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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 6, 2019 10:00pm-10:44pm PDT

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you can spend the night tonight here if you want. oh! no, if it's so important to you, i'll go now. you should come, too. something sleeps over there. wait for me. wait. wait for me! wait for me. this is the 10:00 to -- 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news. >> leading police on a chase through three counties. >> we are here for the community, and to protect our citizens.>> work is underway to figure out how someone got close enough to steal a fire truck from a oakland fire station. thank you for joining us.>> fire crews are thinking a good samaritan for helping get the
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truck back. it was stolen about 10:45 am this morning, the suspect led police on a chase through three counties, finally stopped on interstate 80 near vacaville. police say they don't know how the thief managed to get into the truck. >> a bizarre story, it caused some damage to the fire station, for a brief time it was out of commission. they have not revealed his identity or motivation, but it was a good samaritan familiar with the stations crew who realized that he was not a firefighter.>> reporter: 9:15 am, saturday morning, for firefighters left station 23 and east oaklandto do vegetation iation and stole a t vi fire engine, a smaller vehicle used for brush patrol.
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>> they must've backed up, and they hit here, and this part here. >> reporter: a neighbor came by for help, but encountered the man, who did not look familiar, he was suspicious because they never leave a firefighter solo in the station. >> this is there fire house, they knew exactly what they should do. >> reporter: the suspect drove out diagonally, hitting the doorframe, oakland police were in pursuit. chp took over when it entered the highway. it wasn't until vacaville please set up spike strips that the engine was disabled on iad in vacaville, the suspect was taken into custody. -- i 80. nothing else was taken from the station, how the suspect got in remains a
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mystery. the doors were locked when the fire crew left, and there wasn't damage to the door or windows. >> we still don't know how they got in the building, we are investigating. >> a key card is needed to access the station, agencies are investigating how he got inside, the keys are always nearby so fire crews can leave quickly to emergency calls. the fire truck is being repaired. >> it is locked, you need a key card do they know if it was a former employee? because they are not speculating on that, the fire crews were not even told who this person is, they checking on the doors, to make sure the key cards are working, they will be doing that for the next couple of days, to make sure things are working properly. >> thank you. 2 teen relatives have been
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booked into the services centered, -- center, 15 years old and 16 years old, their names have not been released, they were both involved in a shooting that injured two other teenage boys at the san bruno mall, the cause has not been released, but san bruno's police chief said there was a minor argument. >> we are taking an extremely proactive approach, to not stop at those who may have fired the shots, but identify everyone involved, and what participation they had, hold them accountable. thing we are going to tolerate in san bruno, nor should it be tolerated anywhere. >> they have identified a third suspect, 18-year-old deandre
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john gant. he is armed. they have arrested a person who stabbed a man outside a bowling alley, aaron good, he will was booked -- he was booked, the 41- year-old, his bill set at $1 million, accused of stabbing a man to death on tuesday. oh, my god. >> the frightening moments as the ground shook outside of the home, people flooding out of restaurants, homes and stores, as a 7.1 earthquake hit on friday night, the main event after a 6.4 earthquake struck on the fourth of july. near the community of ridgecrest, in a remote part of kern county, 100 miles
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northeast of los angeles, shaking could be felt as far as san diego and las vegas. experts warned of the possibility of aftershocks with the magnitude of 6 or higher in the coming days. jonathan hunt has more near the epicenter. >> the front door came open. >> reporter: another earthquake rocking southern california, the second in two days, cracking foundations, and forcing terrified residents to run into the streets. >> it is hard for the world to know what we have been through, because by the grace of god we have had no casualties, eporter earthquake rattled kern county friday night, one day after the strongest recorded quake struck the region. the latest epicenter was in the
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of a desert, 11 miles northeast of ridgecrest, the city where a 6 point for magnitude weight hit -- 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit. a 5.4 startled californians on friday morning. and fridays quake was a time stronger than thursday is quake, residence in los angeles, 150 miles south felt the shake. causing multiple fires in ridgecrest, water main breaks and structural damages across neighboring san bernardino county.>> some building collapse and power outages, and some gas leaks as well.>> reporter: governor gavin newsom issued a state of emergency and requested federal assistance from the white house.
