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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 5, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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downtown together along with a third person then separated at some point in the night. in el paso, two more people shot and voted at walmart on saturday have died. that brings the number of people killed their 222. officials say 27 people were wounded. 15 of them remain in critical condition. the suspected gunman has been booked on murder charges in authorities are investigating whether the suspect was motivated by anti-immigrant hatred after he allegedly posted a white supremacist manifesto online. this was an act of domestic terrorism fueled by hate. an evil individual. i will not assist in promoting his agenda nor any movement that he would be associated with. our diversity is what makes us special. we are three states, two countries and one region. each of the people who died
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were residents of mexico. the mayor of el paso confirmed this afternoon that president trump will visit the city on wednesday. we report from el paso tonight where people say they're trying to stay strong and support each other through the unthinkable. >> the patients have received have been devastating consistent with what has been reported as a high velocity gunshot wound. >> reporter: the death toll at an apostle walmart rising on monday. gunman opened fire on the shopping center killing more than 20 and injuring dozens more. this is but but on capital murder charges is now being investigated for domestic terrorism. members of the el paso community say they were not allowed this attack to dampen their city's spirit. el paso is a city of love, el paso is a safe city. it's a city that strong government gunman wearing a bulletproof vest and armed with a rifle killing at least nine
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outside a bar and dayton. after some examination the day police chief say the damage inflicted could have been far greater the gunman potentially in possession of up to 250 rounds of ammunition. among the victims in ohio, the gunman's sister many including the police looking to know if she was targeted in the attack. >> it seems to defy believability he would shoot his own sister. it's also hard to believe that he didn't recognize that was a sister. >> reporter: the mayor says she's determined the tragedy is not what her cities four. >> cities are not defined by the tragedies. cities are defined by how they come together after such and that's what we will see date. >> in the wake of the tragedy in ohio and texas >> addressed the nation. he condemned white supremacy and combating mental illness. in el paso, texas. the president trump condemned the shootings as crimes against all humanity. >> in one voice our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and
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white supremacy. the sinister ideologies must be defeated. investigators are looking into whether the gunman in texas was deliberately targeted latino immigrants. the presidents called for better background checks. he laid the video games and mental illness in part for the attacks. is too easy today for troubled youth to surround themselves with a culture that celebrates violence. it is not up to mentally ill munsters, it's up to us. this morning the president tweeted about the possibility of linking background check legislation to immigration reform but he did not mention that during his speech. he also directed the justice department to enforce the death penalty for hate crimes. former president obama released appointed statement on the shootings. he said in part we should soundly reject language coming out of the mouths of any of our leaders that fits the climate
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of fear and hatred one normalizes racist statements. sentiments leaders who demonize those who don't look like us or suggest other people including immigrants threaten our way of life or refer to other people as subhuman or imply that america belongs to just one type of people. tonight website associated with the gunman involved in el paso shooting is under attack. we live in san francisco where a bay area company sever ties with the website effectively taken off-line. >> reporter: the internet security firm cloud flare right he finally has separate ties with the website where potentially anything goes and free speech is pushed to its limits. the accused gunman in the week and delete mass shooting in el paso reportedly posted a racist manifesto on the website. critics say the site has become one of the darkest places on
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the internet where racism and hatred fluoresces. internet security company cloud flare today severed its ties with the website. a nonprofit pending digital privacy rights and free space says 8chan was vulnerable to attack without cloud flare protecting the site from a an attack. >> it's one of the main products that cloud flare offers. the website being taken down because their directed effort to direct lots of request to them that they can't handle the volume floor. >> reporter: a search yielded error messages. 8chan administered is the essence call for sever ties the expected 24 to 48 hours of downtime. cloud flare ceo released a statement reading in part, we just sent notice we are terminating 8chan as customer. rationale is simple, the have proven himself to be lawless and outlaws business has caused multiple tragic deaths. >> we have a problem drawing the line, what is political debates, even if it's
