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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 15, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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training when it crashed on one of the airports runways. the other person on board is reportedly in serious condition. live and hayward with the latest on this breaking serious lot of people are very concerned about what is going on. if you take a look behind me you can see the airport manager told me short while ago that they close down the airport for a time. know they have reopened the 2 runways. it is the taxiway at the back where you may be able to see some blinking lights in the distance. that is where this crash happened. he told us right now they do
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not know the identity of the victim who is out there. here is a little bit of what he had to say about what happened. >> there were 2 people on board. it was an instructional flight. a fright instructor and student. there was one fatality. the other was transported to the medical center for treatment. >> reporter: at this moment they say they are waiting for the coroner's office to finish up here. i asked for they were doing. it was believed they were doing some practice on hovering. that is trying to maintain the helicopter just above ground. he told me there are 2 sets of controls inside the training helicopter. it is unclear who wa the time of the crash. somebody up in the air traffic control center saw it and called it in. if you take a look back out here live you can see that right now there is not a whole lot of activity right now. they say they are expecting
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somebody from washington dc with the national transportation safety board to be out here on route. they probably will not be able to make it out here until tomorrow, so they're planning to keep this area and the crash scene secured overnight until they can get investigators in here. there was no fire, but they did have response from police and fire department. in the meantime there is a lot of concern. it is innate a tightknit community. a lot of people see each other on a daily basis. there are many other fine schools out here, so right now they are trying to find out who it was that was actually killed in this crash and then trying figure out why it happened.>> at this point going back to the airport itself. is the airport open or is it essentially shut down as a result of what happened?>> reporter: according to the manager they are allowing aircraft to land and to take off, but the problem is right now they are having to readjust the configuration because the entire taxiway where the crash happened has been shut down. people are allowed to come in and out, but they will have to take a different route than
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they might normally in order to get up in the air. >> are you getting any indication as to when they might release the names of the person who was killed in the other person injured?>> there has certainly been a lot of discussion around here. we are hearing some things, but nothing confirmed yet. certainly in this kind of situation they want to be absolutely sure and make sure that they contact the family. the corners office is expected to release the name when they have made family notification. >> thank you. the man who admitted to killing a couple on a beach in the north bay 15 years ago was sentenced today for the killings and the murder of his brother as well. he admitted to shooting them as they were sleeping on a beach. andre senior is at the hall of justice. andre, today the mother of lindsay actually brought her daughter's wedding dress to court because it she wanted him to see it.
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>> reporter: she sure did. the mother and her husband have been waiting a year or 10 years for justice here and today they finally got it and admitted to the prosecutor say in and fascinated with killing and death. >> a wedding dress represents a happy time in the lives of families.>> the lives was taken. the merger was taken. >> it is a reminder that their daughter never got to where this. >> we hate what he did. >> he admitted to shooting them as the engaged camp counselor slept on a beach in 2004. to avoid the death penalty the suspect pleaded no contest. while he wont be put to death he will likely die in prison for the crime and the attempted murder of another man.
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>> how do you compare life in prison to the mercer the murders of these kids?? >> that's got a 1st look after he was questioned about his brother's murder. in his confession he said he was drunk was scaling down a 200 foot cliff. after seeing the couple he went back up the cliff and clot his rifle and went back down. he told authorities he shot him 1st in the cheek while he slept. he shot her after she awoke from hearing the blast. >> it was painful. some of those details we have never heard before. that was especially alarming and hurtfu the murder was horrible. shooting him point blank within
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a or 15 in the chest and neck. the death of a loved one is hard, but life taken in such a horrible way is on another level. especially when those laser taken just 3 weeks before they were to wed. >> she chose this happy and beautiful flower and the color and it was going to be a glorious day. it was going to be beautiful. >> prosecutors say there is a reason he went on this murderous rampage, but the defense is something the loved ones who are killed here are just not buying. i will have that are coming up at 6. ktvu fox 2 news. now to east san jose were several brushfires destroyed 2 building today. the managed to quickly contain the fires and prevent further damage . >> reporter: this probe will officially be open in about 25 minutes to the residents who live up here. at the moment nobody is allowed, but they are pretty well cleaned up. when the 1st of the 1st responders got here they called in every resource they could.
