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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 22, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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-- fire. >> highway 128 is closed for traffic between rad canyon known and largely cold. homes in the area are being evacuated. the napa county office of emergency services says the evacuation order is in place for homes on the south side of the highway . >> we are keeping an eye on this fire and you get the latest information including acreage burned and containment numbers -- a diocese for om santa rosa ha allegedly stealing nearly $100,000 in church donations. the diocese says they found stacks of cash in his car, office and home. rob roth is at the church where the pastor last worked. rob? >> reporter: frank, it is unclear how much money father oscar diaz allegedly stole. the diocese says it is at least $95,000 and the most recent victim was this church in santa rosa. for parishioners here at resurrection roman catholic parish in santa rosa, the news is shocking and sad. there priest, 56-year-old father oscar diaz is accused of stealing at least $95,000 in
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collection money from 5 where h >> it is upsetting, yeah because you come to church thinking the money is going to go to where it is supposed to. >> reporter: this proved -- groom to be and fianci said he diaz was his wedding planner. >> reporter: that is not going to happen, now, is a? >> no, we have to look for someone else. >> reporter: in addition, the thefts first came to light last month after diaz was involved in a car accident. inside his car, authorities found more than $18,000 in cash, money that was traced to donations from resurrection parish. that apparently was just the tip of the iceberg. diaz's office, the diocese found a dozen security bags filled with cash, $10,000 and in mostly hundred dollar bills in an envelope in a cash drawer and more money in diaz's home,
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the grand total more than $95,000. the diocese says the money apparently was stolen from churches where he worked including lake county and ukiah. >> it is so that they are tempted to take money that is not theirs. >> reporter: the bishop wrote "there were and are a whole series of emotions which range from fierce anger to sadness to confusion to shock and even to fear." >> he always had time for everyone. >> reporter: the police have investigated but have not arrested diaz because the diocese says it is a counting for procedures for donation counting would make prosecution difficult. police really received ace douglas released a statement saying make plan to contact the diocese but it appears the investigation is a part far from over and father diaz has been suspended by the church. frank? >> do we have any idea why he allegedly took the money and what he was using it for? >> reporter: no, we asked and
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did not get a response as to what his motive might have been. it is also unclear how much, if any of it he actually spent because they found it all in cash so that leads one to wonder what he was doing with the money. they also are checking his personal checking account to see if any money was diverted there. >> rob roth in santa rosa tonight. thank you. now to livermore where a woman was killed when her car was hit by a train. the crash happened east of the eighth train station in livermore, the crossing at junction avenue just before 8:00 this morning. the train was southbound from stockton to san jose. livermore police confirmed the lights on crossing were functioning at the time. no one else was hurt including people on board the train but a passenger said he felt the train breaking heavily. >> i was actually using the bathroom and there are handrails and i felt the increased breaking which was a
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different set of breaking than they normally do when they pull into the livermore station. >> passengers were transferred to another train. ace officials say the service was back to normal for the afternoon. we learned the name of the woman today who was accused of running a red light and hitting and killing a man in a crosswalk in san francisco. the deadly crash happened at an intersection known for close calls. ktvu's christien kafton is at the intersection tonight in the tenderloin and christian, you just got video of the deadly correction collision? >> reporter: we have new video and i will tell you right now, it is very disturbing. we are not going to show it in its entirety. we will show you the intersection where it unfolded and we will get to the video in a minute. the intersection at taylor and l ferrano street, we have been here from a couple of hours and we can see for ourselves what happened when the black tesla suv blew through the red light.
