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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 24, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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a lot of questions from lawmakers but not many specific answers from former special council robert mueller. i would have to refer you to the rep port. that is outside my purview. >> reporter: first up the house judiciary committee . >> it was not my job to exonerate him. he charged a three star general with false statements but the guy who put the country through the whole saga lies. and you guys don't charge them? >> reporter: then on to the house intelligence committee when robert mueller made it clear he would not address how or why the russia probe got started . >> i was appointed as a prosecutor. >> reporter: dnc ennio. >> problematic is an understatement in terms of.
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>> robert mueller repeated his assertion from the morning hearing that russia stood to benefit the most with donald trump in the oval office. >> direct dur the instructor, who did the russian social media campaign ultimate intent to benefit? hillary clinton or donald trump? >> donald trump >> reporter: afterwards, the president reacted . >> this was a bad day for the democrats so robert mueller did a poor job. >> reporter: robin miller did tell lawmakers he wanted make a correction to something he said this morning, saying he did not charge the president because the office of legal counsel would not permit it. rather, he could not determine if the president committed a crimhill, lauren blanchard, foxnews. date abuse political analyst, brian sobel is here now. brian, at the end of the day, what, if anything was gained by having robert mueller testify?
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>> i think it was a reminder to the american people that there are nation states that don't care for our democracy and will undermine if they can pick we are talking about the russians, the chinese and north koreans and iranians and it is ongoing and we will see more of it in the coming election year. >> do you think that democrats are feeling dejected or deflated? it wasn't the day they were hoping for. do you think their impeachment process bubble was deflated today and will they move forward with impeachment? >> i'm sure they are canvassing the folks to see if they can pick up some people interested in moving ahead with impeachment. the problem is the american people are, ambivalent about whether they want to see an impeachment. number two is the election around the corner. the third is the expense. impeachment may be off the table and we get that from speaker pelosi. >> you get the sense that at some point people are tired of all of this and this is going
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on in washington but the general people, the general public cares about healthcare, a job, things like that? >> absolutely. at the end of the day, the democrats, as they ramp up to the election, need to talk to the american people about the issues beyond this probe that has been going on for so very long. if they want to topple donald trump, if they want to replace him as president, they have to have a plan and i think the longer they go with this furtherance of the hearings and things, the more they're not getting to the issues that people want to hear about . >> this was highly anticipated. it was a long investigation. a lot of tax dollars were spent pick do you think that people are, like you said, tired about it but, i lost my train of thought, where do we go from here? i mean, what is next? >> one of the questions is, did we learn anything more today? if you read the miller report, everything was there. we did not hear a whole lot
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more. julie, to your question, it became kind of a show and maybe it was just people trying to make points but at the end of the day, we've got to get back to the business of the election. >> i wanted to ask about robert mueller himself. a lot of people said it was painful to watch, he wasn't sharp, wasn't focused, could not answer questions, would not answer questions more than 200 of them. do you think in the end there will be no questions now as to who is actually running the investigation, robert mueller or his team of associates? >> yes there are going to questions and the thing he could have said and reiterated today is, this was a 448 page report prepped or prepared by lots of people. i'm not going to know every citation and everything. i can give you the overarching results of this report but specifics, you know, i'm going to have to refer to the document. at the end of the day, he looked like he had a rough time out there and he is going to be 75 in august on the seventh this year. not that that is all
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but maybe the combination of the work and everything else has fatigued him . >> going back to the foreign interference. regardless of whether you think president trump is good or bad, one of the things that did come out of the testimony today was just how serious this foreign interference is and at one point, robert mueller said they are doing it as we sit here and they expect to do it in the next campaign. >> yeah . >> this is serious stuff . >> absolutely and every american ought to take a hard look at this because if your vote can be moved to another person or anything else, that is the most extreme example, or otherwise, influenced, then democracy is at stake here and the nation states have a reason to undermine our democracy and we have to be on guard for this
