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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 5, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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ohio as activism for gun control grows louder. >> we are here tonight -- >> repor plus a san francisco bay security form firm drops the website 8chan after the government posted his manifesto there. why this might not be the end of the forum. >> we are phasing out the sales of paper tickets. no more paper tickets at one east bay bart station and this is only the beginning of a bigger plan to use only clipper cards. from ktvu news, this is the four. >> our news focuses on the epidemic of gun violence and the threat of white supremacy. this following two mass shootings over the weekend in texas and ohio. the gunman who opened fire
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inside eight el paso walmart posted a racist manifesto aimed at hispanics. today there are more calls for congress to take action. welcome everyone to fox 2. i'm alex savage . >> i'm alyana gomez. here's the latest on this weekend's shootings. authorities in el paso announced two more people have died after being shot on saturday. the death toll now stands at indictment in dayton ohio, a gunman killed 9 people inside a bar before being shot by police. we have the latest from authorities were trying to figure out what fueled the violence. >> the wounds the patients have received had been devastated consistent with what was reported as a high velocity gunshot wound. >> reporter: the death toll in saturday's mass shooting at an el paso walmart rising on monday. a gunman opened fire on the shopping center, killing 20 and injuring dozens more. the suspect but don't capital
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murder charges is being investigated for domestic terrorism. some members of the community say they will not allow the attack to dampen their city's spirit . >> el paso was a city of love. a safe city. a city that is fun. >> reporter: in ohio, a man wearing a bulletproof dust vast and armed with an ak 57 type firearm killed 9 people. the gunman was potentially in possession of up to 250 rounds of ammunition. among the victims and ohio, the gunman's sister with many police wanting to know if she was targeted in the attack . >> it just seems to defied believability that he would shoot his own sister but it is also hard to believe he did not recognize that was his sister. >> reporter: the mayor of dayton says she is determined to make sure that this is not what the city is noted for . >> cities are defined by how they come together after tragedies. >> reporter: this morning in
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the wake of tragedies in ohio and texas, president trump addressed the nation, condemning white supremacy and called on the country to focus on combating mental illness. in el paso, texas, garrett tenney, fox news. authorities say semi automatic weapons were used in the mass shootings in el paso, texas, dayton, ohio and in the word. the gun man in dayton was armed with an ar 15 stole rifle he legally purchased online. the police chief there says if all of the magazines he had with him were full, he would have had a maximum of 250 rounds. el paso police say the ak-47 style rifle used in the attack there was also purchased legally. california has restrictions on high-capacity ammunition magazines but the law is being challenged in court. the gilroy shooter, also brought his gun legally in nevada. president trump condemned the shootings over the weekend as crimes against all humanity. during a speech he gave at the white house today. >> in one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy. these sinister ideologies must be defeated.
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>> investigators are looking into whether the gunman in texas was deliberately targeting hispanics. the president, today, call for stronger background checks but did not mention any other gun control legislation. he partially blamed video games and mental illness for the attacks. >> it is too easy today for troubled youth to surround themselves with a culture that celebrates violence. it is not up to mentally ill monsters. it is up to us. >> this morning the president tweeted about the possibility of linking background check legislation to immigration reform. he did not mention that during his speech. he also directed the justice department to enforce the death penalty for hate crimes. >> we are here tonight -- --
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>> -- >> the governor of ohio was shouted down during a vigil in dayton last t. mike dewine was talking to the crowd when people started yelling, "do something! " the republican governor said he would support a red flag law to take guns away from people considered a threat but no bill has been that has been written as of yet. joining us for reaction is east bay congressman, mark desaulnier. congressman, dishonor, thanks for coming on. thank you for your reaction. let me get your reaction on what the president said today. he called for broad gun measures and putting the focus on mental illness. anything that gives you optimism that we as a country could work out a solution to this problem? >> there is always hope but given his rhetoric and even his report of the national rifle association and american gun
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manufacturers and given his tendency to say one thing but when it comes to policy, not to follow through, i am very skeptical . >> we did hear the president, today, condemning white supremacy and bigotry which it appears, was potentially with the motivation for the gunman in texas and also pledged resources to combat domestic terrorism. in your mind, what more do you think needs to be done to identify and stop domestic terrorists before they can kill ? >> we have to change the tone of our politics. that is one thing to be conservative and be liberal and have that historic debate but heretofore, we have gone through periods of time where we were responsible in our debate for president of the united states whether republican or democrat and members of congress realize that we, what we said in the public sphere had an impact on people in different ways so we
