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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 2, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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beautiful california is a disgrace to our country. >> president trump bashing the night. state at a rally last what he said about san francisco and how governor gavin newsom is responding. honoring heroes and remembering victims. the latest out of gilroy a week after a deadly mass shooting. and police in san jose face opposition. what they are getting rid of in the wake of the gilroy shooting. this is ktvu fox 2 news at noon. >> good afternoon. we begin with a war of words. president trump calling out the golden state saying california is a disgrace. >> governor newsom responded while here in san francisco. >> reporter: he says he isn't surprised that the president has said in the past.
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he thought what he said was pretty benign but he slammed the state for the number of homeless people. >> it's a disgrace to our country. it's a shame. the world is looking at it. look at los angeles with the tents and the horrible, horrible, disgusting conditions. look at san francisco. look at some of your other cities. >> president trump also blamed democrats for crime in the nation's largest cities saying quote no one has paid a higher price for the homeless agenda than americans living in the inner cities. and he called billions sent to california wasted money. >> the united states includes all states. it includes every city in those states and within those cities,
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some accountability and responsibility, leadership. so you've got to critique, offer some counsel and solutions. >> the governor went on to say that if the trump administration has advice and solutions they should provide resources and support. be waiting for president's calls. the mayors of san francisco and los angeles and other cities have been trying to address homelessness. according to the latest count. the chronicle reports 3,000 are chronically homeless. investigators still working to determine a motive in sunday's shooting rampage at the gilroy garlic festival. the community is trying to heal. >> and as they heal. residents say the shooting will not define them. >> reporter: sunday's shooting caused so much pain for the gilroy community and also brought people together.
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hundreds leaned on each other and vowed to be gilroy strong. ♪ ♪ i'll stand by you. ♪ >> a vigil honored the victim experience the survivors of the gilroy garlic festival shooting. hundreds came together. people prayed. lit candles, and shared memories from past garlic festivals. the vigil was hosted by the downtown business association and the chamber of commerce. law enforcement, including bomb sniffing dogs were there. this was out of an abundance of caution. they spoke about the tragedy and the strength to move forward. >> we're saddened, hurt, angry, and confused. we're now one of those communities on a growing list of communities an individual with humiliate red in his with hatred in his heart decided to
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steal our innocence. >> we have to go through the pain and we have to come out stronger and show the world what we're made of. >> gilroy police provided the names of the three officers who responded and killed the gunman. officer eric cryar, a 23-year veteran. officer hugo del moral, and officer robert basuino. they are all being called heroes. elissa harrington. the jury in the ghost ship trial meets again on tuesday. they are deciding whether derick almena and max harris are guilty of involuntary manslaughter after a fire in a warehouse. it's clear the jury of nine women and three men have been paying close attention. at one point they asked the judge if there was a legal
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definition for authorized agent. the defense tones say the fact that the jury asked that bodes well for the clients. >> my client can't be considered an authorized agent under any definition. and the owner therefore is responsible for permits. >> we interpret this dialogue with the jury right now as a very good sign for mr. harris. of course, we don't know, but we're optimistic that the jury is going in the right direction. >> prosecutors have declined to comment throughout the case. learn more by reading henry lee's blog. the planned raffle of a semiautomatic rifle was canceled after receiving criticism. the union released a statement saying in part we understand the concern the raffle has caused to some and as such we will discontinue support for any raffle of any weapon in the future. our prayers continue to be with the victims to have recent
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tragedy in gilroy, and we apologize for any pain this may have caused them. >> the union advertised in its monthly magazine saying proceeds were going to go back to the department. marin county search and rescue teams have called off a search for an 81-year-old man reported missing. martin cap latin was last seen yesterday afternoon. his clothes and car were found last night near lock loamen marina. the rescue teams have been looking for him since the morning hours, but there's no sign of him. chp helicopters have also been assisting in the search. >> this photo was released this morning. call the number on the screen if you have information. >> shiheim johnson was
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convicted of the shooting death of torian hughes which lynn -- bart stabbing suspect john lee cowell's, he is expected to enter a plea to murder and attempted murder charges in an oakland courtroom. he's charged with killing nia wilson back in july of last year. a judge last month reinstated criminal proceedings after a doctor ruled he is mentally competent to stand trial. >> a closed door hearing to discuss the police raid involving a freelance journalist. a phone warrant was obtained in
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the investigation of brian carmody. court documents show investigators did not tell a judge that carmody was a journalist when they sought a warrant. governor newsom is in san francisco where he toured a 911 call center and highlighted new funding in the state budget to modernize systems. he and london breed visited the emergency management call center. the budget provides $1 billion for emergency preparedness. including funding to transform the 911 system to bring them up to date and work better with digital technology and cell phones. >> it will allow the call volume as an example potentially to be redirected to sacramento or eureka or l.a.
