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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 8, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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swellable is the first candidate -- eric swalwellwas the first to d was with the announcement and joins us live with the reaction. >> reporter: julie, congressman, eric swalwell first announced he was running for president on the stephen colbert show 3 months ago. today at this union hall, he announced he was ending it. >> today ends our presidential campaign. >> reporter: it was perhaps the long shot of longshots for east bay congress, eric swalwell to win the democratic presidential nomination but greeting his supporters here in his home congressional district in dublin, monday, he announced his run for the white house is over. >> if there was any viable chance, i would not be standing here today. from day one, i was running to win. no regrets. i'm excited about what we done.
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swalwell wa presidential debate make you have people who have high name recognition. >> reporter: u.s. senator and presidential candidate, carmela harris treated, eric swalwell, you are a great fighter for the people of california. we are a stronger nation because of your work to protect our children and communities from gun violence. >> first let me say how proud i am of eric swalwell. he is the future. in his 30s, his late 20s, early 30s, he came to congress still in his early 30s, part of the democratic leadership. he had a message of national security and gun safety he wanted to convey to the country and he did that. >> reporter: swalwell campaign does the gun safety candidate , seeking to ban and buyback
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assault wrestles. professor james taylor says that was not enough . >> he was not faring well in the fall polls, did not have money, the campaign has not reported his finance reports in over two months, he did not have much name recognition from the outset and so i think you just had a number of factors that were going against them. >> reporter: in perhaps his most publicized line in the debate last month, swalwell seemed to ask front-runner joe biden to step aside and let younger candidates step aside . >> joe biden was right when he said it was time to pass the torch 32 years ago. >> reporter: swalwell says he has no regrets about running for president . >> i'm proud of the issues we ran on and the team we have behind us. i just wish i could have done more for them on those issues. >> reporter: swalwell did not endorse any other candidates picky plans to return to congress and says he will run for reelection to his house seat in 2020. julie? >> rob roth in dublin today. thank you. in his news conference today, eric swalwell welcomed the latest candidate to get into the race. billionaire and bay area
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activists, tom stier. several media outlets are reporting that he will announce his candidacy this week. the 62-year-old manager is one of the democratic party's top donors and is also an outspoken advocate for impeaching the president trump. swalwell also said he wished him well but warned, "it is rough out there. close quote former vice president, joe biden leads in the latest national polls in the democratic primary according to real clear politics and currently has 26% support followed by carmela harris at 15%, sanders at fort gibson, worn with 13% and people to judge at 5%. people to judge has a man accused of sex trafficking of young women and girls in new york state. 66-year-old -- new charges could bring 45 years in prison. ndmanager
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jeffrey epstein pleads not guilty to sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking. the 66-year-old appeared in a manhattan courtroom on monday pick a bond hearing is set for next week. the alleged sex traffic happened on his properties in new york and florida between 2002 and 2005 . >> the charges allege that epstein sexually abused young girls by enticing them to engage in sex acts for money. >> reporter: officials say the girls were recruited by epstein's employees or by fellow victims and paid hundreds of dollars. some of them allegedly just 14 years old. >> children who provided epstein massages while they were nude or partially nude. children who were asked to engage in direct and indirect sex acts for money. children who were enticed to do all of these things at the hands of a man more than or nearly 3 times the rates. >> reporter: agents searching the financers home reportedly found nude photographs of underage girls. epstein was arrested this past
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weekend at teterboro airport in new jersey. he had just landed from paris and was escorted from his private jet in handcuffs. if convicted, he faces 45 years and present. he evaded similar charges in 2008, striking a deal with authorities in florida allowing him to plead guilty to two state prostitution charges and ultimately served 13 months in jail's and registered as a sex offender. the deal is being investigated for any misconduct. the fbi is urging anyone who may have been one of his victims to call 1-800-call-fbi. san francisco police are investigating a shooting that left a teenage boy dead. 15-year-old devaughn hahn was found shot to death early this morning on 24th and capp street in the mission district. thanks to a shotspotter in the area, officers were able to get to the scene quickly. when they arrived, they saw a
