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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 6, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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taylor -- julie haener . >> i'm frank somerville. the garlic festival tuning has been classified as a domestic terrorism investigation. the fbi says the gunman was exploring violent ideologies and had a list of potential targets. >> reporter: earlier today, here at the police department, the fbi announced the shooter did not have a manifesto that said douglas but said a digital media analysis had enough evidence that alleged -- allowed them to change it to a domestic terrorism investigation. the fbi tuesday finished collecting evidence from the scene of the gilroy garlic festival while revealing new information about what may have led to the deadly rampage. we have uncovered evidence throughout the course of the investigation that the shooter was exploring violent ideology. we have seen a fractured ideology. the shooter appeared to have an interest in varying repeating violent ideologies. >> reporter: while a final motive have not been determined,
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investigators now classify the a domestic terrorism ng and digital media analysis of the 19 -year-old gunman's devices revealed a list of potential targets . >> these organizations from across the country include religious institutions, federal buildings, court houses, political organizations from both major political parties, and the gilroy garlic festival. >> reporter: gilmore police revealed the gunman was wearing a bullet resistant vest and say a back recovered near a creek contained ammunition, a flashlight and a shovel . >> he murdered 3 people. to put everyone's life in danger. >> reporter: the developments don't change the pain this woman is going through. she was at the festival with 10 family members . >> it was so scared.
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>> reporter: she picked up personal items including her 1- year-old nieces stroller that the family abandoned running for safety . >> it was something that was so special to me because i grew up growing going to the festival. knowing that he could do something like that at a place where everyone was just going to have fun is just, you know, sad. >> reporter: the family assistance center move to the gilroy public library were stuffed in aisles were given to children. organizers say about 600 people have utilized services . >> we have served those who throw their bodies on top of children. those who push families aside. those who try to provide life- saving interventions to people who were dying and injured. that was something that we can be proud of. there was one person with one gun and there were hundreds of people with the interest to help and the instinct to protect and that is what has really stuck out to me. >> reporter: the victims services worker says she is starting to be see people come in for counseling because they are retraumatized because of the mass shootings since the one in gilroy. the fbi will not try to figure
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out if the shooter identified with anyone ideology and who, if anyone, may have helped. >> i can only imagine the trauma so many people are going through with this last round of terror and violence. maureen naylor, live in a way, thank you. police chief for gilroy also released new information about the shooting. he says the gunman fired 39 shots and at three gilroy police officers who engaged him that fired 3 -- 18 shots. the gunman then shot and killed himself. he was heavily armed, carrying a 75 round magazine that fit onto his gun. he also had 5 40 round magazines on his body or near his body and another magazine in his backpack. the gunman's family released a statement about the shooting for the first time it
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said "our family is deeply shocked and horrified by the actions of our son. to the families of stephen romero, keyla salazar, trevor irby and to the injured that survived this tragedy, we cannot begin to describe our despair at his actions." they continued saying, "it is impossible to reconcile with the sun we thought we knew. the city in gilroy and to everyone affected, we are tremendously sorry. no words can begin to express this." also today, a funeral was held for 13-year-old kayla seliger w salazar, one of the 3 people killed in the gilroy garlic festival. this comes two days after what would have been her 14th birthday. friends and family center messages on her casket using markers. one row, kayla, you are an angel we will never forget." now more news on the shootings in dayton ohio and el paso, texas. the agent in charge of the
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dayton ohio shooting says the shooter had investigated various violent ideologies. there are 3 main questions they are hoping to answer. >> what, if any ideology influenced the attacked her the attacker, who, if anyone helped him or had advanced knowledge of the intention to conduct the attack and why he committed the specific act of violence. >> police killed the gunman, a 24-year-old white man who shot and killed 9 people, including his own sister and wounded 3700 -- 37 others early sunday morning in a bar in a downtown entertainment area. in el paso, a grief center has been open to help those involved in the shooting. the suspect surrendered to a motorcycle officer about an hour after the shooting.
