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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 1, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> there's different layers of mourning and trauma that's coming out of it. >> the gilroy, the grieving continues as investigators go over the crime scene from the gilroy garlic festival shooting. and help those who left their belongings behind as they ran from the bullets get those belongings back. and a second round of democratic candidates took the debate stage. in an effort to stand out, many of them taking aim at the front runner. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> thursday, august 1st. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. we're talking about cooler
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temperatures. a warm up for some but not for all. the east bay warmed up and san jose was warmer than morgan hill and gilroy. napa, that's closer to town, 79. north, it's warmer and we all know that. and kentfield in the 70s. more of a southwest breeze, a trough digging in a little bit. and one of our observers is out in pleasanton. and said my husband says we're going to have an early start to winter. what do you think? i'm leaning that way. if you see hints of fall, let me know. i'm starting to see a few. the key for me are august and september on the lows, if they start to stay cool, cool, or cooler, that's usually a sign. right now, the forecast models show more cool than heat.
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west, southwest, 22. and concord back up to 23. yesterday they were calm. 50s and 60s on the temps. and 53 seems popular. the morning trifecta. 50s to 60s. saratoga is 60. and the system in the pacific northwest will enhance the fog so look for a cooler pattern. and we'll see highs in the 60s, 70s, and now back in the 80s for most. 5:02. scooter gennett. >> he's a good hitter. >> and when the deadline was over i think we were all, this is what it's going to be. no more speculation. steve and i are big baseball fans, you probably knew that. and i want to talk about the altamont pass. westbound 580. traffic is moving along okay. this is a normal commute. i like normal. you know what to expect. when you get to livermore it
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will be light. and the castro valley, hayward area looks good. and at the bay bridge, not a big backup just yet. 5:03 and back to the desk. >> one person is in custody after a chp chase on the peninsula. the chase started when a car refused to pull over. chp took after the the chase once speeds hit 100 miles per hour. officers successfully deployed spike strips and the car eventually stopped. that's where the driver was taken into custody. it's unclear why officers wanted to pull the car over in the first flays. san francisco are investigating a double shooting where the victims have life- threatening injuries. police rushed to a parking lot
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on mission street near cesar chavez. two men who were shot were rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. investigators are checking for witnesses and evidence. so far, no arrests have been made. and more protests are planned today outside of the san francisco offices of immigration and customs enforcement. during the night. demonstrators confronted police at the building setting up tents and creating big signs criticizing i.c.e. and then the protesters locked arms together and staged a sit- in. that's when riot police moved in and started arresting demonstrators one by one. the protesters are angry that migrant children coming to the u.s. are being separated from their families. they plan to hold noontime rallies, demanding that the trump administration close down
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immigration detention centers. former vice president joe biden found himself fending off criticism from fellow democrats. alley russ mass allie rasmus shows us the issues. >> joe biden and kamala harris hat the center podiums. and many of the other candidates directed their questions to them. what to do about the high number of people of color incarcerated. actual see gabbert criticized kamala harris. >> she put 1500 people in jail for marijuana violations and laughed about it when asked if
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she ever smoked marijuana. >> it became a national model and i'm proud of that work. >> on the topic of immigration that was discussed. former vice president joe biden found himself in the hot seat. the moderator asked him about the high numbers of deportations during obama's administration. other candidates stepped in. >> i asked the vice president point-blank did he use his power to stop the deportations and he went around the. >> you invoke president obama more than anybody in this campaign. you can't do it when it's vented and dodge it when it's not. >> the next round of debates are in september. the candidates will have to meet stricter requirements. each candidate will need to
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poll at 2% nationally. and have 130,000 separate donors. allie rasmus, mornings on 2. happening today, people who ran for their lives to escape the bullets at the gilroy garlic festival, leaving their belongings behind, may be able to go back and get them. police have collected property that won't be needed as evidence and is being taken to the family assistance center at rucker elementary school. as more things are processed, they'll be taken to rucker elementary school. >> the fbi is searching for a motive. agents are going through e- mails, social media ats and other communications two and from the 19-year-old gunman. so far, he's not linked to a political or a religious group. and the fbi denies reports that they found white supremacist writings at the home where the
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shooter lived. tonight there will be a candlelight vigil being organized by the downtown business association so people affected in any way can feel the support. the vigil starts at 7 p.m. at the intersection of 5th and monterey. t-shirts with the words gilroy strong will be for sale before the vigil. the money will be used to support the victims and their families. there was a prayer service for the community last night. >> it's been a long and difficult week, very stressful, very overwhelming. our community feels violated. even people who were noat the festival are feeling the pain of it. >> more than 100 people went to the service last night. praying for each other, the gunman's family, and the first responders. the ghost ship trial is now in the hands of the jury. nine women and three men will
