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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 7, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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while some welcomed him, others protested his visit. ray bogan is live. >> reporter: frank and eliana, good evening. we are just outside the university medical center in el paso where some of the victims are were still being treated for their words. when president trump was here this entire area was blocked off by police officers. there was 1 anti-trump protest and 1 pro trump rally. they were mostly separate until they both ended in the protest and rally years and protesters were separated by riot police. part -- president trump arrived in dayton, visiting miami valley hospital, the victims recovering from the massacre . >> i think it is great but i did not think you would come back to dayton. ever since he got attacked just before the election. >> reporter: protesters gathered outside the hospital. they were hoping to send a message to the president that he is not welcome in the city. >> i'm very concerned about a president that divides in his
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rhetoric and plays with race in his speeches. >> we reiterate the importance of action around these issues of guns. we met with the people of dayton waiting for action by washington, dc. >> reporter: a gunman opened fire in dayton's historic district including nine people killed including his sister. that will be meeting with first responders, law enforcement, victims and paying my respects to them. >> reporter: the shooter was wearing body armor and had additional high-capacity magazines. first responders killed the 24- year-old man less than one minute into the shooting. the fbi took center stage revealing the shooter was obsessed with violent ideologies but they have not made a final determination on his motives. the date and shooting followed a rampage in el paso, texas, the gunmen killing 22 and leaving dozens injured. the gunmen drove for a motorcycle cop, identifying
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himself as the shooter. the el paso shooter faces capital murder charges in addition to hate crimes which carry a possible death penalty. i should clarify, although the protesters and rally others were kept separate by riot police, there was never any indication that anything that violent pick one of the first responders president trump met with was army private glenn oakley who is being hailed as a hero. he was in a different store at the time of the shooting but when he heard gunfire, he ran toward the woman and helped children escape. back to you . >> ray, do we know it all how much longer the president will stay there in el paso? i'm assuming he is not going to make a public comment tonight? >> reporter: we were able to pick up a few comments during a white house -- and we were not double as president trump left the operations center and made his way back to the airport so
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if he has not left el paso yes, he will leave a minute . >> ray bogan in el paso tonight. thank you. protests are being held around the country by people who say the president's rhetoric is fueling hate. today, in iowa, democratic presidential candidate joe biden accused the president of "fanning the flames flames of white supremacy." >> how far is it from trump saying this is an invasion to the shooter declaring this attack is a response to the hispanic invasion of texas? how far apart are those comments? >> joe biden is the democratic front runner. he says president trump has "embraced a political strategy of hate, racism and division." the white house is asking internet and tech companies for a roundtable discussion on
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violent extremism online. the meeting is set for friday but so far, no list of participants. president trump is not expected to attend. earlier this week, the white house directed the justice department to develop tools that can detect mass shooters before they start. back in may, the white house declined to join top tech firms like google and twitter in signing a global could pledge to fight online hate speech after the attacks on two mosques in new zealand. the owner of the online message board, 8chan where the el paso shooter apparently posted anti-immigrant writings says he is traveling to the u.s. but the site is owned by jim watkins, a u.s. military veteran who lives in the philippines. the house homeland security committee has called watkins to testify. lawmakers say he needs address monday, taking it off-line. ktvu will have an in-depth report on mass shootings in america tomorrow night, looking at current gun laws, mental health and what lawmakers are
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doing to prevent massacres. . join us for our special report, "guns in america" tomorrow night at 10:30 pm. federal authorities announced a major crackdown on illegal drugs the centerline. they have already started with a series of arrests. christien kafton tells us the program is called "fit" the federal initiative for the tenderloin. >> reporter: san francisco's newly appointed u.s. attorney anderson announced a new initiative at making the tenderloin more livable . >> those persons living, working visiting the 10 drawer and tenderloin neighborhood should not be required to run a gauntlet of crime. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney says for too long, parts of the tenderloin have functionan open-air drug market vicki is dedicated a team to focus on the tenderloin and is bringing together federal agencies from the fbi, dea, secret service and the forest service working with local law enforcement to crack down on drug dealers . >> as federal law enforcement, we have a wide array of tools we can use. >> as many of you know, parts of this great city are now