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have to change the tone and that would start with the president of the united states being more respectful and more oriented to truthful statements, in my opinion. >> reporter: we did not hear the president during his speech today acknowledge any of his own anti-immigrant rhetoric that he has put out there during speeches in the past. do you believe that, maybe, president trump is turning a corner? he is ready to tone things down? >> i don't think so. i think it is part of his personality. i think he is a racist, personally. that is my perspective but again, there is always hope. i am one who believes in redemption so with this president, i want to try to protect people who need to be protected as best as possible, having been to the border and having seen how he used that situation to make it worse. i am cynical. >> you think he bears some responsibility for what unfolded in el paso? >> absolutely. we all have to be mindful and particularly, the president of the united states and the belief
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that he has that words matter . >> let's talk about the issue of gun control here. obviously we have renewed calls for tougher gun laws in this country here but of course, this has happened following every mass shooting in this country for as long as any of us can remember but there are calls for members of congress, like yourself, to return to washington for an emergency session to take up legislation requiring universal background checks, among other things. this is a bill that passed the house back in february. how likely is it, do you think, that we will a, c lawmakers return to debate the issue and b, get something meaningful past? >> just on the process, the house would not need to go back because we have already passed this. democrats, we passed this, mike thompson, a leader on this from the bay area, it is his bill so it is up to mitch mcconnell pick you should, absolutely, put the bill on the floor, put
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it in the committee and have a debate. so people can hold their senators responsible for their position and their vote. that is what makes a legislative body work. his refusal to either have it have a vote and aaron is very condemning. i would be willing to pass a bill that i am co-author of that would be assault weapons. these weapons are not made for hunting or anything really conducive to public safety. they should be in the military. we have passed that bill in the state legislature here in california. it helps but it needs to be national, as we saw in the case in word. that young men went to nevada to buy one of those legally and brought it back into california illegally. >> is there any chance, do you think, that any -- enough pressure is put onto the senate majority leader that he potentially calls lawmakers back to dc or you don't think that is going to happen? >> i hope you will. i pray to god that he does. we owe this debate to all those
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people who have lost their lives in the incidents and others. every day, people lose their lives and maybe they don't have to. when you look at other countries and even when you look at this country, you look at states that have evidence- based research, violence prevention legislation like california, statistically, we are safer. the more open it is like nevada and texas, statistically, you are more likely to die or be injured by the gun violence. so we need to have this conversation . >> before you go, we are hearing from the president and a number of other republicans following these shootings and speaking out in favor of these red flag laws which would, in essence, allow family members or numbers of law enforcement to limit someone's access to guns if they are deemed a potential threat to the public. do you think that something like that should be part of a broader solution? >> yes. and i'm a co-author of a bill that would do just that so i believe in red flag warning
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legislation. i think that is part of the evidence-based research. that is a good sign that some of my republican colleagues are willing to have a debate about that but i think we should go further and look at other policies that have been well researched and still protect the second amendment rights of people. >> all right, we have to leave the conversation there. that is congressman mark desaulnier from the east bay. thank you so much for weighing in today. we appreciated . >> thank you. former president obama, today, released a pointed statement on these shootings over the past weekend. he said in part, "we should soundly reject language coming out of the mouths of any of our leaders that feeds a climate of fear and hatred or normalizes racist sentiment. leaders who demonize those who don't look like us or suggest that other people, including immigrants, threaten our way of life, or refer to other people as subhuman or imply that america belongs to just one certain type of people." 8chan went dark today after
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a san francisco company banded from its server because of its role in the el paso shootings but why it is probably not the end for the controversial online forum. plus pg&e is trying to prepare for this year's fire season. we will have a look inside one of its operation centers and tell you about the technology being used to monitor wildfires. and a mild pattern out there again today. high clouds and fog along the coast. temperatures generally on the mild side. back here with the forecast. here's your buick sir.
