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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 11, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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except for millions of you, of course. wait, millions of people are watching? yeah. we're making a commercial. if it's connected, it's protected with xfinity xfi. now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity delivers the best in-home wifi experience. plus, add xfi advantage for enhanced network security. click, call or visit a store today to learn more. a man from santa rosa is under arrest for a hit-and-run crash that left a two-year-old girl injured. we don't know whether he knew that he had been involved in an accident. those are questions we to answe- year-old is expected to survive. she was hit after running into a street in santa rosa. good evening everyone. the driver did not stop in tonight police arrested him on
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charges of felony hit-and-run and driving under the influence. it happened at about 2:30 pm. on range avenue near the cutting town mall in santa rosa. live coverage from deborah with late details.>> reporter: you can see the mall is right across the street. there are bus stops and offices here. many people ran to help the toddler she lay helpless. people driving or walking on busy range avenue. rush to help a toddler. hit enter owned by a vehicle and left unconscious on the pavement.>> i pulled over. i picked her up. and carried her to the curb. i called 911. >> reporter: police say the little girl with the with her grandmother in the parking lot of the social security office. while the grandmother loaded her cart the two-year-old
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dashed away. >> the child was rushed to a local hospital. then airlifted to children's in oakld.ed in on a white van parked nearby. matching witness descriptions and video from area businesses. they found the owner what he six-year-old hector cabrales larios in his apartment. 46-year-old. neighbors were watching. he was just sitting there. he was just sitting there calmly. they were asking him but he would not reply.>> reporter: in time the van was told. hector cabrales larios taken to headquarters for hours of questioning. we don't know how fast he was going. we don't know whether he was impaired. we don't know whetvolved in the accident. those answer. >> reporter: by evening they arrested him for felony hit-and- run and felony dui. the suspects wife said he came into their apartment and lay down. gave no sign anything was amiss. he said i'm tired.
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okay you sleep. that is it. that is it. >> reporter: his family admits he has previous duis. but found his arrest hard to accept. ac this neighborhood full of family. is reminded how fast a little one can dart away. and how dangerous that can be. i have two kids of my own. i'm always. cautious. every moment they could walk away. something happens. even if you are taking the most care of them anything can happen. >> reporter: we are told the little girl will survturns out for drunk driving convictions in the past six years. three were misdemeanors. one was a felony. at one person is dead fo
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the accident was reported at about 7:40 pm on the northbound seventh street offramp of one vehicle was engulfed in flames sending a large plume of smoke into the air. there is no word on what caused the crash. a teenager in san ramon is facing hate crime and vandalism charges in connection with racially charged graffiti that was spray-painted on several buildings near camino ramon. police say video from an atm that was vandalized help them identify the suspect. 18-year-old jacob lee of san ramon. he turned himself over to police this afternoon. his bail has been set at $40,000. p back down today on efforts to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census. he signed an executive order to get a count of noncitizens from federal databases. jana is here with the impact that could have. >> reporter: the census is mandated by the constituti to get a count of how many people
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live in the u.s. president trump said today he believed no start stone unturned to count how many other people are not citizens. the battle over adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census ended thursday. president trump change tactics. saying instead he would issue an executive order. i'm ordering every department and agency in the federal government to provide the department of commerce with all requested records regarding the number of citizens and noncitizens in our country.>> reporter: the records could include social security homeland security hetero tax records and other federal databases. the move comes after the u.s. supreme court june ruling the trump administration's reasons for adding the question were insufficient. it would have been drawn out fights in court. they did not have enough time. to go through that is why they put up a white flag today. >> reporter: david levine said the census did have a citizenship question until the
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1950s. the census bureau learned through its statistical work that was causing an undercount. since the goal under the constitution is the count every single person they backed away in recent years. from asking the question. so they would not inadvertently cause an undercount. >> reporter: in the fruitvale district at the spanish- speaking's citizens foundation two dozen people gathered thursday night for a citizenship class. 30% of the people said they did not know what the census was.>> reporter: alisha the executive directors that she is worried there is a danger of the 2020 census undercounting the nation's population. due to a lack of education about the census it's purpose and people's fear of immigration status census takers come knocking. they say i come for the census. they have no idea what the census is and they won't open the door.>> reporter: the numbers have political consequences. the primary purpose is representation. there is a formula that uses
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census population numbers to decide how many congressional districts each state gets.>> reporter: eric mcgee of public policy institute said the president's executive order only repeats the administration's past announcement it will try to create a new database of noncitizens. they are going to try using the other administrative records to match to the census and figure out who in the census who has responded is a citizen.>> reporter: if states switch over to a different citizenship database mcgee said areas with high numbers of noncitizens such as california arizona or texas would have less representation in congress. certainly states such as california which would lose in that situation might not go that direction. other states could.
