a little bit of a backup already. looks like the meeting let's fall on at 5:15, between 5:15 and 5:30. at 5:02, let's go back to the desk. a special election in alameda, voters approved a wellness center for the homeless. sara zendehnam is in alameda now to tell us about the two competing measures that were voted on. good morning, sara? >> reporter: we are on mckay avenue right now, and this is the location of where the wellness center is expected to go. it's going to replace vacant buildings here. it's about more than 3.5 acres of land over here. no alameda residents voted on
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two measures, measure eight past confirming the city council december decision to allow vacant federally owned buildings here on mckay avenue to b converted to a wellness center. it's a $40 million project. 53% voted yes, 47% voted no. measure b failed. would up riveted using a land for the facility. 56% voted no, 44% voted yes . the wellness center will house homeless seniors, have a rehab center, healthcare clinic, and resource center. supporters say they want to be inclusive and make good use of the state. >> this is a model for other communities, and we all have to do our part to address homelessness. >> reporter: the land is across from kraft visitor center, near cropper memorial beach. there are a lot of families in the area. former alameda mayor said the council was fiscally irresponsible for the mood. proponents for measure it said they will continue to fight and file for the precision and court. >> i'm not personally get some the services, i just think that
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their location for this kind of extensive regional, county facility is not appropriate. >> reporter: the alameda county registrar of voters has 30 days to certify the results of the election. in alameda, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. voters in alameda did approve the new homeless center. in san francisco mean time, voters there are still arguing over a similar issue. a passionate group of activists want the commission to delay a vote on the new navigation center. for the homeless along the
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embarcadero. the people in san francisco who live near the proposed navigation center what the port commission to reconsider leasing the land to the city. last night, angry neighbors protested and packed a meeting along the embarcadero. people live in nearby high-rise condos have raised almost $100,000 to hire a lawyer to launch a legal challenge against the project. >> we have ships coming, we have oracle park, we have all these people coming in when they walk from bart to the game. they are going to see this. >> reporter: >> for another the parking lot where the proposed navigation center would be. it is supported by mayor london breed and would include up to 200 beds for the homeless. the port commission plans to vote on this later this month, but there is no word on whether the vote will be delayed. a man accused of killing his brother in healdsburg is expected to enter a plea and court. moses torres stabbed his brother, 25-year-old yvonne torres a few weeks ago. the younger brother paul that a pocket knife during an argument with the older brother. torres is being held on murder charges without bail in the sonoma county jail. potential jurors in the trial of the ghost ship warehouse fire and oakland will be in court again today. today is the third in the hearing that will decide what
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testimony and evidence should be included, and 160 people are also filling out questionnaires in a process that will ultimately select 12 jurors in six alternates. the judge says the process should take about two weeks. the suspects face voluntary manslaughter in the warehouse fire back in 2016. opening statement in the trial are expected to begin april 30. today in iowa, kamala harris will hold a town hall meeting at the university of iowa. it's her third trip to iowa since she announced she's running for president back in january. senator harris will lay out her plan to spend $315 billion to boost the salaries of teachers. she wants to raise teachers' salaries by $13,000 a year by the end of her pursed term as president if she selected. santa clara county will
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4-1 during a heated, seven r make it immigrant convicted of crimes his release from jail. more than 300 people were at that meeting, causing an overflow crowd to be moved to another room. >> we need to treat everyone with respect and dignity, and in order to do that we must treat everyone equally. >> the state and county sexual policies are harboring illegal aliens and criminal resident aliens. >> now that measure was proposed after the february stabbing death of bambi larson at her home in san jose. authorities say the suspect is a man in the country illegally who was under the influence of methamphetamines. he was freed from the county jail despite requests from i.c.e. that they be notified first before he was released. a controversial measure on how police use deadly force is advancing in the state legislature. in now heads to the full
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assembly. the assembly's public safety committee passed the bill from 5-2. the measure would stand a legal standard for an officer's use of legal force from reasonable to necessary. article we need to make those adjustments, let's make those adjustments, but let's -- anything that changes the word reasonable and the ability to defend oneself is unreasonable. >> the need for reform is clear and long overdue, and it's time to make sure the sanctity of human life is policing the highest priority. it's time for us in to enact a policy that will save lives. >> the legislation comes response to the deadly shooting of stephon clark in sacramento. police that he was holding a gun, but it turned out to be a cell phone. no charges were filed against the officers. another bill getting support at the state capital would allow the building of more housing near public
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transportation. supporters of a group called yes in my backyard or otherwise known as called for them to loosen ending zoning. the bill offer strong steps to ease california's housing crisis. >> we don't have enough homes were i live in palo alto at any income level. i make over $100,000 a year, and i struggle to rent in palo alto. >> lawmakers tried to pass a similar bill last year but many local governments oppose it it, saying it would take away the power from local officials to decide how their communities should grow. the conference city council put the brakes on the decision about a proposed apartment complex. the proposed site is downtown on villa district and concord boulevard on city-owned land. now at last night's meeting, some councilmembers did exhey w concerned the project does not
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and retail unanimously not to introduce the ordinance, and that apparently meanwhile mean the project is back to the drawing board. about 5:10. the plan to open a new chick- fil-a restaurant in san jose's when an international airport is can push back from the lgbtq community. the manager of chick-fil-a has a history of supporting christian groups that oppose lgbtq rights. former santa clara county supervisor ken yeager, the first openly gay lawmaker in the county set having the restaurant in the airport sends the wrong message. >> this is going to be the people's very first impression of san jose , and what are they going to say? they are going to see a store that is known for its anti- -tran06 attitudes. >> there are some people that are very political, some people have social i guess conscientious, you know, issues. i just like a good sandwich.