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at about 11 i am a fire started at the bottom of a steep hill in the east san jose foothills who quickly spread to a neighborhood on a side of the. fire returned. more than 100 firefighters from the city, county, and cal fire stopped and contained the fire out 47 acres. they cut power to an area when the wire started arcing a. some people evacuated when firefighters came, but others rushed back to their neighborhood that were required to wait for the firefighting effort to conclude. >> my neighbor told me my house was burned down. they said it's burnt. we are just waiting to see what is going on. >> i called them and i was able to reach my son and he said everything was fine and. it came to the edge of our property and they were both fine and. the house was full of smoke. >> residents thought their
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neighborhood was fire safe. >> that is a good question because we had done everything as far as i can tell. this kind of stuff we do not own. we have no control unless we can get a hold of who owns it and tell them they need to keep that all down. >> a mobile home will burn to the ground. a small pet dog perished in the cottage fire. >> there have been no humans or civilians that have been injured on this fire. >> this will be open at 5:30. the residents can go up there. firefighters was dave young just to make sure that no loan number or smoking number remains and that could take most of the night. at 3.5 magnitude earthquake at the selfie this afternoon. it happened just after 1:45 with the epicenter about 10
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miles north of morgan hill. people in san jose in the area reported they felt the shaking. there have been no reports of any damage. trump issued a new rule today that raises standards for asylum-seekers, but critics say it will likely be challenged in court. the rule says micro seeking asylum will not be allowed to apply for protection in the u.s. if they passed through another country on their way to america. targeting migrants from honduras, guatemala, and el salvador. >> this is going to send a clear message to people considering coming up illegally to this country to overwhelm our borders with the hope they will get by the 1st hurdle and then disappear into our interior. >> there are some exceptions. immigrants who applied and were denied asylum in another country and vic comes of severe forms of trafficking. this change is set to go into
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effect today, but it is expected to be challenged in court. the aclu called the rule unlawful and always has on filing suit. nancy pelosi released this statement. the administration is overreaching and stacking the deck by limiting the rights to due process under our law. steamer protesters in san francisco targeted amazon one of the most important days. christian is in the city tonight at a facility. those protesters say that amazon is helping immigrations and customs enforcement. >> reporter: those protesters timed their action today to coincide with amazon prime day with a very clear message. they want the company to sever all ties with immigration and customs enforcement. about 2 dozen protesters gathered in san francisco. saying the allman ris offering services that support immigration and customs enforcement to protest organizers the organizers say
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is by immigration officials. >> many people today are buying shoes and electronics, but actually amazon sells web services. they sell facial recognition technology called recognition and these are the technologies that are the backbone for us to be able to store data and target people and then deport them. >> the group was turned away at amazon store while attempting to hand-deliver a stack of signatures they have urging the company to stop working with federal immigration officials. >> we have all of the signatures from across the country of false demanding that amazon and ties with ice and department of homeland security. >> while the decline to take the signatures at their office the company did respond by email. same the company wants to work on new laws to clarify how and when technology should be used.
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companies and government organizations need to use existing and new technology responsibly and lawfully. there is clearly a need for more clarity from governments on what is acceptable use of ai and ramifications for its misuse. protesters say amazon needs to act now. >> zach they have to stop this abuse of power. po >> reporter: today's protest in san francisco coincided with a half-day at a warehouse. many of them african immigrants had a range of concerns. including pay, working conditions, and safety concerns. ktvu fox 2 news. . he cannot look a child in the face and he cannot look all americans in the face and justify why this country is throwing them in cages. instead, he tells us that i should go back to the great borough of the bronx and make it better.
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that is what i am here to do. >> a world of words intensified on capitol hill. president trump still taking aim at several democratic congress women of color. more on how they are responding at 5:30. this trial continues. coming up at 5:30. what the last few witnesses said on the stand today that could potentially damage the defense case. tragedy in the south bay. a driver hit and killed a bicycle rider. leaving another in critical condition. of savings and service. whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real. i'm real!
