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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 23, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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that in oakland explains the simple act he believes led up to the shooting. it was a case of road rage. >> the shooting happened on coliseum yesterday. it shut down all lanes of traffic as they investigated. here is a map of exactly where it happened. 0 90th it's one of the exits to go to the airport. henry lee is in oakland after talking to the owner of that suv that was shot . >> reporter: the owner tells me his two good friends with the victims. it happened within moments. oak freeway. >> i open my window and he pointed a gun and shot. >> reporter: he owns this vehicle the came under fire at 6:30 monday night.
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he was not in the suv, but two of his friends were. >> he says his friend who was driving made a gesture. >> i did nothing. he did what's up, what's wrong? >> the other driver reacted rolling down his window and firing a shot. >> they came from the other side. >> the bullet missed the passenger before lodging in his late. >> today he had surgery. he is counting his blessings. >> i'm lucky i'm not hurt. >> he said it is the, disturbing that drivers are resorting to violence.
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>> that's the first time something like this has are cra they think they own the whole road. >> officers diverted cars off 880 and took the vehicles for evidence. >> there have been at least 10 people shot and killed in the bay area freeway shooting since 2016. if you feel like you've been wronged, just take a breath. >> henry, thank you. family members of a father from richmond who was killed by a stray bullet two months ago are asking for the public's help in the search for new skill his so checking his the head.
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the bullet came from a violent confrontation between two groups, two blocks away. >> this is one homeless encampment attracting a lot of attention. it's right next to home depot in oakland. that area is being cleared out. it has been a longcompany gave an ultimatum to clean it up or they would take their business elsewhere. we have more on the cleanup effort. >> reporter: this encampment has been a troubled spot for years and now it is cleared out. most people had already left. one man remains unwilling to leave without all of his things and when i say all of his things, there is one rv and he has five rvs that belong to one trash and glass is everywhere.
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and merchandise reportedly stalling from the neighboring c it's being hauled away. the home depot put the city on notice after it was losing millions of dollars annually because of theft and the growing homeless encampment. the city cannot afford to lose their business. >> what concerns me the most, i have 300 people working here that are my neighbors. i lose 300 jobs. and then i lose millions of dollars that helps me pay for services. >> reporter: i have spoken wi home depot and they have no plans to leave oakland. they are working with the city. nearby neighbors have been so fed up over the problem they are planning to sue the city. he plans to meet with some of those neighbors to learn more
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about this pending lawsuit. there is a large encampment on the other side that will soon clear out. it will likely go up in its place and the tenants will have to be cleared up before april. there is no word on the exact date. as for the homeless folks cleared out today, they were given the option to park the rockies by the oakland coliseum and that location has electricity and showers that were brought in. the number of homeless people in oakland has increased in the last two years, more than any other bay area city. oakland counted more than 4000 homeless people earlier this year compared to 2700 in 2017. that is up 47% increase. the city has new programs to address this crisis. >> since those numbers came
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out, we have either added or in the works of adding more than 700 new supported beds. whether those are cabin communities or are successful rapid rehousing center or are safe rv parking. >> the organization that conducted the count said the biggest growth area when it comes to the homeless are people that live in their cars or rvs because they cannot afford housing. new operation on ice targeting immigrant families. officials say the immigrations they targeted were roughly 2000 families in major cities netted 35 arrests. 899 people were arrested in a previous operation. ice officials say 605 of them have criminal histories and 93 have charges pending. ice says those actions are not
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raids. >> with a targeted action against a specific individual that has a warrant by an immigration. it conjures images of indiscriminate enforcement act and that is not what we do. >> last week ice gave audit notices to more than 40,000 employers for possible worksite immigration violations. democrats reportedly held a mock hearing on capitol hill to get ready for tomorrow's testimony by former special counsel robert mueller. it will be only the second time he has spoken in public about his report detailing russian interference. as lauren blanchard reports, republicans are upset about a last-minute addition to the witness table. >> reporter: house democrats are going to question special counsel about the mueller report and what is expected to
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be a heated hearing. the democrats are using the hearing to make the president look bad. >> they did a report in there is no obstruction and it goes on and they think this is helping them. >> reporter: eyes will be on washington as a house judiciary and pepper the special counsel about findings in his report. >> i don't know how many times we want to see this movie again. i think the american people have moved on past this. >> tomorrow will be the first time they hear robert mueller's voice. we can assume most americans know what happened. >> the doj sentstimony to what executive privilege. democrats are protesting the doj's move. >> they asked us for guidance in writing to explain or tell them what our position was.