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the trump administration is expected to carry out immigration sweeps across the country as early as sunday. dozens of people held a protest outside the ice office on samson street in san francisco. the crowd heard frwas held in a detention facility at the border. >> we came here escaping violence. we were met with immigration enforcement. that looks like the same violence. >> reporter: watchdog groups have said order detention facilities are dangerously overcrowded and unsanitary. protesters today called on the federament to shut down the facilities. and to stop separating migrant children from their families. the threat of rates in the area has many immigrant communities bracing. self-pay reporter jesse shows us how elected officials are pushing back against what they call a campaign of fear.>> reporter: really part of a larger war on immigrates
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immigrants. about david said ahead of sunday's possible ice raids officials are preparing protections for undocumented residents potentially targeted by ice. the county's rapid response network is active. to send app service to ice activity sites. to provide extra ice and legal advice. the county invested resources to make sure anyone who gets caught up in a rate has legal representation. you want people to feel empowered. >> reporter: right now many undocumented residents are filled with a sense of fear and apprehension. for the second time in as many months the trump administration is threatening raids to arrest at least 2000 undocumented people facing deportation orders. from at least 10 cities across the country. this includes cities here in the bay area. immigration attorney said there are fears there will be collateral arrest.>> there will be this broad dragnet that is going to capture them even
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though they don't have any removal orders. it is creating panic of the community and fear of separation of families of people who want to pursue a better life in this country. now that will be stripped away.>> reporter: municipalities from the north bay to the south from the east of the ocean's edge. i banding together to defend against unwanted action and protect what they say the vital group in the community. we stand by our commitment as a sanctuary city regardless of what had is happening with our federal government. we will do everything we can to support and protect our residents. >> reporter: the oakland mayor issued a statement in response to the latest trump threats which reason i want to ensure members of our community not to panic but be prepared. know your rights and responsibilities. in san jose jesse gary. the american civil liberties union has filed a lawsuit to stop immigration
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sweeps slated to begin sunday. the group is doing the trump administration manhattan federal court arguing the government system can notify immigrants of deportation proceedings is in chaos. the suit claims the government has failed to give proper notice to thousands of immigrants of their hearings or gave long times or places to show up. the trump administration said that the enforcement action will go forward as planned. in addition to san francisco and los angeles the other cities being targeted by ice include atlanta baltimore chicago denver houston miami new orleans and new york. there are a number of rallies planned tomorrow against the potential sweeps. we have a list on our website. a wild high-speed chase through saphone video one witness captured. your weekend just around the corner. it is warming up. further warm
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and into saturday. cracking down on illegal dumping and oakland. why city officials say their recent efforts have been a success.
