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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 7, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> i'm frank somerville. is what we know so far. 32 people have been charged with working in two different drug trafficking operations. they live in the east bay but they commute into the city to sell drugs in the tenderloin. the drugs include heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and fentanyl. ktvu news at christien kafton is on market street tonight. christian, federal authorities say this is a problem in their own backyard. >> reporter: yes, that is right. right in their own backyards, frank. there are 4 federal buildings right here within the tenderloin and soma area so that is one of the reasons why the u.s. attorney is launching a federal initiative. separate cisco's newly appointed u.s. attorney, david anderson announced a new initiative aimed at making the tenderloin more livable. >> it is my belief that those persons living and working and visiting the tenderloin neighborhood should not be required to run a gauntlet
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too long, parts of the tenderloin south of market have functioned as open air drug markets. he has dedicated a team to focus on the tenderloin and is bringing together agencies from the fbi, dea, secret service and even the u.s. forest service working with local law enforcement to crack down on drug dealers . >> i would say that as federal law enforcement, we have a wide array of tools that we can use. >> as many of you know, parts of this great city are now known for what appeared to be open air drug markets. >> the drug enforcement agency said the work is already underway. federal authorities today unsealed nearly 300 -- 3000 and edmonds following a two year investigation into two major drug operations and their leaders. the dea says both gangs work the same way with can bring commuter drug dealers living in the east bay who carpool or take public transportation into san francisco to deal drugs in the tenderloin . >> the two organizations employ the same business model and in my 23 years of law enforcement, i have not seen this type of
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model being used. >> reporter: randy shaw from the tenderloin housing clinic says he is encouraged to hear about the arrests and that somebody seems to be taking drug dealing and the problems in the tenderloin seriously. >> i'm thrilled. this is the first time i've been in the tenderloin for 40 years. this is the first time i've had any high level law official make these commitments . >> they also restart the supervisor, matt haney who represents the tenderloin and south market areas. he sent a statement reading in part, the u.s. attorneys initiative presents an opportunity to focus on high- level operations meant to disrupt the massive flow of deadly drugs into soma and the tenderloin. i will fight to make sure they focus resources and investigations on the individuals most responsible but he says it needs to be a comprehensive strategy. he says for decades, neighborhoods of the tenderloin and south of market have been neglected and it should be the city's goal to make all neighborhoods around the city set for everyone. live in sent school, christien
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kafton, ktvu fox2 news. >> we are proud of what we are. >> now to texas where hundreds of people gathered in el paso today as president trump was arriving to visit survivors of the mass shooting on saturday. that shooting killed 22 people. and event dubbed el paso strong, human rights groups criticized what they called racist rhetoric from the white house. the president and first lady met with first responders in dayton, ohio which was shattered by a mass shooting sunday that left nine people dead. fox's ray bogan is live in el paso with mixed reaction to the president's visit's in both city. >> reporter: we were at the protest that you were praying playing soundbites from and we will tell you there were 300
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400 people there. after it ended, we walked to the hospital where the el paso republican party was doing the office it and trying to support president trump and let him know they are grateful that he was willing to come to el paso but later on, things got a little tense. the only thing keeping the anti- trump protesters and pro-trump rally years to -- apart, was brian police. >> reporter: president trump arrived in dayton, visiting miami hospital where victims recovered from sunday's massacre . >> i did not think he would come back to dayton. ever since he got attacked. just before the election. >> protesters gathered outside the hospital hoping to send a message to the present that he is not welcome in the city . >> i'm concerned about it president that divides with his rhetoric and plays racism in his rhetoric . >> we reiterate the importance of action to the president around the issues of guns. we have people in dayton waiting action form from washington, dc. a gunman fired a rifle
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killing 9 people including his sister and leading leaving dozens more her . >> we are visiting some of the victims and paying respects and regards . >> the shooter was wearing body armor and had additional high- capacity magazines. first responders killed the 24- year-old batman less than a minute into the deadly shooting. the fbi is taking center stage, revealing the shooter was obsessed with violent ideologies however had not made a determination on his motive. the date and shooting followed another rampage in texas on saturday. the gunman killed at least 22 and left dozens injured at a crowded walmart in el paso. police say the gunman drove to a motorcycle cop, identifying himself as the shooter.