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. >> fine, we will leave it at that. thank you for your input tonight. i appreciated . >> absolutely . >> for more in-depth coverage of the robert mueller testimony, you can find it on our webpage, the south korean military says they fell into the sea after launching two missiles and flying 265 miles. the u.s. joint chiefs of staff are analyzing the launches. north korea said next week they may lift their suspension of nuclear and missile testing to protest upcoming military drills between the united states and south korea. san francisco police say an officer was sent to the hospital after crashing on his motorcycle today. the collision happened on turk street near leavenworth. the officer was on patrol on his tactical honda motorcycle when he crashed in the tenderloin. the officer is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. he is reportedly in stable condition at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital. also in san francisco, investigators say preliminary information reveals the tesla involved in sunday's deadly crash in the tenderloin was not on autopilot mode at that time. the driver, 21-year-old kelsey cambridge was arrested. a mr. reader it a misdemeanor
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vehicular homicide and running a red light. police say they analyzed the data on the car to investigate the events. benjamin dean of clovis was killed and his wife kelly, seriously injured. palo alto police is defending itself against charges that several officers violated a suspects civil right. attorneys for gustavo alvarez said the officers roughed up their client while arresting him and lied about it and police reports. their case focuses on this surveillance video you are watching behind me. south bay reporter, jesse gary tells us about the lawsuit and the departments response. >> it is aimed at deterring this type of unlawful behavior, this dishonest behavior by the police. >> reporter: attorney south and lays out hundreds of pages of evidence he says prove 4 palo alto police officers are unfit to wear a badge. >> come on!
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>> reporter: the case centers on this home surveillance video from the rough arrest of gustavo alvarez in 2018. officers initially tried to conduct a traffic spot stop because according to a police report, the subject was known to have a suspended license. the report says suspect was seen driving in the roadway but surveillance video doubled i >> i didn't. i didn't. >> reporter: alvarez makes a hand gesture and goes back into his mobile home. the officers leave for a few minutes and calls him back up. now several officers return demanding he surrender. he eventually kicks in the door, grabs the suspect and with help, throws him onto the hood of a car. benitez reports says officers moved to make an arrest. "since officers had two charges against him, driving on suspended license and resisting officers. it goes on to say agent
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destefano and i put alvarez on the hood of his car was where he was handcuffed. no other force was done. " but the surveillance video shows him slamming him into the windshield . >> you are going to be bleeding a whole lot more. >> not a single one of those officers reported the incident correctly or inform their superiors about the use of force, the use of force, violence, will unlawful acts by sergeant benitez were specifically omitted from his report. they were omitted from officer conde's report. >> reporter: palo alto police claim -- officers deprived alvarez of his fourth amendment right. palo alto police referred us to the city manager who issued a statement which says in part, "the police department has procedures and investigate allegations of misconduct and
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hold officers accountable if mark misconduct has occurred. " only sergeant but he does is on administrative duty. the others are working their normal shifts . >> these officers have no business being peace officers. they are dishonest, violent and have a veil of secrecy they have created. >> reporter: jesse gary, ktvu fox2 news. police have arrested two men accused of robbing a concord bowling and entertainment venue last spring. concord police arrested 37-year- old vincent timmons and 43- year-old gary delahunt to yesterday. the two men forced two employees into a back room with their hands tied and stole cash. delahunt it was a security guard at round one and investigators say he was working the night of the robbery. he is also on parole for assault with a deadly weapon. timmons is on parole for kidnapping. two men are charged with prosecuting the suspects in the ghost ship warehouse fire. hear why current and former colleagues say they are perfect
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for the role. >> grand total is 19,000 $193 and $.43. >> compared to? >> $6343. >> that is the cost of living in a high fire danger area. there may soon be a homeowner insurance crisis. the heat is on. the temperatures degrees today and they will stay on the hot side up to triple digits in the inland valley. at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet
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whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real. i'm real! he thinks he's real. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. p de-name ratepayers spoke out to regulators today on pg&e's proposed rate hikes. the puc held a special meeting in oakland to hear how the rates would affect ratepayers.