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tonight, a website associated with one of the gunmen in this weekend's deadly shootings is under attack. interviews christien kafton is live in separate cisco where the site was knocked off the internet because of a bay area company that severed ties with the controversial website altogether. christian? >> that is right, the internet security company, kyle fuller has severed ties with 8chan, the controversial websitwhere anything goes and re-speech is pushed with limits. >> the accused gunman in this weekend's deadly mass shooting in el paso reportedly posted a racist manifesto on the 8chan website. critics say the site has become one of the darkest places on the internet were racism and hatred flourishes and that security company, clouds clear today severed its ties with 8chan. a nonprofit defending digital privacy and free sheets speech, says 8chan was vulnerable to
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attack . >> this is one of the main products that cloud flare offers the protects a website against denial of service and the website being taken down because there is a directed effort to request to them that they can't handle the volume for it . >> a search yielded error messages today. 8chan administrators posted on social media that since cloud flare severed ties, they expected 24 to 48 hours of downtime. cloud flare's ceo released a statement reading apart, "we just sent notice we are terminating 8chan as a customer. the rationale is simple. they have proven themselves to be lawless and that lawlessness has caused multiple tragic deaths. >> if you have a problem with drawing the line, where is it
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drawn, what is acceptable. what is political debate even if it is distasteful and what is this line that we're crossing. we have a difficulty drawing the line and then we have a problem saying who draws a. >> cloud flare is not the only internet security company in town. reportedly, 8chan is now scrambling to find another internet security company to go with as well. meanwhile, 8chan provider says it is considering severing ties with the controversial website. christien kafton, ktvu fox2 news. wet weather in the bay area. a beautiful day out there today. we are going to stick with this same deal for a while? my guess, this pattern will stick around. a beautiful live shot and you can look to the left and see a little bit of fog creeping into the golden gate bridge. beautiful air quality day. a nice-looking day on the bay and in the bay area but but temperatures because of this week with pressure center offshore, it is running a little cool but look at this, down around vegas in phoenix
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right in this area, you have the big heats. we are out here with a trough in the west coast impacting us. it has been really for most of the summer which means a cooler, milder pattern and as i said, the cal fire, you are living this pattern because temperatures are generally running cooler than you might expect for this time of year. here are the high clouds coming in over the top from the sense of topical moisture moving in this direction, like this, over the top and here are, here is the fog right among the coast and there is plenty of that, too. it is ringing the coastline so with that said, we have a mild day in store or continuing today. tomorrow, the next couple days will follow suit and a little bit of a warm-up for the weekend but i will get more specific when i see you here in the few minutes. bill, thank you. a 72-year-old woman has died at a young girl is in the hospital this afternoon after a house fire in san jose. the fire started just before 7:30 this morning at a home on green more drive. first responders rescued two
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people from the burning home but the grandmother was pronounced dead at the scene. a 12-year-old girl is not being treated at the hospital for what are being described as critical injuries and a 22-year- old man who was the woman's grandson had to jump out of a first-floor window to escape the flames but thankfully, only suffered minor injuries. firefighters say when they arrived, the house was engulfed in flames and heavy smoke and that made it extremely difficult to rescue the people inside. >> a lot of times what happens is when you are inundated with smoke, it suppresses your respiratory drive and makes you unconscious at the time so it depends on how heavy the smoke is and what area of the room you're in. if you are asleep, you may not even know . >> authorities say the fire appears to have started in the back of the house but the investigation into the exact cause is ongoing. >> pg&e and is trying to prevent a repeat of the past devastating fire season.