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the el paso killer faces capital murder charges in addition to hate crimes which carry a possible death penalty. >> so all the on a, after president trump left the hospital, he went to the el paso emergency operations center where he met with first responders including a private first class in the army who was at the walmart and is being held as a hero for trying to help people pick he has gone to the el paso airport and will be leaving anytime now if he hasn't already. back to you. >> ray, there is so much talk about division and what you have seen there in el paso is a physical divide, separating el paso people from attacking each other or at least, disagreeing with each other. how has that changed the tone with people who are supposed to be coming together as a community after a tragedy? >> it was tough so overall, el paso has tried to have a unified stance after this shooting and they tried to make it very clear to the country that they still consider themselves the safest city in
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the country if not one of the safest cities in the country and they don't want to be defined by 1 person who is not even from el paso, taking these terrible actions but today it got a little tense and there was a harsh moments in between, people who were grateful to president trump for being here and people who say he is not welcome here but overall, you are right. the message from el paso has been about telling the country we are still one of the safest cities in the country and we are proud that we are from el paso . >> ray bogan, live in el paso. thank you. the cincinnati bengals and nfl foundation announced they will donate $75,000 to help those directly affected by sunday's mass shooting in dayton. the donation to the dayton foundation will go to a fund for the wounded and the families of those killed. the bengals were in dayton last month for their first training camp practice as part of the nfl's celebration of its 100th season. texas governor, greg abbott assured the people of the state he is delivering swift action following the mass shooting in el paso. he took described saturday's masker as a hateful, evil and racist crime and says the state
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is providing $500 million to help victims of shootings and families in the community. the office says he plans to fight white supremacy by identifying potential threats on the internet. tomorrow night, ktvu will take in-depth look at mass shootings in america. we will look at current gun laws, mental health and what lawmakers are doing to prevent more mass shooting's. we hope you will join us for ktvu's special report, guns in america, tomorrow night at 10:30 right here on ktvu. a vegetation fire destroyed 3 buildings and burned through nearly 60 acres in oakley this afternoon. because of all the smoke, the bay area air quality management district issued an air quality warning for eastern contra costa county. at one point, mandatory evacuation orders were issued. henry lee is in oakland tonight. can we, what is the situation
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now? >> take a look behind the. look at the smoke on this property. this is where we believe the fire started. the fire to destroy 3 of buildings and consumed about 58 acres. the good news is firefighters have gotten the upper hand on the evacuation order has been lifted. >> the fire broke out on cellars avenue in oakley around noon. sky fox was overhead at the fire , pushed by the wind, hopscotch and southeast, moving from one ranch style property to another. residents along delta road, sellers and criswell were evacuated by oakley police and sheriffs deputies as the chp blocked roads. firefighters and cal fire and area firefighters battle the flames and some argue with police to go to their properties while others tried to get animals out of harm's way . >> the cop say i will go to jail for protecting my property. they give us 10 minutes get our goats and stuff and get out and we are not leaving. and they are going to arrest me if i don't. that is what they told me. >> whatever. >> i have a dog here and my cat and clothing and water and
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blankets and pillows and things. and a litter box. >> my horses are right here. about 500 yards away. >> are you very concerned and nervous? >> we are and my daughter has a horse with her right now that we are trying to get through. >> the heart of the fire, pg&e issue a power outage warning to power to 5600 residents and now we are significantly lower at this point. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the wind has picked up so you can bet all of the fire agencies out here will monitor your hotspots and make sure there are no flareups. henry lee, ktvu fox2 news. >> can become is the fire essentially out? >> it essentially is out although you can see the bulldozer with someone trying to ripped through the dirt to make
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sure there are no hotspots underneath. the floor of containment is out. i think 100 percent containment is not there yet. all of the agencies will be looking and making sure there is no other movement or other embers that would hopscotch along the properties. at this point, we do think most people are out of harms way. that includes people who will be returning home . >> pretty incredible with all of that wind at the fire did not spread more. good work by firefighters. henry lee in oakland tonight. -- oakley tonight. thank you. a model for the rest of the country. why a dormitory for high school students is so important, just in time for the start of next week. >> a bay area homicide suspect tracked down and arrested near sacramento. what led to the deadly shooting this morning in livermore. >> also. >> i would love it to be where everybody comes back together. as a community. >> euros second largest event kicks off tonight just weeks, a
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week or so after the tragedy at the garlic festival. next, how the city is rallying around the rodeo and not letting the gunmen ruin a good time . >> temperatures do cool off again today. as much as 10 degrees in the hotspots. as we go forward, mild weather will continue. i will have the forecast. here's your buick sir. actually, that's my buick.