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>> the new chick-fil-a restaurant is already under construction at the airport. it is due to open in june. big reward being offered an and animal abuse kiss. the person shooting at cats in the east bay. the only principal in paradise says he's assigning. what he says he is forced to leave his job for the sake of his family. yesterday, we had kind of a tough day on the richmond bridge. today it is still light. we'll see what happens with the construction plates on that upper deck driving to marin. well, it's about the winds of change yesterday. this morning, now it's about some rather brisk temps. there are a lot of 30s a lot of 40s in your forecast. sun care is self care. i used to not love wearing an spf just because i felt like it was so oily and greasy. but with olay regenerist whip spt. i love it. i'm busy philipps, and i'm fearless to face anything.
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welcome back to morning sun 2. oakland police investigating a shooting in car crash light last night in martin luther king jr. way about 6:30. one person was hit by gunfire, another was hurt in the crash. so far, there is no word from open please on whether the shooting and the car crash are related. also in oakland, $10,000 reward is being offered to find whoever is firing bb guns at stray cats. at least four cats were hit by bb guns since late february in the lower diamond district, and the most serious cases one cat had to be euthanized. another had the hind legs
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amputated. animal control officers are checking the neighborhood trying to find out who is doing this. >> it has happened enough times now that it does not seem like it's going to stop unless this person is apprehended. >> we know violence against animals is an indicator of violence and violence against humans. >> animal control officer say whoever is doing this could face felony charges of animal cruelty. it's the first of 11 public meetings focused on how to prepare for what fire season in the west valley communities of santa clara county. the meetings are going to focus on getting homeowners to clear brush or other homes. the santa clarita fire department conducts these each year. the first meeting is at addison- 10 section was community center in los gatos. it will be from 6:30 two 8:00
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tonight. it is all part of governor gavin newsom 45 day plan to fast-track wildfire prevention projects. he reassigned the troops from the southern border. they are to participating at 35 programs across the state including the north fork american river field break project. >> military mindset, and also that level of finish that the national guard has really set our crews of really well to you know, adapt their skills to fighting fires and off the fuel management. >> in phase 1 of the project, national guard soldiers will focus on plus account and will be clearing an estimated 100 acres. the principle of paradise high school is resigning. he and his family can't find a place to live after the devastating wildfires. lauren lighthearted's home was burned to the ground last november when the deadly's camp fire hit the town of paradise. lighthall see has to move because his family of nine cannot keep living in temporary housing. >> it was a very hard decision
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to make because you are the principal of the high school in a town with one high school, and communities need good leaders. >> now since he made his announcement, lighthall said the school community has been very supportive . many others are going to the exact same thing. almost 14,000 homes were destroyed in the wildfires. there was a drastic housing shortage. today is the annual walk to work day in san francisco. the day is designed to get those cars off the roads and get people exercising. there are going to be several hubs so walkers can get coffee and a goodie bag, and there will be one at city hall. san francisco city leaders will join hundreds in walking today instead of driving or taking transit. and mayor london breed is participating and walk to work day. she will join us live during our 8:00 ursome of the other bi issues facing the city. that's later today on morning sun 2. >>looking forward to
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seeing the mayor. i see sal over there. for those of us who have to drive to work, how does a look over there? >> it looks all right. i'm looking around to see if we have anything new, but it is a nice-looking start to this commute on a once a. northbound 101 for example from the gilroy area still looking very nice. driving into san jose, it continues to be a very nice commute all the way into the west valley, and no major issues. yesterday we had rain. today we don't, and that's making it a difference for the commute driving into the west valley. you will see the traffic here in palo alto on 11 looks very nice. this is a live look into 80 at san jose. continue to look good. now we are in the east bay. 880 looking nice continue to the toll plaza where we do have a crowd beginning to develop, and it looks like the metering lights are either on our should be on very soon. this is about the time when it changes, although we don't expect a huge backup right now at the toll plaza.
