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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 25, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> i'm frank somerville. we talked to the owner of the car and needless to say, they are upset. henry, to say the least. >> reporter: take a look, these are the milk crates the car was on but the missing hills they can handle, but they are angry and upset that they don't understand why they had have a parking ticket on top of that . >> they came and ripped off the wheels and took off. >> reporter: this is what the dow families toyota corolla look like on tuesday morning at 17th and cabrillo in the richmond district. >> all 4 tires have been removed and they are sitting on belt black milk crates. >> reporter: less than an hour later, this is what they found on the windshield. a $79 parking ticket for not moving the car for street sweeping . >> i was livid that i was completely livid when i walked outside the it is kind of a slap in the face to an already horrible morning. >> reporter: traffic ticketed the car as the couple was on the phone with police and their insurance company . >> they have the discretion to not write a ticket. do i have to have dead in the drivers street with the
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registration pinned my trust to my chest? this is a 1965 studebaker in somebody's front yard. this is a 2017 toyota corolla. nobody leaves a car like this sitting on milk crates in street. >> reporter: the family was lent another car so they could have the car towed. the repair bill will cost more than $5000. the family will pay the $5000 deductible but it is not the repairs he's angry about . >> i'm more upset about the $79 ticket than i am about the thousand dollars i have to pay for the car . >> as mpd said they feel bad about the ticket. they said the family will have to contest the ticket and with proper documentation, the ticket will most likely be dismissed. >> reporter: the couple tells
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me there is nothing special about the tires, no bling on the rims. they say they will fight the ticket and they hope the wheels of justice turn in their favor. live in semper cisco, henry lee, ktvu fox2 news. so, henry, i have to admit that i have contested tickets before. that means you have to go down, wait, talk to the person, find out what they think, and then finally, they agree on whether you contested or not. that is what these people have to do? i mean, i guess i just don't understand why the department can't say, you know what? we screwed up. now ticket. we will take care of it. >> reporter: the optics really look pretty bad, frank. i checked the website and the couple has posted. you would think that they would get a pass but they still have to go around the red tape, so to speak . >> henry lee in san francisco, thank you. the vallejo police
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department was evacuated this morning because of a carbon monoxide leak. officers and administrators said they noticed an odd smell in the building early this morning. vallejo fire crews that the source was a malfunctioning backup battery in the electrical room of the building. the battery was removed. the building was reopened just before noon. no one was injured in the incident during the evacuation, solano county took over emergency operations in the city. several people are in custody tonight following a multi agency police operation in oakland. police from san mateo and several other law enforcement agencies confirm they were in oakland early this morning, conduct and the rates. authorities say the operation involved a number of s.w.a.t. teams and is tied to a track crackdown on a violent street gang. san francisco's central subway has a new director who will be looking at where the project stands now and how long it will take to finish. ktvu's christien kafton is that unions square tonight where
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he had a chance to go underground to see how much work has been done so far. christian, construction had been underway for 7 years? >> reporter: it has been underway for a long time. we had a chance to talk with the new director who says he needs to get a sense of the scope of the project and then he will be able to tell us when he think it will be wrapped up. beneath busy union square, crews are working on san francisco's central subway project. the $1.6 billion, 1.7 mile project will connect chinatown to south of market but it has fallen behind schedule, initially set to open in 2018 but has been plagued with slowdowns. construction delays at the chided titustown station and a contractor laying down the wrong kind of steel tracks. the latest deadline was pegged
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at 2020. today, they offered a tour of the work underway. the new project director says he will look to see what where the central project stands right now . >> the first priority besides everything else is look and see how much time it will take to finish the job and start running the trains. >> reporter: underground, the main stairway and elevator shaft leading to the station are taking shape as is the massive underground station. what is hard to get a sense of in all this construction is that the station runs were hundred feet underground. you will all we be able to walk and the station goes more than 5 stories down. the acting director says the project has been slowed by difficulties building in the city . >> construction san francisco is hard. building underneath chinatown, a busy street like stockton that is only 3 lanes wide and making sure that as we build, all of these great neighborhoods around union square and chinatown can continue to thrive. >> reporter: the project director told us today that he thinks it will take about 6 weeks to get a sense of where
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the project stands right now. at that time, he will be able to give us a better sense of when you think the entire project will be wrapped up. live at union square in some cisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox2 news. immigration rights advocates are expected to voice their concerns during this afternoon's meeting of port of oakland commissioners following the reports that immigration officials used the oakland airport as a transit hub to remove undocumented immigrants from the united states. >> reporter: i.c.e. reportedly chartered nearly 2000 flights out of oakland carrying more than 40,000 detain people over at recent a bank year period. rights groups say that violates oakland sanctuary city policy. >> we just want to remind the portland city they are a century and city. they build and self-assessment we want transparency of what happened, what they knew from 2010 of 2018 and what they are going to do chart try to stop it moving forward.