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it is the first big community event following the shooting at the garlic festival. organizers are hoping fear will not keep people away from the go were rodeo and they are hoping the community will use this time to come together. ktvu his ann rubin joins us lot live from the rodeo. >> reporter: organizers say for all of the volunteers that
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better, more stepped in to take their place and now, the rodeo is getting underway and they are hoping for sold-out crowds. the rodeo is coming to go work in complete with calf roping, bull riding and bucking broncos. the director believes this is exactly what the town needs right now . >> i would like to see everyone come back together as a community . >> it won't be easy after what they have been through. the garlic festival shooting is fresh on everyone's minds. ryan time was there when gunfire broke out . >> something like that, it stays around for little bit but my whole family was there so at first, we thought it was firecrackers but then, it wasn't . >> i survivor, it made him more determined to volunteer . >> it is a new event that you can come together and make new memories, have fun and it is going to hopefully take your mind off of what happened . >> there will be stepped up security here private and through the santa clara county sheriff's office.
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>> we have buttoned up what we believe that there may have been some gaps and -- in our security, increased numbers of security officers, and we are deploying personnel throughout the event . >> the hope is to reassure the public it is safe together here . >> we don't want to allow the actions of 1 individual to dictate how we live our lives. we want to still go out and enjoy a good time at the rodeo with your family, friends and feel safe and secure . >> organizers are hoping from it for a big turnout, so far, they have sold 3 times more tickets than last year. proceeds will go to from local youth groups to a cancer charity and to local victims of the shooting . >> you can't always be scared so coming here and getting together, come to the cowboy church, and everyone, relax and have a good time and be stress- free. >> the rodeo kicks off tonight
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with barrel racing and then team roping tomorrow night, both of which are free events. than the big action gets underway friday, saturday and sunday. those tickets are $20 online and 25 if you buy them at the gate. eliana? >> the added security should definitely help people feel more comfortable. ann rubin, live in word. thank you. the jury in the ghost ship warehouse trial wrapped up deliberations today without avert. 9 women in 3 men are deciding the fate of master tenant derek almena and codefendant, max harris. today they asked for an ipad that would allow them to view 3- d images of the ghost ship warehouse. defense tells ktvu their optimistic the jury will slide with the clients as they go through the 36 count against them. this case is the second largest homicide case to go to trial in american history with 36 counts and it has been a great tragedy. >> the largest homicide case was the oklahoma city bombing with 160 accounts. also today, an attorney showed
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the pictures that derek almena drew during the trial. he says drawing reduced pressure of the trial and eased his grief at all the loss of life. >> a man wanted in connection with a homicide early this morning in livermore is behind bars tonight. police in elk grove arrested john inocencio after he shot and killed a man during an argument. jesse gary has late details on the case. >> elk grove police arrested john inocencio after law enforcement searched, stretching from the bay area to near the state castle. capital. the murder in which he is charged happened hours earlier in the tri-valley. police say he and another man, identified by family as 30-year- old juan elias got into a fight of the parking plot of this shopping center between a kohl's and walmart store.
