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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 1, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i shou have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. hundreds of people gather in gilroy where summer concert becomes a candlelight vigil as the community comes together in solidarity following sunday's mass shooting.>> i encourage you to talk about how you feel, hug your friends and family. take a break from social media, and just be present with the
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ones you love.>> gilroy strong was the theme tonight. good evening, the people at tonight's vigil said that garlic festival shooting will not defy to find their tightknit community.>> reporter: tonight was supposed to be a downtown music series event, but instead it was a candlelight vigil to support the victims families and each other. organizers say it was only fitting to have it here in downtown to celebrate community, a community that is gilroy strong.>> [music] >> standing together in morning, gilroy's resilience on full display thursday night as hundreds of people took over the downtown intersection of monterey and fifth street, blanketed with the message, gilroy strong. >> we are saddened, hurt, angry, and confused.
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we are now one of those communities on a growing list of communities. >> a community still reeling after the fact on the city's cherished and is celebrated gilroy garlic festival known as the soul of the community. >> an individual with hatred in his heart decided to try and steal our innocence. >> the city grieving for the three young people killed, more than a dozen injured, when asked how many people have cry this week, hands shot up, sadness not only felt by the victims families, but everyone. gathering, an opportunity to consult, comfort and heal. >> having watched all of the other terrorist attacks around the world occur, and the way that it was dealt with, and that i look at the way my staff dealt with this, i've got to tell you, i'm pretty proud of them. >> a chance to give a nagy to the unsung heroes, the police chief receiving a standing
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ovation, he said if anyone had to deal with a tragedy like this, he would rather it be him. >> the devil came to gilroy, and gilroy pd sent him straight back to . people of gilroy, please, look around, look at this crowd, that pastor did not destroy us. >> the crowd encouraged to hold hands, to lift each other up.>> shame on you for thinking we would not recover, >> a small town united, determined to rise above sunday's event, no matter how long it takes.>> we have to go through the pain, we have to work through it, but in the end we have to come out stronger and we have to show the world what we are made of.>> there was a heavy law enforcement presence to make everyone feel safe and secure.
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the crowd urged to remember the positive memories of the garlic festival, and to no doubt bring it back next year.>> along road to recovery continues, thank you. earlier today we heard from two young women who were shot at the festival, as ktvu's reporter tells us, the friends were out having a good time when they found themselves running for their lives. >> my body is recovering so fast, faster than i think i could have ever anticipated. >> gabriella gaus was shot in the shoulder, brynn ota- mathews in the back. >> it grazed my long, went through my liver and punctured my diaphragm. >> the friends ran for their lives on sunday when gunfire erupted at the gilroy garlic festival. the shooter killed three people, stephen romero, kayla salazar and trevor irby.>> we
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got out of there as fast as we could, it was the most terrifying place for us to be. it was just boxed in on all four sides, when you get to the top the gun men can see, if you get to the bottom hopefully you can run. >> i was running, and i felt like i got pinched or a bee sting type thing. i knew, i just remember i'm hit, but i didn't look back or stop running. >> the two were picked up by a stranger who drove them straight to the hospital. gabriella was treated and released that night, brain was transported to valley medical center. >> i'm so thankful to be alive, and i want to send my love to the families that don't get to say that about their family. >> they say the feelings of panic won't go away soon, and sudden movements still make them jumpy. both want to express their gratitude to the doctors,
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community members and first responders who helped them. they say they are simply glad it wasn't worse. >> i'm just grateful that the shooter was taken down in an extraordinarily fast amount of time. and the numbers weren't greater.>> neither brynn or gabriella have health insurance right now, they also want to express their gratitude to those who donated to help with her medical expenses. brynn hint headed home from the hospital today.>> in this afternoon gilroy police provided the names of the three officers who opened fire on the gunmen. they are a 23-year-old veteran, and a 17-year-old veteran and 13 year veteran. >> all of these officers are incredibly humble, i think they are heroes, i don't think they view themselves that way, they view themselves as just doing their job. and i don't think they are particularly excited about
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being in the limelight. but i certainly think that they deserve recognition for what they did.>> the fbi says close to 100 special agents from the other offices are working alongside local agents to clear the crime scene. fbi profilers are also looking at evidence to potentially uncover a motive. dramatic we are following a developing story in santa rosa where police say a man armed with a knife was shot by a sheriff's deputy. authorities say the suspect attempted to stab a mall security officer just before 6:00 tonight at the santa rosa product. the suspect ran off but a deputy found him on morgan street. the man refused the deputies commands to stop and the deputy deployed taser, but it had no effect on the man. he then ran to the deputy's patrol car and got into the driver seat. the deputy tried to pull the man out, that's when authorities say the suspect pulled a knife on him. the deputy then shot the man, he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive.
