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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  May 31, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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for americans for food and also less jobs. >> 14 democratic presidential candidates converge in san francisco highlighting california's new role as a key early primary state. >> 3400 plus delegates that are going to want to he ever their ideas and what they stand for. >> the warriors feeling the pressure after dropping day one but the team is not the end of the world. >> i know to respond like the champions we are. happening now the california democratic party's annual convention and this year's three day event in san francisco is getting a lot more attention including from those hoping to be president. 14 presidential candidates will be in town to try to lock in support for delegates. welcome. i'm heather holmes. california is poised to have a bigger impact on the 2020 democratic race now that
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it's an early primary states and the candidates are seizing on this opportunity. ktvu is live where the convention will get under way about two hours from now. christina? >> well, good afternoon. events are already under way and people heading down to the convention floor. they're going to check out exhibits that are already open. in just a few minutes we saw governor gavin newsom taking selfies with people. we understand this is going to be a very big event for the democratic party. take a look at the video inside that actual convention. roughly 5,000 people expected to converge as well as 14 democrats running for president including california senator camilia harris, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and corey booker among others. the spokesman for the democratic party says delegates are excited especially since the state moved up the primary
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from june to march and the theme for this convention is blue wave rolling. >> what we're really worried about is that what's been happening in the white house is trying to move us backwards so for us to have to show a unified front here in california to show the democrats all moving in the same direction that we're going to work together to take back the white house i think it's an important thing for us to be working on and we're going to show it here at this convention. >> so just to clarify this is the annual organizing convention for the democratic party. they also have an endorsing convention in november of each year and the biggest order of business that's going to happen here this weekend is the democratic party will be voting on a new chair for their party. i want to mention san francisco former mayor willie brown is going to be kicking things off around 6:200. the mayor will also be speaking as well and about an hour ago we heard from the acting chair of the democratic party announcing she's teaming up with union vision to host a
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presidential forum in november with presidential candidates obviously a big deal she says for the community as well as other minorities in our state. much more coming up at 5. andre, heather. a big campaign coming up for the 2020 election beginning in san francisco. coming up at 4:30 we'll have more from the democratic convention about the delegates and what they have to gain in this weekend. meantime we are learning much more about one of the search warrants issued in that controversial police raid on freelance photographer brian carmen. san francisco police raided his home trying to determine just who leaked the police report on the suspicious death of public defender jeff who sold it to media outlets including ktvu. his attorney says the warrant was for the cell phone data also requested the ability to conduct on going surveillance. that warrant did not state that carmendy is a journalist.
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under california field law reporters do not have to reveal their sources. so let's talk more about the latest developments with our legal analyst michael core diosa. every day it seems like something new comes up in this story. he is not identified in the warrant as a journalist. innocent omission by the department? >> i think that's my answer. are you kidding? of course it's not an innocent omission. let me explain how search warrants work. >> okay. >> the police department and a particular police officer will write the search warrant. they're supposed to put in that warrant probable cause stating why they want the warrant specifically what they want to see. they bring that to a judge and the judge is supposed to read it, supposed to ask them questions about it in other
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words vet it. what's going on. a crime scene committed. in my over 40 years doing this i laugh because i was in a preliminary hearing one time and we were actually discussing a search warrant and police officers up to the bench i see a judge go time out liens over takes 30 seconds signs it and walks out. i turn to the da and says is that a search warrant he just signed and i went wow. just don't read it. just sign it. different judges do it different ways. >> i want to talk about the judge's role in all of this. >> sure. >> the judge involved in this wouldn't be curious who is this brian carmendy guy and why would he want a police report? >> should be. who is he, what is he, why are you doing it? what is the police report about? why would this person have a police report. he's actually a reporter, a news person. can you imagine the judge sitting back if the police didn't tell her that? she's going to be livid about
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it. and by suggesting not bring her search warrants in the near future because they in essence by omission lied to her if they left that out. >> okay. let's also talk about what this warrant was after. >> which one, the first one? >> this warrant that we're talking about in which carmendy was not identified as a journalist that we know of. it wanted access to his cell phone the day he died obviously to find out who he was communicating with but they wanted on going surveillance. talk about why the police department might want that. >> they want that because they want to find out who allegedly gave carmondy the police report and i laugh and say what if somebody got that police report. who knows it could have been a janitor going in to clean and i've done cases in san francisco where they had queue expansions for people where
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they leave them out and don't lock them up some of them and people have access to police reports. what if a janitor took it and he mailed it to him. he may not even know how he got it. there's a lot of speculation going on. he's not going to give up his source. >> but the fact too that the department didn't want to comment on on this new development that we learned about today that referred us to an old statement last friday that the chief gave in which he said there was a lack of due diligence by department investigators in seeking search warrants and appropriately addressing the status as a member of the news media. the chief's office had issued a press pass to bryan carmondy. >> why wouldn't they know? >> right. so many questions. >> whoever wrote it might not have known but involved in the writing of it. right from the get go the chief protected the police department, the mayor protected the police department.
