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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 2, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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changes nothing in the way the police responded to the gunman. 19-year-old legan had been hit multiple times by officer's bullets. he may have been on the ground when he shot himself in the head. early indication are the officers did not see that happen. >> when the shooting occurred the officers ran to the area and engaged the suspect. the suspect changed his fire from the crowd toward the officers. and as they were engaging in gunfire the officers fired at the suspect. the suspect was hit multiple times. >> the police don't know how many times legan was hit. that will come out with the full report. but the new information doesn't
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change what happened. >> in my mind it changes nothing, the officers got there fast, engaged him fast, drew his fire and eliminated the threat. when he fired the final shot or not, it changes nothing. >> the chief said it does not appear any bystanders were hit and no officers were struck. there's positive news for those who had to leave their cars behind, starting today and tomorrow the police are escorting people to retrieve the vehicles. good news for people who have been without their cars for nearly a week. today, gilroy police arrested a man for making threats related to the garlic festival shooting. he posted threats on facebook. he wanted to kill 500 not three
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apparently in reference to people killed in the festival shooting. he violated a restraining order. the threats were not only unlawful but unacceptable. fremont is hosting the festival of arts and stepping up security. fremont police staffed the number of officers in uniform and plain clothes. they have street barricades but because of the garlic festival security is tighter. there will be uniformed s.w.a.t. in the crowd. sunday's shooting hit close to home. two of the vendors were hurt and remain in the hospital. >> clearly they won't be at the festival. we're having a sign in the position they
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formerly have. there's a gofundme page. we'll be promoting that as well. >> organizers will be paying tribute to all of the victims of the shooting with a music dedication. the festival is saturday and sunday in downtown fremont. the earthquake will be holding a silent auction tomorrow night. all funds raised will be matched by the earthquake and donated to gilroy garlic festival fund. the raffle organized by the police union has been canceled the drawing came under fire following the gilroy shooting. >> the timing is horrible and once we realized it we had to act. >> paul kelly doing a public
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mea culpa friday. inside the july issue of the monthly mag, vanguard, an ad with a chance to win the semirail -- rifle. it doesn't make sense. >> by video call the judge a former san jose police independent auditor said the magazine spread sent shock waves coming on the heels of the mass shooting in gilroy. is suspect used an assault style weapon before taking his own life. >> it flies in the face of everything that the community stands for. >> the union said the raffle is not use and the $20,000 goes to pay for the two chaplains and the related services.
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usually a police firearm is raffled off for officers only. >> i'll take full responsible that i didn't take it down after gilroy, our focus was on gilroy. but i think it was a mistake not to take it down sooner, i apatrols. >> for that. we did, it's the right thing to do. >> that's the good decision, i hope they keep their word. a gun raffle is off the table forever. >> not the have raffles in the future. they want an investigation as to how the practice got started in the first place and continued until now. i'm a gun that was stolen from an agents car in oakland has been recovered.
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the ideas included a semiautomatic rifle, and a jacket with official f.b.i. markings, it happened july 10. it's unclear where the gun was recovered or if the ammunition and jacket was found. warrants for a freelance journalists were unproper and should be unveiled. police were trying to learn how car mondy got documents. court documents show that the police did not tell the judge he was a journalist. a lair for a bay area teen arrested in the stabbing death of a police officer in italy.