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an explosion today killed a gas company worker and injured 15 other people. socal gas says in a statement that one resident of a home may also be unaccounted for following this afternoon's blast at a house in marietta and riverside county. the company says crews initially responded to reports of a national gas line that was damaged by a contractor working in the area. this potion happened shortly after utility workers arrive to inspect the line. the flow of gas to the property was stopped an hour later. the bus destroyed the home and sent up a wall of flames and heavy smoke. the struggle of people her today when a roof collapsed at a casino in the la area owned by larry flynt. the county fire department says the collapse happened at 10 this morning at the lucky lady casino in gardena. pictures from inside show the floor littered with ceiling tiles, wires, and other rubble. authorities said 8 people had to be taken to the hospital. the casino was evacuating search and rescue team went through the building with dogs. the cause is still under investigation. larry flynt is the publisher of hustler magazine. he bought the club in 2016 and
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he also owns several other casinos and the clubs. one bicyclist is dead and a 2nd clings to life after they were hit by an suv. it is the 3rd deadly accident involving a cyclist and just the past 2 months. they were writing this morning near the corner of west capital expressway in south san jose.>> you can imagine she is obviously very shaken up. >> the fatal accident took place around 7:45 monday morning near the intersection of west capital expressway and vista park drive. this driver was leaving the parking lot. some local say the high volume stripmall is right for potential collisions. >> i have lived here for 20 years. it is unsafe. it's unsafe for me even though
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i can be on that highway to make a left-hand turn. >> the female suv driver was making a right turn. the cyclist arriving in the same direction. despite painted markings from the bike lane and signage that she did not see. she had both men. one was killed in the 2nd is in critical condition. >> it's a situation where the life was in danger. claimant >> even using mandatory safety gear such as bells and lights near misses are a constant hazard on san jose streets.>> i had my bell and wave and yell out here i am. i give some type of the signal. a hand signal or voice signal. my bell. i stop. i do not keep going. >> so far there've been 3 fiddle collisions. in june anthony caruso was the head and killed a biker here. the bicycle coalition issued a statement in response to the
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recent loss of life saying our streets are one of the most dangerous places for anyone to be regardless of whether you are a person walking, biking, or driving. people need to understand driving is a huge responsibility. san jose police say regardless of bike lanes the cyclist in this case have the right-of- way. >> anytime you're in a parking lot you have to yield to pedestrian vehicle traffic as well as bicycles. >> police say this is the 26th fatal accident on city streets so far this year. they also say both cyclists were wearing helmets at the time of the collision. springtime traditionrn cali daffodil hill has closed indefinitely because of the areas infrastructure essentially cannot keep up with the overwhelming popularity. the owners posted on facebook
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today that after years of a crush of visitors back in april they realized that the limitation of the parking area created a liability and safety concern for everyone involved. the owners say they tried to look for solutions, but they cannot find a way to change the narrow roads and parking. spirit that is too bad. it's beautiful there.>> was check the weather now with bill martin. just a really nice day all around the bay area. exactly what you want to see this time of the year. a we have a pallor a pattern that is warmer today than yesterday. you probably noticed that.
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we are in the low 90s. those are pretty typical temperatures for this time of year. we are in july. temperatures did warm today, but they will stay sort of in this range tomorrow. whatever you had today is essentially what you will have tomorrow. we even have some clearing along the coast, which i think is kind of a bonus.'s are to me a bonus for my friends in the cove and clubhouse. more of the same tomorrow. these are the current temperatures. livermore at 85 this time of night is not that big of a deal, but it is warmer than yesterday. interesting. it is warmer generally today than yesterday. tomorrow will be about where it is today. this is not unusual. the fire danger is high, but not under any red flag warnings or advisory criteria. we are also not in any kind of spare the air situation. i see that as an upshot for this time of year because when you get into deep july and august and does not take much.
