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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 11, 2019 5:00pm-5:59pm PDT

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i'm frank somerville . >> i'm julie haener. we start with breaking news in the north bay. police say a toddler was injured in a hit and run collision the coddington mall on range avenue in santa rosa. it happened drone 2:30 this afternoon . >> the toddler is about two years old and was taken to the hospital. there are initias the child may have run into the street. at this point we don't know how bad the charlack badly the child was her. we are working to gather more information about the circumstances of the accident. as soon as we get details we will bring them to you. now the latest on the census question. president trump back down on his evans efforts to put a question on the 25 section census. in a rose garden decision, he double his opponents believed it would lead to an undercurrent of immigrants which could reduce federal funding to many, predominantly democratic areas. the president says he will sign an executive order to get information on how many noncitizens are living in the
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u.s. by other means. >> i am hereby ordering every department and agency of the federal government to provide the department of commerce with all requested records regarding the number of citizens and noncitizens in our sturnish all accessible records in their possession immediately. >> the president said knowing how many noncitizens live in the united states is vital to formulating sound public policy on healthcare, education and other issues. president trump's threatened immigration raids are reportedly set to begin as early as this week and pick you may remember president originally expected to happen last month. now, administration officials say immigration and customs enforcement officers will target hundreds of families whose claims to stay in the united states have been rejected. the rates will reportedly target 10 major u.s. cities including here in the bay area along with chicago, l.a., new york and miami. the aclu has already filed a lawsuit saying the migrant were
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not given a fair chance to request asylum. we want to show you live pictures of the i.c.e. office on sansom street in san francisco. a number of groups are rallying there tonight. they oppose the upcoming raids. we will keep an eye on this and let you know what happens during the course of this newscast and ktvu fox2 news at 6:00. many communities in the bay area are brazing bracing for those rates. jesse gary showed us how local leaders are pushing back against what they call a campaign of fear against the immigrant community. >> these rates are unnecessary. they are cruel. they are really part of a larger war on immigrants. >> reporter: deputy county executive david couple says ahead of sunday's possible i.c.e. raids, officials are preparing protections for undocumented
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residents potentially targeted by i.c.e. the counties rapid response network is active to send observers to i.c.e. activity sites to provide extra eyes and legal advice. >> the county has invested resources to make sure that anyone who gets caught up in a raid has legal representation. we want people to feel empowered . >> reporter: right now, many undocumented residents are filled with a sense of fear and apprehension. for the second time in as many months, the trump administration is threatening raids to arrest at least 2000 undocumented people facing deportation orders. this from at least 10 cities across the country. this included cities in the bay area and immigration attorney ronald carbon ion says there are fears there will be collateral arrests . >> if it is going to be a broad dragnet that is going to capture than them even though they don't have removal orders . >> he's creating panic in the community and fear of separation of families of people who want to pursue a better life in this country and now that is going to be
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stripped away from them. >> reporter: melissa pawleys -- disabilities are banding together to defend against an unwanted action and to protect what they say is a vital group in the community . >> we stand by our commitment as a sanctuary city regardless of what is happening with our federal government and we will do everything we can to support and protect our residents. >> reporter: oakland mayor, libby schaaf issued a statement in response to the latest threat which reads in part, "i want to assure members of our community not to panic but to be prepared. know your rights and responsibility's." there are several rallies planned friday around the country and around the bay area, specifically here in the south bay. mountain view and san jose as well. we will put that information on a website for you, in san jose, jesse guerra, jesse gary, ktvu fox2 news. a former camper oilfield workers in texas is now the government's newest center for detaining migrant children. about 225 children are being
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held at the site increase all springs and the government plans to expand the site to as many as 1300. it open less than two weeks ago to alleviate cramped conditions in border patrol processing facilities which often lack food, showers and proper medical care. >> this facility is all about unification. we immediately begin the process of finding a sponsor for the child once they are turned over to hhs. >> the children are provided with 6 hours a day classroom instruction, access to arts and crafts, 3 meals a day, access to call centers to reconnect with family, and legal services. a driver speeds through san jose international airport even getting some air after hitting a speed bump. it all started as a wild chase in the south bay. authorities arrested two people and a third is still on the run. this after leaving leading center connie santa clara county
