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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 18, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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good afternoon, everyone. i am mike mibach. . we begin in san francisco where there is no service it bark a dara station following a malfunction of the fire sprinkler system but sent water pouring onto the b.a.r.t. platform and tracks below. >> reporter: a morning commute what, bus riders at embarcadero station treated to a water feature because of a leak from above. >> there's barely any signs, scooter and over the puddles right now. i mean, it could be worse, definitely some hazards here. >> reporter: the drainage system failed ball crews were testing the system overnight.
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water pouring down onto the b.a.r.t. platform hello b.a.r.t. trains are stopping. that is not the case for muni. >> they can walk over to a nearby station or go to market street or any other 20 bus routes we have. >> it is very inconvenient. i did not find out anything, how i got here. i need to plan better, there's always something going on with muni or b.a.r.t. >> reporter: it is unclear how much water leak. muni set a significant amount. they hope it does not stick around for the evening ride. >> what is happening, what is going on, i'm glad to have someone working on it already. this definitely will impact the hordes of people that come to b.a.r.t. and get on this platform. somebody will slip.
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>> reporter: i want to give your live look at the b.a.r.t. platform at embarcadero station. much better than what we saw this morning. there's a few drips coming down from the ceiling that the majority of the water has stopped. we understand crews are monitoring it, there gets out, trying to collect the water but not nearly what we saw earlier this morning. that is the good news. in terms of muni service, it is unclear when that will resume. we are waiting for an update, hopefully it does not impact the afternoon commute, has yet to be seen. cristina rendon with ktvu fox 2 news. new details on a developing story in san francisco. police confirm a man dead after struck by a big red this morning. police said the driver of the truck did not stop after hitting the pedestrian. it happened around 5:45 am this morning at the intersection of 5th and market. the man that was hit was dragged several blocks and died
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from his injuries. a few hours later, officers located and started the big rig at battery street. you can see the picture. the driver they were looking for is in custody. the man killed his 54 north, michael evans of san francisco. stay with ktvu for the latest details on the story and others, find updates 24 hours a day at a 21-year-old driver killed in a deadly crash at antioch. >> the man crashed into a tree during a police pursuit. >> reporter: the crash happened after 1 am. you follow the tire tracks, it appears the driver was heading east on buchanan road when he hopped the center divide and came barreling into the street. >> two bangs, one really big one, i thought it was an earthquake. >> reporter: larry rogers lives across the street from the crash scene. he was going to bed when he heard the sound of a vehicle slamming into the tree. >> i heard the bang, i went out with my flashlight and i saw the silver car starting to smoke and catch fire it looked
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like. when i first seen it. i have a powerful flashlight, it is one the police cars and i shined it over there, there was somebody in there. >> reporter: video shows the mangled car. firefighters used the jaws of life to try to reach the 21-year-old driver. the vehicle caught fire. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. the crash happened at a high rate of speed. antioch police said the car was stolen. officers tried to do a traffic stop when the driver sped off. eight crime lab with the sheriff's office spent hours investigating, they took pictures of the inside of the car and placed evidence markers throughout the street. investigators on scene for about eight hours. they reopened the road just before 9 am. in antioch, alyssa harrington with ktvu fox 2 news. also in antioch, fire seriously damage a home around 6 am this morning at a house near the corner of d and rig streets. one firefighters arrived, it
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was fully engulfed. >> we have power to the house, live still, that prevented us from going inside immediately until we could cut it. >> the house was vacant at the time of the fire, no reported injuries. the cause of the fire is not known. a tanker truck overturned this morning spilling liquid asphalt on tour freeway. happened after 5 am on the richmond parkway overpass near interstate 80. a hazmat team on scene cleaning up the spill. chp closed the parkway offramp from eastbound highway 80 between bloom drive in the pinole vista shopping center. the driver of the tanker transferred to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. police have not released a cause for the crash. the couple accused of killing the wife's father and dismembering his body is due in a courtroom today. they are charged with murdering 73-year-old, benedict chain in may when investigator said that two that part of his body into
