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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 31, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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embraced each other hours before the jury began deliberating. >> it's not retribution or revenge or directing our anger, we're here for accountability. >> even creative people have to follow the law. the d.a. rejected every line of difference. the prosecutor said they acted as the de facto landlord. only those two and not the building owner allowed the warehouse to be used for parties and living space. he said that's like someone stepping on the gas at the red light and saying the officer didn't stop me. and the d.a. dismissed the theory that a
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moll to have cocktail started the fire. >> james wants to put up a blank screen, here's the evidence of arson, thatting false. accusing the d.a. of playing to the jury's emotions. >> emotional tirade is the last refuge of a dying cause. he screamed at the jury. he paced up and down, he yelled, he gestured. >> for the family of the lefts nothing can bring their loved ones back. >> this can't be allowed to happen again. >> the jury met for a couple hours today. they will deliberate every day. if they reach a verdict in the
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morning it will be read in the afternoon, if they reach a verdict in the afternoon it will be read the next morning. >> they started deliberating around 2:00, they asked if the words leaseholder, occupant, property manager and tenant are interchangeable. they are not special changeable. what's the legal definition of the term occupant. now to the latest from gilroy, the f.b.i. said the motive for the shooting is still not known. authorities combing through legan's social site. she was described as a loner.
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the 19-year-old lived in northern nevada where he legally purchased the rifle used in the attack. the f.b.i. denied reports that white supremacist writings were found there. they are not linking him to any ideologist. >> it doesn't mean he's leaning one way or another. it's a totality we make a decision of what does this look like. that information that's out there is erroneous and incorrect. >> the f.b.i. has requested the help of two profilers, authorities believe that legan acted alone. some of those who ran after the shooting were allowed back to retrieve
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their vehicles. >> a chance meeting while waiting to recover the vehicles produces emotions by two festival board members. >> we haven't seen each other or talked to each other, this is the first time i've cried about this. >> one of a half dozen people who went through the slow process of reclaiming the vehicle. it starts with a sign up and a shuttle van takes them to the corner of miller and ride past a checkpoint and into the crime scene. >> we're trying to shrink the area down as soon as possible. >> hundreds of vehicles and
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possessions left behind when the alleged shooter opened fire sunday are in christmas hill park. many have been living without a vehicle since the mass shooting that killed three people. >> it's been three days we wouldn't get into our home. recovery time varies, sometimes the trek can take a half hour or more. it brings back strong emotions for those that witnessed the crime. >> i saw things i shouldn't have seen. i felt things i shouldn't have felt. i know i was there because i was a grounding space. >> these women showed an appreciation for first responders by bringing cookies and reclaiming a space that's become a crime scene. >> they are my family.
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i feel like i haven't seen my family for three days. >> the recovery process is open from nine in the morning to 6 in the evening daily. the buses can only carry about nine people each trip. they have to low cat their belongings and match it up. it takes about 30 minutes, if you're coming and prepared for that amount of time. happening right now a live look at the scene of one of two community meetings in gilroy. the support meetings are for anyone affected by the shooting. english and spanish speaking counselors. this is from one outside the meeting at community solutions on murray avenue. the location of the other is at
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rebecca children's services. we are getting reports that a son of osama bin laden is dead. he was 30 years old. he was grabbed to be the successor after his father was killed. the f.b.i. has offer or had offered 1 million on information on his whereabouts. he was killed in a strike involving the united states. is not clear when or where he died. visitors at death valley reported minor injuries after a jet crashed this morning. the status of the pilot is unknown. the jet was an f/a-18 e superhornet. it was on a routine flight when
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the mishap occurred. seven people reported being slightly injured. the cause of the crash is under investigation. an active shooter drill on the peninsula, they were at mills high school for the training. live in milbury. this looked and felt like a real situation. >> good evening, it did. you can see behind me the crime scene tape are up. people driving up will see the tape. this is a drill. everything inside of the tape looked real. it was frightening to see the shooter. law enforcement chases him down and how it plays out in front of small children. it was encouraging to see the response and see they're ready.
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>> law enforcement gearing up, rifles and handguns loaded with empty clips and blanks. officers from all over san mateo county surround the high school. active shooter is drill unfolded in the school cafeteria with an armed lone gunman shooting multiple people. >> an overwhelming chaos filled the room. >> you'll be okay. i'll take care of you. >> law enforcement and firefighters rushed in to treat the role playing victims and bring them the safety. >> even though it was a drill, the wounds looked real. the desperation to survivor felt real. even the final take down of the shooter
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seemed all too real. don't move. california had the highest rate of active shooter situations in 2018. the most recent the gilroy garlic festival. this was scheduled the day after the shooting. >> each one we learn something new. we get to try new techniques. >> minutes and seconds save lives and i'm told this week and this drill was getting police and fire to run to the threats together. coming up tonight at 7:00 we'll show you more of the drill and how police and fire were able to work together to charge and get inside. san mateo police will describe the technique which is different
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from years past. coming up, bay area familiarly families shaken biracial slurs, why police do not consider this a hate crime. thieves targeting your car's engine, 15 cat lettic converters are being targetedded. >> chance will be coming with heat back in the valley. . 2 e bikes catch fire and there's a word the company is defending the bike share program. the driver from san jose to dublin will take one hour and six minutes. here's one you guys will like.
