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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  July 18, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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breaking down the bushes and listening for the cat and crawling around, trying to find it. >> the deputies say it is only 2 or 3 weeks old. >> saved from the flame how a kid escapes got caught up in a controlled burn. making a grand transformation on stage in the bay area, checking with the star of foothills music theatre presentation of cinderella. >> serving up a delicacy, this morning we learned how to make our own caviar bites with the caviar company a san francisco. >> i think those caviar people are here in our lobby and i can't wait. i know not everyone likes it, not everyone likes caviar, you're looking at a picture in san francisco. my goodness, what do busy traffic morning. the weather has been cooler and steve will have an update and just a little bit. good morning to all. >> good morning great job this
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morning. >> i know. it makes me happy i got to work nice and early. here's something new, instagram, all 3 of you, all 3 of us have in instagram, and australia something new, users will no longer see the total number of lights on the photo. i was saying what? the new feature starting on under is a trial run in the social media company to make people feel more comfortable posting photos, the idea is to push followers to focus on the content rather than the recognition, the former number of likes said to be replaced by the number one user who like the post followed by others, instagram has already rolled the feature out in canada and hopes to take it worldwide. i don't know about you, i like it, you posted something. >> i do like it, but a lot of child psychologists point out this may help especially with younger users in teens because there is an overwhelming pressure to gauge their popularity based on the number of likes, this takes away that element.
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>> i need the elevation. >> we don't need the likes right? >> that's what it was all about when it started, about sharing a photo. >> it's probably coming to all instagram soon. >> otherwise in the news we have a lot going on, so we problems may continue through the morning, light rail cars passing to the market station without stopping, cristina rendon own joins us with a look at the damage and the problem that causes big problems for the morning commute, hello christina. >> hello guys, i would be lying if i said i hadn't gotten wet this morning. i definitely have walking through this bart station, you can see water coming down from the new me level above us, and i asked him where they found apply ward boards to england on the platform and they said all the cruise parked above on the street level having all this material, the engineer this quickly and following the rules
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they are not on the yellow part of the platform, they are behind it and making a worker trying to get all the water down and off onto the rails. this all started, around 3 am, muni is telling us their crew, was working on testing the water drainage system and for some reason it malfunctioned and started causing a leak. doesn't appear there are leaks on the muni level but all the water is pouring down onto the bar level, that temporarily stop service at the bart station and eastbound direction going from san francisco to oakland and then for muni their service never even started. they said the entire station is roped off, service, it's unclear when it will resume, services stop completely. if you are muni writer you can get a free ride on bart to montgomery, a lot of riders confused about what happened when they saw the water on the bart platform. >> it is so slippery, barely
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any signs. someone is skittering over the puddles right now. it could be worse but definitely some hazards here. >> accident in montgomery station, fairly close together, i think they can walk to that station or take market street or any of the other routes. >> reporter: at this point muni is telling us they don't have a timetable on when service is restored at embarcadero station, everything else should not be affected, muni trains are just not stopping at embarcadero. if you are bart you can stop at embarcadero but notice whichever direction you are going you may get wet, you may step in puddles because of this water leak, that is the issue here. in terms of how much water has leaked we asked muni and they couldn't give us an estimate they just set a significant amount of water has fallen and by the looks of it it's unclear when it will stop. we just know bart is running,
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muni service is not at embarcadero station. live on san francisco cristina rendon ktvu fox 2 news. thank you. following 2 developing stories involving traffic at this hour, this is the scene in canola north of richmond where a big rig has flipped over on its side on an overpass above interstate i-80. this is interstate 80 i should say, richmond parkway over the freeway and because of the massive emergency responders have closed the offramp from interstate 80 eastbound to richmond parkway. weaver crew heading to the scene because the hazmat team has been called out and we hope to have more information in the next half hour. there's also a developing story in san francisco where police are investigating a hit-and-run involving a big rig and a pedestrian. police say the driver hit a pedestrian around 5:45 am in the tenderloin and dragged the person for several blocks. right now there's a heavy police presence near 5th and market, we are told the victim
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has serious injuries, traffic is impacted by the crash investigation and it is also affecting muni. >> also following a developing story and antioch were one person died in a crash.elissa harrington joins us from the scene with the latest on the story. >> reporter: good morning, it slammed into the street on caught on fire, the driver was killed. we do see tire tracks in the road, giving us a better idea what happened. it appears the driver was heading east on buchanan road when he hopped the center divide and barreled into the street. you can see the tire tracks on the sidewalk. the vehicle was just told from the scene. i want to show you video of the car on the bed of the tow truck. the vehicle ended up in pieces, the engine was sticking out, one of the doors fell off, the windows broken, this was clearly a crash that happen at a high rate of speed. we spoke with a neighbor who was the first person on scene, he heard the crash, ran outside to try to help immediately after hearing the sound.