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in the video, we have been telling you that you see the suv hit a green mini cooper in the intersection and ricochet into the pedestrian. as the video rolls, you can see the mini cooper moving slowly into the intersection. that couple that was struck walked in from the stop top of the frame frame into the crosswalk and the woman sees the tesla at the last moment and tries to pull her husband to safety but it happens too fast. we stop the video but in the moments afterwards, it shows a man and woman thrown into the air by the force of the collision. accidents and near collisions are nothing new at the intersections of o'farrell and taylor street. in fact, ktvu had a near collision this morning. this is the same intersection where police say 21-year-old kelsey cambridge blew through a red light, causing a deadly chain of events . >> the driver ran a red light which caused her to run into another vehicle that had the green light on all ferrano
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street and it caused her to lose control and she hit two pedestrians . >> >> reporter: those two pedestrians are seen on their facebook page. benjamin dean was killed, his wife kelly, seriously injured. police say cambridge was arrested on charges of vehicular manslaughter and running a red light. misdemeanor charges and she was not booked into jail. san francisco investigate are looking to see if the tesla was an autonomous drive mode when the collision occurred . >> the investigations unit will conduct a thorough investigation. >> the suv was rented through an app-based peer-to-peer rental service, get around the the company said today, "we are cooperating with police and local authorities, investigating this tragic incident. we are not sharing details out of respect for the families involved in the investigation underway." supervisor matt haney says the an intersection is notorious . >> that intersection is one of the more deadly intersections and if you stand out there, you people see running through the red light coming coming 40 to 50 miles per hour. that is are not a right thing to happen on the pedestrian heavy street.
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>> reporter: we will stay live on the intersection for a couple of moments so you can get a sense for how pedestrians and cars all interact here and how the accident could have unfolded easily. the supervisor is not the only one calling for change. a pedestrian advocacy group is planning for a protest on the steps of city hall and calling for an emergency action. they say something simply has to change to make the street safer here in separate cisco. live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox2 news . >> i wanted to double check that you said she was charged with vehicular manslaughter and running a red light, both of which are misdemeanors? is that true? >> that is what the police said. she was arrested but not booked into jail. these are essentially misdemeanors . >> all right.
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christien kafton in the city, thank you. police are investigating a double shooting in oakland. officers were called to 60 for six and arthur street before 10:30 this morning near bancroft avenue. when they arrived, they found two women double this man with a gunshot wounds, both were taken to the hospital will 1 man died. the other is in stable condition. scott fox was a late over the area where a large police presence could be seen. so far, no word on a motive or suspect. a 33-year-old oakland man is under arrest for the murder of his grandmother reported missing earlier this month. maurice washington jr. is charged with the murder of 71- year-old theola polk was seen on july 6 at her home on 64th avenue in oakland. investigators said theola polk was considered at risk because she suffered from high blood pressure and other medical conditions. six the blessed maurice washington jr. was has been charged with murder and financial gain. oakland airport is investigating how thousands of migrants came to be deported through the city.
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the bay area news group says u.s. immigrations and customs enforcement charted nearly 1000 flights in and out of oakland international between 2010 and 2018. nearly 27,000 people were flown out to be deported. another 16,000 were transported to other holding facilities. there is concern about whether this activity violated oakland sanctuary city policy. >> individuals who are picked up by i.c.e. are often shipped out of this country in a matter of hours and they don't have the ability to appear before a judge in many instances so it is really, really important that we do everything we can to ensure the transparency with respect to the process . >>' person for i.c.e. said they discontinued the use of charter flights out of oakland in october, 2018. no reason was given. the airport confirmed that the private charters have stopped. they have said they are looking into other options in case the flights resume. this report comes as the trumpet ministration said today it will start fast tracking deportations for people that
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have been in the country less than two years. the move will expand the authority of immigration officers to deport migrants without an appearance before a judge. civil liberties groups say the will suit to block this new policy. president trump called it another chapter in a partisan witch hunt. former special council robert mueller hubstor capitol hill this week. up next, what republicans and democrats are expected to focus on during the hearing. changes met with skepticism or embraced fully. it depends on who you ask in wealth one south bay city. what status douglas sco to u.s. is doing to increase foot traffic . >> the impact to changes of an area called and the chain cold and the changes that will affect you even if the area code stays the same. we will be seeing some heat in the bay valley. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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president trump argued on twitter today that former special council robert mueller should not be allowed to testify on capitol hill this week. mueller's report did not clear president trump of trying to in obstruct the investigation and as fox's brooke jenkins says, that is where democrats are expected to focus their attention. >> reporter: former special counsel robin miller heading back to capitol hill wednesday for a day of testimony before two house committees looking into his report on russian interference in the 2016 election. president trump says it is just another chapter in what he calls a partisan witch hunt, weighing in today from the white house . >> there was no obstruction. there is no nothing. they are wasting their time. and robert i know he is conflicted, there is a lot of conflicts that he has got.
