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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  August 7, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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shooting, the what we know about the shooting and the gunman's violent ideologies. protests expected in el paso, texas and dayton, ohio today as president trump prepares to visit the two cities stunned by mass shootings. good morning, thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2, wednesday morning, august 7th. i'm pam cook. dave clark will join us in a little bit. steve paulson is here. i'm hoping this tropical weather is moving on. >> yes. we have a change here. i was in the neighborhood, i thought i would stop by. i don't want you to be by yourself. if you are up, i'm up with you drinking my coffee. we have been stuck for about five days but the pattern is changing today. fog is making a good move, had a lot of show, not much go in the sierra, a few sprinkles.
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some monsoon moisture lifting out of the area, north. a few isolated showers, some does lift up in to northeast california. we are on the drier side. our focus will be that low, unseasonably strong. 33 travis, oakland, west, southwest at 22. both were not in place yesterday. inland temperatures jumped up in to the 90s again. 50s and 60s on your temperatures. is this going to fill in? maybe not. 40s, 50s for most. temperatures, though, on their way down. the monsoon pushed towards the east. we get rid of the higher clouds, this low will be with us all the way this to saturday morning. the cooling begins, 60s, 70s, 80s, a few upper 80s. 4:01 in the morning.
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here he is, sal castaneda. steve, good morning to you. good morning to you at home, if you are driving on the bridges, the bay bridge is quiet. no major issues. the altamonte pass we will talk about that in a moment, i wanted to mention the bridges because we have a problem on the san mateo bridge, traffic is okay westbound. eastbound, there is an overturned truck. once they get in there to right that truck, you might see slow traffic eastbound on the san mateo bridge going that way from the peninsula b you will see slow traffic. on the altamonte pass, the traffic is a little bit slow on westbound 580, already because of an earlier accident here. watch for road work, watch for slow traffic coming in. give yourself extra time this morning. the back up is on 580.
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not on 205 yet. back to the desk. today president trump is traveling to dayton, ohio and el paso, texas as both cities try to heal from the mass shootings over the weekend. the president's visits are expected to be met with proest thes like the ones that have taken place outside of the white house. the mayor says it is her duty to welcome the president but plans to tell him she is disappointed with the proposals he outlined at the white house on monday to deal with gun violence. >> i'm disappointed with his remarks. they fall short. he mentioned gun issues one time. watching the president over the past few years on the issues of guns, he has been, i don't know if he know what is he believes. >> some people in el paso have expressed misgivings about the president's visit. the republican mayor says he will meet with the president but democratic congresswoman veronica escobar says she
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turned down an invitation from the white house to join the president during his visit. we spoke to political analyst, brian, about the president's planned trip to both cities. he believes the visits by the president will be steps in the right direction. >> the fact that the president is going this quickly to both those cities i judge as a good thing. it's got to galvanize the national discussion around this. yes, there is going to be protesters but we wait to hear what the president will say. >> president trump did not discuss gun reform. it he says it's crucial the president call for gun control during his stops in dayton and el paso today. communities across the country, there will be el paso strong vigils against hate. speakers will call for local, state and federal officials to
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speak out against hate and discrimination. tonight's rally will celebrate the lives of the people killed in el paso saturday and put a spotlight on the city that straddles the u.s. border with mexico and inclusion for citizens and non citizens. maureen naylor reports the special agent in charge says officials put it in that category after the gunman wrote about widespread violence. >> reporter: fbi announced it finished collecting evidence while revealing information about what may have led up to the deadly rampage. >> we uncovered they've the shooter was exploring violent ideologies. we have seen a fractured ideology, an interest in varying competing violent
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ideologies. >> reporter: while a final motive hasn't been determined, investigators classify the case as a classic terrorism investigation, a digital media analysis of the 19-year-old gunman's devices revealed a list of potential targets. >> religious institutions, federal buildings, courthouses, political organizations from both major political parties and the gilroy garlic festival. >> reporter: the gunman was wearing a bullet are assistant vest and a bag recovered in a creek contained ammunition, a rifle scope, a flashlight and a shovel. >> it's the same thing. he murdered, he put everyone's life in danger. >> reporter: the developments don't change the pain this student is going through. the 21-year-old gilroy woman was at the festival with 10 family members. >> it was so scary. >> reporter: she picked up
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personal items including her 1- year-old niece's stroller the family abandoned as they ran for safety. >> i grew up going to the garlic festival. knowing he did something like that, at a place where even was trying to have fun, it's sad. >> reporter: with this a domestic terrorism investigation, the fbi can send out search warrants across the country where ever the investigation takes them. maureen naylor, ktvu fox2 news. the gunman fired 39 shots, gilroy's police chief says the three officers who engaged him fired a total of 18 shots and hit him several times but the exact number is not known at this point. authorities say the gunman had hundreds of rounds of ammunition with him and found on his body near his body or in his backpack nearby. the coroner says the suspect shot and killed himself. police in gilroy say all
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items left on any part of the festival grounds will be released for people to recover by tend of the day. support services are still available for anyone at the garlic festival the day of the shooting or had a family member who was there. for the first time, the gunman's family released a statement through their attorney saying in part, quote, our family is deeply shocked and horrified by the actions of our son. to the families of steven romero, keyla salazar, trevor ir vy we can't describe -- to the city of gilroy and to everyone affected, we are tremendously sorry. no words can begin to express this. the 13-year-old victim in the gilroy shooting has been laid to rest. two days afterwa would have been keyla's 14th birthday, her family held a service.