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distasteful political debate in what proselyte to something we don't want to see so we have the typical difficulty running the line and who draws it. , cloud flare is not the only security came around town and 8chan administrators say they been scrambling to find someone else to provide internet service for them. there's some good news to report on. some of the victims from last week's shooting at the gilroy garlic festival santa clara valley medical center says when patient has been discharged over the weekend, two still remain in the hospital. one is in fair condition, another is not releasing any information. valley medical received a total of seven patients from the gilroy garlic festival, all of
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them with gunshot wounds. stanford hospital says that two patients discharged today. this thursday night we were taken in the draft look at mass shootings in america, current gun laws, mental health and what lawmakers are doing to try to prevent more mass murders. you can join us for ktvu expense report cold guns in america. will air this thursday night at 10:30. in oakland three eastbound lanes of interstate 580 were closed for more than five hours this morning after an rv camper overturned. it happened around five: 10 this morning. the chp says someone stole the rv and was towing it but it detached while the driver was being pursued by the rvs owner. the suspect got away but debris was spread all across the lanes causing one driver to swerve ended up down an embankment. orleans we opened just after 10:00 this morning. anyone with information on the stolen rv should contact the chp. deliverable 26 old woman was hit and killed over the
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weekend as she attempted to cross the street. they happened at east avenue and jensen street at about 8:45 last night. police say the victim was not the crosswalk when she was hit. the driver is cooperating with the investigation. police have ruled out drugs and alcohol as factors in that crash. seven cisco police kicked off a new phase of enforcement as part of the city's ongoing effort to make streets safer for pedestrians and bike riders. story today police will increase enforcement on five days this month at several areas known for pedestrian and bicycle related crashes. officers will be paying special attention to drivers who speed make illegal turns as well as those who failed to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and red lights and stop sign violators. a man who frequently walks the city says distracted driving is a big problem. and across the street i try to look always before because there's always someone that's not looking on the phone or something. a step of enforcement comes after police say driver ran a red light in the tenderloin
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last month killing a man was walking in the street. the latest figures show so far this year at least 12 people have been killed either walking or bike riding in san francisco. the city says they are committed to trying to eliminate traffic deaths by the year 2024 as part of their vision zero campaign. wall street suffered its worst day of the year after china devalued its currency today. u.s. technology companies and big bore the brunt of the selling as investors worry about an escalating trade war between u.s. and china. the dow plunged 757 points. the nasdaq was down 278 points and the s&p was down 87 points. fox news grady trimble has more from chicago. >> reporter: wall street tumbling monday amid escalating trade wars. china led its currency, dropped to its lowest level in more than a decade.
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the move raising concerns that china could use its currency as a weapon in a trade war with washington. and a treatment date president trump called it a major violation and accused china of currency manipulation. now china's commerce and ministry says chinese companies have stopped by u.s. agricultural products and it says china will not rule out imposing import tariffs on u.s. farm products that were bought after august 3. all this and u.s. stocks down with it knowledge he stocks getting hit especially hard. last week the resident vowed to impose 10% tariffs on an additional $300 billion of chinese goods effective september 1. white house traded pfizer peter navarro says the administration's tariffs aren't affecting consumer prices. >> the consumers are not seeing any price hikes in any significant way and is not showing up in the data. >> reporter: some say consumers will be able to escape the impact from tariffs. >> our answer is yes particularly as we head into,
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it's all consumer facing and will have a huge impact as we head into the holiday season. >> the trade were shaky markets worldwide monday. it started a nation then quickly spread to europe and then to the americas. grady trimble, foxbusiness. still to come and added layer of safety as we head into the heart of the fire season. coming up, look at how to monitor her conditions around the clock. a man from florida limits how long he will spend time in prison after he sent mail bombs. neighbors react to a fire in san jose where firefighters had to rescue a 12-year-old girl from the flames. we are tracking the weather. it's different out there. i clouds, a lot of fog and mild temperatures, what you can expect the next couple of days.
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the florida man whose send pipe bombs to cnn in more than of dozen prominent democrats lester was sentenced to 20 years in prison today. a judge sentenced cesar sayoc after he pleaded guilty to explosive charges for mailing 16 pipe bombs days before the midterm elections last fall. the amateur bodybuilder apologized to his victims saying he's so very sorry for what he did. humility inoperative pipe bombs to hillary clinton, former vice president joe biden, former president barack obama come after robert de niro and bay area activists tom steyer among many others. none of the bombs ever went off. the grandmother is dead, 12- year-old girl is in critical condition after an early morning house fire in san jose. flames broke out in the 1200 block of greenwood drive. south bay reporter jesse gary has a report.