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redirected wherever the capacity will allow. that's what this technology does. >> the statewide 911 system had 438 call centers across california. working to protect your privacy. the practice that apple says is about to end to keep your siri recordings confidential. president trump makes an announcement. and we'll check on the bay area forecast with the weekend knocking on the door. a live picture of san francisco bay. we'll be back after the break.
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more information is coming up regarding the death of the grand daughter of robert on
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fog but bayside and inland, we're under sunny skies. that's the view from the deck. way to rub it in, chris. that's a pretty view. and it's clear compared to last year when there was a lot of smoke up there. that's not the case. it's been crystal clear. and no monsoon moisture heading up. mid-70s in truckee. and south lake tahoe 74. reno is 84. and 80s for many through the valley, ukiah, sacramento. monterey is 65. and you get a good idea on where the fog is and isn't. we had a cooldown yesterday but it didn't stay long. below normal temps on thursday, and they are running a little
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bit above. the warmest day looks to be saturday. not as hot as last weekend but in the low 90s for some. the low that swept by yesterday, that cooled us off. and when you get travis at 5 miles per hour. that's going to equal warmer. water temps are cold. they've been cold for a while. and the cold water is working up the california, oregon coast. lots of 50s. 60s to 80s, fairfield is 85 warm degrees. and temperatures up 10 in fairfield. santa rosa is plus nine. concord and napa plus six. monsoon is east of las vegas. not a factor now. fog will be back but probably drizzle tonight and tomorrow. 60s, 70s, and 80s, and low, low 90s on some of the temps, tomorrow we bump it up a few
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degrees. sunny and warmer inland, and about the same sunday, and nicer for gasia. you know us too well. >> starting tomorrow a summer weekend service between richmond and san francisco. the service is only available on weekends. it runs between san francisco's ferry terminal and richmond's ferry terminal. the weekend fares will be the same as the week. tesla's dog mode may not work right when engaged in a certain way. in order for dog mode to work, the climate control setting must be in auto. if manual, the car will turn off the climate control when you leave. a fix is being worked on but no details on when the corrections
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will be made. a graduation ceremony took place for a group of girls who learned to code and get a good head start in the industry. a seven week immersion class was held at adobe headquarters. the girls say
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the stock indexes fell from the get go today as traders. take a look. the dow recovered from much steeper losses earlier in the session and it's still down by almost 3/4 of 1%. down below the 26,400 mark. the nasdaq is down by 1.5%. and the s&p 500 is down by a full%. for a time stocks were on track
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for the worst drop since may. kevin corke has more from the white house. >> reporter: markets opening friday after global stocks plunged, reacting to the president's tweet announcing a new wave of tariffs on chinese goods. the white house defending the decision saying china needs to negotiate a better trade deal. >> this is the first time that a president has come in and said no more are you going to take advantage of the american people. >> china is strongly dissatisfied with this and firmly opposes this. if the tariff measures are implemented. china will have to take necessary countermeasures to safeguard the core interests of the country. all the consequences will be taken by the u.s. >> reporter: president trump stood by his decision saying the tariffs will continue until
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an agreement is reached. >> until such time as there is a deal, we will be taxing thehell out of china. >> the u.s. had a solid 164,000 jobs in july signaling a have steady economy despite all the trade uncertainty. >> the biggest beneficiary, the increase in labor compensation is the bottom 10%. so this is i think an astonishingly, rebuilding growth prosperity cycle that's touching all americans. i think there's a lot of great news. >> and we'll be watching the calendar as the new tariffs kick in on september 1st. at the white house, i'm kevin corke, ktvu fox 2 news. >> just a few minutes ago, president trump made an announcement on a trade deal with the european union.