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driver speeding away. they attempted to chase the car but say the driver got away. >> the technology is helpful. it allows us to respond as quickly as possible as soon as some type of event may have occurred such as a shooting. it helps pinpoint the location of that incident. >> police say it appears this was a targeted shooting. so far, no arrests have been made. anyone with information is asked to contact temperatures call police. san bruno police are searching for this man. 18-year-old deandre get is believed to be one of the two shooters at 10 friend mall last tuesday. meanwhile officers have arrested two other teens ages 15 and 16 in connection with the case. investigators say the 16-year- old is the other shooter. the two teenaged suspects are booked at the san mateo county youth services center on suspicion of attempted murder and conspiracy. the two victims also teenagers are expected to be okay. she has a lot of experience
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working at all levels of government and next month, she starts a new job overseeing bart. today, tom baker said down with the new inspector general of bart to find out what she has planned. it is a story you will see only on ktvu. >> reporter: bart la poste and inspector general but now graces it even though harriet richardson will not report the bird management . >> i will report on a day-to- day basis to the park forest -- force but also have a requirement to provide reports to state legislature and government governor's office on an annual basis. >> reporter: she has their full support . >> it is important to have the support of those you are reporting to and it helps you know that they have your back and you are going to have their back with the types of things you are looking at. >> reporter: her oversight authority is all-encompassing. nothing is off the table . >> i'm coming in from the outside so i have no obligation , previous obligation to anyone in bart. i will be completely independent and the way the position was selected was to
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ensure that independence. >> reporter: all departments including the bart police are within ms. richardson's oversight . >> yes, and i have audited police department in the past past so it is like it its own city and has typical functions you would see in the city, procurement, hr, police function, maintenance function. >> reporter: she has held high oversight positions in atlanta, washington state, san francisco, berkeley and palo alto . >> i've actually done federal, state and local and this will be different in that it is a regional government that covers several counties and so it is kind of the less step in covering every level of government i could actually be in . >> the inspector general knows there will be skepticism. >> a lot of times when you go into a department, they will kind of say, well, what do you know about what we do? how can you come in and tell us what to do?
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what we do rely on is their expertise to explain to us what they do and how they do it and we look more towards best practices to see, is this the best way they should be doing it. >> reporter: she will also consult the customers. >> sometimes it means asking the riders, what you like about bart. what bothers you. what things would make you stop writing bart so there are a variety of ways you can approach a. >> how will riders and taxpayers know what she is doing? >> i would expect we will be putting our reports on the website and they will be public information. >> she will set up an internal hotline to allow employees to report fraud, abuse and waste. tom baker, ktvu fox2 news. if you would like to see more of tom's interview with harriet richardson, we have posted more clips on the ktvu youtube page. san francisco assemblyman phil king is proposing a bill that would give substantial rebates to california drivers who buy zero emission cars. the bill will give car buyers
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rebates of up to $7500. that is 3 times the existing rebate. transportation accounts for nearly 40% of greenhouse gas emission in california. car emissions are a big part of those harmful pollutants. >> 80% of that emission comes from cars that you and i drive every day and it deserves a lot of attention paid to all of the semi's and delivery trucks. 80% of our greenhouse gas emission in transportation comes from you, me and the cars we drive, getting to work, dropping off kids at school, doing our everyday errands. >> the proposal would also require the state to come up with a way to fund the program. currently car buyers are put on a waiting list to receive rebates because of funding issues. the bill passed the senate committee on environmental quality last weekend has been referred to the transportation committee. an emotional afternoon is the ghost ship master tenant took the stand in his own defense. tonight at 5:30 responded to th
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simple question, how are you doing. >> plus. >> i haven't had time to think about it but i don't built this >> me and my friend build it when we were seniors in high school . >> houses red tag following two large earthquakes in southern california. tonight, families are finding new places to live. next, we will get a live report from one of the hardest hit areas. >> we are going to warm up a little bit but not much. today was very cool. temperatures on the mild side this week but i will let you see the warm-up that will come toward the end of the week.
