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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  April 11, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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good morning and welcome to mornings on 2. i am alex savage allie rasmus in for pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. welcome. we are happy to have the allie rasmus here. >> thank you! i am happy to be here! we had a lot of 30s yesterday morning, now we are seeing some 40s. there is a lot more cloud cover coming in and the lows will be warmer. the breeze is there for some, it is not as robust but there is still a breeze and it will pick up once this system moves
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changewhen we were sunny side up. the sierra nevada will get some snow showers and we will get the clouds and cooler temperatures. breezy and cooler today, 60s and 70s for a high. 4:01. i hope everything is quiet. severing pretty quiet for most of your commute here as we look at the tracy super commute. just a little slow traffic there. you can see the traffic is moving along okay. there have been no major issues on 205 and 580, the tracy super commute. livermore to pleasanton looks all right. all right. here is i-880 in oakland. both directions is looking good and the bay bridge is light.
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4:02. to the desk. breaking news from london where wikileaks founder julian assange was arrested by police. it happened at the ecuador embassy where he has been staying by 2012. the president of ecuador said assange violated the terms of his asylum. he is the going to be extradited back to the united states where he has published thousands of private documents. now the largest ipo for facebook since seven years ago. >> reporter: uber has changed the game when it comes to how people get around. >> you want to get a car, you call uber. >> in college it is a great way
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of finding the cheaper ride. >> reporter: the giant is expected to file paperwork for the planned ipo, with uber's stock said to value more than $100 million. it has 07% of the u.s. market and in word of the filing for the ipo put the company's biggest u.s. competitor lyft which went public last month. >> one of the things i wonder as a former wall street person myself is whether some folks aren't in and out of lyft, and now out in order to get into uber. >> reporter: uber is synonymous with ride sharing. many customers seem to be coming back. some thing the pricing will give it a leg up but others think pricing futures could give it a leg up in the long run. >> there are tis as to whether it can operate in
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certain fields. >> in illinois uber supersedes lyft in every way. for us it is more uber is the name you want to invest in and be a part of >> reporter: paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. >> some investors point out that uber as other revenue streams including the meal delivery service that could boost the ipo price. uber has not said whether it will go public but it is set to go public next month. pinterest, airbnb, fleck and zoom are also set to go public soon. an investigation continues in contra costa where a pedestrian was hit and killed on highway 4 after he apparently ran across the highway. it happened last night at 9:00 near leverage road near pittsburg. the man ran through the center divide right in front of a car. the driver of the car could not avoid hitting the man.
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the man died at the scene. the driver stopped and cooperated with the investigation. the judge in the ghostship warehouse trial is expected to is your advise if oakland mayor libby schaaf will have to testify. schaaff is said to be a usual witness with relevant knowledge of quote deficiencys in the fire, police and building departments. so far more than 300 potential jurors have filled out questionnaires. jury selection is set to begin next tuesday. 4:05. the man accused of being the golden state killer is expecting the death penalty if convicted. 73-year-old joseph deangelo appeared in arrested. he is charged with 13 murders. he is believed to have committed dozens of rapes and burglaries across california in
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the 1970s and 1980s. >> we are thrilled with the decision to seek the delta penalty. the golden state killer is the worst of the worst of the worst that ever happened. >> now the judge in the case ruled that news cameras will still be allowed in the courtroom. deangelo is due back in court in august. governor gavin newsom said last month he is suspending all executions during the time of his administration. this probably won't effect deangelo if he is convicted since a trial and then the appeals affordable housing there take years and maybe even decades police are investigating sexual assault on said she campus early sunday morning. the suspect is said to not be a student dating website. campus police are for the man that fits the description given by the victim. this is the second reported rape on the campus this year.
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meanwhile the water at sonoma state is safe to drink again. administrators lifted a boil advisory. they were concerned there could have be sediment in the water after a pump malfunctioned last weekend but two rounds of testing showed water at the school was not contaminated. water may appear cloudy because of the loss of pressure but they insist it is safe to drink. teachers in sacramento are holding a one day strike accusing the schools of unfair labor practices. the walk-out today includes education personnel across the board. the e of a $35 million deficit. trump says he may send extra troops to the border. about 5,000 are there already.
