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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  April 29, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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trail. the message he wants to deliver. >> from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. it is april 29. i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. we have our forecast. >> we do have some chill in the morning hour. >> i was surprised my cell the thermometer there. will it stay this way? >> there is no big swing on the way. as you them to southern california where we do have a system down there that is producing some rain. we are just too far north for this. you might have seen some of the higher clouds yesterday. 50s and the temperatures for most. let's see if we can find any others. we have 40s up towards luma.
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if it feels a little cool to you, this is the low down in southern california. it is moving into the four corners and that is what ramped up the fog and low clouds for us. a lot of cloud cover and isolated showers. a cooler pattern for us. we are too far north to get there. 60s and 70s on your temperatures. i do believe he is here. welcome back, mr sal castaneda. >> traffic is nice and quiet to start off this monday morning in case you're driving on the alterman past. we have the tracy super commute. so got to see no major issues. we are continuing awfully to the inner part of the east bay. it is a nice drive in both directions. we do have traffic that is light. let's go back to the desk.
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in the news this morning, been in jail accused of hitting and killing an elderly woman and her dog as she was crossing the street. the victim was identified as a 17-year-old. it happened on butter find road. the driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. we talked with people who knew the woman who was killed. >> she was a buddy of hours. her dogs were buddies of our dogs. we would walk with her and meet at the field. >> reporter: those who knew her, new described her as a youthful spirit. her dogs were her children. >> she was a friend. you don't want to lose a friend. >> she loved her dogs. >> yes. >> wonderful neighbors. really the best. >> on a routine nightly walk
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with her dogs saturday night at 10:00, was crossing the street right in front of her longtime home. neighbors say that she was in the crosswalk when a car heading northbound on butterfield road did not see her or her dogs and crashed into them. the police marking show the extent of the crash. we do not see are the break marks. she and one of her dogs died of the scene. another was rushed to a hospital. they said he had been driving under the influence. the neighbor said he tried to hide. >> if he was not drunk enough to realize implication of what he had done and you try to hide in the neighbors yard, he really was reprehensible beyond even being drunk. >> the posted speed limit is 25 miles per hour, but many drivers go will be on that. the neighbors put up signs alerting drivers to slow down.
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someone like to see flashing lights or speed bumps. >> people drive way too fast in this neighborhood. this street, your children the get dropped off at the corner from school. >> it is like that. it is too dark. they need to put some lights and make it a little safer and people need to slow down. >> he lived with her longtime partner. she was his caretaker. he came outside and saw what happened and collapsed. he was rushed to the hospital. >> as the memorial grows, he is at a jail facing vehicular manslaughter and felony dui charges. his bail is set at half $1 million. the san mateo county sheriff's office is expected to release the name of a man whose body was found floating in the ocean. the body was found new near half moon bay near the ritz- carlton hotel. the body was not relatively
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identifiable. they are waiting to identify the family before releasing his name. we also say if you people have been swept out to sea over the past few weeks. naphtali moimoi was a senior at hayward high school and drowned while on a boogie board in april 18. his body was not found. then a car was driving off a cliff on highway 1 11 miles north of the ritz carlton. the driver of that car has not been find, either. >> a memorial is growing for one at the people killed by the same man in three different cities all in one day. he was arrested late friday night for the killings in nevada. he is accused of shooting people in oakland, san francisco, and berkeley. the man who died in berkeley was known to the people who spent time in the park. they say that he knew his success suspected killer.
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>> i felt like i was whenever heart attack. i cannot stop shaking. >> reporter: they gathered nearby to remember a friend who was killed here on friday when stephan jefferson was here. >> i was talking to him and then he was shot. >> they say he was born and raised in berkeley. he loved his son and often attended little league games. >> we have cal right here. >> reporter: it is here where they engage in a favorite pastime. >> he doesn't deliver this. we play chess with them all day. >> he was a regular here, often doing good deeds.