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the utility invited the media into see the many improvements made in its wildfire detection and control program. kate abuse tom baker was at the event today at pg&e headquarters in joins us from miranda there a power substation. tom? >> i will tell you something, we would almost be doing something right including pg&e because the amount of acreage that has burned this year compared to last is incredibly small. having said that, the wildfire safety operation center of pg&e is still a work in progress. >> staffed 24 hours a day, the wildfire safety operation center is a technological treasure trove of fire detection capabilities that is fed by endless streams of data provided by a rapidly growing array of sensors on the ground, in the year and even in space. backbone, weather cam respite stations . >> this includes the wind direction, wind speed, humidity levels, on a real-time basis. the 490 weather stations that we have installed, and we are also leveraging some of the publicly available weather stations and that information is used to help forecast the
4:21 pm
utility, potential for a fire risk . >> when the risk is too great, public safety power shutoffs will happen but the technology is aimed at using better information to lower the number of potential shutoffs but always airing in the side of safety first pick even in space, infrared sensing satellites can see fires as they happen. day or night, clear, cloudy, or smoky, across pg&e's entire territory, half of it high fire risk . >> we now have two brand-new satellites that goes east and west to deduct fires about every 5 minutes apart. this tool does also incorporate fire detections from polar orbiting satellites, the modus, aqua and -- satellites. >> one thing the pg&e system does not incorporate are
4:22 pm
working arrays of fire centers around power lines and other equipment that could, if it fails, cause wildfires. all around two elementary schools, the rn to moraga fire district has installed fire sensors. they will give firefighters time to get to a school, shall shelter the children in a defensible fire safe structure, further protected by a large soprano -- supply of water. this is something pg&e is considering so long as it can incorporated into the computer system at the system. >> and unwavering focus is on the safety of a community and our customers. >> so tomorrow, we are going to take a look at the sensing system in detail, something many towns may also want to consider, high-tech and very easily installed. reporting live, tom baker, ktvu fox 2 news. has pg&e said whether the
4:23 pm
technology we are seeing is going to keep those power shutoffs to a minimum because maybe they will get the note of notification prying prior to needing to shut off the tower? >> they are trying to be much more scientifically accurate and they have obviously had some controversy because whenever you shut off the power, that is a big handicap to a lot of people and it takes a long time to put it on but with better information, you have a better idea so a much better guest but ultimately it is a guess but when you make a guess with good information like the guest they made about going to the moon, it usually works out. >> all right, tom baker live in around up. thank you. no more paper tickets at one bay area bart station. the latest on the transit agency's effort to go paperless. >>
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>> i'm happy to be alive and i want to send my love to those who do not have the family . >> we have to go through the pain but that the end we will come out stronger . >> an entire community came together . >> unity is our power. >> we are gilmore strong. >> water shooting into the air in san francisco today after a car sheared off a fire hydrant. this happened at grant and
4:26 pm
o'farrell at about 12:30 this afternoon. after the first crash, the driver took off, later renting an suv on montgomery and post. the driver had a young boy in the car with him. they both had minor injuries and were taken to the hospital. police say the driver was not under the influence . >> you can't use r bart tickets anymore at the 19th street station in oakland. riders there will only be able to buy clipper card's from now on. kate abuse sara zendehnam has details on the pilot program all an effort to create a paperless system. >> the process to change up the software from a ticketing machine to a clipper card machine is expensive. it will take hours to swap out the equipment but it is all part of barr's effort to eventually implement clipper only sales systemwide . >> this seems like the normal hustle and bustle at a bart station on a monday morning but on this monday, there is
4:27 pm
something different at 19th street in oakland . >> we are phasing out the use of paper tickets, the sales of paper tickets and only offering clipper card's for a fair payment . >> the 19th street station is the first of 4 stations to roll out the new system. while paper tickets can still be used and money still added to them at the station, you can't buy a paper ticket here anymore. >> i guess if you are going to initially transition, you might as well start with the busy one . >> bart spokesperson, anna duckworth says many already use clipper card's. the changes to move the agency forward and will be more efficient . >> with the tag in and out, the use of clipper gets unlimited and we will not have the fair gait holdup we have had in the past . >> bart charges a $.50 surcharge per trip for a paper ticket so you're paying an extra dollar around trip. the clipper card has a 1 time three dollar fee. that is why some writers already made the switch . >> it is cheaper and more convenient. it is quicker. >> reporter: bart is rolling out the pilot program at 3 other stations over the next
4:28 pm