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>> we believe it was a few between the suspect and victim and that they got into an argument . >> investigators say both men lived in a half-mile long homeless encampment which runs parallel to the arroyo creek and 580 freeway. they say john inocencio used to light up a rifle, shooting elias several times in the torso, killing him . >> i heard gunshots and a girl screaming. i just took off and it kind of scared me. >> reporter: officials say several hundred homeless residents live along the creek. while there are instances of violence, it is the first homicide in the area . >> it doesn't matter whether they are homeless or not but it is kind of scary. you know? too many people are shooting. nowadays . >> livermore police say they were already on the way to elk grove to check out at tip about
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john inocencio when they got a call authorities pulled him over. he was driving a white bronco and taken into custody without incident. investigators say john inocencio is charged with murder and related gun crimes. he is being held in the county jail until his raiment. meanwhile, the loss of life has prompted some encampment residents to reconsider their living arrangements. >> i'm switching my spot. i'm not going to be here anymore. it is too much drama. >> reporter: in livermore, jesse gary, blessed ktvu fox2 news. also in the memo, police are still searching for a suspect in a homicide last month. 21-year-old jorge tell us is expect suspected of shooting and killing 16-year-old emmanuel moseley on july 8 outside of a taco bell on stanley boulevard. investigators say the shooting followed an argument between the two. a $2500 reward is being offered for information in the case. you might have noticed a cool off today. many people dead. it cooled off yesterday as well. today we lost about 10 degrees in some places and that is the
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plan for the next couple of days, at least cooling and staying mild. the graph lays it out. today will be the hottest day we have seen in a while -- pardon me, tuesday was the hottest day and today is cooler. thursday and friday, it may warm-up just a little bit on the weekend. with that said, we have fog along the coast, very minimal and in the mountains, some tropical moisture popping off thunderstorms. all over the place, you can see them. they are really going off around hawthorne and mammoth lake which is a hotspot for thunderstorms. this time of year, it is north american monsoon but this time of year, this thunderstorm activity, you have a lot of people backpacking in the high country so it is dangerous appear above 9000 feet. if you are hiking or backpacking, there is no real way to get out of the way. you are above the tree line in most cases and the thunderstorms are popping off. in the sierra nevada, on the east side, nonetheless, you hear them and you can see them over reno if you are in the area or elko. the fog along the
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coast is minimal. it has been chewed up a little bit. the fog is going to make more of a pushback tonight. you knew that was coming. tomorrow, kind of the same deal temperature wise. that means mild temperatures and you can notice this, i noticed last night that most likely, as you look at the department from -- departure from yesterday. i was thinking about how at the end of the month, check your utility bill. if you live in livermore and clayton, walnut creek or concord or pittsburgh or santa rosa, i'll bet utility bills are down if you have air- conditioning because temperatures have been unusually mild for long periods of time this summer and we are continuing in that vein. 84 in fairfield. i would expect 94 on a day like today. walnut creek is 75 degrees so temperatures running cooler looking at the cars out there, a aquatic park. do we still call it a aquatic park, frank? >> yes. >> i used to waterski out there . >> today still? >> i haven't seen them in a while but these have a little jump . >> i watched the national
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waterski championships there in 1982 or something to . >> i will crew for berkeley high. >> you guys would be out there . >> yes, then we went to the estuary, yet . >> aquatic park, beautiful day. tomorrow, little cooler. >> bill, thank you. >> big losses early followed by a big rally late in the day. up next, how the trade war with china is impacting the markets but coming up at 6:00, credit stations and long waits. the emergency in san francisco that caused systemwide bart delays tonight. >> shelves filled with wine and beer are empty. why a safeway in oakland will not be able to sell any kind of alcohol for the next 60 days.