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power outages, no water service and dozens of homes damaged or destroyed. the small city of toronto in southern california is still struggling to recover following two powerful earthquakes last week. drone is in and double is an unincorporated city on the at the edge of death valley where residents are traumatized and nervous about the possibility of another big quake. they are starting the long process of recovery. phil shuman joins us live. he is in trenton tonight with more on what it is like that. phil? >> >> reporter: it is hot, dry, and on foot douglas fortunately, no shaking today. we are at a gas station in topic imagine if that kind of force it your house. the outages are dealing with it this afternoon. justin eldridge wrdin the 95 degrees heat, loading up a rented u-haul, packing up his parents home in trona.
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>> it is devastating. >> reporter: the three bedroom two bath house is red tagged by the county, not safe to stay in. they made it through tuesday 6.4 with minimal damage but friday 7.1, take a look . >> it is all screwed up and cracks all over the police and now retaining wall, no fan . >> do have a place to go? >> well, yeah. i have 3 kids. i might just bunk with them a time or two. >> the weekend bunks have been outside but now they're all just daughter from bakersfield is here to take mom and dad home with her for now. >> they are going to come with me for little bit and see what we can do, go back and forth and decide what. i think that is the hardest thing . >> i don't know. i haven't had time to think about it but i don't know what to do right now . >> you built it? >> me and my father held it started in my senior year in high school. >> reporter: meantime as
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morning broken ridgecrest, it was tense, not outdoor mattresses but not that many. encouraged by city leaders to go back on, emergency workers said only 26 people slept out overnight. about 40 took advantage of the shelter. plenty of hot food and understanding . >> their nerves are pretty rattled and every aftershock, everything moves and shakes so their nerves are calming down and today they're actually going to try to go home. >> >> reporter: caltrans continued rapid repairs on highway 170 between the two hard-hit communities, cracks being repaired, new asphalt, the fishers the quake opened up, now fenced off. >> you see right here. >> reporter: now, it is recover, hope there is no more shaking and start to think about rebuilding, whether you have lost a little or a lot . >> we have to keep going because if you stop and think about it all, you're just going to break down.
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>> reporter: back live, you can see at least a 6 inch displacement in this parking lot. the owner estimates there might be 100 grand in repairs. who is going to pay for that? the owner says, not him. as for the house we showed you, the outages, that is a story that has been repeated dozens of times around here. now water service, electricity is spotty and people complaining about the lack of help, quite frankly. the good news is that the ground , at least for now, has stopped shaking. live in trona, i phil shuman. back to you. >> that is good news for them. phil, thank you. >> reporter: the california earthquake authority says the recent earthquakes in the mohave a reminder for people in the bay area to make sure you are prepared . >> the hayward fault, for example, scientists say is overdue. what we experienced recently in ridgecrest, is a learning experience for all of us. call it a teachable moment. there are no areas in california without earthquake risk in the bay area. that risk is high and people
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need to be paying attention to the need to get ready and get ready sooner compared to later. >> an official with the california earthquake court authority says many homes are not built to withstand significant shaking, especially those built before 1980 . >> in the bay area, if you step up into a house, that means you have a raised foundation. with a raised foundation, built before 1980, it is likely that that house was not bolted to the foundation nor was the inside of that raised foundation, what we call a cripple wall, retrofitted. >> reporter: despite these warnings, only about 10% of californians have earthquake insurance. officials say premiums have dropped significantly, making it more affordable for people to protect themselves and their property.
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some stores in the bay area including rei in berkeley quickly sold out of three-day survival kits over the weekend. they say they will restart them soon. if you would like to create your own emergency kit, here's what you do. stock a plastic tote bag with a flashlight or headlamp come up batteries, a first aid kit, a swiss army knife and enough food and water for 3 days. if you're wondering about fault lines that may run through your neighborhood, we have an interactive map from the usgs on our website. just go to >> it is just way of life around here. earthquakes are always going to be a thing. be prepared. i know after the 89 quick, a lot of folks did shore up their houses in both their foundations, structures to the foundation and put up some shear walls. that went on from about 89 to about the first 10 or 15 years and people gradually forgot about because we have not had any major? so hopefully you're paying attention.