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>> i heard bangs and i went out with my/bag and i saw the silver car starting the smoking catch fire it look like. when i had first seen it. i have a partial floodlight, one the place has, i shined it over there, there someone in there and they were not moving. >> ease county shot this video of the moment shortly after the crash, first responders were seen breaking into windows and using the jaws of life to try to free the driver. it appears the person was traveling at a very high rate of speed when the crash, the vehicle caught fire and the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. mccann road at contra lemieux boulevard was closed during the investigation, police just reopen the road but one thing neighbors are saying is people do come barreling down the street and there is a curve at the end of the road.
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the neighbor we talk to lived across the street and said he put up the retaining wall to protect his home. he said drivers have taken out trees, fences over the 40+ years he's lived on the street, he hopes there might be something that can be done to make the roads safer. after this case police have not released details and they want tell us what led to the crash and the identity of the person killed has not been released. live on antioch elissa harrington ktvu fox 2 news. another developing story not far from the crash and antioch, police and firefighters at the crash, they were also called to check out this fully involved fire near d in drake street that started just before 6 am. >> we had power to the house that was live still, that prevented us from going and immediately to cut the power. >> the home was vacant at the time of the fire, no injuries reported firefighters have not released how it darted. >> homeland security acting secretary, michelina and testified on capitol hill about the treatment of migrants at
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detention centers. the house oversight committee question him about the trump administration's policies on child separation. >> the practice lasted 6 weeks, ended 13 months ago and has been the subject of ongoing litigation, multiple congressional hearings, committee and expect your general boards and hundreds of media stories. >> acting homeland security secretary mcaleenan explaining the child separation policy. >> i've acknowledged this initiative, while well intended loss the public trust and president trump was right to edit. mcaleenan's testimony comes as democrats step up oversight of the immigration crisis at the us-mexico border. >> do you commit to this committee today into congress to have a policy where children will only be removed from their parents if there is a compelling reason to advance the child's own health and safety? >> we also have compelling reasons for criminal prosecutions. i would be happy to work with this committee to evaluate our procedures. >> reporter: republicans were
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more supportive of dhs's work on the border. >> how many children's lives have been saved by border patrol? >> i think that's a really important question. we make over 4000 rescues a year. >> reporter: a topic president trump address during his rally in north carolina last night. >> the democrats open border policies deplete our public services, overcrowd our schools and hospitals and bring crime, drugs and deadly gangs into our community. >> reporter: the hearing comes as the pentagon announces 2100 additional troops will be sent to the border the total number 2 about 6600. in washington ray bogan ktvu fox 2 news. >> accused in the stabbing death of neil wilson on a bart platform will stand trial know that adjudge him mentally competent, henry lee was in court and has the victims parents reaction to the decision. >> reporter: after months of questions over his mental health
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john cowell will go to trial on charges he fatally stabbed neil wilson at apart station in oakland. judge kramer ruled that he understands is happening in court and can help in his own defense, as a result the judge reinitiated criminal proceeding saying he is mentally competent to stand trial. >> a very remorseful time for me and my family. >> reporter: knee his family has attended all the trials and in most cases blame disappointed, angers and suggestions he wasn't mentally competent. >> moving forward in this process, we couldn't be any more rejoice full with the decision made by the judge. >> reporter: howell and i got on a murder charge for allegedly killing wilson and injuring her sister at the bart station almost a year ago, 3 experts have given him mental examinations, after receiving the 3rd dr. support the judge said the criminal case will move forward, despite cowell's history of mental illness which include psychotic and