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then all of a sudden there's a lot of backtracking which to me i go ding, ding, ding follow ticks which way is the wind blowing and the chief steps out and says we made a mistake. now what happens with the poa, we want him fired because he's not standing behind us. >> this whole thing is politics. >> and one last thing. you know, jeff acatch was a great public defender. he took a good public defender's office and made it great. i sit back and go what do i care what happened in jeff's private life. this is all-- >> yeah but some argue that he is an elected official and if he is breaking the law it is the public's right to know about it and we would have known about it once the investigation was over. >> but he's passed and now you're keeping it out there. this is much adieu about nothing to my mind. we'll see how it pans out. >> we will. >> politics, politics, politics. >> i would agree with you on that. thanks michael. >> you're welcome. >> that full report and much more on the search warrant on
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our website. read it there on we want to bring in our meteorologist mark mile. a pretty mild day out there. >> talk about a nice forecast for today. we have been advertising a warming trend. you feel that inland. 80s showing up. low 80s and looks like we'll continue into the pattern into the first half of your weekend. let's jump into your weekend forecast and start things off. saturday will be the warmest day of the weekend. in fact warmest locations england in the mid to upper 80s and a little bit more fog tomorrow morning near the coast and the bay but maybe a bigger serving first thing sunday morning and should lead to that cool down into sunday. here's the satellite and radar once again tracking thunderstorms. look at all of these lightning strikes towards to the east of the bay area so right now the showers and thunderstorms lighting up here so watching out for some of this activity for the portion of california but as we come in closer we still have low clouds and fog to talk about near the
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meteorologist coastline keeping the beaches and the coastline the fog trying to seep locally back into the bay for tonight. circulation out towards nevada towards southern california this weekend. current numbers it is warm. take a look right now at concord 86 degrees. santa rosa 78, san francisco 62 and san jose currently at 76. overnight lows 50s across most area neighborhoods. areas of fog near the coast and portions of the bay thinking closer to oakland, hayward, san mateo to start out the day. san francisco lower clouds tomorrow morning and a sun cloud mix by lunch time. gradually partly sunny to mostly sunny skies and clearing out into the afternoon hours. so we're starting to see micro climates lower 60s for the beaches and reaching the mid 60s at least. then our temperature sets are warming up as you do work your way inland at least approaching the mid 80s and the warmest locations the hot spots in the
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upper 80s around 86 to 87 degrees by 3 or 4: 00 tomorrow afternoon. coming up a close look at your forecast highs for tomorrow and more changes in your five day forecast for next week. all of that coming up in a little bit. >> mark, thank you. switching gears to sonoma county where a student was taken into custody at santa rosa high school this afternoon after the report of a person on campus with a hand gun. the school was put on lock down at 10:50 this morning and students were told to shelter in place while police searched campus room by room. about three hours later the lock down was lifted after the suspect was detained. the press democrat showed a photo of a boy in handcuffs at 15 years old a freshman at the school. there are no reports of shots fired or anyone being hurt. the school says graduation ceremonies will go on as scheduled at 6:30 tonight. paul chambers is following the story and much more coming up
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at 5:00. breaking news right now out of virginia beach where 11 people have been killed in a shooting at a government building. the shooting happened at about 4: 00 this afternoon at the virginia beach municipal center. in addition to the 11 dead, six others were injured in the shooting and taken to the hospital. a suspect was also killed. investigators say he was an employee at the public utilities department. one of the people who was shot is a virginia beach police officer. police say he was saved by his bulletproof vest. the fbi is assisting in the investigation. so far there's no word on a motive. tough talk on immigration this afternoon turns into a terror threat. still to come the president's plan to put pressure on mexico to do more to help with the situation at the border. san francisco's annual budgets soar for a record breaking sum. coming up where the mayor is focusing fun to help those