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the deputy was not hurt. in lafayette were firefighters make a quick work of a grass fire. it only took firefighters about 30 minutes to have the fire under control. one acre was burned, and evacuations were not ordered. ascent has a house fire has displaced 36 people. the fire was reported around 4:00 at a residence on fifth street between st. john and st. james. no one injured here, those displaced the fire are being provided alternative housing. the jury in the ghost ship trial completed its first day without reaching a verdict. they must decide if the two men are guilty of involuntary manslaughter. attorneys say that it is clear that the jury of nine women and three men have been paying close attention. at one point today they asked the judge if there was a legal definition for the term
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authorized agent as it pertains to the building owner and required permit. the jury was told no. the defense attorney says that the fact that they asked that bodes well for their clients. >> my client cannot be considered an authorized agent under any definition and the owner therefore is responsible for permits. >> we interpret this dialogue as a very good sign. of course we don't know, but we are optimistic that the jury is going in the right direction. >> prosecutors have declined to comment throughout this case. the jury doesn't meet again until next tuesday. new at 10, veterans in antioch are threatening to boycott city events over a bathroom project. the public restroom is being built just a few feet away veterans memorial and they are battling to stop it.>> reporter: here on the waterfront, at the foot of l street, since the veterans
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memorial, but you can see it is surrounded by construction fencing, a big backhoe, a project veterans once stopped for good.>> it's horrible. i visualize it sitting there, and it takes everything away from our memorial. >> antioch veterans have barely under banners for memorial day when construction kicked in at the marina. >> it was supposed to be grass, that's what they were telling us. >> not is, but a public restroom, only about 10 feet from their granite monument. >> was said wait a minute, what's going on. oh, that's going to be a bathroom. that's not what you told us. >> inappropriate and disrespectful. insisting a bathroom ruins the tranquil atmosphere. >> this bathroom will be right at the tip of our spear, we are talking about not even per dissipating in their memorial day or any of their activities. >> the bathroom was planned there long before the council.
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>> the antioch mayor said the bathroom was designed in 2009. marina facilities are locked, tenants only. existing public restrooms are dilapidated and very small. and the veterans worry that the filth and vandalism, problem here, will simply be on top of them. >> there are sometimes when you have these memorials and you have bathrooms next to you and you nobody notices. >> the mayors has moved any closer to the water the restroom would be in a floodplain. he is hoping the city can spruce up this round about 50 feet away and move the memorial there. >> will sit down with the veterans community and talk about what it is, and if we can't come to something that works, i say i'm ready to say, fine, no bathroom. >> that already space already has memorials on it. >> we wanted our area, this was to be our area.
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>> veterans plan to crowd the next city council meeting, ready for a battle. >> it will cost the city for the mistake but veterans don't care, we want our memorial, we don't want to bathroom right behind it. >> the meeting is august 13, plans will be aired for that spot and then this one, right across the street. adding a memorial wall and benches might make a move easier to accept. reporting live in antioch, ktvu fox 2 news. >> where does safety fall on the priority list? >> life safety systems that don't work and guards hired to look for a fire. a real mild day out there today, temperatures did call a few degrees, they go back tomorrow to warming up, and by the weekend some high season inland valleys. >> and the new rule for the
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sake of safety on the minds of many. >> i grew up playing football, and it's part of the game.