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decide if the two are guilty of involuntary manslaughter. the defense maintains there's reasonable doubt. it's been almost three years since the deadly fire. family and friends of the 36 victims have been attending the trial and now wait to see what the jury decides. >> it's not about retribution or revenge or being out for blood or trying to direct our anger. we're here for accountability. >> i hope this poison can turn to medicine. that from now on something is done. this can't be allowed to happen again. >> the jury has spent the past three months hearing evidence, including testimony from defendants. they will now meet every monday through thursday except for this coming monday until a decision is made. as the jury deliberates, stay with us at ktvu news for continuing coverage. we'll bring you word of the
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verdict as soon as it's decided. in san francisco, the public will have a chance to see a controversial mural at a high school that critics are calling racist. the san francisco school district will hold a free public viewing between one and 3:00 this afternoon. a 1600 square piece of art created in the mid-1930s showing african-american slaves, native americans, white settlers, and george washington's mount vernon estate. critics complained about it to the school district in june and there was a vote to paint over the mural. but art historians say it was political commentary denouncing the violence during the time of george washington. we're waiting on a vote in the u.s. senate on a budget deal worked out by president trump and house speaker nancy
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pelosi. the senate pushed the vote until today after some questions about whether most republicans will support the agreement. now, the deal lifts the deal ceiling for two years, increasing it by $2 trillion. the house passed it last week. the senate vote is expecd sometime this afternoon. it is expected president trump would approve that budget. outrage aimed at pg&e continues at privilege meetings across the public meetings across the bay. >> pg&e has always tolerated some level of destruction and death because it was more profitable. and lyft is now removing its brand new e bikes from bay area streets a couple of weeks after they put them out there. we'll tell you why. good morning. if you see traffic that is slowing down, you might start seeing the beginnings of this
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thursday commute. the san mateo bridge so far looks good. >> one day we warm up. today we're cooling down. san jose, i swear the stadium is at the end of the tarmac. but it's not.
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where can back to mornings on 2. it's 5:14. the federal trade commission says consumers affected by the
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equifax data breach might not get the full settlement they expect. a $700 million settlement was reached last week. 147million people were affected by the data breach. four years of credit monitoring or a payment of up to $120. so many people are applying that a smaller payment will likely be received. the e-cigarette company juul is being sued by a connecticut man who said he had a massive stroke and blamed it on e-cigarettes. the man filed the lawsuit in san francisco and says he became addicted to juul during his senior year in high school. the e-cigarettes led to a stroke in 2017. and he had three brain surgeries, juul is intended as
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an alternative to cigarettes for adults. lyft is pulling the e bikes after two electric bikes burst into flames. the fires were in san francisco and appeared of the started from the bikes' batteries. lyft says no one was injured. they are not ruling out vandalism. california will have more firefighters resources to battle wildfires this season. 400 seasonal firefighters will be hired. the crews are removing dead and dying trees. 33 of the 35 projects should be finished before the end of the year. the goal is to remove the fuel that could make it easier for wildfires to spread in or near 200 communities prone to fires. >> right now, we treat about 250,000 acres annually. and we're trying to up that,
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double that in the next several years. >> along with increasing the fire staffing, the governor says there will be 13 new fire engines for firefighters. pg&e told a federal judge a wall street journal story about its power lines is wrong. the story said pg&e avoided we placing the power lines even though they knew it could cause wildfires. the paper said they put off safety work. pg&e says it looked into replacing 60 tours, and the one identified as the starting point of the camp fire was not on the list. and they are asking for a $1 billion rate hike to increase the average customer's bill by
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$20. utility customers gave emotional testimony. but that came after pg&e had its say first. >> our commitment is to keep customer costs as low as possible. while meeting our responsibilities to safely serve all of our customers, even as the changing climate presents challenges and risks. >> the high utility rates have increased dramatically and systematically are the result of poor management. >> pg&e has always tolerated some level of destruction and death because it was more profitable. >> there will be more meetings to discuss rate hike proposals, and the public is invited to speak at any of them that are convenient or submit a statement to the state puc. sal, can you take care of
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the folks? >> what's in it for me? pam is like -- your job. >> your job. >> paying the mortgage. good morning, everyone. northbound 101 out of gilroy, it is a good looking drive as you drive into san jose. we could start there. and this morning, we have a little bit of slowing as you drive into morgan hill. there have been no major issues, it just always slows here. but for the rest of the drive to san jose and beyond, 101 is looking pretty good. we did have a crash northbound 280 at highway 17. traffic is so light that the crashes have not affected the commute just yet. same for the east bay. we hope this pattern continues. there's plenty of room on 880. bay bridge has the metering lights on and there's a little bit of a weight developing. all in all, i'm a glass half full kind of guy and it's okay.