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we will have one for sure. it is a matter of time. you will be fine. make sure you have a pair kit. >> reporter: here is the weather system that is going to bring this bad boy, bringing rain to the pacific northwest. snow to the cascades and showers to the portland area and helping keeping us to the cool to mild side. temperatures today indicative of that. the low pressure is close to us, fog and low clouds visited the bay area pretty much all day . it is just now clearing in places. some places like san francisco, no clearing. oakland has seen very little clearing today. we saw some clear around san rafael but the fog is pretty much everywhere. tomorrow morning we will see the fog right back where was this morning and that will be another slow start. temperatures tomorrow little bit warmer because it is impossible for to be cooler than it was today. highs today generally 76 in fairfield right now, i would
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expect fairfield this time of year, this time of day to be at least 86 degrees. a good 10 to 15 degrees below where you would expect it. 73 in concord, 68 in livermore, let me check that again. 68 in livermore. that is really cool. when you see the green, those greens represent 60s. in my mind, it also recommended represents the sea breeze, the cool, moist flow. you can see where it is getting to and where it is not. santa rosa is staying warmer than everybody as the coastal hills and mountains are protecting hit. tomorrow is slightly warmer but still another day a lot like today with a little bit more sunshine. as you look outside, alcatraz, some low status off the coast and a shallow marine layer but a deeper marine layer and that is why we are seeing a lot of poor visibility. we did see some drizzle this morning in monterey but more of the same as fog and low crowds clouds will russian would like to night and early tomorrow morning. today just like yesterday, a little sunshine and a little warmer. when i talk about it is
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coming but certainly not as warm as we have been. see you back here. we will tell you why congressional democrats are pushing for election security and about the efforts to harden our elections right here in san francisco. that story is coming up. coming up on ktvu news at 6:00, we reported about representative eric swalwell withdrawing from the presidential race. at 6:00 we will show you how joe biden is responding . >> i love you so much. >> reporter: u.s. soccer star megan rapinoe shout out in the name brian yesterday. what we are learning about her brother, brian and how his criminal past helped motivate her.
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securing our elections. it is a's that democratic leaders say they will make leading up to the 2020 election. >> today, congresswoman nancy pelosi detailed her plan. christien kafton is live in san francisco with a look at the details. christian? >> reporter: the house speaker kicked off what she is calling and election week of action. she is urging republican leaders to get on board to protect the sanctity of american elections. >> -- everyone. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi today kicked off a weeklong effort putting pressure on republicans to act on security measures saying the democratic-controlled house has already passed bills to protect america's of elections from foreign interference . >> we recognize that has happened. our president resume refuses to do so. he said if they offered help again, he would accept it, giving a green light. that is totally unacceptable.
5:26 pm
>> reporter: congressional democrats are calling for $1 billion to update elections equipment, audit elections and ensure paper ballots are used to verify results. pelosi was joined by california secretary of state, alex padilla us who said california is hardening the way against interference . >> today, many state and local elections officials are grappling with voting equipment that has reached or is near life expectancy. >> reporter: san francisco is in the process of switching to a new election system which will actually take a photograph of every ballot. the director of elections said election security is an ongoing process. everything from taken advantage to the latest technology to keeping paper ballots in the loop as a safeguard, the key, he said is a multilayered effort. >> there are very many levels of government, there are a lot of people and tools applied to make sure elections are secure . >> south bay congresswoman, zoe lofgren says it is in the
5:27 pm
public interest to make sure no one undermines americans electoral process . >> it was the russians last time to benefit mr. trump. it could be the chinese to demo benefit a democrat. the whole point is every american citizen should have their vote counted as cast. >> reporter: those democratic leaders are saying time is of the essence. they say if that election security bill goes into law this fall, it will still be a crunch to get every county in the country ready in time for the 2020 election. we are live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox2 news. the master tenant of the ghost ship warehouse takes the stand in his own defense. up next, derick almena's emotional testimony in his manslaughter trial. also a plan to eradicate invasive mice that involves a lot of poison. details on how it works, coming up. >> i turned it was like a truck or car just hit me on the side of the head.
