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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 5, 2019 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about your monday morning weather. rosemary orozco is here. good morning. another gorgeous day coming our way. we do have subtle changes for today. the subtle changes include cloud cover in the way of subtropical moisture coming our way from the south. it may fill muggy for our warmer locations today. a look outside at sfo, covered in gray skies. hopefully not delayed when it comes to flights but with the possibility there because of the low clouds this morning and the fog once again, san francisco checking in at 57 degrees. 56 santa rosa. low 60s oak land. upper 5s livermore and san jose, 62. a look at storm tracker 2 see the cloud cover in place from the coast around the and coming that tropical cyclone the
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pacific. see some inside the bay, east bay and east bay hills. highway 1 lacks like we are dealing with it. santa rosa visibility, 2.5 miles. we will monitor it for you. it could thicken up more through the morning hours. the breeze is blowing through fairfield, 22 miles per hour. napa 25. oak land an on shore breeze 13. the partly cloudy skies and temperatures very similar to where we were yesterday. along the coastline, the low clouds, everybody else going to be dealing with the mid and high level clouds that continue to move in and a quick peek at the afternoon highs for today. 66 san francisco. low 70s this oak land. upper 80ss low 90s for our warmer locations. temperatures will continue to fall as we get in to the days ahead. i will have a look at your extended forecast this a little bit. if you are getting onto the highways, time is 5:01. we want to check in with sal. good morning to you. we have a pretty decent commute
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for the altamonte pass and and 205 house parkway -- 580 is getting chloeer. this slower. the accident may change things. as you look at pleasanton, traffic, a crash westbound 580, near hop yard. the crashes may change things. we will keep an eye on it for you. the bay bridge, there is a small delay already coming up towards the pay gates. back to the desk. people across the country are stunned and saddened after two more mass shootings this weekend one week after three people were killed at the gilroy garlic festival. the three shootings killed a total of 32 people. all the violence is storing up the debate over gun control. president trump plans to speak three hours from now on what can be done about the violence.
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el paso, texas -- 20 people died -- hundreds of people from boththe border prayed last nigh religious leaders from texas and mexico asked for peace and strength. investigators say the gunman is speaking freely to them about the shooting at the wal-mart on saturday where there were thousands of back too school shoppers. federal and texas officials plan to pursue charges of domestic terrorism, federal firearms violations and capital murder. police in dayton, ohio are still searching for a motive after a 24-year-old man began shooting in to a crowded entertainment district. 9 people including the gunman's sister died in that shooting and 27 people were injured. officials say police were on duty in the area. >> in less than one minute, in less than one minute, dayton first responders neutralized the shooter. >> the gunman followed a large crowd that headed in to a bar and police the doorway.
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he died at the scene. investigators say he was wearing body armor, he had hearing protection, a mask and 100 rounds of ammunition with him. they have not come up with a mote i motive for that shooting. the shootings reignited hot debates with calls over tougher gun control laws. allie rasmus is in the newsroom with more on the demands for congress to do something and how president trump responded this morning. >> he responded with a couple of tweets this morning. the most recent, the president appears to be blaming the media for the gun violence. the president says quote the media has a big responsibility to and safety in our country. fake news contributed to the angry and rage that built up over many years. news coverage has to be fair and balanced and unbiased or the terrible problems will get worse. there are calls for congress to take action following the mass shootings.