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friends and families used colored markers, one read keyla, you are an angel we will never forget you. tomorrow north, ktvu will be taking an in depth look at mass shootings in america. we will look at our current gun laws, mental health and what lawmakers are doing to prevent more mass shootings. we hope you can join us, guns in america, that's tomorrow night at 10:30 here on ktvu. happening today, the man arrested for the shooting death of an oakland city councilwoman's son is set to be in court. he was killed during an attempted robbery this los angeles earlier this year. ivan hernandez was booked with murder. if convicted he could be given the death penalty. faculty and friends say he was a talented drummer and active in student affairs. a tennessee woman who has spent half her life behind bars will walk out of prison a free woman
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today. 13 year old brown was given a life sense as sentenced as a teenager. her case gained global attention. tennessee's former governor granted her clemency. the jury in the ghost ship warehouse trial will continue deliberations after ending tuesday without reaching a segment. the jury of 9 women and three men are deciding the fate of almena and max harris it felt defense attorneys tell us here at you job news, the longer they wait for a verdict, the more optimistic they are that the jury will side with their clients. the jury plans to meet monday through thursday until a verdict is reached. ktvu crime reporter henry lee has been in the courtroom since day one, he will help lead our coverage as soon as the jury reach as verdict and read the daily courtroom blog on our
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website, the city of san jose has paid the city of santa clara, $5 million as the result of a settlement over a development project. in 2016, santa clara sued san jose over disputes. the project located in san jose near the santa clara city limit. santa clara claimanted they did not study adverse environmental affects of the project. they reached a settlement, calling for $5 million to santa clara and $1.2 million expected by the end of the week. 11 minutes after 4:00, on the run since 2015, still ahead, how police finally caught one a california millionaire accused of murdering his wife seven years ago. a new dorm is opening its doors to its first residents on treasure island today. up next, how the new facility is helping at-risk youth.
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a man spent several hours at the top of a 36-football outside of san jose city hall. this was happening yesterday afternoon as witnesses reported seeing a man lying on the ledge, mental health officials and san jose police tried to persuade him to come down with no luck. he came down before 7:45 last night. governor newsom will tour a legal aid clinic that helps renters facing eviction and homeowners facing foreclosure. the budget signed in june made a historic $1.75 billion investment in new housing, and incentives for cities to approve new home construction. a first of its kind campus dormitory set to open for
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students in need. it will provide housing for 24 students. the students attend the public charter high school, the school serves bay area students who have not been successful in other school settings. six students are expected to move in when school starts. the ceremony will be today at 11:00. a free job fair for anyone looking to get back to work. at the hyatt place in downtown san jose from 11:00 this morning, until 2:00 this afternoon. some of oh the jobs represented included a minute straitive, finance b government, technology and others. a muny platform near the chase center in san francisco is open for commuters. the mayor took part in a ribbon cutting yesterday. it will hold 700 people. this bigger platform is a key piece in the city's strategy to encourage fans us visiting the chase center to use public transit instead of driving.
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the war yous are offering a free day-long bus and train pass to anyone who buy as ticket to chase center. the arena will open next month. tonight on the 10:00 news, bay area people on broadway. claudine wong went to new york city is got on stage. hear about the journey that led him to the spotlight. that's tonight on the 10:00 news. if you can't waits you can listen on the pod cast, search for bay area people in pod cast. checking back in with sal. we are looking at the girl roy commute. i'm also looking at the other commutes, pam that have been troubled. we are going look at the altamonte pass because we had construction work where i put the arrow on my map.
