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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 19, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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section that was built in is al difficult to navigate. take a look at this video from sky fox. california highway patrol officers stood watch over the large pot first noticed it at a 11:30 this morning in the number 3 lane of southbound 880. some drivers swerved to avoid the pot hole, which measured about 2 by 3 feet. others had the misfortune of going right over it. many cars got flat tires. chp officers blocked off the number 3 lane before caltrans workers arrived. crews then blocked three of the southbound lanes before beginning repairs. drivers were busy fixing their tires. >> several cars drove throh that scene prior to the chp arriving there and probably suffered some damage. >> our maintenance crews are on
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scene now filling the pot hole. we do have the left three lanes closed. but we're working to get them open as quickly as possible and we peter everybody's patience. >> reporter: encouraging drivers to take alternate routes. big rigs are allowed on eastbound 580 through oakland where they're normally banned. at this point, it might be two or three hours before the repairs are completely completed. that's the latest from oakland. >> causing big problems tonight for folks driving tonight on 880. we want to take you back now to live pictures from the scene. you see a worker down in that hole as they try to execute those repairs, repair this pot hole at interstate 880 at jackson. it's caused damage to several vehicles already and you know the interstate can get packed at times. this is not helping the rush hour commute. we'll keep an eye on this and
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update you when we learn more. a knife wielding man accused of attacking a woman is under arrest. the bizarre and frightening incident led to an hours-long stand off with officers. talking to the victim and a witness. anne. >> reporter: the woman doesn't know what sparked the attack or why she was chosen, but she says it was a group of neighbors who helped her get away. sheila fernandez is bloody, bruised and traumatized by what happened. she says this man jumped out of the bushes late at night and chased her with a kitchen knife. her similar in law says they had never met him before. >> he tried to run away from that guy. she's just thinking duck under the car. but as soon as she ducked under -- >> reporter: she fell as she ran, the source of most of of
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her injuries. the neighbors heard her screams and his too. >> he said i'm crazy, don't talk to moment. and holding a knife. i didn't wear -- we just ran outside to help her. >> reporter: from there, they say ran to his apartment, leading to a stand off with milpitas police. neighbors were awakened and evacuated. >> i was scared to hang around. i got a little one, so let's get out of here and evacuate. >> reporter: for hours, authorities tried to negotiate with but nothing worked. he refused to come out of his bedroom. >> our s.w.a.t. team used tactics to try and gain his cooperation. eventually our s.w.a.t. team was able to make entry into his apartment and take him into custody. >> reporter: he is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon, brandishing a
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weapon and resisting an officer. fernandez is worried because his apartment is right down the block from her. >> first time it happened to her. she doesn't want him to come back to our apartment. >> rewas booked here into the santa clara main jail. fernandez was released from the hospital and is recovering. >> that is frightening and at random. hopefully she'll be safe in her home there. santa clara county main jail. there is a legal battle between the city of oakland versus the nfl and the raiders. money at the center of the clash. there was movement today in that ca its argument in a against its team and the league over the move to vegas. live in san francisco with the ruling. >> reporter: a case like this, kind of all comes down to
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money. the city of oakland saying the raiders and nfl owe them some $80 million. they're saying they owe that money because of the plan to relocate the team to las vegas. in a game known for hard knocks and big hits, the city of oakland is taking its fight to the federal court house. that judge ruling today that the city of oakland has another 45 days to clarify its argument that its lawsuit against the raiders and the national football league. the city is saying they violated anti-trust laws and their own relocation policies. the judge it is the city needs to do a better job laying out that argument. >> he gave us 45 days to add to the presentation that our attorneys had already presented regarding the anti-trust and contractual obligations that the nfl and raiders have with oakland. >> reporter: also on hand, die-
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hard raider fans from forever oakland. they want to hold on to the raiders' and history in hopes the nfl will allow another team to take up the name and bring raiders football back to oakland. >> what we want is what happened in cleveland in 1990s. it already happened in court. had already happened. the cleveland franchise were able to retain their name and have nfl football because they have the fan base like we do. >> reporter: oakland's city attorney released say statement saying, quote, we are confident we can file an amended complaint that addresses the issues raised by the court. the lawsuit would do nothing to stop the raiders' move to las vegas. the new stadium there already nearing completion. >> and the court battle continues. thank you so much. we move to this now. the u.s. is stepping up air patrols over the strait of hormuz after the -- libeerian ship. there is late word this evening
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that the liberian ship was released. british leaders have convened an emergency meeting. just yesterday, the u.s. says it downed an reasonnian drone in that crucial persian gulf water way. the u.s. and iran have been at odds since the u.s. with drew from the nuclear iran deal. the seizure of the two oil tankers by iran -- the dow dropping 68 points. what do three pubs have to do with the reconstruction of a ravaged neighborhood in santa rosa? more than you would think. >> plus a wild police chase on a southern california freeway. the driver weaving in and out
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of traffic. the bay area connection to this pursuit. >> some real heat could be showing up in the 5-day forecast. we'll have that coming up. foes %f0 show me the crown.
