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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  August 1, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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debt. next week there's another chance to catch the rock 'n roll hall of famer. on friday august 9, ticketholders get first dibs today. >> fleeing for her life once again we hear about a woman who served -- survived the mass shooting in las vegas and also at the gilroy garlic festival. we will delve into aqua fina's leads role in the farewell. coming up we sit down with the man behind it and we will let you know when you can catch them in the bay area. it is a new morning and in fact a new month on monday, august 1. jerry garcia with a look at the city of city to
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queue -- city of san francisco. anyway, welcome to the 9. claudine is off today . one of my favorite musicians, it's thing to think of jerry garcia being 77 and not in his 40s or 50s. >> when i think of jerry garcia, i think of mclaren park. the band would play there back in the day. people think of hate ash very that he liked mclaren park. >> eighth grade with my big brother. >> we will talk about this later. it's time for the news and >> it is now in the hands of a jury. a jury in oakland has start
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deliberating the fate of the two men charged with ask -- with manslaughter. >> henry in the courthouse to tell us what happened, i guess we have to wait and see. >> families are waiting anxiously for a verdict as the jury entered his first full day of deliberations. >> it is nerve-racking but you have to wait and hope for the best.>> it was hours before the jury deliberated. >> we are here for accountability. >> reporter: they spoke after the case was summarized to the jury saying quote that even creative people have to follow the law. the jury heard every line of defense. they acted as the defective
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landlord and event coordinator and the da said only those two and not the building owner allowed the warehouse to be used for parties and living space. the men are pointing fingers at police, firefighters, social workers and everyone but themselves. that's like someone stepping on the gas at a red light and waving at the police officer that was there and saying the offer didn't stop me and i thought it was okay. and another set a molotov cocktail started the fire. he put up a blank screen and said there ain't nothing on it because there ain't nothing to it. >> he put up a blank screen showing here is the evidence of the arson. that is false and a farce. >> reporter: they attorney accuse the da of being unprofessional by playing to the emotions of the jurors. >> it's the last refuge of a dying cause. he screamed out the jury and he paced up and down. he yelled and he gestured.
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>> reporter: for the families of the victims, nothing brings their loved ones back, but in death may come change. >> i hope this poison compares to medicine that from now on something is done. this cannot happen again. this cannot be allowed to happen again. >> reporter: a diverse jury of nine women and three men and they could either ultimately convict or acquit both men of involuntary manslaughter. in oakland, henry lee, back to you . i know you have covered many court cases and when we sit in deliberation and the waiting game, some people look at the amount of evidence and the detail they have to go through with specific testimony. are their thoughts that at a bare minimum go through what is in front of them and how long the deliberations might take?>> yeah, it is clear the jurors
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have taken detailed in copious notes and have already asked a couple of questions. one will be answered this morning about what is the legal definition of authorized agent. it will take two or three days to go over the entire mountain of evidence, from my experience. ittake wl a long time and by now they will have selected a fourth person and the judge told them not to take any boats yet or make your opinions known for fear that may taint any recollection of what happened. they will review the notes and i would give them 2-4 days. they meet today and they will not meet tomorrow and is monday because of a juror conflict. they continue tuesday and into thursday. that is henry lee at the courthouse in oakland, thank you. and with ktvu, continuing coverage . joe biden found himself under attack from several other
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candidates in there were heated exchanges. >> the first thing i'm going to do when i am president is i'm going to clorox the oval office. >> donald trump is not behaving like a patriot. >> reporter: to attacks on joe biden. >> there is a thing in my community where you're dipping into kool-aid and you don't know the flavor.>> reporter: democrats came out swinging in the second night of the debate.>> you should be able to be sent back. >> one of us have learned the lessons of the past and one of us has not. >> reporter: he fired back with shots of his own. >> i don't know what happened except you are not running for president. >> reporter: the candidates expressing optimism moving forward. >> we get a chance to talk to the issues and what really unites democrats and focus on the real challenge which is beating donald trump. >> reporter: the president is
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focused on his next rally tonight in cincinnati. you will hear about the economy and the great successes we have had and how they are all reversible to -- should one of the crazies that we saw last night take over. >> reporter: candidates need to have 130,000 unique donors and at least 2% supporting qualifying polls. in washington, lauren blanchard ktvu fox 2 news. we have the host of the political podcast here with us. what do you think? >> we saw five hours of debate and i think the winner was 11 is -- elizabeth warren. she is the person who stood, had a message, stuck to it, and she didn't get knocked off of her game.