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a high-speed chase caught on camera. this bus suspect racing through san airport going airborne
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after hitting the speedbump. two people were taken into custody. police are still looking for a third person. and with what witnesses all.>> reporter: it was a high-speed pursuit through what is normally a high traffic area. at midnight the only thing flying through san jose international air force was this honda civic. hernandez a shuttle bus driver heard the sirens and started rerding. said he is going to lose control. >> reporter: the county sheriff's office said it started when deputies spotted his old and vehicle neurosensory and tele. instead of pulling over the at 100 miles per hour going through red lights and stop lights. and finally ending southwest expressway area.>> reporter: investigators say the driver
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and two passengers jumped out. the suspects fled on foot going through neighborhoods. jumping through fences. eventually two of them were arrested. one of them is still at large. >> reporter: they arrested 18- year-old anthony as well as a 14-year-old girl. in the vehicle they confiscated passports credit cards ids in an air soft gun. the gun could've been mistaken as a real gun. >> reporter: and attempts to find a third sut they set up a perimeter and deployed canines. they say a bystander any nearby apartment was bitten and transported to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. fernandez said he is glad no one else was hurt during this wild pursuit.>> i was thankful at almost midnight. there was no people around. because it is always full. >> reporter: he was booked into jail on cluding evading po of stolen property and possession of a stolen vehicle. he was already on probation for
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similar charges. the search continues for the third suspect. investigators are asking a witness to come forward the shooting death of a teenage athlete from livermore. please release this picture today of a white volkswagen beagle. it was at the scene of the homicide. detective say they think the person driving the car on monday night might have seen the shooting. at the taco bell restaurant on east stanley boulevard. invest get us a 16-year-old emmanuel mosby was shot and killed about 9:30 pm. he died at the hospital. police have been looking for the alleged gunman. 21-year-old jorge telles. anyone with information should contact livermore police. safeway store in alameda south shore was closed because of a small explosion. sky fox was overhead as firefighters and police investigated a smoky haze. and a smell in the grocery a ore.
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gas leak. officials later found some type of firecracker was set off in the refrigeration unit. authorities say one woman suffered a minor injury and was treated on the scene and release. bart is testing new fare gates in hopes of cracking down on fear cheats. new prototype pop-up gates were installed today at the fruitvale station in oakland. bart said they will be gathering information over the next few months to see if the new gates are an effective way of cutting down on fair evaders. here at the fruitvale station we have the modification. we basically increase the air pressure on the fair gait. when people try to force them open which is been an issue in the past. it is heavier and more difficult to force itop en. with that and the pop-up areas we are hoping it makes an impact. last month. installed their in richmond. the stack gait is essentially a double gate that is much taller
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than what is currently in operation at other bart stations. they say gait jumpers cost the system between 15 and $20 million a year in we are check weather now. we have high-pressure building in. that has allowed temperatur to increase. they will increase again tomorrow and into saturday. this week in unusual in that the summer we had a lot of cool weekends. below average temperatures the last couple. as we go forward into this weekend the high pressure will build in. strengthen and highs in the inland valleys on saturday could make the middle 90s but it will feel like summer again for the first time in a while. we have a couple days. not a weekend that has been straight through. with that said we've got clouds to the north. clouds off the coast and high- pressure building over the desert for corners. that pushes to us. it keeps the fog at the coast. the fog will be a player at the coast through the weekend. it has been minimized a little bit. it is not getting over the coastal hill. not everyone will have fog
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tomorrow morning as we have seen. tomorrow morning we will see more clearing and rapidly. that will allow temperatures to get into the low 90s as they did today. currently 67 in fairfield. 67 concorde. fog on the golden gate bridge. this fog staying around the bay. it won't make the livermore valley and into the santa rosa area toward petaluma. we wake up sunny. we end up warmer. that is tomorrow. saturday in the five date when i return. high winds are fueling a massive brush fire in maui tonight. so far consumed more than 1000 acres. he broke out in the central part of the island. it trol. as many as 4000 people have been evacuated including part of key hey. smoke from the fire forces some flights to the main airport to be diverted. the airport is open tonight. the fire is burning along a major north-south highway access in and out was blocked.
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officials say the highway has reopened. california lawmakers approved a multibillion-dollar plan to help the states major electric utilities. in the face of another wildfire season. the biggest power companies will spend at least $5 billion on safety improvements under the bill lawmakers sent to governor newsom today. the measure would also create a bond of up to $21 billion to compensate certain victims of wildfires caused by utility equipment. wildfire survivors say the measure will give them more leverage to get money from pg&e despite the fact they are currently in bankruptcy. new figures released by 90% of their population since the devastating campfire last year. a door-to-door survey counted 2034 residence in paradise. thshow the population had declined to nearly 4600 as of january 1. back in 2010 the census put the
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population of paradise at 26,800. the defense rest the case in the ghost ship warehouse trial. why attorneys for derek almena are confident the jury will decide in their favor. a man survived after jumping off the golden gate bridge. the film he is now making 20 years later.