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i'm a police chafe prompted a lockdown. the chase started in san francisco when a group of suspected criminals were spotted driving around the city. the campus was closed. there were no students on campus. one person had been arrested. other suspects remain on the loose.
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>> berkeley police are investigating catalytic converter thefts. police say the prius is lightweight and easy to lift. most of the lefts happened in the early morning hours. park in a garage if possible or a well lit area. three families are dealing with vandalism and nasty slurs on their home. they woke up to rocks flying through their windows, they saw spray paint on the garages and cars, the vandalism has affected the children. i'm the mother of three, this is what the kids have to ride in to school. we were scared, any noise we're in a panic. >> racial slurs were on the
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cars and on storage container, the sheriff office is investigating it as felony vandalism but that could change with new information. looking at the temperatures from today. these were the high temperature, 80 in fremont, 90 in liver more, tomorrow will be like this or cooler, right in the same range, monday, tuesday, today and tomorrow will be similar. as we head into friday, saturday, sunday things warm up. saturday, sunday in the low-to- mid-90s, does not look like a heat wave it's the trend. look forward to that on the weekend with temperature warm. that's not until the weekend. tomorrow we continue with the
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pattern which has been chilly. not chilly. it's not been that robust in terms of temperature. there's the low pressure center, that's the reason things have been cool. by the weekend things heat up. the fog is there, more than we've seen the last couple nights. you will have fog in the bay view district. fog in the liver more valley and temperature will be like today. roll today into tomorrow. we'll see you back here with the five-day forecast. the governor cesca extra is -- california is hearing 400 seasonal firefighters. they are designed to slow the spread of
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wildfires, he spoke after touring a project northeast of sacramento that is 30% compleat. >> right now we treat 250,000- acres ably. the governor eased environmental ruleses to account for the thenning and adding new fire engines, raising pg&e rates is a tough sale but more in the nord bay. the california pcu held a meeting. it would increase bills by $20 a moverser the next three years. >> two law judges heard testimonies, but no commissioners attended the first to speak, not the public, pg&e top executive in charge of the legal and public relations
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departments. >> our commitment is to keep customer costs as low as possible while meeting our responsibilities to serve our customers as our changing climate presents new challenges and risks. >> the simple truth is the high utility rates that have increased over the last several years are did result of poor management and lack of commitment time to looking out for the residents. we're past the point of trust us, we got this we know what we're doing, that's been said over and over. pg&e has tolerated a level of destruction and death because it's more profitable. >> i think it's unfair, it's horrible, our
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city has been hit enough. >> i don't trust anyone in this system. >> the cpuc allowed pg&e to defer review of repaired safety plans for over 10 years, this should be on the shareholders not on residential customers. >> who are the most vulnerable and lost able to organize and fight back. >> sb 901 gave them permission to take the wild fire victims and charge them a fee for the privilege of burning their homes and murdering their loved ones. >> if you look on the web site there will be other public meetings which you are invited to attend. coming up after the break,
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a warning for dog owners, the salmonella out break in dog treats. >> the infess tags that forced the health departments to shut it down.
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new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express. . the fda has warped about pig ears. pet owners who them at home are advised to throw them out. >> the fda asks that anyone who handles pig ears, wash your hands when you're done touching it. >> 127 people have contracted sam untila in 33 states. if faa a -- fda is investigating.
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popeyes chicken has been closed because of cockroaches. a notice on the window said the violations were immediate danger to public health or safety. the chain has been there for 30 years and popular with locals and tourist. bart's new general manager was here to discuss service. robert powers talked about the uphill challenge. >> my highest three priorities bringing on a bart police chief is one of the three. we've hired 33 police officers in the last six months, that's more than we hired all of last year. >> are you stopping there. >> we're going to fully staff the police department. >> the bart board will discuss the efforts to combat fare evasions and the
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new dates at an upcoming meeting. an under represented community creating change. the proposal from homeless in the south bay to create changes. >> the giants made deals, we'll run down the trades. a san francisco woman asking the u.s. supreme court to step in after city officials and the police department botched a rape investigation. ♪upbeat music she's doing it again. no cover-up spray here. it's the irresistibly fresh scent of febreze air effects. [harsh aerosol spray] cheaper aerosols can cover up odors, buryiodors in a flowery fog.