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just about everyone was knocked off and bernie was also pretty good. >> joe biden was the front runner in many say he still is. he was at this level and is now part of the playing field? >> i don't think he will go that far. but he took some hits. he is the prisoner of a five decade record in politics and last night you heard about it on criminal justice and on the health care plan. he will continue to hear about it. there seems to be no fear of swinging it by. in the commentary in the last 12 hours or so, they say it is bad because they are attacking the obama record. sorry. you can't have it both ways. you can't embrace president obama every 10 seconds and then not be willing to defend the record.>> the people look mean and is there a hazard of someone attacking joe biden or
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kamala harris and then they themselves looking kind of mean ? or, do the viewers know this is just part of politics? >> i don't think anyone crossed the line in the last days. everybody said mr. president and they didn't say joe biden, you suck. >> i was watching it last night and there were so many. who is your favorite? i'm watching and trying to figure out what they are saying. at one said i agree with you and when they analyzed who won the debate, the ones who won were the ones who attacked cory booker. they are in a tough position right now, at least that is where it seems from where i was sitting. >> you are trying to balance introducing themselves. we don't know who many of them are aside from former vice president biden. they are
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introducing themselves and talking about how terrible the other person is. that is the balance they are trying to achieve and it's difficult. in the next few days the polls come out and it's who is going to raise the money. >> it's money. >> i think booker already has money and he needs the money. elizabeth warren done decently and fundraising and booker is behind a little. >> who do you think is out? >> gillibrand is out and she has raised money for her senate campaign and can use that for this. that's not her problem, her problem is she needs individual donors. even if she gives one -- even if they give one dollar so that she has 130,000 donors.>> and how she would respond to a great first debate. >> yeah. >> when i watch the spin room interviews, i thought that
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kamala harris seemed very scripted. maybe a little flustered, that was just an observation. >> she seemed she did not expect it, but she had to have expected it. this is largely accurate and researching toda wninto what she said. on the surface, what she said was accurate. there were problems with the crime lab in san francisco and kamala harris did not support the cooper case. these things will come up over and over again. and there was the espinoza case where she didn't want the death penalty. it was mediocre and not as good as last time. she is not used to playing defense and is used to being a prosecutor.>> i don't think about surprising. no, i don't think anyone has jumped out. if you are looking, the question who came out several times was
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who could stood --'s dance toe to toe with donald trump. everyone has the potential to, but no one stood above the rest. >> who will drop out? two nights with a lot of candidates and someone will be there next time. >> i think the michael bennett's of the world and gillibrand will stay in because she has the money. andrea yang -- andrew yang has the money on the boats and will probably be on stage next time. some may disappear and he didn't even make the stage. >> do you think that will benefit the voters? at some point we need to get to a place where you don't have to go over two nights to try to figure it out. >> you don't need to keep a scorecard. no. if we can condense this into one night, it will be easier for the voters to differentiate in september. >> okay. coming up next, a
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scene on a popular interstate. we will let you know about a man trapped under a car following an accident and how he was pulled to safety. we will tell you what is next for people trying to get there the longings back after the gilroy garlic festival.
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we have new information about an early morning chase that began on the peninsula and ended up in east bay. two men breaking into a utility truck shortly before 4:00 this morning. when the police arrived, the suspects took off and chp took over the chase ones speeds hit 100 miles per hour. i was listening to the police radios and the
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eventually put down a spike strip and the pre-'s got flat tires and rolled through to maria boulevard in san leandro. the people in the car are now in police custody. agents continue to go through emails and social media accounts and other communications to and from the gunman, santino ligon. the fbi is denying reports that they found white supremacist writings at the home where he lived in nevada. gilroy remains a crime scene. attendees left purses and other personal items inside the area. >> how will this all work? >> reporter: at the elementary center where a family assistance center just opened for people to claim their items
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. there has been confusion with vendors and visitors who don't know when they will get their things back. i have dist atty, adam florez, with me. what should people know today? >> people should know that victims who left their items on the park side of the gilroy garlic festival are able to come to the family assistance center and start to seek their items. again, parkside at the garden festival, you can come down. if you are a vendor and you have items, that will be different. the gilroy garlic, festival association will reach out to vendors directly. for the losers -- for others who left the scene and left their items parkside only, they can come down and get their items. >> reporter: today have the ability to pick them up, or do they have to provide a description?>> they will be obtaining their items today.