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a police chief on a central coast says she left her gun in the bathroom at a restaurant and it was immediately stolen. police chief deanna cantrell talked about mistake in a facebook video yesterday. she says she quickly realized what she had done. and return to the restroom. she found the gun was gone. security video showed a man pictured here use the bathroom and then left the restaurant. police now want to talk to the man. the chief calls her actions irresponsible and dangerous. instead she expects to be held accountable. the fbi is offering a $5000
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reward for information leading to the recovery of several stolen items including a colt m4 semi automatic rifle. there were taken from a special agents vehicle last night. along with a magazine loaded with 45 caliber ammunition and fbi jacket. the agents vehicle was parked in a lot of the hagan burgers shopping center on edgewater drive in oakland. anyone with information should contact the fbi field office in san francisco. the defense rested the case today in the go ship warehouse trial. that announcement came after the prosecution finished his cross-examination of master tenant derek almena. he acknowledged he signed the lease to the wareho inspections of the changehe made to the building. defense attorney objected to the da repeatedly asking the same questions of his client. he said he is confident they will prevail. i don't think we were damaged severely by the cross- examination. i think my clients come out pretty well. i think there is going to be
10:26 pm
onable doubt in the case. the da will start presenting rebuttal witnesses on monday. and closing arguments are expected to begin july 29. a jury in san francisco found a man guilty on a hit-and- run crash that left a san francisco police officer with a traumatic brain injury. was on bike patrol when he was deliberately hit by an suv in 2017. today it jury found willie flanagan guilty of nine counts including assault with a deadly weapon. a large number of fellow officers were in the courtroom today. unfortunately ileus has a long road ahead of him. we are happy that the verdict came out in this instance and there was justice for him and his family. the family members say the officer is making significant progress. in his recovery. bumps and bruises on a flight heading to australia.
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coming up tonight passengers described the intense turbulence the left dozens of people hurt. preparing for the big one. east bay is making should the effort structure on the berkeley hills can handle a major earthquake. to mba all-stars will be played trading places shaking up the western conference. the news on two former mvps will be playing together in houston. later in sports. cleaning arresting and prosecuting. those might be the key some city leaders say might come back illegal dumping. combat. show me the crown. show me homecoming. baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you uh mind giving someone else a turn? oh... yeah i made myself a little comfortable here. i got a pizza for amy! yes, that's me! xfinity lets you search netflix, prime video, and youtube with the sound of your voice. and i don't have my wallet, so...
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a potluck was held in oakland to celebrate alameda county success in cracking down on illegal dumping. leaders say their new program is making a real difference when it comes to cleaning up city streets. paul chambers joins us outside the county's adminition building after a tending that even.>> reporter: i have covered personally so many of these illegal dumping stories i had to ask what make the program different. the supervisor said for the first time ever city county and community stakeholders are coming together to combat this issue. the point of the dozens of arrests and tons of trash they got off the street as evidence it is working.
10:31 pm
it is no secret the city of oakland has an illegal dumping issue. driving down some streets you can see piles of trash and prid committee. we try to keep it clean. you have outside forces feel it is okay to dump.>> reporter: we see construction debris. we even see animals like dogs. they just come over and dump.>> reporter: back in april on earth day oakland officials visit owners activists in several agencies joined forces. installing signage in several cameras. which are targets for the cleanup. once the leader said those are two of the most notorious spots for illeganing upenrcement. the sheriff citations.>> reporter: that is the beginning. so far they have collected 25 tons of degree debris from those areas. five people helping caught illegally dumping items.
10:32 pm
some on camera. 79 abandoned vehicles have been told. 25 people have been arrested for other crimes. including a murder suspect. deputies come out here and periodically patrol. that is what they were doing. observing.>> reporter: another part of the crackdown is community involvement. getting someone's license plate can help. or just a mistake by the illegal dumper. will leave evidence behind. there was one envelope with an address and it. we sent him a cease and desist notice. that is one of the cases the da is looking at and prosecuting.>> reporter: so far two people have been charged with illegal dumping. the six-month pilot program is t paid for by taxpayers and hope to expanded the current program is over in october. in san francisco ers are asking voters to approve a new $628 million bond measure.
