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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 30, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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felt hopeless obviously. >> a sad discovery in fairfield, newborn twins, only one still alive, abandoned behind a strip mall. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. >> the surviving infant just hours old is in the hospital tonight. i'm andre senior in for frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the twins' mother has been located. she's also receiving medical treatment. police were called to pittman road off interstate 80 in an area full of businesses and hotels. we get the developing news now from ktvu's debora villalon live the fairfield for us tonight with what we've learned from police, deb? >> reporter: julie, the surviving baby born behind this building is in stable condition tonight. there's a possibility the mom is homeless. police won't confirm or give her age because right now she's receiving ca arrested for the death of her other child. a solano county coroner's van
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pulls out of a shopping center, and in the pass injure seat an infant carrier covered. a sad end to what started as a call from a business about a woman spotted behind the commercial building. >> there was also a call that this woman was with two infants who appeared to be recently birthed. >> reporter: the first arriving officer found two newborns but no mother. >> he recognized both infants appeared in distress. >> reporter: the officer performed life-saving measures along with fire paramedics, but only one of the newborns responded. >> unfortunately the other infant was already deceased and died on scene. there's nothing the officer or fire personnel could do. >> reporter: new calls came in about a woman bleeding about a ten minute walk away. police detained her and got her to a hospital for treatment. the surviving infant was hospitalized too. >> he had a competent crew there to handle the situation. >> reporter: a tough call even
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for veteran paramedics, and especially since state law allows babies to be surrendered at fire stations, hospitals, churches. this fire house, the closest, just two miles away. >> we give one to the parent and one to the child. they're numbered. >> reporter: wristbands keep mother and child linked. >> if people would use it, it's a great program. >> reporter: the strip mall itself has a church in it. for whatever reason the expeck tant mom in distress didn't knock at any doors for help. >> i just can't imagine what was going through her mind. >> reporter: guests coming and going at the hotel next door were stunned by the crime tape and reason for it. >> a lot of people would have loved to have those babies if she didn't want them. so super sad. >> reporter: california's surrender law since its start in 2001 has resulted in more than 1,000 newborns given up safely no questions asked. keeping them out of danger in those critical first hours.
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now what happens to the surviving twin here will be up to social services once they know the mom's back story and whether she's going to face criminal charges. reporting live in fairfield, debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. >> and there is a statewide phone number for information about california's safe surrender law. to identify the location of a site call 877-baby-saf. or 877-222-9723. new at 11:00, the sonoma county sheriff's office has released video of a san francisco man accused of going on a drug-fuelled rampage in bodega bay on the fourth of july. investigators say coffey was renting a home in bodega bay with five friends when he took four doses of lsd. they say the 22-year-old became violent, stabbing one friend with a pencil, punching another, and stabbing a security guard with a metal stake. he's also accused of stealing a pickup and running down two
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pedestrians. a deputy eventually shot coffey as he rammed into a patrol car. he was hospitalized with critical injuries. the police chief in gilroy is saying the 19-year-old gunman responsible for sunday's mass shooting at the garlic festival preplanned his attack and likely acted alone. ktvu's azenith smith joins us now at christmas hill park in gilroy with new information. >> reporter: well, julie, today investigators say the attack appears preplanned, but they're struggling to find a motive. they're delving into the suspect's digital footprint and they've retracked his movements throughout town before the shooting. as memorials grow outside christmas hill park where sunday's shooting at gilroy's famed garlic festival took place, investigators continued to methodically comb through the vast crime scene for evidence. >> our investigation is leading us more and more to believe that there was not a second person involved. >> reporter: at a briefing
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tuesday, gilroy police chief scot smithee telling reporters authorities retrieved surveillance video of santino legan shopping at several big box stores before the shooting. in the video the 19-year-old is seen by himself. >> he was not with anybody else. so that is sort of supporting the thought now that he acted on his own. >>reporter: authorities also say inside lee began's car parked half a mile northeast of the festival grounds they found a second weapon, a shotgun. they say legan had purchased that gun and an ak-47 style assault rifle to carry out the shooting earlier this month in nevada. a bag with ammunition was found along the yubis creek. >> we continue to try to understand who the shooter is, what motivated him, and if he was aligned with any particular idealogy. >> reporter: detectives are taking a closer look at legan's social media, electronic
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devices, and computer hardware. >> we have no reason to believe at this point that he was targeting any protected characteristics of -- or any oks together. >> reporter: meantime, the gilroy community is struggling to understand why someone would go on such a rampage. >> it's our town. you know, we love this place. we've been here forever, and our gilroy garlic festival is our highlight. it's hard. it's hard to believe that this could happen. >> reporter: late tonight a group of teenagers dropped off more flowers and lit candles in honor of the shooting victims. the fbi says it could take up to five more days to process the crime scene. starting tomorrow they will go through the process of reuniting belongings with vendors and the familyers at the rut ger assistant center. live in gilroy, i'm azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news.