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people attending a vigil for those killed to the shooting in dayton, ohio were chanting do something while the republican governor was addressing the crowd. democrats are calling on congress to consider gun control measures and the presidential candidates are also weighing in, blaming the violence on president trump's anti immigrant rhetoric. >> let's not mince words right now. this president is encouraging greater racism, not just the racist rhetoric but the violence that so often follows. >> under the constitution the president can force congress to return to work but that hasn't been done in decades. we are expecting to hear from president trump in a couple of hours from the white house. he is scheduled to make a statement in response to the mass shootings that happened this weekend. we will bring that to you live here when it happens. allie rasmus, ktvu. people in san jose came
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together to celebrate the life of one of the shooting victims in the gilroy shooting last weekend. sunday would have been keyla salazar's 14th birthday. azenith smith talks about how it was very emotional. >> reporter: a song this honor of keyla salazar, at what was supposed to be her 14th birthday party the san jose. a maria which i band, face painting and balloons and a butterfly released to symbolize her care for animals. all the things she loved as she would have wanted it. >> er she was excited to start high school. it is devastating. >> reporter: keyla, one of three victims killed at the gilroy garlic festival. keyla's aunt says they are beginning to heal, word of two mass shootings. >> hearing of the news is like retraumatizing, too, we are hearing other people go through
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the same thing we are going through. i wouldn't wish this to anybody. >> reporter: this gilroy residents says the shootings in el paso and dayton don't surprise her. >> they don't shock me anymore. i'm fighting to not be numb to it. >> the most possible thing to the shootings -- the most important thing to the shootings is it's becoming nor allize. >> reporter: the mayor resenting keyla's mother a certificate for animal services fulfilling keyla's last wish, a golden retriever for her sister. the mayor vowing to tighten sales of firearms locally, pointsing to a lack of leadership from the federal government to view gun control as a priority. >> we are going to push as hard as we can at the city of san jose as far as the law will allow us. we need others pushing with us in sacramento and washington. >> i think there is no reason for civilians to have assault weapons. >> reporter: this woman pushing
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for gun reform says she is tired of saying not again. she would like to say never again. >> you can't afford to lose all of these precious young people and others and there is violence upon violence. we need the turn our country around and get it back to what it should be. >> reporter: this week keyla's family plans to hold a private funeral service at our lady of guadalupe church in san jose before they bury her at a cemetery in palo alto. azenith smith, ktvu, fox 2 news. national rifle association, over the weekend, released a statement. the statement reads , the nra is committed to the sale and lawful use of firearms by those exercising their second amendsment freedoms. we will not participate in the politicizing of these tragedies but as always, we will work in good faith to ser view real solutions to protect us from people who commit these
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horrific acts. our coverage of the mass shootings in el paso, texas, dayton, ohio and gilroy, california, continues on our website, we have all the latest developments on our home page. bart is beginning to phase out its paper tickets. it starts at oakland's 19th street bart station and sara zendehnam is out there now to tell us what is different starting today. >> reporter: good morning, dave. that's right, starting today, bart riders won't be able to purchase paper tickets at the 19th street station in oakland. the only fare option for purchase will be clipper cards. this is in bart's efforts to phase out paper tickets. joining us life is bart's spokesperson, ana duckworth, thank you for joining us this morning. can you walk us through what bart riders can expect as they get to the station this morning? >> what we are starting at 19th street, we are having a
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pilot program kicking off today involving four stations total over the next two months. here at 19th street today and in two weeks launching the same program in embarcadero and september the same thing at pal street and downtown berkley station. this is because the region prioritize clipper card as the all in one transit card and fare payment system,ed a manufactured by the transportation commission. we have been moving in this direction for several years now. you may remember last january, january of 2018 we implemented a $0.50 per trip surcharge to encourage people to move to clipper card only. since that change was made, we have seen clipper usage increase from 6 8% to 86% right now. the vast majority of our riders use clipper. >> reporter: for the people that don't know about this change here at this station, will be people here to answer questions. >> at each of the four station,
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we will have booths set one staff and volunteers, guiding pop through the transition to clipper card and happening out free clipper card so you don't have to pay the $3 one time acquisition fee for adults. we will have people to do outreach, guide people through it and to make it an easier transition. >> reporter: what are the biggest benefits verse us a paper ticket? >> the savings and money. you are going to save -- it's reusable, the clipper card. it doesn't get worn and tattered like the paper ticket. it's also, you can reled reload it, you can have the auto load feature. for us, it's going to cut down don paper waste in our station and environmentally better for us and paper tickets requires m there will be less maintenance. that's going to mean more open
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fair gates. >> reporter: thank you so much. there are a couple of other bart stations that will be rolling out this pilot program over the next several weeks. pull up the list and look at what stations those are and embarcadero will start august 19th. palo on september 3rd and downtown berkley on september 24th. the goal is to eliminate paper tickets system wide at some point in 2020. sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. a new lawsuit against public universities in california, up next, the reason students accused of sexual harassment are taking legal actions against school. plus preparing for disaster , the east bay city taking action now before a wild fire hits.