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a survivor who spoke out said he was in walmart with his 15- year-old woman who opened a bank account when the gunfire erupted. >> i witnessed my nephew, right in front of me. i will leave the details but it was horrible image. and i hope nobody ever goes through it. >> he said he was shot in the foot and in all, 27 were wounded, some critically. he expressed sympathy for all those affected by the mass shooting. president trump is set to visit el paso and dayton tomorrow but may get a chilly reception. we will have that part of the story coming up. there are many in the latino community in the bay area who say they feel targeted and are worried as a result of these mass shootings. ktvu's jesse gary has more on the current conditions that have put some on edge.
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>> go! go! >> reporter: the concept is so quickly and close together, barely time to process what happened before developing a reaction to what happened. that feeling is fear . >> as a result of the shootings, there is greater fear within the latino community as well as the immigrant community as a whole. >> reporter: rita is a policy director for the services human rights and education network or siren. she says in all of the recent mass shootings, gilmore, el paso, texas and dayton, ohio, many victims were latino. this at a time when many members of that community feel like they are being targeted. experts say negative attention coming from washington ryder cup and -- coupled with policy and i.c.e. rates, they are definitely on edge . >> there is rhetoric coming out of washington, d.c. that says that people who come from different backgrounds have that affects the united states .
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>> there are a lot of committees on edge. i wish i could say feeling like ripping watch, targeted is a thing of the past but it is a thing of the present. >> reporter: after 9/11, this woman says many muslim felt a backlash of hate. now she emphasizes with the latino community who deal with grief and fear following acts of mass violence which she says are fueled by white supremacy. >> it is important now that people turn to their neighbors and their community. everyone has a right to feel safe here. >> reporter: the difference between having that right and enjoying it is vast and it feels as though violence and fear are targeting specific groups. in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu summit in pittsburgh has been postponed county supervisor, glover announced the postponement at today's board of supervisors
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students. he said, "we do not want our students to be in harms way. security needs to be evaluated before this event. " the summit is to teach young people about honesty and integrity. the states no ammunition background check law is being seeing results the california officials said the new law stop more than 100 prohibited persons from buying bullets in the first month. the law prohibits people with a past felony conviction or mental health commitment for from buying or possessing ammunition. additionally, the state says 11,000 prospective buyers were denied a video approval but were not determined to be barred from owning guns or ammunition. make it shows the law is working as intended and i think it is great that people that shouldn't be buying ammunition are not able to buy ammunition. >> reporter: the results of the new law come as a gun owner's group is trying to block the law which went into effect on
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july 1 pick a federal judge will decide later this month whether the law violates the second amendment right to bear arms. coming up, more fans outside san francisco's chase center. the landscaping celebrated today. an innovative experiment could be a model for the rest of the nation. temperatures warmed up in some spots today but have cooled down significantly. a significant cooldown coming the ray coming your way. she was considered one of the greatest writers of our time. a look back at the life and career of toni morrison. look outside at the commute this evening. here is i-80 and emeryville as we see there, traffic is really heavy in the eastbound direction going to oakland, emeryville.
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san francisco mayor london breed took part in a ribbon- cutting ceremony at a huge unity platform near the chase center. it is located at third and south streets. representatives from the warrior unveiled the new platform. the ucsf mission bay platform also will serve ucsf's mission bay hospital and scores of medical offices in the neighborhood.