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we are seeing those things to an extent, but not to the extreme, which is really important. we did notice earlier was discussed at the airport. it is a good wind direction though, so it will not delay flights or anything like that. there is the fog. you can actually see this moving as the winds are going pretty significantly. it is making it a little tougher for the fog to reform. tomorrow was just like today. very similar with plenty of sunshine. right in the early morning hours and right of the coast. that is the forecast for tomorrow. these things change and we dip
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in temperatures as we get towards the middle end of the week. we will talk about that in the 5 day forecast when i see you next. still ahead tonight. president trump string more controversy. eight-week causing major backlash. today the 4 congresswoman he went after are responding. coming up. the oakland police department is requesting money to buy a 2nd armored truck. why critics say this sends the wrong message. early detection of alzheimer's disease. what researchers say about a blood test that screens people for the disease and other forms of dementia. try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the ceo of e-cigarette company is issuing an apology. according to the fda an estimated 3.6 million middle and high school students regularly use the cigarettes. san francisco-based is the largest producer of those vaping products. they have been criticized for marketing those that appear to target kids using's useful social media campaigns and creating fruiting candy flavored locks. in an interview with cnbc the ceo was asked what he would like to say to the parents of teens who have become addicted to their products. >> 1st of all i would tell them that i am sorry there child is using the product. it is not intended for them. i hope there was nothing we did that made it appealing to them. i am sorry for them and i have empathy for them in terms of
5:27 pm
the challenges they are going through. make city and county leaders voted to ban the sale of all e- cigarette's here in san francisco. the ban goes into effect next year. president trump today escalated his attacks on 4 progressive congresswoman of color. after tweeting they should go back to the country from which they came. it should be noted that all of them are u.s. citizens and the 3 of them were born here in the united states. today instead of apologizing he tweeted that those lawmakers should be apologizing to him. more tonight from washington dc. >> reporter: president trump still taking aim at aggressive democratic congresswomen a day after drawing significant criticism for a series of tweets that many deemed racist. the president suggesting to lawmakers all but one of whom were born in the united states go back to the country they came from. >> it is absolutely racist and un-american. it is an old truck here go back to where you came from. >> he doubled down with a
5:28 pm
series of new tweets. all critical of the congresswomen. he told reporters his original tweet was not racist. >> these are people that hate our country in my opinion. you can say what you want, but get a list of all the statements i have made. all i am saying that is if they are not happy here they can leave. >> some of his allies stand with the president, but there calling on him to take the high road and stop this war of words. >> aim higher. they are american citizens. they won election. take on their policies. the bottom line is this is a diverse country. spent this comes days after president trump defended house speaker nancy pelosi from the sam congresswomen leading some experts to suggest they may have overplayed his hand with his latest series of tweets. >> if he hadn't tweeted this
5:29 pm
latest thing it would have been interesting to see that he was a defender of nancy pelosi. he put her in a very awkward spot. she is comfortable now. >> house democrats are preparing a resolution that would officially condemn the presidents tweet. we >> the 4 progressive democrats held a news conference late this afternoon to denounce the presidents remarks. they said his hateful language is designed to distract the american people from his policies and the corrupt culture of his administration.>> this is the agenda of white nationalists. whether it is happening on national tv and now it has reached the white house garden. >> they are also calling on democrats to take up impeachment proceedings against the president. still to come. an organ donor has been declared brain-dead by doctors.'s family says it's still too soon to pull the plug and now they're trying to stop the process. the question is are you able to
5:30 pm
stop the process after the person has signed up to be a donor? also had. caring for more witnesses today . this go ship warehouse trial. how their testimony could put the defense's case in jeopardy.
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there's no such thing so start driving and don't stop. because no one takes off at the finish line. and the only way to get that trophy, is to take it. net generation. official youth tennis of the usta.
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the jury heard from more witnesses today. hoping to damage the defense in case one last time before closing arguments. henry lee was in court again today and he joins us now with more on today's testimony. >> reporter: at the trial it is near the end. the da is trying to remove any doubt that these men are liable for the deaths of 36 people. >> this agent testified about interviews she conducted with this man. a contractor who lived at the ghost ship. he told them he'd heard bottles breaking in an argument in the warehouse before seeing 7 people dressed in dark clothing running away. agents said he never mentioned any of that in his interviews.
