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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  August 7, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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it is an important partnership. >> the neighbors know each other and they know who needs help in an evacuation. whether they need extra time or if someone's kid is home alone. the catch that clinched the game and sent the 49ers to their first super bowl. we will speak with the president about the man who made that catch. and reuniting the cast. we hear from the cast of 90210 about the reboot coming to fox. >> plus getting kids ready to go back to school. we will have some helpful lunch tips.
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all right, we are looking at a foggy picture of san francisco and the bay bridge. the music is out of the a road ship because this very show will be in the city of clayton in two days. it will be frank and myself with steve paulson and are you looking forward to it? >> very much so. i was there and it was roasting hot and i was a little concerned about the heat. >> there is a rich history and a bit of a western town. >> it is a quaint town and when you talk about clayton, typically it is flip flops, shorts and sunscreen but the weather may work in our friday favor. >> it may not be hot. it can be but that's not the case in the next few days as a strong system moves in. it's already picking up the fahd bank and enhancing it. there are two systems coming
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down the california coast and another off of la and you can see the dip in the jet stream. lots of monsoon moisture pushing east. the cooler forecast begins today and it will move easily into friday and into clayton as well. 60s and 70s and also 80s. the cooler forecast with some inland areas pushing to the 90s. the trend is down and not up. send carlos in san jose in the 70s. san francisco in the 60s. livermore at 92 and it wasn't that bad yesterday at 84. the same for redwood city and santa rosa at 82. will we have rain? we could. for us, he will be drizzle. the coastal fog bank will be charged in the next few days and the onshore wind will be
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dropping over the next few days. water temperatures are cold at 52, 54 and 56. as long as that load drops in, there is plenty to work with with that fog. moisture in sierra nevada and pushing off. not the case in southern california around palm springs where there is activity there. the same for las vegas. the cool air will be here through saturday when it finally moves through. the drizzle will be with us thursday and friday and after that the low clouds are wiped out. wendy for some and a kickstand. 60s, 70s and upper 80s and in the next few days we level off on saturday and warm up again on sunday. thank you steve. we are staying on top of a developing story in livermore. an early morning homicide. the shooting happened on lost casitas road around 4:00 a.m. between the walmart and the pulse store just off of
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interstate 580. there is a crew on the scene getting more information about to speak to police. the victim is a man and so far they have not revealed more information. we will monitor this story and check in with allie later this hour. and a flatbed trout truck veered off the freeway and into the marsh and needed to be brought back up onto the road during the commute. chp reopen the roadway before 7:00 this morning nearly 6 hours after the right lane of the freeway had to be shut down. it took so long because the flat bed tow truck was carrying a car and towing a second car which made it extremely heavy. chp told us about the complications that kept the freeway slow lane closed a number of hours.
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>> the challenges the weight of the truck along with the fact that as you can see, the truck is stuck in the actual mud at the embankment. additionally, the tow truck had equipment failures in the cables. they snapped a couple of times as they were trying to pull the truck out. >> reporter: chp said no one was injubut it was a rough start to the morning coute for hundreof drivers. now investigating the attack at the gilroy garlic festival as an act of active terrorism. the 19-year-old gunman revealed a list of potential targets including federal buildings, courthouses, churches, and political organizations affiliated with both republicans and democrats. >> we've recovered evidence through the course of the investigation that the shooter was exploring violent ideologies . we have seen a fractured ideology. the shooter appeared to have an interest in varying competing violent ideologies. >> reporter: now the fbi says
