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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 7, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> while city leaders call for stricter gun laws . >> people in dayton are waiting for action from washington, dc. >> and federal intervention in the tenderloin crackdown on drugs and sex trafficking in the area. part of a major effort to clean up the streets. >> we have seen due in part to an action in action, the apparent message of tolerance for drug trafficking. from ktvu news, this is the four. buildings and cars burned in oakley is a fast-moving fire spreads through trees and brush in the far east part of contra costa county this afternoon. welcome everyone to the for. i'm alex savage . >> i'm alyana gomez in for heather tonight. we are following the developing story out of oakley workers are on the scene of the fire that broke out on the 5000 block of sellers avenue shortly afternoon. >> katie hughes henry lee is joining us live with the latest on the effort to control flames and the investigation into what
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may have caused the fire. and me? >> reporter: the good news is firefighters seem to be getting the upper hand on the fire. it is holding at about 58 acres. the forward movement has been stopped but you will never take , assume anything for granted because of the heat and the wind in oakley. the fire broke out on sellers avenue in's oakley at around noon time. scott -- sky fox was overhead. residents along the delta road, sellers and criswell were evacuated by oakley police and contra costa sheriffs deputies as the chp blocked roads. firefighters from cal fire and area fired from his battle the flames. some residents -- others tried to get animals out of the way . >> the cops are going to arrest me. they wouldn't give us 10
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minutes to get our goats and stuff and get out of your. we are not leaving. they are going to arrest me if i don't. that's what they told me. whatever. >> i have a dog here and my cat and clothing and water and blankets and pillows and things. and a litter box. >> my horses are right here about 500 yards away. >> you must be very concerned . >> we are and my daughter has one horse over there right now that we are trying to get through. >> reporter: at the height of the fire, pg&e shutdown power to about 5600 customers. the number is quickly dwindling. at this point, the cause is under investigation. take a look behind me in that gentleman talking to the oakley police is very angry that he cannot return to his property that has been the scene all day. the city of oakley and police and sheriffs deputies have been blocking people from returning to their property but things seem to have calmed down so i think in very short order, guys, a lot of people will return to their properties.
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luckily, no homes have been destroyed, just 3 outbuildings at this point. that is the latest in oakley. henry lee, ktvu fox2 news. president trump today and the first lady visited survivors of the two mass shootings in ohio and texas which left 31 people dead over the weekend. >> the president's visit set of protests in dayton and el paso. next say his rhetoric is fueling division and hatred in this country. fox's ray bogan is joining us live from el paso with the latest on both of these visits today. ray? >> reporter: good afternoon. president trump left the hospital a little while ago and he is currently at the el paso emergency operations center, meeting with first responders. let me paint the picture of what it was like when president trump was inside the hospital behind me. there was a large group of president trump supporters trying to thank him for coming
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and showing his support and on the other side of the block, a large group of anti-trump protesters said he is not welcome in the city. stene between them was 30 police officers in riot gear. president trump arrived in dayton today, visiting miami valley hospital where victims are recovering from sunday morning's massacre . >> i think it is great. i did not think he would come back to dayton. ever since he got attacked just before the elections. >> reporter: protesters gathered right outside the hospital hoping to send a message to the president that he is not welcome in the city. a gunman armed with a rifle opened fire in dayton's historic oregon district, killing 9 people including his sister and leaving dozens heart. >> we will meet with first responders, law enforcement, some of the victims and paying my respects in regards. >> reporter: the shooter was wearing body armor and had additional high-capacity magazines. first responders killed the 24- year-old man less than a minute into the deadly shooting.