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there is at least a little bit of waiting to do. 5:19. let's bring stephen. >> we will get to it here if you're traveling, maybe at the airport. i hope you have a smooth flight to minneapolis. that will not be the case, unfortunately. spring storm is producing what could be one to two feet of snow for parts of north dakota, also it in minnesota, south dakota maybe as well. look at the lineup under some stretching to iowa and heading toward chicago, so there was a couple, really heavy snow reports coming in southeast wyoming, so that could be a trouble delay for you. some of these temps, 20s on bismarck, 30, yet 56 in kansas city, so a big difference there. for us, 34, not bad. woodside near clayton and felton 42 degrees, so if it feels cool it is! lakeport is at 36. napa airport is already at 44 degrees. 43 at livermore, so there are some temps that are dipping into the low 40s.
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if you have a breeze it's probably in the 50s. 44 by pleasanton, lafayette beautiful out there. 47 even at pinole, so even by the water's at there is some cooler temps there. westerly component or a northwest wind, that is a northwest wind, claudine. northwest wind. i kind of ran that together. about 21 miles per hour and near novato as well. still about 25 to 30 and gusts near little rock. we are expecting breezy conditions. it will be sunny today. now we got a few buildups yesterday. we had a lot of activity around the morgan hill yesterday. also on the san mateo codes, much quieter today. we have thunderstorm activity and snow up in the sierra. today will be quieter, then another system will do the exact same thing, probably take the exact same path. will be thursday. we will still have some more snow showers. that is good.
5:21 am
we will keep that snowmelt low. 60, 70s on the temps this time of year. sunny, breezy, mostly cloudy tomorrow. this a few showers. it will be very brief like. the main result will be keeping the cool going, then we will start warming it up on saturday. another system on sunday, claudine. free parking at the oakland airport, how long you can stay. ninety six dollars on your parking. we will share with you the top cities for dog owners and their furry friends. see what california cities topped the list. i'm jimmy dean, and only one thing can make a morning
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today is dollars and cents gas prices in california on track to reach a five-year high. new figures show prices are $.50 a gallon since january. experts blame it on a search of accepted refinery outages. right now aaa reporting that the average price in california is 3:87 a gallon. that more than a dollar higher than most of the nation, and it's even higher in san francisco, were a gallon of regular will cost you four dollars to. oakland international airport is bringing back its popular free parking program, starting on may 1 travelers headed on slick nonstop flights to hawaii or europe can get four days of free parking, and that will save you 96 bucks. that program runs through the busy summer season ends right after labor day. to take
5:25 am
advantage of the free parking, you to sign up on the airport's promotional website and upload your itinerary. you can find a link to that site on under our web links tab. bank of america is raising the minimum wage for its employees to $20 an hour. bank said that increase happened over two year period. starting on may 1, the hourly minimum will go up to $17 and it will gradually increase until it reaches $20 in 2021. the banks of the move is part of a commitment to, quote, being a great place to work and to stay competitive. yahoo is expected to pay $170 million settlement in connection with the largest data breach in history. hackers accessed the personal information of 3 billion account between 2013 at 2016. the proposed settlement is a class action lawsuit and still need approval from a federal judge. yahoo, which is now owned by verizon, was accused of being slow to disclose the breach to its customers. a new list is out of the most dog friendly cities in
5:26 am
america, and a couple of california cities are at the top. according to the compare, long beach is first, and that's followed by mesa, arizona. atlanta, sacramento, and seattle round out the top five most doctrinally cities. they examine things like the number of training centers, channels, vets, parks, and grooming salons in the area. attorney general william barr back on capitol hill today. what he's expected to discuss with the senate, and what he says congress will not be allowed to see. the water is disgusting. if you touch her hand, the greeley white and gross. i mean we are all freaking out about it. >> and a water warning for people in the north bay. why they are being advised to bring only the bottled water, new development in the case of a couple from new york who disappeared while visiting the dominican republic. local authorities know why the pair finished almost 2
5:27 am
weeks ago. you can see traffic is getting busier all over the place now. this is highway 24. a little bit busy on the way to oakland. well, windy, windy yesterday. won't be as bad today, but this morning, some wind protected areas, a little chill in the air there. a lot of 40s.