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so far since we have been open, we have helped approximately 250 victims at the family assistance center. we will be open through at least sunday and we are happy and want to help as many victims as we can. we want people to know that if you saw the shooter or not or if you were on scene or had a family member on scene, you were a victim and can come and to receive help. >> reporter: the assistant center will be open until 10:00 tonight. it opens at 9:00 in the morning and closes at 10:00 at night to make sure people get their items back. ktvu fox 2 news. a vigil organized by the downtown business association so people impacted by the tragedy feel community support. it will be at 7:00 at the
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intersection of fifth and monterey. t-shirts with the gilroy strong logo will be used to support the victims and their families. there was a prayer service for the community last night. >> it has been a long and difficult week. it's been stressful and overwhelming and i feel lucky to be alive. there were people at the festival who are obviously hurting and feel the pain of it . >> more than 100 attended the service and trade for each other in the gunman's family and others. there are some having a difficult time emotionally. >> you go into a war zone with chaos and everything happening at once. we had the police compound turned into a makeshift triage. everyone expects you to be a superhero during the day but at the end of the day, you are flesh and blood just like everybody else. >> reporter: one young woman said it made her question everything she had thought
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before. she went to gilroy high school with the gunman and called him shy and normal. >> reporter: for continuing coverage you will find it on as well as the ktvu app as well as facebook and twitter . and e-cigarette maker juul is hit with a lawsuit. >> we will tell you about a student who became hooked in high school and the massive health club albums he is now blaming on juul. and making people laugh while at the same time breaking barriers.
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looking at the dow jones industrial, it is up and so are the other indexes about the same percentage points yesterday
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. some thinking the fed will cut rates again in september and apparently that is why the stock market is zooming a little higher. a developing story out of the nation's capital where the republican senate has just approved a proposed budget lifting the debt ceiling two years and increasing it by $2 trillion. the house passed a measure last week and it is expected president trump will pass the measure when it arrives at his desk. at oakland shoreline park the most popular event such as the treasure island music festival in the second sky music fast. the chronicle reports that administrators have issued a cease and desist order. last year the treasure island festival damaged of the landscape and sprinkler system. they must receive approval from the conservation and development commission before holding any event. san francisco-based juul is blaming a man for his massive
9:24 am
stroke. the 22-year-old says he became addicted to juul during his senior year in high school. the e-cigarettes led to a stroke in 2017 and that resulted in three separate brain surgeries. a company spokesperson said that juul is intended to be a alternative for adult smokers and they don't want you to try the product. two electric bikes burst into flames in san francisco and appeared to have started from the bike's batteries. they are suspending the program to investigate and live is not ruling out vandalism. let's look at the weather outside. i know there is a warm-up coming, but it is still wind and cool. i enjoyed the jerry garcia analogy at the beginning of the show. >> i didn't go to a concert in eighth grade. >> my favorite song is the wheel because if thunder doesn't get you, the lightning
9:25 am
will. >> there we go, good stuff. a cool down today with warmer temperatures and mike doesn't listen, that will be on the weekend. there are hints that next weekend could be unseasonably cool. it could be cool after yesterday's warm-up. to the use and to the north, it wasn't a big deal for those on the peninsula and other locations. today, cupertino in the 80s and hercules in the 70s. and on the cool side, but santa cruz at 70 degrees. a much bigger fog bank. the fog yesterday was more compressed. the high build in a little bit and today it's about low pressure and a southwest breeze or wind. the delta breeze absolutely collapsed yesterday. calm conditions in fairfield and racking it up to 94. a huge difference with an onshore wind that napa and also oakland.
9:26 am
water temperatures below average. 49 almost 50 degrees is well below average for this time of year and so is the san francisco buoy. 50s and 60s on the temperatures here unless you were on the lake. tracy also. most locations are cooler. truckee 54 but it is clear in tahoe. sometimes in august you get the monsoon and the big thunderstorms. it is an even southern california or southern nevada today. even in phoenix, it's beautiful with clear skies. maybe by the weekend, some may come in. today a cool down and gradually warming into the weekend. 60s, 70s and upper 80s for most. if you are well away from the fog influence, you may touch 90. warmer into the weekend, but not much like last weekend. thank you so much steve,
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coming up, what you need to know in the wake of the gilroy garlic festival. >> and what you need to know visiting the county fair this year. plus a high school mural that is called racist and when the public will be able to get a glimpse of that mural.