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>> reporter: the port of oakland oversees the airport. on anna gomez is attending today's meeting and will have a live report coming up tonight on the 6:00 news here on ktvu. the white house is promising to fight the latest court ruling over there asylum policy. yesterday, a federal judge in san francisco blocked the that would have denied entry to thousands of people seeking asylum. fox news william la jeunesse tells us congress is deadlocked over how to handle migrants who have already arrived here.the
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usual number of detainees. republicans in congress support the president's controversial immigration policies while democrats accused the white house of transmitting to the problem. >> instead of addressing the root causes of migration, and managing the challenges at our border, the trumpet ministration has chosen to dehumanize immigrants and exploit the crisis for political gain. >> dehumanizing! is taking people you so you care about but doing nothing for them. that is dehumanizing. congress should pass legislation. >> reporter: the judges ruling likely to be appealed by the justice department and a final decision could be left in the hands of the supreme court. in los angeles, wayne lushness, fox news.
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we are getting a look at what life is like for thousands of migrants waiting in mexico to apply for asylum in the united states. more than three 3000 people are waiting at a shelter south of tijuana. one migrant has been there for 3 months. he devised a system, assigning a number to each person who is seeking asylum. some of them have been checked off but hundreds of others are still waiting and could see waiting for months. >> it is good to have this set up because of frustration and desperation. people will cross illegally we have our numbers and it is important to do it the legal way. >> at another shelter in mexicali, about 70 children are being cared for by a group called "border kindness." most of them are from central america and the families are fleeing violence extortion at all. this afternoon pg&e signed onto a million-dollar, multibillion-dollar, excuse me state fund to cover the cost of catastrophic wildfires caused
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by their equipment. >> pg&e says it will pay about $4.8 it emerges from bankruptcy. southern california edison and san diego gas and election will electric also contribute for a total of $10.5 million. customers will also pitch in another 10.5 billion dollars to the next 15 years through an additional fee on the bills. firefighters make quick work of a grass fire in santa clara county today. the fire broke out around 5:30 yesterday near swaggart and felt the roads about five miles east of milpitas. sky fox was over the fire shortly after it was reported pick it burned about 80 acres and caused a lot of nervous moments for some folks who live in that rural area. we talked with one homeowner who called 9-1-1 when she saw smoke. a dispatcher told her to leave her house right away as a precaution. >> i was semi-prepared. i got the hard drive and the backup to the computer and some other things. things i needed to get out but, you know, it certainly puts a
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lot of fear in you and you are determined, then, to prepare better for the next time. as of tonight, the fire is 65% contained. here is a look at where the fire is located in the hills above milpitas. crews say the flames are no longer spreading and right now, they are focused on building containment lines. the cause is under investigation. a grass fire in solano county now 80% contained. the marsh you fire is burning south of cordelia. it started along interstate 680 and marcy road. it fortunately, no doctors have burned and there are no reports of any injuries. in weather, lots to talk about in the forecast. a slight chance of a few thunderstorms tonight. that could lead to an increase in fire danger and another heatwave headed toward the bay area for portions of the weekend. we will have the forecast coming up. also coming up, someone got fired because of this presidential seal behind president trump.