few weeks. at the embarcadero station on august 19, howell street on september 3 and downtown berkeley on september 24. >> the goal is to eliminate paper tickets systemwide in 2020. in oakland, sara zendehnam, ktvu fox2 news. our coverage of the mass shootings this past week and continues. up next, we will have a live report from el paso, texas where the death toll in that rampage went up to 22 today. >> and the dow dropped more than 750 points today. the action i china that caused the stock market to take. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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not to the latest on the deadly mass shooting in el paso, texas. two more of those wounded in the gunfire died earlier today. that brings the death toll in the rampage to 22. >> 8 people from mexico are among the dead. we are learning that as well. foxnews, garrett tenney is live in el paso where officials just announced that president trump will be visiting the city on wednesday. garrett? >> >> reporter: good evening, you all come -- this will be a tough evening. a lot of officials do in fact blame president trump for the attack. this community is still struggling to come to terms with what happened. 22 people dead, more than 20 still injured in the hospital. this is now the seventh deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. we are learning more about those who have lost their
4:32 pm
lives, including one particularly heartbreaking story of a husband and a wife in their early 20s who came here to walmart after dropping off their 5-year-old daughter for cheerleading practice. they needed to get her school supplies for her upcoming school year. with them was their two-month- old baby when the gunfire broke out. the father shielded the mother and their baby from the gunshots . he was killed. she was killed as well. there two-month-old baby survived. the family is now trying to find out how to move forward with 3 children left behind without parents. there are so many stories like this amongst those 22 people who lost their lives and stories from those who survived are equally jarring and heart- wrenching. we are still waiting to find out if all of the families have been identified. we know that those who have
4:33 pm
been killed, have been identified. families, most of them have been contacted but we know a few hours ago, there were still families waiting to find out whether or not their loved ones made it out of here. the mayor says we cannot prepare for this pick we are now getting ready to have 22 funerals in this city. there is going to be time to talk about politics but he said, we need to figure out a way to get through this first. there has been an incredible outpouring of support over the last 48 hours. the hospitals said we need blood because we have lost so much in trying to treat those that were hurt. there has been almost a nonstop line outside blood banks. yesterday, the line started before 6 am and that has continued through today. the makeshift memorial out here, you can see the crowd has been constant throughout the day with balloons, flowers, candles, signs, a lot of the signs say, el paso strong. we have spoken to folks who said the message is hate will not win and that is significant because federal prosecutors are considering filing hate crime charges against this 21-year- old man who carried out this attack. he is from outside of dallas,
4:34 pm
more than 600 miles away and authorities said this evening he drove between 10 and 12 hours to get here to carry out this attack at this moment. there were as many as 3000 people inside it on saturday mid day. they have not said why it is that he did that but he did leave a manifesto behind. it included anti-immigrant and racist rhetoric and they say it is becoming, they are becoming more and more convinced that this was, in fact, a hate crime and his goal was to come here and kill as many hispanic people as possible. we have spoken to folks here who have said they are not going to let hate win. they are going to find a way to move for. this has been an incredible community with this outpouring of support and they say that is something they will continue until each of these families gets the closure that they need. >> and, garrett, i understand
4:35 pm
that you just happened to be in el paso before the shooting unfolded this past weekend, working on a different story so you were there at that scene, not long after the gunfire erup what stands out to you as you think back on those early moments amidst all the chaos. we hear a lot of stories about people acting heroically, trying to save others. what stands out in most? >> well, two memories that come to mind first and foremost. right when i walked up, i saw a young man my age who was crying on the shoulder of an elderly man who was crying on the shoulder of his father. i asked him if he was okay and if he was waiting to hear somebody inside and waiting to hear from them and he rolled down his cheeks and said my mom, my mom is dead. the other man told me that the sun had just dropped off his mother, in front of the walmart, went to park the car
4:36 pm
and by the time he parked the car, he heard gun shots ring out, got out, ran into the front of the store and walked in and saw his mother and many other people lying there with blood all around and he said that she was dead. others in the parking lot told me that they got others they were with the safety and well the gunmen moved inside and continued firing, they got out of their cars and started going to see who they could help while this was all still going on. other people, inside the store, picking up kids that got separated from their parents and running as fast as they could to get out of harms way and tracking down the parents afterwards to get their children back to them, there are so many, you see these stories, the heroes amidst the heartbreak. when you see the worst, you often see the best of people and we have seen example after example of that over here in
4:37 pm
the net last couple of days but it has been inspiring to say the least . >> we can see the outpouring as it unfolds right behind you at the memorial . >> garrett tenney, we appreciate your stories and we appreciate your coverage and of course, those touching moments you shared with us today. thank you. again. >> yes, thank you . >> back here in the bay area, the santa clara county coroner leased new information today about the 3 victims killed in the gilroy garlic festival shooting. authorities say two of those victims died of gunshot wounds to the chest and a third died from a gunshot wound to the back. 6-year-old stephen romero, 13- year-old keyla salazar and 25- year-old trevor irby all lost their lives in that rampage. 13 other people were also wounded and today, we also learned another patient has been released from valley medical center. two others are being treated at the term a center. two other victims are now being treated at stanford medical center but they were just released earlier today.