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these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed. itit's crepe for our family at denny's. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or back now with a wild police chase in southern california with the suspect's car topping 120 miles per hour at times. the driver was riding on the shoulder and then at one point swerving hard left, back to the right, collided with a truck pulling a trailer, kept going. the suspect tried to get away by pulling into a mall parking lot. when police caught up to the suspect, they realized there was a bay area connection.
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>> reporter: well, it was actually well before that. they knew these guys were from oakland. they knew it before the pursuit began. they had been following them. los angeles police saying if you're a member of an oakland gang coming down to los angeles to do damage to people's cars, don't do it. three guys from oakland now in custody for doing just that. >> up to -- whoa, cutting back the other way. almost hit another car. >> reporter: it was a terrifying pursuit, especially if you were driving on the freeway when the black sedan was weaving in and out, evadfre flat tire on the left rear side. >> reporter: it started in mid- wilshire, landed on the 405 and 101 freeways. speeds were well in excess of 100 miles an hour. this wasn't your everyday
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garden variety pursuit. police say these were gang members from oakland. this is l.a.p.d. captain james roberts. >> the back story is we have crews comprised of gang members from the greater oakland and san francisco areas that are regularly visiting los angeles for the particular purpose of committing burglary from vehicles. >> reporter: they do smash and grabs? >> correct. they're breaking windows or opening doors if they're unlocked and taking items that are visible in the car. >> reporter: steadric washington was one of the first on the ground to see the suspects. the mall sealed off at the garages by black and white police units as they moved in on the men. washington pointed out the first suspect. >> police look at me and say where did i guy go? there he is right there, right next to me. he was scared. he was running scared. he was shaking. and he had me scared because i didn't know whether he was going to do something to me or
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not. >> reporter: that was followed by these two arrests. they told us about the damage these bay area crews have been doing to los angeles much. >> wilshire has experienced an increase of 33% burglary to vehicles from this year this the last. >> reporter: steal stuff and get out of town. they didn't get out of town this time. >> they were in the area, patrol officers made contact. they immediately fled. we went into tracking mode for the safety of the community. >> reporter: hide it, lock it, keep it. those are the guideline that is police tell us if we want to keep our cars from becoming victims of these sort of smash and grab robberies, don't leave laptops in the car, lock it and keep it out of anybody's sight. bottom line, those men now face a myriad of charges, probably felony evading from that
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pursuit l.a.p.d. says stay in oakland. fox two news, backs to you. >> that is an incredible pursuit. it's incredible nobody was injured in that. can't keep anything in your car. and hopefully they will stop going up and down the state. thanks so much for that report. crazy video there. the city of santa rosa is slowly rising from the ashes of the fire nearly two years ago. block after block was leveled. 1300 homes in all looking like this. now as people return to do business -- as people return, their businesses are also returning to the area. a neighborhood where a return to unless is now being found among local pubs in that area. >> reporter: long before this neighborhood burned down, people did things that everybody does. they went to their favorite places. and pubs are not the least of them. people tend to be very loyal to
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favorite -- their favorite pub, which is exactly why we went on a pub crawl. here, three pubs, themselves almost consumed by the fire, are the moonlight, now and -- brewing companies. many of their regular customers, many of whom lost their homes, had to find housing elsewhere. >> it was definitely a hit. something we weren't prepared for. especially people that work paycheck to paycheck. >> reporter: the customers are returning to places where everyone knows their name. >> it's true, you know. i know almost everybody's name in here when they come in the door. it's kind of fun. it's exciting for everyone else. >> probably the best aspect we've seen is have people that were regulars that we didn't see for maybe almost a year, maybe once in between that area, and now they show back up and they're like we moved into our house last night. >> i don't notice any new
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faces, but i see a lot of older friends in here now. people that had to go a little bit away while their houses were rebuilt. >> they're lebuild more of a relationship with their contractors over a pint of beer. >> it was a great gathering place after the fire. everybody came here to regroup, get information, how can we help out. >> everybody was affected one day. and i think that really, really did bring people together. >> i love it. great people, great music. bring your animals. just a great vibe. >> very much so. i mean, a pub is literally a public place to gather and conversate and try to let go and really let the outside world kind of melt away. also just supporting the local businesses was very important.