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it was another wild day on wall street with the dow plunging more than 500 points during trading and escalating trade tensions with china. >> the dow managed to rebound closing just 22 points lower at one point, down 50 points douglas 550 points. the nasdaq game 30 and the s&p and stop about two points. how the president may be downplaying the effects of the market hit . >> stocks taking a hit on wall street as china allows its currency to double. the dow dropped more than 500 points in early trading wednesday. on monday, china let the u.n. drop below seven per dollar. its weakest value in more than and decade well suspending
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purchases of u.s. agricultural products. china china set the u.n. daily rate higher on tuesday and denied accusations of manipulating currency. the circulation accusations amid the trade war with china. >> ultimately, it will go much higher than it ever would have gone because china was like an anchor on us. they were killing us with unfair trade deals. >> reporter: a devalued yuan will hurt profits in companies that do business in china. this is seen as china's counter to new tariffs by the trump administration. despite this, the president says he is still open to a deal with the chinese. >> china would like it to make a deal very badly. >> reporter: it is possible the u.s. could respond in kind. the president has said he would like to see a weaker dollar to
5:28 pm
give the u.s. a greater advantage in global trade. it could be a model for the rest of the country. still to come, see why dorms for high school students in san francisco are so important, just in time for the start of school . >> also, results of the biggest ice rate in a decade, targeting businesses in mississippi. mac plus, honoring a 49ers legend. it was dwight clark day at training camp. the messages former teammates were there to spread. here's your buick sir.
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a san francisco high school for at-risk students is doing something they say they haven't -- that hasn't been fore at a p it is opening a dormitory for students who have no stable place to live. ktvu's rob roth got a look inside and rob, you talked with students about to move in and you are at treasure island with more. rob? >> frank, school officials say there is nothing quite like it in the country. it is a high school dormitory
5:32 pm
getting ready to open just in time for school to start next week. >> this 15-year-old san francisco student came to treasure island to check out his new digs, a room in a brand- new dormitory. his own bed at last, something he doesn't have at home . >> two of my parents live in one room and my other siblings speaks with my slips with my parents . >> i just sleep in the living room on the couch . >> he is one of two dozen high school students who will be living in the storm full-time while they attend school life learning academy. it is a starter high school for at risk students who struggle in traditional schools and the do dormers fort student who are homeless, in shelters or in unstable living situations . >> i'm so excited. this is like a dream. adoor. it is a home where kids can thrive. >> the dorms grand opening, san francisco mayor london breed called to the model for the
5:33 pm
rest of the country . >> this is going to save and change lives for future generations . >> the students will have roommates and there is a community room. the dorm will have a chef and students will not be on their own . >> we have around-the-clock staff that will be around them. and that is what it is about. building a home for kids that needed . >> the school is spending $800,000 a year to house the students. it means not having to take buses across town to get here and back and students say it will be easier to focus on their schoolwork. >> i would bring all my family stuff and my home stuff to school and i would be mad the entire day because something happened this morning but i feel like here i have more time to focus on myself . >> i'm ready to try something better. >> the students will be able to return home over the weekend but during the school year, they will be staying right here
5:34 pm
rob roth on treasure island. thank you. >> hundreds of i.c.e. agents in mississippi carried out the largest immigration raid in a decade, arresting almost 700 people. the agents targeted several food processing plants in and around the city of jackson, taking 680 people in the custody. they were put on buses and taken to a military hangar to be processed for alleged immigration violations. >> while we do welcome folks from other countries, they have to follow our laws. they have to abide by our rules. they have to come here legally. or they shouldn't come here at all. >> immigration officials say the rates are plant were planned in advance and happened to coincide with the president's trips to el paso and dayton today. the plans targeted pico foods and coke foods. there is no word what if any penalties the corporations will face. >> a bay area man turned over
5:35 pm
to immigration by daly city police has been released from custody. josi armando escobar lopez is released on an order of supervision after nearly fremont three months while his immigration cases moved through the courts.'s transfer of ice was a legend violation of the city law. we will talk at it a vigil about his experiences. the upcoming nfl season, first round draft pick nick bosa underwent an mri on his ankle today. he left practice early after injuring his ankle. some good news, defensive coordinator says the entry does not appear to be serious. it was dwight clark day at the 49ers camp, the time for the team to celebrate their legendary wide receiver. kates views job joe was there. on the seventh day of the eighth month, the 49ers celebrated the last man to wear
5:36 pm
their red number 87 jersey. >> looking, looking, drawing in the end zone -- he caught it, dwight clark! >> dwight clark was part of the most iconic moment in 49er history. since his passing last year, he has become the symbol of something else. the effort to combat als . >> a disease that took clark's life . >> attendance at 49er practice today demonstrated what clark continues to mean to this franchise. the sidelines were crowded with 49er alumni, most of them clark's former teammates . >> he is helping you knowing you are trying to take his spot but that didn't matter to me because him because he was a team player. was about the blood of brotherhood pick he felt this way. if you succeed, the team succeeds and he succeeds. it helped me for 10 years . >> i think that is why we were so good. because our receivers, dwight being one of them, had to go against our secondaries who were , i think one of the best
5:37 pm
secondaries in the league if not the history of the nfl. it makes you appreciate the time you have and some of the things that i learned from dwight as a player, it was really important but i was missing the smile and the embrace, no matter what, he was, hey, will . >> the current generation of 49ers is two young to have a personal memory of the catch. but it certainly is something that is reverberating throughout the organization. >> to give dwight the chance and really put in the only spot you can put it and it is a once- in-a-lifetime player type of thing . >> it is hard to believe dwight clark is no longer with us but even if you are not old enough to remember the catch, today was a reminder how important the moment and the guy are to this organization. in santa clara, joe fonzi, ktvu fox2 news. a weeklong manhunt for two teens wanted for murder appears to be over.