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>> a vigil was held in san jose for 13-year-old keyla salazar. she would have celebrated her 14th birthday on saturday. people gathered at ace empower school where she recently graduated from eighth grade. keyla was remembered as kind and curious. her family says they are comforted by the outpouring of support. >> keyla was our beautiful children that really cared for other people. and she cared about animals, and she was our motivation. and we're in pain that we lost her. >> friends describe a close bond between keyla and her mother. shortly before she was killed, keyla wrote a letter saying she had done all of her chores, and in return she asked her mother to get a puppy for her little sister. >> there is some encouraging news about the eight victims who remain hospitalized tonight following sunday's shooting. officials say all of the victims' conditions have improved or stayed the same. the injured are being treated at
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three bay area trauma centers tonight. five people remain at valley medical center. stanford hospital has two. and regional medical center in san jose is caring for one man who is said to be in serious condition. >> for a trauma center, we've seen gunshot wounds. we haven't seen seven in one day. >> i was there in shock. i was still freaking out. i felt like i couldn't move. >> vanessa pin,da was volunteering when the shots rang out. she's among those victims who wasn't injured physically but will be dealing with emotional scars far long time. counseling is being offered for anyone who feels they need it. and stay with ktvu for continuing coverage from gilroy. we will bring you any new details as they emerge. now to detroit where ten of the candidates in the running for the democratic presidential nomination grappled with the biggest issues of the day from health care to gun violence, racism and immigration.
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the debate also offered a look at the idealogical split within the democratic party. >> paul chambers begins our coverage with highlights from the debate, pal? >> this debate seemed to focus on bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. they presented ideas such as free college and medicare for all while the others needed to make points with voters because this may be their last chance to debate on the national stage. >> reporter: the second round of democratic debates took place in detroit, michigan. night one literally centered around the two highest polling and progressive candidates in the group. bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. some opponents came out swinging. >> folks, we have a choice. we can go down the road that senator sanders and senator warren want to take us which is with bad policies like m for all, free everything. multitude of topics debated, trade deals, tariffs, education, and health care. >> we are not about trying to take away health carethat's whae
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trying to do. >> we need the public option. that's what barack obama wanted, and it would bring health care costs down for everyone. >> move medicare down to 50. allow people to buy in. kaiser permanente said if those 60 million people do that, they will see a 40% reduction in their health care costs. >> medicare for all is comprehensive, it covers all health care needs for senior citizens. it will finally include dental care, hearing aids, and eyeglasses. second of all. >> you don't know that, bernie. >> i do know it. i wrote the -- bill. >> reporter: on the topic of race, the candidates debated on how to make the u.s. a more level playing field. some looked at reparations, others say acknowledging that slavery led to the economic gap. >> the very foundation of this country, the wealth that we have built, the way we became the greatest country on the face of the planet was literally on the backs of those who were
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kidnapped and brought here by force. >> when it comes to the economic gap between blacks and whites in america, it does come from a great injustice that has never been dealt with. >> reporter: as the topic moved to gun violence, this past weekend's shooting in gilroy was discussed. some pledged to push for universal background checks. others say more needs to be done. >> flag mental health risks, and an end to assault weapons, things like what i carried overseas in uniform that have no business in american neighborhoods in peacetime. we were going to go out and take on the nra. and we pass as a purple state. we passed universal background checks. we did the basic work. >> reporter: tonight's debate was the first fornorro-choice, , populist democrat that won three elections in a red state. >> on the topic of immigration there was a split on whether to decriminalize illegal border crossings. there was also a split on the green new deal and the best way
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to combat climate change. paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. >> ktvu political analyst brian was our guest last hour. and he says two candidates tonight appeared to join forces with a common goal in mind. >> bernie sanders and elizabeth warren sort of teaming up a little bit. if you watch some of those cutaways, they were actually talking to each other. i think the idea is, hey, we've got to move the party to a more progressive stance which would be the way you would do it in a primary. and then eventually come back in the other direction. >> around the bay area people gathered for watch parties tonight. this was the scene at the starline social club on martin luther king way in oakland. a large crowd watched the debate here on a couple of the big screen tvs. >> and there could be more fireworks in detroit tomorrow tonight. senator kamala harris and former vice president joe biden will appear together for a second time on the stage after clashing