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schizophrenic episodes. his attorney's is the legal process is only beginning. >> there are no findings made about what was in cowell's state of mind at the time of the offense. nothing, it's entirely separate question. >> reporter: besides the charges a granddaughter grand jury indicted him on special circumstance of lying in wait which makes him eligible for life in prison without parole or the death penalty. >> we may not get the ultimate justice, but we are being content and happy with life without parole. throw away the key and let him go on with his miserable life. >> reporter: in court he showed no emotion, he wore a red jumpsuit which means he's in protective custody, due back in court august 2 to enter a plea. in oakland henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. >> coming up next, plans to raise the federal minimum wage, the boat that just happened that could more than double the
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new this morning the house of representatives passed a bill that would raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, reno workers in the country are guaranteed a minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, them same rate is 10 years ago. supporters of the bill say it is just impossible to live on that amount of money and critics of the bill say would hurt businesses and could force companies to lay off workers work on a business. political analyst say the republican-controlled senate is unlikely to pass the bill. california's minimum wage is $12 an hour although several cities including san francisco, san jose already at $15 an hour. july 1 emeryville's minimum wage became the highest in the country at $16.30 an hour. a couple accused of killing the wife's father and dismembering his body is doing
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a san francisco court today, stephanie chang and douglas lomas charge with murdering benedict chang in stuffing some of his body parts in a refrigerator may 20, investigators say later that day the couple took their 2 young children and fled to china the couple was arrested in beijing and brought to a virginia detention facility and extradited to san francisco. please in new york looking for the people who broke into a jewelry store and made off with what the owner says could've been $150,000 worth of valuables. surveillance from sunday morning shows 2 masked men breaking into the jewelry center on thorne avenue, the shop owner says he believes the burglars are part of a professional crew, the entire crime took 2 minutes 14 seconds. the getaway vehicle was an suv the thieves stole from a an auto repair shop parking lot down the street, the shop owner is warning others to keep their guard up. >> i am worried about the next guy. i survived, what would've happened if someone was in the store and met him in the store. would it escalate to the next level? >> the jewelry store is a
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family-owned business that started in the 1950s, the owner moved it to the new york shopping center in 1981, and had never been robbed before. he's adding extra security including a better alarm system and installing a new steel door. new data released overnight show an overwhelming amount of californians believe the golden state has a housing crisis. the results are in from a new poll, 70% of voters who are both renters and owners describe california sky high cost of living as a crisis. when asked about the issue of homelessness in the state 82% said it was very serious. san francisco moving forward with plans to build additional housing at the former hunters point naval shipyard despite ongoing contamination concerns, the examiner reporting a city commissioner approved 2 developments wednesday, one involves 68 market rate and 9 below market rate units in the other project calls for 112 affordable units.
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500 homes have been built or are under construction at the shipyard but several homeowners have filed a lawsuit claiming they were misled about the levels of brady action contamination and talk to materials for drivers use the richmond san rafael bridge would be happy to hear they finished their last stages of work, the project, they also remove the place and that had been on the upper deck making traffic a little better, the plates were used to keep concretes from falling onto the bridges lower deck. not all that work is done, caltrans says they need to finish applying a rubber sealant and finish cleanup work , all that work scheduled for overnight hours when there was still be lane closures but lighter traffic. caltrans plans to replace the joints on the lower deck. >> it's been a long project and a lot of commuters have been frustrated with the and it has to get done. >> seen the light at the end of the bridge. >> coming up. >> a classic fairytale told
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through sunday, sitting down with the star in the director of cinderella up next.