10:33 pm
aimed at getting the city ready for a next large earthquake. london breed hosted a news conference today where she made her pitch to voters saying the bond measure will go to improve critical infrastructure. the mayor the fire chief and the police chief also together saying the city needs to make improvements the public safety buildings. all of these places matter. when the disaster hits their only job is to focus on saving lives of the citizens of san francisco. and not worried about the conditions of their buildings and whether or not they are in a back condition in the first place themselves. voters will decide on the bond measure in march of next year. is not just afterschool making earthquake upgrades. east bay mud thousands of feet of new pipeline along the hayward fault.>> reporter: this usgs simulation based on the best sciences this is what happens at the seven magnitude quake
10:34 pm
strikes the east bay mud water system. in berkeley and hayward the ground shifts 3 to 5 feet. >> reporter: some east bay residents lose water for six weeks. and up to six months.>> reporter: to prevent that they are busy on a four month project on the very top of the hayward fault in the berkeley hills that will replace a century old 3000 foot long pipeline. the current pipeline has averaged a major break each year for the last 30 years with increasing regularity. as the land here has continued to shake and shift. the next generation of hazard resilient materials. it is pipe that can move back and forth within the joint. it can actually deflect also. it can bend to the right or the left. up and down. a certain number of degrees. as the land shifts as an earthquake comes and shakes the ground the pipe is going to move with the land.>> reporter: the superstrong and flexible system with an expected 150
10:35 pm
year lifespan is virtually impervious to corrosion. the main reason pipes fail in the east bay corrosive soil. is able to shift more. bend a little bit more than the old cast iron. it is not as brittle.>> reporter: two more pipe replacements the projects are in the planning stage. we reached a record goal. replacing 17.6 miles of pipe.>> reporter: the hayward fault should rupture to its full potential there is no way we are going to avoid massive damage. but the more infrastructure that holds together or needs less repairs the quicker the recovery. th could be measured in months and not years. new orleans is bracing for a big storm. the large prediction of rain that could put parts of the gulf coast underwater. we are tracking the forecast. it is foggy at the coast. it will be warm in lynn
10:36 pm
tomorrow and for the weekend. see you back here. incredible video of a drug bust in the pacific ocean. how the coast guard was able to take down a submarine filled with thousands of pounds of cocaine.
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the u.s. coast guard relieves some harrowing video of an encounter with this semi submersible vessel.un of cocain in route to the u.s. the crew of the coast guard you see it right there. was able to board the vessel make arrest and sethe drugs. the coast guard said that seizure of narcotics was one of 14 recent drug bust off the coast of mexico. central and south america. in the value of the drugs seized $569 million. intense turbulence injured 37 passengers on a air canada flight and forced the plane to land in hawaii. those were not wearing seatbelts hit the ceiling sydney australia was two hours past hawaii when the turbulence began. i just hit the roof. everyone went quiet for 40
10:40 pm
minutes. the plane heading to honolulu and landed safely. injuries included cuts bumps bruises neck pain and back pain. 30 people were taken to hospitals. including nine who were seriously injured. attorneys for jeffrey epstein argued today he should be held under house arrest while he waits for his trial. be staying in his multimillion dollar apartment in new york city. the 66 zero is charged with abusing and trafficking underage girls some just 14 years old. between 2002 and 2005. he spent 13 months in jail on similar charges in florida 10 years ago. in a controversial plea deal by the current labor secretary alex acosta. teslas model as has been named motor trends ultimate car of the year. it was the first electric car to be named part of the year in november 2012. motor trend said the model s is the best of the best. car of the year going back to 1949.
10:41 pm
the magazine cites its range acceleration and cutting edge technology saying the car change the way the world thinks about electric cars. more records were set in an otherwise bumpy day of trading. the dow jones was up 227th close above 27,000 for the first time. the nasdaq fell 6. the s&p was up six. enclosed just below 3000. also setting an all-time high. new orleans is bracing for a hurricane. the preparations underway. a man who attempted suicide at the golden gate bridge is now making a film about the suicide prevention being installed. we will take you behind the scenes. the warm-up continues through the weekend. bill martin is back to dial in the forecast coming up.