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to release a continuous burst of mist and make quick work of big jobs. it even works on stainless steel. it cuts through 100% of dirt, grease and grime. available with easy-to-swap refills. to get three times the cleaning power, try new clean freak from mr. clean. welcome back to the 9. this is a live picture of san francisco at warriors way outside the chase center. it is right near third in mission bay there. starting in september, the official business addressed will actually be 1 warriors way. they will crack that open with some preseason games, i believe in october and november. don't forget that september 6 is the first eventual event. they team
9:30 am
up with the san francisco symphony for what will be a phenomenal show inside the chase center. >> if you haven't been to the area and a while, you should go and it has changed quite a bit. >> i did look at the tickets, but the prices --'s to buy let's go to dave clark in the newsroom. right now is day two of jury deliberations in the warehouse fire trial. the jury is nine women and three men and they will decide if the defendants are guilty of involuntary manslaughter. it has been almost 3 years since 36 people died in the deadly fire at the warehouse. the jury has spent the last three months hearing evidence including testimony. the jury will meet every monday through thursday with the exception of this coming monday when a verdict is reached. in
9:31 am
the meantime the fbi is searching for a motive in the deadly gilroy garlic festival shooting. they are going through emails and other social media accounts with communication to and from the young gunmen. they are not connecting him to political or religious groups and the fbi denies white supremacist writings at the home where he used to live in northern nevada. that is a brief look at some of the top stories we are working on. security is an issue at the santa clara county fair that opens today. >> we will look at the security at the santa clara county fair. >> reporter: i am here in santa clara county where we are talking security for the county fair which is celebrating its 75th year starting today.
9:32 am
many people are thinking about gilroy and there is now another festival or fair in the south bay, do people feel comfortable coming? >> we drastically increase to security and will have special units and deputies there. it will be a safe environment and we are really dedicated to that . >> reporter: i know you don't want to talk specific numbers about officers. some equipment, will you have dogs or infrared devices and that kind of thing? >> there will be metal detectors at the front and we have a canine, or multiple canine units that are bomb sniffing. we will have a tactical team that are going to be at the event. we want the public confident they are safe. >> reporter: this isn't your first go around with county fairs and i know you've been
9:33 am
working these things since you joined to the force.>> right. >> reporter: talk about how that plays a role in the safety and security. >> it is the area and the event that we have been doing for many years that i have been at the sherrif's office. we are increasing the numbers this year. >> reporter: if i'm at the fair or i see something or feel uncomfortable, or i see somebody with something under their coat, what do i do?>> please don't approach anyone and let a deputy no. i think we will have a pretty good uniform presence there. if not, dial 911 and we have dedicated dispatch people who will be there. call one -- call 911 and reported immediately and we will cover it. >> reporter: and you will be there? >> i will probably be there
9:34 am
most days, i enjoy the fair. >> reporter: sheriff lori smith and i am with ktvu fox 2 news life. back to you in oakland. thank you for that . one woman who escaped the deadly shooting in las vegas in 2017 found herself once again running from gunfire once again in gilroy. the northern california woman who survived both mass shootings. >> reporter: in the panic following the gunfire at the gilroy garlic festival, thousands wondered what was happening but only a few had this reaction. >> oh man, this is not happening again! >> reporter: not happening again? this is alicia oliver escaping the shooting in gilroy and this is alicia olive on october 21 in 2017. she was escaping the music festival in las vegas. >> i went into a really deep
9:35 am
depression. i would go into either a bar or sometimes a crowded area and i would start to panic. >> reporter: alicia says it took almost 2 years after vegas and she was just starting to feel safe in public places and then she came to gilroy. at the garlic festival with two friends she met in a las vegas shooting support group. now all three are part of a small group of americans with a distinction that none of them wants. they have to strive -- survived two mass shootings. >> after the vegas shooting, i figured i would be there again. it makes you angry. >> reporter: alicia was near the concert stage where the shooter entered the festival. she and her friends left but before they hit the exit, they heard the gunshots. >> i said, i can't believe it is happening again. we were trying to find
9:36 am
somewhere to get cover. >> reporter: now is somber message for others. massacres can help -- happen everywhere. she is a living call to action. >> we cannot tell that to families that lost someone that it is life and that's america. it's not enough. it is time to say enough is enough. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news . a group of demonstrators confronted police at samson washington street overnight. protesters set up tents and put up long signs protesting i.c.e. . they staged a sit in. later officers started arresting demonstrators one by one who were blocking the area. the protesters are angry that migrant children coming to the u.s. are separated from their families. they plan to hold a rally outside a vast mac demanding that the administration close