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if you look closely, you might see what the problem is. also, a northern california couple taking out the trash severely beaten by a group of teenagers and it is caught on video. more on the couples injuries and the search for those attackers. more follow from robin miller's testimony in front of congress. the democrats say their investigation is not over. republicans say it is time to move on. what is next? so that early retirement we planned. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab.
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president trump and vice president mike pence reviewed the troops today to mark the confirmation of new defense secretary mark expert. the president and vice president attended an armed forces full on her view at the pentagon today. as per is an army veteran and
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former defense industry lobbyist who won senate confirmation on tuesday with a vote of 90-8. >> our military has made tremendous gains in recently is thanks to your leadership and today we are ready to face any child, anytime, anywhere as we continue to stand guard around the world. >> reporter: as per says he will continue to work with president trump to ensure the combat readiness of the military while also working on security alliances. the day after robert mueller's subdued testimony on capitol hill, house democrats say a number of investigations into the trump administration will continue . >> fox news lauren blanchard tells us republicans say it is time to turn the page. >> reporter: many democrats were hoping for a bombshell moment out of former special council robert mueller's hearing yesterday. while mueller stuck to his public report part -- democrats
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say the testimony still needs to be investigated . >> there were some explosive moments, don't know reporter mr. miller because nobody should've expected that . >> he closed the book on the investigation big it is time that america turns the page. it is time for america to move forward. >> reporter: house democrats not that backing down on their criticism of president trump and hearings, they say, did not exonerate him . >> nothing about money laundering from russians, nothing about financial fraud, bank fraud so we are at a follow the money at this point. >> reporter: the hearings did little when it comes to impeachment to sway on defense democrats and as the house gets ready for recess, it has some but wondering if the impeachment momentum will be gone when they come back to the capital. house speaker, nancy believe he says it is better to wait than to rush to a decision . >> i think we go to that path,
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we should go in the strongest possible way. >> reporter: president trump and his administration is insisting the mueller hearings were a big loss for the democrats. >> this was seen by most americans as a political exercise, not a legal exercise. >> reporter: also today, a house panel voted to authorize subpoenas for work mitigations sent from personal cell phones of white house senior aides. this including ivanka trump, jared kushner and former strategist, steve bannon. republicans say this is just a tactic to change the subject after mueller. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. the white house says it did not know an altered presidential seal featuring a two headed ego clinching golf clubs would be displayed at a speech by president trump. he stood in front of that fake seal that also said 45 is a puppet in spanish and included russian symbolism. i white house spokesperson says officials never saw the seal before was projected on the screen behind the president. a video team member was later fired for mistakenly displaying that seal which was pulled from the internet. let's talk about our
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weather. chief meteorologist, bill martin is out, mark is filling in and what a beautiful day in the bay area . >> a nice day, you may have noticed high clouds moving from the south and those good cause maybe a few thunderstorms . >> really? really hot in the land . >> inland will be the big deal as we head to the weekend especially by saturday. in the short-term, tonight and sunday morning, there is enough moisture moving in for slight chance of a few dry thunderstorms. we have been hearing about fire stores the past week or so and fire crews are on high alert with a minimal chance of a thunderstorm because if these were to develop, they would produce little or no rainfall at all and just a lightning strike could lead to a new fire darting so the timing would be tonight into friday morning. right now the bulk of the thunderstorms, once again, out toward the sierra, we can see that pattern, that flow moving from the south. there is a little weak disturbance appropriate that will be approaching the bay area later on tonight and into
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tomorrow morning. that flow could lead to the slight chance of a thunderstorm. you cannot see this letter to bless the settling right now. the textured cloud cover is a good sign we have higher clouds moving in for today and this evening. current numbers, still hot inland. not as hot as yesterday. a bit of a break. concord 95, livermore, 94, oakland, 70, separate cisco, 62 and redwood city, in the lower 80s right around 81 degrees. here's the live camera looking out toward san francisco. some patches of fog locally dense all day long near the coastline. higher clouds already working their way to the area. overnight lows starting tomorrow morning in the 50s with lots of cloud cover. partly cloudy skies, maybe mostlyw we are watching for is monsoonal pattern, the moisture moving from the south. we have a slight chance of a thunderstorm mainly for higher terrain for tonight into friday morning.