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♪the classic fairytale of rags to riches returns to the bay area, putting on a production of rogers and hammond staying cinderella, joined by cristina lee who plays ella, the lead character , good morning. and you are the director. this is rogers and hammond being version of cinderella, more sophisticated than the disney animated version, talk about the storyline and how it is relatable to an audience now. >> it's evolved over a couple of decades and the show came out when it was written in 19 57 for julie andrews on tv. in 2013 the team would've revived a lot of the rogers and
9:22 am
hammond staying musicals and decided this needed a new libretto. it has all original songs. >> they reached out to a contemporary playwright who put together a book that is more based on the discovery of transformation from within the character rather than the form transforming cinderella. >> what are some the themes and messages that are different than the juvenile version of the story. >> each person has the ability to change themselves. cinderella isn't changed by the world she changes the world. >> this is a big hit on broadway when it came out, it debuted in 2013, at one a lot of tony words, one of the biggest challenges of doing a broadway film production like this? >> i don't want to call it pressure, it's excitement, excitement to break something that was so beloved on broadway to the bay area, and it's amazing, it's the debut is and
9:23 am
it? i am just extremely, extremely excited. >> reporter: i can tell. you must be passionate about the character itself. >> absolutely. she is a phenomenal woman to play. the journey of bela is remarkable. she goes from this girl who isn't quite sure of herself, and wants to do more and be more, and she sees the potential in her world around her. she is and just did demure present cheese and just this demure person. >> now she's a true person, she gets agency to determine the fate of her own life. >> reporter: is there a song she sings that captures that? >> in my little corner is a great starting point, that is where she wants to expand the world around her, she has so many ideas and she wants to see all these new places. >> reporter: you want to sing some of it?
9:24 am
>> sure. >> reporter: a few bars. >> in my own little corner, and my own little chair, i can be whatever i want to be. on the wing of my fancy i can fly anywhere, and the world will open its arms to me. >> how rewarding has this experience been in what you hope people come to the show walkway taken from this? >> when i first saw the show i was delighted to see this new, fresh and exciting version, social justice element, but what i was really excited about, all of these women and they all transform, all of them transforming somewhere. for our time there's a lot of empowerment. woman power, woman empowerment happening. it's all about transformation. >> reporter: sounds very
9:25 am
relatable and inspiring story. milissa carey in kristin leigh thank you for joining us, good luck with the show, we want to let viewers know you can catch the foothill music theater production of cinderella starting today through august 4 at the smithwick theater in los altos and for showtimes and tickets head to and click on the lease, back to you. coming up rescuing a person that didn't actually want to be saved, how officers got a man out of a burning band and the south bay. >> taking unusual steps to eliminate gender specific words, the new words that will make up the you make up the human the municipal code.