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over race during the last debate. senators cory booker and kristin gillibrand along with congresswoman tulsi gabbard are set to appear. this senseless violence has to stop. >> a call to action today in san francisco. the message of zero tolerance for homicides. up next and all new at 11:00, the work of an award-winning film maker stolen. surveillance photos released to help find the thieves. and looking into the temperature changes coming towards the end of the week. back to some heat. we'll see you back here with the specific numbers.
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new at 11:00, tonight berkeley police are searching for three burglars who targeted the office of an award-winning filmmaker. clear images of two men and a woman suspected of breaking into the studios of rosemary rockcliff early yesterday morning. police say they made off with a
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number of highly acclaimed documentaries, including a feature film on the daily llama and his family. >> the server represents 20 years of work. everything i can't run my business without my server. so it's all gone. we're at a standstill. we're about to premier a film later this year. we have no way to finish it because we were a picture lock, and everything is gone. >> well, police are searching for leads right now. take a good look at these pictures. anyone with information on this case is asked to contact berkeley police headquarters. new information now involving two bay area teens jailed in italy for allegedly killing a police officer in rome. the uncle of one of those teenagers, fin began lee elder, says his nephew took part in organized fights in high school. the uncle said today those fnigy
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resulted in many injuries. the 19-year-old elder and 18-year-old gabrielle christian natalie yorth were arrested on saturday for the fatal stabbing of a police officer. that slain officer had forgotten his gun the night he confronted those teens over a botched drug deal. well, san francisco city leaders have adopted a zero tolerance policy toward pedestrian deaths, and now they're taking that same approach with homicides. christien kafton reports on the new resolution with a lofty goal. >> in san francisco -- >> reporter: anti-violence advocates gathered on the steps of city hall to say even a single homicide is too many. it called on the city to work toward a goal of zero homicides in san francisco. johnson, whose sun was killed three weeks ago, says no mother should have to go through what she's enduring. >> i don't know how to describe this feeling. nobody can explain to me what happened to my baby.
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>> reporter: paulette brown's son was killed more than a decade ago. and she says the pain of losing a loved one to violence never i3 years for me. and it still hurts. it's still yesterday for me. >> reporter: supervisor walton spearheaded the call for zero vision for homicide. he co-authored a resolution calling for funds for more officers on foot patrol, neighborhood violence prevention coordinators, even video cameras in hot spots. >> this year in bay view alone as of july 19th, we had seven murders. 17 shootings involving injuries. and 55 shootings without injury. although these are not the high numbers we used to see, this senseless violence has to stop. >> any homicide is unacceptable. >> reporter: chief bill scott says the homicide rate, in fact,
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all violent crime is trending down, due in part to ongoing work underway, including a dedicated gun crime investigative unit target the most dangerous gun-wielding criminals in the city. the chief also credits officer visibility. >> we can't be everywhere, but we can be in a lot of places. and we're doing our best to be out on the streets. >> reporter: the board of supervisors will go on recess after this meeting. they'll likely take up the resolution sometime in september. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. all righty, then, checking in on weather a hurricane in the pacific. a ways from hawaii now,ined at s out, to a tropical storm here around thursday. so there'll be some clouds
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thursday, friday, and saturday around the islands. but looks like that thing's going to miss a strong hurricane now, but moving into cooler water that. should weaken it rapidly. hopefully your vacation will not be ruined there. on the mainland we've got clouds to the south and east of us. but for the most part just patchy fog along the coast with temperatures that are trending down tonight because of the strong sea breeze. cooler tonight than last night. fog moving in. it'll be in many bay area locations tomorrow including the livermore valley. the san rafael area and albany, maybe not quite san jose. san mateo and sfo see fog. it burns back. there it is in the afternoon. the fog goes away again, third day in a row if that's how it works out. clearing at stinson enjoying the holiday or time off or summer. you get a break. the fog comes back tomorrow night for a repeat performance.