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>> reporter: now, the other thing that's important here is there is still plenty -- and i do mean plenty of empty lots that are here that need to be rebuilt, maybe rebuilt or not. those that will be rebuilt, that means a lot more pub hellos are in in order. >> cheers to the people who are recovering right now. thank you so much. as offed it, people now have another two-wheel option to get around san francisco. lyft started rolling out electric bikes after the city issued the company an interim permit. they will be named bay wheels. one benefit for riders is you don't have to return these bikes to a station. another benefit, a big one, the electric assist makes riding san francisco's hills a lot easier. >> san francisco is full of hills, so it's one of the
5:18 pm
challenges to be unmotorrized. trying to get these heavy bikes up a hill was always a bit of a challenge. i'm looking forward to see it. >> there he goes. right now lyft is suing san francisco to keep the rights to have bikes in the city. they hit the streets in san jose last week. we want to go back out to the developing news we've been following. major traffic delays in the east bay. a large pot hole on interstate 880 has forced the closure of several lanes in downtown oakland. we're taking a live look here where you see a caltrans worker is down in the pot hole working on the repairs. the back up is stretching for miles. hopefully we can show you a bit of the back up. we talked to henry lee earlier on in the broadcast. he said it won't be maybe 2 to 3 hours before they start to reopen several of those lanes. you see that back up now.
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that is incredible during the friday evening commute. it's not looking good. it's going to be a while before they open that stretch of roadway there on 880. pack your patience. if you have family members in traffic on 880, give them a call. might be a good time to catch up with friends. >> try to use 580 as well if you need to get further south. a brutal heat wave will scorch more than half the country this weekend. while the worst is yet to come, kids and adults are already seeking relief, jumping through sprinklers and hitting the pools. 195million people across 34 states are now under heat alerts. officials warning them to limit their time outdoors and stay hydrated. all the heat waves potentially dangerous. >> we have not seen temperatures like this in at least 7 years.
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we haven't seen this many concentrated hot days in a long time. take this seriously. >> in areas along the east coast, temperatures that feel like 110 degrees. they have humidity there. so it feels even worse. the national weather service has a number of a record highs are likely to happen this weekend. let's bring in mark now. i know with the heat index and humidity on the east coast, that 110 can feel like 118. >> exactly. growing up here in the bay area, you hear it's a dry heat here. never understood that. >> oh, when you go back to the east coast, you'll know what the difference is. >> traveling last month and it just -- feeling that is completely different story. >> can't stop sweating. this. is the dangerous -- any major heat event is dangerous. when you factor that humidity. as you know, it's a completely -- brings it up to another level. here's a look at some of the
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current temperatures across parts of the country. minneapolis in the mid-90s. washington, d.c., 92 degrees and that heat will persist and even build into the weekend. for us though, you can embrace the low clouds and fog if you like the cooler weather pattern out there. we had clearing today near portions of the coastline this. is responsible for clears even for the entire city of san francisco. but that cloud deck is getting its act together just off shore and pushing back into the bay eventually as we head into the overnight hours. san jose, 81 degrees, concord, fine. scrows 72 and san francisco, 64. here's our live camera looking out mount diablo. we are in fire season and into next week, we are talking about another warm up here in the bay area. a few spots could be approaching the upper 90s, but
5:22 pm