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he and his friend are being held in rome. prosecutors say elder stabbed the officer 11 times during a scuffle and natali punched and kicked the officers partner. california governor and the president of the united states are at it again with a war of words. the latest exchange last night where he bashed the state of california. the governor says the attacks are nothing new. >> at the latest campaign stop he talked about another state, california, slamming the golden state for the number of homeless on the state. >> what they are doing to our beautiful california is a disgrace to our country, it's a shame, the world is looking at it. look at los angeles with the tents and the horrible disgusting conditions,
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look at san francisco, look at the other cities. >> the president blaming democrats for crime in the nation's largest city. no one has paid a higher price for the kats destructive agenda. give governor newsom said it's nothing new. this is what he's been saying. >> the president's critiques ring hollow and his policies may be making things worse. >> if you have advice, solutions, they are trying to take 80 million from l.a. in housing and urban development, if you want to help? that's a way to help. >> the president of the united states is the president of all 50 states and he will wait by the phone for the president to call if he wants to help california out with the
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homelessness crisis. blaming unfair media coverage is why he has withdrawn his pick for the national intelligent director. there were questions about ratliffs experience. the position opened up when dan coats resigned last week. the president says he will announce a new candidate shortly. coming up the sale of plastic bottled water banned at san francisco international airport. an arrest following vandalism that included racist graffiti and broken windows. a little bit of a warmup, coming up we'll let you know if that continues in the weekend forecast. hundreds of arrests in a
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nation wide sting. hear from the attorney on the dozens of arrests made in the bay area. a look at the traffic on the east shore freeway, it will tack you 43 minutes to drive from berkeley. ♪
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refillable water bottle to sfo. the airport is banning the use of single use plastic water bottle. august 20 you won't be able to buy a bottle of water at the san francisco airport unless it's made of something other than disposable plastic. passengers are banned from bringing water bottles of any kind through security. what happens on the 20th. >> you can buy water but you will buy it in a rerepsych able -- aluminum bottle or cab or glass water restaurants cafes, food stands and bars to provide only compostable straws, dishes, cups utensils and condiments in
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packages. >> this will divert products that would normally go into landfills. plastic can be recycled, but there's a problem. plastic bottles multiply quicker than rabbits. so much so they are hard to get rid of because the market isn't good any more. how much are we talking about. 500 billion of these every year worldwide, 4 million a year at sfo. >> less than 25% of plastic bottles get recycled. >> it's a positive move. improve of san francisco and california for being aware and taking action to save our planet. >> we know about plastic polluting the sea, and i think also it's a waste of oil because
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oil is needed to create pharmaceuticals and the important stuff. >> flavored waters and sodas are exempted from this rule, at least for summer weekend ferry service between richmond and san francisco will start tomorrow. the water emergency transportation authority announced it today. it will run between the frerey terminal between august 3 and november 3. it will include five trips each way on saturday and sunday. currently ferry service runs only weekdays. bart is trying out a new program, starting monday they will make clipper cars the only ones for
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fares. in the following week embarcadero will join. the goal is to eliminate the sale of paper tickets by 2020. new details following fires of lyft bikes in san francisco. two more caught fire. in berkeley and san jose. two days ago lyft pulled the bikes after two wurst into flames. the fires started in the battery, lift said no one is injured. let's bring in mark. looking at warmer temperature. >> the forecast is right on track with temperatures back up into the lower 90s and that's the case as we go into the weekend. we were expecting a warmup and we were right. fairfield 94, san jose 80
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degrees, san francisco 67 and napa 85. here's the satellite, we had the range in temperature because the fog is a factor in the coast and the fog will be back into the bias we head into -- way as we head into saturday morning. oakland 73 and san francisco right now 76. haze in the sky, clear skies in the picture, probably add fog tomorrow morning for oakland, heyward, fran and pacifica. as far as san francisco, fog, with 57 degrees, partly sunny and temperature on track to reach the upper 60s, tomorrow morning the clouds still around, clearing back to the coastline and a temperature range from the mid- 60's to the mid-90's. tomorrow more 90s on the map, closer to
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the bay 70s and 80s and the beach in the 60s, that's for saturday. we'll talk more about the rest of the weekend coming up. a woman reported missing after the deadly campfire in paradise has been found and she's very much alive. wendy carol was spotted by a deputy in orville. she said she's safe but never came forward because of unresolved legal issues. the only person still unaccounted for the sarah avenue la-- avila. the police are not releasing the suspects name until the district attorney decides whether the file charges. tate and another man when shot in a car on 66th avenue on july 22. both victims were taken to the
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hospital but tate died. the other man survived. today marks 12 years since chauncey bailey was shot and killed. he was killed by members of to your black muslim bakery while investigating criminal activities. the bakers owner and associate were convicted. a councilwoman plans a plaque at the site where bailey was gunned down. still ahead, a man's effort to help his homeless neighbors got a boost from the community of the how the contribution will be seen on the street. trade talks stall with china. how are both affecting the u.s. economy.