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hey, mi towel, su towel. there's more gain scent, plus oxi boost and febreze odor remover in every fling! gain. seriously good scent. hey, did you know gain comes in dish soap, too? wednesday morning, april 10. i'm dave clark.
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>> good morning to you. i'm claudine wong in for pam cook, hanging out with steve paulson as he's trying to warm up the day. i'm going to tell steve it's too chilly for me. see what he can do about it. >> i can warm you up later. temperatures, they will get in the 70s. by the way, claudine, i have been talking rental cars here. riveting subject here. we do have some rather cool conditions dave touched on. he said that a little cool out there. it is. a lot of 40s, kelsey fell 34, napa, woodside, clayton, also felton in the 40s. lakeport at 36 degrees, 51 half moon bay. fremont is in 45, livermore 43, napa airport still holding her at 44 degrees, but on the peninsula woodside now down to 41, menlo park 42 degrees, we have 45 san carlos, 44 in los altos, and pacifica a cool 48 degrees, so when i protected areas getting the cooler temps from this breeze, we have
5:31 am
colder lose. rosa, northwest oakland, novato still pretty good gusts 25 miles an will be sunny to mostl sunny. snow showers continuing in the sierra. that's good. keeps things cool so that snowmelt is gradual. will have another system swooping in, giving the sierra some snow and as the wind. 60s, 70s on your temp today. this is when things get busy, and i we seeing that? >> i'm seeing it right now, steve. as a matter fact, as we go to some of these commutes like the solana super commute, you will see more people are on the road. in fact, you can see more people on the road on highway 3
5:32 am
this week has been spring break week for marin schools, and you're seeing just a little bit of a lighter commute in marin county. west 80 panola richmond looks pretty good, and ing, getting o bridge -- that and i shot by the way of the bridge. but getting to what has been -- it's going to be a little bit slower. is about a 15 to 20 minute delay before you make in on the span. the good news is there are no major problems on the span or here at the toll plaza. it is 5:32. let's go back to the desk. a quick look at today's top stories. voters in alameda in the special election said yes to moving ahead with plans for a wellness center for the homeless. 100% of the precinct voter in. measure a passed with 53% voting yes, 47% voting no. the other choice, measure be , what a prohibited using the land for that wellness center. it failed by a similar margin, with 56% voting no, and voting 4% voting yes. california senator calamus
5:33 am
harris will hold a town hall meeting in the university of iowa. she's expected to outline a plan to spend $315 billion to increase teacher pay. now her goal is to raise teachers' salaries by $13,000 a year by the end of her first term as president if she is elected. time is 5:33, and health check this morning. a new warning about a possible meters exposure here in the bay area. health officials say last week an infected person road on caltrain from their home in the south bay to san francisco and spent several days in san francisco. officials say that person visited hayes valley coffee shop. the federal building, johnny donuts on fulton, and the double-decker restaurant on road street. >> the risk to the general public is low, but if you are not immune to measles, so if you have not been vaccinated, or you do not have measles as a child, then you should review the list of locations.