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a suspect in a hit and run that killed a 2-year-old girl is back in court today. larios is accused of fleeing the scene after his car hit the little girl as she walked outside of a shopping center. lario who is facing felony hit and run and dui is expected to enter a plea today the jury in the ghost ship trial resumed deliberations tomorrow. the 9 women and three men on the jury are deciding whether they are guilty of 36 counts of
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involuntary manslaughter, one count for each person who died in the warehouse fire in oakland in december of 2016. ktvu crime reporter henry lee is reporting from the courtroom everyday of the trial. as soon as the verdict comes in, we will bring that to you. you can read the daily blog on our website, contra costa county if you drive along marsh creek road, it will be closed. firefighters are battling the marsh complex fire. it is 85% contained. it is several fires that began saturday morning along marsh creek road between clayton and brentwood. 655 acres have burned but no buildings damaged. one firefighter was treated for a heat related injury. we are expecting an update from cal fire at 7:00 this morning. the first of three wild fire emergency berkley. fire officials used acuation pl
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well as making sure people are prepared for a wild fire. first responders drove in to berkley southeast hills during the drill alerting people of a wild fire threat. the people who signed up to take part in the drill received a text message alerting them to a wild fire in the area and they received directions on where to go. >> we are all prime for what if. knowing what to do if we have an emergency is going to be so helpful to us. i lived here during the open hill fire and remember what an emergency is like and would like to be better prepared nexm >> officials say the biggest lesson from the fire storm of 1991, is to have a clear direction of how to get out. the coastal pacific northwest is nobody for rainy weather and long been shielded from the wild fire risks faced by drier states. they may no longer be true. global warming is bringing higher temperatures, lower
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humidity and longer stretches of drought each for the wettest parts of the country. one of the main entrances to the city will be closed down to vehicle traffic because of a bridge replacement project. the won air road bridge will be closed to south aliseio drive until next sunday. this will be the first of three planned closures for a $27 million project replacing that 50-year-old bridge. years of title flows eroded key parts of that bridge. there is a detour in place to get around that closure. the san francisco ferry terminal used by alcatraz ferry boats will undergo a $34 million renovation. the san francisco bay and conservation development commission has unanimously approved a plan to renovate and expand piers 31 and 33, the plan calls for historical
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exhibition area, shoreline plaza and new restaurants. construction could start as early as the end of the year and expected to last until 2023. sal is right there. he knows how to take care of the morning traffic. right? >> good morning. yes. traffic is going to be just a little bit slow in some areas but for the most part, we are off the a nice start. let's go to gilroy and talk about northbound 101, you can see traffic between gilroy and san jose is moderately heavy. if i push in a little bit, there is a say heavy there, the rest of major problems. looking at the commute here, 580 or northbound 880 back up, lights are on. it's not a completely light day. we will see what the volume
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holds up like later on. good morning to you. we are waking one the low clouds, the fog this morning. in addition to mid and high level clouds expected for your day, perhaps in to tuesday, as well. for the week ahead, temperature begin to fall, getting in to the tuesday and wednesday time frame and we will be a little bit below the seasonal norm. through friday, maybe saturday, if the weekend was too hot for you, today will be very similar as far as temperatures in the low 90s for our inland communities. in the days ahead, a cooldown is coming. a look at what is going on outside of our doors. we have this mid and high level moisture pulling in to southern california this toe bit out the itwicontinue for toy.trough her off the pacific northwest and that is what will lead to our cool down into the coming days. the low cloud cover this
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morning, then over to the east, a little bit, hard to tell the difference but we have the mid and high level clouds moving overhead. temperatures outside this morning, similar to yesterday and the day before. we have 61 to start your morning concord. 61 oakland. 57 san francisco. relatively mild start to the day and as we get into the afternoon, 60s around the coast. upper 80s to 90s expected inland. 82 navado. beautiful day coming your way. low 70s expected for the east bay shore, berkley, oak land, 66 downtown san francisco p east, a warm day, low 90s over antioch and brentwood. in the upper 90s on saturday. we are in the right direction. 88 livermore and 84 san jose. by the water, 72. the afternoon high for santa cruz, a look at the extended forecast, not much change expected getting in to your bay and friday. a gradual cooldown coming our