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the shooting is a domestic terrorism case, the fbi can send out search warrants across the country as it investigates the shooter and whether anyone helped him. policing gilroy say that all items left on the gilroy garlic festival grounds after the mass shooting will be released to the proper owner by the end of the day. also no support services are available to anyone at the garlic festival on the day of the shooting, or of a family member was there. a family member of a girl killed held her funeral at her church in san jose. family members wrote messages on her casket. one row, kayla, you are an angel and we will never forget you. >> reporter: president trump in dayton, ohio meeting with people impacted by the shooting there. he is meeting with the survivors , first responders and hospital staff. then he heads to el paso
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to deal with the mass shooting there. critics in both cities say he is not welcome. >> we will be meeting with first responders, law enforcement, some of the victims to pay my respects and regards. >> reporter: president trump arriving in ohio for the first of two stops as the nation mourns this past weekend's daily shootings. the president will be in dayton as well as el paso following the attacks. his trip is met with mixed emotions. >> i think it is too soon right now. >> there are a lot of people that probably don't want him around, or whatnot. i think as a community, we need to show that anyone deserves. >> reporter: veronica escobar says that the president is not
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welcome because of his words and actions. she is not meeting with him and is instead attending a plant protest. and better o'rourke says the president has no place here. president trump firing back in a tweet saying that baddo o'rourke should respect the victims and be quiet. >> i think it is unfortunate to see victims politicize a tragic event like this. sadly, hait has no partisan alliances. we have seen people on the left and on the right with the first of what is said to be several funerals to begin tomorrow. we spoke with ktvu's political analyst about the planned trip and he says he thinks the president's visits are steps in the right direction . >> the fact the president is
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going quickly to both cities, i judge it as a good thing. he's got to galvanize the discussion around this. yes, there will be protesters, but wait to hear. president trump did not address gun reform during his national address on monday. we will see if he talks about gun reform and is stops in dayton and el paso today. there have been several protests including one in san francisco with people gathering at the bart station at 7:00 tonight. calling for people to speak out against hate and discrimination. and also put a spotlight on a city right on the u.s. border with mexico. many see the rallies as symbols of inclusion for citizens and noncitizens alike. and for anyone who has heard about the shootings may feel fear. latino communities feel fear furl because of the victims of
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the el paso and gilroy shootings were latino. >> there's a broader frame set by washington, d.c. that says that people who come from different backgrounds are a threat to the new united states. >> reporter: those after the september 11 attacks understand the feeling and feel for the latino community. it is important to reach out to friends and neighbors for support. congressman eric small well will host a forum on gun violence and domestic terrorism . the congressman wants to hear the thoughts and concerns of the people in his district. the community forum will be tonight at the hayward city council chambers. and a in-depth look at mass shootings in america. we look at current gun laws,
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mental health, and what lawmakers are doing to prevent more mass shootings. the special report, guns in america , is right here tomorrow night at 10:30 here on ktvu. deliberations today after ending a session yesterday without reaching a verdict . the jury of nine men and three women is disturbed to take determining the fate of those charged. the longer they wait, the more they hope that the jury will side with their clients. >> there is no direct input and therefore you know that your stress level really rises. >> max harris faces 39 years in prison if convicted and therefore we are grateful that the jury continues to deliberate. >> reporter: the jury will meet monday through thursday and tele verdict is reached.
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in the courtroom since the first day of the trial, he will bring the verdict when it's delivered. you can read his log on coming up , i look at safety protocol on the nines. coming up, how businesses and organizations nationwide are taking extra precautions. and a warning with how north korea is ramping up tensions between itself and the u.s.. that coming up.
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youtube has removed the account of the marin county 14- year-old after she posted video that seem to threaten lgbt people. known for posting far right views, one video asked her followers to cite her in the manifestoes left behind by the mass shooters.