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san francisco mayor unveiled her $12.2 billion proposal. >> the bulk of the money targets public housing and street cleanliness. >> the mayor made the announcement today and joins us live from city hall. >> $12.3 billion budget proposal is about a billion dollars more than last year the largest ever in san francisco history. san francisco london has a pretty good idea on how to
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spend it all. sunny day at visitation valley originally for ship builders during world war ii now the largest public housing project in san francisco but this long time resident. >> right now having problems with the plumbing because all of the pipes are connected so if one tub backs up the rest of them back up. >> we don't want to delay people. >> more than $20 billion budgeted in city funds towards a massive project to rebuild the 750 units and add more affordable housing here. >> we also owe it to them to make sure that, you know, there's basic decent running water and that they don't have mold and you know infestation. >> the project is expected to take years but this long time tenant likes the idea. >> we're people too. we're out here. this is the last step before homeless.
4:17 pm
and knock on wood, we have a place. >> it was here where the $12 billion budget for the next fiscal year was announced, the largest budget ever in san francisco. the second year of the two year budget plan is pegged at $11.9 billion. proposing spending $120 billion to buy land and affordable housing and financial help to hundreds of low income renters and also proposing adding $100 million to the homeless budget over the next two years to tackle the city's most persistent problem and with that more middle healthcare. >> in this budget we are following through on our commitment to add 1,000 new shelter beds by 2020. >> the proposal includes more money to buy new light rail trains, more public toilets and trash cans and she wants to spend $130 million to improve the city streets. >> i know this is going to get
4:18 pm
you excited. that means fewer pot holes. [laughter] >> the board of supervisors now gets a crack at chipping the budget while approval is expected by august 1. heather and andre? >> rob ross in the city for us tonight, thank you. bart is working on a plan to boost security at sfo. bart and airport officials met yesterday afternoon to discuss the plan and it involves adding a second full time police officer at the bart airport station and to have sfo pay for the extra patrol. airport ridership on bart drops 2% from 2017 to 2018 and 8% more between 2018 and this year. the loss in ridership is costing bart $4 million. administrators like reasons like security issues at the bart airport station, travelers taking ride share. now we go to washington where president trump is turning up the pressure on mexico. he says he will impose a 5% tariff on all goods from mexico unless it ramps up the effort
4:19 pm
to stop the flow of immigrants. ray reports that critics say the tariffs hurt u.s. consumers far more than mexico. the president says he's fed up with the situation at the border. he blames mexico for turning a blind eye and he says they'll pay until they do something to help. president trump airing his frustrations with mexico on twitter friday saying mexico has taken advantage of the united states for decades adding time for them to finally do what must be done referring to the immigration crisis on american southern border and to back up his threat going into effect on june 10. those tariffs only get steeper as time goes on sending a message from the white house that mexico has to help or pay the price. >> we're asking mexico to enforce their own laws. >> the plan getting rare bipartisan push back with concerns over how the tariffs will effect american companies. >> this is a policy that is
4:20 pm
going to lead to higher prices for americans for food and also less jobs as american manufacturers are intertwined with mexico. >> obviously more of an impact on mexico than on us. but many american businesses that means many american workers could be affected by this. >> as for mexico's president, he says this is a situation to be resolved diplomatically not through threats. all conflicts in bilateral relations must be faced and resolved through dialogue through communication. the use of coercive measures does not lead to anything good. >> it has sent trade representatives to discuss the tariffs and situation at the border face-to-face with u.s. officials. in washington, ray boeingen, fox news. on wall street today, stocks fell more than 1% today on that threat of mortarrives. the dow is down 354 points.