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>> reporter: was a fire officials say differs calls a smoke and flames moving from a home at the end of the cul-de- sac green more drive came in around 7:30 monday morning. >> it looked like there was a large amount of fire in the back, tremendous amount of smoke inside. fully involved. >> as the house was up in flames and they were still trying to get the water and i was they did break the front window and take a body out. >> investigators confirmed crews pulled the elderly wheelchair-bound owner of the house out a front window. she was pronounced dead at the same. >> when you're inundated with smoke and it suppresses your respiratory and it makes one conscious so it depends on how heavy the smoke is and what area of the room you're in. if you are asleep you may not know. >> reporter: a 12-year-old girl was also rescued.
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neighbors say they saw the child playing sunday and that when transported to the hospital she had burns over much of her body. fire officials say she's in critical condition. >> she was visiting. you take one day at a time, you never know and the fact that this little girl is in the situation and she doesn't have, this is not even her home and this happened. i'm paying for the family. >> a third person, young man jumped out of back bedroom window to safety. he suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene. the fourth resident left for the store minutes before the fire started and wasn't home at the time. >> it's tragic. they did the best they could to get in and rescue but unfortunately we did have a fertility pickle the fire marshal is working to determine the cause of the fire. it's unclear if there were working smoke detectors as neighbors are saying they didn't hear smoke detectors at the time. the county coroner will determine the cause of death and released the identity of the woman who died here.
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in san francisco flames in a black smoke poured from home in the laurel heights district this morning but the fire started on the second floor of her home on commonwealth avenue near gary boulevard shortly before nine this morning. of you were shot this video as firefighters worked to control the flames. fire officials say two people were rescued from the home. one was sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation. thankfully no one else was seriously injured. no word yet on what caused the fire. let's send it to chief meteorologist bill martin who is keeping an eye on her weather. it's a better day today. it's cooler than you might expect and i just had justin in the control room, we used it earlier but there's quality today. obviously the fog and above it you have the subtropical moisture and you get this reflectivity, he has a look to it that it's beautiful. stunning and in the fog is a thing that's calling us off with the high clouds the middle and high clouds to come that's coming down from baja,
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california. let's take a look. you can see the track on it. this is obviously above the fog. that's why it moves independently. that's where it's coming from. it gives you this beautiful sunset tonight if you're out of the fall. definitely worth checking out. it's going to be around a couple days and now it's mixed in with the shot with the fog so you can tell except you know the fog is being restrained by the coastal topographic features. the fog generally is right in here and this is the height and you can look see the texture? you can see a shatter on these things. there's vertical in these popular clouds. i don't know if you can see or not but that's one way to tell when you have high clouds versus low clouds. the current temperatures, 89 in livermore. 90, 93 in fairfield come that's one of the warm spots. cooler tomorrow.
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another nice day but a little bit cooler. temperatures around 3 degrees cooler in napa than they were yesterday. thursday fog. that's the san bruno gap. you can see the fog is getting funneled down to it. airport is behind me. you've got a prevailing northwest wind which makes it easy for airplanes to take off. but it's also a little bit of wind tunnel if you live in these areas know what i'm talking about, this time of night the wind gets howling over the hill. this is one of the spots, the golden gate bridge, this is not sealevel, tired but when you see the san bruno gap this way and that you will have a really robust seabreeze and fog extent in the morning. that's how it goes. you will see tomorrow morning you see fog pretty much like we did this morning. the model doesn't pick it up as well but the fog is going to be there and pushed into the bay and get over the east bay hills. the forecast temperature footprint for tomorrow like today. a beautiful day but not cold, it's just not as warm as you
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might expect not mid 90s but mainly upper 80s, mid 80s. nice day tomorrow, clouds are going to stick around, check out the sunset tonight especially if you're in mount tell the pies because it's beautiful with the sun. a chaotic scene near union square in san francisco. details about the car crash that started with one car smashing into a fire hydrant. here's your buick sir.
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turned another out-of-control car in san francisco this time the driver knocked off a fire hydrant and slammed to an suv before being detained. amber lee was at the scene and in the newsroom now with what happened. >> reporter: it was a very in every situation. plenty of deadly crashes on san francisco street slightly likely there was only minor injuries today. to the driver who caused the crashes and the little boy who was in the car with them. video posted on citizen app shows one water gushing skyward after driver shared up hydrant a grant and o'farrell in san francisco. >> you're just going to work expecting to have a great day then there is a whole waterfall in the sky. it was crazy. >> it happened outside the museum of ice cream at about 12:20 monday afternoon. >> all i heard was boom. the water was running.