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it will expand transit capacity to the new chase center. the new muni platform is scheduled to open next. nobel and pulitzer prize- winning author, toni morrison has died. morrison published her first novel, at the age of 39 after a long and influential career in both publishing. her 11 novels are known for addressing the deep effects of racism and bigotry in poetic language. she won the pulitzer prize for fiction in 1988 for "beloved" and in 19 93, she was awarded the first -- the nobel prize for literature. president obama awarded her and wrote today, "her writing was a gift. to breathe the same area if only for well." oprah winfrey was a close friend and posted a message on in scrum saying in part, "she was a magician with language
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who understood the power of words. she use them to wake us, educators and help us grapple with our deepest wounds and try to comprehend them." morrison's publisher says she died yesterday at a hospital in the bronx. she was 88 years old. fire crews in san jose made quick work of a small brush fire today. the flames broke out about 1:30 near component drive and orchard park weight in north san jose. several streets were temporarily closed while crews worked to contain the fire. the spread of the fire was stopped at 5 papers and no structures were damaged. the cause of the fire is under investigation. some east bay fire agencies are using an innovative approach to try to fight wildfires. ktvu's tom baker tells us they are combining old-fashioned brush clearing with new technology. >> reporter: the moraga orinda fire district, contra costa fire, east bay m.u.d., east bay parks and others are clearing grass and brush along a 17 mile
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known fire corridor to prevent wildfires. with 4 miles already done, the orinda shady fuel break will slow down the speed and spread of any fire on the ground while keeping it out of the crowns of the trees above. >> we reduced its spread right, the fire line intensity and we set the stage to buy time to execute an orderly and effective evacuation. >> but to orinda elementary schools with limited road access would take two long to evacuate so the solution? shelter-in-place. >> we are going to need every gallon we can get our hands on . >> the safety and security of our students is our number one priority . >> since both schools live in the historical path of other wildfires, what was decided was the district would find two 10,000 gallon tanks, one at each of the schools. the idea being the fire truck hooks up, defends the building
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that the kids are in, and nobody gets hurt . >> what that gives us is a reliable known water site dedicated for firefighting. >> reporter: right around the schools, a network of remote fire detection sensors tell firefighters dangers are near virtually instantaneous. a company named splost receives data from these and other sources. from satellites and space, drones in the air, crews on the ground, weather stations, road conditions and social media. the more sources, the better . >> the data available today fundamentally enables us to reimagine the whole process of detecting, managing and recovering from fires. told us >> reporter: the more data, the more tailored to their needs . >> the deeper we get into this the more potential for reducing loss of life, loss of prosperity -- property and reduced --
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preserving natural resources . >> we want to keep our children safe. >> reporter: when the district office insurer so what the district had done, it got a $10,000 rebate back on the $65,000 cost of the water tanks, proof that investing in fire prevention can pay off in an area where many homeowners are getting canceled. tom vacar, ktvu fox2 news. already, temperatures tomorrow will cool off a bit. i have a graph that shows today's numbers and tomorrow's numbers. you will see some places as much is 10 degrees cooler for wednesday. there it is, today in santa rosa, 86. down to 80 tomorrow. san mateo, 79, down to 73. the big drop off, 11 degrees in concord. and big cooldown tomorrow as temperatures peaked out today and the warmest we will see over the next couple of days as temperatures come down. that has to do with his low pressure off the coast. just know it is there. it is weakening the high and when you do that, you get a deep marine layer that is
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pushing well inland. you can see some tropical moisture spinning off a little moisture here, too. i would not be surprised if we got a sprinkle or something. most of this, i would suspect, will not hit the ground but you can see some stuff down the south of us as well. tropical moisture is up high overhead. the fog is down low by us. it will do word it did this morning, go everywhere and we will wake up tomorrow and it will be a mild, cooler day than today. there were mid-90s today. tomorrow, mid and upper 80s. 10 degrees cooler tomorrow. when we come back we will look at the forecast and the five day. see you back here. kids throughout the bay area will head back to school soon and that is why volunteers in pleasant hill spent the day filling backpacks with supplies. folders, binders, erasers and more wanted to the backpacks but they will be distributed to low income kids across contra costa county. all part of project ready to learn which is a collaboration between the nonprofit, visteon and the county's employment and human services department.
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global stock markets slowly rebound after yesterday's big selloff. see how investors are waiting for the president's next move in de-escalating the trade war with -- in the escalating trade war with china . >> somebody said do something and they were right. >> reporter: the governor of ohio takes action after the mass shooting there in dayton. the proposals he announced today to strengthen gun safety.