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the sun is starting to pop over the city by the bay is will
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give you a live picture at the bay bridge over buena island into the city ever san francisco on this thursday morning. i can be of the weekend getting close. >> this song makes me want to be on a beach. >> toes in the sand is what i'm talking about. maybe we can set the temperature little warmer but it was pretty nice yesterday. >> it wasn't bad, cell you know who this is. this reminds you of other things mike. >> let's go see. >> they will be in tempe, arizona at the monkey theater. >> a great show if you go. >> reporter: drizzle continues in the bucket but about to peel back as mike touched on. breaks in the low clouds but it could fill in and it will be a cooler pattern, red-hot giants batting in the weather can't cool them down but it will be cooler today, 62, 6:45 am 6:45 pm game, a westerly component,
9:29 am
the a's in minneapolis and remember that is not a dome anymore they play outside and baby it is going to be hot, hot and humid. the heat index should be around 105 today, 110 tomorrow, both teams playing really really well. mainly it's the heat that would be playing in the twins the next few days. the lows knocking the high out allowing it to lose its grip a little, 90s, the coast in the 70s, around the bay 80s but taking a dip in temperatures friday, leveling off saturday, a decent onshore wind out to the delta yesterday at this time, 12 miles an hour and today up to 30, a big difference cool on the coast and mild around the bay and inland temperatures into the 80s. doesn't look like the fog will disappear anytime soon, back tonight and tomorrow. 50s and 60s most of the temperatures not warming up, cooler along with the fog and drizzle, nice day. 60s, 70s and 80s, upper 80s but most locations dropping 5 to 10
9:30 am
degrees, carry that into friday, saturday, a little warmer but really nice on the weekend. >> thank you, a developing ory in san francisco were police investigating a hit-and- run involving a big rig and a pedestrian moments ago. the medical examiner confirmed that person has died from their injuries. police say the driver hit a pedestrian around 5:45 am near 5th and market and dragged the person for several blocks. there is a heavy police presence in the area. down the street, closer to the ferry building there is an investigation going on at front and battery. a live picture , a big rig on the side of the road, police have the big rig taped off. we understand this is the truck, police have been looking for but we are waiting to hear more details, and whether the driver of the truck has been detained. the driver impacted by the
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crash, we'll have more updates on the story through the morning, online and on air and later newscast at noon. for more on today's top stories we'll check in with dave clark in the newsroom. >> thank you. san francisco embarcadero bart station water pouring down from the muni train level onto bart trains and tracks. look at the pictures, light rail cars going through the embarcadero bart station without stopping. passengers who want to go to the east they you're being told to go to the montgomery street bart station. a deadly crash in antioch this morning is under investigation right now, one person killed, and suv slammed into a tree on buchanan road just after 1 am. investigators say it appeared the driver was speeding, it slammed into a tree, causing the car to burst into flames. the driver pronounced dead at the scene. the police expected to give us more information early this
9:32 am
morning. not far from that antioch crash scene there was an early- morning house fire near d in drake street just before 6 am, no one was in the home, no injuries reported, the cause of the fire under investigation. that's a brief look at the top stories we are working on. thank you for that, 33 people died in a fire in an animation's video in japan, authority say a man broke into the kyoto animation studio and shouted you die and set the fire. 36 others were hurt that many of them in critical condition, we know a suspect is in is injured and taken to the hospital and police say he is 41 years old and was not an employee at the studio. they are not saying if they have a motive for what is the deadliest attack on civilians and 18 years in japan. a man denied jail, jeffrey epstein who is facing sex trafficking charges involving underage girls, the ruling means he remain behind bars after he fights charges about
9:33 am
exploiting girls into 2000, they say he's a flight risk but his attorneys argued that he should be allowed to await trial under house arrest with electronic monitoring. if convicted he could spend the rest of his life in prison. documents released this morning in the investigation of president trump's former personal lawyer michael cohen, court records show he was on call with russians wanting to squash stories about the alleged affairs before the 2016 election. he is serving a three-year prison sentence over hush payments made to 2 women before the election, he also pled guilty to tax evasion and lying to congress. home on securities acting secretary testified in capitol hill this morning about the treatment of migrants at detention centers. he answered questions from the house oversight and government reform committee about the trump administration's family separation policy. he told lawmakers the initiative was well intended but he says the policy lost the public's trust in president trump was
9:34 am
right to end it. at least 6 migrant children have died in the facility since december. planning to investigate the arrest of an undocumented immigrant turned over to ice. hello javier lopez arrested during a traffic stop in the state state sanctuary luck doesn't allow them to cooperate with ice, according to the chronicle escobar lopez did not have a criminal record but had a 2017 deportation order. officials say there was fusil to ice prompted them to review police policies and retrain officers. in sonoma county a bail hearing set for next wednesday for teenager accused of stabbing his older brother to death. yesterday a judge tossed out the first every murder charge against moses torres but kept the voluntary manslaughter count against him. when his essay march 27 his brother picked a fight with
9:35 am
moses his friend who according to court documents, moses was trying to protect his friend and his brother took out a screwdriver to use it as a weapon. moses grabbed it and fatally stabbed his brother in defense. in berkeley the city council took the unusual step of eliminating gender specific words and replacing them with gender-neutral terms, some examples include manpower becomes human effort. chairman changes to chairperson. fraternal becomes social. amberley spoke with those behind the change in reaction to it. >> reporter: a telling example of what berkeley's new ordinance will do with the renaming of manhole and its municipal code. >> is still cover on the ground covering a whole. >> starting next month it will be called a maintenance hole eliminating the gender specific term man. >> they come up with these cockamamie things all the time.