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in southern california crews are battling a brush fire, the kelly and a fire started just before noon and has burned nearly 500 acres. the fire is now 50% contained
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and evacuation orders have been lifted. the fire is burning in it neighborhood near the u.s./mexico border. still unclear how it started. dramatic governor gavin newsom and former governor arnold schwartz and edgar visited the air force base in sacramento today. they are looking at new technology that will help cal fire during the coming seasons. seven former military cargo planes are being converted to firefighter jets, these c-130 planes will be able to carry 5000 gallons of fire retardant. cal fire is also said to receive blackhawk helicopters which will make retardant drops at night as well as infrared cameras and satellite technology to help with fire suppression. a new state law is going to name changes for a popular sport. governor gavin newsom assigned an act that aims to reduce the number of concussions and brain injuries. he talked to parents and
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coaches at the start of a new season.>> it's the first day of practice for the alameda football association wolverines. there is no physical contact allowed. >> we have to have 10 hours of traditional work before we put the kids in pads. >> but in a few weeks, that will change. with football season in full swing, they will be able to emulate their stars. >> they want to see football stay intact, i know we needed to change some of the rules regarding tackling.>> starting january 1, 2021, the new law will only allow youth football teams to have full contact practices for 30 minutes, twice a week. >> know full contact practices during the off-season, the new laws are aimed at safer practices for players, it helps reduce the number of brain
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injuries. one parent says they welcome the new law, but he says head injuries come with the spore. >> i grew up playing football and concussions are part of the game. >> everyone is going to make a big deal of it, but for our league, we have adopted this already through our safety protocols last year. >> the new law also requires a certified medical professional be on hand for each game. the wolverines coach says his staff is already required to learn cpr and take a course on concussions. parents say they welcome any additional safety measures.>> if a child or my child gets hit, i want to make sure that they are okay before they go back into the game, or maybe they won't go back in. >> i think it's an added comfort to have a physician or medical professional available immediately when something occurs.>> the law does not affect high school football teams with the law currently for full contact is two times,
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90 minutes each week. >> thanks paul. new tariffs for china, smart phones, clothing and toys could be more expensive. today president trump announced a plan to impose a 10% tariff on the remaining $300 billion worth of chinese imports that aren't already being tax-free the president said china is not following through on buying u.s. farm products and china hasn't stopped selling the drug fentanyl. the tariffs are said to take effect september 1 if the u.s. and china do not reach a trade agreement. stocks fell in most refer the second day, the dow had been positive but closed 280 points lower, the nasdaq dropped 64 points and the s&p was off by 26. retailers and tech companies that do business with china saw heavy losses. it did call off today, the temperature in
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santa rosa today was 83. tomorrow it goes back to 89. temperatures warm up a bit tomorrow, definitely on the cool side note, today. especially inland. today it was 81 in concord, tomorrow they go back to 89. tomorrow will be a day a lot like yesterday. today was a little cooler than anticipated. still, with that, temperatures tomorrow will go back to where we were. then we warm further on a saturday and sunday. so there is the fog, and there's a lot of it. you can kind of see it here all the way up, going out through san ramon. and the fog making its way towards crystal springs, and trying to work its way over the santa cruz mountains. it's definitely having an impact on temperatures. temperatures right now are running 4 degrees behind in livermore, 5 degrees behind and in concord. when we come back we will look
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more closely at the fog. tomorrow will be a little warmer, but it's the weekend you are thinking about. we will get on that when i see you next. thousands of dollars a week spent on guards to watch for fires at a community college. at 10:30, we investigate, we uncover safety equipment at the school that hasn't worked in months. and why this group yse back month.