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refrigerator. the couple then took their two young children and fled to china after committing the murder. the couple arrested in beijing and extradited back to san francisco. in sonoma county, a teenager accused of stabbing his older brother to death will have a ale hearing set next wednesday. yesterday, a judge tossed out the first-degree murder charge against 18-year-old, moses torres but kept the voluntary manslaughter count against them. witnesses said on march 27, his brother, ivan, picked a fight with moses' friend. moses was trying to protect his friend when his brother took out a screwdriver to use it as a weapon. moses fatally stabbed his brother in self-defense. governor gavin newsom appointed oakland mayor, libby schaaf the head of homelessness. they will have supervisors from sacramento, los angeles and riverside counties. they will determine the best practices for preventing homelessness and come up with regional plans to address the homeless crisis. billionaire jeffrey epstein
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find out where he will be when his case goes to trial. when we return, we tell you what the judge decided at the bail hearing in ebstein's sex abuse case. facebook hit on social media, there are serious security problems he should know. the privacy concerns that prompted calls for a federal investigation. the weather outside, low clouds over the san francisco bay. cool temperatures in the thursday forecast. we look at the numbers coming up. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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a judge denied bail for billionaire, jeffrey epstein who is facing sex trafficking charging involving underage girl. that means epstein will remain in jail while he fights charges hicks pointed dozens of girls in new york and florida in the early 2000. prosecutors said epstein is a flight risk.'s attorneys argued epstein should be allowed to await trial under house arrest with electronic monitoring. if convicted, epstein could spend the rest of his life in prison. , acting secretary, kevin mcaleenan testify this morning on capitol hill about the treatment of people at migrant detention centers. >> ray bogan reports, house oversight committee question him about the trump administration policies on child separation. >> this practice lasted six weeks, ended 13 months ago and has been the subject of ongoing
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litigation, multiple congressional hearings, committee and inspector general reports and hundreds of media stories. >> reporter: acting homeland security secretary kevin mcaleenan explained the trump administration's child separation policy. >> i have acknowledged this initiative while well intended loss the public trust and president trump was right to end it. >> reporter: his testimony comes as democrats step up oversight of the immigration crisis at the u.s./mexico border. >> you commit to this committee today and to congress to have a policy where children will only be removed from their parents if there is
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out. >> ann rubin tells us that forced officers to make a quick decision to use their tasers to save the man's life. >> reporter: san jose police tried to warn the man the band, likely his primary home, was on fire. officers responded after a call from the montessori school where he was parked. >> we saw smoke and by the time we were processing that, it was flames, by the time we were processing that, it was a rescue. >> reporter: a rescue of an unwilling subject, the man would not budge. he held onto the van with all his might. meanwhile, the flames grew and officers could hear popping sounds from inside. >> this is the first time i dealt with somebody who refused to help save their own life. so, we were pulling as hard as we could to get them away. >> reporter: they believe he was in the middle the mental health crisis and at that point, officers made a snap decision. they would use a taser to get him to release his grip on the
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band. >> that is not how we intend at this, it was the only way we thought we would save his life and our safety. i don't know i've never been that close to a fire. >> reporter: this image taken from the officers body, shows the moment officers direct him to safety. a moment later, the van exploded. >> it buckled the roof and blew out the windows. >> reporter: the band had been full of propane, spray paint and fuel cans. officers said it was lucky they pulled the man out when they did. he was taken to the hospital with burns to his arms, singed hair and smoke inhalation, distraught but alive. >> i'm glad they could save him, that is horrible. he was in that situation. >> reporter: san jose police said they are trained to handle mental health issues but nothing could have prepared them for this. >> we actually do serve them everyday, this one was a little more graphic maybe than some others. >> reporter: officers are not sure whether the man set the fire himself.