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in the weekend, we heat up once again. especially inland, temperatures inland could be topping 100 degrees. as a result, we will take a look at the map here. we have an excessive heat watch posted for the inland east bay, places like concord, livermore and walnut creek for this weekend. temperatures could easily go above 100 degrees especially by saturday and maybe a little cooling by sunday. the forecast model is not bringing in, at least thunderstorms here but the action is close enough that we have to bring in a slight chance for tonight through tomorrow morning. then friday afternoon, partly cloudy skies, temperatures tomorrow, one of the cooler days of the week. some relief inside. the warmest locations in the low 90s. out towards fairfield and vacaville. santa fe, 82, oakland, 84. low 90s in antioch and brentwood, san francisco forecast high is 67 tomorrow, one of the cooler days of the week but the weekend is a different story.
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triple digits inland around the bay in the 80s and the beaches near 70. two odd days headed our way, saturday and sunday with cooling by monday. disgraced financier, jeffrey epstein found injured it is in his jail cell. the question is was he attacked or did he injure himself? >> a brutal attack taught unfair camera. a north carolina -- northern california couple severely beaten right outside their home. what led to the violent confrontation? of savings and service.
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a high-speed crash and sepsis left 4 and people injured this morning and flooded a city street. police say the silver monza crashed at third street and carroll avenue just before 1:15 a.m. the front and was sheared off. the accident also took out a fire hydrant, sending water gushing into the air and onto the street. police say the driver fled the scene. 3 girls in the car ages 17, 14 and 11 were hurt that along with a 19-year-old man. authorities say all are expected to recover. stockton police are looking for a group of young people caught on surveillance video brutally beating a couple . >> it happened on sunday night outside the couple's home in stockton. the husband and wife said they were taking out the trash when a group of teenagers walked by their home. the couple says all they did was ask the group to move along. soon after, they say the teens attacked them. a neighbor helped the couple shortly after the attack. at first, he says he thought a drink had spilled on the woman. >> she just comes around and asking for help and of course i
5:25 pm
let her into the house here and turn the lights on and it was not a drink. she was covered in blood. stockton police released this video hoping somebody will recognize the people in the group. anyone with information is asked to call police. a quick thinking jogger literally did an about-face as she went out for her morning run in new england this week. he quickly spun around to chase down a man who allegedly exposed himself and as she was running in the same area last week. massachusetts state police released a video of the incident. the jogger also happens to be an ex-israeli soldier who said she was determined not to become a victim a second time even though nobody stopped to help her. >> at least four people went by. nobody reacted. nobody did anything but five minutes later, you guys are too busy with your gaze your day, too busy to help out? >> reporter: the woman is a 35- year-old single mom but she did not want to reveal her name due to concerns of the safety of her children.
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accused sex trafficker, jeffrey epstein is on suicide watch tonight after he was found injured inside his jail cell in new york. he is awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. he was found with bruising on his neck. it is not clear if the injuries were self- inflicted or from an assault. he was treated and remains in custody. epstein has pleaded not guilty to charges that he had sex with girls as young as 14. a judge has denied him bill. coming up, 16 marines arrested in southern california. the serious charges they are facing tonight. plus. -- >> our low customer satisfaction numbers are unacceptable. we can do better. changes that bart. new leadership and a plan to fix problems that writers have been complaining about for years. and for the first time in
5:27 pm
16 years, the federal government is moving forward with executions. the first 5 inmates scheduled to die and all accused of similar client crimes.
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some big changes that bart. today the board of directors selected a new general manager and approved a series of improvements. ktvu's tom baker has more on the changes and the man who is now going to lead bart. >> reporter: engineer, robert powers, after 7 years as a part executive, 20 years in the industry, was named the systems new general manager, replacing grace crunican who retired earlier this month. he starts out with a deficit and a whole lot to prove . >> our low customer satisfaction numbers are unacceptable. we can do better. we will do better. and we must do better. >> reporter: the plan, increase customer satisfaction on all fronts . >> a new fleet car replacement program. a new train control system. rebuilding infrastructure.