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the fbi taking center stage in the investigation, revealing the shooter was obsessed with violent ideologies. however, they had not made a final determination on his motive. the date and shooting followed another rampage in texas on saturday. the gunman killed at least 22 people and left dozens injured eddie douglas at a crowded walmart. the man then drove to a motorcycle cop and identified himself as the shooter. he faces capital murder charges and hate crimes which carry a possible death penalty. just a point of clarification, in case you happen to see any rumors on the internet, somebody today said that a 23rd person in the el paso shooting had died but we reached out to both hospitals, the one behind me and one about 10 minutes down the road or so where the victims are being held and they said nobody else has died. it still stands as 22. back to you. >> ray, i am curious to know, there was a lot of talk yesterday about president trump's visit to both dayton and el paso and the need among victim survivors and people in
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the communities, the need for president trump to discuss gun reform in some way, shape or form. did that happen at all today in dayton? >> >> reporter: it appears as though president trump has made some comments and has been speaking with members of senate and congressional leadership but as of right now, there is no clear plan. you know, there has been calls for senate and congress to come out of their august recess early. they are currently on vacation back in their home districts. there have been calls for them to come back early. as of right now, we have not seen any concrete plan that that is going to happen. >> okay. ray bogan live in el paso, texas, thank you. livermore police say they have a suspect in custody this afternoon in connection with the deadly shooting overnight. officers were called out to less prestigious road just after 4 pm/4 am this morning when he found a man with a gunshot wound to the chest in the parking lot next to the
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parking lot at a kohl's store. the suspect was identified as 30-year-old, john inocencio. the man who died was 30-year-old juan elias was defending his older brother in an argument when the man they were feuding with pulled out a rifle and started shooting. police say the suspect and victim both lived in a homeless encampment along the creek. >> reporter: for a good couple years we have had a homeless community and the key creek itself is not within the purview of the city of livermore . >> it actually belongs to the special districts, if you will and some of it is even private property. >> the suspected gunman, jonathan michael innocenti oh was arrested and police are in the process of bringing him back to livermore. the ghost ship trial has
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been delivered in four 4 days and still no verdict. the jury of 9 women and 3 men are deciding the fate of ghost ship masterton and darrell derick almena and codefendant max harris. today, defense attorney state is not surprising that the jury is taking his time with 36 counts to consider. the attorney also showed reporters some drawings that derick almena made during the trial he said the drawings helped him eases pressure at the trial. today, a major crackdown on drugs in the tenderloin district and they say they have already started with a series of arrests. ktvu's christien kafton is joining us live along market street and christian, the feds say this is a problem happening in their own backyard ? >> reporter: 4 of the city reiss douglas the city's federal buildings are clustered here in the tenderloin and the u.s. attorney is announcing the federal initiative for the tenderloin. san francisco's newly appointed u.s. attorney, david anderson today announced a new
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initiative aimed at making the tenderloin more livable. >> it is my belief that those persons living and working and visiting the tenderloin neighborhood should not be required to run a gauntlet of crime. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney says for too long, parts of the tenderloin have functioned as open-air drug markets. he has dedicated to focus on the tenderloin and is bringing together federal agencies from the fbi, dea, secret service and even the u.s. forest service working with local law enforcement to crack down on drug dealers. >> i would say that is federal law enforcement, we have a wide array of tools we can use. >> as many of you know, parts of this great city are now known for what appeared to be open-air drug markets. >> reporter: the dea says the work is already underway. federal authorities unsealed nearly 3 dozen indictments following a two year investigation into two major
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drug operations and their leaders. the drug enforcement agency says both gangs worked the same way with commuter drug dealers living in the east bay who then would carpool or take public transportation into san francisco to deal drugs in the tenderloin. >> the two organizations that i will describe briefly employ the same business model and in my 23 years of law enforcement i have not seen this type of model being used. >> reporter: randy shaw from the tenderloin housing clinic says he is encouraged to hear about the arrests and someone seems to be taking drug dealing on the problems it causes in the tenderloin seriously . >> i'm thrilled. this is the first time i've been in the tenderloin for 40 years and this is the first time in a high law enforcement official made these kind of commitments. >> reporter: we also received a statement from supervisor matt henne who represents the tenderloin and south market areas who says "the u.s. attorneys initiative presents an opportunity to focus on high- level operations that are meant to disrupt the massive flow of deadly drugs into the tenderloin. i will fight to make sure they devote the resources and
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investigations on those higher- level individuals most responsible. but he said "for decades, the neighborhoods of the tenderloin and south of market have been neglected. he says the city's goal should be making those neighborhoods and the rest of the neighborhood should be safer everyone." christien kafton, ktvu fox2 news. we will see how much of a difference it makes. it is the second largest event in gilroy, just weeks after the tragedy of the garlic festival. coming up at 4:30, how the town is not letting the actions of 1 individual room in the were rodeo. plus president trump attacking get democratic candidates on twitter after they question his rhetoric on the campaign trail. and in weather, the advertised cooldown has arrived and we have even cooler temperatures in the bay area forecast. we will take a look at the numbers coming up. here's your buick sir.
