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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 10, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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then you are going to make me the president of the united states and i can't wait to celebrate with all of you.>> pete buttigieg brings his campaign to san francisco and is winning financial support from big-time california donors. rs pete buttigieg the democratic candidate who is openly gay and the mayor of south bend indiana.>> he spoke to an enthusiastic crowd at the regency ballroom in san francisco tonight where he drummed up support for his campaign. we are live in a city with what the candidate had to say. >> let me tell you this was a very loud and enthusiastic crowd here tonight. ce. were talking about mayor tickets sold out 1300 people paid anywhere from $25-$1000 per person.
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introduced by his husband, the openly gay military veteran and mayor of south bend indiana got a big welcome in san francisco. he told the crowd this was an historic moment.>> the life experience of somebody from a new generation could be exactly what a generation needs. >> reporter: is life experience serving as a navy reserve intelligence officer in afghanistan, a former scholar and openly gay married man is what appeals to many who lined up before the events down the block and around the corner.>> he just seems very i do like that there is a lot of diversity. >> reporter: enology might seem like an unlikely candidate but he contrasted his vision of america with the one of president donald trump who has mocked him comparing and friday to an old cartoon character. >> when we make sure we have something different is to put up a laid-back millennial day
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intellectual mayor. >> reporter: freedom, security and democracy got big tears. backstage he said he's confident he can win. >> the important thing is not to veer one inch of the policies that make us democrats but to find a plain english vocabulary to make sure that they are as clear devoted on the midwest as they are on the coast. >> and i count on your help?>> reporter: diehard fans to democrats willing to consider him as their top choice.>> he touches a lot of different communities.>> i really like kamala harris i'm really intrigued and excited by mayor pete.>> i think we are in the process of a historical moment.>> reporter: pete buttigieg headed to las vegas tonight where he will be speaking for the human rights campaign and when he was asked about why he is doing all of
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these donor fundraisers, he says he is really trying to reach out to people of all income levels up to the high donors so that he can try to get his message out. so far 21 democrats have declared they are in the race to unseat president donald trump in 2020. the first of the democratic debates is less than two months away, sense to happen at the end of june in miami. the game, the warriors pulled ahead clenching their spot in the western conference final. >> the game was not decided until the final seconds and had plenty of excitement. >> reporter: needless to say the fans are very excited by this win, they did not want the
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series to go to game seven and they say this win is proof that the warriors still have it. victory is all the more sweet when it's a hard-fought game.>> i was nervous the whole time. it was a nervous game. >> i was concerned about steph curry and his injury but seeing him play out there and he was hurt again, the man has so much grit.>> we will take it all the way.>> reporter: alameda theater takes pride in hosting warriors playoffs games 2015.>> it's all friends and family here.>> reporter: meals served to fans in their seats, game six against the rockets without kevin durant.>> it's going to be an uphill battle.>> you can never say not having durant is going to be better but we still have enough weapons.>>
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reporter: weapons such as steph curry, clay thompson and fremont green.>> they just need to be focused and get it done.>> reporter: fans say their confidence the warriors have what it takes to ultimately make it to the finals.>> what makes this team stand out is that they are a really good team. they share the ball, they are respectful with each other, they support each other. >> reporter: the warriors will not know which team they are playing in the western conference finals until sunday, that's when portland plays denver game seven. >> game one of the western conference final is set for tuesday 6 pm oracle arena. tickets go on sale tomorrow. we will have all the highlights
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of the night game later in sports. trade talks between the u.s. and china ended without a deal following the second day of talks. the chinese delegation is heading home from washington hours after an increase on tariffs on chinese goods. tariffs jumped from 10% to 25% on $200 billion worth of chinese goods. china has threatened to retaliate, both sides have also said twere constructive. >> we hope the u.s. and chinese i can work together to jointly build a bilateral relationship of coordination cooperation and stability. in this regard we hope that the u.s. will meet us halfway.>> negotiators are expected to meet again in beijing but a date has not been set yet. the tariffs don't apply to goods shipped before today, that give negotiators three weeks to reach a settlement before new shipments start to arrive in the u.s. analysts say the cost of tariffs is often passed along to u.s.