not for this weekend. baseball tonight, the giants playing 7:15. partly cloudy sky this is evening. temperatures at the ballpark in the upper 50s. overnight lows in the morning, 50s to lower 60s to start out the saturday. this area of high pressure will be the source of warming into primarily next week. this system's kind of sticking around. this weekend, morning fog and it will be warming up inland and does look like sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend. then into next week, we are expecting a bit of a warming trend especially as we head into tuesday, wednesday and thursday. here we are tomorrow morning. the clouds will clear back near the coast. once again, beaches mainly in the lower 60s. inland spots in the low to mid- 80s, fairly pleasant for your afternoon. fremont, 77 and half moon day, 62 degrees. we will warm up the numbers
5:23 pm
into sunday, primarily for the inland spots. and the warming trend really kicks in by wednesday into thursday of next week. >> thanks so much. pot sales right in front of police and of course it's all legal. >> absolutely surreal. i think overall it's a step in the right direction. >> the newest oakland cannabis dispensary sits right across the street from police headquarters. the report the owners received from the police chief. >> revamping the criminal justice system. why more inmates are being released today. >> don't be surprised if your picture ends up on top of the sales force tower. the changes coming to the art installation this fall. ♪
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comcast business. beyond fast. so it's a scenario that few people would have imagined a few years ago and it's about to play out in oakland. a recreational cannabis shop is about to open on broadway, directly across the street from the oakland police department. >> it sounds hard to believe, but it's all entirely above board, as you would imagine. spoke with the manager why that location has advantage. >> reporter: call it a sign of the times here at the corner of broadway and 7th street in oakland. the new recreational pot shop is about to open right across
5:27 pm
the street from the headquarters. pot selling and police, two professions once at odds with each other are now about to become neighbors. >> absolutely surreal. i think overall it's a step in the right direction. >> reporter: dispensary, a muralist is putting on the finishing touches, a expectation of oakland's culture in history. >> i've had a couple officers come over and comment on how awesome it is being across the street. >> reporter: putting a cannabis dispensary here makes the -- foot traffic is close to public transportation and yes, having police close by helps promote safety. >> being as now we're going through all the proper channels of being licensed, i don't think it's that ironic. >> reporter: we reached out to the police department for a comment but did not hear back. but the co owner says he has spoken to the police chief. >> i showed her the space and
5:28 pm
she was excited about it. she was mostly concerned about safety. there is a crime rate when it comes to cannabis. >> definitely interesting to see cross corners, they're coexisting. let's see how it all shakes out. >> reporter: this newest pot shop is expected to open by the end of july. >> interesting. it's been a busy last few summers for wild land firefighters in california. what's the impact on their mental health? nobody knows. and coming up next, a look at the urgent study being done by firefighters who return from the front lines can be like returning from a combat zone. >> a light rail train hit and injured a cyclist. the organization is discussing
5:29 pm
to make it safe for people to cross the tracks. ♪ you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter? yes.
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all right, want to get back to the situation that's happening right now in downtown oakland. these are live pictures of interstate 880, the back up that is stretching for miles because of a pot hole that opened up between jackson and hope street. caltrans is on the scene, down in the hole trying to repair it. right now, three lanes are blocked with traffic. you can imagine how bad things are at that area right now. 980 and interstate 80, 880 blocked right now, southbound sections as caltrans workers try to repair a pot hole that opened up. you can see it from these live pictures, you can see the work that's being done. two lanes of traffic moving by. three lanes of traffic right now are closed. so that's what's causing the back up at this time. we understand this happened about 11:30 this morning.