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>> he was one of us. >> now, he's accused of heinous crimes, police say he killed marcus jackson in oakland on 41st and market street friday morning. then he drove to the bayview area at around 1:30. 240, that is when he was shot and killed people spark. later that night, he turned up in south lake tahoe where sheriffs deputies exchanged gunfire with him. sergeant was hit in the head. >> he shot at us and we shot at him. it is about as simple as it gets. a sexual assault of the fraternity house at uc berkeley is being investigated this morning. they have not said which fraternity might be involved but the house is at channing way and college avenue in the victim is a uc berkeley
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student. we have no information about a possible suspect. if you have any information, call berkeley police. a well-known greek restaurant is being repaired after fire saturday nights. fireplace through the restaurant about 9:00 saturday night. flames and smoke shot through the roof of the two-story building. customers and staff escaped safely, but one firefighter suffered a foot injury. they believe the fire started in the kitchen as a grease fire. the playoffs in full swing for the warriors and the sharks. we saw lots of people wearing sharks gear at the moyers game. >> this is a first amendment one of these games. i am always at the sharks game. it was the same thing in the shark tank, where there were sharks fans wearing warriors shirts. they have the day off after playing the houston rockets. >> it was a rocking oracle
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arena. the rockets stormed back in the second quarter. the game was tied at 53-53 going into halftime. in the second half, kevin durant should what he is one of the best players in the history of the nba. the rocket say that draymond green fouled him, but to the rest disagreed. >> i just want a fair game. called game the way supposed to be called. that's it. we will live with the results. it is plain and simple. >> i have been filed by him in a three pointer before. i'm not going that would. i'm straight. >> the warriors won 104-101. game 2 with houston is tomorrow night. san jose's evander kane
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score the first goal. colorado quickly tied it up and then went ahead 2-1. the sharks thought and icing penalty should have been called but the refs give no signal. they never caught up in the lost, 4-3. this series is now tied up with 1-1. the series moves to colorado for game three tomorrow night. it is 4:10. the u.s. attorney general is scheduled to speak at committee hearings and both houses of congress. up next, what the justice department says could prevent him from speaking to one of them. plus, a mother looking for answers 3 years after her teenage son was shot and killed outside of a bowling alley in the east bay. how they are trying to find new leads in a cold case. we do see a nice-looking commute if you're driving along
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highway 24 on the way to the tunnel. we have gone back into a cool pattern. looks we will stay there with just some subtle changes. we will tell you what to look at on the extended outlook. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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a senior and star athlete in oakland high school wanted to play sports professionally, but before he could realize his dreams, shot and killed outside of a bowling alley. >> we taking a look at the investigation in ktvu's unsolved. as a boy, he loved sports. >> he was very active. >> his skill started quite young. >> he was riding a bike with training wheels at age 3. >> he was a standout in three sports. >> he played football, he played baseball, he played track. >> reporter: he had dreams of being a professional athlete.'s several colleges should interest in him. >> in 2016, he wanted to celebrate and his mother said one of his top college toys it
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had sent him a letter saying they were interested. >> he had gotten a letter from mississippi. he said we all got the same letter for college. we want to go celebrate. plus it was one of the birthdays. >> the party was at a bowling alley in alameda. you can see him walking in. >> it is a family entertainment place. it is right by the beach. i thought, fine. i had no clue. >> no clue that two feuding groups which up at the bowling alley that night. >> some groups were from oakland and some from berkeley, we know that they did not get along. >> tensions were high all night. violence erupted just minutes after surveillance video captured him leaving the bowling alley. >> security footage shows them here in the parking lot behind the bowling alley at 9:00 that night. for the other end of the parking lot, someone opened fire. he was shot in the head.
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>> he was taken to highland hospital in oakland. he died as they moved him to the icu. >> he was a loving gentleman. he had a bright future ahead of him. he was an outstanding individual and was loved. he did not deserve this. >> reporter: and assistant principal at the high school was close to him. >> he had an enthusiasm come over him and positivity that just came together. >> we know that somebody know something. >> reporter: the alameda police department says that they have investigated many witnesses, but most refused to cooperate. >> there might be a lot of innuendo or presumptions >> reporter: rumors, but what we need, is i know what we saw. do not know if he was the target. >> what we know is that there were multiple shots fired into the group of people.