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the increase would pay for wildfire presenting prevention programs. it would add $20 to the average gas and electric bill . >> $20? that could be, some people have to make a decision whether they are going to buy groceries or pay the utility bill. we cannot afford to be paying anymore. we are going to be paying bailout charges for the wildfire, we are going to be paying higher rates for electricity and gas. now, this is absolutely disgusting. >> another public meeting on the rate hike is set for 6 pm tonight in oakland. businesses crushed by never- ending construction projects. now, san francisco is looking at using city funds to keep those businesses afloat. tremors christien kafton is a long van ness avenue aside one of those years long transportation projects.
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>> reporter: yes, frank, we are in what could best be described as a construction zone that stretches on four blocks in that direction and blocks on the north. businesses tell us the ongoing construction is destroying their businesses. now, the city of san francisco is debating whether businesses devastated by city construction progress you get 0% interest rate loans or grants to say afloat. construction on geary boulevard has been underway 3 years and has a projected financial -- finished date in 2021. businesses like cross the golden gate says the constant work is killing their business . >> the project is dismantling my business. and not slowly. it is not slowly over time. it is crashing. >> reporter: danielle started crossfit golden gate seven years ago and says her business has dropped steadily since construction started because she does not get help soon, she says she won't make it . >> i've had less foot traffic so someone recently told me they thought i was closed.
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4 on tuesday, san francisco leaders debated on how to save businesses. $5 million has been set aside and eight construction mitigation fun. the question is whether the city should issue 0% interest loans that would be self- sustaining for future projects as they are repaid or as some supervisors are now advocating, a grant system to save struggling businesses . >> loans are not going to help solve the problem for businesses, small businesses in particular that are losing money due to construction so we have to give them money and give them grants so they can stay whole. >> reporter: he says of the city does help, and she manages to survive, how can she grow her business with a new loan for tens of thousands of dollars hanging over her head? >> it doesn't. make. sense.
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i need a subsidy for the income i've lost, not just a loan to survive this. city leaders and the sf npr expected to formalize plans on how they are going to help small businesses by september. keep in mind there are already a number of major construction projects in the pipeline including mission boulevard, gary boulevard and city leaders are saying it is critical that they get the program in place and ready before the projects get underway to save small businesses throughout the city. live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox2 news. >> christian i'm wondering, how bad is it on van ness? looking behind you you can see the construction project seems to go on for blocks and blocks. >> reporter: yes, frank and it goes on for blocks and blocks and has been going on for years and years. we showed you a moment ago, one of the other aspects to this is, keep in mind, we will turn over here and show that, it moves traffic a li well so people whether they live in the area or have to drive through the area are impacted and imagine if you had a small business here and your business is a whole two lanes away from those cars that are traveling by?
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it is hard to get people to notice your business, to stop by and drop in and try out your gym or your office or whatever you have going on here on geary boulevard. >> a point well taken. chryst and captain on venice in san francisco, thank you. a fire in solano county has burned more than 180 acres near venetia. the fire broke out just after 10:00 this morning and is 50% contained. from sky fox you can see crews knocking down the fire picket started on the right shoulder of southbound interstate 680 near marsh view and lopes road. the chp says traffic on 680 has not been affected and there is no word that any structures are threatened. a wildfire in northern arizona just outside flagstaff has now burned more than 1800 acres. the museum fire is just 10% contained and there are some evacuations in effect in the rural area. there is wet weather in the forecast today through friday. crews say the rain will help them fight the fire but residents in the area so they
5:19 pm
are worried about the possibility for flash flooding. -- come inside! come inside! >> the power of severe weather on cape cod. this video shows the moment a tornado ripped off the roof of the cape sands inn in yarmouth, massachusetts. the tornado was in ef1 with winds of up to 110 miles per hour. there is no report of any injuries, even though the building had to be condemned. let's bring in chief meteorologist, bill martin. i lived in rhode island for 4 years. i don't ever remember a hurricane pick we will get nor'easters, i don't remember a tornado. we get hurricanes a nor'easters. is it unusual to get eight tornado? >> yes, like tornado in portland or something like that. it is unusual to get them that far north because, for a lot of reasons, they are more likely
5:20 pm
to get them in the plains where you have the golf moisture and the cool continental air but when you get that far north, you don't have that gulf moisture to fuel those things so it is unusual. i was thinking the same thing as soon as i saw it. it is kind of strange but it happens. just like here, we do see ef-1 tornado's, one or two year in california especially in the central valley. this weekend, not tomorrow but this weekend, temperatures are going to be on the hot side. we are looking at a excessive heat watch that will turn to a heat advisory on saturday and sunday. this is for reading and south of fresno. these are big numbers, 105, 106, 110. we are getting summer right now. we have not had a lot but here it is in here is what it looks like. not record temperatures, not anything way out of the ordinary come just summer. it has been cool and mild and now we are also getting some tropical moisture coming up.