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i knew that. -did you? buick's fresh new lineup is full of surprises. current eligible non-gm owners and lessees get 20% below msrp on most 2019 buick encore models. during the president's trip to dayton and el paso today, he launched a twitter attack against former vice president joe biden. as steve rappaport reports, it is part of an increasingly bitter war of words between the democrats and the white house . >> we are in a battle for the soul of this nation. >> reporter: 2020 front matter, former vice president joe biden went on the attack against president trump today in iowa . >> he spoke clear language and encode. this president has fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation. >> reporter: it did not take long for trump to strike back.
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he called biden's speech in iowa today, "boring" adding, "our country will do poorly with him." this after president trump took a dig at hopefuls sanders and warren suggesting the gunmen who killed in dayton this week and supported them in the election . >> he supported bernie sanders, i understood, antifa, elizabeth warren, i understood. has nothing to do with president trump. >> reporter: senator sanders responded in a tree, calling the president a racist and a zeno phone, calling on him to changes tone when it comes to immigration, a reference to the apparent automation behind the steep weekends deadly shooting in el paso. mckee put together some kind of target list. >> reporter: he also went after walking joaquin castro. >> the list screams like the dayton ohio shooters list. right?
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when a radical left-wing politician was polling at about 0% and does this for either a tension or a call to action, it is pretty scary. >> reporter: castro doubled down on his sweet this morning, urging donors to think twice about where the money is going a lot of the shootings over the weekend. steve rappaport, fox news. want to talk more about what is happening in washington and with president trump right now. in light of these mass shootings. for more on this, let's bring in lauren wright, lecturer at princeton new york university joining us by phone. thanks for coming on today. let's first start with the president's tone. we heard the president yesterday in his speech. he was very measured, condemning racism, condemning white supremacy. today, as he visits these two grieving communities, he's back at it on twitter, feuding with democrats. you know, do you think he is ever going to really tone down the rhetoric that we hear from him?
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>> that is right. now, i don't think he is going to. i think this is his style and the thing is, even when the president gives a speech like yesterday which many people saw as a fairly presidential speech, as far as he goes back to double as he condemns racism, white nationalism and white supremacy. but when you accompany that with personal attacks and racially charged attacks him as he has in the past few weeks, it is just not credible no matter how sincere and how understanding the speech you are giving is. what he is experiencing is not only his tendency to sort of shoot himself in his own feet but it is a public lack of trust with the credibility of his words. >> and those words, at times, as you say, sort of ring hollow for some people in this country. a lot of people were calling for president trump to stay away from dayton and from el
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paso following these mass shootings. we know he was greeted today by protesters. do you think, roaring that was lauren, it was the right thing for the president to show up today? >> yes i do believe it is important for president's to show up after a tragedy nowhere no matter how the political climate is. for those people in the hospital who are so wounded and their families so traumatized, it does call attention to the event, it does emphasize that the president cares and the white house cares and the country's eyes around this town and this tragedy and these families. so i do think it is important that the president went, even though he was met with protests and much of that is, again, his fault because of the heated rhetoric but it is good that he went. >> let's talk now about the debate over gun control that is want to get wrapped up as it always does following mass shootings like this one like we
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continue to see in this country and of course, there are growing calls for tougher gun laws in this country. we know that there is a bill that the house passed earlier this year that would require universal background checks for gun purchases. the president seemed to indicate that he believes there may be an appetite for that kind of legislation. do you think we are going to see a vote on the kind of bill? >> well, mitch mcconnell put it on the calendar but people aren't coming back from recess to vote on this which is not really a good sign. the problem with comprehensive gun-control reform and this is what we have seen for decades, is that the new cycle moves so quickly that people who don't own guns and are not constantly engaged in this debate tend to forget about these events and it is so sad but we start talking about other things and guns become less salient of an issue for people who don't own them and are not part of a
4:20 pm