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it comes as the agriculture industry is taking a hit from the ongoing trade war with china. the deal will make it easier to import american beef. reaffirms, the -- >> the signed agreement will be presented to the european parliament for approval. the united states and russia have allowed a landmark nuclear weapons treaty to lapse. it was signed back in 1987. it required both countries to destroy certain cruise missiles. the white house says a similar treaty restricting nuclear arms is set to expire in a couple of years. financial analysts say the latest jobs report shows steady gains and the mostly positive
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on the economy. 164,000 jobs were added in july. the economists had predicted 165,000 jobs and the unemployment rate to dip a tenth of a point. it's still at a 50 year low. while companies are still hiring, the labor report indicates a slowdown. facebook and twitter were found to be in contempt of court by refusing to hand over private communications. the judge called the refusal inexcusable contempt. a twitter spokesperson said the company took a stand because it believes it violates the protection of people's privacy rights. lowe's told its maintenance staff and workers who assemble barbecue grills and other products that they'll be laid
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off. lowe's will be outsourcing to third part companies. lowe's has seen a number of changes since a new ceo took over last year. texas has now joined california and 12 other states, to stop the. >> the deal is bad for consumers because it would reduce competition. the justice department approved the deal last week. apple is going to stop listening to siri recordings. they'll use human contractors to grade for accuracy. the move follows reports that apple workers regularly hear personal confusion and confidential information while listening to the recordings. you may think you're saving money by going with a geric phone charger, but they may be dangerous. in one case, a woman suffered
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2nd degree burns when a charger touched her necklace. as long as the charger is plugged into the wall outlet, there's a fire risk. generic chargers are not as thorough as many safety brand names. a transitional project is underway to get people off the streets. and how the san jose sharks are helping with the effort. and we're hearing from more survivors of the gilroy garlic festival shooting. one young woman describes the moment she was shot as she tried to run away.
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a vigil was held in the downtown area for victims and survivors of the gilroy garlic festival. hundreds were there, and they say they won't let the shooting define them. the fbi has 100 special agents working with bay area agents and law enforcement. and profilers are searching for shooter's motive. we may never know they say. and two young women are talking about getting shot. >> i was running and i felt like i got pinched or burnt. i didn't look back or stop
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running. >> the two friends saw the gunman when they were waiting in line for an inflatable slide. they were shot as they ran away. a stranger picked them up and drove them to the hospital. one was shot in the shoulder and the other in the back. >> i'm happy to be alive. and i want to send my love to the families that don't get to say that. 15 people were shot but they've now raised that number to 16. a person was grazed by a bullet and didn't go to hospital. police say 40-year-old, posted a message on facebook referencing the number of people killed in the shooting. investigators considered the post a threat. and they arrested him yesterday morning. threats, especially during these times are illegal, unacceptable. and will not be tolerated. new information about the
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circumstances leading up to a deputy shooting a shoplifting suspect in the city of santa rosa. at 5:30, a security guard at santa rosa plaza tried to stop a man suspected of shoplifting. the man then tried to stab the guard. the man refused a deputy's commands to stop. the suspect pulled out a knife and the deputy shot the man. a homeless man is in police custody, accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old. they found 43-year-old hill who is accused of luring the child into an alley. he's facing several charges, including sexual assault of a minor and false imprisonment. yesterday's high speed chase ended in the east bay with the arrests of go people
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in the east bay. the chase started after police answered a call about two men breaking into a utility truck around 4:00 yesterday morning. the san mateo police sent us pictures of all the tools that were recovered. they have had a string of repeat burglaries targeting tool boxes and utility trucks. the editor in chief of the oakland post. he was assassinated because he was investigating allegations of criminal activities. the bakery's owner and an associate were convicted of ordering the hit. a commemorative plaque will be installed on october 20th. in san francisco, a federal
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judge blocked the trump administration for enforcing new restrictions at the border. the injunction stops the policy from being implemented while the lawsuit is heard. migrants who pass through another country on the way to the united states, would have had to apply first in the other country. an appeal is expected. a month of action in the city of san francisco as demonstrators will be outside the i.c.e. offices for the next 30 days to protest the treatment of migrants at the u.s., mexico border. organizers are outraged. >> caging children, keeping them from having clean water, decent food, showers, clean clothing, access to their families, day after day after
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day. >> there was an overnight protest yesterday on nearby washington street. 17 people were cited, including a juvenile. one person was arrested. london breed signed the largest budget in the city's history. it calls for investment to help combat some of the biggest issues. $180million will go to new affordable housing and eviction prevention. cal fire is building resources for the fire season and for the future fire seasons. governor newsom and former governor arnold schwarzenegger checked out the planes. the c-130s will be able to carry three times as much retardant. >> we had 361 requests for air support year that we could not
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meet. 361 requests for air support because we didn have the tools. we didn't have the technology, we didn't have the equipment. >> i'm so excited about it. that we are finally upgrading and our great firefighters are now getting the equipment that they deserve. the first of the refurbished c-130s will be rolled out in 2021. and they are also hiring 400 seasonal firefighters for current season. workers are building tiny homes for the homeless. habitat for humanity and the city teamed up. allie rasmus takes us to the construction site. >> reporter: most of the people at the construction site are volunteers. you'll notice a lot of teal shirts and hats.