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way. those are nice numbers there. it moves in to saturdayour bayside communities mid-80s expected around the bay or inland and temperatures warming up a little bit more as we get in to the back end of the weekend. a murder suspect now in jail, a year and a half after the crime, still ahead how authorities finally tracked him down. from the couldn't be prouders
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a 6-year-old boy in london in critical condition, he was thrown off of the 10th floor of a museum. a teenagof thces charges of attempted murder. police say the child was thrown off of the 10th floor viewing platform down to the 5th floor roof. >> we tried to get in. there was about four people working, blocking the entrance saying they weren't allowing anyone to come in for the day. they said this was an emergency or an incident that took place. people were slowly leaving. >> the 6 year old was flown to a nearby hospital where he is being treated. there is no indication the suspect knows that little boy. a group of uc and cal state students are suing the school systems accusing them of damaging their reputations due to charges of sexual ha hasment. la times reports a uc graduate
5:26 am
among those filing a class on a few days with another student and was shocked when she accused him of stalking and sexual harassment. the school investigated the charges and suspended him for two years back in june of 2017, he never faced criminal charges. his lawyer says uc and cal state students most of them men, have been wrongfully punished for a deeply flawed disciplinary system. the schools say their procedures are fair and respectful to all parties. iran says it has seized yet another oil tanker in the persian gulf. iran says several crew members were detained near the island in the strait of hormuz. the revolutionary guard says the ship was carrying smuggled fuel. the united states has not confirmed these reports. this would be the third vessel seized by iran in the last two
5:27 am
weeks. protesters and the military in sudan signed a peace agreement after several months of protests. the military overthrew the president back in april after months of protests against his 30 years of authoritarian rule. protestors and the military disagreed for months over who should be taking control. that agreement signed over the weekend is paving the way for the military to share power with democracy advocates until elections can be held in three years. our time is 5:27, the pressure on lawmakers in washington dc is building to take action on gun policy, gun control. after the break what we can expect of congress in the coming days after this weekend's mass shootings disrupted two communities. plus extra streets protecting pedestrians and cyclists.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2, monday morning, it's august 5th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us this morning. rosemary orozco is this for steve today. we were talking dungcommercial over the house when back to school is being discussed. >> we had to pick up the forms
5:31 am
to fill out to get the schedule. >> summer is not over, just summer break. >> there is fun to be had. we are looking at a partly to mostly cloudy start. we are typical for this time of year on this summer day. we will have in addition to the low clouds, mid and high level clouds overhead for your bay area monday, perhaps this to tuesday. these clouds coming from the south. it may feel humid especially for our warmer locations. here is a look at sfo, we are with the fog and the clouds this morning and san in oakland upper 50s san jose 62. a look at the clouds in place. low clouds, mid and high level clouds, hard to desire which is which. the mid and high level clouds streaming from this direction opposed to the clouds from the west. we will go with partly cloudy skies for today. low clouds along the coastline, mid and high level clouds for
5:32 am
the rest of us. visibility could be an issue out the door this morning. highway 1 indicating that dark shaded gray, we could have patchy fog for you there. we have just inside the bay, east bay hills, although most of our visibility readings are good, santa rosa reporting 2.5 miles. that's not too bad. be prepared, you may find fog to contends with. the breeze in fairfield is 22 miles per hour, holding steady, for the entire morning. temperatures will be about where they should be for this time of year. 64 pacifica. 66 san francisco. a lot of 70s around the bay and warmer locations upper 80s to low 90s. falling temperatures will continue t ahead. more on the extended forecast in a little bit. it is 53:00 2, how are the highways shaping up? >> for the most part okay, a problem, eastbound interstate
5:33 am
580, castro after 238. there is a truck that flipped over eastbound, right here as you head over the dublin from castro to dublin, if you are going that way, it is going to be a chore because there is a truck that flipped over on its side. the fire department is there along with med medics. everything is visible there, that might start affecting the traffic coming in to castro valley westbound. we will see if we can get more information now, the chp says it's blocking most if not all of the lanes in the eastbound direction. let's talk about vallejo and fairfield traffic, here is okay. west 88, cor deal and scales, a crash -- right about heres fairfield, a crash and that maybe a little bit of slow traffic there as you drive through. no major issues on the east shore freeway getting to the maze. bay bridge is filled in.