5:21 pm
it is called the north american monsoon. it happens every year around july and august. it is a wind shift and the wind shifts and starts pulling up moisture so tropical moisture, coming from the gulf of california. when you bring that much moisture this far north, it interacts with the hills and the daytime heating and explodes. that is what we are seeing. look at these. over 100 something lightning strikes in that area from mammoth up to kirkwood. in the vegas area, more monsoonal moisture. that is where they get the biggest storms in phoenix and toward vegas and that is what they are getting now. very little, if any, right now, fog along the coast. it has cleared out, the fog has been compressed by the high- pressure center that has been very dominant and produced temperatures like these. 103 in fairfield, 100 in concord, warmer than yesterday by 14 degrees. 10 degrees in concord. it is shaky out there and you can see the microclimate setting up. there should be fog there but there is not. this time of year, maybe expect a fog bank. there would be a little patchy fog tonight but tomorrow will be another scorcher with
5:22 pm
temperatures cooler but we are still going to see those low to mid 90s in lents. we are into a summer pattern. we have not seen one all year and this is why pick we will be looking at increased fire danger, excessive heat concerns and the spare the air concerns as well. when i come back we will put it together and figured out for you. coming out on ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. a 14-year-old is being called a hero after rushing into a burning home to save two people inside. why she says she did it. plus a new plan to tackle the homeless crisis. how this man hopes to find homes for more than 1000 people and the support he is getting from sis professional sports teams and local corporations. ♪
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consumer advocates say a homeowners insurance crunch may soon become a homeowners insurance crisis. 3 the reason, customers facing huge rate increases and cancellations. tom baker is in coffee park in santa rosa which was destroyed by the north a firestorm. tom, owners homeowners could face a major insurance dilemma in the coming months . >> consider this, here in this neighborhood, folks were giving given two years by law that they would be renewed. that runs out this fall and experts say the major reasons homeowner policies get cancellations is because the homes are too close to while, bush or trees or too far away from a fire station or both. since 2012, half of lake county's landmass has burned. might gently owns a home that
5:26 pm
is still's standing. the family home insurance policy has skyrocketed 80%. a hard pill to swallow. he and his wife want to buy another home to live in but getting insurance is near impossible . >> i've run into a literal brick wall. i have tried companies numbering in the dozens and can find no one of any conventional insurance company that will ensure the prosperity the only insurance he can get it all is from the california field turn plan required under law . >> i've spoken with agencies that have quoted me numbers for what a normal policy would be. 1700 to 2800. >> reporter: and the number you got from fair? >> $12-$13,000 . >> in almost 36 years, i have run my insurance agency here in california, i have never seen the marketplace for homeowners insurance as bad as it is today.
5:27 pm
>> reporter: east bay independent insurance agent, david shaver says one of his clients in the oakland hills had a $6300 year policy cancel. he could find only one company willing to replace it. >> it is $19,193 and $.48. >> compared to? >> 6343 . >> consumer advocate, amy bock is director of the united policyholders. >> the insurers are free to choose their customers as long as they give you the 45 day notice that they are not going to review. >> here on the highest point, trimming crews are making the look roads less confined by vegetation as other crews are carving two fire trails so firetrucks can go up the hill while not encountering traffic coming down the hill as people evacuate but that, even all of that, may not have an impact on rate increases and cancellations. tom they car, ktvu fox2 news.