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we responded in writing. >> reporter: the senate judiciary committee questioning the fbi director christopher wray about what he knows ahead of mueller's testimony. he declined get ahead of mueller's testimony and publicly giving mueller his support. >> i have considered him to be the consummate professional and a straight shooter. >> mueller has put in a request to have his former top aide on the report present as his counsel for the judiciary committee's hearing. in washington, foxnews. we will have live on erupted coverage of robert mueller's testimony starting at 5:30 tomorrow morning on ktvu plus and we will also give you updates. and in another case, mueller's business partner michael flynn was convicted today in virginia
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of conspiracy and illegally acting as a foreign agent. they received hundreds of thousands of dollars to try to discredit a man wanted by the turkish government. there was no testimony from flynn who withdrew a cooperation. sentencing is set for october 18. a list of names of those killed in traffic accidents this year. why city leaders are concerned citizens are calling for a state of emergency declaration. fighting wildfires with chainsaws. coming up next, how this work being done in the east bay to protect tens of thousands of people . that fire danger is increasing.
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now that's a win-win. ♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. in the east bay, crews have been brought in to create fuel beings. they're using weed trimmers to cut brush and trees through lafayette. rob roth went along as crews began working on the project being called one of the state's highest priorities. >> care in the woods off of happy valley road in lafayette, they are fighting wildfires before they start. they are using chainsaws and cutting
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fuel brakes to slow down potential wildfires and maybe even stop one in its tracks. >> the idea is to keep the fire from getting up into the crowns of the trees. >> winds can carry the embers. this is part of a $4 million project called the fuelbreak. it's a 14 mile project stretching from lafayette to the east bay hills and eliminating dry brush. >> by having the fire lowered to the ground, we can get in and we don't have to fight our way through heavy brush. we can get to this and lay our hoses and and keep those fires small. >> this is considered high priority. vegetation management as part of the governor's wildfire fuel reduction program. a few miles away on lafayette ridge, other cruiser weed whacking dry grass and this would cut off a fuel source and
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give firefighters a possible staging area. the homes are not far away. >> i am scared every day. some lunatic or energy line snaps or something like that. this is reassuring . >> reporter: the cruise carry fire extinguishers and k sparks cause of fire. the small areas found a mother wild turkey has laid eggs and his nesting air. >> wants to mother turkey and baby turkeys around, we will finish. >> reporter: homeowners need to do the same on their own property. everyone must pitch in. >> this is about protecting lives and property. we got to keep those catastrophic fires from calming. this fuel reduction program is expected to take until the end of next year. firefighters say what they are doing now could pay off big
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during this wildfire season. ktvu fox2 news. firefighters in napa county are making progress on a fire that broke out yesterday afternoon. the canyon fire near highway 128 and rec canyon road. it has burned more than 64 acres and they are 65% contained. no structures have been damaged or destroyed and no injuries have been reported. san francisco is getting a new sustainable water project that will save millions of gallons of water every year. it will divert drainage from the bart station and redirected to an energy plant that will be used in the steam loop that will result in 30 million gallons of drinking water saved each year. >> instead of using drinking water, we are using water that would go into the sewer and recycling that water. it is a great opportunity. >> over the past few months
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they have partnered with others on a sustainable water project and now they have the largest on-site water recycling system them in a commercial high rise building in the united states. passengers are officially arriving and departing from the new harvey milk terminal. the first passenger went through this morning and southwest airlines flight to vegas departed at 5:30 5 am. there is an exhibit dedicated to the late supervisor, harvey milk. it will be rebuilt in stages and will fully open in 2023. tonight there is new hope in the battle against global hiv. this is thanks to an implant that is the size of a matchstick. the news of this possible breakthrough came during the international aids conference. over the last hour we spoke to an infectious disease