5:38 pm
where the search spanned and finally came to an end . >> a war of words between the president and the democratic contenders. how joe biden criticized the president today. >> ktvu fox 2 weather par of 2 comes from your. here's your buick sir. actually, that's my buick. your buick doesn't have a roof rack! this is my buick. how are we gonna fit in your mom's buick? easy. i like that new buick. -me too. i was actually talking about that buick. i knew that. -did you? buick's fresh new lineup is full of surprises. current eligible non-gm owners and lessees get 20% below msrp on most 2019 buick encore models.
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the unthinkable events of the past two weeks have left everyone and numb, wondering what can be done. we are looking at the fax from how we got here to what is next. ktvu is taking a deep dive to the topic on everyone's mind . >> guns america, a ktvu special report. thursday at 10:30 on fox 2. president trump is firing back at democrats who say his rhetoric contributed to the ss >> reporter: we are in a battle
5:41 pm
for the soul of this nation . >> 2020 front runner, former vice president joe biden went on the attack in iowa against president trump. >> he spoke clear language and encode and has fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation. >> reporter: it did not take long for trump this trackback. he took to twitter while on air force one to called biden's speech, boring adding, our country will do poorly with him." this hours after president trump took a dig at bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, suggesting the gunmen date in dayton back them in the upcoming election . >> supported i guess you would say bernie sanders, antifa, i understood, elizabeth warren, i understood. had nothing to do with president trump. >> reporter: president trump was called a xena foam.
5:42 pm
the blessed xena foam -- >> it doesn't matter. you put together some kind of target less. >> reporter: walking castro, douglas after he tweeted the names and employees of local donors to president trump . >> that list screams like the dayton ohio shooters list. right? when a radical left-wing politician is pulling at about 0% does this for either attention or a call to action, it is pretty scary. >> castor double down this morning urging donors to think twice about where the money is going in light of the shootings over the weekend. steve rappaport, fox news. in canada, police believe they have found the bodies of two teenage fugitives who were wanted for killing 3 people. authorities today located two male bodies in dense bush in manitoba. police say they are confident the bodies are those of 19-year- old kam mcleod and 18-year-old bryer schmegelsky. autopsies
5:43 pm
will positively confirm their identities. the teenager so wanted for killing a north carolina woman and her australian boyfriend as well as a third person. a millionaire murder suspect has been ordered held without bail in california. this after 55-year-old peter chadwick was arrested last weekend in mexico following 4 years on the run. he was returned to the united states earlier this week but the real estate investor is charged with strangling his wife at the couple's newport beach home in 2012. he has been a fugitive since skipping a 2015 court appearance while out on bail. detectives say he used fake ids to live in high-end resorts and hotels and worked on jobs to make money. he is due back in court on september 16.