9:36 am
>> reporter: he's referring to the berkeley city council which passed the ordinance unanimously tuesday. >> language has power, the words we use are important. >> reporter: the city councilmember introduced the ordinance. >> it's timely and necessary to make sure our laws speak for everyone. >> reporter: but the changes don't speak to everyone. >> come on. enough is enough. >> reporter: another change would be fraternities and sororities will not be referred to as collegiate system residences. >> i think they've gone too far. the reason there is gender separation is because they are gender separated. fraternities are male, sororities are female. >> it sounds like they want to include everybody, including trans and lgbtq community that gets left out. >> reporter: the existing municipal code uses mostly male pronouns but the new code will
9:37 am
switch from he and she today, when referring to individuals in words such as manpower will be either human effort or workforce. >> men can be in power but it doesn't sound inclusive. 2 women. >> to go non-gender is a typical berkeley kind of thing. >> reporter: in berkeley amber lee ktvu fox 2 news . >> also berkeley's public safety committee may ban the use of facial recognition technology. they met yesterday to discuss an ordinance that would the city from acquiring, obtaining or accessing facial recognition technology, as of right now the city council has not scheduled a vote, this comes as oakland joins san francisco last night and passing a ban on the use of the technology. police in the east bay trying to find 2 stolen puppies , hoping it reunite them with their owner, investigators say the border collie's were stolen
9:38 am
from their owner july 8. police say the puppies are working dogs and anyone with information on their whereabouts or information about who may have stolen them should call east bay regional district police. san jose police released photos and videos of 2 officers rescuing a man who apparently didn't want to be saved. officer spotted the man who lives in a van parked on foxworthy avenue in the van was on fire, officers eventually pulled him out of the burning vehicle. they said at the time he refused to leave. >> we saw smoke and by the time we were processing that it was flames. the timely process that it was arresting him. >> everyone we dealt with mental health issues is different. sometimes reasoning with them work, sometimes it doesn't. we try to do we can to get them the help they deserve. >> the officers pulled the man out just before the van exploded, the van was loaded with propane, and spray cans in
9:39 am
the man suffered burns to his arms. in san francisco to window washers rescued from the site of the millennium tower. the fire department tweeted video from 31 mission street, you can see the window washers stuck 10 stories up, they said they were up there about 4 hours, in the end no one was hurt. san francisco firefighters going back to school to learn spanish, the goal is to make sure first responders connect quickly in emergencies, firefighters have access to translator services but knowing the language themselves can save time during life or death situations. the departments fire fighters who speak spanish sponsored the program. >> to have someone who can assess the situation on the scene that is very specific to their industry, that is what i'm trying to do. >> we want to help prepare ourselves to meet the needs of the community. >> the goal is to eventually expand the class to a year- round program. a report from the san francisco grand jury morning some parts of the city are ill- equipped to handle a major earthquake.
9:40 am
san francisco has failed to set up a seismically safe high- pressure water supply system in neighborhoods included the outer richmond, outer sunset and bayview hunters point. the areas more vulnerable to fires triggered by quakes, the grand jury recommends the construction of an emergency water supply system to the neighborhoods within the next 15 years. although the shake alert warning system is still in its first phase administrator say they application worked well, 50 business partners with usgs were alerted before tuesday's magnitude 4.3 and 3.5 quakes hit the black area of contra costa county. people in l.a. county criticize the shake alert after the mobile alert system didn't warn them about 2 large earthquakes that hit the area 2 weeks ago. smart transport of directors decided to add more fencing and railroad crossing. the board approved 13 your crossing barriers in addition to the 17 approved in may. 9 people have died on the tracks since the system open 2 years ago.