4:21 pm
nasdaq down 114 and s&p fell 36. automakers were especially hit hard since many have factories in mexico. concerns over goods and china and mexico pushed the markets lower for the entire month. when negotiations continue in the new haven school district as teachers there wrap up day nine on the picket line. coming up next the outside help to try to bring an end to the strike. and your friday night with some fun right here on fox. tune into beat she's yam at 8 followed by master chef at 9. stick around for the 10:00 and 11:00 news right here on ktvu. reated a proprietary search tool that analyzes ways to help lower your prescription costs. just drop in... before you conk out. see what you might save at cvs pharmacy.
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the new haven unified school district and the teacher's union are back at the bargaining table trying to negotiate a contract. teachers have been on strike for two weeks. the state super intendant is now stepping in. >> bargaining teams for both the union and the district are meeting for the third consecutive day.
4:24 pm
today state super intendant tony thurmond joins the session and wants to keep the conversation moving and end this teacher strike. >> we're going to be here to lend whatever support that we can. our main goal is to ensure that people keep talking. you can't resolve a dispute unless people continue to talk to each other. we'll see if there are specific ways to be supportive but that's our main goal. keep people at the table until this gets done. >> thurmond sat in on today's meating the third consecutive day of today's negotiations in the unified school district. both sides feel good about today's meeting. the district spokesman expects to see movement from both sides wanting to get teachers and kids back in the classroom. >> i think everybody realizes what's at stake. we want to make sure we can reach an agreement with our teachers to get them back in the classroom to be with their students this time of year. >> this will mean deep cuts including lay kropffs. the president of the teacher's association chatted with us before heading inside.
4:25 pm
he says conversation has been improving and assistance is appreciated. >> i think thurmond's outside view again has a fresh picture of what's going on. obviously he's probably done his research to figure out where the log jam is and we hope that kind of insight and third eye so to speak will help shed new light on how to get a true settlement on the dispute. >> meanwhile teachers continue to picket outside of school about 11,000 students in the district the last day is june 13. if there's no deal today the earliest negotiations could resume is sunday. in hayward, alyssa harrington, ktvu fox news. the family of a man who died filing a lawsuit against the county. the family held a news conference earlier today to announce the suit. they were represented by a civil rights attorney. the incident happened back in october and deputies tased and
4:26 pm
restrained kobe accusing him of jay walking across el ka mean o. he died of a heart attack. the district attorney did not file charges against the deputies. >> they will have to tackle wolves on him threatening him attacking him. and if anything he ever did was to protect himself from being hurt or being killed which he obviously was unsuccessful at. >> he is also calling for a moratorium on the use of tasers is this was the third death involving tasers last year. and the u.s. is now looking into disturbing reports about north korea. coming up did kim jong-un order the execution of the envoy to the united states? and next, continuing coverage of the california democratic convention in san francisco even though it hasn't officially started hear why some are calling the convention a success. still trying to find the
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sears, making moments matter. continuing coverage now of the california democratic convention kicking off this weekend in san francisco and 14 presidential candidates will be making appearances. sitting down with one of those candidates later today are you looking forward to speaking with beto o'rourke today? >> certainly looking forward to speaking with him later today. a lot to talk to him about. top of mind is the shooting that happened in virginia beach bringing up the issue of gun control once again being somebody in a border state
4:30 pm
texas more conservative about the issue of guns. we talk about that. immigration a big push for him this week he unveiled the most ambitious of any candidate such an important issue. he wants to give $5 billion to central american countries and a pathway to citizenship for dreamers and for the rest of the people that are here undocumented. that would be about 11 million people on a pathway to citizenship if he gets his way so we are going to talk to him about that. part of the reason there's so many people here and candidates is because california moved up the primary. used to be in june, now march, now among the first people to vote so a discussion about that with one of the top reporters with the l.a. times and politico about how california now matters. here's what melanie mason from the l.a. times had to say. >> i think it's going to be different and when they decided to move the primary up that's the main reason we're having that conversation. our primary is earlier this time around than it has been in the past for the exact reason