5:28 pm
both sides in the ghost ship warehouse trial, just a few days to finalize their closing arguments. coming up next, we profile the two men who are in charge of prosecuting the defendants. behind bars but only for a day. what a famous documentary filmmaker spent time with inmates at san quentin today talking about country music. also ahead, facebook it with a record fine. how much the company will be forced to pay for violating user privacy. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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the ghost ship warehouse trial is on a break this week. defense attorneys have been vocal throughout the case making the arguments the media pretty much every day but the prosecutors trying the case have kept quiet outside of court. our crime reporter, henry lee profiles the two prosecutors who are hoping for convictions in the warehouse fire that killed 36 people. >> reporter: the two alameda county prosecutors trying to ghost ship case are casey bates
5:32 pm
and audrey james. james has been a prosecutor since 2005. he has handled everything from murder trials to white-collar crimes to -- he joined the das office after making a big career switch . >> we want everybody who has heard anything or saw anything to come forward and let us know. >> he spent 20 years of a san leandro police officer. he investigated murders, drug and juvenile crime and was a patrol supervisor. james was lieutenant robert mcmanus his first training officer. >> for his entire career here in san leandro and now at the district attorney's office, he is a man who has sought justice for the victims he represents. >> reporter: james has been on the ghost ship case since day one but fellow d.a., casey bates was brought into the case after the sudden departure of prosecutor, david lim who left right before jury selection. he declined to comment about why he left when he did.
5:33 pm
bates was a d.a. in san francisco for several years before crossing the bay in 2000. he has handled a variety of cases including murder, child sexual assault, domestic violence and human trafficking. >> casey bates is a very dynamic, charismatic person, a very good speaker, understands the law, really good advocate. >> reporter: off-duty, bates and james are friends. in court together, those who know them say they are a force to be reckoned with. >> they are both very well prepared. they will put in a good trial. they are both class acts in the courtroom and i expect them to be that way in this trial. >> reporter: defense attorney ernie castille says both prosecutors have shown their skills well grilling defense witnesses . >> on cross-examination specifically, they will be cool, calm and deliberate in the questions will be substantial and everybody will hang on every word they asked. >> reporter: prosecutors have
5:34 pm
declined to discuss the case outside court which is standard practice for the das office but in the end, it will be the jury's verdict that matters most. at the courthouse in oakland. henry lee, ktvu fox2 news. prosecutors will have one last chance to convince a jury on monday when closing arguments are scheduled to begin. you can find henry's complete coverage of the ghost ship warehouse trial including his blog on our website, the dmv is working to improve customer service and today made an unprecedented move to train its employees. every dmv office in the state closed its doors for have to days of 5000 workers could will learn to process real id applications. employees took part in training at every office, test center and business center in california. the dmv zsa zsa closures and mass training was unprecedented . >> the training involves interactive exercises, role- playing, if you will, customer versus dmv employee to figure out the best way to service our
5:35 pm
customers. >> the report shows overall a drop in wait times and more kiosks will be added to dmv locations as people rush to get there real ids before october 2020. today's training was just the beginning. call center employees will be trained on real id applications at a later date. the federal trade commission is hitting facebook with a record $5 billion fine for violations of users privacy. the critics say the fine and other restrictions don't go far enough. fox news jackie deangelis with some of the changes coming to the social media company as a result of the settlement. >> reporter: big changes coming to facebook. the social media giant reached a settlement with the federal trade commission relating to its violation of user privacy. the ftc find the company $5 billion. and it is forsan facebook to set up an independent committee that will oversee privacy on the world's biggest social network. >> the order imposes significant structural reforms on how facebook does business
5:36 pm