5:33 pm
that's when it was noticed and caltrans crews blocked off the area around 3:00 and some cars hit the pot hole and some of them are damaged. we'll keep an eye on the story and let you know what happens. you can use alternative routes here in the meantime. drivers of big rigs can use 580 for the time being while the repair work is being done. you can use 580 or highway 13 as an alternate. firefighting is an incredibly tough job. it can negatively affect mental health. very little information is known about the impact of wild land firefighting. >> reporter: when it comes to firefighter suicide, we have very little data on this super
5:34 pm
sensitive subject. this year, the federal national fire center took action to collect that data and improve services to full-time and seasonal firefighters. >> meantal health -- [indiscernible] firefighters before they get [indiscernible] >> reporter: coming home from a brutal exhausting fire season can be very much like coming home from a combat zone. >> wild land firefighting -- they work long hours, they're with their crew all summer long. they sometimes can experience stressful, very intense events and all of a sudden they're laid off. and they are sometimes -- >> the suicide ideation or the completion of suicide is a very large concern to us. >> reporter: and cal fire is just as concerned because the new unprecedented levels of
5:35 pm
intense firefighting can lead not just to ptsd, but real brain damage. >> we call it ptsi, post traumatic stress injury. it's literally a physiological, neurological injury to our hippocampus, actually. so when we're doing these, we are constantly in a fight or flight and that can wreak havoc on our systems. >> reporter: the goal? >> provide help quickly. available anywhere, even on location in the fire line. >> reporter: there is counseling and treatment available during and after incidents to avoid a lonely dive into self destructive behavior, including addiction, alcoholism and suicide. but these life savers tend not to reach out for personal help. this is all a far -- from a few
5:36 pm
years ago. >> you know, it's what we do and we need to suck it up. so there's been a stigma associated and we're breaking through that right now. >> reporter: a stigma no more. ktvu fox news. several dozen ride share drivers marching to uber headquarters this morning. they are supporting an assembly bill that would require drivers to classify drivers as employees instead of contractors. ab5 has been passed by the state assembly. it is still awaiting a vote in the state senate. the drivers are seeking the ability to form a union. >> i've been driving about three years. the pay isn't enough because when you take account for all the tax we have to pay, we're not just paying taxes on the money we put in our bank account. we're paying taxes on the money uber and lyft make.
5:37 pm
>> an uber represent actually came out asking the company to begin negotiations. uber's c.e.o. wrote that most drivers prefer the freedom and flexibility to create their own hours as independent contractors. california's unemployment rate held steady last month at 4.2%. the state employment development department says the state added fix thousand jobs. close to the record low of 4.1% set last year. it's happened again in the south bay. another person was hit by a light rail trained it. the man with a bike was injured in downtown santa fe. >> reporter: a flurry of activity friday morning as first responders try to free a bicycle trapped below the front wheel of a light rail train.
5:38 pm
>> these incredible people get him out from under the train and on an ambulance. >> reporter: santa clara county sheriff's investigators say the male cyclist was hit by the train. >> the bike was across the light rail track, not aware that the light rail was coming. >> he was walking the by through the gate as the train was approaching the station. >> reporter: the pedestrian light rail crossings have 8 doors that are in the closed position and signage instructing riders to check both ways. vigilance is needed in keeping the riding public aware of potential dangers. michelle espinoza was hit after riding her bicycle beyond crossing gates. the 14 year old remains in critical condition. >> all of the safety gates, the warning flashing signs, they
5:39 pm
are there for a reason. we need people to heed those signs and take their time getting to a station and not try to beat a train. >> reporter: light rail service along the southbound winchester line was obstructed for about an hour. neither passengers nor the train's operator were injured. all of the current measured meet standards set by the california public utilities commission. downtown san jose, fox 2 news. a former football coach is helping young kids navigate life in the east bay. but it's done in a somewhat shocking way. inside the mortuary where he works. still to come, we catch up with the three siblings who tell us about the lessons they learned. >> one of the top democrats campaigning in california
5:40 pm
today. how she responded to the "send her home" chant at a trump campaign rally this week. ♪
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you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter? yes. or when you can say yes... to both? (smiling) sure. or when you find that brand at that price? are you kidding me? yeah. that's yes for less. and that's what ross always has in store. whoa. (sighs) yes... oh, yeah. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. or former peru president -- from his home country.