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20 years ago he jumped up and go to gate bridge. as he was falling he realized he made a mistake. he did not want to die. he survived. now kevin hines is making a documentary about the suicide net being installed on the bridge. his goal is to save lives. amber is at the gate bridge. he talked to kevin hines. what incredible story he has.>> reporter: it absolutely is.
10:45 pm
he tells me it is the partnership between bridge officials and advocates for suicide prevention that made this deal nets possible. he offers a unique perspective. the most beautiful man-made structure ever created will finally become the greatest and largest and brightest beacon for suicide prevention around the world.>> reporter: he has a personal story to tell about the iconic golden gate bridge. he attempted suicide jumping off the bridge almost 19 years ago. i was in the water drowning when i jump. if it weren't for the sea lion kept me afloat until the coast guard boats was heard behind me. i would not be here. he to make a documentary called the net. is a duty. is something i must do.>> reporter: the film was show the need for a suicide prevention net. and the struggle to turn it into a reality. transformed the bridge for those people
10:46 pm
that might not have a positive. it transforms that bridge into a place of hope. >> reporter: it took decades for a suicide prevention net to come to fruition. for a long time >> the golden gate bridge board wasn't ready to make this sort of investment. in a suicide net.>> reporter: times and attitude about mental health have change. in 2014 funding for the $210 million project became available. that is the essence of what we are trying to do. to stop suicide and to save lives.>> reporter: some steal brackets that will hold the net on both sides of the bridge have been installed. more brackets in the net are still being manufactured. to get the project done crews are working six nights a week with lane closures and both directions. hines who now works as an advocate for suicide prevention set the few who survived don't attempt suicide again.
10:47 pm
he said he regretted trying to kill himself and that it was mental illness that led to his attempts. this film and the net partners in prevention. not e more beautiful soul will ever again be lost of this bridge. what a triumph. >> reporter: the suicide prevention net and the film is scheduled to be completed january 2021. hines that the film will be available in theaters and on digital platforms. the bridge spokeswoman said the net will be with her bridge tolls state and federal funds. i'm wondering was that out talking to kevin hines. i spoken with him before. such a remarkable human being. >> reporter: he said he went on and got married and has a happy and full life. he is evident that after attempting suicide people go on to live full and satisfactory lives. a new display at pianos now open in san francisco's golden
10:48 pm
gate park. today is the beginning of the flower piano event. 12 pianos are in place now throughout the botanical garden. anyone can play the pianos. professional musicians have agreed to step in and perform as well. the event runs through july 22. looking at the weather it will be a warmer day for friday. temperatures on the increase. santa rosa today was 90. tomorrow 92. slow increase in temperatures right through saturday. we will gain 3 degrees in concorde tomorrow. from 90 today 93 tomorrow. san jose goes up 5 degrees. the high pressure is building. the air sinks and warms. the fog stays at the coast. we get a more typical summer pattern. it has been an atypical pattern. for much of the summer. now we have more of what you expect. the fog is already in.