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. jury deliberations in the ghost ship trial. the nine women and three men will decide in harris amena are guilty. now family and friends of the 36 victims are waiting to see what the
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jury decides. the motive of the shooting at the gilroy garlic festival are not known. agents say they are not linking legan to ideology despite a social media post. there was an active shooter drill. the drill was paid for by a grant. san mateo county hopes to continue the exercise every year. a woman who says san francisco police botched the investigation of her sexual assault is asking the u.s. supreme court to consider her case after two lower courts ruled against her.
6:31 pm
the police did not process her rape kit. >> heather marleau and her turn are asking the highest court in the law to allow her case to proceeded. it stems from the case whether she was given a drug and was rapped. a suspect in the rape has never been identified. at the time of the assault the police had a thousand rape kits that were not processed. >> they were found in offer site storage facilities in warehouses stuffed into cop cars. >> she filed suit claiming her rape kit was in police custody for more than two years. the judge in that case dismissing the suit
6:32 pm
and the court of other peel up held the decision. >> we're asking the supreme court to reverse the ninth circuit and uphold her claim and allow it to go forward. >> the attorney's office said rape is a heinous crime. the statement says it will defend the city from merit less lawsuits. every court that looked at the lawsuit agree the city employees tried to help her. the san francisco police department reports to a report to the police commission that sfpd does not have a backlog. >> the supreme court is set to decide whether to take this up in the first two weeks of
6:33 pm
october. the haight ashbury free clinic is closing after 50 years in business. today is the last day for services at 558 clayton street. it is closing the free clinic and the ender loin health service to consolidate at mission and van ness. media outlets are partners with the chronicle for the sf homeless project. looking at the causes and solutions to the homeless challenges in the bay area. a proposal came from the homeless population. >> gary martin a former engineer became homeless 18 months ago. >> i had unexpected health issues four years ago. that was the key. >> hot days are hard if you're
6:34 pm
homeless. >> many of the homeless are people at risk. the elderly people, with mobility people. >> a lot of people are outside and unhoused are carrying backpacks. >> there's a cold weather plan when weather is 40 degrees or below, there's no set temperature for when they trigger the cooling centers. >> calling for the county to activate the emergency heat plan when the temperature is 88 and above and spare the air day. >> we need a formal policy for the heal, heat emergency aid locations. >> the county relies on the
6:35 pm
national weather service and consults agencies. they hope the policy makers will listen to the people they will help. >> homeless people are writing a policy that could change the lives of 10,000 homeless people. >> the policy calls for the county to set up airconditioned tenths near encampments. >> we can have a voice. >> we are aware of the proposal and discuss it and the resources to determine the best approach toward providing services. >> a subcommittee will take up the proposal in two weeks but it will take the full board to approve it before it will be policy. >> go to for more on
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homeless project 2019. coming up, the federal reserve cuts interest rates, why the president is not satisfied. the racist remarks between then governor reagan and president nixon. the newly released recording. dave clark sat down with danny glover. they talked about movies, politics and what inspires him today. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust,
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. the federal reserve lowers interest rates by a quarter. wall street was disappointed he didn't commit to a policy of further cuts. the dow dropped 333 points. nasdaq lost 98. president trump blasted the fed chair saying the fed should have cut rates further. >> the fed said it hopes the cut will offset economic pressures including the trade war with china. >> the out look for the u.s. economy remains favorable. >> the federal reserve is reducing the benchmark rate a quarter of a
6:40 pm
percentage point. >> a number of factors are behind the reasoning for cutting now when the economy is on solid ground. the weaker global growth are slowing business investments. with trade we have to react to determines. >> rates are at historic lows. earlier this week amid the two day meeting to discuss the interest rates the president speak out against a small cut accusing the bank of making the wrong move. >> the fed moved too early and too severely. i made the economy so strong nothing is going to stop us. the fed could have made it easier. i would like a large cut. >> political pressure does not
6:41 pm
play into their decision. the fed wants to keep the economic expansion going. a newly released recording from 1971 reveals ronald reagan making racist remark. he is heard describing members of the tanzania delegation as monkeys, he is on the phone with president nixon. it was cut from the ring release. checking in on the weather, temperatures are on the mild side. we'll let you know where the fog is now. let's go to heather in the newsroom with the stories we're working on for the seven. >> security guards catch two
6:42 pm
pick pokers in the act. the arrest made after two men cell phones and wallets from a dozen people. >> the trump administration is working to lower prescription drug prices. we'll have that and more live on the seven. lyft spending the bites program after two bikes erupt into flames. we're jamming through the week as we look live outside on this foggy wednesday evening in san francisco. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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ism lyft is temp rarely -- temporarily suspecting the e bike program. the ride share company obtained legal rights to operate the program in sncisco. the bikes began appearing on july 19th. the cause of the fire near sfo is under investigation. look at this image from a viewer, it could be seen for miles. it broke out in the united airlines maintenance facility across from the long term parking. the fire appears to have
6:46 pm
started in the roof top hacahavc system. >> alarms went off. everyone functioned. >> can they stay calm. >> yes. >> in a statement united airline said acting swiftly the fire department extinguished the fire. there's no impact to our operations at the airport. nobody was hurt. bill martin with a look at the increasing temperature. >> that beautiful shot. the fog moving in. >> it's a beautiful shot. you can see it coming in. it's made a move in the last half hour. it's running into downtown and
6:47 pm
on the way to berkeley. the shadows and the lighting on the shot are stunning. the air quality looks good. the inversion is not that deep. we're looking down on the clouds the inversion is a thousand feet. 800 feet. where's that one scottie. >> somewhere above the clouds. >> where's the shot. i can't tell either. normally i'm good. high above the clouds. >> there's a trend. temperatures will warm up each day, not a heat wave but warmer. with that said we're looking for temperature, tomorrow to be like today. which was like yesterday and the day before, friday, saturday, sunday should come up.