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youtube says her channel violated their policy on hate speech. she tweeted an image of herself with a gun writing, youtube headquarters, here i come. she later deleted the tweet. and a three-judge panel overturned a $5.5 million settlement that a judge in dalemere proved two years ago calling on google to stop tracking user data uncertain whether browsers and pay for legal expenses there's. even when users specifically opted out, they are accused of tracking the data. some say the settlement is not sufficient and the cases sent to the lower court for review. a warning to the united states and south korea by
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firing missiles into the sea. how north korea's fourth round of weapons test in the past two weeks is keeping tensions high on all sides.>> reporter: north korea sending a clear message after weeks of missile tests. these images of kim jong-un said to be served to take personally supervising the launch of the short range ballistic missiles fired into the sea on tuesday. kim said they were warning to the u.s. and south korea over ongoing military drills. >> the u.s. and south korea talk about it and when they sit back, they sit back and sharpen the sword to do us harm tiers let us make it clear that the united states is not inciting military pressure.>> reporter: claiming that there was recently a $990 million payment made to the u.s.. >> south korea and i have made a deal where they will pay a lot more money and the
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relationship is a very good one . >> reporter: the fourth round of weapons testing in two weeks reflecting goring frustration and north korea that the u.s. is going ahead with military drills well talks remains stalled. the administration says they are leveling the playing field. >> they are doing what are called command post exercises and are largely computer-driven . north korea has continued exercises unabated and they don't really have a lot to complain about. >> reporter: this comes as mark esper meets with his japanese counterpart in tokyo. fox news. supporters and opponents of the vaping sales are debating language related to an upcoming ballot measure. banning the sale of gaping products in the city, the san francisco-based company, juul, wants to take the issue to voters. those in favor of the vaping
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products band -- ban say it should be like the ban on tobacco. >> it should be the strongest regulation of vaping products. >> it is designed so they preserve the argument later on that flavored tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes , are really not band. >> reporter: they say he is an outspoken opponent of vaping. the city attorney's office sees no conflict of interest and it is set to be finalized at the end of the month. candidates for san francisco's dist atty will be
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debating. it includes susie left us, nancy tung, public defender tessa booting and attorney general leaf doubts. >> our current system is not working well enough for anyone. >> i'm the only candidate on stage you decided not to become a prosecutor.>> collect domestic violence victims and help police officers moving forward. >> the humanitarian crisis that we walked through on the way to this debate. and holding the dozens accountable. >> reporter: the canids addressed issues like officer involved shooting, juvenile justice and officer bias. there is no income and in the race and the next debate is 6:00 tonight at the county fair
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building. happening today. governor gavin newsom will tour a legal clinic that helps renters facing on ti homeowners ci foreclosure. government accountability is one of his top priorities. a $1.75 billion investment in new housing and creating major and incentives for new home construction. a new state law could make it harder to challenge navigation centers for the homeless. it was talked into a rider on the state budget. it would require the cities to approve such centers as long as they meet zoning requirements. citizens have sued to try to block the construction of the navigation center on the embarcadero and this does not prevent that kind of action. community leaders voicing their support for a controversy mural that's on display at george washington high school in the city depicting enslaved african americans as well as
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native americans who have died. the head of the naacp says the mural is a part of history that should not be censored. >> it would be majoring in minor things. for us to do a brouhaha regarding a mural that the original artist did because he wanted to critique american history. >> reporter: the school board voted to cover up the beer mural and the naacp says that you stand so the story can be told. coming up, accused of selling alcohol to minors. >> the a spay grocery store now on probation and the penalties it will face. and rising to the top when it comes to travel. a recent survey is coming up after the break. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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happening today. the first of its kind dormitory for students in need. the new dormitory would provide housing for students who would otherwise be homeless or living in unsafe housing situations. the school serves bay area students have not been successful in other settings. students are set to move in august 19 when school starts and the opening ceremony is at 11:00 this morning. >> teens and young adults have differing views from their parents about whether going to college is the best route right after high school. one in five people considered young minnelli annals may not be going to college. the high cost and finding a well-paying career are the main concerns. many would rather take the year off between high school and
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college or do anterior program instead of a traditional four- year university. 96% of parents expect their children to go to college. manno say >> san jose said there is a lawsuit against drugmakers like johnson & johnson and distributors such as walgreens and cvs. the lawsuit that the drug companies push doctors to prescribe highly addictive drugs and that the pharmacies did not monitor the prescriptions. there are several lawsuits by local and state governments as well as native american tribes. not able to sell or display alcoholic products for the next two months. the liquor license has been submit suspended. the store sold alcohol to minors in the last three years including one
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back in march. even after the license is reinstated, the safe will will be on the commissioner's yet three years and if there's another violation, the next action could be stronger. in the top 10 airports in the country according to a new study. sfo, san francisco is number seven on the list. san jose international landed the number eight spot. oakland sits near the bottom at number 38. the study examined the 50 busiest airports in the united states looking at flight delays, cancellations, security wait times and more. >> i live in the east bay, so oakland makes sense. go ahead. >> we are showing them a little love. >> we are showing them love because they deserve it. >> i love it because it's close and you can do your thing.
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>> i will read the prompter. coming up, keeping workers and customers safe. >> customers taking a look at safety protocols in the wake of multiple mass shootings.