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>> reporter: democrats are hoping to use robert mills testimony to put the spotlight back on russian interference and whether president trump hindered an investigation into it. the mueller report is a report about prosecutorial decision- making. what happened to the counterintelligence investigation? >> reporter: the white house pushing back strongly against the allegations including suggestions by some democrats that the president may have committed an impeachable offense. >> for the chairman of the judiciary committee to go on your network and say there is evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors, that is not something bob mueller put into the report. >> reporter: now both sides are digging in for a partisan fight and mueller said he will not testify the on the contents of the report and that could make it hard for democrats to find their opening. >> robin miller has to decide whether he sticks with the report and saves his reputation or whether he wanders where the democrats want him to go. >> reporter: meanwhile, republicans say they will question mueller about
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allegations of anti-trump bias within his team a prosecutors. in washington, griff jenkins, fox news. on wednesday, we will air robert mueller's testimony light and uninterrupted starting at 5:30 on ktvu plus and on we will also have live updates on mornings on 2. now to some incredible video of a fremont police officer pulling a young man out of a crashed car that was about to go up in flames. the video was posted on youtube showing the officer saving the drivers life. the crash happened last night at about 10:30. the driver wasn't seriously injured. fremont fire arrived on the scene moments later and witnesses say the car was soon fully engulfed in flames. in the south bay, a town is getting a lot of feedback about recent changes along a key stretch of roadway. katie hughes maureen naylor tells us that the changes are happening in los gatos and what residents and retailers think about it.
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>> reporter: in beautiful, tree- lines downtown los gatos, these are the signs of change of summer . >> i look what they are doing prepare trying to cultivate a sense of happy vibes and more diversity so i think that's positive. >> reporter: the town's two weeks into a four month long experiment for its main drag santa cruz avenue, a portion of a two lane stretch converted into a one-way street, angled parking along with 7 outdoor seating areas on the feedback is pouring in. >> i think it is a nice idea. it is tacky and i know they could do a whole lot better . >> i think it changes los gatos more and gives you a more of a european feel and anything we can do to increase foot traffic for the businesses would be good. >> from good to goofy, we were at a range of reaction from consumers and retailers. los gatos mayor called the version a prototype and would like to see some version become permanent. staff shared google images of more upscale potential setups .
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>> we are trying to make it more enjoyable, peaceful, walkable for people who come and visit the downtown. >> these have been really good . >> the manager of this shoe store says a lot of customers are not happy about the changes. she thinks the pilot program is already negatively affecting business . >> i will say i ran the numbers last week, last year compared to this year and we were down a little . >> she thinks the seating areas would be better situated in front of restaurants and it is curious to see what will happen in the busier retail months ahead . >> this is a main drag in town and you pay a premium in rent to be on this street and if it is affecting our foot traffic, it is really >> staff will gather all the feedback for a report to go before the council and the following leaders can decide if they want this temporary change to become permanent. in los gatos, maureen naylor, ktvu fox2 news. the adopted its new 3 4 1 area code
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today. the new numbers will affect parts of alameda and contra costa counties, specifically the region that covers the 510 area code. starting today, anyone who requests a new phone number in that region could be a sunday 341 area code. those with an existing 510 number can keep the phone number but customers are now required to dial 1 plus the 3 digit area code for all calls to and from the numbers with the 510 and 341 area codes. the new area code was adopted in an effort to ensure a continuing supply of phone numbers for the region. it warmed up out there today. temperatures came up a good 5 degrees over yesterday's temperatures. a close up behind me showing the fog and another shot showing the heat in vegas. 106 right now, the heat is out west, a low pressure center moving across the country. out here, it is cooling the eastern areas which were under a heat wave and he concerns over the last few days.