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a look at wall street now, stocks bounced back somewhat after yesterday's big selloff. the dow regained 311 point after a drop off more than 700 points on monday. the nasdaq was up 107 today and the s&p rose 37 points. the underlying tensions between the u.s. and china remain high and oh fox's griff jenkins tell us, it is not just trade but military concerns that are cause for growing concern . >> president trump stepping up the trade war with china, labeling the country a currency manipulator after beijing allowed the yuan to drop to
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historic lows . >> it is their reaction so they brought them on this on themselves. this move after another tariff threat on some $300 billion worth of chinese goods and sent spot stocks plunging. local markings markets are rebounding today, with nervous speculation speculating about the presidents strategy moving forward . >> we are seeing a lot of chaos, diversion, creating situations where ultimately, the american people are going to end up paying much more. >> the president says his strategy is working and america is in a strong position to write out the trade war. tweeting in part, quote "massive amounts of money from china and other parts of the world is pouring into the united states for reasons of safety, investment and interest rates. china warns of dark consequences with a plan to go ahead if missiles are released
6:25 pm
in asia which were previously banned under a treaty that the u.s. withdrew from last week. >> it will be viewed as a provocative action on the part of the u.s. china will be forced to take countermeasures . >> tensions also ratcheting up in the south china sea with an american aircraft area sailing through a disputed area claimed by china and several other nations. as international tensions ratchet up, the city of san jose says they are seeing new interest in the bay area's foreign trade zones. there are 3 in the bay area including san jose, san francisco and oakland and 14 others around the state. the san jose economic development office says these zones allow u.s. companies to review reduce or avoid paying import duties on foreign goods. the foreign pay zone allows
6:26 pm
a company to delay the tariffs and then they can avoid it, the duties and tariffs altogether if they bring merchandise into the united states and export from the foreign trade zone. the city says the process has been greatly streamlined. applications can be approved in as quick as one month. the city also says the small and medium-sized companies could benefit as much as large corporations. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 starts next. president trump is set to visit dayton and el paso tomorrow but will his presence be welcomed? the message the white house says the president will convey to communities torn apart by shooting massacres. coming up later in sports, the giants decide to part ways with a fan favorite them win the last world series. mark will be here to talk about that. and a company that runs hundreds of telephone's recycling redemptions centers is shutting down statewide. what it means for the environment and those who depend on's recycling to earn a living. here's your buick sir.
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fox 2 weather app is like a friend you can count on. a great took great travel companion, always up for event your . >> download the new ktvu fox 2
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weather app. the power to prepare wherever you go. >> not two hours top stories, the fbi says the deadly attack at the gilroy garlic festival is being looked at as an act of domestic terrorism. investigators say a digital media analysis of the 19-year- old gunman's devices revealed a list of potential targets that included political and religious institutions . >> the fbi is also opening an investigation into the dayton, ohio shooting that killed 9 people and injured dozens. officials say the government previously said he wanted to commit and mass shooting and also showed interest in violent ideology. however, they say there is no evidence, so far, that the shooting was racially motivated . >> in el paso, police released new details in the arrest of a man who opened fire at a walmart store on saturday, killing 22 people. police say the shooter surrendered to a motorcycle officer after driving about a quarter of a mile away from the
6:31 pm
store . >> you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. the governor of ohio says he is taking action after a crowd shouted for him to do something when he spoke at a vigil sunday night . >> republican governor, mike dewine announced a series of gun reform proposals today. he called on the gop led state legislature to pass a bill that would require background checks for nearly all gun sales. and a measure would allow authorities to deny guns to people believed to be a threat to society or to themselves. >> it is impossible to make sense out of what is senseless. some chanted, do something. and they were absolutely right. we must do something. that is exactly what we are going to do. >> meanwhile, president trump was criticized yesterday for not mentioning any gun reform proposals in his response to the shooting. now, the president faces protests during his planned visits to dayton and el paso tomorrow.
6:32 pm
>> he has made his bed and he has to lie in a . >> dayton mayor, nan whaley is making it clear he is not double to she is not thrilled the president is coming to her town, days after a gunman killed nine people . >> his rhetoric has been painful for many in our community and people should say they are not happy. >> when -- she says she will welcome the president as well as any protesters who want to speak out against his trip. in el paso, a similar sediment sentiment. >> officially welcoming the office of president of the united states which i consider my formal duty . >> the white house says from tomorrow's business will focus on unifying communities torn apart by gun violence . >> he wants to have a conversation with them that it is time to unify. we can do something impactful
6:33 pm
and important to prevent this from happening again if we come together . >> democratic members of congress remain focused on gun control. seven at the less senate minority leader called for a bill for background checks on gun purchases already passed by the house . >> it is a piece of paper but a piece of paper that could save lives. it had bipartisan support in the house and if leader mcconnell would simply bring it to the floor, of the senate now, i believe it would pass. in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. this thursday night, ktvu will take an in-depth look at mass shootings in america. we will examine current gun laws, mental health issues and what lawmakers are doing to prevent more mass shooting's. you can join us for our special report, guns in america . this thursday night at 10:30 on ktvu. a 34-year-old man died after being thrown from a car that crashed during a police pursuit to napa county.