5:31 pm
reducing crowding. increasing service. and a fully staffed bart police department. >> reporter: to deal with quality-of-life complaints, bart will expand the successful elevator attendant program from civic center and powell street dacians to montgomery and embarcadero stations. customers appreciate the friendliness and security the attendance provide an bart says there is a virtual elimination of inappropriate behaviors in the elevator. the safe and clean street-level toilet program will continue at the powell, 16th and 24th street stations where, when we arrived unannounced, and attend and was finishing up a recent cleaning. bird is expanding the homeless outreach team, already in service in contra costa county to sfo, san mateo and alameda counties. this will connect the homeless folks with shelters and services.
5:32 pm
bart also voted to spend almost $33 million to fully modernize oaklands 19th street station with better access, better lighting, elevators, escalators , and public restrooms. tests continue on the fare evader resistant gates which are somewhat controversial and the problem is still being studied but don't set expect any action anytime soon. all of this will be done under the watchful eye of bart's new inspector general who reports not to management but to the bart board and the governor. >> i think it is important that we have an independent look at the bart books and how resources are being allocated. i'm not afraid of that. >> reporter: the writers are watching. tom baker, ktvu fox2 news. the new general manager will be paid $385,000 per year along with a $30,000 per year retirement fund compensation. a sacramento man is under arrest tonight on suspicion of pointing a gun in a road rage
5:33 pm
interested in incident in fairfield. a woman call police just after 8:00 last night after she said the man through an object of her near the north texas street off rep. both cars exited the freeway and stopped at a red light. the woman says the man, identified as 28-year-old branden jackson pointed a gun while yelling at her. she quickly drove away. fairfield police and the chp were able to track down jackson and found a weapon during a search of his vehicle. he was booked into the solano county jail on a weapons violation and making criminal threats charge. a san francisco superior court judge has ruled that charges can proceed against the suspect dubbed "the rideshare ." even though, the judge complete concluded that his dna was improperly collected. there was enough probable cause to search support the warrant
5:34 pm
that was signed to search orlando vilchez lazo's home and property regardless of the dna evidence that police obtain. vilchez lazo is accused of sexually assaulting 4 women in san francisco as posing as a  riled hailing driver. cameron sutton bay reporter has more on what this means to can consumers. >> reporter: carmakers, ford, honda, bmw and volkswagen are joining with the state of california on the issue of auto emissions . >> the fact remains these companies are committed to seeing california's standards and regardless of what the eta does, epa does, they have the right in california and california has the right to establish them and they will
5:35 pm
manufacture to those standards. >> reporter: governor gavin newsom announced the deal thursday at a teleconference from sacramento. the new rules call for increasing fuel assist efficiency by about 3.5% annually which could set a new nationwide stene. trump administration requirements, while not qualified could call for a modest increase of 1%. the 4 manufacturers plan to deliver fleets of vehicles to the golden state by 2026 that can average at least 50 miles per gallon. well california may end up getting an environmental bruised from the agreement, this is global. automakers from around the world are facing increased pressure to come up with better economy and fuel efficiency standards. many are pouring money into research and development to come up with better electric and low emissions vehicles which could lower the price of those vehicles and increased demands. the agreement allows other manufacturers to adopt a stricter requirement and join in as well. >> california including the governor said we would love for the trumpet ministration to come to the table and compromise here. another thing i think they are hoping and possibly expecting his other car companies are
5:36 pm
going to sign on as well and in coming days and weeks we may see these are not the only 4 companies that will sign on to this deal. >> reporter: the trumpet ministration's response to the deal, saying the federal government, not a single state should set the requirements. this hits that the bickering between the most popular state and washington over this issue has not ended. in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox2 news. 16 u.s. marines stationed in southern california were arrested today on alleged human smuggling and other charges. the suspects were taken into custody at camp pendleton about an hours drive from the southern border as they lined up for battalion formation. the marine corps says the arrests are linked to a case of two marines charged earlier this month for allegedly smuggling migran. questioned
5:37 pm
about possible drug offenses. >>thjustice department says it will carry out executions of federal death row inmates for the first time since 2003. this restores a seldom used punishment and was pushed by president trump. it also escalates another divisive issue ahead of the 2020 residential election. the department says 5 inmates will be executed starting in december. all 5 are accused of killing children. the death penalty remains legal in 30 states. executions on the federal level have been rare. coming up, celebrating in the streets in puerto rico. they are cheering after the governor there said he is stepping down. but the celebration may be short-lived. plus -- >> i felt that i was worthless. i was hard to maintain a sense of hope. >> reporter: >> meet a man who lived on the streets and received help from a nonprofit. years later, he is the ceo of that agency. how his group and others are banding together to help other people living on the streets.