including greater corporate accountability, more rigorous compliance monitoring and increased transparency. >> reporter: the settlement does not include an admission of guilt or any penalties for ceo, mark zuckerberg will have to personally certify the new privacy requirements are being met. facebook responded in a statement saying "the agreement will require a fundamental shift in the way we approach our work and will place additional responsibility on people building our products." there are also new restrictions. the company can no longer use phone numbers to enable security. it must give notice of facial recognition when it is used and cannot use email passwords or other services. the ftc says they are hoping the size of the fine will send a message to other tech companies as well that privacy is no longer an option . >> paying attention to privacy issues is something the companies ought to consider whether to elevate to the board
5:37 pm
level. facebook has to and they should have to do it because of what happened here. >> reporter: the new privacy rules will apply to instagram, whatsapp and any other future facebook project. in new york, jackie d'angelo, fox news. on wall street, stocks were higher on more solid quarterly innings. the dow was down 79 but textures pushed the nasdaq up 70 points for a new record close and the s&p 500 was up 14 point also setting another record. the soon food delivery service, doorãis changing the tipping policy after report that the company was skimming tips from drivers. the san francisco company says the new policy will ensure delivery workers receive the full amount of their tips. under the old policy, delivery workers would get a set payment to make a delivery. if a delivery person received a tip, doorãwould actually reduce the amount you paid the worker by the same amount as the tip. the restaurant reservation site, open table is getting into the food business, heart
5:38 pm
ring with caviar, grub of and in east to update delivery of its app. it will have publications for 8000 restaurants throughout the country. a judge knocks down a trump administration asylum plan. details about the ruling coming up next. a redemption story told through country music and a set i trip to san quentin prison. a special afternoon that inmates and a documentary filmmaker had today. here's what's watch the bay area's premier live local 7 pm newscast on ktvu plus. buttermoh manscuits now we're talking fried egg want it melty cheese want it sausage want it or bacon i want it! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great.
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within the last hour, a san francisco federal judge blocked the trump administration from enforcing new asylum restrictions for people crossing the mexican border. the policy launched yesterday requires migrants who pass through another country on their way to the u.s. to first apply for asylum in that country. the department of justice argued the government needs to address an influx of migrants but human rights groups say the u.s. has been allowing people to seek asylum through a third country since world war ii. this is an abrupt change, a dangerous change and i think one that should make everyone nervous whether or not they need asylum right now.
5:42 pm
>> reporter: this morning, a district judge in washington, dc denied a temporary restraining order in a similar hearing. the judge in san francisco made it clear, his decision would not be based on the dc ruling. governor newsom today signed a law that will spend up to $130 million for clean drinking water. the money was originally meant to help clean up the air. more than 1 million of california's nearly 40 million people don't have clean drinking water. governor newsom signed the law today alongside residents in the central valley who rely on jugs of water delivered to their homes. the drinking water plan has alarmed some environmental groups the that are using concern cap and trade will reduce the emissions reduction goals. authorities to spread more than 40,000 marijuana plants in mendocino county as part of an investigation into illegal pot farms. officers serve 28 search warrants to farms operating along the river. illegal pot farms often pollute the water with trash, testified pesticides and generative fuel. noris have been made but the cases will be forwarded to the district attorney's office.
5:43 pm
nollar road released the data reveals enough opiates were shipped for every man woman and child in the u.s. to have nearly a 20 day supplies and in 2012. announcement by the associated press also shows the amount of opiate medication being shipped from 2006 two 2012 more than doubled even if the number of pills being distributed was beginning to dip. experts say the numbers indicate the industry was supplying fewer but stronger pills leading to more addiction. the data is the heart of lawsuits trying to hold the dragon industry -- drug industry responsible for the opioid crisis. a crisis in stent san quentin. -- it touched my heart. >> reporter: coming up next, a famous documentary filmmaker brings a story of redemption to the inmates and its hold to a country music star once locked up there. we are looking into the heat. it is hot inland. we saw triple digits today and