6:34 pm
police received a call at 7:30 last night about a driver who was passed out in the car behind the rallies on fiscal avenue. when medics arrived, the driver purportedly took off. shares deputies deployed a spike strip. the driver was taken to the hospital but the passenger died . >> a vaping ban is headed to the ballot box. in june, the board of supervisors banned the sale of vaping products in the city on top of an existing ban on flavored tobacco products. now, san francisco-based juul is taking the issue directly to the voters. today, people on both sides of the debate sat in on a meeting about the wording of the initiative and ballot materials. >> not only does this initiative not overturn the flavor been, it builds additional regulation in and would create the nation's strongest regulation of vaping products. >> very cleverly written. it is designed so that they preserve the argument later on that hey, oh, by the way,
6:35 pm
flavor bands or flavored tobacco products including electronic cigarettes are really not band. >> -- you get -- >> the pool vaping side is asking one member to recuse himself because they say he is a spoken opponent of vaping. the city attorney's office responded by saying there is no conflict of interest . >> california's largest recycling retention company is closing down almost 300 recycling stations statewide including the recycling stations in the bay area. ktvu's rob roth has -- ktvu's rob roth has more >> reporter: the san francisco man says he has been recycling bottles and cans for money for more than 10 years . >> i don't have a job. so i do this . >> the main recycling center here is no more. you will now have to take his bags somewhere else. the largest recycling
6:36 pm
redemption center in california has shut down all of 284 of its stations, statewide including in pittsford, fremont and san ramon . >> the company issued -- >> reporter: the company issued a statement saying the demises due to falling prices for aluminum and plastic and rising operational costs. some organizations are concerned it could have ripple effects for poor people. >> we might see ourselves increasing more use of incinerators, more need to rethink about our landfills, more situations of things being recycled than before . >> summer urging sacramento to require all grocery store chains to pick up the slack and redeem recycled clan plans and bottles. more than 650 tons of recycling come into this plan per day. officials say while the markets are down for plastics, aluminum is in demand. they don't believe replenish's
6:37 pm
closing will have dire consequences . >> recycling will continue on because americans love to recycle and they feel good about it and it helps protect the environment . >> environmental groups in and city officials are reminding people they can still recycle using these blue bins. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox2 news. deliberations resume in the ghost ship trial. why the defense team says the longer it takes, the better it is for their client . >> a precarious moment for firefighters when the roof of a parking garage gave way underneath their firetruck. >>
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the unthinkable events of the past two weeks have left everyone numb as people us, what can be done. as politicians argue about gun laws, we are looking at the facts, taking a deep dive into the topic on everyone's mind . >> guns in america, our ktvu special report, thursday at 10:30 on fox 2. the jury in the ghost ship trial deliberate for the second full day today with no verdict reached. the jury of 9 women and 3 men are deciding the fate of ghost ship master tenant, derick almena and codefendant, max harris. each charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. defense attorneys say the longer they wait for a verdict, the more optimistic they are that the jury will slot side with their client . >> when you wait, there is no direct input and therefore, you know the stress level really rises. >> matt harris faces 39 years in prison if convicted. therefore, we are grateful for every minute this jury continues to deliver deliberate
6:41 pm
. >> the jury will be back at it tomorrow but the plan is to meet monday through thursday until a verdict is reached . >> a man was charged of the downtown berkeley art station just before 1 am this morning. the station is located at shattuck and fenner. a 27-year-old man and 36 were- year-old woman were taking the esther escalator when attacked. the suspect got away on a bicycle book victims were taken to the hospital for treatment under expect to be okay. take a look at this pic in chicago, a fire truck got stuck after the roof of a parking garage collapsed. authorities
6:42 pm
say the fire crew parked the engine to respond to a medical emergency when the concrete underneath gave way. the driver of the truck was still inside when it collapsed but managed to get out through the rear door. he was taken to the hospital with back pain. no other injuries were reported. >> it is being called a medical breakthrough treatment that can delay menopause for up to 20 years. during the 30 minute procedure, a surgeon removes ovarian tissue from a patient in her 20s or 30s, freezes it and re- transplanted years later. the transplant revs up women's natural hormones, keeping menopause from happening happening. it also delays symptoms like hot flashes and heart conditions. 9 reddish women's age 22 to 36 have already had the surgery. >> we're tracking the weather, a little bit of a cool off as we head into the next couple of days. i will time it out for you . >> let's go to alex savidge in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the 7:00 news on ktvu plus . >> a lawsuit filed today accuses the boy scouts of america of covering up a pedophile epidemic the details on the case involving hundreds of alleged victims. also we will tell you why the leaders of one country in latin america are warning their citizens to avoid travel to oakland.