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there are volunteers representing the sharks. >> how many times this is their first time volunteering with habitat? that's awesome. >> they are building the first of 80 tiny homes. >> there are 30 to 40 people who will put their hands on each of these. >> the sharks foundation contributed a $200,000 check to the project. >> it's going to provide building materials for 26 cabins, today we're hoping to press for at least 18 of those. >> reporter: the tiny homes with wired for electricity. they have insulation. an outlet and a locking front door. the social worker will be on- site. they are designed to be transitional housing for people getting back on their feet. >> we have 6,000 unhoused
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neighbors. so it's a huge problem. and this isn't meant to be a be all, end all solution. the goal is to have the first groups living in these homes by november. a catastrophic failure at an east bay school. safety systems that don't work. and guards hired to look for fires. why they've persisted for months. skies are clear inland, and fog is on the coast. temps are jumping up. we'll see how much coming up. you...and mom also gets aoss shoppiback-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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and you score the you knperfect outfit?at ross ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. indonesian authorities have lifted a warning after a earthquake struck off the coast around 5:30 this morning. the epicenter was around 150 miles from the capital city of
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jakarta. minor damage but no injuries. a fighter jet crashed in death valley in a scenic area known as star wars canyon. people often go there to watch military aircraft. it happened during low level flying on a routine training exercise. a group of tourists suffered injuries from flying debris. two investigates has found out that at laney college, the fire alarm haves not worked in months. there were so many violations that the college was put on notice. >> they are spending thousands of dollars a week to have guards stand watch looking for fires. >> with that warning on a march evening -- >> did you get the report of a transformer that exploded. >> there was a catastrophic failure. alarms may have sounded and but
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with the fire panel systems not functioning, the police station were never alerted until a maintenance man called 911. >> there's no fire. >> the culprit was a large rat that caused a short in an electrical room near the student center. power was shut off to the entire campus. laney college is one of four east bay schools in the peralta district. a place where facilities have fallen into disrepair. >> we haven't seen a lot of progress. >> the president of the peralta federation of teachers says the fire alarm system is one of a long list of problems at laney college. >> what goes through your head? >> i think it's disrespectful to the students we serve. and sort of minimizes what their importance actually is to us. >> reporter: power at the
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student center and one of the classroom buildings is still cut off months after the fire. the pool was closed for safety issues and a lack of maintenance, causing swimmers to go elsewhere. the oakland fire department did a routine inspection in january finding critical deficiencies and putting the campus on fire watch until alarm panels and electricity lines were up to code. and documents show repairs still didn't start until late february. board members were baffled. >> shouldn't that have set off a red light? >> i'm a little bit confused. who initially is responsible and dropped the ball? >> the district has been spending $12,000 a week to have security guards walk the campus and check every building every 30 minutes of every day. just to make sure that nothing catches fire. it's something that was anticipated to be solved in march but -- >> there's still notifications
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on the buildings saying that fire watch is still happening. >> reporter: is that acceptable to you? >> no, obviously not. >> reporter: a few weeks turned into half a year, and roughly $350,000 and counting. two investigating found the guards who were supposed to be checking campus appearing to lounge around, smoke, or stare at their phones day after day. the security company not responding to our questions about its employees. >> i hold the district administration accountable. i hold the president of the college accountable, the chancellor, and the vice chancellor of facilities. >> reporter: there have been recent changes at the top. the acting chancellor was brought on board in march to clean things up. >> who do you think dropped the ball? >> well, let's just face it. i'm new to the position. i wasn't here. i can't speak to why or where
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foreor how come or who. those of us here now are working hard to fix the problems. >> the board approved $300,000 after the march fire for emergency electrical repairs to the student center and the classroom building. delays have persisted for months. and both are still closed. >> there are consequences to having things get in disrepair and lapsed and there are some pretty serious consequences. the good news is we're not going to remain on watch. >> when oakland fire inspectors came back in mid-april. they found only half of the alarm panels on campus were working, exiting were still blocked. and some fire extinguishers were not serviced in three years. and several daisy chain extension cords and missing equipment. >> this has been a problem. they have owned that problem.
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and they want it fixed. >> reporter: records show trustees okayed a $1 million contract for fire system testing, inspection, and repairs. other safety issues remain and easy to see. something that was presented to the board, hoping they'd address it six months ago. >> people are committed to the community and love their jobs. >> chancellor white says the goal is to be whole and ready to roll by the time students come back for fall semester. >> these issues cannot continue. >> reporter: we just got new information. contracted technicians will be at laney college to start repairing the alarm system. no permits have been pulled as of this week and the college remains on fire watch. of course, we'll be watching to
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see if peralta makes the mid- september deadline. >> if you have information on problems at one of the peralta colleges or another issues, call the number on the screen. (510)874-0222. back to see we go. and serving up sunshine for the weekend, steve. >> for you mike, of course. we start in lake tahoe. that's a beauty. here's the deal, no tropical moisture in a long time. so maybe over the weekend that will sneak up a little bit. and right now it's picture perfect. we'll see if the snow holds through august. jim from the sausalito yacht harbor says let steve know it's great sailing. thank you, appreciate that.