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>> it serves you well if you stay positive. that's correct. i don't want to be negative but the temperatures for some warmed up. to be honest for you, this has been the toughest summer i can remember forecasting high temperatures. because there's a huge dividing line. and it's very rare this summer where everybody jumps up june 10th, 11th, 12th. yesterday, river more and concord livermore and concord hit 90. napa hit 79. and kentfield, 77. they didn't budge at all. there was a fine line or who warmed up and who did not. today, most everyone will cool down. talk about day-to-day changes and the change that time of year is associated with the fog or the wind. we had thick fog on parts of the coast and the city. and made it to the napa valley.
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yesterday travis was about nine or 10 miles per hour. gusts to 31. concord was calm. and a south wind gusting to 23. oakland hardly any breeze at all. 50s, 60s on the temps due to the low clouds, i doubt these change much. 51 bodega bay. and pen grove. 53. they were cooler yesterday. for august 1st, it's not that bad in the midwest. record lows in hibbing, minnesota, 37. sometimes the heat and humidity can knock your for a loop. 61 ukiah and sacramento. the monsoon which was active for about two days getting pushed off to the east. nothing for southern california or the sierra. that will probably change on the weekend.
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look for sunny and breezy conditions, 60s, 70s, and 80s for moat. a little warmer friday and looks like a warmup inland. and back to cool early next week. 5:22 is the time right now. the survivor of the gilroy shooting says this is not the first mass shooting she's had to escape from. >> i can't believe this is happening again. we were trying to find somewhere to get cover. >> still ahead how the shooting on sunday brought back tragic memories from a shooting just two years ago. and a san francisco woman is taking her case to the supreme court. she says san francisco police botched the investigation of her rape case.
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with rising stress in the modern world, a good night's sleep is nearly extinct. however, there's hope on the horizon. every day, ikea is designing sleep sanctuaries to save our sleep.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. today firefighters will burn wildfire fuels in a prescribed burn in northern santa cruz county from 8:00 in the morning to 4:00 this afternoon near the intersection of empire grade and jamison creek road. the smoke in the area could last up to two days so be aware of that. prescribed burns are controlled fires intended to remove dead plants that could fuel a wildfire. a sexual assault victim from san francisco is taking her case all the way to the u.s. supreme court saying the sfpd failed to properly process
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her rape kit. the initial report was 2010 that she was drugged and sexually assaulted. she submitted to an examination and says the police delayed the process and mishandled the results. >> they were put in, they were found in off site storage facilities, in warehouses, stuffed into cop cars. >> she filed suit in federal court in 2016 and that case was dismissed. the city attorneys office said rape is a heinous crime but it will defend the city from what it calls meritless lawsuits. a new initiative from the white house aims to lower healthcare costs by letting states import prescription drugs from canada. >> allowing states to set up pilot programs to im port
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prescription drugs from canada. and the fda would set up guidelines for those who want to sell drugs overseas. the ultimate goal is to lower costs for americans. >> most of the savings that the big drug companies give to the pharmacy benefit managers are not given to the consumers. what we want to do is bring down costs for consumers. >> reporter: canadian medical professionals have expressed skepticism that their drug supply is enough to support both countries, drug shortages could result if they rely on their northern neighbor for medicine. two of the top democratic candidates for president clashed on the debate stage over how they plan to win back the white house. >> you can't beat president trump with double talk. >> unfortunately, vice president biden, you're
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. thursday morning, very first day of august. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us on this friday eve.