5:34 am
>> now this is the 18th case of measles in california. so far this year, seven of those cases are right here in the bay area. new york city has declared a public health emergency because of a measles outbreak in one part of brooklyn. now the order covers people who live in the williamsburg neighborhood, were almost 300 people have contracted measles since september. the spread has been fueled by what is called measles parties. that is where parents come together to purposely expose their children to measles to build up your immunity. the mayor of new york is ordering everybody to get vaccinated or be fined $1000. attorney general william barr will be back on capitol hill today in question presented is about his handling of special counsel robert mueller's report. he said a redacted version of mueller's report will be released in the week. he continues to insist that mueller did not find any collusion between the 2016 trump campaign and russian and
5:35 am
the claims there is not events enough evidence to say the president obstructed justice. >> the department it was long- standing policy and practice is that if we are not going to charge someone, we don't go out and discuss better derogatory information about them. that is what has everyone outraged at what the fbi director comey did in the case of hillary clinton. >> barr says grand jury detail that could interfere with ongoing investigations are among the items congress will not be allowed to see. treasury secretary steven nguyen will decide today whether his department will comply with the request for six years of president trump's tax returns. he asked the irs commissioner for copies of the president's taxes from 2013 through 2018. democrats want access to the returns as part of investigations into his business dealings and his campaign. president trump has broken with tradition by not voluntarily releasing his tax returns that
5:36 am
the president repeatedly said he's under audit, and therefore will release is returned. our time is now 5:35. president trump getting tougher with his immigration policies and is blaming president obama for family separations at the border. >> those pages that were shown, i think they were very inappropriate. they were built by president obama's administration, not by trump. >> the white has plans to appeal a nationwide injunction handed down by u.s. district court in san francisco that temporarily posits the trump administration's plan to make asylum-seekers stay in mexico. the president also addressed several high-level job exits at the department of homeland security including secretary kristin nelson. >> i never said i'm cleaning house. i don't know who came up with that. we have been lost. >> despite that claim, the department of homeland security's acting deputy said she's resigning. clara grady's resignation was announced last night by
5:37 am
kirstjen nielsen. grady's resignation is effective today. it paves the way for president trump's selection of kevin mack and ellen who can now take over the dhs. mike pence will visit a border patrol station in arizona today. the vice president will be amid the shakeup at the homeland security department. vice president pence is going to be briefed by u.s. customs and border protection agents, and that he's going to tour the section of the border wall there. immigration and border security are expected to be central issues for president trp' reelection efforts, and arizona is considered a swing state. republican senator lindsey graham once again is pushing the bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks. senator graham sponsored this bill every year since 2013, and it has been defeated in congress. however, some believe things are different now with the
5:38 am
conservative majority and supreme court, and several restricted abortion measures being passed in republican- controlled states around the country. >> we know that an unborn child in the birthing process can recognize sounds, can stretch, can you on, and can tell pain. and it's up to people in legislative bodies to come to their aid. >> will many of my republican colleagues remained determined to turn back the clock and drag our country back to pre-roe v wade days, that is just not going to happen. >> now the proposed bill would need 60 votes in the u.s. senate to get past a filibuster. it would also need to pass in the house, which is a democratic majority. time is now 5:38. officials and the dominican republic said they may have found the bodies of two missing american tourist. now they believe the bodies belong to new yorkers orlando moore and portia ravenelle, who disappeared last month while on vacation. authorities in the dominican republic are saying a car accident on the way to the
5:39 am
airport may be to play. authorities are trying to identify the bodies as part of the continuing investigation. the state department is helping out with the case. a stretch of state highway 1 is back open to traffic to south gray wilco state beach. san mateo county shut it down for several hours overnight while they were recovering a stolen car from the beach. the removal process was slow during the prame of the car that got wedged between two cliffs. students and staff at sonoma state university in wilbur park, you are being wants don't drink the water on the campus. there are concerns about sediment and the water. tests are being conducted as a precaution. hill university said the pumping been posted on the campus telling students and the staff boil water before you drink it. the university has also been passing out bottled water on
5:40 am
the campus. >> having to go out and use water bottles, and you're not able to brush your teeth in a regular way, or things like that, it's so simple little things. >> i decided to make some mac & cheese. water was white, and i was like it's just gross! you know, you pay a lot of money to come here. the boiled water advisory only affects the simona skate countess. sonoma state campus. it will stay in effect until further notice. customers have done a great job of conserving water but comes another problem pls water means less revenue, and the district is now facing a $9 million budget deficit. the water district is considering adding a surcharge of more than 2% to customers' bills. the district says it's regulated by the state public utilities commission, and its force projected budget three years in advance. >> people use less water, then the puc protected back in 2016. during 2018, which means we were not able to cover all -- recover all the revenu
5:41 am
>> it does charged more. >> the puc is taking public comment on this potential rate increases until april 18. our time is now 5:41. for legal problems for actors lori loughlin and several other parents involved in that admissions cheating scandal. up next, the expert charges they are now facing. and train drama caught on camera. we will tell you what that train was carrying. it's going to have crews busy cleaning up for days. checking out the maccarthur maze , it does not look too bad coming around the corner to the bay bridge toll plaza as we push in a little bit. you can see is glanes getting out to the bay bridge toll plaza.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