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police officers on a high-speed chase. we're live at the airport whether chase started. >> reporter: witnesses watched as the honda civic raced over speed bumps, going airborne at the airport. they say it is lucky there were no travelers who got in its way. it was a high-speed pursuit through which normally a high traffic area but at midnight, the only thing flying through san jose international was this honda civic. oscars fernandez, a shuttle bus driver heard the sirens and started recording. but when i saw them jump he's going to hurt somebody. thankfully, he did go through their but then they left. >> reporter: in santa clara county sheriff says it all started when deputies spotted a stolen vehicle near center and tele but instead of pulling out, the driver took off. >> the suspect vehicle exceeded 100 miles per hour going
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through red lights, stop lights and finally ending in the southwest expressway and derose . >> reporter: that is with the driver and two passengers jumped up . >> the suspect fled the vehicle on foot, going through neighborhoods, jumping through fences and eventually two of them were arrested. one is still at large. >> reporter: authorities arrested 18-year-old anthony zavala and a 14-year-old girl. in the vehicle, the confiscated passcodes, but credit cards, ids and an air soft gun. >> reporter: the gun could have easily been mistaken as a real gun . >> in the attempt to find the third suspect, authority set up a perimeter and deployed t9 jix. >> reporter: a bystander in a nearby apartment was bitten and transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. >> i'm just thankful that at almost midnight there were no people around, only workers from the airport because that place is always full. >> reporter: zavala was booked
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into jail on charges including even evading police, possession of stolen property and a stolen vehicle vicki was on probation for similar charges. the search continues for the third suspect. >> ann rubin at san jose international tonight, thank you. today a jury in separate cisco found a man guilty in a hit and run crash that severely injured a san francisco police officer. the officer was on bike patrol when he was deliberately hit by an suv in 2017. he suffered a traumatic brain injury in the accident. today, a jury found willie flanagan guilty of 9 counts including assault with a deadly weapon. family members say the officer has made significant progress in his recovery. the san francisco police officers released a statement, applauso tied, "while we pray for the continued recovery of the officer can we, we pray for a
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lengthy sentence so he has time to contemplate the lives he has revoked for repeated great criminal behavior. >> reporter: san francisco police are searching for a car and driver who ran over a tourist of the legion of honor. police release date picture of the silver bmw with a damaged wind chill. on tuesday, a tourist from oregon saw people breaking into cars outside the legion of honor and took pictures. the suspect jumped into the bmw and hit the tourist with the car, causing a severe head injury. police are checking pictures the camera to see if they can identify suspects. earthquake safety is on many people's minds after two weeks last week. ktvu's christien kafton has more now from san francisco. mayor london breed announced a multimillion dollar emergency response bond that will be on the ballot. >> reporter: the mayor, police
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chief and fire chief all stood shoulder to shoulder today saying san francisco needs to get its critical infrastructure ready for the next great quake and they said san francisco voters need to approve a $628.5 million bond to get that done. >> today, we are announcing a $628.5 million public safety bond for earthquake safety and emergency response. >> reporter: the mayor said the reason? in southern california are a clear reminder that san francisco needs to get ready for the next major earthquake that she signed the bond legislation saying more than a half $1 billion will go to build up critical infrastructure. $275 million of the bond money would be used to prepare the city's fire stations to make sure they are quake ready. $121 million would go to making sure san francisco's police stations are ready as well. city leaders say those critical infrastructure are aging and now is the time to act to protect the facilities so first responders can protect the city following a major quake. >> all of these places matter so when a dister hits, their only job is to focus on saving lives of the citizens of san
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francisco and not worried about the conditions of their buildings and whether or not they are in a bad condition in the first place themselves. >> reporter: the mayor signed the bond legislation on thursday. the voters of san francisco will have their say in march, 2020. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox2 news. east bay mud is putting 3000 feet of the most sophisticated earthquake resistant pipe ever installed in california appear in the berkeley hills. the defense in the ghost ship warehouse trial rests her case. what is up next? coming up next. two bay area counties are spraying to kill a certain fly that could devastate some california crops. it did warm up a few degrees today. further warming in the future as we head toward the weekend. you back here.