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another earthquake with a magnitude of 6 or more could follow in the coming days. in ridgecrest, jonathan hunt. >> earlier today, governor gavin newsom said the earthquake serve as a warning for people in the rest of the state. >> we have an opportunity to get more prepared, vigilant, building codes, home hardening, and the alert system. >> he toured some of the damage near ridgecrest, he has requested a presidential order for fema assistance. they are a reminder that we here in the bay area need to be ready to go anytime, more on the earthquakes from an expert at uc berkeley's seismology lab. >> it woke me up from my sleep. the house was moving.>> reporter: feeling the fourth of
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july tremor that hit california, she lives in los angeles, came to visit the bay area just hours before a second earthquake. >> i feel like a big one might be coming, and we need a emergency pack. >> reporter: the 6.4 is now being called a for shock, because friday a much larger earthquake struck. registering 7.1, the largest in 20 years. >> if we have a large one, we can call both of these four shocks, if was larger than the other two.>> reporter: angela chung says thatanother consecutive >> the earthquake early warning system is not prediction, we will tell you that an earthquake has occurred and you are about to feel shaking.>> reporter: it can give you up to
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1 minute notice. >> enough time to get under a table, and mentally prepare, and earthquake is coming.>> reporter: shake alert sensors detected the back to back earthquakes, but alerts did not go out because they did not reach more than 5 in los angeles. which is about 150 miles away, and it was below a 4.5. ktvu fox 2 news. the coverage continues on, and updating facebook and twitter. today was officially the last him a job for the barth manager, she is proud of the job she supervised in her eight years, she had previous experience in other transit agencies, she is credited with replacing the fleet and make
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major infrastructure improvements. she is looking for her permanent replacement. an explosion at a strip mall in florida. witnesses describe the chaotic scene, and an update on the possible cause. madison bumgarner has an early departure, details on his exit. we will tell you how much garbage people left behind at lake tahoe during fourth of july. cooling things off as we headed to sunday, more details coming up.
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fire investigators in santa rosa are looking for the cause of a house fire, the flames broke out just before 1 am, crews managed to get it under control in 20 minutes, it appears it started on the back deck, starting there in moving to the attic. significant damage to the back of the house, estimating it reached $400,000. an explosion leveled part of a building in florida, near the city of plantation, not far from fort lauderdale. >> 1130 -- 11:30 local time, a ruptured gas line is suspected,
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but they don't have a cause yet. >> reporter: within the vicinity of the explosion, people thought a bomb went off, that is how loud it was, when you saw the debris flying through the area, we are about 100 yards away from what appears to be the epicenter, presumably a natural gas explosion, a lot of focus has been focused on a pizza restaurant that had been closed for about a year, the stripmall jammed with people on a busy saturday morning, around noon, banks, restaurants, la fitness, clothing stores, a active scene, suddenly the huge explosion happened, walls, ceilings, glass, debris, shrapnel flying all over the parking lot. 21 people suffered injuries, nobody died, which amazes a lot of people, 2 injuries were
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serious, but no fatalities. and here is how one witness described it. >> my wife and i were working out, my three kids were in the childcare area, we picked them up, walked out the front door, i got my car, and her the big explosion, everything shook, you can see the houses were shook all around, we walked out just in time by the grace of god.>> -- >> reporter: in broward county, and miami-dade county, crews are on the scene. all the shops now have no electricity, all of the natural gas has been shut off, tampa electric provides the natura fire marshal, and atf, the
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second sweep in the first sweep have been completed, it appears nobody was trapped, all of the injured were found pretty much immediately when fire officials responded, this is how the deputy fire chief described it. >> we found patients all around the debris area, we are very much relieved, considering the debris field, where we found the patients, we are very thankful the injuries are not as bad as we thought the could be.>> reporter: the official source of the explosion, which business, none of that has been determined and confirmed, the investigation r days. implantation, phil keating. plantation. lake tahoe fourth of july, this year's
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celebration leftmore trash on the beaches then each of the three previous years, the paper says this year volunteers gathered to remove litter from 10 miles of shoreline. single use plastics like cups, lids and straws were the most commonly found trash item. >> you need to keep that leg clean. the bay area, some hot numbers, inland, lower 90s, fairfield, antioch, keeping it cool, upper 50s to right around 60. we will be cooling things off in the sunday forecast, you can see this system dropping from the north, ushering in cooler air as we head into your sunday forecast and beyond. right now, patchy high clouds, some of the models
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suggest the fog first thing tomorrow morning, overnight lows, and 1st 50s and 60s, santa rosa asked it to, concorde 63, santa rosa 63. above san francisco for saturday night, you can see some patches of cloud cover and fog, not widespread, but it will bump up in coverage again, we have had the same repeating weather story for the past several days. tomorrow the biggest change will be cooler temperatures. the marine layer deepens a bit, instead of lower 90s tomorrow, overnight lows, in the 50s, a few high clouds, 7:00, 52-57, afternoon hours, temperatures inland, upper 70s
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to lower 80s. no major he, 60s in san francisco. -- no major heat. sunday, we could talk about drizzle in the forecast, we will have that in a little bit. two more familiar faces will no longer be on the war years, demarcus cousins, and quinn cook will reportedly play for la, and demarcus cousins signed a one-year deal with the warriors in the off-season while he was recovering from a torn achilles tendon. one of the many changes, other players that will no longer be wearing it, kevin durant, and andre iguodala, brooklyn and memphis. the u.s. women's
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soccer team is getting ready for the world cup finals, the americans are heavy favorites against the netherlands. this is only the second time that the netherlands have played in the tournament. if you want to experience the final in-person, come out to civic center plaza in san francisco, we are teaming up to host a finals watch party, hosting the event, there will be food trucks, and activities for the entire family, public transportation is probably the best way to get to and from the event. the watch party starts at 8 am sunday morning. the democratic presidential contest takes a swing through, and ambitions for candidate that is beginning to make waves. a bone marrow donor drive.