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he is accused of taking $20 million in bribes from a brazillion construction company. he was a flight risk after officials found a suit case full of $40,000 in cash in his home. he will be held pending an extradition hearing next week. he was president of peru in 2001 to 2006. the trump administration will start returning migrants detained in texas back to mexico. it's one of 5 places in mexico that american travelers are warned not to visit because of crimes and kidnapping. given a court hearing before being sent back across the border. the department of homeland security says it's working with the mexican president. the dominican republic is rolling out safety measures. at least 14 american tourists have died in the dr since last
5:44 pm
year, including 4 people who died after having a drink from the hotel's minibar. the department of tourism is ramping up safety measures including a multi-lingual security center, and a mandate to display emergency information to guests on check in. >> in the past week, past month, what we have learned about is the importance of communicating effectively to the american people directly. >> at least one hotel where tourists died, the hard rock, implemented a liquor policy removing all liquor from guest rooms. the number isn't unusual, considering 2 million americans visit. former vice president joe biden is in southern california today wrapping up two days of political fundraisers.
5:45 pm
he is attending two fundraisers in los angeles. he made a stop in a local restaurant yesterday. he addressed the controversial stance of "send her home" at a trump campaign rally. >> imagine if someone said that when i was speaking, what i would have said. no. speak up, not after the fact. >> a new poll of california voters earlier this week showed biden is running neck in neck with kamala harris. they will be back together on the debate stage on wednesday, july 23rd. it was an unusual yet successful way to help kids navigate life. a former youth football coach would bring kids to the mortuary he worked in. we speak to three of those he mentored about the life lessons they learned. >> we do have warming temperatures in our 5-day forecast. we'll have that coming up after
5:46 pm
the break.
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compare comcast business to your current provider. my current service provider does not provide half of what you provide. and to know that i could save money? i'd be thrilled. this sounds like a whole business package, which would be incredible. so what are you guys waiting for? let's do it. (laughs) comcast business gives you a full suite of products with great performance and value. get fast, reliable internet on the nation's largest gig-speed network for less than at&t. that's 120 dollars less a year. better, faster. i mean sign me up. comcast business. beyond fast. thanks to all the snow last winter, lake tahoe is the fullest it's been in nearly two decades. the water in the lake is allowed to it's been within an inch of the maximum for more than three weeks now. federal water monitors told the reno gazette journal it's the
5:49 pm
longest they've seen the lake stay this high for this long. don't expect it to drop anytime soon. there is still snow melting. and it has been a beautiful week in the sierra. if you're heading to lake tahoe this weekend, it's looking nice as well. upper 70s to the lower 80s. so always beautiful in the sierra this time of year. back here in the bay area forked it, highs from this afternoon, ranging from the 60s coast side. san francisco a warm 71 degrees this afternoon and lots of 80s inland, concord. livermore-- 70s for that part of the east santa clara valley. here's a satellite showing you this. low clouds and fog off shore ready to make a return back into the bay as we head into the overnight hours. low clouds that kind of retreat out to our west.
5:50 pm
they're already making a come back near the golden gate bridge. santa rosa 72. san francisco 64. and san jose 81 degrees. here is a live camera this afternoon, looking out for mount diablo. still in the clear. heads up, inland spots will be heating up next week, at least in the mid-90s, possibly approaching the upper 90s, but not for this weekend. san francisco, 12:00, patchy fog for the afternoon. 66 degrees 4:00 tomorrow. the high pressure will eventually build in and restore heat into next weekend, some w especially in sunday, but 80s inland. then into next week, the real warming kicks in. tuesday wednesday and into thursday. coastal areas not much of a warm up at all. here we are tomorrow morning, showing you some of the fog, possibly drizzles tomorrow
5:51 pm
morning. the beaches mainly in the lower 60s. the warmest locations inland, in the upper 70s to the 80s. look at some of the numbers for tomorrow. santa rosa 78. fairfield 80 degrees. lots of 80s for the inland spots. oakland, 72. and these temperatures will check in right around 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. you can see the roadings in the lower 60s along the coast. sunday, we're going to warm up the numbers. the heat has been behaving so far, but maybe wednesday to thursday, maybe mid to upper 90s inland. >> nothing like the east coast though. >> i was going to say the same thing. coming up at 6:00, many communities are still recovering from the california. why some are how having trouble protecting their homes from
5:52 pm
future disasters. >> he's been in custody for over a month now and investigators still have questions about the man accused of killing two people on skyline boulevard. at comcast, we didn't build the nation's largest gig-speed network just to make businesses run faster.