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there hopeful he will be able to get the help he needs. >> everyone we deal with, with mental health issues is different. so, sometimes reasoning with them works. and sometimes it doesn't. we try to do what we can to get them the help they deserve. and this time it worked out. >> reporter: one of the officers did suffer minor burns during the rescue. the van also caught a nearby tree on fire but firefighters quickly got that under control. in san jose, ann rubin with ktvu fox 2 news. in san francisco, two window washers had to be rescued from the side of the millennium tower. the fire department tweeted this video from the tower located at 301 mission street. the window washers were stuck 10 stories up. the fire department said they were up there four hours before pullman through a window. no one was hurt. a dangerous heatwave making its way across the country. >> lauren blanchard has the story on the hot temperatures and what is being done to keep people safe. >> reporter: an oppressive heat
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wave impacting 2/3 of the u.s. the weather is just getting warmed up with temperatures expected to reach dangerous levels over the coming days. roughly, 100 heat records predicted to be shattered through friday. another 100 by saturday. a high-pressure system stretching from coast to coast is to blame for the scorching heat. >> look for cool places to be, make sure you stay hydrated, make sure you don't over exercise. >> you will die from heat exposure. officials warning the extreme weather could be especially dangerous for children, the elderly and people with chronic illnesses. make sure you check on your neighbors and humans are not the only ones affected by the dog days of summer. your pets can also get sick in the heat. >> watch out for extreme lethargy, you know, if they are panting excessively. >> ranking lots of water is important. experts say once you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.
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>> reporter: lauren blanchard with fox news. let's check in with meteorologist, mark tamayo. classic summer day around here. >> yeah. you appreciate the fog we have after seeing a story like that. we have the fog increasing in depth and coverage, as a result, the inland spots are cool enough compared to yesterday. here is the live camera, the east bay, looking at patchy fog in place. taking a look at the current numbers across the country, as you heard, a warmer forecast for the midwest and portions of the eastern seaboard. right now, 81 in chicago, st. louis 95, washington dc 90 degrees. as we come across the west, you can sea fog toward the coastline, starting to clear out a little bit. near portions of the coastline, not completely socked in. still overcast out there for your thursday afternoon. will check in on some current numbers.
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livermore 82, santa rosa 76, san francisco 62 and a departure from yesterday at 12:00, you see some areas a bit cooler, a bunch with a -, especially toward fairfield, travis airport down 13 degrees compared to this time yesterday. checking out the current wind speeds, the main reason, you see a bit of a breeze, fairfield with the southwest wind 20 miles an hour now. as far as baseball weather for this evening for the giants back home, we expect partly cloudy skies at the ballpark, quickly dropping back down into the upper 50s and a bit of a breeze, winds around 20 to 25 miles an hour. here is what is happening on the pacific, we are watching this, the source of cooling, not only for today but also into your friday forecast. tomorrow, probably one of the cooler days of the week and somewhat recovery as we head into the weekend. here is the forecast model later on today showing the
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clouds near the coast, maybe some breaks out there. the clouds regroup again later on tonight and into friday morning. there clearing back to the shoreline for tomorrow. the highs this afternoon, no more 90s, the warmest location approaching the mid-, maybe upper 80s in a few spots. antioch 85, brentwood 86 degrees. santa rosa 83, santa san francisco 63 and san jose 82. gilmore approaching the mid- 80s. looking at the 5-day forecast tomorrow, one of the cooler days of the week and a little bit of a recovery as we head toward the weekend. is you can see on all the panels, no major heat in the bay area forecast. another update in a few minutes. still to come, a big crowd cheers on present trump at a campaign rally in north carolina. less than 24 hours later, the president disavows what the crowd was chanting specifically about one congresswoman of color.