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specialist and he says the implant was just one of two major announcements made during the conference. >> a novel vaccine to prevent the acquisition or transmission of hiv infections. and also a novel drug or antiviral therapeutic drug to treat hiv but also prevent the acquisition of hiv. >> the united nations reports an estimated 1.8 million people were infected with hiv in 2017. 38,000 of those cases were in the united states. we are looking at the weather and it has been cool and mild summer. most of the summer we've had a deep marine layer offshore which is % of fog and low clouds. temperatures have been trending average to below average. and now we are heading into this pattern that is more typical with high pressure
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shall await the marine layer. this is in san francisco at ocean beach. clubhouse and bolinas, that situation will allow the coast to be cool and the microclimates are intact right now. that is what we usually get this time of year. we will expect temperatures to be in the mid-90s. the air-quality is still pretty good. you can see the campanile which is a good sign for air-quality. the fog is not there. it is at the coast. that will keep it, probably down to 1000 feet, and that contours the coastal hills. high clouds, the north american monsoon, this stuff moves high and up over whitney and the
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sierra nevada. we know the coastal hills average about 1000 feet. the fog is jammed up behind there. we know fog on the satellite and you know that. and so, the fog along the coast is in san francisco. the fog is going to be a player. over the next foreseeable days with cold temperatures but the in the valleys will benefit in the heat wave from that fog being stuck at the coast. temperatures today were cooler than yesterday. 95, walnut creek temperatures tomorrow will come up a few degrees and we will be in the mid-90s. the next two weeks we will have array in these ranges for the next five or six days. that means cool on the coast and warm to hot inland. air-quality will take a little
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bit of fire danger bumps up. that is what i do not like about this. this time of year, this is wildfire danger season and this pattern will facilitate the potential of some brushfires and things like that. keep your eyes on that. if you see anything strange, dial 911. this summer pattern is here to stay for a few days. a new leader for one of america's closest allies. congratulations by donald trump to the new prime minister of the uk and how he feels about brexit. coming up, the sheriffs department is working to revise its use of force policy following three taser related dips. affordable housing is hard to come by. in east palo alto, condominiums if price at the market levels
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lawmakers in the u.s. are reacting favorably to the election of boris johnson to be the new prime minister of the uk. we have more on how the new leader of britain's conservative party is being received. >> reporter: america's closest ally has a new leader. boris johnson will take over on
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wednesday when theresa may resigns after two years of brexit negotiations failed to produce a deal. johnson says brexit remains his top priority. >> i think we know that we can do it and for the people of this country are trusting to do it. >> the reaction has been largely positive including the u.s. were donald trump congratulated him in the early- morning tweet. they are longtime political allies and trump says their friendship will only strengthen the special relationship. >> he is tough and he's smart. they call him britain trump. >> johnson remains a controversial figure apart do is supportive trump and experts say asthma brexit could be difficult especially with the eu unwilling to negotiate a new deal. he faces what many are calling an uphill battle uniting the
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country a person to brexit by the deadline. >> it is much more likely to want to stop brexit or no brexit. he will officially become prime minister tomorrow after a visit to the queen to get her permission to form a new government. foxnews. the u.s. senate confirmed lieutenant colonel mark expert is an ex-secretary of defense. acer dems active secretary. there were concerns about his past when he worked as a defense contractor for raytheon before joining the government. he was approved in a vote of 90 to eight. this is the longest period in history in which the pentagon has gone without a permanent secretary. the senate passed the 9/11 victim compensation fund after intense lobbying from jon
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stewart and ailing first responders pleading for congress to pass. they voted in favor of the fund, the bill will also authorize money for the fund to 2092 permanently ensuring a fund to compensate victims of the 9/11 attack. the bill passed the house early this month and president trump is expected to sign it. accusations that the city isn't doing enough to protect pedestrians and bicyclists are declaring a state of emergency in san francisco streets. excused absences from school for mental health. hear from two graduates to push for this change in policy.
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in san francisco, city leaders and pedestrian and cycle is groups are calling for a state of emergency. too many people are dying on san francisco's streets.