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the mission is to commit homeland security operations, reinforce barriers and provide logistical support but not directly detaining immigrants and asylum seekers. in the meantime governor gavin newsom is coming back to california after a trip to el salvador. the governor said he went to the central american country to learn more about the poverty and violence that is prompting people to leave there for the u.s. he pledged to help migrants in california including family reunification services and legal representation for asylum- seekers. california is home to the bigge from el salvador outside of the country itself, about 680,000 people the owner of the hillsboro
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house said she will discuss alleged harassment by town leaders. the house, a shrine to fred and wilma includes all kinds of flintstones themed views the best of the nba 7 series is sad night. the list of games are on your screen... screen...
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steph county, in the meantime is still recovering from a right ankle sprain. the head coach steve cancer says curry should be ready for the play-offs. >> let's hope. it is 4:10. the 49ers are expected to pick him in the first round of the nfl draft but some of his past is coming to haunt nick bosa. and star wars toys you won't be allowed to buy. and we are off to a nice start on this thursday. traffic is looking good on the san mateo bridge. the weather was good yesterday but change, really? yes, really. it is coming with clouds. we will talk about whether there is anything else associated with hit, coming up.
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. the park will not be selling replicas of the guns used in the star wars films after toy guns were stopped from being sold recently. now more from san rafael where people are encouraging undocumented people to speak out if they are victims. victims. >> reporter: marty garcia is grateful, at a san rafael gathering she was batserred and terrorized by her husband for a decade. a mother and with a young son,
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she was afraid. >> i didn't have information. to get out of the violent situation >> reporter: you should know if any of these types of crimes happen to you or someone you know, knowledge is power. listeners in this public park were turned to assistance offered by a community organization. and advocates come in many form, including this 2-year- old labrador on the da's team. he supports victims and even goes to court with them as they tell their stories. >> the children will tell him everything that happened to them. >> reporter: one by one, names were read. survivors of domestic, sexual and elder abuse in morin county during 2018 >> kimberly, 17 years old.
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menly, 55 years old. >> it is heartbreaking. the toughest crimes i have investigated in my career. >> reporter: whether the perpetrator is a boyfriend, spouse or pimp, investigators say power and manipulation is often at the root of these crimes. >> making the victims believe they love them and care for them, and then the violence starts. >> men need to be responsible and understand that no means no. >> reporter: morin's da says awareness is helping but she worries about the immigrant communities like the canal district, and posters will go up here with the message crime has no boundaries. >> we want to make the message clear, we are here to protect everyone. >> reporter: marty garcia's son was 7 when she finally broke free. he is now in college and she has residency and a good job, forever grateful to her
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advocates. >> they are angels in my life. i am happy, very happy >> reporter: many cities and college campuses are holding special event this is month to draw attention to sexual assault awareness and prevention. statistics show that eight out of ten rapes are committed by someone the victim knows. in san rafael, deborah villalon. back to you. from hollywood's red carpets to the courthouse, kim kardashian west says she is studying to be a lawyer and is working at a san francisco law firm. she says she has no plans to go to law school but will take the bar exam in 2022. she became interested in the law after helping free a woman who had been in prison since 1996 on non-violent drug charges. by the way you don't have to go to law school do become a lawyer. you just have to pass the bar
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exam. i remember seriously considering that years ago and thought, nope! >> i am glad you are here. >> me, too. well, sal is here, too. you will take care of the folks this morning, aren't you, sal? >> that is right. we are looking at the gilroy commute. so far it looks good from gilroy to san jose. for that matter the entire bay area commute is off to a good start. we don't have anything major. we are looking at traffic that looks pretty good here as you drive through. no major issues driving into the main part of san jose as you can see. we are also looking at some of the commutes get from the east bay to the south bay. that looks fine on 880. this is 280 in san jose's live picture we have. as you can see these pictures show the traffic is still pretty light. it is 4:18. steve? for those of you already
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suffering from allergies you know it will be a bad season. you can blame the trees for now. ash, oak and mulberry >> great law firm name. >> there you go! >> and some of the grass, the weeds are itching to go! high clouds are coming in. that will bring us a big change but first nationally, if you have travel plans around denver, maybe rapid city to minneapolis to green bay, you were probably in trouble. look at the temperature difference, denver and cheyenne, 17. kansas city 71. how about that! that is causing a tremendous difference. the wind is funneled up, a strong south wind like kansas city is so warming then a north wind on the backside of that. that is where all the snow is going up to the north, a powerhouse system for us. 50s on the temp, although fairfield is 61. why? i will show you.