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let's check on wall street now. stocks are down today because of concerns about global trade, netflix sought its stock dropped 10 percent after disappointing news about a decline in u.s. subscribers. the dow is down, you see very slightly, about 3 points, relatively flat. the nasdaq and s&p 500 are on track to close up slightly. consumer advocates say a law meant to protect the public is putting people in danger. recently, we reported on the recall of the fisher-price rock in place labor after it was
12:23 pm
tied to 32 infant deaths. consumer reports said the government was first told about the possible dangers back in 2009, 10 years before the sleeper was pulled from store shelves. consumer reports said the section of the consumer product safety act prevents regulars from discussing safety concerns while they are in the process of being investigated. >> consumer reports believes yes, the product would be on the market because no one, not consumers, not groups like consumer reports were aware the product at that time had been tied to 32 fatalities. >> reporter: safety advocates say that sleeper deaths came to life when the government mistakenly released information without rejecting company and product information. there is security concerns about face app, what you might look at when you are older. >> chuck schummer calling on the fbi and federal trade commission to conduct a national security and privacy investigation after it was
12:24 pm
discovered that app developer is based in st. petersburg, russia. candace mccowan tells us it can up this >> reporter: the ability to make you old has gone viral. drawing in celebrities like the jonas brothers, and kevin hart. i even used it only to find out i will look like disney's grandmother willow and mama coco in 300 years. jokes aside, business law attorney, elizabeth weinstein said she checked the face app developing company wireless lab and had concerns. >> it stuck out to me this is a company located in russia. i was concerned this data will be going to russia, it will be accessible to russia. >> reporter: no nefarious connections confirmed. wireless lab based in st. petersburg, russia andrew is run by this man who released a statement wednesday saying even though the core research and
12:25 pm
development team is located in russia, the user data is not transferred to russia. >> he may be completely telling the truth but he does not control what happens tomorrow. it does not mean they are necessarily bad people but they are subject to russia as opposed to subject to the united states. >> reporter: according to the face app terms, when you upload your photo, you grant face app a revocable nonexclusive worldwide fully paid license to use your user content. >> it can mean nothing or it could mean they just are using for ads inside the application. it could mean they are putting your face on a bulletin board in russia to advertise a spot. >> reporter: face app ceo said most images are deleted from the server within 48 hours and 99 percent of users don't log in so face app does not have identifying information. he also said the company does not share user data with third parties.
12:26 pm
>> all of these concerns are things we should worry about with any apor something different here? >> i think anytime you are thinking about using an app you have never heard of that is the latest thing, you should always keep your eye out. we want to take you back to the tanker truck which overturned in pinole early this morning spilling liquid asphalt on to the east bay freeway. we have video from earlier, chp is advising drivers to avoid the area of richmond parkway, bloom drive to pinole vista for the next four hours because of a traffic incident. we have our live picture over the scene, the traffic backup extends several miles. a short time ago, we could zoom in and get a closer look at the intersection. you can see the tanker truck has been towed out of the area but the cleanup according to richmond police and fire will take another 3 to 4 hours. that is why they are putting the word out to drivers, avoid
12:27 pm
the area of richmond parkway, bloom drive to pinole vista for the next 3 to 4 hours. while the hazmat team continues to clean up that spill. chp closed the richmond parkway , you can see from the picture, backup traffic still tied up in that area. three women accused of targeting a gas station for lottery tickets up next. what deputies found in their car that could link them to other crimes in the bay area. president trump kicking off his election campaign into high gear and does not come without more talk about his 2020 rivals and the so-called "squad" generating a lot of attention.