6:43 pm
we will have those stories and more coming up tonight, live at 7:00 on ktvu plus. first, after the break, new data shows last month was the hottest recorded month ever by scientists and why it puts us at risk of more extreme weather . >> and a live look outside, a lot of fog along the coast. this should keep temperatures comfortable tonight. >> -- ♪ here's your buick sir. actually, that's my buick. your buick doesn't have a roof rack! this is my buick. how are we gonna fit in your mom's buick? easy. i like that new buick. -me too. i was actually talking about that buick. i knew that. -did you? buick's fresh new lineup is full of surprises. current eligible non-gm owners and lessees get 20% below msrp on most 2019 buick encore models.
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a new study has found that workers would exchange lower pay for more vacation time. according to a survey from -- global, 34% of employees questioned would forgo a
6:46 pm
portion of their salary in exchange for unlimited time off. and industry expert says unlimited time off is really a phantom benefit. they say if you have a heavy workload, you may not have time to take off and you will need to get the job done anyway. they say what you are really doing is taking a pay cut. numbers show the last july was the hottest month ever recorded. the european union's climate change service released global average temperature data showing last month was nearly half a degree hotter than the previous record holder which was july 2016. july 2016 high temperatures followed an exceptionally strong el niño event characterized by warmer ocean temperatures than usual. the july 2019 had no such event
6:47 pm
to blame for the heat. the group says global temperatures are rapidly approaching a crucial threshold that increases the risk of extreme weather events and food shortages for hundreds of millions of people. we are still a year away from the 2020 summer olympics in tokyo but officials there are already taking steps to prepare for the potential for extreme heat. temperatures in japan have hovered at dangerous levels for the last few days. at least 19 people have died due to heat related issues in tokyo alone. >> for next year, 2020 organizers say they plan to provide missed sprayers, shady areas and heat resistant pavement for the games. they also plan to distribute water and ice packs to fans and athletes . >> what it is like on those storks, it seems like there's no normal . >> because of what is happening, it is getting harder that is unprecedented so we can't go back to climatology and look at these numbers. it is unprecedented so i think the big takeaway is and you have a warmer atmosphere which we know we do, in climate change, the warmer atmosphere holds more water. it just does.
6:48 pm
gallons more water so when it rains and there is a storm, it is that much more potent so it is sort of like the el niño events in a way but on a large scale because we have this warmer planet now that has put a lot more water in the atmosphere so the storm to we storm or stronger, more aggressive, more windy, the whole bit. i think that is the take away with global warming and the planet warming up think about it, put a lot of water in the atmosphere and it is amazing how much water can hold and the storms come in because it is warmer and they can hold more water and they are double the dose. these are temperatures today. it is a huge topic and we could go forever. 86 in santa rosa, 80 in san rafael. 96 in fairfield was the hot spot. you can see the hot clouds coming up overhead and you see the fog at the surface and you get close and you see the fog notched out. i hope you're enjoying the last final days of summer here. i know the kids are getting ready and some have gone back to school and i think many of
6:49 pm
them go back next week so sorry to see it ending, guys. 88 in concord right now. 87 in fairfield and there is that beautiful shot, the shadow. check this out, this is a shower or the shadow -- >> look at that . >> isn't that cool? >> yeah . >> that is interesting. we need it there, you have almost the full image of a. the shallow marine layer is deepening. that is what happens in the next few days as temperatures cool down. the atmosphere gets cleaner or perceived as cleaner because it spreads out and the particulate gets spread out more so with that, going forward, we will see a temperature pattern that will be on the mild side. it starts tomorrow with 5 to 10 degrees cooler than today and it stays in the hot spots stay generally in the upper 80s to mid 80s. 87 in vacaville. how can you expect vacaville th the low 90s. there is the five-day forecast. when it
6:50 pm
it is like you not in school it's just a bummer because summer is summer, right? >> we all want summer to keep going . >> keep it going . >> bill, thank you. the giants decide to part ways with someone who helped them win. the >> the infielder they let go today coming up next in sports. here's one you guys will like.