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. ricardo stepped down at puerto rico governor. thousands demanded his resignation after leaked text revealed degrading messages. he will swear in lucy as his replacement. he ran in the 2016 primaries.
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president trump threat to hit $300 billion worth of chinese imports with 10% tariffs overshadowed a positive job report. it's the worse week for the market but the president got support from his get tough approach from china from a top democrat. >> u.s. stocks fell further but the trump administration said the economy is in good shape. >> we're signing a breakthrough agreement. >> announcing an agreement that increases how much american beef can be sold in the eu market. >> this comes after the president threw global markets into a style spin. >> i don't think the tariffs had an impact. china is a tougher position.
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>> chinese attorney minister said -- r said -- . >> america has lost trillions of dollars and millions of jobs pause china has not played fair, and being tough on china is the right way to be. >> the escalating tariff costs chinas the top trading partner. >> it won't kick in until september, if it does, hopefully enough action will be done to get them to the going -- negotiating table to start september with a trade deal. >> the trump administration is pointing to the latest job report as a signal that the u.s. economy is strong.
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last month 164,000 jobs were added. >> the increase trade tensions led to another down day. the nasdaq fell 107 and the s&p down by 21. a man was arrested for racist graffiti. jenni garofalo is getting back. what he's doing differently to avoid this situation. aresponse in the event of an emergency. the improves being made to call systems.
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. the corner determined the gilroy shooter died from a self- inflicted gun shot. the chief of police said in his mind the new information changes nothing about his department's quick response. >> a raffle by the police union has been canceled because the winning practice prize was a semiautomatic rifle. it appears in vanguard the official publications of the san jose. california governor and the president of the united states are at it again with another war of words the latest exchange last night where he bashed the state of california slamming the state for the number of homeless on
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the street and blamed the democrats for crime in the largest cities. today police in the east bay announced an arrest in a vandalism investigation. >> it was in the bay point neighborhood homeowners found racist graffiti and rocks flown through windows. >> contra costa sheriff deputies responded after the n word and graffiti were spray painted outside homes belonging to african americans. >> they found property damaged consisting of a rock being thrown through a window, graffiti with racial slurs. >> many said it was a hate crime. investigators arrested 63-year- old alvin brown and accusing him of staging it. his girlfriend's home was vandalized. >> this was not a hate crime
6:31 pm
but an attempt to make the vandalism ofs appear to be racially motivated. we're confidence this was not the case. >> it was the result of a domestic dispute why did he break my window. it's shouldn't be done. he used race as a weapon. >> he's doing a disservice to his own people. >> she had a storage container and minivan tagged. >> i'm driving around and people think what can she go to deserve this. >> i have done nothing to him. there's no reason to try the harm my family. >> she worried similar crimes may not be taken seriously. >> i can't path only it because i'm not crazy. she has a son in the house. >> no one answered the core at
6:32 pm
the home. later a woman called and requested privacy. >> whether it's a african- american whale, white male, when these things happen and there's an indication it's a hate crime it's not acceptable. >> two homes had rocks thrown in the window. >> the rock came in the window and fell on the floor and the glass went in my mouth and down my throat. >> the rock was a river rock from over by his house. >> the d.a. office will review the case before deciding whether to file felony charges. dozens of people have been arrested as part of a sting to crack down on sex buyers. >> the buyers are an afterthought. it's not taken as seriously as