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a gas station break and in rural wine country is helping police unravel a series of similar crimes around the bay area. >> notebook found in the suspect's car provides a big lead for investigators. >> reporter: a shattered glass door in shelbyville, the door repaired the same day. for business that is always breast, a deli and service station that started as a rest stop a century ago. >> i have these because my wife likes scratch tickets. >> reporter: thinking this was a burglary, scratchers, is not a surprise. >> close to it, no law enforcement is close to it,
12:31 pm
highway patrol comes up your sometimes, that's about it. other than that, you do what you want over here. >> reporter: three women may have thought so. pulling in at midnight unaware deputies were watching in the shadows, alerted to a suspicious car. they saw the women swap their license plate for stolen one but take off as soon as the smashed window sounded an alarm. >> it looks like they have been doing a string of these late- night gas station break and where they steal lottery tickets. apprehended this time, although one woman needed coaxing to leave the backseat. >> should not come out from our commands over a pa system yelling at her, we call the canine over and warned her we would send the canine in and she decided to get out. >> reporter: deputies sees the hammer, screwdriver, heroin and a smoking hot, dark clothing, gloves and bandannas. plus, a notebook filled with the addresses of gas stations, some in the east bay, a checklist.
12:32 pm
>> places they have already hit or plan on in the future. >> i don't know if these are the suspects in our case, they certainly could be. >> reporter: police are in touch, three gas stations at another town had glass shattered and stacks of lottery tickets stolen. dublin has a case going too. all of the suspects are from salinas. >> the suspects go commit the crimes and go back home, it is almost like you did not kill it. >> reporter: this target out of the way more than most but no way foolproof. >> we're still the bay area, we have a lot of technology and surveillance and a lot of alarms and so forth to catch you. police in newark investigate a burglary at a jewelry store. >> it was a family run business rooted in newark for decades. we talked to the owner about what happened.
12:33 pm
>> reporter: surveillance video captures two masked men breaking into the jewelry center early. within minutes, they smash showcases full of jewelry. >> you can hear the impact where he had to hit the cases multiple times to get them to shatter. >> reporter: richard is the owner, his father started the business in the 1950s and moved it to the newark shopping center in 1981. richard said when he arrived, he frowned the front door damage, glass and jewelry everywhere. the crooks broke six cases of jewelry. >> i'm stunned i have not recovered, cannot believe it happened. they got away with quite a bit of merchandise. i don't know 100 percent for sure but between 125 and 150,000. >> reporter: from the video, the thieves arrived at 5:50 am and waited. the crime was committed at 6
12:34 pm
am. the owner said that is when a police shift change occurs. it is around the corner. >> they were definitely calculated enough to have done a little bit of homework. >> reporter: police called the crime rare and coordinated. the video captures the getaway car, which was stolen 30 minutes prior from an auto repair shop down the street. patrons said the owner is a beloved gem in the community. >> it is said it happened to him, he has been here forever. more than likely, somebody not even in this town that did it. >> reporter: richard said he is not deterred. he is showing the video because he believes that crooks may be a professional crew. he wants others to keep their guard up. >> i'm worried about the next guy. i survived, you know, what would have happened if someone was in the store and met them? are they armed? what is going to the next level? investors in marion county
12:35 pm
want help identifying a burglary suspect there. the sheriff's department said images from a security camera show the man inside mike's bikes in sausalito early saturday morning. the burglar took off with several bikes worth more than $25,000. investigators are hoping someone will recognize the detail on the back of the suspects sweatshirt which appears to be a custom logo. suspicious activity on skype led to the rest of us from coach in the east bay accused of possessing and sharing child pornography. microsoft notified authorities of a ip addresses to 18-year- old, james jt happ of danville. microsoft tied him to a sexually explicit video involving a girl under the age of 12. he has been fired from his job as coach and swim instructor at the wave aquatic center in dublin. >> we talked to several different people and had no victims come forward, disclose any crimes occurred. we encourage the public if they believe they have been a victim, please comport and contact the police.