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live pictures now, breaking news from san francisco. this is outside the i.c.e. office on sansom street in san francisco near jackson. you can see protesters there have now blocked the street. they are upset about i.c.e. rates that will be happening this weekend. these will happen all across the country in several cities including here in the bay area. we are going to keep an eye on this. from what we understand, there have not been any arrest or will bring it to your. california lawmakers approved a bill today designed to shore up our states major
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electric utilities as we get into wildfire season. >> the bill sent to the governor today would force the biggest power companies to spend billions of dollars on safety improvements. the measure will also create a fund to compensate victims of wildfires caused by utility equipment in certain circumstances. survivors of major fires last year said the measure will give them more leverage to get compensation from pg&e, despite the fact the company is in bankruptcy. governor newsom pushed for the bill so is expected to sign it. in about an hour, pg&e will be holding a wildfire safety open house in walnut creek. officials will be there to talk about how they are reducing the risk of fire in the bay area with improved equipment and expanding public safety power shut off programs. the open houses from 6 pm to 8 pm at the gardens at had a phone. many affected by last week's large earthquakes in southern california finally have water again. yestday the desert communities of ridgecrest and tone of other water turned back on after a huge d
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to see what would happen around here to our water services if a big quake at the bay area. ktvu's tom baker spent the morning with east bay mud who is doing highest relations on the hayward fault . >> this usgs simulation, based on the best science says this is what happens if a 7.2 quake strikes east bay mud water system. >> reporter: w >> the ground shift 3 to 5 feet, ripping through pipes and wires pick some east bay wet residents lose water to 6 weeks and up to 6 months. >> reporter: to prevent that, east bay mud is busy at work on a project here on the top of the hebron fault in the berkeley hills where they will replace a century-old 3000 foot long pipeline. the current pipeline has averaged a major break each year for the last 30 years with increasing regularity. as the land here has continued to shake and shift. nick it is the next generation of hazard resilient material. it is pipe that can move back and forth within the joint and
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can actually deflect off them so it can bend to the right, left, up and down a certain number of degrees so as the land shifts, as an earthquake comes and shakes the ground, the pipe is going to move with the land. >> reporter: this superstrong, super flexible system with an expected 150 year lifespan is virtually impervious to corrosion. the main reason pipes fail in the east bay's corrosive soils. >> it is able to shift more, bend more than the old cast- iron. it is not as brittle. >> reporter: the pipes were made in union city out of recycled specialized metals. each pipe joint can expand or contract 3 inches but tied together with many other links of pipe, the system can expand and contract for yards, more than even the mighty hayward fault should displace. two more major pipe replacement projects are in the planning stage along with other, less demanding once. >> this year, we reached a record goal in replacing 17.6 miles of pipe. >> reporter: a good jump chunk
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of a recent rate hike will improve it . >> that will allow us to ramp up to 20 miles of replacements per year and that ensures a more reliable system. >> reporter: if the hayward fault should rupture to its full potential, there is no way that we are going to avoid massive damage. but the more infrastructure that holds together or needs less repairs, the quicker the recovery and that could be measured in months and not years. tom vacar, ktvu . >> mosquitoes in the sacramento area have tested positive for west nile virus. the first indication of the illness in the region so far this year. the sacramento yellow mosquito and vector control districts of the sample was collected near the floor and area of south sacramento. west nile is spread to humans through mosquito bites. last year, 11 people died from the virus, 44 died the previous year. so far this year, 1 death has
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been reported in southern california pick it was a 74- year-old man in imperial county. an invasive fruit fly has turned up in san mateo and santa clara counties. county officials say they are treating areas in palo alto, east palo alto and menlo park to eradicate the peach from five. fruit fly. it is native to southern asia and poses a threat to fruit and vegetable crops. officials say the flies were likely brought into the u.s. by people with illegal fruit. they are hoping to kill off the flies with organic bait treatments placed within a 1.5 mile radius from weatherford follies from where the fruit flies were found. i think most folks were up a good 4 5 degrees over yesterday's high. we are coming out on the bottom. we will cool for the last few weeks, low average temperatures, hot spots in the 70s, back in the 80s now and by saturday back into the low 90s. the high pressure is compressing the air.