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some developing news in thailand tonight were several small explosions have been reported in bangkok. the blast reported near train stations and government buildings. bangkok is currently hosting an international summit attended by u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo and other high-level representatives. so far just to reports of injuries. thailand's deputy prime minister says there have been two arrests. president trump calling out california at a rally tonight in cincinnati. he slammed the state lawmakers for the number of homeless people living on the streets. >> what they are doing to our beautiful california is a disgrace to our country, it's a shame, the world is looking at it, look at los angeles, with the tense and the horrible, horrible, disgusting conditions. look at san francisco, look at some of your other cities. >> the president also blamed
10:24 pm
democrats for crime in the nation's largest city saying no one has paid a higher price for the far less destructive agenda than americans living in our inner cities. today a federal judge in san francisco upheld an injunction blocking the trumpet ministration from enforcing new asylum restrictions for people crossing the southern border. the u.s. district judge turned in a justice department request for a stay. he also issued the injunction which stopped the policy from being implement it while a lawsuit is heard. the house he would require migrants to pass through another country on their way to the u.s. to first apply for asylum in that country. the judge said that the rule conflicts with the principle that asylum is intended to protect those with nowhere else to turn, and appeal is expected. in san francisco protesters say they will be outside ice
10:25 pm
offices on samson street for a month of action on immigration. organizers say they are outraged by what's happening to migrant families on the border with mexico.>> aging children, keeping them from having clean water, decent food, showers, clean clothing, access to their families. day after day after day.>> a protest on washington street overnight drew a response from the san francisco police around 1:30 am. officers cited 17 people including one juvenile and made one arrest. the city of san francisco and the county of san francisco got a new budget today. the mayor signed a $12 billion spending plan that covers two years. because it covers clean streets and public housing.
10:26 pm
the city budget also includes more than $50 million to support the expansion of behavioral health and other health services. now in washington the u.s. senate approved a bipartisan budget deal, it lives the dead ceiling of two years increasing it by $2 trillion. the bill now heads to the president's desk and he plans on signing it. he tweeted his support today saying budget deal is phenomenal for our great military, our vets and jobs, jobs, jobs. there were some reassuring words today as the santa clarita county reopened its gait. see how security was retold after sunday's shooting in gilroy. it may be hard to believe but nfl football is back. the first preseason game was played tonight, and later in sports highlights, the touchdown celebration is informed. i just think it's
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disrespectful to the students we serve.>> closed captioning for the 10:00 news brought to you by mancini sleep world, head over to mancini sleep world triple mattress sale.
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two investigators learned fire alarm systems at a college having worked in months. in fact there were so many code violations that the oakland fire department put laney college on notice.
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the college district is spending thousands of dollars a week to have guards stay and watch just looking for fire.>> all units respond. >> did you get a report of a transformer that exploded? pugh there was a catastrophic failure at this oakland community college. alarms may have sounded, but with the fire panel systems not functioning, the fire department and nearby police station whenever alerted until a maintenance man called 911. the culprit was a large rat that caused an electrical shortage in the student center. it is one of four e. bay schools in the college district a place where the facilities have fallen into disrepair.
10:31 pm
the president of the proto- federation of teachers says that the fire alarm system is just one of a long list of problems at laney college, from broken elevators to busted windows. delinking water founds enclosed restrooms. >> what goes through your head? >> i think it's disrespectful to the students we serve and it sort of minimizes what their importance actually is to us. >> power in the students center is still cut off. months since the fire. even the pool was closed earlier this year for safety issues and a lack of maintenance, causing swimmers to go elsewhere. the oakland fire department did a routine expection at laney in january, months before the small fire, finding critical deficiencies and putting the campus on fire watch until alarm panels, fire exits and electricity lines were up to code. the documents show repairs still didn't start until late february. board members were baffled.>>
10:32 pm
shouldn't that have set off a red light? >> i'm a little bit confused. who initially is responsible and drop the ball? >> since then the district has been spending $12,000 a week to have security guards walk the campus and check every building, every 30 minutes of every day. just to make sure nothing catches fire. it's something that was anticipated to be solved in march but there are still notifications on the building saying the fire watch is still happening. >> is that acceptable to you? >> no, obviously not. >> because a few weeks turned into half a year and roughly $350,000 and counting. two investigates found the guards that were supposed to be checking campus appearing to lounge around, smoke, or stare at their phones, day after day. the security company not responding to our questions about its employees. >> i hope the district administration is accountable.