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that means the traffic is going to be slow in this area. slower than usual. it's slow on 205, we are off to a slow start, if you know the side roads, if you can get yourselfen the freeway after the altamonte pass -- that's what sit is going to take. after that it looks good. gilroy commute has opinion lacking good all the way from gilroy, morgan hill in to san jose with no major issues. traffic is doing well with no problems there. traffic continues to look good as you drive all the way up to peninsula, if you are going that far. bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is backed up at the cash lanes but looks good down the middle. couple of days where by the coast, 60s, 70s, inland it was 90s. not today. we will see these temperatures come down through saturday.
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they will be a rebound on sunday. santa clara 86 to 82. redwood 86 to 78. livermore 92 to 84. san jose, 86 to 78 today. there is a low, there are two lows approaching, the high which has been persistent and anchored in the four corners is now moving. it's a cooler pattern. there is a lot of drizzle coast and bay in the near future the next two days or so. more fog today. it will be cooler and breezy and windy for some. low clouds filling in to get a southerly flow. more on the lee side, that's low i'm talking about. any rain in that, steve? possibility. montecito, friday in to saturday. west, southwest to 22 oak land. 26 gusting to 35.
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extra hold on the hair spray. monterey and san francisco buoy 57. if the san francisco buoy is 57. downtown, 57. 61 oak land. 62 concord. fairfield, 59. lake port 59. san jose 62. east bay temperatures 50s and 60s. 50s, dublin, pleasanton. the monsoon moisture made an appearance in southern california, las vegas and sierra, now pushed towards the west, southwest. the monsoon kicked in for arizona and new mexico. if you are heading down there, watch out. the low, one west of la, that will open up as we call and the other one will take its place, the stronger one, that's going to give us the cooler pattern as that enhances the fog and sets the stage for cooler
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couple of days. 60s, 70s, 80s on the temperatures. the overall outlook, montecito, friday in to saturday, possibility of rain. we will warm up on sunday. new numbers show july was the hottest month recorded. the european union released global temperature data and shows last month was a half degree hotter than the previous record holder which was july 2016. in july, 2016, high temperatures followed a strong el nino event, critical conditionized characterized by warmer temperatures. steps to prepare for extreme heat. temperatures in japan hovered at dangerous levels for the
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last few days. 19 people have died due to heat related issues in tokyo alone. organizers plan to provide shaded rest areas, mist sprays and heat resistant pavement for the marathon course and major events and roads. they plan to distribute water and ice packs to both fans and athletes. show of support for high school mule that's scheduled to be painted over. up next, the reason african american leaders say the murals should stay each though it depicts racism. a bay area teen is banned from youtube for posting threatening content in her videos. we will show you what got her booted and h aggressive response to youtube.
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sausa4 donut holes. for just a dollar. dang!! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. a california man has been on the run since 2015 and now in custody. the new port beach man is charged with murdering his wife in 2012. for four years, detectives say he used fake ids to stay in high end resorts and hotels and worked odd jobs to make money. >> at the time of his arrest, chadwick was in possession of numerous false identification documents. >> chadwick skipped a court appearance in 2015 while out on $1 million bail. his case was the subject of a 6 episode true crime pod cast by
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new port beach police. youtube removed the account of a marin county 14 year old after she posted a video that seemed to threaten lgbt people. she is known for posting far right views. one video asked her followers to site her in her man festos like those left behind by mass shooters. after the channel was removed, she tweeted an image of herself with a gun writing youtube headquarters, here i come. she deleted that tweet. several african american community leaders are voicing their support for a controversial mural. it's on display at george washington high school in san francisco and depicts enslaved african americans and native americans who have died. the head of the n acc p is saying the mural is part of history that should not be censored. >> it would be majoring in minor things.
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the original artist did because he wanted to critique american history. >> the school board voted to cover up the mural but naacp says it should remain so the whole story can be told. what is supposed to be a warming visit by the president is shaping up to be an un welcome protest. what lawmakers in el paso, texas and dayton, ohio are saying about the president's scheduled visits today. the challenge a boy in el paso started in the wake of last weekend's shooting. buttermoh manscuits now we're talking fried egg want it melty cheese
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middle of the week, it's wednesday, august 7th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us this morning. steve is talking about a change in the weather. temperatures inland have been in the 90s for many for the last three or four days. today they will start the trend down, livermore 92 to 84. san jose, 86 to 78. 86 to 78 redwood city. other locations will be cooler than that. the system is getting impact bade ledropping in. the see sear sierra dealt with a little more slow than go. that's the key player in the weather for the next three to four days. there are two systems, one will open up and start to


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