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we are getting a more shallow marine layer and that is allowing places in land to warm up pretty nicely. you can see the temperature fordland footprint, hot inland and cool at the coast. that is a summertime pattern and we have not seen a lot of that. tomorrow we will see probably that 35 degrees spread from ocean beach to conquer. it can be as much is 43 degrees or something like that. tomorrow's spread, a big spread between coast and inland, typical for this time of year. the fog at the coast is having trouble staying put. it is there but popping out. it has been cleared out in santa cruz and a little bit at stenson pick as we coming close you can see temperatures today certainly warmer than yesterday in fairfield and concord and just by looking at this map, that is why i like this map so much. temperatures are is represented by colors. what i like is there is a snapshot. this is right now and you can see the sea breeze, and where it is not. for the last two weeks, we have seen the sea breeze and fairfield in the delta. delta
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breezes in sacramento. now we are looking at a more pinched off shallow marlene marine layer so we are seeing oakland at 73, walnut creek, 85. temperatures on the increase. the map tells all. tomorrow, come back and we are show you the same map and at the same time, the current map, you will see more oranges and yellows coming toward the west. so warm up through saturday. not a heat wave, just warmer. it is not hard to do considering how cool we were. temperature today in napa was like 2 degrees warmer, fairfield, 1 degree warmer and in concord, 1 degree warmer. the highs today were definitely a good 4 and 5 degrees warmer. those are the right now temperatures. tomorrow morning, a little fog footprint gets through san bernardino, doesn't really get into livermore or lafayette. it stays up around point
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radius. it burns off more quickly because it is being compressed. there are those oranges and yellows working their way toward the west. a warmer day for friday. warmer still on saturday. and a cool down for the rest of the weekend. that is the plan anyway. when i come back, we will layout the five-day forecast. coming up, highly anticipated congressional hearing . >> we are less than a week away from robin miller justifying in front of lawmakers what we can expect coming up next.
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president trump gathered a social media summit at the white house to the "censoring of conservative voices online." >> those invited including right-wing bloggers and twitter users who have rallied behind the president. representatives of platforms including facebook and twitter were not invited. the president said he might not have been reelected -- excuse me, elected without the help of online influencers . >> but you communicate directly with our citizens without having to go through the fake news filter. it is very simple. together, you reach to more people than any television broadcast network by far. not even close. >> a trade group representing facebook, google and other tech companies said their companies are not biased against any political ideology and said be successful online. former special council robert mueller is getting ready to appear on capitol hill for congressional hearings. you will go before two democratic led committees next wednesday. fox news catherine herridge has
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what's next. >> reporter: one week until robin miller's public testimony and logistics are in flux. robin miller is currently scheduled to appear before two house committees next wednesday. he will be answering questions about his exhaustive report on russian interference into the 2016 presidential election. this as well as president trump's alleged obstruction of justice including the firing of then fbi director, james comey. many details will likely be up in the air until the last minute. with public testimony before the judiciary and intelligence committee planned to begin at 9 am eastern time and noon eastern time respectively which each session limited to two hours . >> they don't handle it very well. i wish we had more time but i'm glad we have the time we have. >> reporter: the time constraints mean many committee members might not have a chance to ask their questions. >> for the leadership on this committee to decide that only certain members and there are
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is only time for certain members to be questioned even on your side of the aisle, it is just plain wrong. >> reporter: democrats may be hoping the hearings will give more way to impeachment. mueller's appearance could grab the public's attention in the way the is 448 report did not. judiciary committee doug collins member says anyone with any major revelations pected will be disappointed . >> there is no new information that should be coming up >> reporter: democrats are holding multiple closed-door meetings in the coming days to craft their line of questioning. in washington, catherine herridge, fox news . >> you can see miller's testimony on an uninterrupted and in its entirety wednesday morning on ktvu plus. we'll also have live updates during the testimony on ktvu. more records were wall str the dow was up 227 points to close above 27,000 for the first time. the nasdaq fell 6 points but the s&p was up six points,
5:28 pm
closing just a fraction above 3000, also setting an all-time high. the rally did lose some steam during due to a weak demand during an auction of long-term u.s. government bonds. the prosecution wraps up its cross examination of ghost ship warehouse fire defendant, derick almena. coming up, how the d.a. tried to use almena's words against him. police are working to find out what happened to an american scientist founded on the island of crete. that story is coming up. where here with more life pictures from san francisco. breaking newsoutside the i see i.c.e. headquarters. there are protesters upset about the upcoming i.c.e. raids across the united states including the bay area. ♪
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the defense in the ghost ship warehouse case rested today.