6:33 pm
the crime of human trafficking. human trafficking, sex trafficking could not exist wound a buyer. >> nancy o'malley said the arrests were the result of four covert operations. authorities arrested 45 people believed to be purchasing sex along with two suspected sex traffickers. governor newsom was in san francisco to out the improvements to the 911 system. in new state budget provides a billion dollars for emergency preparedness including funding to transform the 911 system. >> once this new technology is deployed will allow the call volumn to
6:34 pm
be recorrected to sacramento, redirected to eureka, redirected whenever the capacity will allow. that's what the technology does. >> the governor's office said that smart phones are the primary way to reach 911. a long timed avery skat for the homeless will do a lot of good after a generous gift. the carburator is leaking, the tires are shot, but all he sees is potential, a way to get supplies to the homeless. >> it fell in our lap. >> it's been two years since his old rv died. wait was the mercy mobile. >> he reached out the owner of
6:35 pm
almadenrv. >> there's not a lot of john rusty but there has been a easy road. >> as it turns out there was an rv abandoned by the owner and sitting on the lot for five years. he was happy to donate it. >> we don't want the junk it. we want to make good use of it. >> the 32-foot long rv needs work. he's donating the labor. >> the first one reached thousands of people. we gave out thousands of meals. >> a long time homeless advocate thinks he will do more good with this rv. >> bring people in, give them a
6:36 pm
haircut, shower, clothes, transformation. >> it's the mercy mobile two, he's grateful for the generosity so far he's hoping for more to get it on the road. >> let's make something great out of a fixer upper. >> they think it will take $10,000 and two weeks to get the rv road ready. there's a web site and a gofundme page to defray the cost. coming up, a family dog, mother and son on solid ground after being rescued from the edge of a cliff. after the break, he's considered a trail blazer in desegregating the military, a former marine received the nation's highest civilian honor. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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i'm a world war two veteran received the congressional gold medal today the highest civil ran honor in the nation. he was one of the first african- american to serve in the marines during segregation in the military. >> we be stowe he's an official original marine. here inside the veterans building in
6:40 pm
heyward surrounded by his family. joseph alexander received the nation's highest sevenian -- civilian honor. >> the 94-year-old earned the honor during world war i by being one of the first to join the marines, he trained in a segregated boot camp of the it was they tried to make th fail. it wasn't training it was demoralizing them and getting rid of them. the training wasn't training it was to defeat him. he fought in the south pacific but his sacrifice seemed to matter little when he runned home. >> he had the dress blues on
6:41 pm
and had to go to the back of the bus. he's fighting overseas and comes home and has the civil rights issue. >> he settled in the east bay, he was proud of his service but didn't talk about it. >> he's a good man, he's a good father and good friends to many. >> the mumford point marines were trail blazer, eight years ago president obama declared all 20,000 eligible for the gold medal but his family didn't know about it. >> i'm glad he's receiving the medal while he's alive and can see. >> his family is proud. things are better but we have a
6:42 pm
long ways to go. the weekend is just about here. we'll talk about warming temperatures. let's go to heather with a look at the stories for the 7:00 news. >> asap rocky is free from a swedish prison. what's next. the campaign, amy klobuchar makes an important announcement ahead of the next debate. after the break, eradicating the swamp rats known as knewtrya. s it's aloha friday, looking across the bay area as we sail into the weekend. weekend.
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. firefighters in san francisco rescued a mother and son and their dog. the call came in around noon when a passersby noticed them on the cliff. it took two hours to pull them to safety. the mother and son were shaken up but not hurt. rescue crews have this warning.