5:44 pm
puerto rico sworn and got governor today. the second person to have the island's top job since ricardo rose resigned last week. former justice secretary, wanda vasquez took the oath of our is becoming the second female governor in puerto rico history of. a court ruled that her predecessor was sworn in on on constitutional grounds since he had been confirmed by only 1 of 2 legislative chambers. before the swearing-in, vasquez says puerto rico needs certainty and stability following the corruption scandals that brought down governor josi and other members of top government. still to come, a destination for bay area travelers. in a moment, how south lake tahoe plans to keep people safe in case of an emergency evacuation order due to a wildfire. the mild weather pattern will hang on for little while. we will talk about how it will impact the next couple days and the weekend.
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firefighters in oakley are making progress in a vegetation fire that destroyed 3 buildings and burn nearly 60 acres. crews have been dealing with high temperatures and windy conditions in an area near sellers and delta road. at one point, dozens of residents were told that they had to leave their homes but that evacuation order was listed late this afternoon. the paradise police department is doing what it can to rebuild the police force after the campfire. the department has just 13
5:48 pm
sworn officers down from 21 before they -- the fire. many officers left after losing their homes. the chief now wants to add full patrol officers and to do that, he is offering a $20,000 signing bonus. >> that maybe a trigger point to entice people to come here to work in paradise and be a part of our new department after the fires. >> reporter: so far the chief has talk to 3 people interested . >> if they are hired they will get $10,000 up front and $10,000 more once they have completed the 12 month probation. south lake tahoe relies heavily on tourists who flock to during summer months but after the devastating fires in northern california, last year, the city is focused on how to get tourists and locals out of the lake at lake tahoe basin in an emergency. >> reporter: the city of south lake tahoe is a little over
5:49 pm
20,000 residents but on any given day here during the summer, there could be 100,000 tourists in the basin and with only 1 major highway, in and out of the area, and evacuation becomes a huge concern for emergency responders. city officials know the risk involved. inadequate in evacuation plans contributed to deaths in recent northern california wildfires that encroached into inhabited areas. >> the campfire and the fire in santa rosa both demonstrated to us that there are -- there is a new paradigm. >> reporter: thus the need to roll out a new evacuation plan that seeks to get around a big stumbling block . >> we are a population of people plus visitors that want to leave at the same time we know that roads will be impacted immediately and virtually at a standstill. >> reporter: one reason the city has launched an emergency preparation website featuring an interactive map. it focuses is on streets and gives you primary and secondary escape routes and sets aside say fret you refuge areas where people can wait out a fire event safely without leaving
5:50 pm
the area. it goes one step further. commercial boat operators and marinas on the lake have agreed to evacuate people if required . >> marinas and boat operators will assist us in getting people to safe parts of the lake, perhaps across the lake that w >> the plan is not perfect. all roads lead to highway 50. and evacuation site boat is a unproven site but it is better than no plan at all . >> we are trying to get the best information possible to make sure people can stay safe in the event something terrible happens . >> officials now emergency evacuations are not on the radar of most tourists on the basin. that is why they have prepared flyers to let them know where they can get more information. let's bring in bill martin, chief meteorologist. the fire danger is always scary and the fire in oakley is really
5:51 pm
great that it did not spread more than it did because it was windy . >> absolutely. the winds were howling and they are picking up now. temperatures today are pretty mild for oakley. upper 80s, mid 80s and in places like fairfield, it is 86, antioch was 90. temperatures and humidity is running higher than they might normally be so that is probably one of the reasons firefighters were able to dial this down. as frank points out, this time of year, it is a minute mediterranean climate, wet winter, dry summer. we are in the dry summer. we are at the driest point in summer right now and there is always the concern, even on days like today and tomorrow. look at the drop 85. tomorrow, 78. temperatures drop but even with as i was riding the bike in the hills, i was looking at the hills. it takes nothing to start a fire. when you have brown hills like that, the wild oak that is 1 to
5:52 pm
2 and a half feet high, with all the people in open spaces and cars, not hard to get a fire to we have a pattern that is not horrible for cal fire. it is a good pattern in that it is milder. it has spawned a few firefighters around mammoth lakes -- thunderstorms near mammoth like. 10 degrees cooler in some places. fog patchy along the coast. it will be back tonight. when temperatures are running generally behind where they were yesterday, 9 degrees cooler in fairfield, 8 degrees cooler in livermore. aquatic park, this is interesting, topographically. it doesn't really line up with the rest of the topography of the bay. that is albany , the highway and the bay and there is the low. the low pressure is the reason we are running cooler. this low pressure will stick around the entire week and without we will see
5:53 pm
temperatures mild. now be heat wave here. better air quality or air quality. the air quality -- how good it was. 82 in brentwood, 80 in livermore, tomorrow's forecast highs. -- the 84 in vacaville, 81 in antioch, 82 in brentwood. those are good 10 to 13 is degrees cooler than what you might expect. there is where the heat is and it is 80 in the hotspots on thursday and friday. warmer for the weekend and by monday, back into the 90s. the oldest lion at the oakland zoo died over the weekend at the zoo says the 19- year-old african lion, leonard was put down sunday, suffering from severe arthritis and kidney disease. leonard came to the zoo in 2000 after being rescued from a private home. he did not have any offspring but the zoo says he would often socialize with the younger lions and scold them when they misbehaved.