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known for what appeared to be open air drug markets. >> reporter: the drug enforcement agency said the work is underway. federal authorities today unsealed nearly 3 dozen indictments following a two year investigation into two major drug operations and their leaders. the drug enforcement agency says both gangs work the same way. with commuter drug dealers living in the east bay who would then carpool or take public transportation into san francisco to deal drugs in the tenderloin. >> in my 20 years of law enforcement i have not seen this type of model being used. >> reporter: randy shough on the tenderloin housing clinic says he is encouraged to hear about the arrests and that someone seems to be taking drug dealing on the problems in the tenderloin seriously . >> i've been here to 40 years and this is the first time
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officials made this kind of commitment in the neighborhood. >> reporter: we received a statement from matt haney. he says, "the u.s. attorneys initiative presents an opportunity to focus on high- level operations that are meant to disrupt the massive flow of deadly drugs into soma and the tenderloin. " he says it needs to be more of a comprehensive strategy. he says, "for decades the area has been neglected." it he says it should be the city's goal to make everyone safe in all neighborhoods. a vegetation fire destroyed 3 buildings and burned 58 acres this afternoon in oakley. the fire started on cellars road near delta road just afternoon after noon time. at one point, several people were forced to leave their homes but we talked to some of the faq is today. >> reporter: a fire broke out on cellars avenue in oakley around noon time. sky 5 close overhead as the fire pushed by the wind hopscotch southeast, moving from 1 property to another. residents along the delta road were evacuated by oakley police and contra costa sheriff's deputies as the chp blocked roads. as firefighters from cal fire and area departments battled
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flames, some residents defied police orders not to go to their property and others try to get animals out of harms way. >> the cops say they will throw me in jail for protecting my property. they give us 10 minutes to get our goats and stuff and get out of here and we are not leaving. and they are going to arrest me if i don't, that's what they told me. >> reporter: >> i have a dog here and my cat and clothing and water and blankets and pillows and things, and a litter box. >> our horses are right here about 500 yards away. and we are concerned and nervous. my daughter has a horse with her right now we are trying to get through. >> reporter: firefighters stop the forward progress of the fire but will be here overnight to make sure hotspots are put out. the fire has prompted an
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air quality advisory for eastern contra costa county. the bay area air quality management district says people in oakley, bradley, knighton and discovery bay may notice smoky skies, the smell of smoke and elevated air pollution. residents are advised to close doors and windows or had to wait cool, air-conditioned place. coming up, a police manhunt after a deadly shooting in a parking lot in livermore. see where authorities cut the suspect this afternoon. trade tensions with china lead to another volatile day on wall street. why president trump says he is not concerned. temperatures dropped again today as much as 10 degrees. further cooling tomorrow. see you back here with the forecast. shells that shelves that used to be filled with wine and beer are empty. what a safeway in oakland will not be able to sell alcohol for the next 60 days.
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a live look at the commute on a 80 past the coliseum. if you are headed south, it has been slow going. the opposite direction is moving quickly. it will take about an hour to go the 26 miles from oakland to fremont. pack your patience tonight. ktvu fox2 news it 6:00 will be right back. here's one you guys will like. show me making it. oh! i got one. the best of amy poehler.
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police in livermore have a suspect in custody this evening after a man was shot and killed today in a shopping center parking lot. as trent woods jesse gary tell us, police captured the suspect near sacramento. he and the victim lived in a homeless encampment and their feud turned deadly. >> reporter: elk grove police arrested john inocencio after a law enforcement search engine from the bay area to the state capital. the murder in which he says -- has been charged happened earlier this morning in the tri- valley. police say john inocencio and another man identified as ron elias got into a fight in the parking lot between kohl's and walmart. >> we believe this was a feud between the suspect and victim. and they got into an argument. >> reporter: investigators say both men lived in a one half mile long homeless encampment that runs parallel to the arroyo creek and 583 away. they said inocencio used a rifle, shooting elias several times in the torso, killing him . >> i heard gunshots and someone was screaming. a girl was screaming.