10:33 pm
i hold the chancellor and the vice chancellor of facilities accountable. >> there have been recent changes at the top. acting chancellor was brought on board to clean things up. >> who do you think dropped the ball?>> well, let's just face it, i'm new to the position, i was in here, i can't speak to why or where for, or how come, i just think we are in a situation where those of us who are here now, we are working hard to fix those problems. connect the board approve $300,000 after the march fire for emergency electrical repairs to the student center and the classroom building. but delays have persisted for months and both are still closed. >> there are consequences to having things get in disrepair and lapsed. there are some pretty serious consequences. now, the good news is we will
10:34 pm
not remain on fire watch. >> went oakland fire inspectors came back in mid april they found only half of the alarm panels on campus were actually working. some exits were still blocked, some fire extinguishers still not serviced in three years, and several extension cords, space heaters and missing safety equipment.>> this has been a problem, they have owned that problem, and they want it fixed. >> records show trustees okay to one million-dollar contract for fire system testing, inspection and repairs for every building. but other campus safety issues remain, and easy to see. something that was presented to the board, hoping they would address it six months ago. >> people are here because they are committed to the community and they love their jobs. and so things like this undermined the commitment. >> chance the right says the goal is to be whole and ready to roll the time students come
10:35 pm
back for fall semester. >> these issues cannot continue. they must be resolved for the safety of students and staff.>> we just got new information from the college district, contracted technicians will be at laney college beginning august 12 to start repairing the alarm system. but the open bureau of fire prevention said no parents have been polled as ofhis weekend that college remains on fire watch. we will be watching to see if they make their mid-september deadline. if you have information on problems at one of the colleges or something else, just give us a call, 510-874-0222. you can also email k2 you who ktvu 2 investigates. and the weekend is just
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around the corner now, the forecast in which you can expect for your saturday and sunday. plus see how the warriors will be welcomed at the team's new home. it's going ok? great. now i'm spending more time with the kids. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch.
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jury in the katy perry
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copyright infringement awarded the rap artist who filed the claimant $2.7 million. the jury found the 2013 hit . course copy to christian rap song. perry's attorney said they plan to fight that decision. the u.s. navy confirms the pilot of the fighter jets that crashed into fell yesterday has died. it took off from the naval air station in central valley and crashed in a scenic area known as star wars canyon. the navy says the crash happened during a low level flying on a routine training exercise. a group of terrorists severed from minor injuries due to debris. people had a chance to see a controversial hero that is expected to be painted over because some say it's phrases. washington high school opened its doors oh members of the
10:40 pm
public and view the mural for themselves. it was created in the 1930s to depict george washington's life and includes images of african- american slaves, white settlers and native americans. the school district voted in june to paint over the mural even though art historians describe it as political commentary. some people at today's viewing also thought it should be saved.>> if they are really uncomfortable maybe they should cover them but never destroy them. i think art is so important. >> it's unclear when the mural might be painted over. the district says it will cost $600,000 to do so. a new street name was christened today in a ceremony outside of the new chase center. you are looking at warriors way formally known as south street. it runs for two blocks in the mission bay neighborhood. the new name coincides with the golden state warriors move from oakland to san francisco.>> the warriors will be here forever. it's an opportunity to
10:41 pm
celebrate and have it be a place for people that understand it's our home. >> the new address is 1 warrior way. the first event to be held at the arena is set for september 6 went metallica and that whatever cisco symphony are set to perform. burger king said they will start selling their plan based of burger nationwide next week. the bay area was one of the test markets starting in june. the impossible whopper will be available for a limited time starting august 8 at more than 7000 burger king locations. preventing a deadly overdose, unique training classes for volunteers, and how a sheriff's reassuring people that they can feel safe and secure at the county fair. and a slowburn for the marine layer today. our chief meteorologist is back with your weekend forecast, i
10:42 pm
had. that's ahead.