conversation every day and have not been personally affected by these tragedies. but for gun owners, alex, it is exactly the opposite. they feel that legislation of any kind, no matter whether it seems like common sense or republican-supported or not, threatens their rights and they are extremely active in this debate so those voices drown out the voices of people who say they want reform but just don't care about the issue as much as people who are gunowners . >> as you point out, the focus tends to shift over time. we have to leave the conversation there. that is lauren wright, lecturer at princeton university. thank you for coming on . >> thanks, alex. meteorologist, mark tamayo with the first check of the weather. >> a bit of a drop of her numbers today across a good portion of the bay area. cooling trend will continue thursday. outside right now, live camera with more camera over portions of san francisco with lingering fog patches. here's the overall weather story. you can see temperatures
4:21 pm
yesterday were warm to hot in line. we are cooling off as we head toward thursday and friday. that will be the big weather headline. 60s, 70s and a few 80s, showing you this in livermore yesterday, 92 degrees as we take this into tomorrow, for thursday, you can see the temperature dropping to around 80 degrees so about a 12 degrees difference from yesterday until the forecast for tomorrow for thursday. here is the satellite. we still have low clouds and fog especially from monterey bay and points south. the marine layer is trying to shrink over the past few hours, closer to home and look what is developing toward the sierra, more showers and thunderstorms. as we come in closer, lingering fog patches close to the pacifica, half moon bay, close to san francisco but the rest of the bay area, partly cloudy, mostly sunny and still, even though it is cooler, still
4:22 pm
fairly warm in line. concord, 87 right now. fairfield, 85. lots of mid-70s for mountain view, san jose, redwood city and the upper 70s in san francisco, 61. live camera looking toward the bay bridge, and you can see some chopped on the bay water so the winds and atypical sea breeze with winds around 15 to 25 miles per hour. overnight lows riding out tomorrow on the cooler side mainly into the 50s to around 60 degrees. low clouds especially coast side and around the big. we will add that to the forecast for san francisco thursday morning. skies becoming partly cloudy, breezy with temperatures in san francisco approaching the mid- 60s. here is the cloud pattern tomorrow morning. thursday morning, 8 am. near the coast and portions of the bay, clouds will clear a back to near the coastline. temperatures, once again, not a big temperature range, 60s, 70s and a few low 80s on the forecast for tomorrow. we will continue to cool off on the thursday forecast. as we head toward the weekend, there's a possibility we could
4:23 pm
be tracking a system that may generate a few sprinkles across portions of the bay area. more on that coming up in a few minutes. stock market on a wild ride as the trade war with china heats up. details on your finances and negotiations with china, next.
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4:25 pm
stocks finish mixed today after the dow plunged more than 500 points amid escalating trade tensions with china . >> the dow managed to rebound but at one point during the trading day, it was down 550 points. the nasdaq gained almost 30 and the s&p and stop about 2 points. the president is downplaying these market hits. >> reporter: starts taking a hit on wall street as china allows its currency to tumble. the dow dropping more than 500 points in early trading wednesday. on monday, china let the u.n. drop below -- the yuan drop below a dollar. it also suspended purchases of
4:26 pm
u.s. agricultural products. china set the rate higher on tuesday and denied up accusations of manipulating its currency. president trump brushed off the hit to u.s. markets . >> ultimately, destroying douglas they are going to go much higher than it would have gone because china will double as was like killing us on unfair trade deals. >> reporter: the lower valley will make chinese imports less expensive, making american companies less profitable. the move is widely seen as china's contra to the new terror from the trump administration. to type despite his standoff, the president says he is open to a deal with the chinese . >> i will tell you this. china would like to make a deal very badly. >> reporter: it is possible the u.s. could respond in kind. the president has previously said he would like to see a weaker dollar to give the u.s. a greater vantage in global
4:27 pm
trade. anna elliott plus, fox news. as the gun control debate ramps up, much of the focus is on background checks, assault weapon bands. but coming up on the four, we will talk with one organization taking a unique approach the problem, calling on americans to use their buying power to curb gun violence. 10 days after a tragic shooting, the rodeo is coming to gilroy. coming up, why organizers say barrel racing and booking broncos are exactly what the community needs right now. hey, clayton, we are headed to your town for the next trip . >> right, come along. >> the power of 2. next on friday zip trips. seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls. at the ross shoe event. on now. ♪
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it is the first big community event following the shooting at the garlic festival but organizers are hoping fear will not keep people away from the go rodeo. there hoping the community will come together. tremont ann rubin joins us live from the rowdy with more. >> reporter: organizers say for all of the volunteers that bought out, moore stepped up to take their place and now they are ready for the rodeo to get underway. they are hoping to do it with sold-out crowds. >> reporter: the rodeo is coming to go work, complete with calf roping, bull riding and bucking broncos. the event director, eric martin believes right now it is exactly what this town needs. >> i would love it to be where everybody comes back together as a community . >> it won't be easy after what they have been through. the garlic festival shooting is fresh on everyone's mind. ryan town was there when gunfire broke out. >> something like that, it stays around for little bit