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consumers and companies that rely on imported goods. some imports that could be affected could include furniture and seafood, also refrigerators, freezers and air- conditioners. auto-parts, lumber and stone products but also cost more. >> businesses are bracing for the impact of the dispute, the hike in tariffs could hit local bike shops hard.>> we have recently got emails from our vendors notifying us that with this tariffs increased of the bicycle components and bikes is going to go of. >> reporter: managers at bicycle express is a five out of six products sold other store are imported from china. the label might better read cost more because it's from china. the strategic manager professor says this. >> the prices for many different products rise
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dramatically. is from china become competitive with products from other countries. companies that do everything from semi conductors to bicycles wind up paying a huge premium on stuff that they really need.>> reporter: there are 194 pages of products impacted, some such as toddler highchairs or infant walkers are exempted but others from luggage to auto-parts to furniture will cost more. for bicycle express rising costs will be passed on to customers.>> i know we will end up having to charge more for bike parts because products will end up costing us more.>> reporter: consumers say with bay area costs driven by housing continuing to climb and increase to maintain their bicycles could push them to the brink.>> i'm struggling as it is.>> i really don't have that much money to spare.>>
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reporter: if consumers start to change their spending habits the result could be a slowing economy and less opportunity for existing businesses and for newbies hoping to get in while things are good.>> it can do terrible things for the economy but it won't couple weeks. it will do terrible consumers hope shared pain will lead to the escalation and removal of all tariffs. >> a rocky week on wall street, the dow rose 114 points and the nasdaq was up six. the s&p was up 20 points. uber shares stalled out on wall street closing below there $45 share offering price. the ceo said it was a tough day to go public with the china
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trade volatility in the background. james ride told us traders might have been spooked by the performance of its biggest rival. shares of lift are down about 30% from the companies ipo.>> lyft loses a lot of money and so does uber. they had $3 billion of revenue but they lost $1 billion, last year they lost between $1.8 billion and $3 biare and the question becomes how are they going to start making money particularly when there's this upward pressure to pay drivers more?>> the company raised more than conspiracy the derails school fundraiser, coming up how james comey sparks safety concerns with a tweet. fire danger is increasing,
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coming up the new plans firefighters have to keep wildfires at bay. and in whether it was warmer today across most neighborhoods, looks like that warming trend will continue into the weekend. we will have the forecast coming up. alright boys, time for bed. listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over? video games, whatever you got. of people playing video games in the morning. is that everything? i can see who's online. i'm gonna sweep the sofa fort. well, look what i found. take control of your wifi with xfinity xfi. let's roll! now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and l you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere
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san francisco police are asking for the publics help to find a missing 87-year-old man. francis was last seen on may 2, family members say he was leaving his home on teddy avenue. police say franic ng has gone missing at least twice before and was found near his previous home on the outer sunset neighborhood. anyone with information on his whereabouts should call police. a federal court says the legalization of marijuana does not protect immigrants convicted of marijuana offenses before the drug was legalized. today the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco denied the appeal of an orange county woman who was convicted of possession back in 2014. she got a state court to reduce
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her conviction and then apply for asylum. the court said in a unanimous ruling the federal law does not recognize the states decision to reclassify her conviction. annual school fundraiser scheduled for tomorrow in grass valley has been canceled out of safety concerns because of a bizarre conspiracy theory stemming from a recent tweet from former fbi director james comey. he was taking part in the five jobs i had d in the tweet the first letters of his first five jobs were pulled out to spell gvcsf which some took to me in the grass valley charter school foundation. on social media it's led to the blue marble jubilee fundraiser.>> reporter: they felt his secret message was telling followers that this is to target our festival and something horrible was going to happen.>> the annual blue
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marble jubilee was supposed to raise about $25,000 for grass valley charter school. organizers will now have to find another way to raise funds. fire season is fast approaching now and believe it or not the east bay hills are already looking like this. brown. firefighters are getting prepared with a major wildfire prevention project.>> reporter: the once lush green hills are starting to turn brown. the dryer it gets the bigger the fire danger.>> if a fire started in this grassland and got up into their it could ignite this little oak here and the brush behind it.>> reporter: the fire prevention district has a plan it hopes will keep a wildfire from getting bigger.>> we would clear all that out and move it back like 50 feet.>> it's called the shaded fuel break, a 14 mile project stretching between tilden park in berkeley to the city of lafayette.