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this after the prosecution wrapped up its cross examination of master tenant, defendant derick almena. crime reporter, henry lee has been following court proceedings and joins us in the newsroom with more and what happened today. >> the defense is done. attorneys for the accused say the das case ended with a whimper, not a bang. the prosecutor made clear his questions that he believes almena alone had control of the warehouse and is liable for the death of 30 pete 33 people. while being grilled by the d.a., master tenant derick almena acknowledged she signed the lease for the warehouse, set the rent and never got on told him to deny ns to the that anyone lived there. almena said contractors he hired were supposed to pull permits but prosecutor up to james autry james suggested he never mentioned that before
5:33 pm
trial. defense attorneys repeatedly were objected to the d.a . >> let's say 100 questions that he asked 1000 times, over and over again. that's what i call the water drip torture method. >> reporter: but almena again tried to our blame the landlord who are not on trial. almena said the owners let people live in the building that was not inspected for 71 years but the prosecutor asked whether any tenants pay the landlords directly or if the landlords were the ones that move people in. the prosecutor asked, truthfully, you are the landlord for those people, right? >> almena said i rented the space in my name. >> reporter: almena says i still don't want to blame
5:34 pm
anybody. this is the first interview that almena gave to ktvu in jail which he says the whole structure is pointing to the blame. the defense says they are confident they will prevail . >> i don't think you know we were damaged severely by the cross-examination. i don't think my clients came out pretty well. i think there is going to be reasonable doubt in the case. >> considering the magnitude of what is at stake, this is probably the weakest case that has ever moved forward to jury trial with this level of death and destruction which has occurred. >> reporter: the d.a. will present witnesses on monday and present closing arguments but that is not until july 29. >> henry lee in the newsroom. thanks, henry. the public defender for the man accused of 4 women as a rideshare driver says police illegally obtained his dna. the attorneys say police gather dna evidence by testing for alcohol intoxication last july. the public defender is arguing the search was illegal because there was no search warrant.
5:35 pm
mr. cruz apparently had no alcohol in his system at the time of arrest. legal analyst, michael todd cardoza appeared to talk about whether the dna evidence will be thrown out . >> my opinion will be that a judge at this level of the superior court level will not grant it and they will punt it up to the appellate court and say, you all decide . >> okay . >> we have very conservative appellate court. this is going nowhere and the prosecution is going forward. >> a hearing in the case is set for monday. a greek coroner who examined the body believed to be out that of american scientist says she died as a result of a criminal act. we have more now on the mystery involving the woman originally from the bay area. >> reporter: the search for a missing woman in greece could be turning into a murder mystery. 59-year-old molecular
5:36 pm
biologist, suzanne eaton was reported missing last week that she was attending a conference on the island of crete. on wednesday, a greek coroner sets said she believes they found her body . >> with complete certainly i can say it is a criminal act but for self-explanatory reasons, we will not say in what way. >> reporter: officials are waiting for final identification but the the time of death is roughly approximate to the time eaton disappeared. they say she was asphyxiated and minor stab wounds were found on her body. they were not the cause of death. her employers, the planck institute in germany wrote in a statement, "suzanne was an outstanding and inspiring scientist. a loving spouse and mother. an athlete as well as a truly wonderful person beloved to us >> reporter: her disappearance sparked a major source search and rescue. family members traveled believinhave succumbed to heat exhaustion or a bad fall during her run through rural areas of crete. now they're waiting for more answers as the investigation wraps up . >> it was on the day that she
5:37 pm
had gone for a run and two hours after her last meal that this happened but we cannot know if it happened close by or far away. >> reporter: local authorities say police officials from athens including homicide detectives have taken the lead in the investigation. in london, greg palkot, fox news. the french government on or 3 american world war ii veterans in seven cisco today. the french consulate general presented the american services man with the highest honor, night in the national order of the legion of honor. receiving the honor, captain john ferris, staff sergeant j jake david gann and staff sergeant jahnke cooley. >> acts of courage and bravery for the 3 euros that we are honoring today. >> today's ceremony was timed to coincide with france's national day known as bastille day which is this sunday, july 14. still ahead tonight, jail
5:38 pm
or a luxurious mansion? coming up, billionaire jeffrey epstein wants to be under house arrest while he waits for his sex abuse child trial. his multibillion-dollar seven floor apartment in new york city. a coast guard ship chases down a submarine packed with drugs. watch as officers leap onto the subway to make an arrest.