4:31 pm
they were hoping california would be more and the people who are behind that move said they were seeing the candidates come here more often so by that standard alone this move was a success regardless of california having to anoint a nominee or not. >> and clearly it has been a success that california spokesperson for the democratic party said that this is the biggest convention in the history of the party. this is going to be the biggest gathering of democrats outside of the national convention anywhere in the entire country. >> and also that's perhaps the biggest number of people campaigning for the democratic ticket. let's talk a little bit about this. we know that joe biden is leading in the polls but where is he yeah so every major democrat is here with the exception of joe biden number one in the race. and part of the reason he's not
4:32 pm
here is because of a comfortable lead. he is going to be doing a gay pride event in ohio tomorrow night for the human rights campaign instead of being here so what's the real reasoning behind that. a lot of people are speculating including our panelists that he was worried about potentially getting booed. these are the activists of the party. these people are farther left than the party itself. many of them think that joe biden may be too moderate. they have booed moderates in the past including diane fine stein. they booed nancy pelosi before so instead of that situation we think the biden campaign decided to skip it all together so they've got a nice lead going into it. >> an interesting point. let's talk about the senator running for this position. camilia harris, what's going on with her? >> well the interesting thing with camilia harris is she has the endorsement of pretty much every statewide elected official other than diane fine
4:33 pm
stein. the governor, most of of the assembly members and congress people are all behind her. who is not behind her right now according to polls is the majority of california voters. she's in third place behind joe biden and bernie sanders. so it's going to be an interesting challenge for her. there's about 25% of california voters that have no opinion of camilia harris who basically don't really even know who she is even though she's won statewide office three times here and you forget how big this state is 40 million people and nine media outlets. it's a complicated place not like iowa where you can shake hands with every single voter so camilia harris clearly has work to do and she's trying to reach out more to california voters. >> a big state indeed and as much as we see things leading democratic wise here we do have a large portion of the state also republican. thank you so much for your insight what's happening this weekend and more from alex
4:34 pm
tomorrow morning on the issue is including that conversation with beto o'rourke tuning in at 6:30 and more coverage from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. the white house is now looking into reports that kim jong-un has executed his top nuclear negotiator. as benjamin hall reports the news comes as the talk with the nuclear envoy meets with representatives from japan and south korea. >> there are new reports of a major purge in north korea. kim jong-un ordering the execution of the country's top nuclear negotiator as well as four others thought to be responsible for the failed summit with president trump. south korea media reporting he was executed by firing squad in an airport after being won over by the american imperialists to betray the supreme leader. the white house is now trying to confirm the reports but says no matter what happened the president remains committed to
4:35 pm
ending the nuclear threat posed by north korea. >> we're monitoring the situation and continuing to stay focused on our ultimate goal which is denuclearization. >> but it won't be easy. negotiations remain stalled following the second trump kim summit and north korea has resumed testing short range ballistic missiles capable of hitting u.s. allies in the reason in response to provocations in the u.s. and accused trump administration officials including national security advisor john bolton of pushing the president towards an armed conflict. >> the national security advisor i'm not the national security decision maker and obviously the president dictates the policy. and that's certainly true on north korea as well. >> the purge comes at the top of the top nuclear meets counter parts from japan and south korea hoping to coordinate a response to the missile test. in london benjamin hall fox news. expanding the after school learning program to include summer learning programs alaska
4:36 pm
airlines presented san jose with a check this morning for $300,000 for the learns program allowing the program to continue during the summer months. they offer low income students in kindergarten through third grade a supportive and safe place to go. >> at the very heart of what we do at alaska airlines is take care of each other, our community and take care of our people. often an after school program is extremely expensive and burdensome and a worry for all of our parents and taking that worry away and making sure the kids have fun and enjoy the summer in the process. >> that money will go a long way too. more than 400 students participate in the learns program. a 7th grader from san jose is one of the winners in an unprecedented eight way tie at the national spelling bee. >> auslaut.