5:34 pm
>> of course anything that impeaches credibility is painful for me. i do not think -- i do not think in the bigger picture that it is that meaningful. also on the stand was this man seen on the left. testified that he never heard max harrison's voice on the 911 calls reporting the fire. he testified he did call 911 and use the life from his phone to direct people out. he also testified he spoke to him at the red cross the day after the fire. the inspector said he had told him he had put harris in charge of the music event the night of the fire. according to the inspector he
5:35 pm
said because of harris's younger age he would be able to better relate to those attending the event. family members of victims say some defense witnesses are lying to try to protect the defendants. >> i can understand them lying for their friend. willing to lie over 36 dead people. innocent kids that went to an event. >> the jury will hear from the final witnesses to my. closing arguments are scheduled for july 29. san jose police are searching for a woman tonight who attacked a mother and pepper spray the family. it up and run 11:00 last night
5:36 pm
outside of a 7-eleven store on monterey road. when the mother got out of her car a woman assaulted her and at one point the suspect pepper spray the mother and her 2 children. the family was shaken up, but is expected to be okay. authorities are now searching for that attacker. doctors have declared this person brain- dead. . they want the organ donation delayed for a chance for a miracle recovery. >> these are some of the people who loved him the most. his 11-year-old son, father, and wife. they are all grief stricken and frustrated. >> i guess my 1st emotion would be devastated and shocked. >> doctors have declared him brain-dead. after he lost consciousness during a severe asthma attack a week ago on sunday. the father of 2 was just 30 years old.>> he was such a loving person. he was contagious and brought joy to everybody he touches. >> he had also agreed to be an organ donor and doctors are
5:37 pm
ready to harvest his vital part, but his family says his heart is still beating and they want 6 more days to see if somehow he can come back. >> i believe in god and i believe in miracles and prayer. >> when you're 30 years old and you go to the dmv and put to be a donor you expect at the end of your life your family will have the ultimate say. >> government donor agencies say they do not have the ultimate say. >> from legal commitment from that person. much like an advanced directive. it is what they want and it is our obligation as an organ recovery organization to >> donor network west would not discuss the specific case, but did talk about the process. they say if 2 doctors declare them brain-dead they are considered dead regardless of heart be in there is a limited
5:38 pm
window to remove the organs. >> things have to move pretty quickly. the butter temperature goes everywhere. the blood sugars go up and down. >> the family says what is surprising and devastating to them is how they want other families to realize that. >> i believe in organ donation. i want to donate my organs, but i want my family to give me my fighting chance. if i cannot speak for myself 1st. >> this film is scheduled to meet with doctors on tuesday to discuss what happens next. there hoping for a miracle. perhaps the estimated 10,000 people in the bay area waiting to receive transplants are hoping for a miracle. a blackout leads to some major headaches in new york city. what we are living from official tonight about the chaotic weekend and leaving millions in the dark. this mission is being called a success. the story of this coast guard cutter and their crew now back home in bay area waters. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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still no word on what caused a major blackout in new york city over the weekend. the power went out for several hours. millions of people were affected from a townsquare to rockefeller center. including fans attending the jennifer lopez concert at madison square garden. the sold-out show was cut short and she was forced to reschedule. the city's power grid and company is trying to figure out what happened. terrorism has been ruled out. the coast guardnroe back mi
5:42 pm
more than 3 month deployment to the pacific ocean. helping to see thousands of pounds of illegal drugs and that includes the mission were 2 crewmembers jumped onto a moving submarine right in the middle of the ocean to catch the drug smugglers in the act. it was a mission that was all caught on video.>> the man you hear shouting in this video is an officer with the coast guard cutter monroe based in alameda. him and other officers jumped onto a fast moving submarine hundreds of miles off the coast of south america. inside was 5 suspected drug runners transporting more than 800 kilos of cocaine. >> you are jumping on a boat that has water washing over the decks. it was a great move. they are great athletes. may have been working towards this type of takedown their
5:43 pm
whole careers. >> after a more than 3 month counter drug mission in the eastern pacific the 140 person crew returned to alameda this morning. glad to be back safe and anxious to make up for lost time. >> this is kind of part of the things that happened. >> the crewmembers say this work is rewarding. over the past 3 and half months they intercepted a total of 14 drug running vessels in the pacific. bases 39,000 pounds of cocaine and more than 900 pounds of marijuana. all with an estimated street value of about $570 million. >> we are proud of what we do. we get after what we can and we takedown what we can with new ships like we have got here. we have 2 more coming down the road. we are taking them down at a higher clip than we were in the
5:44 pm
past. >> now that it is back the crew will get some downtime over the next couple of months. they will do some maintenance on the ship and in the next couple of weeks the coast guard cutter will head out to the eastern pacific to continue that counter drug mission. where is barry now? a tropical depression, but the threat is not over yet. we will have the latest coming up. looking at the latest forecast around here. it does include temperatures dipping down a little bit as we head towards the middle end of this week.