4:31 pm
but, you know, my whole family was there so at first, we thought it was firecrackers but then you know, it wasn't . >> a surviving -- what he did, made him more determined than ever to volunteer . >> it is a new event that you can come together and make memories, have fun and it is going to hopefully take your mind off of what happens . >> there will be stepped up security both private and through the center counter -- santa clara county sheriff's office . >> we have buttoned up but there may be some gaps in our security. increased numbers of security officers and how we are deploying the personnel throughout the event . >> the hope is to reassure the public it is safe together here. maybe don't want to allow reaction to one individual to dictate how we live our lives. we want to still go out and be able to enjoy a good time with the rodeo with family and
4:32 pm
friends and feel safe and secure . >> organizers hope for a big turnout. so far, they have sold three times more tickets than last year. proceeds will go to local youth groups to a cancer charity and to the victims of the gilroy shooting. >> you can't live life in fear. you can't be always scared so coming here and getting everyone together, come to our cover church, and everyone, relax and have a good time and be stress-free. >> the rodeo kicks off with barrel racing tonight and team roping tomorrow. both of which are free events. the big action gets underway friday, saturday and sunday. tickets for those are $20 online or $25 if you buy them at the gate. all the other? >> and i'm sure a lot of people can use a good time to kind of get past the week we have had so hopefully people will come out to the gilroy rodeo. ann rubin, thank you. following the mass
4:33 pm
shootings in aurora, dayton and el paso, the issue of gun control is front and center in this country and there are a lot of ideas and a lot of potential solutions to try to end this gun violence epidemic. it is all top of mind right now for more on this issue, we are joined by elliott feynman with the group, national gun victims action council. elliott, i appreciate you coming on today. obviously, this is on the front burner right now, given what we have seen unfold in this country and you said your group has a plan that can end gun violence here in the u.s. within a year? it is kind of hard to believe. what are you suggesting? >> well, the key for any strategy of a solution is to understand the problem. everyone assumes that the problem is the nra and the money it spends but that is not what is causing the gun violence epidemic. there are 23 states where both senators vote against any gun violence, any gun safety law. these are states like montana and north dakota and alabama and texas, etc. and to get anything past at the federal level, you need 60 senators. but you've got 46, 23
4:34 pm
states means 46 senators so that leaves you only 54 so the math doesn't work for you can't get 60. >> so your group -- your group is calling on average americans to harness their buying power to sort of forced the hand of lawmakers and an act tougher gun laws. what exactly does that look like? >> well, the idea is the reality is that tourism is critical to every state. for example, in texas, tourism is 19% of the states revenue. it employs 600,000 people. we have got 170 million americans that polls show want to have gun safety laws. so 170 million people not going to these states, also not going or doing business with
4:35 pm
corporations that are headquartered in these states for example, in kentucky, which is one of the 23 states, toyota assembles most of its models so we have the power. we have the economic power of 170 million people and what we are doing is going to invite them to be part of what we do. and there is no question that applying this economic power is going to force them to change . >> what would you suggest for the average person who is watching this, thinking themselves, i'm fed up, i want to see something done, i want stricter gun laws in this country. what can the average person do? what are the sort of small steps they can take? >> what we would like them to they want us to notify them when this action begins. >> okay. >> we were going to start this
4:36 pm
in september or early october but these 3 horrific mass shooting's, none of which would have happened, by the way and i discussed this in my book, which will be coming out, none of these should have happened. and they all could have been prevented. well, two of the three. maybe the go where one, no but certainly the date and one could have been prevented and deal el paso one and the parkland one if we have the right kind of background check which we don't have. so that is another kind of aspect to this but there are 40 laws, if you can believe it, that need to be passed to end the gun violence epidemic . >> are you optimistic? that any new laws are going to be passed here? we have to wrap up but briefly, are you optimistic at all? >> yes because i have bundled all of these laws into the gun violence reduction act and we are going to get that introduced and until the laws
4:37 pm