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ghost ship master tenant, derick almena took the stand today in highly anticipated testimony. he is trying to convince the jury that he should not be convicted in the death of 36 people in the oakland warehouse fire. >> crime reporter, henry lee was in court and is here now with what was testified to today. >> rankin julie, the last time almena was on the stand, he said he would give up his kids to pay for his crime and would get tattoos of victims names. >> reporter: derick almena wept
5:32 pm
after taking the stand in his own defense. he has been in solitary confinement for two years. i'm just so sad, he said. asked by his attorney, tony serra, if he had any remorse, l mena said, he had no worse. asked if he had any contrition, he said, i feel death, the loss of life forever, beautiful, beautiful people. l mena said he always believed the warehouse was safe, otherwise, he says he would not stay there with his family . >> i thought he started beautiful. because everyone expects him to be arrogant and self-centered and the contemplative pause before he answered and the emotion that he manifested and the fact that he shows through his demeanor and his answers, he does have contrition . >> all of this was his own attorney. it is not clear how he will do under cross-examination by the d.a. >> is kind of like having a
5:33 pm
baby. you don't know what's going to happen. you don't always know, you know, what the cross- examination is going to be. >> also on the stand was darrell ha, a contractor who lives at the ghost ship. he said he heard bottles breaking and an argument recoat in the warehouse before the fire. he said he then saw 7 people dressed in dark clothing, running away. >> we say these are the people who started the arson and we say these are the same people who work at the taco stand bragging about it . >> on cross-examination, later acknowledged she is a convicted felon. the d.a. also insinuated he never told investigators about the possible arson angle. he also testified firefighters had trouble battling the blaze when he arrived . >> he said the fire department came in the backyard, did not have enough host to get into the building. then they did try to go to the second floor in the front and their letters got hooked on the wires and they could not reach it.
5:34 pm
>> reporter: l mena will be back on the stand tomorrow. once his attorney is done with his questions, l mena will be grilled by the d.a. >> that is interesting hearing the other person who took the stand today saying he heard glass breaking and saw 7 people running away. why would he have never said that up until now? >> that is exactly what the d.a. said about another witness, a woman named sharon saying she was driving on and saw 7 latino man running and joking about setting that warehouse on fire so she, too was grilled about why she did not come forward before. she said she was afraid of retribution. one could ask, are these theories now being created by the defense or is this an aha moment that will lead to an acquittal. >> how long do you expect him to be on the stand this week? >> probably a couple of days more with more direct and cross- examination . >> i'm wondering what your sense was being in course, watching derick almena testify and i thought it was interesting when they pointed
5:35 pm
out he did live there with his family. you wouldn't live in a building if you thought it wasn't safe, correct? >> right and the defense has been hammering this home over and over again. police were there, firefighters were there, cps briefly took the kids out and repeatedly inspected the place and said this is fine so the defense is handing on this pick up the authority said it was okay and cps said it was okay, it is okay for them, too . >> henry, thank you. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of the ghost ship warehouse tropic you can find henry's courtroom blog online. go to police are investigating a deadly car accident at the intersection of cabrillo and -- avenue. a 29-year-old woman is reported in critical condition at the hospital. both the man and woman were ejected from the car and it is
5:36 pm
not clear who was driving. the crash involved at least two cars. no word on other injuries our weather drugs or alcohol played a role. the u.s. fish and wildlife service wants to drop 1.5 tons of rat poison on the sirloin islands. biologists say house mice have become an invasive species on the rocky islands which are about 30 miles west of san francisco. conservationists oppose the plan because of its potential impact on other animals but the federal government said the only way to get rid of the mice is by dropping poison pellets from helicopters. >> there would be minimal, very small likelihood of any of this bait getting into the water and even if it did, it dissolves on contact and none of the fish species out there is consuming this kind of product because they are predators and also they eat plankton. >> if approved, the drop would happen next year. the coastal commission is holding a public hearing on the proposal next wednesday. a new legal team is hoped
5:37 pm
