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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 1, 2019 6:00pm-6:58pm PDT

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attorney says the findings in this report confirms what they've been suspecting has been happening all along. >> 35 pages detailing startling information about what is happening behind the scenes at the police department. the office of the inspector general initiated the audience to assess officers reporting of use of force. this afternoon earlier review discovered authority 4% drop from 2016 to 2017 and the number of incidents when officers pointed their farms which is considered use of force. >> when i went back into the study this occurred and determined the numbers hadn't gone down they just weren't reporting it. it gave a false sense of compliance. that was the real tragedy. >> the department was trying to clarify when officers must report those incidents that immediately incidents were firearms are pointed at someone quadrupled from 205 two 821.
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civil rights attorney says the racial disparities outlines and the findings are troubling. there were 12 incidents involving 19 people of caller in which the audit found use of force should have been reported and was not. of those 19 people, 17 were african-ameran and two were hispanic. and the percentage of african- americans subjected to force went unreported is actually higher than the percentage of african-americans arrested. >> we have a squad that is out of control and they do think they are above the law. that is when you have more illegal uses of force. ultimately more misconduct if you are insulated amongst your group. >> this audit found officers were not in compliance with the departments bodycam or policy. officers reportedly unable to find the footage turning their ameras off too quickly or not
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weren't reported at all but it is important to note the audit found no instances where an officer used unreasonable force. in response to this office oakland police chief released a statement and i want to read that it will be up on your screen in moments it says the department is committed to introspection is willing to accept and correct our shortcomings in reporting for us. moving forward the chief is committed to making adjustments and recommendations were given to the department in response to this audit and the chief says they are committed. law t is describing a very slow and methodical investigation into the deadly shooting of the garlic festival. authorities interviewed dozens of witnesses and cleared a large crim multiple
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federal evidence response teams are working at the festival site to close to 100 special agents from the other fbi offices are working alongside local agents. the fbi said today it is literally leaving no stone unturned. >> we are collecting evidence and doing bullet trajectory. we have to account for every round that came out of everybody's weapons. some of those rounds in an open environment can travel great distances that there is a process that we have to go through in order to track those rounds. >> the fbi profilers are also at the shooting scene looking at evidence as well as reviewing digital materials from the gunman and search for a motive. gilroy police provided the names of opened fire on the gunman last sunday evening. they are officer listed on your screen.
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the chief described the three men as heroes. >> police say they learned about another person who was grazed by a bullet but did initially reported and that raises the number of injured 216 today we heard from two women who were shot as we tell you two friends were out having a great time when they found themselves running for their lives. >> my body is recovering so fast, like faster than i think i could have ever anticipated. >> she was shot in the shoulder and her in the back. >> went through my liver and it touched my diaphragm. >> what is going on? >> the friends ran for the life sunday when gunfire erupted at the garle people. 12 others were injured.
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they spotted the gunman where they were waiting in line for an inflatable slide. >> we got out of there as fast as we could. it was a terrifying place for us to be. we were boxed in on all four sides. you get to the top in the gunman can see you get to the bottom and hopefully you can run and we ran to >> i was running and i was like room zoom and i felt like i got like pinched or like our this thing and i knew like yeah i am hit but i didn't look back and i didn't stop expected to were picked up by a stranger who drove them straight to the hospital. gabriella was treated and released that night. brin was transported to valley medical center. >> i'm so happy to be alive and i want to send my love to those like who helped me. >> you know like a victim because i cover my words and whatever, but it just feels really like sickening to me
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every time i likely my house. >> the feelings of panic will go away soon. sudden movement still make them jumpy. both want to express their gratitude to the doctors community members and first responders who helped them they say they're simply glad it wasn't worse. >> i'm grateful that the shooters taken down in a fast amount of time. >> neither brin or gabriella have health insurance right now so they also wanted to express their gratitude to those have donated to help with her medical expenses. brin headed home from the hospital today. within the hour the gilroy downtown business association is honoring the victims and their families with a candlelight vigil. this is a live picture as people are beginning to arrive. you can see the ground ready to go for the celebration. it starts at 7 pm at fifth street and monterey road in downtown you see the stage
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right there and the flowers organizers say this will be an opportunity for people to come together. santa clara county fair open today with a retooled security planted jesse gary spoke with attendees to find the extra vigilance reassuring just four days after the shooting in gilroy. >> minutes behind schedule and amid security concerns the santa clara county fair opens for its annual four-day run. >> i am here now but am concerned. >> a simple of summer the county for 75 years, this year this fair is overshadowed by what happened sunday in gilroy. let's gunman opened fire killing three and wounding at least a dozen other people. questions facing patrons moving past metal detectors and wand screenings are the fairgrounds safe? >> we are here to support our community and have a little bit of fun.