4:38 pm
this thursday night, ktvu will be taking an in-depth look at mass shootings in america. our current gun laws, mental health and what lawmakers are doing to prevent more mass murders. we hope you can join us for a fox 2 special report, guns in america at 10:30 pm. wall street suffered its worst day of the year after china devalued its currency today. u.s. technology companies and banks bore the brunt of the selling as investors worry about an escalating trade war between the u.s. and china. the dow plunged 767 points. the nasdaq was down 278 points and the s&p fell 87 points. fox news grady trimble has more from chicago. >> wall street tumbling monday amid escalating trade wars china let his currency, -- dropped towards lowest value in more than a decade.
4:39 pm
some worry that they could use this in the latest trade war against washington. china was accused of currency manipulations. now china's commerce ministry says chinese companies have stopped buying u.s. agricultural products and says china will not rule out imposing import tariffs on u.s. farm products bought after august 3. all this sending u.s. stocks down with technology stocks getting hit especially hard. last week, the president vowed to impose 10% tariffs on an additional $300 billion of chinese goods effective september 1. white house street trade advisor peter navarro says the administrations tariffs are not affecting consumer prices. >> consumers are not seeing any price kite hikes and it is not showing up in the data . >> some retail experts say the consumers will not be able to escape the impact from tariffs . >> will it affect the consumer?
4:40 pm
absolute yes. this is all consumer-based and it will have a huge impact in the holiday season. >> the trade war shaking markets worldwide monday and started in asia and quickly spread to europe and the americans. grady trimble, foxbusiness. up next here on the four, your gas tax waller dollars at work. we will talk live with caltrans about the number of projects getting underway to fix bay area roadways . >> the temperatures are generally on the mild side, high clouds as well. this is not what we would expect for this time of year. not a lot of 90s, lots of 80s but when i come back i will you know when it will warm up . >> a seesaw art installation constructed using a fence on the southern border. we talk with the professors behind the installation. what they want viewers to know. plus don't forget, friday mornings on two are headed to clayton for our next zip trip.
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joined in person for all the fun . >> watch mornings on 2 tomorrow starting at 2 am. so you think you can dance? watch tonight. at ross. yes for less.