5:44 pm
that pattern or this pattern is going to say stay pretty tight. we will continue the heat in the inland valleys. i will have the specifics when i return. ♪
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or bruising at the injection site. i won't let a heart attack or stroke come between me and everything i love. neither should you. tell your doctor to lower your ldl and reduce your risk with repatha®. pay no more than $5 per month with the repatha® copay card. the uss hornet held a celebration today in alameda to mark the day that the ship safely picked up the crew of apollo 11 after they splashed down in the pacific. it was 50 years ago today that the apollo crew based 1 final dangerous challenge mother plunge back to earth. the uss hornet was there and
5:47 pm
picked up the crew after they splashed down. the splashdown 50 celebration taking place on board the hundred includes crew members involved with the up apollo 11 recovery and new astronauts talking about future space missions. >> we are actually going to be the nation's next mission to go back to the moon. we are flying commercial payloads to the surface and 14 nasa payloads to the surface. >> the uss hornet is a 900 foot long world war ii era aircraft carrier permanently docked in alameda and serving as a sea, air and space museum. documentary filmmaker, ken burns paid a visit to san quentin today. he came to preview his latest work about the history of country music and the prisons key role inmates about what today's visit meant to them. >> >> reporter: here behind the grim walls of sand quinton state prison, inmates met esday
5:48 pm
>> -- it is a central part of that. >> reporter: documentary filmmaker, ken burns . >> it is a story that hasn't been told. we are telling. >> reporter: one of the inmates, richard nixon -- richardson is serving for a home invasion. >> reporter: burns a stop in san quentin is a part of a documentary on the history of country music, airing on pbs in september . >> i want them to feel part of a big, broad, human family and maybe being in here permits that to happen. >> reporter: he documents john merle haggard who after his release became an icon of country music that burns streamed excerpts of the san quentin portion. many were clearly moved . >> -- you touched my heart.
5:49 pm
>> -- my emotion, i am honored. >> reporter: for many of the inmates here, the story of merle haggard has a deeper meaning, a meaning they say they can carry while they are here and perhaps carry if they ever get out. >> he kind of like changed his life around. that is something we are all trying to do. >> reporter: javier jiminez is serving 9 years for manslaughter . >> it gives you a glimmer of hope. if somebody could be successful like they were. >> reporter: burns is known for his meticulously researched documentaries including the civil war, vietnam war and history of baseball. he says the story of countran a hopes will gardless of where th life . >> there is value of a human being that does not end when they are in a place like this. >> reporter: san quentin state prison, rob roth, ktvu fox2 news. all right.
5:50 pm
we are looking at the temperatures from today. it got up there. 103 in fairfield. pretty darn hot. 100 in antioch. 101 in livermore. the high temperatures it could soon -- more than yesterday. san jose is a warm 75. where is the fog? not happening. light fog out there right now. it will work its way back. we talked about these thunderstorms going off. afternoon thunderstorms, north american monsoon, we will see these the next few days. if you go to lake tahoe you will bump into this over the next 24 hours or so so be ready. this will be in the afternoons. they will die down in the evening. there is the flow to vegas, phoenix and solich city. all of that moisture coming off the gulf of california is making its way into the middle of the country and causing problems. a little bit for asthma mostly for the south west corner. 103 in fairfield, 100 in concord right now, 10 degrees
5:51 pm
warmer in concord than it was yesterday 90. it is hot. it is hot. this is the time of year when you have to think about parking your car in the shade. if you are like me, you have too much stuff in the garage and can it get your car in their so if you don't park in the shade, you your car is 120 and you sweat all the with work. that is how it will be all weekend. warm to hot this entire weekend with a slight cool down tomorrow. do not be cold by this dip. thursday and friday, not just 103 tomorrow but still going to be mid 90s. and five -- by saturday and sunday, back into the low 100 and the excessive heat watch is in effect for the central valley. i would not be surprised to see an excessive heat warning, we probably will, in effect for the weekend from reading all the way down to fresno and maybe for parts of the inland bay valleys. here is the forecast footprint. temperature footprint. purples are 100's. that is tomorrow.