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10:44 pm
new attend, a transient is behind bars expected suspected of sexually assaulting a ,12. officers responded to the 100 block of north fourth street yesterday afternoon and found this man. police say he lured the child
10:45 pm
into an alleyway and he is facing several charges including sodomy against minor in folsom prison. the santa clarita fair open today with a retold security plan. >> reporter: minutes behind schedule and amid security concerns, the santa clara county fair opens for its annual four-day run. >> i'm here now but a little concerned. there are copycat people. >> is stable in the county for 75 years, this year this tear is overshadowed by what happened sunday in gilroy. the alleged gunman opens fire killing three and wounding at least a dozen other people. questions facing patrons moving past metal detectors. are the irgrous safe? pugh we are here to support our community and have a little bit of fun and be safe.
10:46 pm
with security ramped up it made me feel a little better walking in the doors. >> we can't let a disaster change our life. >> it is ceremonial ribbon cutting, there was a reorganization of security in the aftermath of gilroy. with the addition of 200 new attractions and events to lure in the newbies. there is an increase in the number of deputies and equipment inside the grounds. >> we have multiple canines that are bomb sniffing and ammunition, we will have air support and our tactical team, but we are taking this very seriously. we want to make sure the public is confident they will be safe. >> officials say last year 10,000 people a day attended, they say it's too soon to tell if the gilroy shooting will have any impact on this year's attendance numbers. early birds and what is traditionally a slow thursday opening say hate and violence
10:47 pm
cannot be allowed to alter their behavior. >> you can't be afraid of people who are trying to hurt you. i'm not afraid. >> many say they are aware, what was a sleepy south bay fair is now a hardened target against catastrophe. in san francisco dozens of volunteers learned had it save someone from a deadly overdose. narcan can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose in minutes. organizers from the coalition on homelessness say it's important to make sure as many as people as possible are trained how to use it. they say big drug users are wary of calling 911 if they see another drug use are in trouble.>> just having that tool in your toolkit, you don't have to know the person it doesn't really matter what your opinions on drug use are, you just walk by, if you've got that tool in your toolbox you can save a life. >> organizers say sometimes the best first responders is just
10:48 pm
the right person in the right place at the right time. we are getting ready for the weekend, the weather is looking pretty good. it was mild today, but it will warm up tomorrow a little bit, and then further warming on saturday and a sunday. saturday will end up being the warmest day, we've got a lot of fog already around the bay this evening, and that's sort of the story i guess. the same old drill, there's a low, it releases the inversion, and inland is the operative. it's pushing pretty far, and so with that said, wake up tomorrow morning with a lot of low clouds and fog, you can see the seabreeze clearly on the screen. it's running 4 degrees behind where it was yesterday at this time, livermore, 5 degrees, and then there's the golden gate bridge, but it doesn't show fog, it's just higher up.