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we'll check in with steve for a look at the weekend. >> cooler then warmer. i posed the question have you knowed any signs of noticed any signs of fall. i saw acorns. >> as i was walking my dog mo i was looking at the leaves. >> i haven't seen the leaves turn yet. >> we're not ready. >> if you've seen anything, let me know. a couple of people said i have. well, okay. temperatures will be close to average. they went above for some yesterday and stayed about normal. no big change. if you're in san francisco, there were 25 days of fog in july. that's lot of fog. and we're starting august in the same category with fog again. san francisco 64. that's down from yesterday when you hit 68. fog got compressed as the high built in. it burned off sooner. and the biggest jump was towards the east bay.
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the wind is stronger today and that's going to translate into a cooler pattern for most. a pretty good breeze at concord, buchanan. 60s for some east bay temps. 55 by the concord pavilion. upper 50s and 60s. and livermore, 56. and 57 el cerrito. a little bit of drizzle on 80. and overall not much change. one day we bump up a few degrees and the next day we cool down. 60s, 70s, and 80s. sal is here and he's going to tell us, solano county? >> solano county has decent traffic so far continuing to the hercules area. it looks pretty good. there's slowing on 37 as the people are trying to get to sonoma and marin county. marin county has had a couple
5:33 am
of good days. this is the east shore freeway driving to the macarthur maze. and when you get to the bay bridge, there's a backup of 10 to 15 minutes at the toll plaza. today some of the people who ran for their lives when the shooting started at the gilroy garlic festival will finally be able to get some of their items they left behind. >> reporter: hundreds of vehicles, bags, and other items were left behind when people ran for their lives on sunday. people can pick them up here at rucker elementary school. they have out tables and tents. and we have seen one police officer who is keeping an eye on things. yesterday some of the first people were able to reclaim their personal items. it was a slow process to retrieve vehicles, people had
5:34 am
to sign paperwork and then they road in a shuttle van 5-miles to a check point. and then they were escorted to the crime scene. >> we're trying to shrink the footprint down as quick as we can, vendors, personal belongings. >> everything in our vehicle and now it's been three days we couldn't get into our own home. >> many vendors and other attendees have been without their cars and have not been allowed back during the first few days of the investigation. the park itself is a crime scene. the process to retrieve belongings can take at least a half hour. but a lot of out of town vendors left their supplies, trying to get those so they can move on to the next festival.
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time is 5:34. one woman who escaped a mass shooting in 2017 found herself once again running from a mass shooting, this time in gilroy. joe kalil talked to her. >> reporter: in the panic, thousands wondered what was happening. and only a few had this reaction. >> oh, man. this is not happening again. >> reporter: not happening again. this is alicia olive. escaping the mass shooting in gilroy. and this is alicia olive in 2017 escaping the music festival in las vegas. >> i went into a really deep depression. i would go into either a bar or sometimes just a crowded area and something about it just, i'd start to panic. >> reporter: it took almost two
5:36 am
years after vegas, and she was just starting to feel safe in public places. and then she came to gilroy. at the garlic festival with two friends she met in a las vegas shooting support groups. and now she has a distinction, surviving two mass shootings. >> i felt like i would be there again. and it happened. angry. it makes you angry. >> reporter: she was near the concert stage. and she and her friends left but before they hit the exit they heard gunshots. >> we were trying to find somewhere to get cover. >> reporter: her somber message for others, massacres can happen anywhere. but accepting tragedy as inevitable is not good enough. she is a living call to action.
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>> we can't tell that to the families that lost someone, that's life, that's america. that's not enough. persist time to say enough's enough. time is now 5:37. last night in detroit. joe biden found himself the target of attacks from several presidential candidates during their second debate. ten democratic presidential candidates took part in last night's debate. and it was combative at times over foreign policy, race, healthcare, immigration, and criminal justice. several of the candidates criticized biden's actions during the obama administration and during the, in the senate. >> i think from a polling perspective and where people come down on who will eventually be the candidate, i think joe biden did enough.