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hopefully everybody is state. security is amped up and it made me feel better. >> we can't let a disaster change our life, >> a ceremonial ribbon cutting officials announcing a reorganization affair security in the aftermath of gilroy. in addition to 200 attractions and some new events to ignore movies metal detectors wants a more private security at the perimeter and an increase in the number sheriff's deputies and equipment inside the grounds that >> we have a canine or multiple canines that are bomb sniffing air support, we will have our technical team on stage at the event. we are taking this very fiercely because they want to make sure that the public is confident. >> they officials say last year 10,000 people a day attended they say it is too soon toe gil impact on this year's attendance numbers. early birds on what is traditionally a slow thursday opening say hate and violence cannot be allowed to alter
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their behavior. >> you can't be afraid of people that are trying to you know hurt you. i am not afraid. >> many say they are aware what was seb south bay fair is now hardened target against catastrophe. the jury in the governorship completed his first full day of deliberations without reaching a verdict our crime reporter has been at the court essence is the questions the jurors are asking suggest a been taking careful notes. >> thursday came and went the fate of ghost ship descendents still up in the air the jury went to lunch by days end still no verdict. >> i have faith in the jury, they seem to have been very attentive. >>
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i think when you are sitting and waiting, and you don't know what people are discussing, but you know that they're discussing your fate, naturally they will be a little bit more anxious. >> within an hour starting deliberations on wednesday afternoon the jury sent a note to the judge asking if there was a legal definition for the term authorized agent as it pertains to the building owner and required permits. the judge told the jury there is no established definition of authorized agent but said that the fire code refers only to agent, prosecutors define the comment outside of court defense attorneys say the factc >> my client can't be considered an authorized agent under any of definition and being section is the owner therefore is responsible. >> we interpret this dialogue with the jury right now is a good sign. we don't know, we are
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optimistic that this jury is going in the right direction. >> the jury asked if the term leaseholder operates agent out of his property manager and tenant were interchangeable. the jury was told no. attorneys say it is clear that this diverse jury of nine women and three men have been paying  close attention. >> i see this jury as analytic, detail oriented, and issue oriented. very good jury. >> the jury will not meet on friday or next monday so the earliest they could come back with a verdict will be tuesday. at the courthouse in oakland. up next in a, to california's efforts to fight wildfires. how it increases air power. ♪
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firefighters are mopping up after a small grass fire caused some intense moments.
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this is video from skybox and the scene as you can see, the fire was burningin a tions. california's current governor former governor joining forces today to unveil a new fleet of firefighting aircraft. >> tom baker shows us the big planes carry more than three times the amount of fire retardant. >> reporter: the two governors represent the 12 new firefighting assets on the ground and overhead that have been sorely lacking. >> so many times we have to figure out where should we send our assets, should we send it south, north where should we send it? we didn't have enough for everyplace. >> we put together a commission to study what do we need to do
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that >> we will not have a year like last year this is important. we have 361 requests for air support last year in 2018, we could not meet. 361 requests for air support because we didn't have the tools , we didn't have the technology, we didn't have the equipment. >> seven c-130s former military cargo aircraft are being converted to firefighting to be available beginning 2021. compared to the current 1200 gallon fire retardant tankersal more time over fires making several drops each run. >> variable to paint multiple passes and these areas we are operating. having the ability to make multiple surpasses to paint the fire into a box is very helpful. >> on the ground projects such as the north in the shaded area see fire crews readily and rapidly creating decades of brush over a 17 mile area to
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sharply reduce runaway fires near structures. also coming, a fleet of former military twin-engine blackhawk helicopters that can carry 1000 gallons of retardant. it's almost 3 times more retarded than cal fire's vietnam area qe choppers that can carry only 340 gallons. >> as a consequence you will save substantial amount of money on the backend. issues related to fires. >> the government also making unmanned surveillance aircraft as well as satellite surveillance available to find track and predict the spread of fires. to southern california were cruiser bellowing of brush fire in san diego county. the fire started just before noon today. it has burned 355 acres. many homes, schools and
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businesses have been forced to evacuate the fire is burning in mesa of the neighborhood is area south of interstate area south of interstate 905. so far there is no containment on the fire. it is still unclear how it started. it cooled off a bit today, and more than we anticipated, we dropped 10 degrees in some places, and then tomorrow friday goes back up peeks on saturday, and then start to cool off next week that this pattern on and off so that could be the low right e. the point is we have a pattern of the low popping the high out and that is something that is not typical, it happens every couple of weeks, but it is happening like a couple of times a week.