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many of america's allies in asia are on edge after north korea launched two missiles. south korea says two ballistic missiles landed off the korean coast. one traveled over 450 miles. u.n. sanctions prevent the north from developing ballistic missiles but their leader, kim jong-un was photographed two days ago at a shipyard where submarines reportedly capable
5:41 pm
of carrying those missiles are being made. military experts now say they worry that the diplomacy will be ineffective. >> we should never have expected the negotiations were going to be simple or straightforward and they have done this plenty of times. they will make it look like they are going down one path, they are cooperative and all of a sudden they will throw in a monkeywrench. >> the u.s. is working with north korea to slow their nuclear divine development but north china, north korea's closest -- this follows a visit to sold by john bolton to restart the diplomatic process. it is still not clear when or if the two sides will come to
5:42 pm
the table. crowns in san juan are celebrating the news that puerto rico's embattled governor is stepping down on august 2. fox news jeff paul is there to tell us why protesters have been calling for his resignation and what happens next. >> reporter: thousand celebrating in san juan after governor ricardo rossello revealed he would step down next friday . >> with sorrow, i announce to you today that i will be resigning the post of governor. >> reporter: this following nearly 2 weeks of angry protests prompted by the leak of offensive chat messages between governor rossello and his advisors. the come country has been plagued by corruption, economic crisis and the slow recovery from are working maria, nearly 2 years ago . >> we have been at this two weeks, we are tired, excited, happy. i can't even believe it. >> reporter: crowds gathered outside the governor mentioned in old san juan last night as
5:43 pm
word spread of the announcement . >> we are living proof that we survived a very horrible hurricane and a very horrible person to represent puerto ricans. there is a lot of stuff to do. there are a lot of correct people to get out of here. >> reporter: senator marco rubio says the controversy surrounding rosedale conflict -- governor masao has complicated efforts to help puerto rico . >> it is hard as long as the crisis is hanging over the governor. hopefully moving on we will have more stability. >> reporter: secretary justice, wanda vasquez is next in line to take over. she would be puerto rico's second female governor. in san juan, puerto jeff paul, fox news. things can chan second. you have to keep your eye on them at all times. if you don't, something like this might happen. coming up, some very surprised tsa agents as they see a little
5:44 pm
boy going on at conveyor belt with luggage. san francisco is all in on getting the homeless off the streets. how high-power groups are teaming up to come up with a plan that works for everyone. and a little cooler forecast in store for friday but the weekend is a completely different story. we will talk about triple digit heat headed our way. right now, earn 60,000 bonus miles
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a new first of its kind coalition launched in an effort to get more than 1000 homeless people of the san francisco streets over the next to give. the grassroots group is pushing for every part of the city to create housing for homeless people including the most affluent. ktvu's rob roth spoke with the leader of the new initiative called "all in." >> joe wilson knows what being homeless is like in san francisco. he used to sleep on a sidewalk south of market street. >> i felt that i was worthless. it was hard to maintain a sense of hope. >> but he got help from a nonprofit called hospitality house and years later, he is the ceo of the very same agency. >> first and foremost, it was peeping pee hundreds of people in the park thursday to cover campaign to create more housing for people currently on the street. >> it is simple, clear, the
5:48 pm