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barry has not been downgraded to a tropical depression, but even so it has swapped parts of louisiana with torrential rain and flooding. statement what is left is not transformed part of the mississippi delta into with the state governor described as an ocean. steve has more now from warren county, mississippi. >> tropical depression barry has done more than a foot and a half of rain in parts of louisiana and it's not done yet. the storm continues to head north. bringing more torrential rain and prompting new flash flood warnings in louisiana and mississippi. barry hit the louisiana coast on saturday as a category 1 hurricane. then quickly weakened to a
5:48 pm
tropical storm. more than 90 people were rescued, but there were no reports of weather related fatalities it. officials in louisiana touring the damage on monday. the governor says he is grateful that barry did not cause the disastrous floods that were predict. >> we are gratified we did not get the amount of rain and the flooding we had been told to expect. we are also very thankful of the fact that the mississippi river stayed within the levees. >> about 8 inches of rain has fallen in parts of mississippi. forecasters say several more inches are possible. that is causing concern in areas of the world delta. already flooded from the mississippi river and its backwaters. the governor of mississippi tweeted that the delta has become an ocean. he is pushing hard for federally built pumps to alleviate the problem. >> so much water. >> let's bring in don martin because it's just the opposite out here. >> it's so different. mediterranean climate. that is where we live it. it is a dry summer and a wet winter. most other places in the
5:49 pm
country have a wet summer and wet winter or what have you. they get rain in the summer months. that is why we have such fire issues. the problem with barry certainly was that they had so much rain as before it even made landfall from other systems and tropical disturbances. here it is. it is not a tropical depression, but it is still pumping a lot of rain. they did dodge a bullet. they did not get the 2 feet of rain that would have caused a lot of issues. still something to watch in the tropics are certainly active this time of the year. we will be watching to hear more and such out there. with that said, what is happening here. not much. a little fog along the coast. highs will then get pumped back and we will see temperatures beginning to plummet a little bit. just not as warm as you might
5:50 pm
expect. tomorrow it will be. tomorrow will be just like today. current temperatures. it's warm, but i would not call that hot. significant winds blowing out of the west at the airport in san francisco. some gusts up to 45 miles per hour. sustained at 38. it's windy if you are out there. your noticing the wind. you can see what it's doing to the top of the father bank. is ripping apart. that is probably one of the reasons we are nothing but fog out there. when the winds died on the fog will come back big time. tomorrow will be a warm day. a nice day. as we get into wednesday night and mostly thursday and friday
5:51 pm
you notice temperatures drop as the system gets closer to us. a nice day overall. and temperatures will drop a little bit. the real headline here. the big take away is we are not looking at he waves at this point and we are not looking at red flag warnings of huge fire concerns or huge air-quality issues. that is huge for this time of year because it takes nothing to get a red flag warning essentially when you get this late in the season. we are not seeing that, so it's another week that cal fire can prepare for what is inevitable. the fires that will be coming. we are dead in fire season right now and so we do not have triple digit heat on the top- tier number. i feel pretty good. i think you do also because it's a much better environment. when the trough gets your temperatures will drop a. these are the hotspots and they're going to be in the mid 80s or upper 80s. definitely a good pattern if you're thinking about fires and air-quality. >> 007 making headlines again. it's been reported that for the 1st time ever 007 will be played by a woman. she started captain marvel.