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that's why temperatures are on the mild side. that's why we are looking at temperatures like these today, there is fog along the coast, here is the lead up to the north where it is actually throwing rainout. probably rain as far south as portland and we just get the cooling influence of his or tomorrow will be a little bit warmer. that it will warm significantly as we get to the weekend. look at the fog already, that's how much impactful this low is. tomorrow morning that means big fog in the place. it burns off quicker and a little warmer but the real woman with less font will be on saturday and sunday. warm weekend i will see you back here with the specifics. >> today people have a chance
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to see a controversial mural in san francisco that's expected to be painted over. some say it is racist that washington high school opens its doors for two hours today so members of the public could view the mural for themselves that was created in the 1930s to depict george washington's life that includes images of african-american slaves, white settlers and native americans. the school district voted in june to pain over the mural even though art historians describe it as political commentary. some people who stop by felt the district should not distort it. >> if they are uncomfortable but maybe they should cover them, but never destroy them. artists are important. >> it is unclear when the mural will be painted over. a new skill set for people on the streets of san francisco come up next, we will go inside a unique class where volunteers are being trained to save lives.
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volunteer showed up today to learn how to use a drug that could potentially save a life. >> if administered in time narcan can reverse an otherwise fatal overdose. as christian reports organizers say sometimes the best first responder is the right person with the right medication. >> i am here to make sure that people understand what puts
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them at risk for overdose and how can we as a team look out for each other. that's what narcan allows us to do. >> dozens of volunteers in the meeting room at the coalition on homelessness learning how to save lives. also showing how they can reverse an overdose in minutes. krista marshall says it's important to make sure as many people as possible are trained on how to use it. marshall explained many drug users will be worried about calling 911 timesa drug user themselves. >> law enforcement first responders aren't the answer to this they are small piece the larger pieces drug users. >> when people are given the same resources they survive and thrive. >> hollywood works for the street every day he says he took the class because his job puts him on the front lines of the opioid crisis. >> there is always good to know
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that i have the trained resources now which we have been doing anyway. there is a lot of you know symptoms of overdoses on the streets. >> brian edwards from the coalition helped organize the training and says he has used narcan a dozen times to say people who are overdosing. he says the aim of the class was to get as many people trained and out of the street to save lives now. just having your toolkit you don't have to know the pe really matter what your opinions on drug use are coming just walk by you see somebody in distress you got that tool in your toolbox and you can save a life. >> volunteers who took the class can walk out with two doses of narcan so potentially we could start saving lives as soon as they walked out of the door. where does safety fall in the priority list? >> number one. >> thousands of dollars spent
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three officers who shot and killed the gunman at the garlic festival our hearers. he says the investigation into the shooting that killed three people on sunday is slow and methodical and he said a motive still has not been determined. close to 100 fbi special agents including profilers are working alongside bay area law enforcement. new audit finds open police officers under reported incidents of use of force detain suspects that use of force includes things such as pointing a gun and physical contact and in some cases there
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was nobody camera footage available. the report also included police were quicker to use force on african-americans and latinos. >> the jury in the ghost ship child completed its deliberations without reaching a verdict but attorneys say the questions being asked of the court by the nine men and women suggest they were paying close attention to all the evidence. the jurors must decide whether derek almeida and harris are guilty. the jury won't meet again un tuesday. you're watching t tv fox to news at 6:30 pm. teacher students and staff are expressing frustration with the east bay's throughout the community college district because of an ongoing problem. fire alarms and systems that still do not work. >> to ever want to ask them what is taking so long? spec we asked them was taking so long all the time. >> in fact there were so many code violations that the open fire department put laney college on notice.