to find a way to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census even though the u.s. supreme court has rejected the idea. fox news, doug was it or has a look at the latest developments in the ongoing debate. the white house hopes a new legal team will be able to overcome supreme court objections to a citizenship question on the census. with new census forms still up in the air, the justice department has big changes, creating a new legal team to begin to push the president's argument that next year's census form should include a citizenship question. yesterday, the president returned to washington from his holiday weekend and kept up the drumbeat . >> spending $15-$20 billion, asking everything except are
5:38 pm
you a citizen of the united states. how ridiculous is that? >> the new legal team will have to figure out how to add the question after the supreme court shot on the first attempt. >> i think the president has expressed determination. he has noted the supreme court did not say it cannot be asked. they said they didn't appreciate the process by which it game for the first time . >> critics allege the administration is trying to suppress the count. a part of the presidents broader crackdown on illegal immigration. democrats continue to make their case against the president for detention practices. some of which have been highlighted in an inspector general's report . >> they are under a lot of trauma. they are in a facility that is dehumanizing and this is a choice by the current administration. they are choosing to not allow asylum-seekers to go through the legal process. >> that is an issue congress will take up later this week. in washington, fox news. a desired selfie to show everyone he did and nearly killed a south bay attorney. coming up next, hear from the attorney who was gordon the neck during the annual running of the bulls in spain. it has been almost 2 years
5:39 pm
since the tubbs fire tore through the north bay. fox 2 explores the lessons learned and the lingering health impacts on firefighters. don't forget, mornings on 2. the 9 is going to be live in south center cisco this friday for our next zip trip. watches or come join us for the fun in person. >> tomorrow, wake up with mornings on 2 . >> this portion of ktvu news at sponsored by roundtable pizza. pizza royalty. >> the majors come together, celebrate the mid-summer classics. coverage begins to say a 4:30 on fox two. >>
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a bay area man is recovering in a spanish hospital after being gordon the next during the running of the bulls yesterday. 46-year-old attorney hymie alvarez of the san francisco said he ran most of the course ahead of the bulls during the event in pamplona, spain. at the end of the road, he says he went to take a selfie at the bullfighting plaza. he said he and others that the herd had already passed by. >> -- i turned and it was like a truck or car just hit me on the side of the head and i put my hand behind it and i saw blood and i felt my neck was opened up and i was stunned. >> reporter: a good samaritan rushed him to get medical help. alvarez works for the santa clara county public defender's office. he suffered a broken cheekbone. he says doctors told him it was beyond miraculous the the bulls horn did not hit a major artery. >> a former busboy who says actor kevin spacey groped him
5:43 pm
appeared in court today where he invoked his fifth amendment right not to testify. the accuser was ordered to take the stand after he said he would lost his cell phone by the defense. spaces accused of groping that than 18-year-old man in a nantucket bar and restaurant where the accuser worked as a bus boy. the actor has pleaded not guilty to indecent assault and battery. >> bart officials are finding far fewer needles on trains and bus stations but that does not mean there has been a major drop in drug use. according to the san francisco chronicle, custodial workers at bart 4200 needles at the pacific center and powell stations last year and by may of this year, the total was less than 600. bart cites several factors including the closure of an infamous civic center hallway and more police patrols but they say that spike and fentanyl use may also be contributing to fewer needles as the synthetic painkiller is smoked.
5:44 pm
just last year, fentanyl became the number one cause of opioid overdose test in san francisco. a davis police officer killed in the line of duty will be remembered on a stretch of interstate 5 that runs through her hometown. the state assembly and senate passed a resolution naming a 5 mile section of the freeway after natalie corona. the 22-year-old was ambushed while responding to a minor traffic collision in davis in january. the officer, natalie coronel memorial highway will pass through her hometown of arbuckle in colusa county. still ahead, given the homeless and the only incarcerated a helping hand . >> we work with grocery stores, tech companies, restaurants to train people who need work who want to contribute.
5:45 pm
>> still have, the special training program to give those in need a skill they can use to rebuild their lives. >> plus the party continues as the world champs touchdown in the united states. the hero's welcome the u.s. women's national soccer team received as they arrived and the bigger celebration still ahead. >> wow, what a cool day today. back to work for many and temperatures well below what you would expect for the summer. it will warm up. i will let you know when. we will see you back here.