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and you score the you knperfect outfit?at ross ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. drivers who want smoother roads are finally getting there was. some major repaving projects are getting underway in the bay area thanks to california's new $.12 per gallon gas tax and joining us now to talk more about these projects is
4:44 pm
caltrans spoke's person barred. thank you for joining us today . >> thank you for having me. >> the gas tax has been good because we are seeing a $5 billion increase in the transportation budget and part of the money is going towards bridges, roads and now we are seeing a lot of projects, many of which have already been completed. we are talking about hundreds, right? >> since 2017 when a came online, we have completed 102 projects and we have 469 that have started or are getting ready to start . >> how much of the gas tax money, though, statewide, has already been pumped into the bay area? >> well, i don't have that stat on the right now but we are looking at spending $5.4 billion of statewide money every year. every billion dollars we spend is like 13,000 jobs. so that is north of 70,000 jobs per year in just senate bill 1 funding . >> and we are talking about a
4:45 pm
number of projects, many that have already been completed. what is the next big project because projects come a lot of congestion. we have a big traffic problem in the bay area on the highway so what are we looking at? >> we have to rethink it a little bit. i'm a guy that comes from big projects. i work on the bay bridge for decade but now what we are doing is working on a big state. there are projects happening all up and down our roadways here in the bay area and we are lucky. now we finally understand our infrastructure needs this work, people are voting in measures so we can do the work and we are at the point now where the work is getting done. so what we have to do is start coordinating. we need to be talking to you and the media so we can tell people, these roads are going to be impacted with construction. we need to get alternate routes of travel, we need to get alternate methods of travel going so everybody can keep moving while we bring our roads to safety standards . >> is there anyone bay area city that is kind of first step on the priority list of, in
4:46 pm
terms of getting relief on the roadways? >> i don't think necessarily there is but if you had to pick one tonight, down in gilroy, there is a city council meeting where they're looking at the work happening on state route 152. >> okay . >> why that is relevant be on the point that there is a meeting tonight is it was the first project that received senate bill 1 funding. what is interesting from a caltrans standpoint, this is a project we got to work closely with other local transportation agencies and the community and improve it. instead of just doing the painting, we are improving the crosswalks, getting bike lanes out there into the community, and making some of the changes that the community really wanted to see happen . >> and i know some of the projects include big projects on 101, 680, 880. these projects are likely going to be long term. in terms of 680 and 880. are we talking but years and how much time should travelers or commuters a lot? are we
4:47 pm
talking about maybe giving yourself an extra half hour just because of the construction? >> let's be careful. the generalizations we make is there will be a number of projects happening on these big freeways and some on the front smaller freeways. as we go through, our traffic operations team is going to have to analyze exactly which projects are going to take priority, what work will happen and we will have to carefully work with you and the public to let them know how to get around when we are doing this work . >> we would just have to see what happens. is going to be a lengthy process but working together, communication will be key to not making everybody so frustrated on the roadways . >> that is the plan . >> it is leading to a goal, right works better roadways? >> better roadways, nicer travel and safety . >> all right, bart, we appreciate you being here today . >> thanks again for having me. let's take you outside here and give you a live look at conditions as we look across the downtown san francisco skyline. a lot of sunshine out there but also high clouds, kind of creeping around there, bill and the temperatures, though, good for me . >> it is working out. if you are with cal fire, you love this pattern.
4:48 pm
much colder, milder than you might expect. i love this shot. can you do it? >> i don't know. it is beautiful, isn't it? i love that. that is from twin peaks looking down on the fog deck in the distance, looking towards marin and napa and sonoma counties and just the fog coming into cool things off and a big dose. you can see it moving like that and it tells you it is going swiftly. you can physically see the fog making a progression towards the east so tomorrow will be a lot like today. we have this cool cloud cover up here, check that out. some tropical moisture, all the way from down here where the track is. look where it comes from, all the way from down here, not far from the equator. that moisture will make for a cool looking sunset from the inland bay valleys coast. at the top of mount tam, if you're a photographer and what a cool picture with the fog down below and high clouds and the sun shut sunset, that is
4:49 pm
stunning. there is a close shot of the high clouds and then you see, the low clouds, the fog, in the coastal range there. the pattern this week, again, last night, when i was here, it looks like the models were pretty aggressive on the weekend being quite a bit warmer. it is going to warm a little bit but not attend so it is not going to be a heatwave. we are going to see 80s this holy, maybe low 90s. during the weekend, saturday and sunday we will see some low 90s, maybe 92 or 93. there is the missing picture we showed you earlier. the forecast for tomorrow morning, the fog kind of back- and-forth at the coast. i'm not sure why the model does that. i will suspect fog for tomorrow morning. there is the temperature footprint which is reminiscent of what we saw today and yesterday. that is the plan and it is a good one. look at the cloud cover. this is not fog but some of that high tropical moisture in
4:50 pm
the morning. you will notice a little maginnis that is coming from pretty far, it is an air mass that has been transported from the tropics to here. it is higher up but does change the texture of the lower atmosphere and increases humidity so you notice it maybe not today but i suspect the next couple of days you will notice a little bit of sticky, san diego type weather, not like dallas but like san diego. 88 in concord, 89 in brentwood, everyone just touching on the 90s. san mateo, 74, redwood city, 79 and there is the five-day forecast. most of the week was forecast pretty well early but then you will see saturday and sunday, these two days will be up there, maybe mid 90s or low 90s. a good-looking pattern. like you said, if you are cal fire or the bay area, you are liking this pattern because it really is what you want to see. it is definitely reducing the air quality risks and fire danger risks. >> cool temperatures and, yes, you have the higher humidity.