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ktvu fox 2 gives more power to you. the power to feel. the power to left. the power to play. >> the power to know . >> sky fox giving us live pictures. >> ktvu fox 2. the power of two. h tanker
5:41 pm
today in the state of -- >> reporter: three iranian tankers tried to intercept a british tanker according to the british ministry of defense. a british warship guarding the tinker intervene, warning the iranians to back away. the incident comes 1 day after iranian president demanded britain release an iranian oil tanker seized in the strait of gibraltar last week or face retaliation. >> very concerned about develops but i'm proud of the british navy and the role they play in keachi keeping british assets and shipping say. >> reporter: following today's incident with the iranian navy, the british government arrested the captain of the iranian tanker seized in the mediterranean. iran broke a second commitment in their nuclear deal by surpassing the enrichment detail laid out in the agreement. as the british contend against
5:42 pm
the actions of iran, general mark miley warned if iran obtained a nuclear working weapon it would be a challenge and threat to the united states vicki noted iran's behavior got worse as the u.s. pulled out of the nuclear deal last year. make they have been an actor for many years not just since the withdrawal from the deal but there intensity of activity has increased. >> reporter: with each provocation, the iranians could receive another bargaining chip at the table for future negotiation or could be strengthening and growing anti- iran coalition. in jerusalem, trey ink, fox news. jeffrey epstein sits in jail tonight accused of sexual abuse of dozens of underage girls. today, his attorneys argued he should be held under house arrest instead with electric
5:43 pm
monitoring while he waits for his trial. that would mean he would be staying in his multimillion dollar apartment in new york city. the 63-year-old excuse me, 66- year-old billionaire was arrested for alleged abuse during 2002 to 2005. his attorneys called the new charges ancient history. still ahead tonight, a high- speed chase on the open seas. watch as members of the coast guard leap onto this moving submarine. authorities say the submarine is loaded with illegal drugs. new orleans bracing for tropical storm barry, the large prediction of rain that could put parts of the gulf coast underwater. we got the forecast back here. your weekend is a heartbeat away. we will get you going with that. see you back here after the break.
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=1 intense turbulence injure at least5 air canada flight today and forced the plane to land in hawaii. passengers said those who were not wearing seatbelts hit the ceiling during the bumpy ride. sydney, australia was two hours past hawaii when the turbulence began. the plane headed to honolulu and landed safety. es including bruises, neck and back pain. more than 20 passengers were taken to the hospital. some incredible video tonight of the coast guard jumping on the top of a submarine that was carrying illegal drugs. the crew of the monroe recently returned to port in san diego after an encounter with a semi submersible vessel that was carrying 16,000 pounds of
5:47 pm
cocaine to the united states. you see what happens right there. the coast guard says the seizure of narcotics was one of 14 drug busts off the coast of mexico, central and south america and the value of the drugs seized was $569 million. >> when the red racing stripes of a coast guard vessel break the horizon, those in distress know that help is on the way and our enemies know their time has come. thanks for proving that. on the u.s. coast guard cutter, monroe. >> data estimated the submersible vegetables also known as narco subs account for n cocaine smuggled into the united states from central america and mexico. 3 getting ready for very berry. louisiana is already under warning.