5:34 am
metering lights are on. back to the desk. a big focus by san francisco police on bicycle and pedestrian safety. they are increasing enforcement after several very serious or deadly accidents on streets. cristina rendon is in san francisco right now. you have more on this. good morning, kristina. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave. today kicks off five days of stepped up enforcement for san francisco police. this is the first day of it. they want to prioritize safety of pedestrians and cyclists in the city, part of the vision zero plan, they wants to prioritize safe streets for everyone. over five years, san francisco police identified areas for significant number of pedestrian and bicycle related crashes happened and added more officers to the areas since and today looking for five major violations. that includes speeding, making illegal turns, failing to stop for stop signs and red lights and failing to yield to
5:35 am
pedestrians in crosswalks. the stepped up enforcement operations will be happening again five days this month. once every week. today is the first day. this city has seen a number of accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians this year already. most recently, the driver of a tesla in the tenderloin was accused of running a red light and killing a man and injuring his wife. 867 pedestrians and 147 bicyclists killed in 2016 alone. the city sed it's committed to eliminating pedestrian and cyclist relatedded fatality, by the year 2024, this the part of the vision zero. san francisco police will be in full force today. safety is a top priority. cristina rendon, ktvu fox2 news. fire crews in vallejo
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contained a fire that severely damaged a home. it was reported at 11:00 last night in a neighborhood west of highway 29. when firefighters arrived, flames were shooting through the roof of the home. no one was home at the time and firefighters were able to contain the flames in 30 minutes. the cause is still under investigation. a look at the other top stories we are following this morning. president trump is scheduled to hold a news conference where he is expected to talk about the deadly shootings over the weekend. earlier this morning, he tweeted quote, we cannot let those killed in el paso, texas and dayton, ohio, die in vain. like wise for those seriously wounded. we can never forget them and those that came before them. republicans and democrats must come together and get strong background checks. the president is expected to start speaking at 7:00 this morning, we will bring that to you live. police this dayton, ohios still searching for the motive after this weekend's deadly mass shooting in a crowded
5:37 am
entertainment district where 9 people including the gunman's sister were killed, 27 others were hurt. investigators say the gunman in a deadly mass shooting in el paso texas is speaking freely to them about th of domestic terrorism, federal firearms violations and capital murder. he is accused of killing 20 people and injuring 26 others at a wal-mart. east bay area congressman eric swalwell is renewing his campaign to buy back and ban every assault weapon in the country. he talked with us on the phone yesterday during mornings on 2. >> we are seeing two problems this respect here, the rise of white nationalism in america, in which the fb i director told congress earlier this year is on the rise and unrestricted weaponry. >> congressman mark says there
5:38 am
is potential to make change. >> there are things we can do and constitutionally like an assault weapons ban. why does anyone need an assault weapon. >> many congressional democrats and some republican lawmakers are calling on the u.s. senate to end its august recess and return to work for an emergency session. they want the republican led senate to vote on a background check bill that the democratic led house passed in february. time is nowak 38, democratic candidates for president also speaking out about the gun control debate putting part of the blame on what they called president trump's anti immigrant rhetoric. >> he is doing nothing to address the deepening crisis in our country of this kind of violence. >> mulvaneny, the acting white house chief of staff pushed back on the criticism of the president saying this should be a social issue, not a political
5:39 am
one. >> the president is just as saddened by this as you are, and just as angry and want to do something just as much as everybody else us. >> president trump is too to speak from the white house at 7:00 this morning, about the issue of gun violence. ktvu will bring you the president's remarks live right here on mornings on 2. a chicago emergency room is back open this morning after it was flooded with patients suffering from gunshot wounds. 47 people were victims of gun violence over the weekend. the mount sinai hospital emergency room in chicago had to close yesterday because it could not handle any other patients. anyone speaking treatment were directed to four other trauma centers. chicago police say most of the shootings appear to be gang and drug related. authorities say a murder suspect who fled to mexico a year and a half ago is now back here in northern california.
5:40 am
sal vadar garcia jr. is in to awaiting trial for the murder of karen garcia, his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child. someone close to the family gave authorities locations where he might be. last week, u.s. marshals arrested him in guadalajara. >> i want peace. i don't have to look in the closets anymore. i can just think about karen and not have to worry in the back of my head. >> he faces charges of murder and domestic violence and held without bail. changes are coming for the ticketing for bart, the pilot program that starts today. it takes a village to help housing crisis. a unique program this one let's inmates learn a new skill while
5:41 am
being paid to build homes. good morning. we can see traffic is going to be affech on eastbound 580. you can see westbound 80 here is okay. look at eastbound 80, there is a road, there is ion here where there is a new problem for eastbound drivers. we will let you know more about that. cooing up. coming up this is you shopping. and this is you maximizing at t.j.maxx. you shopping, you maximizing. you shopping, you maximizing. get more of the brands you love and the quality you want, and save every time. it's not shopping, it's maximizing. start maximizing today!