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we were going to start heating up in the he will develop in the desert southwest down here and build back towards us. that is the plan and you are seeing it out there now with the pinched down marine layer. a live camera shot, beautiful day in san francisco, temperatures in the city, mid to upper 60s today below low pressure center right in here, you can see going the wrong way, rotating and when you see that counterclockwise rotation, that is a low and you see it going the other, that is a high. counterclockwise is usually associated with whether, in the winter with rain and snow and what have you. in the summer, it is associated with a cooldown and that is what we had been seeing. now the low is weakening and temperatures are beginning to warm up. so if you look at the fog along the coast, by 19th, you can see the fog has worked its way out across the valley area out into the south of market area where it is shallow so it is kind of
5:20 pm
hovering in the south of market. is working its way in and we are starting to see fog come through the san bruno gap which is the low-lying gap that you see when you are at sfo and that is often the case. the fog will funnel and that's why you get some pretty significant winds at sfo. the reason it is foggy as high pressure is billing in and the air sinks from above and squishes it down. remember those plato things where you would have them you would push down of the plato would come out, squished, it squishes the fog and narrows it and scoops it up and pushes it through. that is why it is breezy her all the time. they like it at the airport because prevailing northwest winds, takeoff runways were built for that so takeoffs are pretty easy on a typical day. that is exactly what they're looking for. with that said, there you go, current temperatures 93 in livermore, 96 in fairfield. that is 10 degrees warmer in fairfield. towards tomorrow, more warmth in the bay area, more typical summer weather. i will talk about that when i see you next testimony may be over in the ghost ship criminal case
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but the civil case is just heating up. up next, who investigates who else is being accused and what new information and missteps are being uncovered? >> and coming up on ktvu news at 6:00, possibly paying more for coffee and other beverages if you don't bring a reusable cup. the new proposal being considered. and what the caltrain agency wants to do to better accommodate the bay area's growing population. woman 1: this... woman 2: ...this... man 1: ...this is my body of proof. man 2: proof of less joint pain... woman 3: ...and clearer skin. man 3: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... woman 4: ...with humira. woman 5: humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number one prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. (avo): humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections,
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the ghost ship warehouse trial is winding down with closing arguments expected next week. the major focus for victims families has been on the criminal case. >> in the background, attorneys are making progress in the civil suit and ultimately, the civil attorney wants to show that dozens of others are also to blame for what led up to the deadly fire. two investigates berkshire rose has been keeping tabs on developments. >> reporter: there >> there are 13 families who have sued the city of oak oakland, the buildings owners and pge and others named in the law suit including derick almena and max harris. the civil trial may be pushed back until late next year. for >> reporter: from one deadly fire to the next, to the next, ghost ship, the north bay firestorm, paradise, the wildfire followed, now blowing back on the victims families of the oakland warehouse tragedy, their cases are now more complicated by their attempts to sue utility pg&e. >> we had some bankruptcy. pg&e is out of the civil case and that means that these
5:25 pm
families each have to file a claim for their loss within the bankruptcy and so we are going to be doing that in the process is just getting started. >> reporter: mary alexander represents victims in all of the fires. she says it could take several years before it is resolved. bankruptcy means any lawsuits facing pg&e are on older but it is not stopping civil lawyers from going after others for what happened at ghost ship. >> will be moving toward trial and presenting our case to the jury. and i think that the goal of these families is for justice. it is holding accountable those that took away the lives of their children. >> reporter: master tenant, derick almena and creative director max harris are named in the lawsuit. so are the building owners, chore eating, her daughter being -- pleaded the fifth amendment
5:26 pm
to every question. civil lawyers plan to wait until the statute of limitations run out, 3 years after the fire killed 36 people. then they say they will get definitions from the ing s back don't you have any remorse for the people who died in the fire? nothing to say at all? for now, civil attorneys are focused on another defendant they believe deserves some of the blame. 25,000 documents were just dumped on then by the city of ey are looking at fire department records, building inspection history, code enforcement complaints, all things that may point the finger at the city. >> the documents have to do with what was done, when, who knew and so forth. >> reporter: it is that information the families hope will honor the missteps,
5:27 pm
neglect or lack of accountability that cost their loved ones lives. once the criminal case wraps up, the prosecution can hand over its evidence to civil attorneys. >> those attorneys plan on interviewing witnesses between now and the end of the year begin fact, they have already questioned 3 oakland police officers as part of the civil process. one officer actually submitted police reports of illegal business happening inside the ghost ship. that was long before the fire occurred and that is the kind of evidence that civil attorneys want so they can point the finger at the city and others beyond derick almena and max harris. >> again, we are waiting for the civil case witch trial probably won't get started until next year? >> it keeps getting to play it delayed and maybe neck late next year. was one year ago today that neil wilson was randomly stabbed to death on the bart platform of the macarthur station in oakland. coming up next, we talked to her mom, sister and dad.