are passed, we will economically damage these states, hit them where it hurts . >> we have to leave it there. best of luck to you in your effort. that is elliott feynman with the national gun victims action council. we appreciate you coming on . >> thank you. >> tomorrow night, ktvu will take an in-depth look at mass shootings in america. we will look at current gun laws on the books, the issue of mental health, and what lawmakers are doing to try to prevent more mass killings. we hope you can join us for ktvu's special report, guns in america. it airs tomorrow night at 10:30 p.m. right here on ktvu. hundreds of immigrants in the south pulled from their places of employment and taken out by ice agents. what we are learning about these massive raids. and betty the was we will take a look at forecast highs and maybe the possibility of a few sprinkles toward the weekend.
4:38 pm
we will talk about that coming up. is back-to-school and tomorrow mornings on 2 talks with oakland's superintendent about what is working, the challenges and the latest possible school closures . >> we will talk life with former virginia governor and author about his new book on how he dealt with the charlottesville aftermath and the widening division in america . >> watch mornings on 2 tomorrow starting at 4:00 a.m. this portion of ktvu news at is sponsored by roundtable pizza. pizza royalty. ♪
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and mississippi, hundreds of i.c.e. agents carried out the largest immigration raid in a decade. they arrested almost 700 people. the agents targeted several food processing plants in and around the city of jackson, taking 680 immigrants into custody. they were put onto buses and taken to a military hangar to be processed for alleged immigration violations. >> while we do welcome folks from other countries, they have to follow our laws. they have to abide by our rules. they have to come here legally. or they should not come here at all. >> immigration officials say the rates today were planned well in advance and just so happened to coincide with president trump's visits to el paso and dayton today. those plants targeted were coke foods and pico foods. there is no word yet if any
4:42 pm
penalties the corporations will face for employing undocumented workers. here to talk more about this is a professor from santa clara university. thank you for coming on today. first of all, these raids in mississippi are happening today on the same day the president trump is visiting el paso, texas where we had a gunman over this past week and who apparently was targeting hispanics during a mass shooting there and obviously, president trump has been heavily criticized for some of his rhetoric, directed at hispanics in this country and at immigrants. what do you make of the timing of this major immigration enforcement operation? >> it is hard to say. major rates like this, especially doing them at workplaces, they require months of planning so it is highly likely that this date and this raid was planned well in advance. that said, it is very clear for the president that this
4:43 pm
creates, on his rhetoric about immigrants and the way it has been, that they are criminals that are stoking new sorts of fears and there is a significant disconnect right now between what he is doing in el paso and this activity in mississippi . >> what do you believe is the intended impact that the administration that immigration authorities want to have when they move into workplaces like they did today with such a large show of force? >> i think it is the show of force. it is the drama, the coverage
4:44 pm
on media, really it looks like the administration is "doing something about the problem. the reality, however is significantly different and these rates might, at one point, gather up hundreds of people but past experience with this type of activity during, for example, the george w. bush presidency tells you they have rated little overall impact. part of the reason is that while it is a one-time event that captures the public eye, when we think about the number of unlawfully present people in the country, it does not address that large program problem. secondly, the type of people you are likely to catch and these raids are not this so- called criminal gangsters that the president has been talking about. in terms of actual effect, there is little of that and third, this is going to and i think you will start to hear these stories in the coming days, it has the effect of separating families, children from parents, etc., although she you will see as parents get taken into custody and children are out at school, etc . >> something occurs to me. we talk all about so many people trying to come across the border right now, a number of, a large number of migrants
4:45 pm
trying to come into the country, immigration detention facilities, being overwhelmed with the number of people and now, here, we have more than 60 today. where is everyone going to be held? >> it is a great question and your guess is as good as mine. detention facilities are running at capacity. they are overfull, as we can see in most places. in many these cases, just because of constraints, there will be people who are let out on their cognizance but the other thing the administration could do is send these jurisdictions like mississippi and texas is coordinate with local law enforcement and use up county jail space, local jail space for immigrant violators. that means, however that those localities will not be using that same space for community or public safety . >> as we wrap up, do you think employers here at all of these workplaces that were targeted will be facing consequences as well? >> that is the thing. the other way of doing employment types of enforcement is to do what happened during the obama administration wishes to go after the employers themselves through what are known as i 9 audits.