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you may not want to look at your portfolio today. the stock market is down 1 1/3% or 329 points. it was down more earlier. the nasdaq and s&p are down and amazon which was down 3 1/2% is down 1 1/3%. the market is not doing that well right now. and let's look at developing news in livermore where police are investigating a homicide between the walmart and kohl's stores. police are investigating and
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allie rasmus has new information . >> reporter: it is still closed as investigators continue gathering evidence. we can expect the parking lot to be shut down several hours between the walmart and the kohl's store off los casitas avenue. there were people coming in and out of the store at 4:00 who heard the shots and called police. when police arrived, they found a man shot in the torso and the man died from his injuries at the scene. there were witnesses who saw what happened and they said that the victim and gunmen got into an altercation before the gunman fired several shots from a rifle killing the victim . >> we believe this was a feud between the suspect and the victim and they got into an argument that ultimately led to the suspect shooting the victim and killing him.
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>> reporter: police do not know why the two men were here in the parking lot at 4:00 a.m. but it was not a random attack. the victim and suspect knew each other and there are witnesses who are cooperating with police and police believe they know who the gunman is. the suspect in this deadly shooting fled the scene. police will hopefully be releasing more information about that suspect later this morning . also about the vehicle and possibly a picture as they continue to search for him. allie rasmus , ktvu fox 2 news. president trump is in dayton, ohio meeting with people impacted by the mass shooting there. >> the controversy that the trip is causing. >> reporter: people in ohio and
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texas are upset by the president's presents and they say it is causing and necessary intrusion as they try to grieve the loss following those mass shootings. you can see in these images that a crowd is gathering on the street and this is happening as the president is meeting with first responders and families of some of the victims. some say the president's words about undocumented immigrants as invaders. president trump's visit today they say brings national unity and healing. prior to leaving washington, the president was asked about an assault weapons ban. he said right now there is not a political appetite for that. >> there is no political appetite for that at this moment . you can do your own polling and there is no political appetite for that from the standpoint of the legislature
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but i will certainly bring that up as one of the points. there is a great appetite, i mean a strong appetite for background checks and i think we can bring background checks like we've never had before. i think both republicans and democrats are getting close to a bill and doing something with background checks. >> reporter: the president went on to say that he will have a bill to convince people in congress to do things they don't want to do and he will convince them to do quote the right thing. the mayors of el paso and dayton say they will meet with the president today. the president will be in dayton about two hours and then board l pat -- elf force one and go back to washington tonight. in the wake of two separate mass shootings, many people are worried about another mass shooting. how some people are taking steps to protect themselves.
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>> reporter: multiple mass shootings rocking the country and leaving the nation on edge. as seen in this video, panic and times square as thousands of people ran for cover from what they thought were gunshots. the nypd identified the noise later as a motorcycle backfiring . businesses and organizations are taking action in case the worst were to happen to them. the houston police department regularly offering three active shooter training and in the last few days they have hooked as many trainings as they do typically in a week. >> we have survivors that have come back and said, that information saved my life. >> evaluating safety protocols after a gun scare on campus, now considering metal detectors as well as active shooter training. >> everyone is on guard these days. >> as students prepare for the
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school year, a new item popping up on store shelves is bulletproof backpacks. >> it is terrifying we even have to co thensider things, but that's the world we live in . >> reporter: uruguay and venezuela offering travel advisories urging citizens to postpone trips to the u.s. and criticizing american gun laws. fox news. and idea years in the making finally opening its doors. the city called the chase center the most transit friendly center in the nba but there is concern about traffic jams during the event. live in san francisco with a look at the transit options. there is a new muni platform designed to help . >> that's right and it will be convenient for all of the events happening here. 220 games and events will be right
9:36 am
here at the chase center. fans will be dropped off right in front of the arena. of course traffic will still be an issue. the city expects 18,000 people at each event and officials say the best way to get to the arena and back is by public transportation. the brand-new muni platform opened yesterday between warriors way and 16th street . if you have a ticket, you can ride muni free to the arena. somehow there are doubts. one woman says she is concerned about how the traffic will impact nearby ucsf hospital. >> think of the families coming from the area and just trying to navigate to get to loved ones in a stressful time. so, i think this is an amazing city but i think our public transportation is something that could use some work and support.