5:38 am
but i think cory booker opened some eyes, and actually, actual see gab saturday, she trended for the most researched person in the debate. >> in september, at the next democratic debate. there will be probably fewer candidates on the stage. most of them will not meet the tougher fundraising and polling requirements. supporters of senator harris gathered to watch the debate. they cheered on their candidate on the embarcadero. this was one of 90 debate watch parties. supporters say they were energized by her performance. >> she's rising in the polls because people know about her plan. biden might be confused about her plan. we're not. she has the guts, the understanding, and the obsession with policy to actually make a difference in
5:39 am
this country. >> organizers say they are getting ready to open a new campaign officer in oakland. here's a look at some of the top stories this morning. president trump will be in cincinnati hosting a rally, the first campaign rally since he attacked can democrats in congress and was accused of being racist. a murder happened on cava low road. antioch police are searching for shooter this morning. police in berkeley say thieves are stealing catalytic converters off cars, and it's happening right outside people's homes. this video shows how quickly thieves can remove the catalytic converters. there have been 18 cases of
5:40 am
stolen catalytic converters in the pass 10 days. priuses account for most of the thefts. >> turned on the car and it sounded like a jet engine. >> it was about to explode. >> sounded like it was about to explode. >> replacing a catalytic converter is expensive. it can cost about $3,000. police advice you to park in a frag, install motion detection lights in you driveway. plans are underway to convert a former jail to a homeless shelter. they've offered to lease the building from the city of oakland. the jail closed because of cost concerns. the supervisors tell the chronicle it's a creative
5:41 am
solution to house the homeless. and some have criticized the idea as being inhumane. still ahead, a salmonella warning for dog owners. the food and drug administration's advice. the treats are more dangerous to people than dogs. the action that state lawmakers are taking to prevent brain injuries. and the east bay commute doesn't look too slow right now. it looks pretty good 880 north and south. and the weather looks pretty good for the august 1st. temperatures went up for some. they'll ease back. and we'll show you that on a thursday forecast.
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with rising stress in the modern world, a good night's sleep is nearly extinct. however, there's hope on the horizon. every day, ikea is designing sleep sanctuaries to save our sleep.
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it's 5:43 and more protests take place outside the immigration and customs enforcement office in san francisco. the demonstration will kick off a month of action aimed at closing border facilities. harass on the police department's security measures. >> reporter: good morning to you. pam. san francisco police are out here this morning keeping watch. you can see them parked behind the barricades. a portion of washington street between battery and is shut down. it was a much different story following protests from overnight. >> [ crowd chanting ] >> demonstrators locking arms and staging a sit-in in front of the building.
5:45 am
the police arrived and started arresting the demonstrators one by one. the protest was about migrant children being separated from their parents. another rally is planned for noon today. organizers are calling it 30 days of action to close the camps as organized by various bay area activists. arrests were made. and it's unclear how many arrests. the event is going to start at noon outside the immigrations and customs enforcement offices. various speakers will be here, including a honduran mother separated from her infant child. they have since been reunitedded. and they plan to hold a rally every day. christina rendon, ktvu fox news. pet owners, do not feed
5:46 am
your dogs pig ear treats because of salmonella. either that handled contaminated pig ears or took care of dogs that ate them. ped foot express stores are removing the treats off the shelves. >> the fda has been investigating the pig ears from salmonella warning. over the last. if you have pig ear treats at home, throw them away but put it in a secure container where animals can't get to them. a popeye's chicken store in san francisco is dealing with health related problems that forcedded it to close. a health inspector found signs of insects and rodents. a sign at the restaurant said the violations were an immediate danger to public health or safety. the health department ordered
5:47 am
the restaurant to fix the sanitation problems before it can reopen. full contact practices for football teams for youth are being limited. it cut to 30 minutes per day twice a week. and practices in the off season are banned all together. the law is designed to reduce brain injuries. it also requires a doctor present for all games. the changes go into effect in january 2021. the haight-ashbury clinic is closing. they are merging into a new campus on mission street at south van ness. the tenderloin health services will close in october. 5:57. and we want to check in with
5:48 am
sal. >> looking at some of the long commutes like the tracy commute, some of these commutes are beginning to form if you will. westbound 580 is going to be slow. and so is 205 which is typical. it's not going to surprise you. this is what we do all the time. and it's not surprising. but the good news is that there's no crash. the last few days we've had a couple of incidents. today is starting off okay. and driving to dublin it looks okay. and there's slowing at 880 south. s in a look at interstate 880. and this traffic is looking mostly good. and when you get to the bay bridge, the metering lights have been on for a half hour or so. and all this looks fairly typical. there's nothing unusual on the bridge. looks good to san francisco. let's bring in steve with the weather. >> thank you, sir.