5:52 pm
she will take over as the new 007. even though she will be known as 007 she technically won't be the new james bond. instead, she will be playing a whole new character who takes over after james bond believes it. the latest bond movie with daniel craig is currently in production. some 8000 bicyclist celebrated the completion of a 2 day 206 mile ride from seattle to portland. including one exceptional writer. using the journey to inspire others. the 65-year-old clark roberts is blind. he crossed the finish line yesterday along with his captain who led on a tandem bike. he decided that he admits there is a time he did not want to go on. >> it was by the grace of god.
5:53 pm
at the end of the day i get on this bicycle know and i can still go out and have a life because i am accepting this. >> just helping others understand that life is a gift. cherish it. . >> he hopes to inspire others by showing that your accomplishments are measured by your willingness to take on challenges despite the obstacles in your way. coming up. a surprise on the end of a fishing line. >> right there. >> the trip that this great white shark took these 3 fishermen on in the bay area. coming up. a bay area police department says it is in need of a 2nd military style truck and now 2 investigators discovered the department has not even been keeping tabs on the one they already have. names like these are returning to yosemite. why the parks popular landmarks will be able to return to their original names.
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a fishing trip turned into a once-in-a-lifetime event on san francisco bay. >> going on 30+ minutes. we have to pull the anchor. >> people out with golden state's for fish and hooked it fish that drag their boat around the bay. they battled to reel it in for about an hour on saturday. each person on the boat try to pull it in, but even the experts got tired. then watch what happened.>> there he is. right there.>> he is huge >> he has to be 10 feet. >> that is a great white. we have a great white.
5:57 pm
>> that is a great white. >> on the end of the line was a great white shark. he fishermen say it was only 6 feet long. they are protected, so catching one is illegal, so they took videos and a few pictures and then quickly released it back into the water. >> a 9-year-old girl is dead after police in sacramento county say she was electrocuted when a pool light malfunction. it happened over the weekend in citrus heights. this reporter has more now on how tragic accidents like this can be prevented. >> the accident happened in this neighborhood near interstate 80 and antelope road. the 9-year-old girl died at a local hospital after efforts to revive her by adults and a mental fire crew failed. police say light fixture in the pool was in the process of being repaired. >> the light actually sits in the water and is not sealed on the outside of the pool. >> he has operated for 30 years and says there is a reason why ground wires are heavy-gauge.
5:58 pm
>> that is all interconnected to the electricals in the pool and the actual pool. >> it is critical these lights are always attached properly. the bottom 10 should be inserted in have contact to the metal in the top screw should be inserted all the way. >> when there is a short you can actually feel something in the air as you approach the water. >> the 1st sign of any problem is a little tingle. that would mean you have a problem. never touch that fixture. turn off all of the power right away. >> there are also wired into poor lighting panels as added protection. that should be checked every month or so. the houses in the neighborhood of the accident were built in the late 50s. never tells a lot of backyard pools were added on. renovations include upgraded pumps which also run by electricity. >> you have this and you do not know the condition of the electrical.
5:59 pm
you should have somebody come out and look at all of the electrical. al. the hashtag racist president is trending on twitter. tonight the house is considering a vote to formally condemn president trump's comments in which he told 4 progressive democratic congresswoman to go back to where they came from. >> sadly, this is not the 1st nor will it be the last time will be discussing this language from the president. >> the criticism is intensifying tonight after president trump doubled down today on what many consider to be a racist and derogatory twee.>> facebook are just a few hours ago calling the president's comments a disruptive distraction from the issues.
6:00 pm
kristin fisher has more. >> president trump still taking aim at progressive democratic congresswomen a day after drawing significant criticism for a series of tweets that many deemed racist. the president suggested lawmakers all but one of whom were born in the united states go back to the country they came from. >> it is absolutely racist and un-american. it is an old troop. go back to where you came from. >> on monday he double done with a series of new tweets. all critical of the congresswoman. he told reporters his original tree was not racist. >> these are people that in my opinion 8 our country. you can say what you want, but get a list of all of the statements they have made. all i am saying is if they are not happy here they can leave. >> some of his allies on
6:01 pm
capitol hill say th


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