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but we will gradually warm. thursday it'll start warming. friday and then saturday and sunday we'll get back potentially into some temperatures. looks like mid 90s perhaps, even upper 90s. san francisco tomorrow. there it is. mid-60s, mostly sunny in the afternoon. and then a temperature trend i think you'll like. number that is are going to work their way up right through the bay area weekend. so good barbecue weather for the bay area. if you look at more temperatures around the bay, 81 in san jose, 86 in morganing hill. and 66 in san francisco. the five-day forecast right now. there it is. warming up for the weekend, but kind of mild up until then. so not a wad pattern. >> all right. thanks, bill. coming up in sports, the pirates and reds in a huge brawl in cincinnati tonight. sports director mark ibanez is ringside with the call.
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all right. mark's back. he's here with sports again. the a's, they're just doing great right now. >> they're the number two wild card spot and looking to get better. and on this trade deadline eve, i guess they're not really worried about any deals. they're worried about winning more ball games. and that's what they did in walk-off fashion tonight. you get brewers and the cheese heads who come to see them.
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the a's put a run on the board thanks to the speed of profar and matt olsen in left sen tier field. 1-0 lead. chris bassett throwing zeros, but the bullpen made it 1-1. khris davis snaps out of his home run slump. a single and a homer and a double. the bullpen fails only to have matt olsen dead center field off jeff haider, one of the best in the business out of the bullpen. game ender right there. the walk-off for the a's. second consecutive walk-off win. 3-2 over the brewers. take it to milwaukee, well take it to philadelphia. it's madison baumgardner. they're not going to trade him. no way that happens, but on the mound tonight tyler beatty gives it up to rhys hoskins, sacramento product. 4-0 deficit against the phils, tough to come back in. the giants made a go in the
11:26 pm
eighth inning. brandon belt pinch-hit home run. his first homer in about a month. that's his 12th. steven vogt also pinch-hitting. later in the inning his fifth home run. buster posey also at five home runs, and the giants, that's all they were to get tonight. the bats have cooled off a little bit. phillies take the first of three 4-2. as we said, it's trade deadline eve. couple of big deals tonight. but trevor bauer is gone out of cleveland and so is yasiel puig. he's going to the indians, but not before he's involved in a little extracurricular activity that was big time for a baseball brawl. >> and now there's some serious chirping coming from the pirates dugout. and now garrett's on his way to the dugout and here we go. oh. >> wow, amir garrett of the reds thinks he can take on the entire
11:27 pm
pittsburgh pirates roster. get this, eight total players ejected. some fines and suspensions in the next day or so. busy night for puig. he was traded by the reds after the game to the indians. be suspended before he gets to play with cleveland. bad blood between these two teams stemming back to earlier this year. little time to check this out. we go back to the a's game. told you chris bassett six innings of shutout ball, but not without some nice help in right field from chad pinder. laying out to make that great grab and help the a's on their way to an eventually extra inning victory. and in los angeles, brawny james, son of lebron, between the legs, fancy assist. nobody's more excited than dad off the bench right there. you know, just like any parent. proud about your kids.s the spo. >> good night. ♪
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