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they say that part has not done enough to make riders safe. wolverines is leaving the bayview. that is an inconvenience for a lot of folks but the truth is, the problem goes much deeper than 1 store.
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a wet and chaotic commute in the city . >> police insist some military equipment is critical for their protection . >> open to first responders throughout the bay area . >> it is viral but it is safe. >> ktvu and the power of 2 is always working for you. a year ago today, mia wilson was stabbed to death in an unprovoked attack and in oakland bart station, her alleged killer behind bars waiting trial but her family says bart has yet to make any meaningful changes to stop violence within the system. our crime reporter, henry le spoke with olson's family and joins us now with more on what they had to say. henry? >> julie, mia's family is heartbroken and angry that it took her killing to shine a spotlight on safety on board. they tell me the fact that riders continue to be robbed and attacked on the system is
5:32 pm
proof that bart is not doing enough. >> it has been a year since 17- year-old mia wilson was stabbed to death at the macarthur park station in oakland. she was attacked at random, police say by a man who is mentally ill. for me as mother, i'm alicia grayson, it feels like yesterday . >> some days are better than others, they say time heals all wounds but it is still fresh. >> reporter: leah wilson's sister, leticia was also stabbed but survived . >> it is still a shock and overwhelming. parts we don't want to believe what's going on and parts may have to face reality .
5:33 pm
>> mia had dreams of joining the navy and becoming an emt or paramedic to help and heal people. her alleged attacker, john towell, has been charged with murder. in the years since mia's death, bart says it has taken steps to improve security but incidents still continue. sunday, a woman was punched repeatedly of the coliseum station in oakland after confronting a suspect who robbed her of her phone and wallet. the incident was captured by a preacher wearing a bodycam. the preacher posted the video to you put you to . >> call 9-1-1! call 9-1-1! >> reporter: bart confirmed that no officers were at the station and no arrests have been made . >> i don't know what it is they do and get paid for but it is not to be at the bart station. >> reporter: for the past year, bart officers were twice required to work overtime shifts. overtime is still required but it is not longer mandatory. bernhard 23 offices this year and 24 and 2018 and still as 60 officer vacancies, the lowest in two years . >> i will never take part again and i do encourage others not to take part. >> bart recently unveiled this new hire fair gates at some stations to deter fairy evaders. bart says powell at one point was cited for fairy evading. mia's father is not impressed . >> they have to be physical people to protect people
5:34 pm
instead of machines. machines cannot do the word. mia means purchase purpose in swahili. her family hopes her death has a purpose to make things safer at bark bart. >> whatever they do it's for the moment. it's like, it goes right back to how it was. >> mia's family today launched a website dedicated to providing providing services, housing and employment for young men and women. the website is near wilson bart officers not only arrested john, but two other murder suspects wanted by the contra costa sheriff and el cerrito police over the past year so they are spread thin but always on alert. >> henry lee in the newsroom. thank you. a suspect in the 2-year-old hit and run case that killed a well-known grocer in san francisco is in custody. members of the u.s. marshals service captured 29-year-old eleasia fraise and stockton last week, she is under arrest from the crash that killed 56-
5:35 pm
year-old konstantinos "gus" vardakastanis,. he was the founder of gus's community market be she was booked in san joaquin county and is waiting to be transferred to san francisco. and the report tracks how many opiate pills were prescribed county by county in the united states. the washington post looked at did it release from the dea from 2006 to 2012 in the bay area, alameda county have the highest number of oxycodone and hydrocodone pills prescribed with an average of nearly 60 pills per person per year. sonoma was second at about 39 pills per person followed by celano at 36, napa at 33 and contra costa at about 32.