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some say the city is not doing enough to keep people safe. >> this call for instead of emergency began with the names of those killed on san francisco's streets this year so far. >> and a moment of silence. >> city and state officials are saying enough is enough. >> we are all here together in solidarity to call on our cities leaders and declare a state of emergency. >> reporter: that declaration will free up funding. >> with the number of fatalities for bicyclists and pedestrians this calls for extreme action. >> there need to be lower speed limits and scrambled crosswalks like this one that allows pedestrians to walk. and they want police to step up
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enforcement on some of the most dangerous activities. something that our cameras have captured time after time after time. at the intersection of taylor and o'farrell street. a disproportionate number of fatalities fall in this district. he and fellow supervisors are declaring a state of emergency. >> the fact that we could get emergency funding and quicker steps to address what is causing this which is streets designed like freeways. the spike in traffic fatalities could be tied to an overall increase in traffic. there are more cars on the road now than in 2010. >> we know that the traffic is growing even as more and more people are writing muni and getting around on foot and bicycles. the rapid pace of the growth in the city and uber and lyft means there's more cars on the
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road. >> these barriers were installed to keep drivers from turning right were sunday deadly accident happened. last year there were 23 deadly crashes and so far there have been 14 with five months to go. those are just the deadly accidents. advocates say every day about three people are injured on san francisco's streets which mean hundreds or sent to the hospital. ktvu fox2 news . and about 30 minutes a berkeley city council is set to me to discuss rv parking. it will consider two proposals. one regret two week parking permits and the other would allow temporary rv offstreet parking in a designated area. the proposal directed staff to look for an appropriate area. the council meeting is set to start at 6 pm tonight. more and more california parents who oppose vaccines
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measles are choosing to homeschool their kids. the study in the la times found the number of kindergarten students homeschooled and did not get their missile shot had quadrupled in the past three years. researchers say it is not clear if parents are opting for homeschool solely because they want to avoid vaccines or if they are doing it for other reasons. the california state teachers retirement system earned only 6.8% on their investments last year which is a sharp decline from the previous period and short of their annual target. it was blamed on a volatile stock market. it is the second-largest u.s. pension fund. the body of a sacramento father to try to save his daughter has finally been found. search and 34-year-old man for a week. his body was found on sunday
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afternoon. he jumped into the river in an effort to save his 12-year-old daughter who had trouble in the water. he was swept away. the girl was helped out of the water by a good samaritan and now she says she is devastated by the loss of her father. >> he meant the world to all of us. he would do anything for you just like what he did for me at the river. >> alvarez is survived by his wife and three children. in oregon lawmakers have approved the law to give kids mental health days at school. we talk with two recent graduates who helped spearhead the new law. >> i wanted to get involved because a lot of my best friends struggled with depression and anxiety and there were days they should not have been at school and none of the adults in their lives knew what was happening with them. >> reporter: these recent graduates have been working to
5:36 pm
change the way mental health is seen in school. they lobbied oregon lawmakers to pass bill 2191 expanding school absences to include mental health days. along the way, they met a lot of opposition. >> one of the things we heard was that people will abuse it, life doesn't get easier, the bottom line is we are trying to keep students healthy. >> they have been working with advocates of providence health and hope this will remove the stigma leading to open conversations between students, parents, and teachers about what teens are really dealing with. >> when you can call up and say i'm having a panic attack, instead of making up something that will normalize the fact that mental health conditions are the same. >> one of their big concerns is preventing suicide. it is the second leading cause of death for oregon teens.
5:37 pm
they hope of students feel comfortable opening up about mental health instead of lying about it for an excused absence, they can find help and community knowing that others struggle with the too. >> the moment it was signed felt hopeful and exciting. it is the first step in the right direction. if you are planning a trip to the dmc, you may want to reschedule. why the closure should end up with better customer service the next time you go. charges following this video of a fight between family members at disneyland.