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and i just took off and it kind of scared me. >> reporter: officials say several hundred homeless residents live along the creek. while there are instances of violence, this is the first homicide in the area . >> it doesn't matter whether they are homeless or not but it is kind of scary. you know? too many people shooting nowadays. >> reporter: livermore police say they were already on the way to elk grove to check out a tip about inocencio when they got a call that authorities had pulled him over. he was driving a white bronco and was taken into custody without incident. investigators say inocencio is charged with murder and gu and arraignment. meanwhile, the loss of life is prompting some residents in the encampment to reconsider living arrangements . >> i'm switching my spot. i will not be here anymore. it is too much drama. >> reporter: in livermore, jesse gary, ktvu fox2 news. a safeway store in oakland is being prohibited from selling alcohol for the next two months.
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the store is on college and clearmont about one mile from called campus. the state alcoholic licensure authority system to the license, pulling all beer, wine and hard liquor from shells. when the license is reinstated, the store will be on probation for 3 years. the evening commute on bart is back to normal after major systemwide delays this morning. commuters at the west oakland station were waiting for trains to start running again. the delays rippled throughout the system as part closed the montgomery station because of an injured man on the track. bark called it a major medical emergency and we are told the injured man was sent to the hospital but his condition has not been released. the station closed just before 10 am and reopened 20 minutes later but the damage was done with delays for the rest of the
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morning. we can take a look at the weather now, temperatures cooler than yesterday and they will continue in this vein through the weekend. in the weekend, temperatures will warm a little bit still be behind where they should be for this time of year. as you look at the dips today yesterday was the warmest day of the week. today we lost 10 degrees. tomorrow we will lose 5 or 6 degrees and then we have a, friday and on -- that is too quick. saturday it starts to warm up and it will not be much more extreme than what we saw. saturday will be low 90s at best. today's highs, 90 in antioch, 86 in fairfield, 85 in there are drops from today to tomorrow. 85 today in central mozer, tomorrow, 78. 78 today in santa rosa, down to 75. a mild pattern. like i keep saying. cal fire loves the pattern because you don't get spare the air days and you don't doubles
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you can have high fire danger but typically not as high in these weather patterns. about 20 degrees spread between coast and inland and that spread will be about the same tomorrow, maybe less. with that, a fog bank offshore is barely showing up and thunderstorms are really showing up by mammoth lakes and in the west slope of the sierra nevada. they are winding down as the sun gets lower on the horizon. there is the fog sitting around down by monteiro mountain and those areas. the fog will be back tonight. tomorrow will be mild again. far right now for montier in the next few minutes and pacifica will follow suit. tomorrow, will be a little bit on saturday and sunday for the weekend. to wall street where was tr with the dow plunging 550 points at one point amid those
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trade tensions with china. the dow bounced back and by the end of the trading day, closed 22 points lower. the nasdaq actually gained 29 and the s&p was up 2. fox news and ellie opelousas tells us president trump is downplaying the effects. >> reporter: stocks taking a plunge on wall street as china allows its currency to tumble. on monday, china let the yuan dropped to its weakest value in more than a decade while suspending purchases of u.s. agricultural products. china set the daily rate higher on tuesday and denied accusations of malepeai nation. douglas manipulation. president trump brushed off the hit to u.s. markets . >> ultimately, it is going to go much higher than it ever would have gone because china was like an anchor on us, killing us with unfair trade deals. >> reporter: a devalued u.n. --
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tran50 will make imports into the u.s. less expensive, making american companies less competitive and hurting companies that do business in china. this is cnn -- this is seen as a countermeasure. prison is still open to a deal with the chinese . >> i will tell you china would like to make a deal very badly. >> reporter: it is possible the u.s. could respond in kind. the president has said previously he would like to see a weaker dollar to get the u.s. a greater advantage in global trade. fox news. wild things says it will cost 200 stores in the u.s. to cut costs. the pharmacy change says it wants to save about 1 1/2 billion dollars over the next few years but it has not said which stores will close but in
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june the company reported a 24% drop in quarterly net income. walgreens has been hit by challenges including cuts in reimbursements from government healthcare plans and smaller price increases for branded drugs. still to come, 4 days of deliberations and still no verdict in the ghost ship warehouse trial. up next, what members of the jury asked the judge today as they consider the fate of two men. plus immigration raids targeting food processing plants. the i.c.e. enforcement action today that ended with almost 700 arrests. s. it is back-to-school time and mornings on 2 talks with oakland's superintendent about what is working, challenges facing them and the latest on possible school closures. plus ktvu tackles the issue of white nationalism. we will talk with former virginia governor and author about his new book on how he dealt with the charlottesville aftermath and the widening divisions in america. watch mornings on 2 tomorrow starting at 4 am.