5:36 pm
marin county had 31, san francisco, about 23, san mateo at 22 and santa clara at under 17. for comparison, some counties hardest hit by the opioid crisis, in virginia, west virginia and kentucky, so prescription rates of more than 200 pills per person. the son of the time double a sign of the times in the bayview district in san francisco. a well-known business is calling in it quits. that is causing stern as is the replacement business moving into the space. after 30 years, monday was the final day for walgreens in the bayview shopping plaza in san francisco. though still open, the store has next to nothing on its shelves and will be closed permanently . >> from what i heard, from the employees themselves is it was the high theft rate. >> reporter: don has seen it in his own subway shop a few doors away . >> people walk right in, come in and just take a handful of drinks for my cooler and off they go and security says they can't do anything. >> the police don't respond unless it's $1000 or more in theft. so people go in, philip
5:37 pm
shopping carts and walkout. they don't run anymore. >> reporter: walgreens says the goal is to have the right stores and right locations to provide the greatest value for customers. the next closest walgreens is 22 blocks away. >> you have so many seniors in the neighborhood that need this, the resources and if you take those resources away, you take away the neighborhood . >> they don't live here but there is nowhere we can go to just grab milk or whatever for the office or coffee. these services are really vital for the community. i'm sorry to see walgreens go. >> likely candidate to replace walgren, a large cannabis store . >> i don't think it's good. to be said, i don't think it is good at all . >> you are bringing another drug into the neighborhood. you are not helping people. you are hurting people.
5:38 pm
>> we have child protective services upstairs, a children homeless network and other organizations that have children. >> reporter: one resident hopes the cannabis store will be more community involved in wall screens then walgreens was . >> i'm creating a nonprofit and community developers . >> if it were just 1 walgreens, that would be no big deal at all but the fact is in the bayview, almost 1 in 4 stores is vacant and likely to stay that way. >> the taste of shopping has changed. a lot of it is online now. that is another issue. >> reporter: nonetheless, other retailers are looking at the wall green space as well. tom baker, ktvu fox 2 news. a sign of bipartisanship as the federal government nears a possible default. details about the budget deal president trump and congress have worked out. plus restoring voting lights for felons in rights for felons in california. >> ktvu fox 2. where the power of 2 comes from you.
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president trump and congressional leaders have agreed on a two year budget that would raise spending caps and lift the government's debt ceiling. the deal avoids a possible government shutdown and a first -ever federal default. president trump and lawmakers have agreed on a broad outline for $1.37 trillion spending plan next year and slightly more the year after that. the deal raises spending by $320 billion and critics status a setback for those confirmed concerned about the national debt. the casket carrying the body of supreme court justice, john paul stevens arrived at the u.s. supreme court building this morning. 12 of his former cohorts
5:42 pm
carried the casket up the famous steps. john roberts, ruth bader ginsburg, samuel some year, alanna caven kagan and retired justice, anthony kennedy all participated in a brief ceremony before public viewing. justice stevens died last tuesday at the age of 99, 1 day after suffering a stroke at his home in florida. a private burial is set to take place tomorrow. a proposal to restore the right to vote for people on parole in california is getting support in san francisco. the san francisco board of supervisors rule committee unanimously approved a resolution today supporting the free to vote act. supporters hellly on the steps of city hall this morning. they said more than 50,000 parolees are unable to vote in local, state or federal elections as a result of felony co folks who e paying taxes,
5:43 pm
folks who know the system inside and out better than even i do . >> of approved, the state legislature, a state constitutional amendment would go on the ballot in 2020. the state agency that cracks down on unlicensed cannabis shops has tripled the number of rates so far this year. last year, the new bureau of cannabis control worked with police to serve 6 search warrants and sees 13.5 billion dollars worth of marijuana. during the first half of this year, the bureau has searched 19 search warrants and confiscated $16.5 million with a product that the bureau has a new campaign that encourages people to buy cannabis from licensed firms.
5:44 pm
>> reporter: it has been called a lifeline for the south bay. in case of emergency, up next tonight, what santa clara county just bought for millions of dollars to make sure communications are not lost during a fire. plus stabilizing her home to prepare for the big one. how california homeowners can qualify for help paying to retrofit their homes. we are looking at a warm-up up there, fog at the coast but it will not get far inland. with that said, further heating as the week continues.
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in arizona, a wildfire believed to have been sparked by lightning is burning in the prescott national forest. the so-called seller fire broke out july 14 and is 47% contained. so far it has burned more than 7500 acres. some 560 firefighters are battling the flames. evacuations have been lifted for some communities but others are on standby. a bay area county just became the first to get millions of dollars in funding for new equipment in case of a fire or other natural disaster. santa clara county says the equipment will serve as a lifeline when lives are threatened. more tonight on from ktvu's jesse gary . >> still gun shy from last year's devastating fire season which bore them burn more than 1 million acres of land, monday, santa clara county officials took a step in solving the crisis in the event of wildfire or other natural disaster . >> we have been able to secure from the state of california, $4 million for technology with respect to the moses program .