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>> reporter: the mayor says the city worked with ucsf to come up with a transportation plan and after other transportation options in the san francisco bay. the goal is to have a ferryboat stop at mission bay so you can be dropped off at the arena. right now riders can get on at the mainstreet alameda terminal and be dropped off at pier 48 about a half-mile from the chase center. for all of you bicyclists, the bicycle coalition will have valet bicycle parking during events here at the chase center. ktvu fox 2 news . coming up. >> helpful school lunches. we talked to registered dietitians to help your kids with a better lunchbox.
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with over 100 ways to enjoy lunch at olive garden starting at $7.99 the best lunch option is more options only at olive garden.
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we are learning that burger king's new impossible whopper may have a setback for vegetarians and vegans. they are cooked on the same broiler as beef and chicken products. that was disclosed on the website. they can request a separate broiler but it cannot be marked as vegan due to the restaurant's open kitchen environment. taco bell opening a cantina restaurant. this is on market street in santa clara near san jose. it's just a few minutes from the san jose state university. it will feature new taco bell
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food along with shareable dishes . the new store open in pacifica last month. there will be new alcoholic drinks including wine, beer and margaritas. back to school is upon us. some parents concerned about what they will be eating and if those meals are helpful. we have nutritionist amy goodson . good morning. >> good morning. lunchtime can be stressful for parents to figure out what is healthy for your kids to eat. >> they trade it or throw it away and you need to figure out what they like to eat. >> i have a blueprint for you today to build nutrient ranch lunches. think of this as a healthy guide to fuel your kids. it covers all food groups from protein to grains, fruits, veggies and dairy.
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>> protein is important, right? >> protein is important and of course turkey sandwiches are the rage, but kids get sick of that. >> even i get bored with that. >> let's think about plant- based protein. since we are going back to school, we can have an alphabet lesson around p . pistachios are a great option and you can add them easily to make a little bento box. >> this is good because they are pre-peeled. >> they have protein in each serving and they are a good source of fiber and we know that kids and adults don't get enough. you can use them to make fun little treats. >> reporter: this is pretty good portion control and that is how most. okay, great. >> reporter: you can make energy ball bites and there are lots of good ways to get protein in.
9:43 am
>> reporter: i want to ask about adding sugar and carbs without nutritional value. how can we give crunchiness without those things. >> there is an alternate to chips and press silts because they have fiber and protein. they do provide fiber and b vitamins and the key is whole- grain. there are lots of ways to get whole-grain. i have used a tortilla to make a quesadilla and then we have oat pita. there are lots of different tomato basil type tortillas. >> reporter: amy, i think the reason you put this here is because oranges help to keep my kids from getting sick. right?
9:44 am
>> there are lots of germs upon us and vitamin c is a good way to fight those chirps and oranges are great way to get it. it helps us fight colds and the flu and they provide vitamin a and calcium. another science geography lesson. chile is counter to the u.s. and they are in winter right now. they allow us to have citrus oranges. the fruit is a fun way to get your kids involved in the food process. >> sometimes kids don't want to try new foods and you have to make it interesting. >> i made a protein packed, this is actually a whole-grain dark chocolate waffle. it has yogurt and an orange in a middle. it is finger food and
9:45 am
easy to eat. of course, we all love fruit but you need to get in those vegetables. most kids don't love vegetables but if you can make them dip a bowl and use them with hamas or this is an avocado yogurt dip. you can also do a skewer. this is a great way to do it with a skewer. we have protein and vegetables and lots of bright colors. here is an interesting fact about veggies. it takes 7-10 times to introduce a food to a kid before they might like it. trying vegetables different ways is more fun than a bowl of broccoli. look at the fun ways you can do it. you can roast vegetables and use them as something for
9:46 am
dipping. milk is also full of protein, calcium and vitamin d. cheese is another great source of dairy. we have spreadable cheese right here and of course cheese in the quesadilla and we have put it into the wrap. you can make little cheese plates and you can use skewers. three servings of dairy per day is the recommendation. so, try again and get creative when working with your kids. bright, colorful and flavorful tiers i'm going to steal these ideas for my kids. i think they may go for them. >> think about what you would like to see. he wanted to be something they eat and not trade. and the colorful foods are up best way to provide healthful food for kids. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me.