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>> firefighters were able to shut off the water. the driver took off in a red chevy monte carlo with no license plate. and then crashed into the back of this lincoln navigator at montgomery and post a few blocks away. the chevys bumper became lodged underneath the back of the suv. leon class was in the suv when he got rear-ended. >> i saw him behind me. i saw him and i tried to come out of the road. >> reporter: it was too late. the crash could have prevented something far worse from happening. >> my car and myself us.. >> police say the driver of the chevy and the youncaat the time crash will set him bato fix.
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>> reporter: the driver was taken into custody by officers to go he did not appear to be under the influence but the cost of the crashes are under investigation. in santa rosa the suspect in a hit-and-run that injured a two-year-old girl appeared in court today. 47-year-old hector to browse larios is accused of taking off after hitting a toddler as she was walking outside coleen towne shopping center last month. he did not enter a plea today but has another opportunity during another court hearing on wednesday. he's facing charges of felony hit-and-run and felony dui. the toddler was seriously injured but is expected to make a full recovery. one of the four suspects involved in the shooting last month at the pin frame mall in san bruno appeared in court today. deandre jean gant to not enter a plea. is attorney said if he needed more time to review video and voice police reports. two people were hurt. he remains in custody on $5 million bail.
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our coverage of the aftermath of the shootings in dayton and el paso picks up after the break. coming up next, we will go live to el paso to get a first-hand account of the investigation. keeping an eye on fire danger 24/7. coming up the new control center that pg&e will be monitoring around-the-clock. plus it's a problem facing many school districts. how to get special ed teachers and they have a new program to help solve the problem.
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now to the latest on the two mass shootings over the weekend. early yesterday morning in dayton, ohio, a gunman killed nine people before being shot and killed by police. his own younger sister was one of those killed. and el paso, authorities said two more people have died after being shot at walmart on saturday. the death toll from that
5:30 pm
massacre now stands at 22. 27 others were wounded with 50 people still in critical condition. the gunman survived and could potentially face the death penalty. there are some incredibly heartbreaking stories coming out of el paso including a young couple whose children their child from the gunfire. both of them ended up dying as a result. garrett tanning is there tonight in el paso. >> reporter: we are continuing to hear more of these heartbreaking stories of these families whose lives are changed forever. the 22 victims include 10 women, 12 men, ages range from 15 to 90 and we are starting to know some of their stories. one of them is a 63-year-old veteran who was at walmart with his wife and nine-year-old daughter and granddaughter. he died shielding them as they ran away from the gunman as he opened fire inside the store. we also hearing about a 15-year-
5:31 pm
old boy who was about to be a sophomore in high school who loved to play soccer. and the husband and wife who tragically died for to get a two-month-old child leaving behind two other children as well. these are the stories we're going to be hearing over the next week as of this community prepares for 22 funerals. earlier today the city can't prepare for that's. no one should ever have to prepare for this kind of thing and i don't know how we going to do it, but we are going to do that and we've been seeing and feeling these messages of strength from this community that's been churning out over the last few days to show their desire to help. their resolve to push through. in the hospital send out requests for blood donations with all of those that were injured they needed some help for the last more than two days now. there have been degree whether looking to help. the has to tell folks so many were coming out asking to volunteer to assist with the victims and their families in
5:32 pm
the city said we are good. we have too many request. if you're looking to help please make a monetary donation. funeral homes are now offering their full services free of charge for the families that have been affected in the attacks. this community is strong, it's resilient and that is why on the science behind us at this makeshift memorial outside walmart you continue to see the message over and over again. el paso strong. you happen to be in el paso covering a different story of the time of the shooting. you rushed over to the walmart. will you talk for a moment about what it was like being there, what you saw, who you spoke with? >> >> reporter: when i first hear it was hectic. they were still caring people outside of the front of the walmart store. this was in within an hour after the shooting began on saturday around 10:40. i talked to one woman who said she was in the parking lot to the side of the store when she
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heard these loud noises and she thought that might be gunfire. she ran up to the front despite hearing the gunfire, went inside the front doors to see who it is she could help. when she walked in she saw a woman laying there on the ground who had been shot in both of her legs. she couldn't get up and walk and this woman was reaching up with her hands screaming, pleading where is my son? my son. please help. she and her son had gotten separated when this gunman walked in and started shooting indiscriminately and she couldn't get up to find her son. this is what was happening as many as 3000 people were inside this walmart on the middle of a saturday afternoon. anyone across the country can identify with that being at the walmart at peak shopping hours and imagine everyone breaking out in a panic at that same time. we are hearing stories of