4:51 pm
good stuff. bill, thank you. up ahead on the four, a big day for the raiders. we will tell you about the milestone moment at the team's new stadium in las vegas today. >> a little preparation will make your family safer in an emergency. a weeks worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and a first aid kit are a good start. to learn more, visit pge .com/be prepared.
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4:53 pm
the florida man who sent pipe bonds bombs to cnn and 13 democrats last year were sent into 20 years in prison today. cesar sayoc entered a guilty plea to 65 felony counts in march. prosecutors had asked for a
4:54 pm
life sentence but sarah's attorneys asked the court for leniency, saying he suffers from delusional beliefs fueled by steroids. they are mailed 16 packages with bombs that did not detonate . he claims he never intended for them to work. >> today, the oakland public ethics commission is scheduled to vote on whether to impose fines on mayor libby schaaf's campaign for accepting donations over the legal limit. the commission found that real estate company 11 west partners donated $3200 to the mayor's campaign, $2400 over the legal limit of $800. investigators have rep recommended the mayor's campaign turn over the $2400 to the city's general fund and pay a $600 fine. the raiders marked a milestone in the construction of their las vegas stadium today. they also announced a new name for that facility. a ceremony was held today to celebrate the placement of the last major still beam on the nearly $2 billion stadium. that
4:55 pm
beam was signed by team owner, mark davis along with others who were involved in th project. it was lifted into place, marking the completion of the highest point on that 65,000 seat indoor arena. during the topping out ceremony today, the raiders also announced las vegas-based airline, allegiant has secured the naming rights for the stadium . >> i guess there is some magic here. when does a toppg out ceremony turn into a naming rights celebrate? only in las vegas. >> the stadium is scheduled to be completed in about a year, just in time for the 2020 and a full season. singer, r. kelly is facing new charges now in minnesota. prosecutors say back in 2001, the singer met a girl under the age of 18 at a concert. he allegedly invited her to his hotel and paid her for sexual content. he is charged with two
4:56 pm
counts of prostitution and solicitation. the singer, of course is already facing charges for sex crimes involving minors in new york and chicago . >> ktvu fox2 news it 5:00 is up next and a chaotic scene in downtown san francisco today. details about the driver who smashed into a fire hydrant and crashed into an suv. plus, san jose firefighters called into action this morning. we will have more on the rescues they made of a 12-year- old girl from a burning home. >> this portion of ktvu news sponsored by mountain mike's pizza. pizza the way it ought to be. easy. i like that new buick. -me too. i was actually talking about that buick. i knew that. -did you? buick's fresh new lineup is full of surprises. current eligible non-gm owners and lessees get 20% below msrp on most 2019 buick encore models.
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the death toll on the rise following two mass shootings over the weekend. the total now stands at 31. today president trump spoke from the white house and condemned the shooting as a crime against all humanity. and tonight. >> and dayton ohio nine people shot to death within 30 seconds and a well-known bar district early yesterday morning. more than 30 others were hurt before police shot and killed the suspect. police say at this point the motive is still not home. the gunman was white, six of the nine victims were black but police say it all happened so fast that they cannot be sure if anyone was deliberately targeted. authorities said the gunman's
5:00 pm
own sister was among those killed. police say they two went downtown together along with a third person then separated at some point in the night. in el paso, two more people shot and voted at walmart on saturday have died. that brings the number of people killed their 222. officials say 27 people were wounded. 15 of them remain in critical condition. the suspected gunmenhas booked murdrgha auorities are etr e suspwas motivated by anti-immigrant hatred after he allegedly posted a white supremacist manifesto online. this was an act of domestic terrorism fueled by hate. an evil individual. i will not assist in promoting his agenda nor any movement that he would be associated with. our diversity is what makes us special. we are three states, two countries and


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