9:41 am
5 of those deaths in the last 3 weeks. smart train hopes to complete all the barriers by the end of the year. bart plan to install canopies to cover escalators along market street has reportedly been put on hold for now, the project expected to cost $91 million according to the examiner the board of supervisors are questioning the high cost and want more information, half the money will come from the transportation bond. coming up next on mornings on 2 on the 9, getting a taste of the luxurious and learned something new, how to make your own caviar bites, straightahead. >>
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indulge in the extravagant, today is national caviar day, this morning where learning to make caviar bites from the caviar company, join in studio by the founders, pedro bergstein and her sister, good morning to you both. >> i never thought i would be doing a segment on caviar and i find out you guys, up until recently, you weren't born eating caviar you discovered it on your own. >> we are from west texas, we weren't around a lot of fresh seafood, we didn't have a lot of fish growing up. >> caviar is something that seems to be, it has a reputation of being for the rich, champagne wishes and caviar dreams. you find you're trying to bring caviar to more people. >> yeah especially through our store on union street we can access a lot of people, part of our mission is to make it more approachable and make it something you can have different price points, and every day indulgence or a celebratory
9:45 am
special caviar. there is something for everyone. >> kind of like wine. you have the everyday wine and than the more expensive. what we have here? >> 3 different bites that are easy to prepare at home for anyone that wants to indulge on their own without going to restaurant. first we have a dip made with chopped rock 'n roll that you can put together in 3 minutes and serve with potatoes chips. and we have this caviar, and approachable price point caviar, and then like a pancake , and unseeded on sweet pancake, crhme franche and top with white sturgeon caviar. you can make these things, just a slice up, crhme franche, someone comes in to your shop and says i am new at this can
9:46 am
you help me out you would tell them, how to make the bellini and all of that stuff? >> our bellini we sell in the store. we import them from france and their really wonderful. they come in packs of 30. we saw the entire kit, you have everything you need to enjoy your caviar at home. >> how do we start here? >> here we have the bellini in the crhme franche. you have the bellini in the crhme franche. the crhme franche is a nice addition to the caviar, top it with a little caviar, it's a really cool product. these fish are local to san francisco bay. there some probably behind us right now. i will taste it. >> it's a little salty.
9:47 am
taste good. >> try to get mike, he says no way per >> we've a little of a block for some people. it really does taste incredible. you think caviar will make a more mainstream push? >> we think it already has. we've seen a great demand where people come in tuesday afternoon to get caviar. and we always joke that we have tuesday night caviar, thursday night caviar. like saturday night caviar. what kind of wine what i have at that? >> we do a lot of caviar and champagne, we just say something with lower sugar, just a little more drive. vodka is very traditional, beer, cider, sake.
9:48 am
>> did you bring severe for me? >> what time is it? >> congratulations on your business. did you ever think yourself you would be in business together doing this in san francisco? >> no. >> not at all. our talents are very different. >> this is an accident. that were matching today. i am actually a cpa. i am in the numbers background and she is on the marching side son never did we think our professional lives will combine. we are very different. >> petra and saskia thank you for coming. is the caviar company in san francisco on union street. today they will have an event, hosting their 4th annual national caviar event day at light rabbit, across from the balboa in san francisco. starting at 6:30 pm, for ticket information head to and click on web links.