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others that picked up kids that they saw running around the aisles confused not knowing what was happening after being separated from their parents. people picking them up and running to the store with them to go out the back exit to keep them safe and to help them find their parents again. these are the stories, the heroes amidst the heartbreak as i've been saying. we really want to focus on that throughout all of this. garrett, thank you. trying to prevent a repeat to our past devastating fire season. the utility invited the city and tom vacar was at the event and has more. 24 hours a day the wildfires safety operation center is esbecause it's a fed by analyst streams of data provided by a rapidly growing array of centers on the ground in the air and even in
5:35 pm
space. the backbone weather camera stations. >> those include the wind direction, the wind speeds, the humidity levels on a real-time basis for the 490 weather stations we've installed and we are also leveraging some of the publicly available weather stations and that information is used to help forecast the utility potential for a fire risk. >> reporter: when the risk is too great public safety power shutoffs will happen. but the technology is aimed at using better information to lower the number of potential shutoffs but always erring on the side of safety first. even from space and higher orbit no infrared sensing satellites can see fires as they happen. day or night, clear, cloudy or smoky across pg&e's entire territory half of it high fire risk. >> we now have two brand-new sidelights goes east and goes
5:36 pm
west that are able to detect fires about every five minutes apart. this tool does also incorporate fire detections from polar orbiting satellites, the motors come awkward and terra satellites. >> one thing the pg&e system does not incorporate our working arrays with fire sensors around its power lines and other equipment that could if it fails cause wildfires. all around schools the original moraga fire district has installed ground mounted fire sensors. they will get firefighters the time to get to a school, shelter the children in a defensible fire safe structure for the protected a large supply of water. this is something pg&e says it's actively considering so as long as it can incorporate it into the computer system at the center. >> unwavering focus is on the safety of our communities and our customers.
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and contra costa county they complex fire your brentwood is 85% contained the fire broke out on saturday and spread to more than 750 acres. at one point fire crews to shut down marsh creek road but it was reopened for traffic this morning. one firefighter was hospitalized after suffering heat related injuries. the cause of the fire has not been released. this has artworks to make things cheaper and more efficient writers per 19th street is the first of four stations to roll out the new system. passengers can still use paper tickets at the station but they will be able to buy them their. writers we talk to seem to like the idea of eventually doing away with paper tickets. >> i guess if you're going to eventually transition you might as well start with one of the busy ones. >> looks like $.50 cheaper and is more convenient.
5:38 pm
b.a.r.t. charges of 50 cent surcharge for paper ticket. b.a.r.t. will stop selling paper ticket at stations over the next several weeks but the goal is to eventually eliminate paper tickets systemwide by next year. this year for holds a big rig fire should down a portion of i-80 in both directions and causes significant traffic delays. caltrans shared the video firefighters working to control the fire just west of the city of colfax. the chp says the driver was able to get out of the fiery truck and was not hurt but the fire was first reported at 10:00 this morning, all lanes were shut down for several hours, all eastbound lanes have since reopened. one westbound lane remains close with no estimated time for reopening. no word yet on what caused the fire. school districts around the country in here in the bay area say an ongoing problem, not just finding teachers but those
5:39 pm
who can special education students. one south bay school district has launched a new program to help. >> reporter: it's a question is are there enough special education teachers to meet the current need you will find the answer on this nameplate in one bay area classroom. now the south's largest school district is trying to something new. >> we decided to build her own special education teacher pipeline from our employees. >> reporter: the director of human resources that send is a unified school district is talking about a new program being implemented this fall called rise into special education. it offers the district's current instructional associate a chance to get their special education credentials at san jose state university for free. something that would normally cost $20,000. >> we pay all of the tuition expenses, testing phase, we provide mentorship and support
5:40 pm
to help them pursue their dreams. >> in exchange the educator commits to teaching four years at the district. sent was a unified has about 30,000 students, 3500 of whom are eligible for special education services. the district says that that number continues to rise along with the need for the specialized teachers despite an overall drop in enrollment. >> it's gone up for a couple reasons. we have more students qualifying for special education support. the others we are seeing a decline in the number of the vigils who are qualified to teach special education. >> reporter: amy spent 14 years as a special education teacher in will serve as a mentor in the new program. >> even on the most challenging of days working with the students and being a part of their growth and development, it's an honor and a privilege like no other which will be an opportunity to change lives on a daily basis. >> while seven people are currently enrolled in this new ial ed teacher expects that number to double by next fall. plane in las vegas is one
5:41 pm
step closer to reality for the raiders. coming up next, the symbolic ceremony that took place at the home stadium. term a safe place for kids no more, how the oakland neighborhood is asking the city to help reclaim this park.