5:48 pm
tropical storm barry could become a hurricane. >> reporter: thousands have been ordered to evacuate as tropical storm barry develops off the coast of louisiana. it could become the first hurricane of the 2019 season before making landfall friday night or saturday morning. >> this is going to be a major weather event. there will be a huge portion of the state of louisiana affected. the more information we get, the more concerned we are. it is going to be an extreme >> reporter: as it turned and intensified in the warm waters of the gulf wednesday, the storm system dumped almost 8 inches of rain on new orleans in a few hours. floodwaters swamped downtown, turning streets into rivers. but that could be just a taste of what is to come. the slow-moving storm could bring up to 22 inches of rain to some parts of louisiana by monday, according to forecasters. officials in new orleans are
5:49 pm
urging residents to stay home and have supplies for at least 3 days . >> we cannot pump our way out of the water levels and the waterfalls that are expected to hit the city of new orleans. we need you to understand this and again, be prepared to shelter in place. >> reporter: the mississippi river is near flood stage, raising concerns that heavy rain and storm surge could over top levees. the army corps of engineers is now reinforcing low-lying areas along the river and say that is not likely to happen. the louisiana national guard has also been mobilized. roughly 3000 troops are on the ground, assisting with preparations ahead of the storm and they will be here for surge rescue and recovery once barry comes through. that is the latest from the big easy, in new orleans, casey siegel, fox news.
5:50 pm
that will be primarily a saturday/sunday event with maybe two feet of rain possible in the area and julie and i were talking on the break that the problem is, it would be okay with a category one hurricane as far as a tropical storm but they've said so much rain, the ground is saturated, river flooding, copious amounts of rain coming into the so everything is kind of teed up for possibly two feet of rain to fall which could cause problems and push the levees to breaking point in some cases so that is why they are concerned in louisiana. it will be a saturday sunday thing. that will get two feet of rain in some parts of the area depending on where comes down so we will have the latest tonight at 10:00. for us now, we will look at highs from today. we were warmack, warmer, 90 in concord. it is not hot but the last three days, last few weeks, the 90s have been hard to find. you have to go to e sacramento valley. for us, we have been in the
5:51 pm
70s. today we low 90s and warmer in san francisco mid-60s. fog along the coast, high pressure doing what it does. we are going to have a pretty classic summer weekend and that is how that is going to go. it is going to be more typical than anything we have seen, really, in a while. fourth of july was cool. we've had some unusually cool weather patterns but not this weekend. as are going to tomorrow, all the warmth comes towards the west. that is because the high is pinching the fog at the coast so we are not going to see the big fog footprint in the morning so if you're doing your ball for taking the kids for a swim meet or something, in lafayette or concord or walnut creek or livermore, you will not have the fog to contend with in the morning. in the afternoons, along the coast, the fog remains. with that said, get ready for summer. this guy, which has been sort of spoiling the summer for you is gone. as that goes away, high pressure jumps in. that is the deal.
5:52 pm
we will see the high bill back from the four corners. friday and saturday, we will see temperatures a lot like what we had today but slightly warm. a little warmer as we go through the next couple of days. vacaville, 95, 93 in fairfield. it is funny because i was out today and it was probably 84 where i was but it has not been 84 in a while. i was hot. i was like come on, man, this is horrible. it was 84 degrees so we're not really acclimated well to the heat. tomorrow will be pretty noticeable inland. livermore has been in the upper 70s and you will be 93 or something like that. the five-day forecast, i hope you have a good weekend planned. summer is on and the weekend is going to be exactly what you expect it to be. a special summer camp is now in session. >> i like the idea that i get to create something new that is my own. and test out new things. >> we will take you to a camp
5:53 pm
called girls make games. how the camp is helping girls enter a world that has typically been male-dominated. here's what's watch the bay area's premier live local 7:00 p.m. newscast on ktvu plus. there's no such thing so start driving and don't stop. because no one takes off at the finish line. and the only way to get that trophy, is to take it. net generation. official youth tennis of the usta.