5:48 pm
>> local and state political leaders gathered outside of santa clara county fire station in cupertino announcing a 7 figure check for the purchase of two moses symptoms. the campfire not only destroyed critical infrastructure but burned 240 square miles, destroyed nearly 19,000 structures and cost 87 people their lives. county officials say since then, their constituents have had 1 question on their minds . >> we want to know what is going to happen when there is a fire. how will it be responded to. what is going to happen if some of the towers go out? >> reporter: the moses symptom is one answer system is one answer, mounted on the back of a trailer, each does its job to establish a wi-fi and mobile signal bubble with a 35 mile radius. set up time is only 15 minutes. this is time the first responders say could mean the difference between life and death. >> this technology will by that gap, bridge that gap if we experience in infrastructure failure in the community regardless of events . >> excellent, reliable communication, diligent sleep
5:49 pm
preplanning and a coordinated system of response are the foundations for saving lives and property. >> reporter: the systems are in order but won't be available until the end of the year. after the current fire season has ended but still, evan low says this is the first step in a process to keep santa clara county residents safer if the
5:50 pm
worst happens. >> this is not the be all, and i'll. this is a step in the right direction in ensuring we have continued communication when we have such disasters that occur . >> while santa clara county is the first county in the state to have the technology, it is not solely for use down here in santa clara county. because of the state mutual aid system, it can be easily deployed and moved anywhere in california. in downtown san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox2 news. the california earthquake a for authority has increased the number of policyholders who are eligible for grant money to retrofit their homes. the move means about 30,000 homeowners qualify for a $3000 improvement grant. previously, only about 12,000 policyholders were eligible for that money. earlier, on the 4, we spoke with glenn palmer, ceo of the california earthquake authority . >> the retrofit we are able to accomplish usually costs, in the bay area about five to $6000 depending. if you can reimburse about half the cost, that is a pretty significant incentive. >> reporter: pomeroy says those will get a letter in the mail. homeowners can choose to retrofit and are eligible for lower earthquake insurance premiums. it did warm up today. there is fog at the coast but inland, not a lot of cooling and temperatures inland have been in the low 90s. tomorrow will be about the same or a little warmer so we are back to a more typical summer weather pattern. that low pressure that was here the last two weeks north of here, and it was impacting this high. the high is beginning to build back in and has was reestablished itself and that
5:51 pm
is why san francisco today, mid to upper 60s and parts of the city's. that is warm. you can see the circulation to the north park --. we talked about that earlier. that is gradually going east and will help relieve some of the heat in the east as it moves on. for us, the low leaves and leaves a hole in the high leaps in. that is where we are now. you look at the fog along the coast and you can see it there. the sunset district, outer sensor, inner sense of, outer richmond, in a richmond has fog, mission street and across toward pacifica, you can tell one of these, about the depth of the marine layer, getting stuck on the hill and not making it across to crystal springs. that is averaging about 800 feet so that marine layer is pretty shallow, probably about 1000 feet which is maybe 1200 feet so that is going to restrict the cooling influences in length so with that in mind, it is going to be warm one.
5:52 pm
you are seeing how the restricted cooling influences are. 96 in fairfield. you can see where the sea breeze is, that is the green. the last few weeks we had sea breeze is showing up all the way into the valleys. 10 degrees warmer in fairfield than yesterday. overnight lows just like last night, patchy fog, partly cloudy, you know the drill on that. not much is changing with the overnight lows except inland will receive low 60s so if you wake up in the morning, in places like livermore, it might be 61. it shoots across the bay, through this gap and into oakland but stays put. not making it into livermore valley and lo and behold, that is where the heat will develop come in the inland bay valleys where there will be triple digits on the east side of sacramento. we will see mid-90s in our warmest spots and you will see 60s right at the coast so pretty warm little pattern. not a heatwave, just summer. this is what summer does. it has not been doing what it does recently. we have had unusual summer. this is how it goes, hot to warm inland, right to the week with temperatures touching into
5:53 pm
the mid and upper 90s in some cases. tomorrow morning, san francisco, tomorrow, lunchtime, already in the mid 60s and san francisco tops out at 69 degrees. that is done by market street. you go by the ballpark of further east, you will find temperatures warmer than that, maybe in the 70s, the forecast in vacaville tomorrow, 94, 93 in brentwood, 91 in livermore, nice looking day for the bay area. tuesday, let's hit the five day and i will pop in the weekend. the top two numbers is how you know, mostly sunny and warm with the hottest day of the week saturday but we will see mid-to upper 90s in some of those inland valleys so one, coming up. it is a fishing trip one family will never forget. >> -- here is one! oh! oh, my gosh! -- did you get?