6:46 pm
>> if you have a dog at fort funston, a lot of dogs frequent and run around and they go over the cliff. don't try the rescue the dog. call 911. >> one firefighter was hurt but his injuries were minor. >> let's go to mark, it was a foggy day out there. >> one of the few spots the fog was hanging out around the bay. inland it was a different story. it was the 90s. look at the highs, santa rosa 90, 90s toward concord, san jose 80. san francisco in the upper 60s and pacifica 58 degrees. the temperature moving around all week long. cooled off on thursday, today rebounding a
6:47 pm
bit for friday and saturday. warming temperatures inland. sunday minor cooling. the fog bank near the coast. we'll watch out for the fog to regroup tonight and tomorrow morning pushing locally back into the bay. 80s toward santa rosa. oakland in the upper 60s, san francisco right now 64 degrees, one patch of fog you can see trying to push into the bay. for the most part clear skies looking east torte mount diablo, if you want to go to the sierra it looks great. temperatures in the 40s a nice recovery into the arch, 80 around lake tahoe. a layer of warm air is compressing the marine layer, with that could
6:48 pm
reduce your visibility. all week long we have been watching this guy, has been a cooler pattern, today and into the weekend this area of high pressure has been rebuilding, not like last week but the warmest spots the mid-90's. tomorrow one of the hottest days of the week. here's the forecast model showing the clouds, the expected cloud pattern, half moon bay, van, heyward, the clouds will clear back to near the coastline. we'll have the temperature range, mid-60's to the mid-90's, forecast highs tomorrow. fairfield 95, around the bay 70s and inland more 90s. down in the south bay, san jose 95. and the coast mainly in the 60s.
6:49 pm
might be hearing the fog horns later tonight. the 5-day forecast, cooler near sunday and a steady forecast as we head into tuesday and wednesday. the weekend should be okay here in the bay area. the fight to fend off an invasive species threatening central valley waterways and crop. newt rhea has caused millions in marshes in washington. today josh carter saw what the department of fish and wildlife is dealing with. if you care about going to the supermarket and buying almonds and milk. you need to care about what we can do and that requires us tower at kate newt rhea.
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officials say the rodents can cause significant damage to wetlands, one can burrow 100 feet into levees and banks. what garoppolo is doing to avoid a situation again.
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. giants playing if rockies, were they able to get through the thin air. >> a slow start so far. a flurry of roster moves, dugger brought up from triple-a. austin designated for assignment and scooter ginet active and playing 2nd base. game one of the 3-game set. boch being recognized. he didn't care for this. that's anderson and this is walters up the middle. mcmahon will score the first run. 3rd inning trevor story. talking about the rarefied air.
6:54 pm
wrong team has taken advantage. up, up and out. giants just got one back. 2-1 rockies. the a's are off but they made an interesting personnel move. here's the guy they signed today. >> seriously. just a regular dude. nate patterson, threw 96. didn't play college ball. he's 23-year-old. the a's got wind of him last summer. when he did it again they signed him to a minor league contract. nate patterson will be a professional baseball player because he checked it 96 miles an hour. so many story lines in 49
6:55 pm
camp but one dominates in media circles and with the team. >> we have jimmy garoppolo right here. training camp 2019. easy. all eyes on that right knees ajimmy g prepares to comprise his role at g b-1. it was week three last year. he tore he's a acl. >> do you need to learn to slide. >> that reaction happens to know when the journey is over, don't take the extra hit. situational keepsy. i think for the most part you have to be smart. >> you never tell other guy not the scramble. i loved what you saw today.
6:56 pm
a quarterback that will run it hurts the defense. >> the raiders biggest stardom nateing camp discussion. he's not there. jon gruden present but his prize wide receiver was not. antonio brown not to practice field. he made a cameo on tuesday, has not been seen since. >> i think we're all disappointed. i think he's disappointed. we'd like to get him out here. he's a part of the team, for the time being we'll work hard and seen a development of other receivers we're excited about. i'd like him to never leave. life goes on, you to continue to work. we're familiar with the
6:57 pm
splash brother, we have the pint-sized version of the splash brothers. >> i can make 2 in a row. >> these are two brothers four and 7-year-old. that's one of them. and here's the other one. no way. stop it. he keeps doing it over and over and over. that's cool. that's awesome. that was good. our live news continues at 7:00 on ktvu plus. see you tonight at 10:00.
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