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is july the foggiest month in san francisco? the answer is yes and no. there's no official site to keep fog. but our observer who is near duboce triangle. july and august have more than june. a lot of people think it's the june gloom. if you're saying the dog patch or along the embarcadero. you might have fewer days. for his location, july and august average 20 more than june. the fog is there, it's back on the coast and today the high is building in and temps are bumping up. saturday appears to be the warmest and hottest day away
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from the coast. the fog will be thick as thieves tomorrow. hardly any strong delta breeze compared to yesterday. and a northwest wind half moon bay. and san jose winds from northeast to northwest. and that's a warm pattern. very cold water is sneaking up the california coast into oregon and southern california. we have cold waters and the fog has no problem forming. santa rosa is 80. and fairfield is plus 10 compared to 24 hours ago. and monsoon, not even in southern california. it's not making it yesterday. fog will be back and local drizzle tonight and tomorrow morning. temps are warming up. this is for tomorrow. i think you'll see mid-90s through the interior. and 60s near the ocean. 60s, 70s, 80s, so a big rebound from some of the cooler
12:50 pm
temperatures yesterday. we warm up on the weekend and it's liking like cooler to much cooler. >> have a great weekend. a new project designed to make life easier for electric car owners. stable auto planto build a robotic fast charging station in the city. the idea robot attendants plug a cable into the vehicle and juice it up without assistance. a nationwide charging. the faa is investigating after a small plane made an unusual and dangerous landing yesterday on a busy road about 50 miles from seattle, washington. watch the top left of the screen. a dash cam of a trooper catches the plane as it flying over cars very low. he says he thought it was a model airplane and it kept
12:51 pm
getting bigger and bigger. the pilot had mechanical trouble and ended up landing the plane without hitting anyone. the pilot was not cited and no one was hurt. a jet packed joyride. where futuristic test runs are taking place. and how military officials are helping with the project.
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take a look at the market here a few minutes before the closing bell on this friday afternoon. the dow jones in negative territory. a lot worse earlier today. trying to make a bit of a comeback. the nasdaq definitely takes the brunt. down 1.5%. it is the first weekend of august. and we are halfway through the summer with a lot going on this weekend in the bay area. >> here's rosemary orozco with your weekend watch. >> reporter: we're headed into the weekend and here's what is
12:54 pm
happening around the bay. in san francisco, head to the 46th annual street fair in japantown on saturday where you'll find many aspects of asian pacific american life expressed through performance art, music, and food. the santa clara county fair is underway. featuring traditional family fun at the santa clara county fairgrounds, or pop over to the renaissance fair. and you'll find pageantry, jousting, and other games, food and drink, crafts, music, and dance. in the east pay, pedal fest returns with unicycle lessons, alongside food, drink, and other family fun. enjoy live music. in the north bay, the sonoma county fair is fun for the whole family with everything from carnival rides and food.
12:55 pm
and enjoy the 12th national petaluma music festival happening at the sonoma marin fairgrounds. i'm rosemary orozco and that's the weekend watch. coming up on the four, how to help others in an emergency situation like the gilroy garlic festival shooting. until paramedics arrive you are the help. we'll tell you about a little known training program available to everything that could make a difference between life and death. the jury in the katy perry case found that her 2013 hit dark horse copied joyful noise. it was a fraction of the nearly $20 million he was suing for. the attorney plans to fight the court's decision. passengers at sfo can get a cup of coffee made by a robot.
12:56 pm
the fully automated is opening today. lattes, cappuccinos. and other drinks. passengers can also order ahead using an app on their phone. the robot can make 100 cups of coffee in an hour. a british inventor is testing out a jet pack suit with the assistance of the royal navy. >> it allows the wearer to hover and move between surfaces. this is the first time that the jet pack suit has been tested over water. >> five turbines control the suit which allows the user to blast 12,000 feet in the air. the u.k. ministry of defense has yet to purchase any. a good little commute. our news continues on, facebook, and twitter.
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supermarket iced coffee. >> you're getting 50 grams of sugar. >> the ice make you sick? >> cut the ice cubes be as dirty as toilet water? us, coming up next. dr. oz: it is that time of year when your coffee goes from hot to cold. canscoffee in bottles and has never been more popular. they are certainly convenient. just grab and go. enjoy.


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