4:46 pm
this type of raid by itself only goes after workers. there is nothing yet to indicate there has been any interest -- significant action that there has been action against the employers but there could be . >> we have to leave the conversation there. we always appreciate your insight. thanks of so much. >> thank you. >> right now we want to take you up the mountain and give you a live look at lake tahoe. boy oh boy, the water just sort of is glistening there in the sunshine. what a gorgeous afternoon. at the lake, that is word like to be. right about now . >> right about now, yeah . >> that sounds pretty good . >> i was thinking about that. >> a little over a week ago i was there . >> right now, by the way, temperatures and low 80s and south lake tahoe. what is amazing is the lake, you would expect to go to a beach or this big area where
4:47 pm
you can swim but the lake is so small so the double is full so there is less beach coverage. it has been an epic winter in this year of and that translates to love double is a lots of runoff . >> we have haze to the east but lots of sunshine over downtown san francisco this afternoon. we have been talking about a cooling trend. yesterday was warm and hot. today we cooled things off and it looks like the trend will continue in the to thursday forecast and friday and as we head toward we can, there is a slight chance of sprinkles approaching portions of the north bay. here is the satellite right now and as you can see, low clouds are clearing out near portions of northern california. still some fog hanging out especially south of monterey bay and thunderstorms toward the sierra so with that showed you clear skies toward south lake tahoe but thunderstorms not too far away. that could factor into their forecast over the next couple of hours. 40, we have low low clouds,
4:48 pm
especially south, pacifica, around half moon bay. still some patrick cloud cover near the coastline. current numbers, temperatures comparison compared to 4 pm yesterday and today, a bunch of negative signs. that will be the same story in the forecast. san jose, 75. concord, 87. oakland, 79. clear skies above the bay for right now. the low clouds expected to return as we head into tomorrow morning. patchy fog for san francisco. highs in the lower 60s. along the creek, hazy sunshine, temperatures just 80s this afternoon and tomorrow. most spots across the bay in the 70s. we will still have a few low 80s in your thursday forecast. all because this guy is setting up camp and drifting closer to the basil a bit of a cool down for thursday. morning clouds. guys becoming partly cloudy. 60s to 70 and a few spots approaching 80 to 82 degrees. the forecast model tomorrow
4:49 pm
morning shows cloud cover and portions of the bay. skies become partly cloudy thursday afternoon. patchy coastal fog. look what happens into friday. circulation drifts close to the coastline in the bay area and this is by friday morning, friday afternoon. there is a chance of some drizzle know the portions of the coastline. by friday night into saturday morning, we could have a few sprinkles across portions of the north bay, a slight chance. the highs for tomorrow, 60s and 70s but if you 80s toward selena. oakland, 68. san jose, mid-70s. gilbert, 79 at san francisco, 64. the five-day forecast, if you want major heat it is not in the forecast over the next few days. >> i just want medium heat. >> medium heat . >> mild . >> we will listen to your order for the forecast but maybe into next week, monday and tuesday but could be hot again.
4:50 pm
as far as the shower chance, friday night into saturday probably won't happen. i have to mention it because if i did not, is just a forecast . >> murphy's law, if you don't say anything, it is bound to happen. cover your bases. tonight on the 10:00 news, bay area people on broadway. simmons claudine wong winter new york city what and went on stage with the young men playing alexander hamilton in the mag it hit musical, "hamilton. is quote he is austin scott of been a shot. you will hear about the journey that led to the spotlight coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. before that, you can listen to claudine's conversation with the star of hamilton in our bay area people podcast available right now. just search for bay area people were of you get your podcasts. reaching out to your number one neighbor. have you done this yet? we will tell you about the new viral trend sweeping the country and bringing a whole lot of people together.