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5:55 pm
stop cleaning. start swiffering. two teenage sisters from butte county were honored today for their fundraising efforts. the girls, ashlyn and rachal, helped raise money for the cover your canine program which provides a special equipment to search and rescue team dogs. the sisters were presented with an award of merit today at the pet food express headquarters in oakland. their donation will provide cover your k9 trauma kits for the entire butte county sheriff search and rescue unit. >> we feature butte county because of what they went through last year up there with the fires. the search and rescue deployment was second only to 9/11.
5:56 pm
the girls that raised money today helped by vests for them, trauma kits to treat the dogs, and all of the protective gear they need to do the work they do. >> the pet food express has been holding the cover your k9 fundraiser for 11 years and has raised more than $1 million for the cause. the world of videogame design has traditionally been a male-dominated field but a bay area summer camp is hoping to slowly change that. the campus called girls make games. trent woods rob roth spent the day there. >> reporter: inside the imposing -looking sony building in san mateo, w >> what if you had a spaceship and you travel to different worlds? >> reporter: the group is called girls make games. these girls are entering a world that has been typically male-dominated, the world of videogame design . >> i like the idea that i get to create something new that is my own and test out new things. >> reporter: 14-year-old kay and her group are designing an adventure game where abandoned
5:57 pm
children with magic powers faced danger as they find a safe place . >> they will have random enemies from outer space that are aliens that are called the plutonium is because they are from pluto. >> reporter: girls make games began in the bay area 6 years ago and is now international. the founder says it is a way to give girls a taste of design . >> when i started my girl studio, my game studio, it was almost impossible to find girls as developers. that is why the summer camp started up. >> reporter: the campers work in teams. the best games will be entered in a international congress the blessed contest were xbox and nintendo decide the winners . >> some can find school boring but in this camp, you are learning something that actually makes it fun. >> reporter: the girls say they like not having boys around. >> boys usually have in this industry and in our world, but they have the most opportunities to get these coding jobs, engineering and
5:58 pm
things like that but now that we have this new camp, girls make games, it really helps us get a boost up. >> reporter: this 13-year-old from foster city is helping to design a game about a teenaged girl going through various stages of her life . >> it deals with the troubles of her life like the quality such as feminism and stuff like that . >> they want to make games about making the world better, building empathy, helping people understand each other. >> reporter: the campers also hear from female game designers , those who are able to clap correct thceiling . >> it shouldn't be just based off of your gender. it should be just something everyone should be able to enjoy. >> reporter: the hope is to create confidence in these girls , confidence in them crating ideas and pursuing them in the gaming world and perhaps, in life. in san mateo, rob roth, ktvu fox2 news. this is ktvu fox2 news it
5:59 pm
6:00. backing down on the census citizenship question but not giving up. today, president trump instructed all government agencies to gather citizenship data on every person living in the country. >> knowing this information is vital to formulating sound public policy. >> good evening. i'm julie haener . >> and i'm frank somerville. after a court battle that went to the u.s. supreme court, president trump changed course today on adding a citizenship question to the census. >> ktvu's alex savidge is here with what the ministration will do inside . >> and a shift in strategy, frank and julie on this issue. the president said today he will issue an executive order using other means to obtain data on how many noncitizens are living here in the u.s. in a statement from the rose garden today, president trump says he is ordering every federal department and agency to provide the commerce department with records on the
6:00 pm
number of citizens and noncitizens in the u.s. last month, you will remember the supreme court blocked the president's plan to add the citizenship question to the senses and the census bureau has already started printing out their forms. until yesterday, it appeared the administration would keep fighting despite the high court's ruling. >> with today's executive order, wch eliminates long- standing obstacles to data sharing, we are aiming to count everyone. ultimately, this will allow us to have an even more complete count of citizens than through asking the single question alone. it will be what we think, for more accurate. >> the citizenship question was the focus of lawsuits by several civil rights group who said it would deter people from participating in the census. and undercount of immigrants could cut federal funding in many predominantly democratic areas and possibly reduce congressional representation.


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