6:31 pm
we found the issue has been ongoing now for more than six months. >> laney college by lake merritt is still on fire watch right now. we found 12,000 we found $12,000 is being every week to have guards walk around campus to make sure nothing catches fire. >> all units respond. >>a march evening. >> did you get a report that a transformer exploded? >> a failure of the alleged logical system of this community college but alarms department in nearby police station were never alerted. until a maintenance man called 911. >> we found there is no fire. >> the culprit was a large rat that caused a short in electrical room. power was shut off to the entire campus. laney college is one of four e. bay school stools in the
6:32 pm
community college district at a place where facilities have fallen into disrepair. spec we haven't seen a lot of progress in getting the problem solved. >> she is the president of the federation of teachers she says the fire alarm system is just one of a long list of problems at the college but from broken elevators to busted windows. to leaking water fountains and closed restrooms. >> what goes through your head? >> again i just think it is disrespectful to the students. >> power at the student center, the sroom buildings is still cut off. months since the fire. even the pool was closed earlier this year for safety issues and a lack of maintenance. causing swimmers to go elsewhere. the open fire department is a routine inspection admini in january months before the small fire. finding critical deficiencies and putting the campus on fire watch until alarm panels, fire
6:33 pm
exits and electricity lines were up to code. repairs still didn't start until late february, board members were baffled. >> that should have set off a red light? >> i am confused. who initially is responsible? >> since then the district has been spending $12,000 a week security guards walk the campus and check every building every 30 minutes. just to make sure nothing catches fire. something that was anticipated to be solved in , but, spec there are no notifications of the building saying fire watch is happening so they are still here. >> is that acceptable? >> obviously not. >> a few weeks turned into half a year and roughly $350,000 and counting we found the guards who were supposed to be checking campus appearing to lounge around smoke, or stare at their phones day after day.
6:34 pm
the security company not responding to every questions about his employees. >> i hope the district administration is accountable and i hold the president of the college accountable and the chancellor and the vice chancellor. >> there have been recent changes at the top acting chancellor was brought on board in march to clean things up. >> what do you think dropped the ball? >> well, let's just face it. i need, i wasn't here, i can't speak to why or where for or how come or who, i just think we are in a situation where those of us who are here now, we are working hard to fix those problems. >> the board approved $200,000 after the fire for emergency electrical repairs to the student center and the classroom building both are still closed. >> there are consequences to
6:35 pm
having things get into disrepair . >> when oakland fire inspectors came back in mid-april, they found only half of the alarm panels on campus were actually working. some exits were still blocked, some fire extinguisherst and several extension cords space heaters and missing safety equipment. >> this is been a problem, they have owned that problem and they want it fixed. >> records show trustees okayed a $1 million contract for fire system testing inspection and repairs for every building but other can be used issues remain in easy to see that something she presented to the board hoping they would address it six months ago. >> people are here because they are committed to the community and they love their jobs.
6:36 pm
>> chancellor white says the goal is to behold and ready to roll by the time students come back for fall semester. >> these issues cannot continue. they must be resolved for the safety of students and staff. spec we just got new information from the college district contracted technicians will be out the college beginning august 12 to start fixing the alarm system. the open fire prevention bureau says as of this week, no permits have been pulled and laney remains on fire watch. >> we will watch its deadline. two investigates has been exposing problems within the community college district for months now first it was the emergency new phones some have been in disrepair for more than a decade. and tonight the district says phase 1 is complete and many of the phones are fully functional and laney american colleges.
6:37 pm
they also have added security cameras. face to his plan to start soon repairing and adding additional emergency phones. if you have information surrounding these issues or if you have something to investigate should look into, send an email to katie vineyard two or leave a message on the tipline. coming up, a bipartisan budget dealer washington. what president trump tweeted about the agreement. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes?
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stocks fell for second day ofpresident pertinent 10% her $ worth of chinese imports but the dow has been positive but closed 280 points lower than nasdaq dropping 64 and the s&p up by 26. they were down about 1%. tariffs are set to take effect september 1 in the u.s. in china cannot reach a trade agreement the 10% care for cover many more consumer goods including iphones and other smartphones. children's toys and other products as well. president said china is not following through on buying u.s. farm products.
6:41 pm
the president has already imposed a 25% tariff on about $250 billion worth of china's products. >> u.s. senate has approved a bipartisan budget deal affording the threat of another government shutdown. the bill liss the debt ceiling for two years increasing it by two petroleum dollars. that allows for morescal conservatives are calling it be fiscally irresponsible thing we have done in the history of the united states. >> [ indiscernible ] >> the bill now heads to the president's desk he plans to sign it. the president tweeted his support today saying quote budget deal is phenomenal for great military, our fats and jobs jobs jobs. we are tracking the weekend weather it is just around the corner i will let you know what
6:42 pm
you can expect for friday, saturday and sunday.