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a bay area nonprofit is
5:48 pm
working to provide a second chance to the down and out. interviews paul chambers tells us about farming hope, a program that uses food to help those in need get a chance to be needed. >> -- >> reporter: the kitchen inside mayonnaise in san francisco looks like any other restaurant . >> something new. and just knew. >> reporter: fresh food made to order but in this space, it is more about who is making a meal than what they are cooking. >> order a . >> we train folks who used to be homeless or incarcerated so they can get management track jobs in food service . >> it is a nonprofit program giving these men a hand and not a handout, culinary skills in the kitchen are taught and gardening. people worked 26 hours a week, learning everything there is about to learn about farm to table cooking .
5:49 pm
>> moving beyond handing out by giving you a skill. if you work in a kitchen, you can take that with you wherever you are . >> i like getting my hands dirty, putting seasoning, planning, harvesting and bringing them in the kitchen. >> reporter: farming help was able to successfully expand last year when it opened a restaurant right here in mayonnaise in san francisco. so far, this year, 11 people have taken the program and successfully competed completed it with all of them getting a job . >> we work with grocery stores, tech companies, restaurants to train people who need work and want to contribute . >> farming hope hopes to empower and employ people out of poverty by helping those who are overserved double is underserved, overlooked but not forgotten. >> it helps in a variety of ways. the group works with us to find affordable housing is and gives us a chance to work and make money and that helps. >> reporter: farming hope says it does not take much to help others. they are able to keep their program afloat by people coming to many send during their food.
5:50 pm
in san francisco, paul chambers, ktvu fox2 news. a major storm in the marshallton dc area washed out roads and lead to flooding at the white house. in the span of just two hours this morning, about 4.5 inches of rain fell near arlington, virginia and more than 3 inches hit reagan national airport. the storm wrecked havoc on warning commute as well. a lot of people who try to drive through the water found themselves stranded and had to be rescued. >> that is so much rain and so deep in some places . >> 4.5 inches in two hours . >> no rain here in the bay area. cooler today. let's go to bill martin with a look at the forecast. you can feel it really mild around the bay area . >> and checking out the weather system coming in off the coast from seattle and portland. the system which is essentially the system is basically going to push into the pacific northwest and keep us on the mild to cool side which is where we were today. i want to see those really strong high pressure systems
5:51 pm
being chipped away by these. the pacific high is the dominant summertime weather system and it sits right there. that is where the air sinks and warms and you get the classic weather stuff. this is the exact opposite of the pacific high. the system moves to the pacific northwest over the next 36 hours, 24 hours and brings in some rain, some wind, brings us more of the same at least through tomorrow and a little bit into wednesday. thursday, it is going to warm but towards the end of the week . you can see the father out there now. it is already, you can see the fog is already ready much across the bay, right. let me get my pointer thing here. right there. forget it. there it is. okay. so you see the fog, there is a dose of it and it is deep. there is a bunch of it and it is like it was last night so that is there for tomorrow. it stands for reason that we will have a similar forecast. we will see more sunshine tomorrow and rapid clearing and
5:52 pm
temperatures slightly warmer because of the more rapid clearing but it is still, when i show you numbers tomorrow night, they will look like these. these are not what you would expect in the afternoon in july in napa. 71? temperature napa is 2 degrees warmer than yesterday but yesterday was really cool. those temperatures in napa should be 70, 81 degrees, something like that. just typically. you know that, in london valleys right now it is not hard to be 9 degrees this time of night in the summer months. as you look at oakland, air quality does not look too bad. no spare the air day and we have not had much recently which is nice. we are not anticipating that because when i showed you the big low pressure center, the low is the reason and it does not allow for stagnant air, does not cap the free atmosphere and gives us a much cleaner atmosphere, stretches it out and you get mixing vertically, it turns it up and cleans it up. forecast highs tomorrow, just like today. yellows are 70s, greens are 60s and as we push forward to fairfield and vacaville, the warm spots, 67 in richmond, 84
5:53 pm
in brentwood, the warm spot. 80 in livermore. it should be 90 so below average, still but slightly warmer than today. here comes the five-day forecast. i hope you had a nice holiday weekend. tomorrow's going to be a little warmer. warmer big time by the weekend. the 20 oh 19 women's world cup champions are back on american soil. the team defeated the netherlands yesterday, clinching its fourth title and second consecutive world cup victory. today, the players had their trophies in hand when they landed at the newark airport in new jersey where they received a hero's welcome. >> ♪ we are the champions we are the champions ♪ >> reporter: the team will stay in new york through wednesday h >> sued a new warning after i rn
5:54 pm
makes the nuclear deal again. from jerusalem, i have the details coming up . >> coming up on ktvu news at 6:00, a bill to create a wildfire fund advances at the state capital. the emotional urine today in sacramento. this portion of ktvu news at sponsored by roundtable pizza. pizza royalty.