12:36 pm
he was released from jail after posting $100,000 bill. union city will move forward with plans to close one of its four fire stations. the city council decided to shut down station 30 near fremont. city councilmember's say that will save the city $3.2 million a year. union city has been dealing with $3.5 million budget deficit. the station will be closed until the city works out some backup situation with the alameda county fire department. drivers that use this bridge will be happel to know caltrans finished a major stage of repair. crews finished pouring the concrete for the joint repair project and removed the plates on the upper deck. it was used to keep concrete from falling on the bridge lower deck. not all the work done yet. caltrans needs to finish applying a rebel sealant and finish cleanup work. all of that work is scheduled for overnight hours and there will be lane closures during those periods. caltrans plans to replace the
12:37 pm
joints on the lower deck next year. sanford cisco moving forward with plans to build digital housing at the former naval shipyard despite ongoing contamination concerns going to the examiner, the city commissioner had two allotments on tuesday. one design involves 60 market rate and nine below market rate units. the other protocols for 112 affordable units. 500 homes have been built or are under construction at the shipyard. several homeowners have filed a lawsuit claiming they were misled about the levels of radioactive contamination and other toxic materials. president trump received enthusiastic support last night during a north carolina rally for his verbal attacks on four congressional women of color. >> at one point, the crowd chanted the words, send her back, speaking specifically about one congresswoman of color. the president claimed he was not happy about that chant, telling reporters he did not like it. >> reporter: the president went after his 2020 rivals but also spent a spare a fair amount of time talking about the four
12:38 pm
democrats generating so much attention. president trump, back in his element at a massive campaign rally in north carolina. >> that is not somebody that loves our country. >> reporter: one by one, he went after the four freshman democratic members of congress that level charges of racism among other things against him. >> omar has a history of launching vicious anti-somatic tweets. >> reporter: when he singled out minnesota's ilhan omar, the crowd broke out into a chant of, send her back. echoing the president's suggestion that some of his vocal critics should leave the country. >> this president committed impeachable offenses, initially we condemned him for them, today is our opportunity to punish him for them. >> reporter: hours earlier, the house again considered impeaching the president but eventually voted it down with house speaker nancy pelosi again urging caution. >> you have to give them credit, he is a great distractor
12:39 pm
, that is what this is about. >> reporter: the president seemed to revel in it. >> and they want to try to impeach, it is a disgrace. disgraceful. so now, we have that behind us. behind him for now, but still 95 democrats yesterday moved forward on impeachment proceedings. in washington, douglas setter with fox news. tom steyer brought his campaign to his hometown of san francisco. >> the billionaire philanthropist plans to focus on climate change and taking back corporate control of government. >> reporter: in the san francisco mission district, tom steyer shook hands and is the newest democratic presidential contender made the case for why a california billionaire should get the party nomination. >> the reason i'm running, because we have a broken government that corporate money has bought democracy, the only solution to that is going to be
12:40 pm
pushing power back to the people, retaking the democracy and i've been doing that as an outsider for 10 years. >> reporter: an outsider that turned from thunderbug private equity fund to political activist, now to politician. the community room at manny's restaurant was filled with 150 people, a friendly crowd in his own home crowd. >> what we need in 2020 as across-the-board win. >> reporter: steyer believes the way to win is to change the electric, inspiring new people to vote rather than winning over old. >> what we need now is a different narrative of who we are and what we are trying to create and how we are going to do it. that is actually the point here, it is not about this policy, nuance or that policy. >> reporter: he said his work
12:41 pm
on need to impeach an nexgen voting allowed him to talk with americans nationwide and understand the concerns of middle and lower income americans. he said his back on as an investor is not at odds with his agenda. >> i understand the difference between democracy and capitalism and i know they have to coexist. i don't want them, i want capitals and to take over the democracy and democracy should write the rules to control capitals in. that is the distinction. >> reporter: steyer said he does not need money but 130,000 donors to give him a dollar so he can qualify for the fall debates. some people are glad he is adding his voice to the race. >> i have not decided my vote for anyone yet. i'm glad to see him there and i'm certainly going to give him a dollar. >> i really really like the fact he named climate change and fixing democracy and taking it back from corporate control as the top two issues. >> i think tom was casual, intent and convincing.