9:37 am
the detention centers. last night around 10, police arrested people. between eight and 10 shots were heard. two men who were shot were transported to the hospital. investigators are checking for witnesses and so far no arrests have been made. a dog that appeared to be a threat was shot and killed. officers were on patrol when the dog came up to them near market yesterday afternoon. the dog advanced toward one of the officers where it was shot. it was taken to the emergency hospital where it was euthanized. the dog was riding in a shopping cart by a man who appeared to be homeless. people dealing with vandalism and racial slurs painted on their homes and cars. they woke yearly yesterday
9:38 am
morning as rocks smashed through their windows. they saw black and white spray paint all over their garage door and cars. >> on the mother of three and this is what my kids have to ride in to get to school. even for lunch and breakfast, we are scared and with any noise we are scared. >> reporter: racial slurs were painted on the car and on a storage container. the incident is being investigated as vandalism but the families believe it was a hate crime. sonoma county charities -- deputies say a man died of a hate crime. a homeless man was refusing to leave his property and was taken into custody last night. the man became limp and they administered narcan. the man was later pronounced dead at the scene. the dist atty's office is investigating. plans underway to convert a
9:39 am
former jail into a homeless shelter. they have offered to lease the building to the city of oakland for one dollar per year. the facility closed in june because of cost concerns. it had capacity for more than 800 inmates at the time. it is a creative solution to help house the homeless. others say it is inhumane. they are working with the city on figuring out specific details. people who were homeless in santa clara county have drafted a plan to be used during extreme heat. it calls for a high heat emergency plan when it reaches 88 degrees outside and on spare the air days. it would require the county to open cooling centers and set up air-conditioned tents near homeless camps. >> people think that homeless people have nothing to offer. this could change the lives of
9:40 am
10,000 homeless people and that's empowerment. the santa clara county is discussing the idea and a board of supervisors committee is expected to discuss it in just two weeks. the 2020 election debate did wrap up in detroit and many candidates were defending their past records. here in the studio to explain with the issues and the exchanges and who stood out. >> reporter: the two perceived front runners on stage, former vice president joe biden and kamala harris deflected criticism from fellow candidates . on the issue of criminal justice perform in the high number of people of color who are incarcerated. >> she put over 1500 people in jail for marijuana violations and laughed about it when asked if she ever smoked marijuana.
9:41 am
>> as the elected attorney general of california, i did the work of significantly reforming the criminal justice system in a state of 40 million people. >> i would trust anyone on the stage much more than the current president in the area of criminal justice. we cannot tear each other down and we need to focus on beating donald trump in 2020. >> number one, we cannot allow white nationalist to be in the white house. that's number one. >> [ applause ]. >> number two, we have to make america what it has always been, place of refuge. >> reporter: the debate moderators asked former vice president joe biden about the number of deportations that happen in the years of the obama administration and how they outpaced the deportations in the first two years of the trump administration. joe biden did not answer that directly and other candidates followed up. >> did you say the deportations were a good idea to go to the
9:42 am
president and say this is a mistake. >> i was vice president and i keep my recommendations in private. >> you evoke president obama more than anybody in this campaign. he can't do it when it is convenient and then dodge it when it is not. four there will likely be fewer candidates in the next round in september. each candidate needs to percent polling nationally and have 130,000 donors. right now we will be sitting down with jeremy pivot with what he has been doing since entourage and the show he has coming in the bay area.
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that was the longest clip in history. >> that was a long clip. >> a big welcome to jeremy.
9:46 am
>> thank you. >> i don't know why i am wearing the sunglasses, i apologize. i am one of the worst golfers in the history of golf and i am playing in front of phil nick ascend -- phil nicholson. i will take these off and yes, i apologize. >> you have a little standup comedy. >> absolutely. >> never have performed in san francisco? >> never. >> you look up material related to san francisco or do the same 55 minutes that you've got? >> it's a cookie-cutter show and i just never opened my eyes and stand there and mumble and then i leave. no. i try to get a sense and a feel for the town. san francisco's incredible and i just spent the day walking around.