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calling 811 can get your lines marked. it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines. we provide you the information so you will dig safely.
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leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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uranian officials say they are about to begin mixing uranium beyond the level that is a provocative step. >> reporter: president trump was pretty noncommittal with reporters on the south lawn. >> we will see what happens with iran, they have to be very careful.>> reporter: coming at a strategically crucial moment a day after the british navy seized a iranian oil tanker on suspicions it was bringing oil to syria. under sanctions, indicating that parties to the iranian nuclear deal are not planning to turn a blind eye to sanctions violations.
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president trump had ordered and canceled airstrikes targeting the regime, sharply divided along partisan lines. democrats are calling him an amateur. >> this president is causing issues around the road, based on his unilateral actions and decisions. >> reporter: republicans for the most part insist everything the president is doing is strategic. >> the president exercised great caution in trying to de- escalate the conflict, not escalated, but one thing he made clear is that he will not stand for a nuclear iran, that is is red line.>> reporter: they are calling for a special session of the un, to increase uranium your -- enrichmentincre countries to take a stand
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against iran by placing large penalties, you and experts say has a lot of hope, but not a lot of chance, since the u.s. dropped out of the deal last year. julian turner, fox news. -- gillian turner. london's pride march took place today, in london, 30,000 people took part, hundreds of thousands of others watched, participants said it means a lot to the lgbtq community. >> a sense of community, that everybody is behind you, and i've had a lot of dark times in my life, not all that bad. >> this year's pride parade was the biggest yet in london. a woman comes face-to-face with a mountain lion in northern california, she is crediting her dog for
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the back and forth over whether to include a synthesis and -- citizenship question on the census, president trump is still trying, and the administration is looking at how it can sidestep a high court ruling. >> reporter: an executive order is one of several options to try to get a citizenship question on the census. the supreme court did not rule against it being included, but struck it down because of the reason why it was necessary, to
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enforce the voting rights act, did not match up with the evidence. they are looking to find a explanation that would pass muster. president trump is considering a number of options. >> we will make a decision, the attorney general is working on that right now, we can start the printing now, maybe do an addendum after we get a positive decision. we are working on a lot of things.>> reporter: opponents are vowing to fight any effort to add it, in anticipation of an executive order, the aclu asked a federal judge to permanently block the citizenship question, the trump administration repeatedly argued that they could not be changed after june 30, they have changed their tune because the supreme court ruled against them. the can't have it both ways.
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trumps lawlessness will not go unanswered. census forms are already being printed, the closer we get to january, the harder it will be to change plans once the forms are sent out. fox news. the race for the white house, democratic front runner joe biden apologized for what many called hurtful comments that he made praising working with segregationist senators. he said was i wrong to somehow give the impression to people that i was praising those men who i successfully opposed time and again? yes i was, i regretted. i regret the misconception i may have caused anybody. he has been a delaware senator since the 1970s and vice president. in new orleans, cory booker
10:31 pm
and kamala harris to part, in she took a swipe at make america great again. >> what exactly does again mean? before the civil rights act? before the voting rights act? before roe versus wade? the fair housing act? we are not going back. >> we are anytime right now where a person of the white house is spewing bigotry and racism. a person in the white house that is pushing policies that hurt communities of color, this has never defined us in america.>>booker speaking against the treatment of african-american women in america, lasting president trump for pushing racist policies that he says hurt the community. elizabeth warren and beto o'rourke also spoke, and pete
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buttigieg kamala harris said sh would propose $100 million to help close the racial wealth gap and address discrimination in homeownership. it would help at least 4 million families. a mountain lion warning in el dorado hills, a woman comes face-to-face with a mountain lion, crediting the pet dog for protecting her against the mountain lion. >> reporter: typically pretty quiet, spending their days grazing with chickens, and defending against would be predators, but there was a terrifying turn. >> the dog started barking, and ran out of the house.reporter:
10:33 pm
for over 20 years, and they say they have never had a closer call. >> vicki came outside with her two dogs to see what was going on, she sighed dark figure start to approach her, that turned out to be a mountain lion. >> reporter: it did not take long for it to lunge her way. >> i noticed that it had killed one of our llamas, my husband came out with a shotgun, and tried to scared away, it still stayed there. >> reporter: vicki says she didn't know what would happen protect her, they chased the mountain lion up to a tree by the time he got outside. >> i grabbed the shot gun, and the dogstrying to ward r: the t blocking his view, he knew vicki wasn't safe being that close. >> i didn't want to freak her
10:34 pm
out, but i said get the heck out of there.>> reporter: the other llamas stood together in a defensive stance as he began stalking the fence line looking for a way back in. they have never had a mountain lion attack one of their animals before. >> to know that it came in and killed one of them, it is a little scary, and having it still hang out there, what do you do to get rid of it.>> reporter: firing gunshots that scared it away, but it is still on the loose, and he will be standing guard making sure that the pets are out of and kids outside, don't let them sit outside on their own. the san rafael pacific's baseball team held a bone marrow drive for a teenager with cancer.