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comcast business. beyond fast. happening today , the oakland public ethics commission will vote on whether to impose fines often mayor libby schaaf's campaign for accepting donations over the legal limit. the real estate company 11 west partners, donated $3200 to the
5:44 am
mayor's campaign. that is $2400 more than the legal limit of $800. investigators recommended that the mayor's campaign turn the $2400 over to the city's general fund and pay a $600 fine. starting today, clipper cards are the only ticketing comes option for the 19th street bart station in oakland. you can still use the paper tickets that have already been purchased but paper tickets are no longer being sold h. in the following weeks embarcadero and pal street stations will join the program then downtown berkley. the goal is to eliminate the sale of paper tickets system wide next year. chp says a truck driver was killed yesterday in palo alto and rear ended a fire engine stoped this the slow lane. it happened sunday to the southbound lanes of highway 101, south of embarcadero road. no one was in the fire truck at the time. about 100 gallons of diesel spilled on the highway.
5:45 am
the southbound lanes were closed for most of the morning as hazmat crews worked to clean up that area. a very unique program is using prison inmates to help build homes for low income residents. it's happening in iowa. six paid inmates from newton correctional facility, a minimum security prison, they are working on a new project called homes for iowa. the inmates are building homes in rural areas that are often overlooked by developers but housing is needed there. the inmates say for them, it's a rare opportunity to learn a new trade and prepare for life after prison. >> it gives me something to do instead of out of the norm, i should say, for prison work. >> we are building footings, and pouring concrete building from the ground up. >> the goal for the program is to build 10 have similar programs. east bay made made millions
5:46 am
in insider trading information on ross dress for less stores. a judge sentenced celine con to 2.5 years in federal prison. he admitted from twine to 2012 he made more than $8 million from using insider information he got from a friend in the store's finance department. he used the information to make money on options contracts on the retailer. a project to modernize caltrain is falling behind schedule according to a federal report. caltrain was supposed to be running on lex tristy by august of next year. a federal monitor says they are 17 months behind schedule. that means there won't be electric trains at sales force transit center until the year 2022. this week, the leaders in the ride sharing industry report their quarterly earnings. analysts don't expect good news
5:47 am
from uber or lyft. uber has seen the losses skyrocket at a time when increased competition has really cut in to the revenue and lyft is also expect report losses. both companies based in san francisco has suffered through turnover in their top management. lyft will announce its earnings after the closing bell on wednesday. uber releases its numbers on thursday. california hospitals are asking lawmakers to scale back on some earthquake standards. hospital officials say the standards cost too much money and may not be needed. a 2030 deadline requires hospital buildings to stay open after an earthquake. the study was paid for by the california hospital association and it says by complying with the standards it could cost hospitals as much as $143 billion. the california nurses association says changing the rules now would be a multibillion dollars bailout on
5:48 am
seismic safety standards. let's get you to where you need to go. i know traffic is getting heavy at this hour. >> that's right. oakland has a problem, eastbound 580 near edwards, there is a crash. that has the lanes blocked eastbound. westbound traffic is still getting through, we are looking at eastbound 580, there is a crash there reported and traffic is going to be slow. we will keep watching that for you. we are looking at a pretty busy tracy commute on 580 and 205, that's moving along very well. no major issues. there was a report of a crash, eastbound 580, perhaps someone misreported that. they were probably talking about the oakland crash which we did independently confirm with our news crew near the crash this oakland. eastbound 80 on the transition ramp to berkley, a crash there. traffic is going to be busy. you can see traffic is going to be slow eastbound and also a little bit of westbound commute traffic as you drive in there,
5:49 am
see if i can get a picture up for you. eastbound, 80 is going to be slow. see it at the top of the screen there. traffic is going to be slow as you drive through. please give you self extra time. i can see the emergency vehicle lights on the transition ramp. outside our doors this morning, we are joined once again by the low clouds and the fog. in addition to that, we have subtle changes coming our way, mid and high level clouds, see streaming in from the south, this is the remnants of tropical cyclone gill and mid and high level clouds with us today and tomorrow as well. it's blanketing areas of los angeles, for us a partly cloudy you are one. these will be with in the subtropical moisture it feels muggy for some. you may notice humidity in the air for today and as we get through your monday, tuesday,
5:50 am