problem is lack of places for people to live . >> the group leading the charge is called "all in" which is a coalition that includes organized labor, technical companies, airbnb and the san francisco giants. they are looking for at least vocal support from the public . >> tell me where you have seen an array of companies, nonprofits, labor all coming together in support of solutions? we have not seen this before . >> the goal is ambitious to create housing for 1100 homeless people within two years but the group also is promoting a plan that could cause pushback. currently all homeless programs are in the tenderloin bayview or south of market. all-in-one's housing and perhaps services in every supervisorial district in this city. that could include pacific heights, one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the country . >> people say, i don't want homeless people living next to me. guess what? if they are house, they are no longer homeless. they are just your neighbor . >> neighbors near the proposed
5:49 pm
embarcadero navigation center have gone to court to try to stop that from happening . >> what we see you at community meetings is the vocal minority comes out and we are trying to build a vast majority of loud voices of people that say yes to solutions. >> reporter: the head of all the says he expects to be given housing to some of the homeless in a matter of weeks. rob roth, ktvu fox2 news. women in america are having fewer babies than ever before. this according to a new report released by the cdc. fertility rate fell about 2% between 2017 and 2018, dropping to the lowest level in nearly 30 years. teen birth rates have also dropped down 7%. research has said that the the fertility rate is now below what is needed to replace the current u.s. population. on the flipside, 36 nurses at children's mercy hospital in kansas city are all expecting this year. they all work in the same unit of the hospital. they are babies born so far thi
5:50 pm
year, only two are girls. but i remember when my youngest daughter was born and she popped out and they said, it's a girl! i thought, wait, what? -- we are expecting a boy? >> for some reason i was and i thought, my god, i don't know anything about girl, what? what? >> well, you found out. >> but it is funny, all of those nurses are pregnant. something in the water for sure. let's get a check of the weather. another hot day around the bay area but it looks like some clouds and fog are rolling in from the pictures? different cloud layers in dense fog and high clouds but
5:51 pm
so far, july has been okay with the heat but for the past two days, the last weekend this weekend, we are talking about more triple digit temperatures across portions of the bay area today. 98 was very hot but compared to yesterday, a little cooler. 98 toward concord and antioch this afternoon, san francisco cooled off definitely but the fog is back at 68 degrees. san jose, 86 degrees, that was the high from today. satellite and radar showing you this, in the next 12 to 18 hours or so, the moisture is moving in from the south. that is the monsoonal flow and with that, there is enough instability here in the pacific that will kind of sync up with the moisture. there is a very slight chance of a dry thunderstorm tonight into your friday morning so that what that means is if a thunderstorm were to develop, it would produce little or no rainfall and not double us that one lightning strike could lead to a fire starting so that is the biggest concern for tonight and into tomorrow morning. the bulk of thunderstorms are, right now, way out to the east, toward the sierra but we are watching the moisture to our south. is becoming closer, here we go. the fog offshore is pushing locally back into the bay.
5:52 pm
current numbers, concord, 95, santa rosa, 81, san francisco, 60 and you can't even see san francisco with the hot fog right now. that will definitely cool us off for tomorrow. the weekend, a different story. heat advisories posted, all of the areas in yellow and excessive heat watch posted for the inland east bay soap laces like concord, walnut creek, livermore and pleasanton. temperatures up above 100 degrees this weekend for saturday and into sunday. the main reason is this area of high pressure that wants to return and strengthen over the weekend. tonight we have a slight chance of thunder and high clouds in your friday forecast, primarily for the morning hours and into the weekend. temperatures definitely soaring. in fact, a rough draft of the forecast highs for saturday, santa rosa, 99, san francisco comment 70s. livermore and san jose, 94.