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danny rose, resistant to chemotherapy, doctors say a bone marrow transplant is the best treatment option, donors had their cheek swabs to see if they had a match, and the starting pitcher, greg barnett stepped up to the plate and was tested to see if he is a match. if you're thinking of a destination wedding, you may not have to look far, why martinez could be on your list. temperatures have been trending up over the past few days, that could be changing, cooler temperatures, and possibly some drizzle.
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couples thinking about a destination wedding can put martinez on their list, they are offering to marry 16 couples at the john we're -- muir national historic site, if the date doesn't work for you, they plan another one for valentine's day 2020 at the historic california theater. today is free fishing day, every year they offer 2 free fishing days, where anglers can fish without a sport fishing license, a great way for first- time anglers to try it out. the next one is august 31. mark your calendars. the weather, nice to go outside, fishing, hiking, bike riding, tomorrow, cooler temperatures, cooling things
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done quite a bit, 8-12 degrees, take a look at the highs, from today, the forecasted highs, 79 degrees, concorde from 91 down to 80, services go some slight cooling, the temperatures haven't been warm all week long. lots of clouds heading towards southern california, a batch of high clouds, in patchy fog and portions of the bay. santa rosa 52, mountain view 69 -- 59, and take a look at these wind speeds, in concord, 20 miles per hour, fairfield, 24 gusting to 30, a brood of a -- a bit of a breeze, and these
10:40 pm
winds are not as strong, at sfo about 10 miles per hour, a live camera, showing some patches of cloud cover and fog, expanding in coverage over the past few hours, the trend will continue overnight while you are sleeping. low clouds, 54 in san francisco, a sun and cloud mix, by 4:00, partly cloudy and breezy, out winds around 15-25 miles per hour. and the cooldown is because of this area of low pressure. it looks like the low pressure will stick around until early next week, far tomorrow morning, cooler forecast, 60s and 70s, all the way to the lower 80s, there could be enough dynamics and moisture, that by late tomorrow night and monday morning, drizzle, and a better bet as we head into monday morning,
10:41 pm
adding drizzle to the forecast. tomorrow morning, scattered high clouds in addition to some of the fall near portions of the coastline, 60s and 70s, all the way to the lower 80s, temperatures in santa rosa, 79, fairfield 80, oakland 68, walnut creek around 80 degrees, south bay, san jose 75, fremont 73, and a look ahead to the five day forecast. the heat remains absent, maybe some warming by thursday, i will say monday morning, there could be enough drizzle, you might have to use the windshield wipers, it could feel strange out there, probably the biggest change first thing monday morning. rain. that is it from us, sports
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fox 2 sports rap starts now. >> what's up everybody, i am scott reiss. tonight's game, maybe it shouldn't have been a surprise, chris bassitt can't solve the mariners. fans getting their groove on. 1-0, matt olson going to add on a towering drive. landing in the cheap seats.
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18th of the year, coming off of marco gonzalez. daniel vogelbach, and 2 run homer, tying the game at 2-2. the next batter, a little pop- up, got a bead on it, can't squeeze it, the quality single, the next batter is kyle seager, the 0-21 slump, a 2 run shot, the mariners go single and homer, 4 in the evening, they win 6-3. bassett is 0-4 in six career starts against seattle. the silver lining, beginning rehab assignments in stockton. every time madison bumgarner


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