colin carol, surveillance video of a parking lot shows a train derailment in northeastern pennsylvania. watch it happen. you can see those train cars going tumbling over. that train was hauling sand and lumber. total of four cars left the relatives over. fortunately nobody was hurt, but it made a mess. can take a week to return to normal railroad operations. investigators think there were derailment may have been caused by a rail separation. federal prosecutors say a maryland man is a homegrown terrorist. his name is rondell henry. he was denied bail and told to stay in jail while he awaited trial. authorities say he spent two years studying isis fighters, then decided to join them. investigators accused him of planning a massacre like the truck attack in france in 2016
5:45 am
where more than 80 people were killed. >> this case emphasizes our greatest threat right now is homegrown violent extremist, those individuals who radicalize independently and alone in their own home with little to no warning. >> no henry right now is only charged with taking a stolen car across state lines. investigators will seek terror charges later. authorities say they found that about the alleged plot by accident. the case started last month with investigators searching for a stolen u-haul van and searching for henry, who was reported missing. there are new charges being filed against actors lori loughlin and her husband, aloin college admission scandal. they have now been charged with money laundering and mail fraud, and they are among 33 prominent parents among conspiracy and fraud charges in a scheme to bribe their
5:46 am
children's weight elite universities. loughlin and her husband face a minimum of two years if convicted. legal analysts say they could face up to 40. netflix has decided to delay the release of a new film starring felicity huffman after the actors agreed to plead guilty in the admission scandal. netflix says the movie, which is called other hood and would not be released on april 26. hoffman is accused of paying $15,000 disguised as a charitable donation to boost her daughter's s.a.t. score. federal prosecutors are recommending that she spend between four and 10 months behind bars. time is now 5:46. the just$1.2 billion medicare scam. federal officials say the scam involves selling unneeded charges have been filed against defendant in six includes calif the defendant include doctors who are accused ons for unneede back, shoulder, wrist, and knee braces. it appears some of the victims were targeted by call centers based in the philippines and all over latin america.
5:47 am
the people of california who already have your federal real id cards, you may still have more work to do. the department of homeland security says the dmv fell short on requiring californians to show a second proof of residency when they applied for the real id card. the sacramento bee says those who already have the card will have to provide that second proof of residency before or when you renew the card. in san francisco, city officials are releasing proposed parking restrictions at the new chase center , at a port commission meeting yesterday they said street parking is going to be restricted to two hours on the days when the warriors are playing at home. the team has pledged to make to no more than 40% of fence drive to the game. >> we've invested lots of time and effort into we will be able
5:48 am
two cartridge continuously after games. we will be running shuttle buses to downtown, shuttle buses to the 16th street bart. >> the warriors play their final regular-season game at oracle arena in oakland on sunday. the $1.3 billion chase center is set to open on october 6. times 5:48. let's bring sal back.'s sal, is the commute some for a slam dunk? >> you know, i would say dave and clotting, this morning's commute is just about what you want it to be. considering it is peak commute time is approaching. we do have slow traffic on the 580 interchange coming in with 205 , and the tracy super commute. you can see the traffic is low in tracy on 205. past 11 street, 580 gets better once you altamont pass. livermore over to castor valley fine, although you do you see some slowing developing an 880
5:49 am
and hayward as we you had south. nothing unusual. you can still get a decent commute in union city and fremont and to the south bay. we don't talk much about the south bay because it is clear and light, and so is interstate 884, now past oracle arena. there's a crowd at the bay bridge toll plaza, 10 to 15 minutes, but if you get your city should have a pretty easy time getting onto the bridge with no obstructions either way to san francisco. 11 minutes before six. let's bring in the man. i am just renting. we will get to it. if you're heading out, maybe saying i will head up to the upper planes there, great lakes, but first i will take a view of tahoe. how about that? there's a postcard for you. have snow showers yesterday. good news is the loser in the 20s. some gradual snowmelt. we are not getting warm temps, so that is good news, and there's more on the way. speaking of snow, if you travel plans there, there are going to be delays. look at that line
5:50 am
stretching from northeast iowa right to south of chicago, so there's going to be some issues there. a lot of snow in wyoming and part of montana yesterday as well, and you can see the difference in the air masses. 20s two to 50s, 56 to 55. kansas city and st. louis in chicago 35, so that line there is giving us some severe weather. chelsea will 34. one observation in napa and 40, woodside 41, lafayette at 42, and felt and also at 42, and kelly said it's cold this morning. my dog went out, came right back inside. usually stays out all morning. kelly, you did not tell us the name of your dog. by the way, kelly, they celebrated their 87 birthday of their moms. happy belated, mom. 44 in napa airport. we can find colder than that. livermore is at 43 as well. socal is there, and so yes, there is no doubt about it some cool air in place. 20 miles per hour in half moon
5:51 am
bay. there are some gusts around novato, northwest to 24, oakland northwest, and santa rosa northwest. you can see the airflow direction coming from the north from ukiah, although it is senecas in gilroy. it will be breezy today, not as windy as yesterday, as an isolated snow showers yesterday will give way to monthly sunny skies today. 23 though in truckee, 44 ukiah. pretty chilly there. pretty windy towards las vegas if you're heading that direction. tomorrow, we will get another fast-moving system, but we will get the wind the. 60s, 70s on the thames. this is the time of your weather warnings are: the afternoons are nice. was a cloudy, then windy, and i system for cool down and wind, dave. a scare for the warriors and their fans for the nba playoffs starting this weekend. what your screens. what happened to steph curry that forced him to leave the game in new orleans.