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fremont 49. 53 at half moon bay. it is because of the wind out of the north gusting to 26 miles per hour in fairfield, and the system is coming down and will crank up the wind again, mainly for the higher elevations and the coastal waters where there is a wind advisory out for later today. gusts may be about 40 miles per hour. truckee is 27. the sierra will get isolated snow showers out of that. we get a lot of cloud cover. there could be some garden variety showers, but then starting friday it will warm up into saturday. it is that time of year where you can rebound very, v. fast. by saturday make plans because another system is coming in sunday to monday. 60s on the temps to near 70. tricky on the temps today. i would lean more on the cooler with the cloud cover coming in, warmer saturday, we increase the clouds sunday and here comeansystem on monday. >> look at that the time is 4:21. as the warriors get ready for the start of the nba play-offs and a shot at the championship,
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they are counting down to the new arena opening in san francisco. the one concern still about the $1 billion entertainment palace and whatties has to do with -- what it has to do with mass transit. a historic discovery in the philippines of an ancient species, coming up.
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welcome back to mornings 4: the san jose sharks won last
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night and lead the first round in the series against the las vegas golden knights one game to nothing. the sharks beat them last night, and it was early and often. one of the strangest goals of the game you will ever see here, the puck bounces off his face and into the net. the sharks captain lost a couple of teethes but he got stitched up and was back on the ice a few minutes later to lead the sharks to a 5-2 victory over the knights. ghts. before the shark's game hundreds of fans packed the streets. the area around the shark tank is transformed during the play- offs into a teal.
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fans are craving a trip to the nhl cup finals. >> as long as they stay out of the penalty box we have nothing else to worry about >> game two is another home game, that is tomorrow night at the sap center. scientists found bones belonging to a long lost human. the teeth and bones were found off of an island and the species lived around the time humans were spread from africa to the rest of the world. the bones suggest the species was just under 4 feet tall. the remains were found from three individuals that lived around 50 to 67,000 years ago. a sheriff's department is having a little fun with itself after apprehending a rumba. two people house sitting heard
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noises from the paster bathroom and saw shadows under the door. deputies responded to a home break in and yelled for is the president to come out, but after opened the door -- >> we see a rumba bouncing up against the shower door. >> reporter: your response? >> sheer laughter. a plethora of experience from ten year guys to newer deputies and we saul said this is a first. >> reporter: they posted a picture of the burglar on social media with the message captured! >> wow! still ahead, washington is still buzzing this morning after an incredible statement before congress before attorney general william barr. m barr. plus, an update on the
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repairs that will close down a transit hub in san francisco. a closer look at the steel beams that will be used to enforce the building. after a sunny and breezy day yesterday, mostly cloudy and breezy again. we will talk about that up in the sierra. could be more snow showers.
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well, good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. i am dave clark. >> and i am allie rasmus in for pam cook.
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is the rain over with? >> well, it is more of a wind month. >> i am looking at the pollen count. >> i thought claudine wong was tough! i know! [ laughing ] the pollen count is up after so much rain and the flowers blooming and everything and taking off. that is probably going to be with us for a while. although today the cloud cover is coming in and the wind will pick up. 40s on the temps, 50s in fairfield, 61 due to a wind. 40s and 50s in the santa clara valley. the mountains a little cooler with low 40s and 40s and sarat cupertino. we are back into the breezy, windy pattern. a lot of high clouds coming in. probably not much in the way of rain. if it is it will


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