before it begins to drift away, we are also watching the developing trough here. this is going to bring us the cooldown in to the coming days, the cooler air and stronger on shore breeze and thicker marine layer by wednesday or so. a noticeable change coming for the inland communities. another beautiful summer afternoon on the way. we do have the low clouds in place. we have the mid and high level clouds streaming in over areas of the central valley and east bay with the partly cloudy skies in the way of the mid and high level clouds this morning as well. temperaturewise, we are similar to where we have been day after day, upper 50s to start your day in napa. 57 san francisco. 67 hayward. upper 50s livermore. in to the afternoon, 66 for downtown an san francisco. low 70s berkley and oakland and low 70s hayward. inner east bay not as hot as we had been on saturday. 91 the afternoon high for antioch. north bay, 81 navado, nice 72
5:51 am
santa cruz. if you are going to see the giants play, partly cloudy to mostly clear, 62 degrees, a west breeze, 15 miles per hour or so. a little bit cool out at oracle park, come game time at 6:45. the extended forecast, not much change on tuesday, another drop in numbers wednesday, thursday and friday and in to saturday. mid-60s expected for our warmer locations and a little bit warmer on sunday as we get back to 90 degrees or so. flights canceled, roads blocked as thousands in hong kong going on strike. a small plane off of the runway in oakland. we'll be right back
5:52 am
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an investigation continues after a single engine plane went off the runway in oak land. the plane bounced a few times yesterday morning before trying to lift off again and ended up past the runway. the three men on board were shaken up but not hurt. ntsb is investigating the crash. a's are on the road in chicago for a series against the cubs . yesterday, orork was on the mound against the cardinals in his first start since being traded. a's took the lead on the double in the fourth.
5:55 am
a's beat the cardinals 4-2. today's game against the cubs starts at 5:05. washington nationals are in town to play the giants. san francisco took a lead against the rockies yesterday. rookies took the lead with 2 home runs in the bottom half of the inning. giants loss 6-2. tonight's game against the nationals starts at 6:45. it was the opening weekend for fast and furious hobs and shaw, the first spinoff in the series made about $60 million this the north american debut. the smallest domestic opening for a fast and furious film since tokyo drifted in 2006. the 60 million-dollar weekend did dominate the u.s. box office finishing in the top spot. coming up in the 6:00 hour, mass shootings in texas and ohio have communities reeling
5:56 am
this morning. coming up, what we know about each of the shootings and how people who survived are dealing with the horrific events. democratic candidates for president are weighing in on gun controlling what they are saying along with the new statement from president trump this morning. we have a crash we can see on a camera here. eastbound 80, if you look at the top there, there is a problem trying to get on to westbound 580, over to marin. we are going to give you a work around coming up. outside the doors this morning, low clouds, the fog, in addition to mid and high level clouds in the forecast for today. we will check in on the current conditions and what to expect for your bay area monday afternoon coming up.
5:57 am
5:58 am
(music throughout) two communities dayton, ohio and el paso are mourning the victims of a mass shooting what lawmakers and the president are saying this morning. gilroy, still hurting and helping each other heal after a gunman opened fire a
5:59 am
thank you for joining us here august 5th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. steve paulson is off today. we have rosemary orozco talking about the monday forecast. in the afternoon, perhaps a little muggy. we do have again the clouds out there this morning. visibility a little tough along highway 1, we are seeing fog there. there is a look at sfo with that gray. could have delays for those arriving flights. san francisco holding onto 57. 56 santa rosa. low 60s oakland, livermore and san jose. the numbers are similar to where we were yesterday and the day before and the day before. a look at storm tracker 2. we have the low clouds along the coast, inside the bay. we also have the mid and high level clouds drifting in over southern california, central
6:00 am
california into the bay area, with us for most of today, maybe tomorrow. subtropical moisture will make us feel humid out there for many. here is a look at the visibility, we got the darker shade of gray indicating we may have thicker fog to a quarter mile is what we see with the shade of gray. santa rosa, 5-mile visibility. everybody else looking good as well. you may find fog along the morning drive. fairfield on shore breeze, gusting to 25. which is a little bit stronger than earlier this morning. temperatures today are expected to be very similar to yesterday. as we get in to the days ahead, a bigger cool down. for the cloud cover today, we will go partly sunny at the coastline, you can see those mid and high level clouds streaming in from the south for the afternoon and afternoon highs look like this. 64 for pacifica. 66 san francisco. 70s around the ba


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