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10 years ago, we told you about an oakland man helping young athletes navigate life's many challenges. and while he's still doing that, many of the athletes have grown up. >> checks in with some of his athletes one decade later. >> let's go. >> reporter: 10 years ago, todd walker was coaching the berkeley jr. bears football team. and off the field with parents' permission would bring the young players to the oakland funeral home where he worked. >> you see us come at the end
5:55 pm
of the field, we walk down the aisle and you see us do this, it's over. that's your book right there. >> reporter: using props, walker lectured about life and death in hopes of keeping these children off the streets, even having the boys climb into cremation boxes. >> you all right? >> no, sir. >> how does it feel? >> bad. >> reporter: that was then. this is now. walker's no longer coaching, but still working at the funeral home and still helping those kids. including the smith brothers. we also met them 10 years ago. this was them back then. and this is them today. >> it's a life changing experience. it makes you look at life in a different way. i told him i really appreciate that and he kind of like is still in my mind now.
5:56 pm
>> reporter: taveo smith is 19 years old. >> when my dad died, i didn't know -- where do you end up when you die? >> the doctor says your dad didn't make it. >> reporter: taveo and brothers maceo -- dad was shot and killed near uc berkeley. now young men, they still all live in the east bay. walker's lessons stayed with them. >> all the life lessons he gave us stayed with us today. they really -- it goes way past football. >> whatever we need, we call him. he's like -- he's really there for us and i appreciate that. >> reporter: theeldest brother, maceo, now 25, is a father himself. he says losing his own father gives him a different perspective while raising his 4
5:57 pm
year old daughter. >> i try to be solid in lots of areas i thought i lacked but didn't have. >> reporter: 10 years ago, when he was 15 years old, maceo told us this. >> like to know what life is -- you only have one life. live it to the fullest and do whatever you want to. your life is long if you let it be. >> yeah, you can be as good as you want it to be. it's all in your head. that's pretty cool. >> reporter: did you impress yourself? >> yeah, i impressed myself. >> reporter: as for walker, the 57 year old oakland grandfather is no longer coaching, but still mentoring kids about the same message he delivered a decade earlier. >> he stays in contact with his kids. if it's facebook, instagram,
5:58 pm
phone call, text, stay in contact any means necessary. >> reporter: walker feels the street violence is worse in part because of high-powered weapons. >> i just can't understand how these kids don't have a driver's license or i.d. card, but they can get the high- power weapons. >> reporter: todd walker says he is bothered by something now. it's not the youth, but the older generations and he has a plea for them. >> grown ups have to step up. a lot of people my age got to step up. you know, if they -- they on our watch now. we don't step up and do nothing, it's going to get worse. >> reporter: in the middle of our interview, an example. >> how you doing? i seen your post you put. proud of you. all right. see, that's one of them right there. >> reporter: of why walker still does what he does. >> that's what touches my heart, to see him -- he just getting off work. he was 5 years old running around out here. now he's a grown man.
5:59 pm
ain't running around, ain't got no guns on him. i love all of them. >> reporter: ktvu, fox 2 news. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. friday night grid lock in the east bay. take a look at the large pot hole opened up on interstate 880. the last we heard, those lanes will remain closed until at least 7:00. >> that big pot hole has been a problem all day long creating big delays and here's a live look now from sky fox of that traffic pack up stretching for miles. that pot holeat 11:30, just south of interstate 880. a number of cars hit that hole and got flat tires. so the lanes were closed for emergency repairs.
6:00 pm
right now, only two lanes of 880 are open in the southbound direction. >> here's a look at our live traffic map. you see a whole lot of red in the area with traffic stretching all the way back to the bays. henry, this is no fun for people wanting to get home, especially on this friday night and get their weekend started. >> reporter: this pot hole is no funned in on friday night. it was on a bridge that was built in the 1950s. 880 is difficult to navigate on a good day. this is not helping the matter. chp officers stood watch over this large pot hole. first noticed at 11:30 this morning in the number 3 lane on southbound 880 between jackson and oak street. some drivers swerved to avoid the pot hole. others had the misfortune of going right over it.
6:01 pm
many tires were flattened and many cars ha


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