5:54 pm
>> reporter: yes, that was a shark. look at it jumping right out of the water to take the fish off their fishing line. the family was fishing in cape cod bay over the weekend. it is believed it was a great white shark. even though the shark got away with that fish, the family still managed to reel in some pretty big fish. >> he came pretty close . >> no kidding. still to come, more than a dozen people rescued and accused of spying for the united states. up next, the latest twist in the ongoing tension between the u.s. and iran. coming up in a few minutes on ktvu news at 6:00, trying to cut down on waste by imposing another fee. the bay area city that will charge customers an extra $.25 for a disposable cup. >> new bragging rights for a local bar. we will tell you which one just received the title, best cocktail menu in the world. here is where to watch the bay area's local live premier 7:00 newscast on ktvu plus.
5:55 pm
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tensions are mounting between the u.s. and iran as the two countries issue conflicting reports over alleged spying activities. iran says it has arrested 17 nationals accused of being part of a cia spy ring. as fox news lauren blanchard reports, president trump dismissed the allegations as propaganda by the regime. >> reporter: around state media putting up photos claiming they captured more than a dozen iranian nationals they say have been working for the cia and have sentenced some of them to death. >> i read a report today about the cia that is totally is fall story, another lie. >> reporter: an iranian official identify as the director of iran's counterespionage department says 17 iranian nationals have been rounded up over the last few months. the so-called spies allegedly worked on behalf of the cia and various military and nuclear sites in iran collecting information . >> they are not necessarily executing american citizens. they are executing iranians accused of working with americans . >> secretary of state, mike pompeo says take iran's work with a grain of salt, given the
5:58 pm
u.s. says it shot down one of their drones last week, iran denies it ever happened. >> there is a lot of proof. it is called take a look at it on the ocean floor. go down there, takers scuba deer gear and go down there. let's see what happens with iran. we are ready for the absolute worst and we are ready for --, too . >> the situation with iran has deteriorated ever since the president withdrew the u.s. from the iran nuclear deal. analysts say blaming the u.s. for the spies is purely part of their propaganda . >> iran's economy is on freefall and they would like to blame the u.s. and their allies because they are well aware of protests inside their own country . >> secretary pompeo announced today the u.s. is putting a leading chinese oil importer on its sanctions blacklist saying the company violated restrictions on iran's oil industry by treating double is trading in iranian crew. lauren blanchard, foxnews.
5:59 pm
this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. a woman punched at a bart station after confronting a robbery suspect accused of stealing her phone and wallet. tonight, the family of mia wilson who was stabbed to death at the macarthur bart station one year ago today is speaking out. they say not enough is being done to keep passengers say. >> there has to be physical people there to protect other people. instead of machines. >> today marks one year since mia wilson was killed on the bart station platform. her parents say nothing has changed. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville . >> i'm julie haener. tonight we learn of another incident yesterday at the coliseum station. henry lee joins us in the newsroom. you have the latest on the most recent incident? >> knee is family is angered and upset that it took a full
6:00 pm
year for bart to respond. they say this is proof that bart is not doing enough. >> reporter: it has been a year since 17-year-old nia wilson was stabbed to death at the bart station, attacked at random by a man who was mentally ill. her mother says it still feels like it just happened. >> they say time heals all wounds but it is still fresh. >> reporter: nia wilson's sister was also stabbed but survived. >> it is a shock and overwhelming. parts of me don't want to believe. parts of me have to face reality. >> reporter: nia wilson had dreams of joining the navy or becoming an even emt or paramedic to help heal op


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