4:37 pm
>> you are correct. >> so many of them were correct. 13-year-old is one of eight could champions. this had never happened before in the spelling bee's 94 year history. organizers had to make a contingency plan during last night's competition they were just so good. the winner spelled the last 47 words correctly so they will each receive a top prize of $50,000 cash and a custom trophy. he tied for 25th place last year and attends san jose middle school. >> congrats to him. representing the bay area. the warriors looking to game two now. coming up after the break live to toronto where raptor fans are basking in the glow of game one and they are feeling confident. and the weather a bit warmer today across most bay area neighborhoods. we can't completely clear up the fog. you can see it seeping over the hills near sfo. we'll talk more about fog for
4:38 pm
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4:41 pm
for the first time ever in the finals. joe? >> a little different dynamic than the warriors have become accustomon to in recent years. we're going to give you a toronto flavor on a warrior off day in queens park with the ontario capital building behind me but we've been saying this for a while the warriors are used to being in the finals not something teams or fans are supposed to get used to in their fifth consecutive year. number one toronto is the only canadian team in the entire nba so the warriors are playing against an entire country in one sense but they also feel like they're playing and when you attain that everybody is rooting for the under dog. they feel like the exception of the bay area everybody is hoping they lose. obviously the people here the first time in 24 years of existence the raptors have been to the finals so the fans here as you would expect are very excited. they've waited 24 years for
4:42 pm
their team to get this far. they line up hours before game time to stand outside and watch a game on the big screen just so they can be together. and while drake has recently added to his public profile with the seat on the floor association with the raptors the guy they call super fan is more typical of the city of toronto and the people who follow the game. he's been a raptor season ticket holder since day one. through good and bad logo and good and bad teams. >> as crazy as it is, as ridiculous as it is we are in the nba finals home game one in toronto. a game the champion golden state. it's all good. a lot of energy. a lot of excitement everywhere right now. right now it has become like canada was the golden state. >> the arena for game one was as intense as any in the nba but also very different than
4:43 pm
any other nba city. maybe the welcoming canadian culture but even with all of the emotion of a finals series at stake, these folks just don't trash talk. >> i asked where you guys were from and you said from san francisco and i said welcome to canada. that's who we are. >> we are also from much notoriously nicer for us trash talking would be not in our dna. >> not in our nature. >> very good. >> but we still hope they lose. >> anything we say shouldn't be taken to heart. it's just part of the game at the end of the day we're all going to be friends. >> i wish for a great series. i hope kd comes back and it's a monumental series. >> too good to talk bad about another team. we're just going to play and show that we don't need to talk bad about a team. we kill it on our own. >> i love them all. for those 48 minutes i'm going
4:44 pm
to be supporting my team. >> we spent about five minutes with him and we felt like maybe we knew him his entire life very indicative of this city. it's an international city and a welcoming city but they do love their raptors and the warriors are down one game to none going into sunday's game. guys? >> what do you mean no trash talk? that's not what happens here. >> they don't do it here. >> you provided some insight into how things are there with our international team to the north of us. thank you so much from that live report from toronto. >> you bet. >> they're just that nice. >> yes. we've always heard that, right? now we know it's true. let's take a look at the really nice weather outside. although this can be a nice shot. it's a pretty shot. >> is it fog? >> this usually means when i get to san francisco it's going to be chilly. >> yeah it means you're
4:45 pm