9:49 am
>> there some waiting for you. >> coming up next on mornings on 2 the nine. >> dozens of whales swimming in shallow waters, some of them beaching themselves in georgia, will tell you about the good samaritans who stepped into save them. >> the opulent lifestyle of the upper east side returns to the small screen, we let you know about the reboot the show gossip girls. >>
9:50 am
there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 staying on top of the developing story, you can see these images from the richmond parkway overpass above interstate 80 word tanker truck flipped over after 5 am, about 5:15 am, the area expected to be closed and the next few hours, close between bloom drive and canola vista, the richmond offramp from eastbound 80 is also closed in that area. >> looking at the market if we can, stock index mixed in morning trading on wall street. the dow jones down 89 points. when it comes to bay area stock we are keeping an eye on netflix, the stock has plunged, currently down 11%. one reason behind the drop, the company reporting their first loss in u.s. subscribers since 2008, the company says they have 130,000 fewer subscribers in the united states and gained 2.7 million subscribers globally. reed hastings, napa, c.e.o. says price hikes in some
9:53 am
countries and lackluster content are to blame for this quarter's loss. turning to hollywood, some good news for gossip girl fans, reboot of the hit series is happening, warner media will introduce a new the teens and of 5 episode show, on hbo max, no word on if any of the original cast members will make an appearance. a behind-the-scenes look from the cast of the movie adaptation of cats, a less stars are not dressed in full costume you can see the first clips from universal follows jennifer hudson, taylor swift, jason tarullo and edris elba and more rehearsing in and around the giant sets. apple celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and the company is promoting their new peanuts series snoopy in space. >> why can't i have a normal dog. >> charlie brown will be more on board in the new show,
9:54 am
charles schultz characters on a field trip to a n.a.s.a. location. snoopy and woodstock expected for space mission while the rest of the cast is at mission control, the lunch show a launch on apple tv plus in the fall, schultz family sold the rights to create new peanuts content next year. steve paulson is been saying it will be cooler this weekend here, but things are heating up across most of the rest of the country. the national weather service is calling for record-breaking temperatures and 100 locations across the country tomorrow, and on saturday. civic leaders and public leaders from the west east coast are telling people to stay safe, wear loose clothing and light colors and avoid spending a lot of time in the sun. they also have other tips to beat the heat and humidity. look for cool places to be. stay hydrated. make sure you don't over exercise. >> officials across the country reminding everyone that extreme heat is especially dangerous for young children, i would way
9:55 am
and people with chronic illness. they are asking people to check on their neighbors especially if you have an elderly neighbor. congress investigating whether the pentagon turned takes into biological weapons. a bipartisan amendment with the national defense authorization act requiring the pentagon to examine whether the fence department experimented with tics and other insects as potential biological weapons from 1950 to 1975. the speculation that experience or ran at some of the top biohazard facilities in maryland and newyork. akin rescued from an unlikely place in solano county has a new home thanks to deputies, the kitten found during a controlled burn along cordelia road. solano county sheriff's deputies were there to help firefighters as they burned several acres of dry grass. >> i saw the mother cat with 2 babies in his mouth going towards the bushes in the back fire area. i heard meowing in the bushes. we both looked at each other
9:56 am
and where like oh no. we started breaking on the bushes and listening for the cat and crawling around, trying to find it. >> the deputy say the kitten is 2 or 3 weeks old and one of the deputies decided to adopt the kitten and take it home. a good samaritan saved a group of beached whales, 50 we'll swim in the shallow waters on the southeastern coast and 6 whales the state on the shore but some push them back into the water. unfortunately 2 of the whales died. coming up on mornings on 2 serving up ice cream tomorrow, maybe more longer speed mike. >> national ice cream day, will be here with chocolatier, ginger and elizabeth. plaster county sheriff's office has advice for those visiting lake tahoe, don't poke the bear. there a large number of bears in the lake tahoe national forest and in at least one case
9:57 am
of beer cornered against the fence by people with camera phones try to get great photos, the bear did not charge the photographers for the sheriff's office said it wouldn't have been surprising if he had because bears can become very agitated when they feel they are being attacked. or photographed in those cases. don't bother the bears per >> maybe not unlike people. >> be safe. >> see you at noon. >> people getting selfies of bears, come on. >>
9:58 am
9:59 am
there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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