10:49 pm
you can see it around fremont and down to milpitas. we have a tough time getting over the east bay hills. it will stick mostly in the bay. current temperatures adjust in the 50s and 60s around the bay and at the coast. you can see the dense fog on the golden gate bridge. as we go to the next couple days or through tomorrow the areas that will be the warmest hot areas santa rosa concorde and livermore. there is your bay. there is your costs. stenson will make 66 degrees. half moon bay 62. with all of this you are looking at temperatures in the next couple days above where they have been. patchy fog asepsis go around lunch time. it burns off. mostly sunny south of market down by the ballpark. 68 degrees. down in mission rock. the low pressure center here. it's weekend. the high will push it back. it is building in from the southeast. with that we will see temperatures begin to warm. we did see them today. we will see them warm again
10:50 pm
tomorrow. a couple degrees here and there. by saturday it is mid-nineties possible in the warmest inland locations. it is building. is that way above normal? know. it is just not where we happen which is been very cool. tomorrow warmer. more forecast highs for you. this will carry into friday. just at 2 degrees. carries to saturday. you will get your saturday numbers. sunday will cool off a little bit. either way much more traditional july weekend for the entire bay area could be the coast which will see son at pacifica. the five day forecast. there it is. it warms up through saturday. sunday to begin to back down a little bit. louisiana's governor is warning people to get ready now for tropical storm barry. the storm is gaining strength in the gulf of mexico and keeps turning closer to the gulf coast. new orleans has already seen torrential rain. as much as 10 inches of rain on
10:51 pm
some areas in just a few hours. some evacuations have been ordered. storm warnings are posted. barry will make landfall late tomorrow or early saturday. it is not just louisiana in harms way. parts of texas and mississippi are also expecting heavy rain and flash flooding. coming up in sports 2 nba all-stars will trade places shaking up the western conference. the details of who is on the move. on the 11 pm news r&b singer r kelly is behind bars again. the charges he is facing. my experience with usaa
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xfinity delivers the best in-home wifi experience. plus, add xfi advantage for enhanced network security. click, call or visit a store today to learn more. mart is here with sports. big changes in the nba. amazing about the nba it is 24 seven 365. they are in the news every day. why can't hockey be in the news more? you can answer that. they say it is a players league to say the least. quite literally. it has become a thing anybody wants to play with another buddy they make it happen. today houston and okc accommodating a couple guys. russell westbrook will go to the rockets. and join his former teammate at
10:55 pm
of the time ball hogs. the very talented guy in the league. they give up chris paul shooting the jumper right there. the two okc he will go. we will see how long he lasts. with 2 first round picks. okc building for the future. they get a first round pick in 24 and 26. okc is now accumulated eight first round picks between now and 2026. see what happens tomorrow. however there is something that will remain the same on the warrior's bench. ron adams has turned down an opportunity to assistant coach he will stay as the defensive wizard with the golden state warriors. and lake tahoe steph curry and a whole bunch of big-time celebrities for the annual infected 30th annual american century celebrity golf happening up there.
10:56 pm
the big important statistic $5 million raise for charity. lots of familiar names along with steph curry charles barkley aaron rodgers. justin timberlake. to name a few. steph curry excellent golfer. he has to knock out tony romo is the champion. he was asked of course about the warrior's new look in the west next year. were still competitive. summertime we have to enjoy ourselves. enjoy life in the fans. joe pavelski former shark as i recall. we are getting right down to it. wimbledon we know who will be in the women's finals. it will not be venus williams. she was there to watch serena her sister far court receiving here. from barbara. the forehand smash would take
10:57 pm
care the first set. 6-1 in favor of serena. now serving looking for get this her eighth title. at wimbledon. she has been sensational there. pretty much everywhere else. she will have to beat simona. there is david beckham on hand to check things out. pretty stylish. as serena is 9-1 against simona. lifetime. she is from romania. she is in the near court and serving beating. 6-1. 6-3. straight sets all around. hopefully the final match on saturday will be closer to that. baseball season. h the rules. the talk about some of the things. fox had it right. one of the ideas that really could take off in the future.
10:58 pm
miking the players during the game. he was the sounds of the game sampling from the all-star game. keep in mind this was in the middle of e game. they were miked. you might want to warn springer you are miked. i'm not going to warn him at all. i am miked by the way. i'm letting everyone know i'm not going anywhere. i'm not a scientist. whatever it does it does. it would be great for the game. some halfway point of the check this out season two. my personal favorite. so far in the minor-league
10:59 pm
season. check this out. mark schwartz tonight. bring your glove to the game. not your wallet. to use as a glove. this might wind up as one of my favorites. like that brings truck gave up all the money. show me the money indeed. that is the sporting life different now. it is 11 pm and time for more news. coming up next at 11. i have two kids of my own. i'm always cautious. every moment they could just walk away and something happens.
11:00 pm
even if you're taking the most care of them anything can happen. the moments in santa rosa is a car hits a two-year-old girl and the driver takes off. tonight a suspect is in custody. police say that hit-and-run suspect has a history of driving under the influence. the two-year-old girl was seriously hurt but is expected to survive. police david toller ran into traffic on range avenue the codding towne mall at 2:30 pm. deborah is in santa rosa with what led police to the suspect.>> reporter:going. police say that driver was impaired. and has four previous dui convictions in six years. people driving or


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