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the members of the same family caught on video in a brawl at disneyland earlier are facing criminal charges. prosecutors in orange county say avery robinson, his sister and her husband are all facing assault and battery charges. the fight broke out in june town in front of other families and children. security guards were able to break up the fight but after several bystanders got involved. michael avenatti was back in a courtroom facing charges
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he defrauded a former client. he is accused of using doctored documents to steal $300,000 from stormy daniels from a book contract. he allegedly use the money for personal and business expenses. he told reporters that members of the trump administration to face charges related to the hush money payment during the campaign. >> and then we have donald trump and his cohorts in the administration who see the weaponized the department of justice against his most ardent political enemies. everyone in america should be disgusted and disturbed about justice in america today. >> he is facing charges in two other cases including trying to extort $25 million from nike. he faces fraud charges in la.
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john paul stevens was later arrested a private service at arlington national ceremony. yesterday friends and family pay their respects to stevens whose casket was placed in the supreme court great hall. he served on the high court for 35 years. he died last week from complications of a stroke at the age of 99. coming up, one day of inconvenience should be better for all californians. the service improvement the dmv is putting in place started by closing all of their offices for half a day tomorrow. nine months after the deadly fire in paradise, a new warning system is in place. we will show you how it works. temperatures are warmer today in some places and cooler and others. the warming continues in the inland valley. (male announcer) check out bass pro shops' and cabela's
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the dmv will be shutting the doors for part of the day tomorrow. here is why and what the governor said about more changes ahead for the department of motor vehicles. >> reporter: wednesday morning the doors to every dmv office in california will remain closed. >> this has never been done before. >> reporter: the government operations agency secretary said the reason for the closure is to train more than 5000 dmv
5:46 pm
employees in operation excellence. >> this will better equip them to handle the id transactions that can be complicated and better help them give them the tools to provide excellent customer service. >> the governor announced new dmv leadership and promise more change for the department he says has continually fallen short. he pointed out the updated technology which he says wastes billions of dollars. >> we are looking to modernize but at the same time do it in a very sequential way . >> reporter: the strike team release a report which found overall wait times at the crease by 58 minutes compared to last august. along with a drop in customers waiting more than two hours. the dmv will start accepting credit cards for the first time at some dmv locations in the
5:47 pm
fall. >> there is going to be bugs in the system to start, but it will streamline and make it much quicker and more efficient in the end. >> i had to come in here and set. >> the real challenge is meeting the expected demand of 22 million californians for the mandated real id required by october 2020. the dmv has hired 350 employees and plans to hire 1800 more in the next year, mostly temporary check out. >> dmv offices will open at 1 pm on wednesday. call centers will remain open. in walnut creek, ktvu fox2 news . the trump administration is proposing new restrictions on a food stamp program. the new role will close a loophole that allows people receiving minimal benefits from
5:48 pm
one program to be automatically eligible for food stamps. it would affect more than 3 million people. the change would save money and eliminate what it says is abuse of the program. some groups are criticizing the proposal as an attack on lower income people. the usda will accept public comment. kamala harris announced new legislation that would decriminalize marijuana on the federal level. senator herr response of federal tax that would generate revenue to help people convicted in the past of marijuana possession. she's working on the bill with jerry nadler. in 2010 as san fr against recreational marijuana in california.
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emergency agencies in dubuque county announce a fire warning system. it is a special siren programmed into every sheriff's deputy's car across the entire county. these mobile sirens will speed up emergency evacuations in the event of another disaster like the camp fire. >> it will allow her deputies to go through neighborhoods and alert people to a problem and i want to be very clear, this does not replace the other mechanisms of notifying people. we still need people. >> authorities warned there is no guarantee that everyone will hear these mobile sirens and deputies will not be able to notify people on roads that are impassable. let's go to our chief meteorologist for more on how hot is supposed to get this week. >> this week will be a higher fire danger week. we have had a lot of below
5:50 pm
average temperatures. as you look outside, that is san jose. the hills are brown and this is the time of year the fire danger becomes part of the newscast more and more. there is mount diablo and it is brown as well. some of the moisture is coming down which will tell you how fast the fuel will burn. that is the story as you look at the san francisco bay and the bay bridge. a beautiful day out there. we do have clouds to the north and those are moving up out of the south. they are rising up the north american monsoon which is typical for late july and early august creating thunderstorms and showers along the sierra nevada. when you go to tahoe you start