12:42 pm
a report from san francisco civil grand jury is wanting some parts of the city are ill- equipped to handle a major earthquake. the grand jury says san francisco has failed to set up a seismically safe high- pressure water supply system in some neighborhoods including the outer richmond, outer sunset and hunters point. these areas are more vulnerable to fires triggered by earthquakes. the grand jury recommends the construction of an emergency water supply system to these neighborhoods within the next 15 years. although the sheek alert earthquake warning system is in its testing phases. the application worked well this week. 50 business partners of the usgs alerted before tuesday's magnitude 4.3 and 3.5? hit the black hawk area. people in los angeles county criticized the sheek alert system after it did not warn them about two large earthquakes that hit the area two weeks ago. first responders getting back to the classroom to better
12:43 pm
communicate with the community. still to come, the new programs and firefighters to language school to learn spanish. it is a lesson that could pay off by saving a life. the weather outside for your thursday afternoon, some sunshine over san francisco bay but a cooldown in store. we talk about the cooling forecast headed our way. there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression.
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like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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san francisco firefighters are going back to school to learn another language. >> christien kafton take this into the customer firefighters are learning spanish, the hope is they can improve medication and save lives when every second counts. >> [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: on wednesday morning in the middle of july, classes in session at the san francisco waldorf high school. but these students are not teenagers. they are first responders learning spanish one phrase at a time. >> [speaking foreign language] >> reporter: paramedic, mike
12:47 pm
lamb in class but out of uniform today. >> it is kind of nice to roll in my flip-flops and learn a little spanish. >> reporter: the teacher, who teaches spanish year during the school year gears this class to making sure first responders can act fast in emergencies. firefighters to have access to translator services but knowing the language can save precious time. >> to have someone who can themselves assess the situation right on the scene, very specific to their industry, that is what i'm trying to do. >> reporter: one difference between teens and firefighters, when the students drop everything and rush out of class, there's usually a good reason. >> i have those times. they have to get up to leave. bye. >> reporter: the department spanish speaking firefighters association funded the program, when responding to calls, someone complaining of chest pain, every moment counts. >> [speaking foreign language] they respond to me what their problem is.
12:48 pm
>> reporter: remember that phrase, because elias said it may be the first step on how to handle the emergency at hand. >> we want to help prepare ourselves to meet the needs of the community. after one class, paramedic lamb learned the key phrase. que tal is what is going on, pretty simple, keep using it to get what you want. it is nice. knew this pilot program is not just open to san francisco firefighters, it is open to first responders throughout the bay area. the hope is this will expand to a year-round program and will also expand throughout the city. in san francisco, christien kafton with ktvu fox 2 news. the time is 12:48 pm, looking at the doors, sunny skies and pretty thick fog bank. you can see the picture behind me. >> that fog is out there, try to mix up little bit with some sunshine near portions of the
12:49 pm
coastline but still, it is looming over san francisco and today's headline, a cool day, we are heading into a short- term cooling trend that will take us into the weekend. satellite showing you this, the low clouds and fog from this morning trying to clear out of benton, let me switch the map over, it looks like we have an interesting frame on the satellite but i think we are okay right now. kerry, clouds close to monterey bay, closer to our shoreline as well this afternoon. we will check in on some current numbers, 70s toward concorde, 70 degrees, fremont 79, redwood city 76 and san francisco 63 degrees. most areas running a little bit cooler compared to yesterday. all because this, the marine layer which has been relatively shallow, yesterday in fact, you see the top of the golden gate bridge, the towers. what is happening today, a little deeper marine layer and with that, the cooler marine air can push across the bay and impact inland spots for today. that will be the case as we
12:50 pm
head into friday. this area of gh pressure has been heating up portions of the state including portions of the bay area over the past couple days. is this guy moves in, we cool things off today and into friday. friday will be the coolest day of the week was a little bit of a recovery as we head into weekend. at least for right now, over the next 5 to 7 days, no signs of real heat in the bay area forecast, no triple digits expected. here we are later on today showing the low clouds hanging onto portions of the coastline. the clouds regroup later on tonight into tomorrow morning and clearing back near the coast. once we get to tomorrow, we will be down, the warmest location approaching the 80 degree mark and that is it for the friday forecast. the highs is happening, a few 80s toward santa rosa, antioch and britain. oakland 72, san francisco 63 degrees, approaching mid-60s. san francisco 82 degrees, san mateo 76 degrees. at least we are not talking about extreme heat, no offshore wind, no red flag fire warnings,
12:51 pm
fire danger is not extreme over the next few days. the cooler weather should help us out on friday and then into the weekend, it looks like minor warming. sunday should be the warmest day of the week. a good samaritan saved beached whales in the state of georgia. 50 pilot will swim into shallow waters along resort community. six whales came onto shore but some people get help get them back to the water. two whales did die but authorities are grateful for the beachgoers for saving as many whales as they did. when we come back, dropping specific words from city code. the neutral terms the city of berkeley will be using to be more inclusive.