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that includes dissection of happy valley road in lafayette. the plan is to remove the brush and undergrowth with chainsaws and controlled fires while leaving the area shaded.>> really create an area where firefighters can get in in a high wind load community fire event. >> reporter: the project covers more than 1500 acres and is on the top 10 list of priorities.>> we're looking at ms from a fire perspective.>> reporter: once the break is established firefighters can make a stand against a wildfire looking to grow bigger and stronger. the project will help make up for years of not removing these potential fire fuels. >> i wish we had been doing this all along. >> reporter: firefighters say homeowners must still do their part, they say if residents don't make their property fires safe they will send in a contractor to do it and give them the bill. but homeowners we spoke with say they are already on it.>>
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we had some bamboo and brushes outside. my husband has already taken care of the lower part of our property. we are ready.>> reporter: the project is expected to begin by june 1 and be completed by the end of the year. concerns about endangered frogs are delaying cleanup efforts in the fire ravaged town of paradise. the delay affects about 800 properties. homeowners are being forced to put off cleaning debris from the land until state and federal officials have reached an agreement on how to address the environmental concerns and make sure the frogs are not harmed during the cleanup. the state expects to have a protocol in place over the next few days. a rescue at ocean beach today served as a reminder, rescuers lifted a person posing
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as a distressed swimmer to safety by helicopter. a number of agencies took part in this exercise including the national park service. san francisco fire department and the u.s. coast guard. it is important to know that swimming is strongly discouraged at ocean beach and if you do go in the water you should only go into water that is knee-deep.>> if you are at knee level and step off a sandbar or get hit by a wave you are better able to catch yourself and remove yourself from e to swim. temperatures today in the bay area a bit warmer than yesterday, a few more 80s finally making a comeback this afternoon. take a look at the highs out there, you can see mid 80s outdoor fairfield, concorde 83, santa rosa back up into the 70s but not as warm for the coast. only 57 in pacifica. saturday some clouds in the
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morning, lots of partly cloudy, sunday will be a bit warmer for mother's day, forecast highs lower 60s lower 80s. satellite showing you circulation to the south, producing some showers and thunderstorms down towards central and southern california. those hours are fading away and we just have low clouds pushing back into the bay for tonight. right now we have san francisco at 55, napa at 54 and n jose 60 outside the low great saturday morning with areas of far and overnight lows in the 50s to start out the day. here is the weather system we have been tracking over the past few days, at one point we thought it could bring us our activity but the main action has been focused to the south, it kicks out to the easter weekend and little changed for both saturday and sunday, 60s and 70s, the warmest locations
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back up into the 80s. here's a cloudy start for saturday, still some left over patches for san francisco and then we will do it all over again for mother's day. temperatures might be warming up a bit. forecast highs for tomorrow 70s, warmest locations will be approaching lower ha-moon basic theories, your five day forecast as you can see we bring on the flowers as we should on sunday, temperatures up a little bit but still cool for the coast and it looks like a son cloud mix. the weekend should be okay. webcam video from the historic world war ii crane shows to chicks have hatched this week. the nest high above the richmond waterfront is home to rosie and richmond who raised three chicks in the same place last year. this years first chick hatched yesterday and the second tonight just before 6:00.
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this year there are more than 40 active nesting areas along the bay. many experts had the warriors as underdog, shocking thrilling close. each morning,
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go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. >> this is my good luck rain.>> and it works tonight. certain games you have to root for the home team and that's the deal. this goes back to the original slogan the warriors had. strength in numbers. the bench turned loose and did they ever not let him down, they were not about to knock the warriors off their throne. this is sean livingston.
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sensational tonight, 11 points were still have a few left in the tank but you have to give it up for chris paul. 27 points, nobody led in double digits. james harden really ripping him for his lack of leadership quality but he did have 35 points. there come the warriors in the second half and again, back by 2, nobut stuff 23 in the third quarter, and from the outer limits he hits again. clay thompson. it, he had 27 points, 21 of them in the first half. 118-113 is the final, james harden sent off the court, and of the season in houston.
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>> i've heard a lot of noise this season for sure. whether it's positive or negative, i know what i'm capable of. it is bigger than me.>> stuff did have warrior close on that what is the deal with kevin durant? he was off. he can address it anyway he wants. in the meantime talk about closing out a game. the warriors stealing all the excitement but tonight, bottom of the 12th inning, chapman at the plate, tied ballgame against the cleveland indians.
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walk off of the week and 4-3, quickly to san francisco where the stanley cup made an appearance. they filled it with baseball and batting practice out of the stanley cup, did not do the giants any good and here is the play of the game that turned around. rodriguez giving up a two-run triple and the giants lined up on the end. 7-0. it's all about the words night, starts tomorrow. camping trip?
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