5:52 am
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welcome back to morning sun 2. the warriors only have one game left before the nba playoffs start. last night, the warriors had a scare in new orleans were playing the pelicans. look at steph curry. he goes down, sprained his right ankle in the first quarter. watch again. steph did not come back. warriors coach steve kerr uld r as for the rest of the game, the pelicans kept a close, but demarcus cousins had a double double. the warriors won 112-103. the warriors' live last game is
5:55 am
in memphis against the grizzlies. the san francisco giants wrap up their series against the san diego padres. the giants' bats came alive at oracle park. evan on gloria and kevin villard had big hits in the first inning, built a big lead early. pitcher darren holland only gave up one run, struck out nine, and the giants won 7-2. today's game is at 12:45 in san francisco. the oakland is continue their series against the orioles in baltimore. outfielder ramon laureano, the man with the gun. threw him out at home plate. you are out. now this new second baseman, he had his best game since being traded to the a's in the off- season. had four hits, five rbis, and let the a's to a 13-2 win.
5:56 am
the game today starts at 4:05. the sharks' first playoff game is tonight against the last vegas golden knights. now the sharks will host a street party before each home playoff game. tonight's party will be next in the arena on autumn street m. ktvu will be right there to cover all the events before, during, and after the game. it's now 5:56. the measles scare in san francisco . we will tell you why thousands of people are now at risk of being infected. in the trans bay transit center still closed for repairs. we have an update on the progress being made on getting that to billion-dollar transit hub reopens. on the road, 280 northbound and san jose was pretty good. it's uncrowded, until you get highway 70 were it does bog down a little bit. we will tell you more about the silicon valley commute when we come back. it's all about the wind yesterday. it was the be breezy today. but there is a chill to the
5:57 am
morning air. take a look is on the cool temps coming up.
5:58 am
sanford health officials warned the public may have been exposed to measles. the list of places and rail lines the infected person used,
5:59 am
while he or she was contagious, and why health officials want people who are vulnerable to measles to pay attention to that list. cooperating with federal immigration agents, the packed meeting in santa clara county at the board of supervisors voted on changing the county's sanctuary policy. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning to you. it is wednesday, april 10. i'm claudine wong. pam cook has the morning off. >> i'm dave clark. was a chilly this morning? >> it would not your imagination. i came in complaining. >> it is cold out there. thank you, dave and claudine, and there are a lot of 40s. there are woodside has tips 241. lafayette there as well.
6:00 am
lakeport at 35, napa airport now 42, 45 fremont, and redwood city the 47. mill valley is at 42 degrees. what acre at 41, 34 kelsey valley. we talked about there's the pork belly. that's the one observation i talked about. sebastopol at 43, that is cool for us. north wind, northwest wind that a strong as yesterday. bodega bay had the strongest gusts at 48 miles per hour, but not saying not st. helena, mount diablo were 40 above. there were a lot of 30 to 40, and we will have everything coming down of the of the north. it will be clear, mostly sunny, and will have a decent breeze showers and cool temps going. we get the breeze. today, sunny, breezy, 60s and 70s. sal is here to tell you about wh


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