5:54 pm
tonight on the 10:00 news, bay area people on broadway. interviews claudine wong went to new york city and got on stage with a young man playing alexander hamilton in the megahit musical, "hamilton." claudia speaks with austin scott of the nation to hear about the journey that led him to the spotlight, tonight on the 10:00 news. if you would like to get a little preview, you can listen to claudine's conversation with the star of "hamilton" in our bay area people podcast right now. just search for bay area people in podcasts." president trump shrugged off another one from kim jong- un following a fourth missile test in korea of in two weeks. that is my story, coming up. coming up at six clock out -- walgreens is closing. the store closings just
5:55 pm
announced. hundreds of crabs seen in a neighborhood in florida. what may have caused the crab invasion.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
north korea said today the two short-range ballistic missiles it launched yesterday were meant as a warning to the united states and south korea over there joint military exercises. fox report, greg falcon has more from london big >> reporter: another missile launched from north korea, a clear warning to the united states. kim jong-un is said to have personally supervised. we are mindful when we came in there was nuclear testing taking place that has not occurred. there are not long-range missiles being fired. those are good things.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: a warning to the u.s. and south korea to stop ongoing joint military drills. president trump appeared unfazed instead touted progress he has made in getting south korea to pay more for american military protection including the $990 million payment earlier this year . >> did you know we got 32,000 soldiers on south korean soil? and we have been helping them for about 82 years. and we get nothing. >> reporter: lawmakers on capitol hill largely backing president's maximum pressure campaign for now with some calling for greater military engagement to counter recent provocations from the north. the new missile test in just two weeks as negotiations remain stalled. some say the uptick in military provocation is the sign the effort to isolate north korea is working and could put the u.s. in a better position when negotiations resume . >> they should cause the tempo
5:59 pm
ministration to say, "we need to remain committed to that maximum pressure strategies and forgo some of these more photo up opportunities that are granting kim jong-un legitimacy." >> reporter: the maneuvers mostly involve computers and simulations that are set to wrap up later this month. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6 pm. showing support, president trump and first lady melania trump visited dayton, ohio and el paso, texas today. this after two mass shootings left 31 people dead. >> we will meet with first responders, law enforcement, some of the victims and paying my respects in regard. >> reporter: >> the president is still in el paso at this hour, meeting with survivors. good i'm frank somerville . >> i'm alaina gomez in for julie haener. the presidents trip did not come without controversy.
6:00 pm
while some welcomed him, others protested his visit. ray bogan is live. >> reporter: frank and eliana, good evening. we are just outside the university medical center in el paso where some of the victims are were still being treated for their words. when president trump was here this entire area was blocked off by police officers. there was 1 anti-trump protest and 1 pro trump rally. they were mostly separate until they both ended in the protest and rally years and protesters were separated by riot police. part -- president trump arrived in dayton, visiting miami valley hospital, the victims recovering from the massacre . >> i think it is great but i did not think you would come back to dayton. ever since he got attacked just before the election. >> reporter: protesters gathered outside the hospital. they were hoping to send a message to the president that he is not welcome in the city. >> i'm very concerned about a president that divides in


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