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i think i had 4000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. >> maybe baloney, if you were lucky. coming up on this wednesday, the beverly hills 90210 fans are waiting for this . it's finally here. >> we hear from the star of the 90210 limited series just ahead of its premier right here on ktvu.
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looking life, you can see there is a slow start in the bay area with the marine layers lingering around san francisco and berkeley and that area. temperatures pushing into the 80s with a cooling trend as we hit midweek. >> brenda, brandon and the rest of the beverly hills 90210 stars are reunited. >> a limited reunion series. >> and fox all-star, jake hamilton, sits down with the cast members ahead of tonight's big premier. >> and cut. come on guys, showtime. >> reporter: getting the gang back together for limited reunion series having the cast pay fictionalized versions of themselves to get an 90210 reboot up and running.
9:51 am
i had the chance to talk with three of the original stars, brian austin greene, jason priestley included about what they missed about that time period. >> i miss not having the internet and computers running everything. we got away with so much stuff in the early 90s that we could not get away and with now with social media. >> reporter: defining a generation for many fans, something that took a while for the stars to realize. >> those were the big moments. they would expect a couple of hundred people to show up and 20,000 would show up. >> reporter: the reunion is not without somber moments. the loss of costar and longtime friend, luke perry, is still something the cast was not ready to talk about.
9:52 am
something still raw is the loss of luke perry, what was it like to have each other and lean on each other in a moment like that. the importance of your friendship when dealing with something like that? >> it is still a little fresh and i think we are all still processing the loss of our friend. if we could just maybe move ahead. >> reporter: while the cast is happy to be back together, it took time to step away from that famous beverly hills zip code. >> it was an experience making that show. for me, i needed a little space from it. i loved my costars and we always stayed in touch and loved each other. >> reporter: you can catch bh 90210 on fox. i am jake hamilton.
9:53 am
>> it will be here at 9:00 right here on ktvu . then stick around for the news, weather and sports on the 10:00 news. ktvu's claudine wong went and got on stage with the man playing hamilton in the hit, hamilton. he is austin scott. you will hear about him tonight on the 10:00 news. before that you can listen to claudine's conversation in the podcast right now. just search for bay area people wherever you get your podcast. caught on camera. >> wow! california's only known wild wolf pack is growing. three new cubs were spotted. fish and wildlife just relieved
9:54 am
release to this video. it shows the pups playing and lounging in a remote area. it brings the total number of gray wolves in the state to at least seven and they are vocal. rescuing a band of chickens and developing a social media falling following. she cares for 150 chickens and each has a different name. some rescue from farms and others abandoned as pet. >> we are a sanctuary and everyone will live out their life here and have a good and happy life. you know, i think every animal deserves a chance at a good life. >> reporter: i think the rooster would agree. dozens of eggs are collected each day and deliver to food banks. the funky chicken rescue now has
9:55 am
29,000 fans on its facebook page. july was the hottest month ever recorded. the cup earnestness climate change copernicus china climate change recorded in a structurally strong el niño event characterized by warmer ocean temperatures which were higher than usual. july 2019 had no such event to blame for the heat. less than a year away from the summer 2020 olympics in tokyo. temperatures in japan have been dangerously high for the last few days and they plan to provide mist spray, shaded areas and heat resistance pavement for the major areas and roads. steph curry wrapping up his se/30 summer camp today.
9:56 am
the sixth edition of the development camp kicked off monday and kids of all ages met on a newly refurbished basketball court at concordia park near 64th avenue. they got to show off their moves during a session while getting hands-on training from steph curry himself. it is his family's adopted home and he plans to give back to the community. the camp features encore basketball training and competition sessions. >> on days like today, we were able to give back and refurbish the year. you know, to give the next generation a safe place to play. to come and invest in yourselves and learn about yourselves and be like-minded around kids of all ages and continue to grow. that means so much to us. >> the se/30 select camp features training sessions.
9:57 am
the players are top high school athletes invited to the bay area for training. there is also a limited edition pair of shoes and they get to hang out with staff. >> incredible! >> good things on and off the court. it's good to have you in today. and today at noon. we will be back. >> it's good to be here.
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[cheers and applause] >> live from new york city it's the "the wendy williams show" ♪ ♪ >> now here's wendy! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> thank you. [cheers and applause]


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