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the power of 2 continues to work for you. fox 2 news at 7:00 coming up in minutes on ktvu plus. here's were to watch ktvu plus on your tv. marcus lewis sports. what you think about the giants move with joe panik? >> i think it makes a lot of sense. in this day and age you have to be versatile, play in numerous positions and be able to hit. but you know how the giants just do not like to part with historic members, so to speak, of their team. part of the teams that won those 3 world championships but joe panik no longer a san francisco giant. obviously, times have changed. after 6 years with the team and oddly enough, on picture day, out at the ballpark today, joe panik will not be part of the situation. his iconic play part of the double play kansas city that h giants to victory. he made a sensational play along with brandon crawford to pull a double play that help the
6:54 pm
giants win. he had trouble with the bat this year, career low, 2.35. this is something for bruce bochy to be part of pulling the trigger . >> it should be, you know, hey, you spend as much time as we all do together, for as long as we have been together, it is going to be tough but if it's not, you're not human. >> there you go. like i said, times have changed. at wrigley field that could be a hitters park is the wind is blowing out and the oakland a's certainly think it is tonight. yeah, they are flexing their t the cubs boring often and early. how about jon lester, one of the best left-handers in the game, taken deep for the second, dustin contributing and 3 more in the fourth inning. nothing like the homeruns.
6:55 pm
he even put started with a shot there against his left her lefty. 10 runs, leaving the cards cubs, 11-nothing. if you are an nfl pan fan or raider fan, hard knocks and a little preview of what was to come earlier today. >> -- >> i play with the steelers. the steelers. >> -- >> that is my quarterback. >> david carter? >> david car. antonio brown figures to play at big part with badly blistered feet keeping him out. this is because of cryotherapy. this is a joke double it just about like frostbite and you undergo cryotherapy to relieve muscle plane muscle pain and
6:56 pm
swelling pick he has not been able to take part in workouts. he is seeing a foot specialist but all of this attention on the feet of antonio brown is clearly annoying jon gruden. >> i have nothing new on that, now. i have no new news. >> can you say whether not he was on the premises? >> no, i can't. he is gathering information and i will bring you up to speed when i know something. i'm not going to speculate. >> he needs to be where he needs to be. >> i'm not going to answer where with any more questions. i have no information until i hear. >> clearly annoyed. equal time for the san francisco 49ers getting ready for the first preseason game in which jimmy garoppolo will not be participating although things have gone well after his acl surgery in the off-season and the recovery. he will make his debut against denver in the second game of
6:57 pm
the preseason and probably play a little bit in game 3 in kansas city, returning to the scene of where he was hurt. they have also activated running back jerick mckinnon who suffered an acl injury early last year. he has not suited up for regular-season game. they paid him a boatload of money and he has been activated but they are going to take it slow says koelsch and again . >> we will think it will be sooner than later and healthwise, he feels like he can jump in but there is a process you have to go through. he has been rehabbing for a year and there is a lot that goes into it. you watch every day and encourage them. we see stuff that is good and we would make sure he feels coven mentally and physically before he got back in. >> that is all about health and the nfl. we know about that. >> if you can stay healthy, you have a shot. when people asked me how the niners and raiders are going to do, it depends . >> mark, thank you. see you later, everyone. good night.
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