9:47 am
there is a lot there and i could move here. i don't have enough money to live here, but --'s buy any tech jokes in your repertoire? >> all the techies are here and my energy, i am laundering jewish cowboy and i don't know what that means. when i get around technology, it rewires itself. i am the opposite of these brilliant guys you have walking around here. >> there are a lot of smart people. what is the subject matter that you hit on the st? you ha a background where you say that you are scrappy for your rise to success in hollywood. what do you rely on now as you try to connect?>> standup is one of these forms that you are up there and relating to the audience. you are in the room together. i
9:48 am
have been performing and doing entourage in various films and i don't get the opportunity to actually meet these people. it's a chance for the audience to get a sense of who i am. i do impressions and tell people about my journey. also observational stuff and it's kind of all over the map. i do strange impressions. i do everyone from wilson -- >> so interview me as owen wilson. >> owen wilson, welcome. >> i feel great and i feel a little awkward right now. i usually wear pajamas and it's wonderful you guys have suits on. they call me the butterscotch cowboy. wow!. >> you feel you have more freedom when you're on stage during standup comedy? there's no one calling the stretch -- the shots and it's
9:49 am
just you. >> i love it. you write the show and other characters i play are physical -- fictional. it was an incredible character that i loved playing. i grew up studying at the theater and my mother was one of my major influences. to this day, i run lines with her. i tells people stories about running the lines with my mother and the character is abrasive and offensive. everything i have said, i've said to my mom's face. it's hard for them to wrap their minds around it. i can't do it here because you need to come to the show at the palace. >> and i get serious for a second. >> yes. >> i've seen the writeups you have done recently which have been on the transition. you talk about hollywood and your
9:50 am
switch to comedy and how some of that is choice and some is not. >> yes. you want to talk about what brought you to the stage and the fulfillment you get on the comedy stage because of all of the controversy that is situated hollywood?>> it's one of those situations where we are living in very interesting times right now. and, as a guy who speaks his truth and has literally nothing to hide, it is a chance for me to go around and connect with audiences and to speak my truth. to live in the moment. to have fun. >> i have been on the stage since i was 8 years old and i bring that to the stage. >> do you know what? >> yes? >> i have never been inside for standup show, but i've been outside. >> if you can get to the show,
9:51 am
it's tomorrow night at 8:00 at the house of fine arts in the marina district in san francisco. jeremy piven and here is the ticket information on our website at . just click on the link. >> thank you. coming up on mornings on 2, she has known for her role in crazy rich agents and she is taking a serious turn. we will let you know about aqua fina and her return in farewell. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. at ja in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo.
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caught on camera, a chaotic scene on a popular interstate in nevada. a man was pinned under a car after a crash. this is body camera video we are going to show you of the incident that was just released. >> at your hand up front here. >> okay. >> a motorcycle rider was trapped under an suv after a crash on tuesday. the motorcycle rider and his passenger were injected. one of them was under an suv and trapped. a trooper and good samaritans managed to get him out by lifting the suv and getting him out from under it. the motorcycle rider hit the truck. the driver and his passenger are expected to recover. awkwafina about to start a new show that highlights the
9:55 am
asian american experience. >> reporter: the man you are dating is nick young. >> reporter: the global hit crazy rich asians, awkwafina is bringing a new perspective. >> the trend in hollywood right now is the ability to have ownership of our own stories and to tell them the way we want to. >> the 31-year-old said films like crazy rich asians and the farewell are helping to expand diversity in hollywood and create more roles for asian american actors. >> when you saw crazy rich asians, people were coming out crying tears of joy. they were representation in a general way . i've never seen this in 25 years and this is me on the screen and i am crying. in the farewell, people are mostly in tears but the representation there is because
9:56 am
they literally like just did that to their grandma or grandpa . >> is in that wrong to lie?>> reporter: and the actor plays billy who is struggling with her family's decision to hide their grandmother's terminal cancer diagnosis from her. >> so much is about what the characters are going through and it is a way for them to manage their grief. >> reporter: loosely based on the events of lulu wang's own family, the farewell looks at the notion of telling a lie to spare another person's pain. >> one thing we can't control is we have to say good by. that is what people resonate the deepest with. >> in hollywood, fox news. a litter of puppies up for adoption in oklahoma are getting attention online. take a look and you can see why. they are named after taco bell
9:57 am
menu items. their mom's name is taco bell and when she gave birth, the woman fostering her continued the tradition and posted the puppies on facebook. there are some that have been adopted and then you have some still waiting. >> look at them. >> adopt a dog if you can. thank you for watching everybody and we will see you back here at noon.
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