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>> reporter: homicides in alameda are relatively rare. a killing there crown beach all but unheard-of. >> that's one of the safest choice as a kid from oakland can make in terms of how to spend saturday night. >> reporter: after he was killed, friends and coaches gathered on the football field to pay their respects. >> you let me know that you are loved. >> she wants whoever killed her son behind bars. >> we need justice. we need to get this individual off the street. i would not want to the family to go through this ever. >> hopefully this will bring new light and information for that investigation. the time right now is 4:17. we want to welcome back sal. hopefully you had a nice week
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off. we missed you. >> thank you. i did have a nice week off. i am back now. we are starting off the morning nice and easy. from gilroy to san jose, the commute looks good as we drive through. there have been no major issues as you drive all the way into the valley. you can see traffic moving along pretty well as you drive into san jose. we are off to a very nice start with no major issues. east bay commute is looking good so far. we're having a nice monday morning getting into a gradually. there has not been a big commute here at the bay bridge. it continues to look good into san francisco. at 4:18, here is mr steve paulson. >> mr sal castaneda, thank you. it is moving into southern california. if you're going down there, you will encounter lots of cloud cover and maybe some hit or miss rain. we have the airflow in the upper atmosphere slightly
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offshore. i don't think it will make it down to the surface. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. very cool compared to last week. upper 50s and low 50s. 46 and low 50s. morocco is 49. pleasanton is 49. there is the west-southwest area oakland. west southwest at oakland. we are at the northern edge of it. the farther south you go, you might encounter cloud cover. 30 in truckee. you can see the system moving up. the rain line seems to be around san luis obispo. and then towards la just to the north of them and out towards the high deserts. the possibility is that the
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system could do a similar pattern thing, but it into the weekend. we can see if it is south or heads towards us. there are hints that could get close to us by the weekend. 60s and 70s. temperatures could come back down. it looks like the system will dig into the pacific northwest on tuesday. that will crank up the breeze and shoot of the low clouds as well. and the the low starts to make a move. cooldown on saturday was turns into splash and dash showers. it is if it continues to track this way. would you like to keep track of the weather? our ktvu weather app has interactive radar. it also has a feature to upload your photos and video. >> i want to keep track. the time is 4:20. the nation's most prolific
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welcome back to mornings on 2. later today in seattle, a corner with all the names of three people who died after a construction crane fell onto traffic on a busy street.
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the fourth person who died was a young person from los angeles county who was a freshman at a small college in seattle. >> a tragedy affecting an entire city, the one, especially difficult for a small part of the community. >> from this darkness, from this tragedy, we look for hope and inspiration. >> he said saturday evening, the campus slowly began to realize that one of their own had been killed. >> there a lot of folks who were impacted by this. >> she was a freshman at the school. from california, she made seattle her home for a few months while she attended the university. school officials say that she wanted to help people planned on majoring in nursing. those plans, her life, came to a short and yesterday when a crane crashed through a car, killing her. >> there was so much left in life for her to go through and get to experience.
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>> reporter: she says the loss of her classmate will impact the entire school. >> tomorrow will feel different. they will change the way that they look at life. >> don't take anything for granted. >> a mother and a young child who were hurt are now at home recovering. the 28-year-old man who was hurt will soon be released from the hospital. police in baltimore looking for a man who shot and killed a person and injured seven others. officers say a man started shooting during two put cookouts on opposite sides of the street. one man was pronounced that the the scene. the police commissioner said the shooting appears to be targeted, but did not discuss a possible motive. investigators found shell casings in two different
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locations, which may indicate there was a second gunman. no arrest has been made. various religions coming together supporting the san diego area jewish community after a deadly shooting at a synagogue. how family and friends are gathering to say they will not let hate get in the way of their faith. plus, joe biden hits the road today. the campaign message that they're using in his third bid for the presidency. good morning. we do see traffic off to a nice start if you are crossing the bay area bridges heading out to the peninsula. we are back to a quiet pattern here. we have some clouds making their way in.
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increases low blood sugar risk. side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, belly pain and decreased appetite, which lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. i have it within me to lower my a1c. ask your doctor about trulicity. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning. welcome back to mornings on to
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back. >> good morning, thank you for joining us. steve is going to tell us what the week looks like in terms of weather. >> it is pretty quiet. >> that sounds great. >> we have the usual clouds making their push. tomorrow, the breeze will pick up. it will start to crank up. 50s for many, 30s for some. we talk about the low 50s. 51 seems popular here. it is close for others. except for the one outlier with a little bit of and east reese. most of them in the westerly are southwesterly direction. he could get low for this time of year moving through southern california and central california.
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we had a few high clouds and 50 up in ukiah. low 50s for many. you see rain popping up around la. after that, we have a system coming into the north tomorrow. a quiet pattern with 60s and 70s on our temperatures. it is 4:30 in the morning on a monday. we will talk about salon county. >> we're looking at interstate 80 was found driving into the american canyon vallejo area. it looks good as you drive through. a little bit of slowing eastbound, but not west bound. it continues to look good on the east shore freeway as we come down to the macarthur maze with no major issues getting to the bay bridge toll plaza. in 18 minute drive is pretty standard and pretty good for this time. it is nice and empty going to the richmond bridge. you still have a


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