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beach in southern california where three men women died when a cliff suddenly collapsed as number one. the victims have been identified of the members of the same young. a 35-year-old mother, there were a longtime resident of encinitas. there at the beach celebrating the answer victory over breast cancer he when a 30 foot chunk of cliff fell on top of them on friday afternoon. signs are posted to warn visitors that the area is still at risk. we going to keep the area around that a site to the left and the right because there are some fractures in there that the geotech engineering expert is concerned about. were going to be watching that. we are going to post a lifeguard on the beach throughout the weekend and fortify the posting today.
5:45 pm
officials say two other people were hurt in that collapse. singer r kelly is facing new charges at this time in minneapolis. a minnesota prosecutor has charged kelly with prostitution and solicitation involving a 17- year-old who he met before a concert in 2001. kelly's accused of inviting the girl to his hotel room and paying her $200 to dance naked with him. the prosecutor said they began investigating the case after getting information from a trip line in chicago. for california voters sued the new state law into resident donald trump. last week governor newsom signed a law requiring presidential candidates to publicly release the tax returns up before they can appear on the states primary ballot. for years the president has refused to release his tax returns saying they are being audited. a conservative group need judicial watch announced it had filed a lawsuit to challenge the law. it alleges the law violates the
5:46 pm
first and 14th amendment to the westmont constitution. the raiders new home in las vegas has new name, the installation of the final spill still being for the roof of the $1.9 billion stadium. las vegas-based allegiant travel is the parent company of allegiant air terms of the naming agreement were not made public but expert speculate allegiant may pay up to $25 million a year in cash and in- kind services. construction of the 65,000 seat stadium is set to be completed in about year in time for the next football season. it's supposed be a safe and fun place for children to play the one open park is far from that. have a neighborhood is fighting back and working with the city to reclaim this park. back right after the break take a look at your tuesday forecast and the sunset that is sitting outside. it's going to be sunnier tonight. here's your buick sir.
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parents and one w. oakland neighborhood are complaining that it's not safe for the children tuesday local park and they say it's become overrun by drug users and dealers. >> they are demanding the city of oakland which is already facing an overwhelming homeless crisis clean of the park. rob roth visited the park today. >> one time willow park in west
5:50 pm
oakland was filled with children but these days the swing set still, the play structure long gone. it's not children who come here anymore but adult. one 11-year-old says he's even afraid to walk by the park much less play here. >> i feel kind of frightened when i walk by. i try looking to see if there's anything that's going to happen bad. >> his mother says she's frustrated her family lives just a block away but won't let her kids use the park. >> it's overwhelmed with drugs, with people sleeping in the part. drug selling, it's very dirty and unsanitary and it's downright scary for my children. >> perhaps the worst part are the public bathrooms that are frequently chairs placed inside presumably to make it easier to do drugs. raw sewage backs up. neighbors have taken it upon themselves to regularly clean the park but doesn't take long for it to fill with trash. >> some have been threatened by the people who were at the park so it's not necessarily safe
5:51 pm
for them either and they are trying to make the park a better place. >> >> reporter: is one of our humanitarian challenges with making sure we create spaces where on houston residence can be so they're not occupying and using the space is intended for all of us to use. >> michael haley says the city will be sending crews to clean up the park next week and will be outreach workers to work with the homeless. >> we have to really begin to enforce and we have some new resources to enforce the parks have to be open and safe for everyone. >> city councilman michael haney says she expects the park to be cleaned up and suitable again for families in the next few months. but some families are skeptical. >> i will believe it when i see. >> reporter: another spectacular live camera shot from where you live. that subtropical moisture coming in overhead. did you see the fog underneath it and use a little bit, looks
5:52 pm