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the latest viral trend has people texting strangers with similar phone numbers to them. here is how it works. you text your phone number but change the last digit by 1. either up or down. whoever gets the text is your number neighbor. to have the full number neighbor experience, users are encouraged to take a screenshot of the conversation that ensues and posted to social media.
4:54 pm
there have been some good ones out there so far. the stars of beverly hills 90210 are back on fox for the highly anticipated premiere of the new series, bh 90210. we had the chance to sit down with some of the original cast members ahead of the premier. >> get ready for a blast from the past. because the stars of beverly hills 90210 are back . >> >> and action. >> ♪ >>,, guys, showtime! >> reporter: fox managed to get the gang back together for a limited reunion series which has cast faint playing fictionalized versions of themselves attempting to get a 90 to rebuild up and running. >> i had the chance to talk with 3 of the original stars, brian austin green, jacob priestley and i am hearing about how much has changed since the show premiered and how much they miss .
4:55 pm
>> i miss not having the internet and not having computers running everything. we got away with so much stuff in the early 90s. we couldn't get away with that now with social media and all that but so i miss that time. it seemed pure and simple. >> the original beverly hills 90210 defied -- defined a generation for many fans. something that took the stars her while to realize. >> fans showing up at malls. they would expect a couple hundred people just to show up and 20,000 people would show up . >> the reunion is not without its somber moments. the loss of costar and longtime friend, luke perry hangs heavy in their hearts and with something the cast was not ready to talk about . >> obviously it is very raw for you guys. i'm curious about what it meant for you guys to have each other and lean on each other in a moment like that and the importance of your friendship when dealing with something that horrible. >> silence. it is still very fresh. we are still processing the
4:56 pm
loss of our friend. i think we could just maybe move ahead . >> yeah . >> while the cast is happy to be back together. it took time for em to be able to step away from the famous beverly hills zip code . >> it was an intense experience we went through making that show and i think that for me, i needed, i needed a little space from it. i always loved all my costars and we all stayed in touch and love each other but professionally, i think a little difference was what i needed. >> and you can catch the series premiere of the all-new beverly hills 90210 that airs tonight at 9:00 right here on ktvu. that is following masterchef at 8 pm and of course, we hope you stick around for all the days news, weather and sports on the 10:00 news and the 11:00 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 is up next and we will have more on the first of its kind campus dormitory set to open for students in need. next at 5 pm, how the dorm
4:57 pm
would serve students who would otherwise be homeless. >> here's where to watch the bay area's local live premier 7:00 newscast on ktvu plus. wow! that's ensure max protein, with high protein and 1 gram sugar. it's a sit-up, banana! bend at the waist! i'm tryin'! keep it up. you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. ensure max protein. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo.
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integral events of the past two weeks have left everyone numb, as you what can be done as politicians argue about the laws. we are looking at the facts from how we got here to what is next ktvu is taking a deep dive into the topic on everyone's mind . >> guns in america, a ktvu special report, thursday at 10:30 on fox 2. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 starts now. >> federal help to crack down on drug dealing and violence in the tenderloin. tonight, details about a major initiative already started with dozens of arrests.
5:00 pm
it evening, everyone. i'm alyana gomez in for julie . >> i'm frank somerville. is what we know so far. 32 people have been charged with working in two different drug trafficking operations. they live in the east bay but they commute into the city to sell drugs in the tenderloin. the drugs include heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and fentanyl. ktvu news at christien kafton is on market street tonight. christian, federal authorities say this is a problem in their own backyard. >> reporter: yes,that is right. right inir owbackyards, frank. there are 4 federal buildings right here within the tenderloin and soma area so that is one of the reasons why the u.s. attorney is launching a federal initiative. separate cisco's newly appointed u.s. attorney, david anderson announced a new initiative aimed at making the tenderloin more livable. >> it is my belief that those persons living and working and visiting the tenderloin neighborhood should not be required


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