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download the new ktvu fox 2 weather app today. the power to prepare wherever you go . authorities in germany evacuated thousands of people and taurus in an area of frankfurt over the weekend to remove an american world war ii bomb that was discovered underground. the 1100 pound bomb was found at a construction site near the frankfurt headquarters of the european bank. it had been underground for more than 70 years until yesterday. 16,000 people were cleared from
5:57 pm
a roughly half-mile radius. people in a nearby nursing home had to be evacuated as well and relocated on saturday. it took emergency crews about two hours to defuse the bomb. >> all went perfectly as we could remove both fuses to the simple and quick measure that we are where happy we could use in this case. if we had to cut it, it would take much more time so we are very, very happy. >> reporter: >> it is not uncommon for unexploded bombs to be unearthed in germany. the trump administration issued a stern warning after i ran and ousted started enriching iranian uranium to higher levels than what was said in the 2015 nuclear deal. iran said the movies in response to sanctions reinstated by the u.s. last year. >> reporter: tensions with iran escalating sharply on monday. the country announced it has broken the 2015 nuclear deal in
5:58 pm
the second time. enriching uranium to 4.5%, well above the amount set by the agreement. the trump administration is monitoring the situation and all options of military force remain on the table . >> we hope for the best of the united states of america and our military are prepared to protect our interests and protect our personnel and our citizens in the region. >> reporter: israel's prime minister is calling on europe to follow president trump in withdrawing from the nuclear deal and reimpose sanctions but most world powers say they still want to find a way to make the agreement work. they are taking a wait and see attitude for now. >> we are very concerned about these news that has come out today and we will wait for independent verification by the relevant international body before deciding what makes sense. >> reporter: iran has set a 60 day deadline for europe to come up with better terms are it will enrich its uranium closer to weapons grade levels despite contentions, most experts are
5:59 pm
saying both countries are still a long way from opening military conflict . >> i don't believe the iranians will come to the negotiating table until they have run out of options. i also don't think they will make a race to a nuclear weapon because that would be the end of their regime. >> reporter: prince president friends president, emmanuel macron says he is looking to start toxin around by the end of next week. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. >> pushing back against pg&e, a bay area mayor says the decision to shut off power because of while fire danger needs more supervision. >> without oversight or collaboration with local government, we don't know precisely what is the threshold being used by pg&e and other utilities and whether it is the right one. >> san jose mayor, sam accardo is taking issue with pg&e's power set of policy. getting a. i'm julie haener . >> and i'm frank somerville. pg&e wants to avoid deadly
6:00 pm
wildfire rest but they are locarno thinks that pg&e's shut out policy may create other sorts of problems instead. new details from ktvu's andre senior and why the mayor, andre, says the decision should not be left solely in pg&e's hands. >> frank and julie, should a publicly traded utility be allowed to cut power to hundreds of thousands of people to reduce its liability in a wildfire? that is the at the center of the argument by the mayor who wants pg&e to have more oversight before making those decisions. >> everyone has been scrambling to get ready. no one has had the opportunity to ask the larger question which is, is it the right way to be making decisions like this. >> reporter: san jose mayor, sam accardo criticized the move that allows pg&e to cut power to hundreds of thousands of people during extreme weather conditions when it's a could spark a catastrophic wildfire. the issue for the mayor and his staff is that the decision is made solely by pg&e. >> proactively, it is a new
6:01 pm
territory. >> reporter: investigations found the eip


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