6:48 pm
subtle changes, shuttle pattern. a subtle warming of the daytime highs. tomorrow will look like, these are the highs of today. here's the satellite image, you can see the fog is prevalent a long the cost. you can see it here, obviously in the avenues, it's stuck on the coastal range, it's around a thousand feet. these hills average about a thousand feet. that's how the fog gets caught. tonight the fog will lift up, inversion will stretch and the fog will get into the inland bay valleys. we'll see it in oakland, hayward may see little fog. that's the model thinking it will go inland. the temperature footprint looks like today. 70s being yellow.
6:49 pm
greens 60s. 80 tomorrow in napa. 89 in vacaville. beautiful weather, folks along the coast love the fog. a lot of folks live in pacific could, they like the fog. be the five-day forecast, saturday and sunday will be the warmest days, we'll be back here at 11:00 tonight and chat some more. paul simon is headlining the lands festival. there's another chance to catch the hall of famer, he has a pop-up show on friday august 9th. they go on sale to the public on friday. he's been performing on a farewell tour. the giants hold on to madison
6:50 pm
baum garner, but they made other deals and so did the a's. here's a look at the primetime lineup tonight. master chef followed by first responders live. stay tuned for the 10:00 and 11:00 news.
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. we're talking baseball, the trade deadline has come and gone. if you listened to talk radio, big trades. the deadline comes and goes as it turns out it was what the giants did not do opposed to what they did do. fans are happy the big guy is sticking around. they pulled off a lot of stuff, it was keeping the left-hander where he is. he helped the giants to 3 world series victories. they did not receive a juicy enough offer.
6:54 pm
that executed bruce bochy just fine. >> it means so much to me to have him here the rest of my tenure here. you never know when you get in this situation what will happen. the fact that he's still here, no question, that's good news for me. >> you can't get away with anything. 10th day for the players, mad bum on the phone. runs into a fence. go ahead and sign annex tension, that's what they should do. they were busy. very active. gone are drew pomeranz to the brewers, ray black throws 100-mile-an-hour fastball goes to the
6:55 pm
brewers, dyson goes to the twins. the bullpen strength is gone but the giants pick up a big name. scooter jeannette is a good hitting left-handed batting 2nd baseman. he has a glove and he hit 3 home runs in 1 game back last year, he's been injured most of this season. he will be a free agent. they pick up the number 3 prospect out of milwaukee. brewers triple-a team most of the year, he's the only big leaguer from honduras, he did go to high school in sacramento. the oakland a's are contending for the least a wild card spot and pinning worry -- pitching
6:56 pm
worry a's fan. today they got tanner roark, when he received the news he was traded to the a's he was having a beef sandwich at arby's. that was a good thing to hear he's going to a contender. the a's give up a minor leaguer and cash. bob melvin are happy the a's are buying and not selling at the deadline. >> it can be a dark day knowing that when you're giving guys away the organization is given up on the season. we're here in late july, we have two tough months left to have this reinforcement is terrific,ism all the talk and the only whopper zack greinke will go to the astros,
6:57 pm
a tough team as if they need more pitching. houston gives up three minor leaguers to get zach greinke. time to check this out. baseball, you get down to it. it not the business stuff, it having fun. you need to check this out. out. that is the 1st base coach harrison of savannah in the minor leagues. you can't touch this. hammer time. and thank goodness the trade deadline is over with. tired of the talk, let's get back to the action. >> thanks for joining us tonight.
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