5:49 am
for some yesterday, it warmed up. livermore hit 90 degrees. san jose, 84, warmer than morgan hill and gilroy. morgan hill was 82 and had a southeast breeze. downtown san jose warmed up. today, 60s, 70s, and 80s, livermore down five. there is more of an on support wind. just slightly below. san francisco did hit 68 yesterday. and for july, there were 25 days of fog reported for san francisco. so if you thought july was a foggy month, it was. for us, more of a southwest breeze that really pushes any tropical moisture out of there. yesterday did not make a push. today more widespread and temperatures will be coming
5:50 am
down. the delta wind was nonexistent yesterday. and it's picked up for oakland, napa, concord. and 57 in the city. 58 in fairfield. and 58 livermore. so not much of a change. santa rosa 53. and on the peninsula, 56 for pacifica. and foster city, san carlos, redwood city, all upper 50s. woodside a little cool at 52. and union city on the mild side. down there in las vegas, 80 degrees. and 37 truckee. and the monsoon which has not been that active is disappearing again. nothing for southern california or las vegas. probably by the weekend that will pick up. the system will sweep in a little more.
5:51 am
temperatures coming down. 60s, 70s, and 80s on the temps. and by the weekend we get a warmup. next week, back down on the temps. time is 5:51 and authorities say it's too easy for some people to jump on the freeway signs. people have been accused of pulling stunts, disrupting traffic in some cities. how caltrans is trying to keep people off the highway signs. and guess what? the 50-year anniversary woodstock festival, it's officially canceled. coming up, the reason why organizers are pulling the plug. but first went to take you outside. a beauty shot. welcome to thursday morning. these are live pictures, looking at sfo. you're watching mornings on 2 from ktvu fox 2 news.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 5:54. the giants have an early start today. they want to take that series against the phillies in philadelphia. the game starts at 10:05 our time. last night the giants showed some power. beat the phillies 5-1. and most of the scoring came in the 6th inning. pablo sandoval hit a solo
5:55 am
homer. and kevin pillar hit a 200 homer. the giants hung onto madison bumgarner. they made several trades. players let go included drew pomeranz, mark me latinson and sam dieson. and maurice owe, high school bar in sacramento. the a's have a rare friday off. last night the a's lost to the brewers 4-the at the coliseum. the brewers first hitter, lorenzo cain hit a home run. and milwaukee's second run came in an exciting play at home plate where milwaukee just beat the relay throw home. now watch this. here comes the throw to the infield, to the plate. and just missed him.
5:56 am
in the meantime, the a's needed more starting pictures and picked up tanner roark from cincinnati. paul simon headlines the festival next week. and there's another chance to catch paul simon before the festival. he will have a pop-up show in oakland at the fox theater on friday, august ninth. if you were holding a ticket to outside lands, you'll get the first dibs before they go on sale to the public tomorrow. woodstock 50, the big concert, has now been canceled after months of planning and all kinds of problems. the organizers pulled the plug just weeks before the musicians were due to take the stage in columbia, maryland. organizers blame un-forseen setbacks involving the venue changes and legal battles. it was set for august 16-18
5:57 am
featuring a star studded lineup that included jay-z and miley cyrus. pg&e is pushing back against claims that it knew its power lines could trigger wildfires. how pg&e is trying to argue in court that it's staying on top of repair work for the transmission lines. and the jury has started deliberating in the ghost ship warehouse trial. they have heard evidence for three months.
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good morning. investigators scouring evidence, looking for a motive for the shooting in gilroy. and people will finally be able to retrieve their personal belongings today. we'll take you live to gilroy for the latest developments. >> last night in detroit, democratic presidential candidates tried to stand out from each other. how they are hoping to advance to the next round of debates after last night's showdown. >> from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> good morning and thank you for joining us on thursday
6:00 am
morning, the first day of august. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. nice sleeping weather. >> i could feel it. and that will continue today. yesterday for some fairfield, concord, livermore, antioch, brentwood. you got in the 90s. other locations did not. san jose was warmer. rutherford was warmer. redwood city, 78. and can field, 77. mainly an east bay event on the warmup. the low pressure wins out over the high. and there's more of an on shore breeze and that makes a huge difference. the delta wind collapsed to 9 miles per hour. more of an on shore breeze. 50s and s


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