shivering. fog can't clear out of the picture completely so as we head into june the cool temperatures coast side and warm temperatures inland and that's what we are going to have tomorrow for your saturday. the beaches inland, the spots approaching the mid to upper 80s. another day with thunderstorms developing as you can see primarily out to our east and south and looks like this one cell just up to our north right around so it looks like a portion of mend seen o county we have showers and thunderstorms here just outside of the hopland area so bears some watching but the bulk of the activity to the north of the bay area. here we go with the bank off shore pushing back into the bay it's going to be a factor for tonight that will impact your victim. once again the thunderstorms developing just outside of the bay area. current numbers check in on 80s right now concord 86 degrees and warm there. san jose 76, oakland 71 and san
4:46 pm
francisco 62. half moon bay in the 50s. one patch of fog trying to work its way approaching downtown san francisco for your friday afternoon. it will gradually expand in coverage as we head into the evening hours. what's happening a layer of warm air compressing the marine layer so not talking about coastal hills. it's mainly shallow marine layer what we are going to have into the weekend. starting out tomorrow morning in the 50s into the afternoon hours on track to reach the lower 60s coast side. the warmest locations inland around 87, maybe 88 degrees. we have been dealing with this guy, this area of low pressure. this has been producing the instability over the past three to four days. that's when you look off to the east you see puffy white cumulus clouds developing. this weekend clearing skies to the coast and cooler on sunday. so with that the beaches and the cool side inland spots approaching the 80s. saturday as i mentioned will be the warmest day of the weekend.
4:47 pm
here's the forecast model here tonight and then into tomorrow morning showing you low clouds out there clearing back near the coast. once again the sierra could take up more showers and thunderstorms and then sunday morning we do it all over again but the marine layer could actually be a little bit deeper and leading to cooler temperatures in your sunday forecast for the second half of the weekend cooling things off. take a look at the numbers all of the 80s saturday afternoon out towards santa rosa, san melania, fairfield, vacaville and 85 oakland 71 degrees, liver more 84. a few more neighborhoods checking in with san jose about 80 and warming up approaching morgan hill and gill roy. keeping it close with the coast mainly in the lower60s so if you have plans to head to the coast bring a sweater or jacket. you will definitely need it for tomorrow. your five day forecast cooling things off into sunday and warming up into monday, tuesday and into wednesday of next week. in fact possibly close to 90 degrees well inland by tuesday
4:48 pm
as we say hello to june. is that right, tomorrow? >> yeah. >> this may has been the most unusual may forecasting so if you asked me a month ago what would may look like i would have no idea so we'll see what june delivers for us. >> at least warmer temperatures. >> for sure, should be. following the mid section of the country where farmers are suffering catastrophic losses due to major flooding in the midwest. an arkansas levy breeched send are sending flood waters into communities prompting mandatory evacuations. >> for the moment number one concern is old man river in the levy. >> a levy breech along the arkansas river friday morning prompting mandatory evacuations and flash flood warnings in yale county, arkansas. the view from above showing the 40-foot section of the levy ripped open by the current and now water pouring through that hole indating surrounding
4:49 pm
communities and as the water levels continue to rapidly rise, so does anxiety of residents. >> they are telling people to- -that it is an emergency that the levy has breeched and that everybody needs to evacuate. >> the water is making its way south towards the state capital of little rock when sand bagging efforts are under way and as residents prepare for the worst, the agriculture community waits to determine how much of a financial hit they have suffered with thousands and thousands of acres of farmland already lost. >> it's the way they make a living. it's the way they feed their families. >> late thursday night president trump approving the request for a disaster declaration in 16 counties affected by the flooding officials estimating they won't know the extent of damage until the water recedes which could take days or even weeks. >> we'll move as quickly as possible to get an accurate picture as possible. >> government leaders estimate statewide about 500 homes have already been impacted by
4:50 pm
floodwaters. a number only expected to go up as floodwaters continue to rise. that's the latest from conway, arkansas. hosting watch parties for some of the women's world cup games. hosting the world cup watch party back in 2010 and he will continue this year with the womens world cup from france. the first viewing party is u.s.a. versus sweden at noon coming up on june 20 that will be it. sue beard man park right along. and ktvu fox 2 is your home for the womens world cup one week away from the first match and many matches will be on in the morning so any time that happens mornings on 2 will air on ktvu plus. again the first match for the united states womens team is on tuesday june 11 versus thailand. still to come, some feel that apple has a price problem