5:51 pm
seeing these things. they respond to the temperature or the sun single representing the heating and temperatures cool and the storm is brought down and then they pop back up. along the coast, you can see it is really tight out on the avenue and out on 19th avenue. it's going to stick around like this for a few days. there is 100 purples up in the north east bay, excuse me, northeast sacramento valley. we are seeing big heat and are in and bay valleys and tomorrow we will notice it again. temperatures will be back into the mid-90s. right along the coast it remains pretty cool. purples or 100s are back in the picture as well. that is your typical july
5:52 pm
weather footprint for tomorrow. and it will be for the next couple of days. 98, vacaville tomorrow. these are not record-setting. this is typical. it might be a little above average, but not way above average. maybe we will get a red flag warning at some point due to high temperatures. 70, san francisco. 80, san mateo. get used to the air conditioners being on and driving with the air conditioner on especially in the top tier numbers representing significant heat. friday it cools down and then it will keep backup. the pressure is mounting against the puerto rican governor's protest go into the 11 straight day. i will have the latest coming up. and coming up, when bay
5:53 pm
area sheriff's office is working to update its use of force policy. plus, low income homebuyers with affordable housing. a condo that has more than 100 interested parties. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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apple plans to release three new iphones this fall. the iphone 11 is set to be released in september. people who have seen the phones say they will have the same screen resolution and a port to charge the devices. there will be three camera lenses on the back of the phone. you can take wide-angle photos and videos. the camera on the front will be
5:56 pm
upgraded and allow for slow- motion videos. stocks were broader with coca-cola and visa. the dock in 177 points and the nasdaq rose 47 and the s&p was up 20. william barr says messaging apps is putting american security at risk. at a conference in new york today he said that law enforcement is increasingly unable to access digital information to crackdown on crime. the fbi took apple to court in 16 to try to access an iphone use by one of the shooters in a massacre in san bernardino. today william barr said criminals are using encrypted apps to coordinate their activities. >> converting the internet and communications platforms into a law free zone and giving criminals the means to operate free of lawful scrutiny will inevitably propel an expansion
5:57 pm
of criminal activity. >> barr said he's confident there are ways to allow access of encrypted data. some tech companies say they are concerned it could jeopardize the security people expect from their phones and their apps. puerto rico's department of justice served more rents. there were days of protest on the island that continued today. we are in san juan with the latest development. >> an estimated 500,000 protesters packed the streets of puerto rico and a peaceful showing of solidarity. some people playing music. it was a different scene as night fell and clashes erupted between protesters and the police. clouds of tear gas billowing
5:58 pm
after authorities asked protesters not to throw rocks. all this over the islands embattled governor who many people want out because of corruption and mismanagement and misogynistic and hobo forget text. >> governor, who has come forward to support you? >> there are folks that have supported me. >> can you give me one name? >> governor, you're not able to give me the name of one person who supports you continuing as governor? >> he said san sebastian mayor but he says he does not support the governor and is waiting to see how this process of impeachment turns out. >> he is a terrible governor. i think you have an even worse mayor of san juan, she is horrible and she is incompetent. grossly incompetent. the governor is not good.
5:59 pm
>> fox news confirming the department of justice is issued search warrants in the criminal investigation into the governor and the chat scandal. foxnews. this is ktvu fox2 news at 6:00. oakland sees a big spike in his homeless population as the city moves into clear out one problematic camp. >> i am not trying to be mean to people, but i've got to protect my jobs. >> it is an urgent issue. good evening. right now crews are still on the scene clearing out an encampment causing problems for at home depot store located off of 880 in fruitdale. he feared the chronic crime and theft from the encampment would force the store to leave. alley on a?
6:00 pm
>> the home depot was losing millions of dollars and a spokesperson tells me out of there nearly 2000 stores nationwide, the oakland location suffers the most when it comes to left. that is why they been working with the city to get the camps cleared out. >> we gave the gentleman notice he has to clear or whatever is there were going to haul away. >> all of these rvs belong to one homeless man. city leaders say he set up vehicles packed to the brim with trash and glass scattered everywhere. bicycles, probably hundreds of them piled on top of each other and merchandise reportedly stolen from the home depot. >> they are st and from my family. >> this man transports goods to the home depot from los angeles and says theft was a big problem for them too. >> th


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