10:49 pm
as you look at the hurricanes we are tracking, both giving the hawaiian islands if it's, right now you can see, this is erik, and it will provide cloud cover, and flossie is a category one, and it will turn north as it heads towards the islands. we will see how that plans out, but the overall theme for hawaii, clouds, muggy, showery, real wet and a lot of big surf. so just be safe, especially around the water, for the next five or six days. the overnight lows, mid-50s, the low has been plaguing us all summer, and it's going to
10:50 pm
lift out starting tomorrow. and then we start to warm, and the drill we've been experiencing all summer continues where we are in the warming phase now. fog and low clouds tomorrow around the bay and here's the temperature footprint, you can see it right there, so it's a little warmer, so 88 in sonoma, 87 in napa, and then as you look at the five day forecast you can see we've got a nice one, a little bit warmer on the weekend, not crazy hot, but warmer. 95 will be the hot day on saturday, and the weekend looks pretty good. we basically got temperatures that will be pretty warm until monday and tuesday were they cool off again. so the pattern of warm-up, cooldown, warm-up, cooldown is continuing. that's the theme for this
10:51 pm
summer.>> is just a drastic span of temperatures. >> not many places in the world do that. >> is there a lot of fog along the coast? beede yeah, there's a bunch, and it will be in most neighborhoods tomorrow morning. the weekend will be noticeably warmer and the fog will stick right at the coast. coming up in sports, nfl football is back. then on the 11:00 news, here in the south bay, a graduation for a special program, here their inspirational stories. >> everyone of us in this
10:52 pm
community is now a survivor.>> we are so proud to serve this community. we are gilroy strong. my experience with usaa
10:53 pm
has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're
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always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. the giants like to trade places a lot when they play. >> it's tough to get them both winning on the same day. as long as they are both not losing. and the a's doing what they do, basically take the series, 2 games to 1. they get it done the hard way, beating one of the best closers in the game. down 1-0 in the third, mr. do everything, play everywhere,
10:55 pm
chad pender has his ninth of the year, and is tied 1-1. but in the eighth inning, the rockies regained the lead. they will put in their closer, for the second time in the series, one of the a's take it deep, this time it's matt chapman, just like that, the a's win it, makes it a five ministry final. those statistics are almost hard to believe. the month of july, the best ever in the san francisco history of the giants. they were 19 and 6 for the month. august has not started the same way. they are pretty much ran out of philadelphia, they are headed for colorado. second inning, derek rodriguez, bases-loaded, the shortstop brandon crawford can't handle it. the umpire says out anyway, the
10:56 pm
phillies want to review, the replay shows he is to be safe. so the inning instead of over, continues. as shot into the corner goes for a 2 run double, and in the sixth inning, deep to center, kevin pillar makes those plays every now and then, this one just out of reach. a collision with the wall, lost his glove, he is staying in the ballgame, true gamer. the giants end up on the short end of the lopsided, and they lose 2 adam 3 in that series. we are not going to make a habit out of this. showing highlights of your ordinary preseason game. this was not ordinary, this was the hall of fame game, and the first nfl football game, and
10:57 pm
you've got a play hurt sometimes, this coach battling kidney stones, he toughed it out. mohammed busted through, second quarter, now atlanta's kirk of trying to get it touchdown. that's midseason form right there. go to the fourth quarter, one minute and 30 left. heading over to winfrey from ryan neale, and that is the game deciding score, 14-10. got a little more rear news, you can say this, summer vacation for klay thompson, probably nowhere near what he envisioned. but you know this guy, always making the best of a bad
10:58 pm
situation as he rehabs with a torn acl. it was declared that and of the warriors dynasty on espn.>> i think that's a little premature to say there's no more dynasty. we still have stefan curry, and the defensive player of the year. it to say that dynasty is over i think is a little ignorant. i think i will come back even better and more athletic, and it would not be smart to count the dubs out. >> he looks rested and very confident. you got to like the positive mental attitude there. hey, check this out. bark in the park night, look at him, you know he wants that hotdog.
10:59 pm
he says give me a high five and you can have your well-deserved reward. he almost snatched it right there. beautiful to see dog bark in the park night. jason heyward, this has got to be your catch of the night. backhanded diving, the cubs do lose however to st. louis. and a home run for the astros, you got to put your leg into it. they are always talking about josh reddick, the golden club candidate, tonight great throw to the plate, he got traded to cleveland. he's going with their color. all worth checking out, it is 11:00, time for more news. next at 11 -- >> the devil came to gilroy and
11:00 pm
gilroy pd sent him straight back to >> gilroy strang was tonight's name as hundreds of people came together in solidarity following sunday's mass shooting. >> the 11:00 news starts now.>> we begin with another emotional tribute in gilroy. hundreds of people gathered for tonight's candlelight vigil to reflect and pray and show their support. they said they won't allow sunday's mass shooting to define their tightknit community. our reporter is live now in downtown gilroy. >> the outpouring of support was incredible. this gathering, and opportunity for the community to consult, comfort and heal. and heal is what they are beginning to do as the community hopes to move forward,


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