like rain that's falling but not evaporating for its the ground but that has a vibe to it with the fog being pushed over the headlands off in the distance we see the fog. that's one of the better ones, right, frank? >> just seen a blanket of fog over the hill like that. it's funny. it's already beautiful but then you lay down the texture dies of tropical clouds and you get this look >> like a bob ross painting. >> it is. i'm telling you, you put that on your wall it would look real good. that's right now and it tells the weather story. forget the coast and i feel the high clouds moving independent. here goes the loop. the clouds are independent of the topography. the stuff that's not really moving stuck against topography is the fog as you know. i know you know that but if i'm a photographer and i'm not but i'm in hamilton or somewhere
5:53 pm
above the fog because when that son gets down it's going to be really stunning. one of the better sunsets we've seen based on the fog. to get reflectivity of the fog. temperatures are about where they were last night. there's a more fog and the thing i pointed out when you see it motoring like this, when you can see it moving that's the gap. you are getting an effect in here with the air is getting funneled and it speeds up in the corvette so the winds disgusting through the san bruno gap. there is the forecast for tomorrow. the cloud covered you can see it there. this is the high clouds again and tomorrow afternoon and then partly sunny then let's take a look at the afternoon. 66 in san francisco with the clouds still lingering around. as we go into tomorrow, 89 in
5:54 pm
antioch. big changes will be more of the cloud cover. tomorrow will be a lot like today with clouds a little sooner. fog will be around him a five day forecast looks like this and the big change from last night was the models have backed off on warming up the weekend in a big way. we are looking at these top- tier numbers, mild, nice, forget the coast but saturday and sunday instead of mid 90s, looks like it's going to stay in the low 90s. five day forecast, i hope you enjoy it. south creek and it u.s. or starting their exercises. strong warning from north korea. that's my story,. new at six, an ambitious goal for google. details on the pledge they are making to leave a greener footprint. you ready for new parking rules at the oakland zoo.
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ternity u.s. and its allies consider the drills for a joint military exercises with south korea could have a big impact on nuclear talks with north korea. talks to senior foreign affairs correspondent greg puckett has more from london. >> reporter: north korea calls a day rehearsal for invasion. joint military drills between u.s. and south korea reportedly kicking off on monday. among a string of new provocations from pyongyang including two missile tests in the past week alone. the drill focusing on south grand ability to retake command of its troops in the event of a full-scale war with the north. >> we are in preparation told a
5:58 pm
joint military drills to test our basic operational capability for the transition of wartime operational control. >> reporter: if the drills take place they will consider restarting nuclear and long- range missile test. major ally china had disgorged those test but the trump administration is increasingly turning away from beijing in its effort to isolate can john. refreshing chinese demand for sanctions really for the north. >> if they want to fight and then we will fight. >> reporter: the president is responding to the recent provocation by calling for a new peace plan driven by economic reform. with the north and south working together to compete with other asian economies. >> we will be able to join joint prosperity with the denuclearization with the south and north working together.
5:59 pm
>> north korea has said he will wait until the end of the drill to decide how they will impact the diplomatic efforts with united states. this is ktvu fox28 news at six. u.s.'s dock markets have the worst if you were the dow jones falling more than 700 points. a very rough day for investors. good evening. we begin with the stock market plunge and you can blame the escalating trade war with china. these were likely the only people celebrating at the closing bell. after china weaken its currency against the u.s. dollar. >> your the numbers the dow was down 767 point that's a drop of almost 3%. the nasdaq was down to 170 points and the s&p was down more than 87. lady trimble tells us there were concerns that china will
6:00 pm
use their currency as a weapon in the trade war after president trump called for more tariffs on chinese goods last week. >> reporter: wall street, monday amid escalating trade war. china led its currency dropped to its lowest level against the dollar in more than a decade. the move raising concerns that china could use its currency as a weapon in a trade war with washington. in a tweet monday president trump called it a major violation and accused china of currency manipulation. now china's commerce and ministry says chinese companies have stopped buying u.s. agricultural products and it says china will not rule out poising import tariffs on u.s. farm products that were bought after august 3. all this setting u.s. stocks down with technology stocks getting hit especially hard. last week the president vowed to impose 10% tariffs on additional $300 billion of chinese goods effective september 1. white house trade advisor peter navarro says the
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