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outlets are partnering with the san francisco chronicle to look at some of the causes and solutions to homelessness in the bay area. today we were in the south bay where sanders is broken ground on two tiny home communities. the aim is to get 80 homeless people off the streets. the rooms only have a bed and a desk but the sites will have
6:46 pm
community showers and restrooms along with social services. the city says these bridge homes as they call them should be ready by november. there is talk of possibly converting the former glenn dyer jail into headquarters into a homeless shelter. the board of supervisors is offering to lease the building to the city of oakland for a dollar a year. the jail closed back in june, the capacity for more than 800 inmates. supervisors say it could be a a there been judgments the plans are underway for a tour so the mayor's can get a firsthand look. we had a cool run for the last couple of days, temperatures by the weekend warming up. temperatures were down from yesterday by 10 degrees. a nice day, just not all that
6:47 pm
warm. fog along the coast. the font is in already shooting across the bay over toward the valley. tomorrow morning when you wake up the green, notice how the, i want to do this. did you notice how the fog for, dosimilarities,seabreeze. kind of cool sunshine on the other side. as we go into tomorrow morning, more the same and warmer, the low has kept things i would say mild for this time of year.
6:48 pm
this cooler pattern is going to start breaking tomorrow, but as we get into saturday and sunday we get back to some 60s. hottest day on saturday, warming trend starts tomorrow, friday tomorrow morning clouds typical. san jose will be fine for fog. most areas will have some cloud cover. partly sunny skies for san francisco. i think there will be fog up in here as well. it goes away quickly. that is similar to what we saw today. a little bit warmer. take a look at your screen for the forecast ties.
6:49 pm
the weekend is around the corner and the weather is shaping up for the barbecues. it will not be overly hot, saturday will be quite warm, fire danger elevate a little bit, then it comes down on sunday, and then another one comes onto the scene and temperatures come down. this pattern which is really good, cal fire is loving it. we will see you tonight at 10. governor gavin newsom signed a bill into law to shorten practices for football. the new law which doesn't go into effect until 2021 also requires a medical professional to be president at all games and an independent person be at all practices to ensure all the new rules are being enforced. are making a habit of
6:50 pm
coming from behind late in the game. >> we will show you the home run that completed the come  back against the bruins. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the next american chinese original is here. new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express.
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some mixed news today for baseball fans. we will start with the winner. >> you want to go with the winner? >> yes. >> let's go with the winners this afternoon, the a's just keep doin to be a ke one serious after another. two out of three with milwaukee one of the best closers of the gate. check this out. the fan in the stands, he is trying to make a catch. he doesn't get the ball. the a's were down at the third chad pender way gone. that's his ninth of the year and it so tied game.
6:54 pm
wild pitch to the bruins, it cuts it to 3-2. after the second time in the series they beat them on a long ball to center d. he struck they had a sacrif the final was 5-3. had their best month of july since they moved to san francisco in 1958. there were 19 and six and august just one day then they took a beating against the phillies. derek rodriguez getting a start the bases early in the second the pitcher takes it and they tied up. the empire says out they look at the replay and the picture hustling a run comes in
6:55 pm
for a score and that allows the inning to continue with two outs. down into the corner that gets the game started a two run double and the giants quickly trailing 3 and 0, not two run s the phillies would never be headed in this one but just to be sure, in the sixth he hits it to center field. a crash. he did say the game was good. 10-2 is the final. the law comes down a major- league baseball and you know it would after that spectacular brawl we saw the other night it
6:56 pm
get this, six players suspended in both managers for their actions. most notably the reds manager came out of the clubhouse he had been injected he got involved in this he is suspended for six games the pirates manager for two games and met mayor grant the pitcher ran off the mound in toward the dugout suspended for a games. he is suspended for 10 full games. no messing around. a little raiders football little wine country, the first thing you hear about the raiders this year antonio brown the newcomer forward the offense but don't overlook that guy number 16 tyrell williams who came over the off-season as a
6:57 pm
free agent signing last year he's a red zone threat. he can make the catches in the tough crowd and then he figures he will mesh well with antonio brown. >> he is a big personality, i will try to take as much as i can from everybody.up for me. that is the sporting life for now. thank you.
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