5:53 pm
the forecast model shows low clouds and fog tomorrow morning and partly cloudy skies for the afternoon hours. tomorrow will be a little cooler than today. tomorrow is one of the cooler days of the week. santa rosa, 86. fairfield, 91. lots of low 90s toward livermore, antioch and brentwood. oakland, 74, san jose, 83. make the most of these temperatures because the temperatures are soaring this weekend. as you can see, up a good 10 degrees in the saturday forecast, up above 100 degrees so that is the deal. drink lots of water and try to stay cool if you can because temperatures, as we said, most of july has been okay but it looks like the end of july wants to rewrite the story . >> that is way too hot . >> you can always had to the coast . >> we have those microclimates and that is really a break . >> my, thank you. for some, it is the best part of ordering chinese food. we are talking about the fortune cookies. i don't know what that guy is doing . >> electric is trying to cool off. i think he is trying to cool off. -- because of the heat wave? >> -- it feels good.
5:54 pm
>> now we are back to the fortune cookies. coming up, we will take you to talk about the largest producer of fortune cookies and find out how they come up with all of those fortunes . >> i want to see the guy diving into the water . >> they are cooling off. we we want to find out what he is doing.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
a very visual reminder for parents. watch what happens here. this is why you do not take your eyes of you kids for a second because this kind of thing can happen. a toddler, my gosh, swept away on an airport conveyor belt. that would scare the heck out of me. it happened monday at hartsfield jackson international airport in atlanta. the toddler's mother said she
5:57 pm
put down her 2-year-old for second so she could print your boarding pass when she looked up, he was on the conveyor belt. startled tsa agents were able to get the boy as he went on the conveyor belt the key ended up breaking his hand but other than that, he is okay . >> that is so scary. you are like, one minute he's there and one minute he's gone . >> it happens in a second . >> now to chinese restaurants and the fortune cookies you get with every meal . >> you have to wonder sometimes where they come from. marianne rafferty shows us now where and how they are made including -- >> i was just wondering that. 2 including who comes up with those fortunes. >> if you enjoy the semi sweet crunch of a fortune cookie at the end of your chinese mill, it likely came from one new york city factory. one tons food incorporated, the largest producer of fortune cookies in the world. >> you go to any asian restaurant that serves fortune cookies in the u.s., i would bet it of the it is our cookies in there. >> some simply crack open the crispy wake her wafer to get to what is tucked inside . >> mine says benefit by doing
5:58 pm
things that others give off on. >> reporter: where did those come from? one company says they have a fortune writer on staff and they tried to give every day advised . >> we are trying to bring a positive message. >> reporter: well it may surprise you, the majority of these tasty treats are made in new york but they actually originated in japan. brought over by japanese immigrants in the late 1800s. >> during world war ii, we actually put, unfortunately, japanese immigrants into internment camps and they lost their businesses making fortune cookies and so those businesses were taken over by chinese americans . >> that is when the dainty desserts became popular in chinese around american restaurants. >> reporter: i would think of it as american as apple pie. >> it only takes 4 ingredients to make a fortune cookie.,
5:59 pm
flour, sugar -- and oil. europe is still gripped in a heat wave tonight in germany. visitors to the berlin john dungeons using some interesting methods to try to stay cool. some are dumping dunking their heads into a coffin filled with ice water. spots in germany reached 104 degrees. in paris, temperatures reached 100 degrees today. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. demanding answers about the oakland airports role in thousands of deportations. tonight an indication -- immigration advocacy group wants more transparency about what i.c.e. is up to . >> i'm juli hanger hang >> i frank somerville. reports that nearly 30,000 people were deported to oakland international airport since the year 2010. alyana gomez is that jacqueline square where the immigration
6:00 pm
group spoke up. >> frank and julie, when the report first came out, even local city leaders were questioning whether or not their sanctuary city policy was violated but we are learning tonight that does not seem to be the case. the port of oakland says they conducted their own investigation and found their employees did not assist in these flight deportations and we are learning that local law enforcement had no involvement. >> the deportation has hit hard because that is part of our values. >> reporter: ted lamb with individual east bay says they are outraged by the findings of the university of washington report the claims 27,000 people were deported to a private charter at oakland international airport between 2010 and 2018. over 6000 may have deferred proceedings that should have kept them here a little longer. >> according to i.c.e., they stopped


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