5:52 pm
it is a little cooler but still we will see plenty of 90s tomorrow in those warm inland bay values. the model shows us the moisture coming from the south tomorrow morning. then you see the chance for thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon with fog returning to the coast on thursday afternoon. what did i just say? it will be warm the next few days. more like summer. we have not had a really dominant summer pattern in a while, this whole summer. we have had bits and pieces of one, a day here or there but we are getting a run here. we will see a number of warm days, hot days in the inland bay valleys and like today and yesterday, we will get fires. there is no way around it. you will have brushfires and little fires that start. not a huge diablo wind so it shouldn't blowup but just know that this pattern is pretty hard not to get little brushfires popping up so keep your eyes open and we will cool off a little tomorrow. a 21-year-old woman from the sacramento area thinks she now holds the record as being the youngest person to have traveled to every country in the world. lexie alford says she has been to every sovereign country,
5:53 pm
196 in all. she is now working on submitting receipts and other documentation to the guinness book of world records. she says her journey around the world was made easier with the help she got from her parents who happened to own a travel agency in grass valley . >> my whole family has worked in the travel industry for 30 years so we really got good at finding the best deals and how to navigate these places the most efficiently. >> the current record holder is a 24-year-old man from toronto. take a look at this new video of a bear trying to steal a dumpster from a marijuana dispensary in colorado. parks and wildlife released the video that showbear trying to get into the dumpster. the black bear has a problem because it is a bear proof dumpster. so instead, the bear drags the dumpster down the alley. wildlife officials say he tried to get into the trash for about
5:54 pm
an hour, then he finally gave up. still to come, it started with a ceremonial trip to buckingham's palace. today, the british prime minister officially took over. the deadline he has set for pulling britain out of the eu. plus the worldwide recall from a leading maker of breast implants because of a link to a rare form of cancer. transportation has been on of the main concerns and getting to the warriors new arena in san francisco. we will tell you about the new deal to cut down on in congestion and help fans get there for free. thank you for watching ktvu fox 2 . >> where the power of 2 comes from you.
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tensions with iran are escalating despite intense diplomatic efforts behind the scenes. iran's president is suggesting a possible solution to an ongoing standoff at sea, offering to trade a british tanker seized in the strait of hormuz for an iranian tinker being held by the british navy in gibraltar but the diplomacy came with the new warning to the british and american navies deployed in the middle east. boris johnson officially took over as the new british prime minister and faces the same challenge as his predecessor, a country deeply divided over brexit. brad keller for it has a report from london. >> reporter: today, the uk's new prime minister, traveling to buckingham palace to be appointed by queen elizabeth. this -- >> may wish negotiating an agre the months and years ahead. their successes will be our countries successes and i hope
5:58 pm
that they will be many. >> reporter: johnson pledging he is up to the task, setting a deadline to have the brexit deal in place by the end of october . >> we will fulfill the repeated promises apartment parliament to the people and come out of the eu october 31 , now it's or butts. >> reporter: outside parliament, demonstrators on both side of the debate. a campaign group known as the people vote once a public vote on the final deal between britain and the european union . >> we think the final decision should be given to everyone . >> other pro brexit folks want to stick to the current plan. >> reporter: johnson has vowed to pull britain out of the eu before the october deadline with with or without a deal. he says there is no intention of redo go shading a deal it
5:59 pm
reached with theresa may. in london, -- fox 2 news. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. i think robert mueller did a horrible job. the president says he is feeling vindicated tonight after former special council robert mueller testified before congress. >> this whole thing has been 3 years of embarrassment and waste of time for our country. >> the president called it a great day for republicans, a disaster for democrats. good evening. i'm from somerville . >> i'm heather holmes into night for julie. mueller offered no relations but did warn about russian tempering saying "they are doing it as we sit here. democrats say his testimony today is just the beginning of their oversight of election interference. some of the actions that the administration have taken we will see through the investigation, they have jeopardized our national security by strengthening russia's hand and interfering in our elections.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: robert mccullough spent 6 hours answering questions from two house committees today. ray bogan reports from washington where the former special counsel insisted that his investigation was not a witch hunt. 2/10 hearings and a lot of questions for lawmakers but not many specific answers from former special counsel, robert mueller. some of the i would have to refer you to the report. it is outside my purview. again, i can't speak to a. >> reporter: first up, the house judiciary committee . >> it was not the special counsel's job to conclusively determine donald trump's innocence or exonerate him. >> reporter: then to the committee where he made it clear double estimate i was appointed as a prosecutor and i intend to adhere to that role . >> >> problematic is an understatement in terms of what it displays.
6:01 pm
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