4:51 pm
on its hand. coming up next why the tech giant says its protecting your privacy and a new app shows your data may not be safe.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
it is graduation season and some college grads may be returning home to live with mom and dad but should they be living rent free? financial experts say no. this is the time to teach people how to step into adulthood. many parents do not charge
4:54 pm
their adult children rent but experts say that is contributing to something that will help them feel more responsible. >> parents need to have an open realistic conversation, set boundaries start to talk about the expectation. how long are they going to live there, what are they going to be responsible for paying while they're there? >> according to census data more than a third of young adults between the age of 18 and 34 lived at home back in 2015. that is actually up more than 26% compared to a decade earlier. apple is facing a new controversy surrounding user data in iphone apps after saying that user privacy is a human right. brett larsson explains. >> when it comes to privacy, apple has taken a firm stance that goes much further than online giants like amazon, google and facebook. apple ceo tim cook going so far as saying privacy is a human right and rolling out and ad
4:55 pm
campaign centered on the slogan what happens on your iphone stays on your iphone. it may come as a surprise that delivering the data they gather throughout the day and night a test run with a new app called disconnect found over 5400 trackers and gathered 1.5 giga bytes of data in a single week. even more troubling a lot of the tracking isn't necessarily made clear in the privacy policy of the apps you're using and what happens with all of that private information may also not be spelled out in end user agreements. most of the data blocked by the disconnect app is simply ad tracking information for apps you get for free and some of the captured data is about how you interact with that so the developers can improve them over time. you can get the disconnect app to see what apps are tracking you after a seven day free trial period it costs $45 a year. in new york brett larsson fox news. a woman in clearwater, florida woke up to an 11-foot
4:56 pm
long alligator in her kitchen. it actually broke through a glass window to get inside. the woman says the gator knocked over furniture, damaged walls and even got into her wine stash. >> i had ten police men and two whatever you call those catchers so for the next two hours it took us to get that guy out of there. >> wildlife officials say alligator encounters are more common this time of year during mating season. all right ktvu fox news at 5 is coming up next and we have received new information in the past hour on the mass shooting in virginia. 11 people were killed in a government building there. what officials are saying about a potential motive. why police are updating their information into that threat earlier today at santa rosa high school. we'll have that including new information on the suspect and the replica hand gun that was found at the scene next.
4:57 pm
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you'll also get three hundred dollars cashback in points and don't forget about free delivery. sears, making moments matter. ktvu fox 2 starts now. another mass shooting in the u.s., this time at a government building in virginia, that is where a long time employee allegedly walked into virginia beach public works department and opened fired. good evening everyone, we
5:00 pm
continue to follow the breaking news out of virginia beach right now. >> 11 people have been killed in a shooting at a government building their, the shooting happened at about 4:00 this afternoon at the municipal center. in addition to the 11 dead, six others were injured in that shooting and taken to the hospital. the suspect also killed here. investigators say he was a longtime employee of the public works department. virginia beach held a news conference saying that the shooter opened fired and discriminate lee at people inside the building. people were evacuated of course and one employee said she got out just in time. >> we heard shooting, we heard shooting, but we do not think it was that close. like in proximity of the building, so i just thank god they were able to alert us in time, because if it had been 10 minutes more, we


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