12:52 pm
there's no such thing so start driving and don't stop. because no one takes off at the finish line.
12:53 pm
and the only way to get that trophy, is to take it. net generation. official youth tennis of the usta. the berkeley city council is eliminating gender specific words from its municipal code and replacing the words with
12:54 pm
gender-neutral terms. dozens of words will change. examples include manpower now becomes human effort, chairman changes to share person, craftsman is now artisan. next month under the new ordinance, a manhole will be called a mason hole. the berkeley city council passed it on to state unanimously. another change will be eternities and sororities will be referred to as collegiate greek system residences. existing berkeley you municipal cold uses pronounced like he, it will switch from he and she today when referring to individuals. there's more to come, all forms generated by the city of berkeley will have a space for people filling it out to designate which pronoun they prefer. a few minutes away from the closing bell on this thursday afternoon. looking at the market, the one bay area stock we talked about taking a big hit, netflix down close to 11 percent right now. the nasdaq and s&p 500 up slightly in the dow jones, you can see on your screen down 27
12:55 pm
points. car breakers along the peninsula into the south bay are at an all-time high. >> we hear from police in mountain view and palo alto to learn what is contributed to the crimes and what is being done to stop them. that and much more today. apple holding the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing and celebrating the new peanuts series, steeping in space at the same time. >> try to blast off, charlie. >> why can't i have a normal dog? >> don't worry, charlie brown does get more enthusiastic about spaceflight in the new show. it takes the characters on a field trip to nasa. snoopy and woodstock are selected for space mission while the rest of the cast staff mission control. it will air in the fall. the family sold the rights for new content. a few words of advice to people visiting lake tahoe. don't hope that bear. there are a lot of bears in the
12:56 pm
tahoe national forest and in one case, a bear was cornered against offense by people with their camera phones trying to get close up photos. the 400 pound bear did not charge the people but the sheriff's office said it would not have been surprising if the bear had charge because bears get agitated when they feel threatened. the sheriff's office said if you see a bear, it is best to give it plenty of room and stay out of its direct path. and a few years ago when we were in tahoe, i asked him what he left out a cool i left out, they found it. they got in it. the cooler was found 30 yards away from the house we were in with claw marks and nail holes. >> you have a good sense of smell. i'm glad -- >> leave the bears alone, keep the coolers inside. stomach use common sense that they are wild animals. thanks for watching, everybody. the next newscast coming up at
12:57 pm
4 pm. have a great day.
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>> real housewives star bethenny frankel suffered a near deadly allergic reaction. opening up for the first time to dr. oz. and we speak to the parent of a young boy who had a deadly allergic reaction from fish fumes. plus, new details just revealed on the secretive sex cult accused of branding and starving women. how catherine oxenberg fought to rescue her daughter. coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: season 10 starts now. today, an


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