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no verdict again in the ghost ship warehouse trial as the jury wrapped up the fourth day of deliberations. 9 women and 3 men decide whether ghost ship master tenant derick almena and codefendant max harris are guilty of involuntary manslaughter. today, jurors asked for an ipad to allow them to view 3-d images of the ghost ship warehouse. prosecutors have not been talking but defense attorneys told ktvu they are optimistic that the jury will side with their clients as they go through the 36 counts. >> this case is the second largest homicide case to go to
6:24 pm
trial in american history with 36 counts. it has been a great chatterjee the last strategy. -- tragedy. >> almond his attorney showed pictures that almena has drawn during the trial saying that drawing relieved the pressure of the trial and eased derick almena's grief at the loss of like . >> a judge sentenced an oakland man for his role in a 2015 gun battle the left an innocent bystander dead. 30-year-old peers tried to shield her ktvu shots ring out interwest oakland neighborhood. she was fatally struck by a stray bullet. 33-year-old shelton mcdaniels was sentenced to 40 years in life -- to life in prisons and 7 others were convicted for their roles in the gun battle that led to pearson's death. san francisco called in a bomb squad to investigate a
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suspicious package near oracle park. authorities issued an alert about 11:52 about an hour before the giants game between the washington nationals. the package was found at third and mission rock just south of the ballpark by 12:50 officers determined the package was safe. ktvu fox2 news news at 6:30 starts next with gilmore's first big event since the garlic festival . >> it is a new event that you can come here and make new memories and have fun and it is going to hopefully take your mind off what happened. up next, the stepped up security for tonight gilmore rodeo. the 49ers -- grab was injured and why nick bosa is getting an mri . a new dormitory the rest of country. court --
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new sichuan hot chicken.
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now to our top stories.
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federal authorities have announced a major crackdown on illegal drug sales in the tenderloin. so far, 32 people have been charged with working in two different drug trafficking operations. authorities say they live into the east bay but commute and city to swell sell drugs from heroin to fentanyl. a vegetation fire in eastern contra costa county destroyed 3 of buildings and burned roughly 60 acres. it broke out about noon in oakley on cellars avenue pay pg&e shutdown power to 5600 customers as a percussion. authorities issued evacuation orders that were later lifted. the causes under investigation. president trump and the first lady visited survivors of two mass shootings in dayton, ohio and el paso, texas. they met with first responders and lawmakers in the two cities were a total of 31 people were killed over the weekend. many others were injured. the president was met with protests and criticism by some who say his rhetoric is fueling division within the united states. >> you're watching ktvu fox2
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news at 6:30. tonight, is hosting its first big community event since the shooting of the garlic festival 10 days ago. the gilmore rodeo kicks off tonight and katie hughes ann rubin tells us organizers hope you feel will not be keeping people away. >> reporter: the rodeo is coming to go word. complete with calf roping, bull riding and bucking broncos. the event director, eric martin believes now is exactly what this town needs . >> i would love it to be where everybody comes back together as a community here. >> reporter: it won't be easy after what they have been through. the garlic festival shooting his fresh on everyone's mind. ryan tom was there when gunfire broke out. >> something like that stays around for little bit but you know, my whole family was there so at first was thought it was firecrackers but then, you know, it was in. >> reporter: surviving what he did made him more determined than ever to volunteer . >> it is a new event that you can come here and make new memories to have fun. and it is going to hopefully
6:31 pm
take your mind off what happened. >> reporter: there will be stepped up security here both private and through the santa clara county sheriff's office. >> we buttoned up what we believe may have been some gaps and our security increased. numbers of security officers and how we are deploying personnel throughout the event. >> reporter: the hope is to reassure the public that it is safe to gather here. >> we don't want to allow the axes of 1 individual to dictate how we live our lives. we want to still go out and be able to enjoy a good time at the rodeo with family and friends. and just to feel safe and secure. >> reporter: organizes a hope for a eternal, selling 3 times more tickets than last year. proceeds go to local youth groups, cancer charity and victims of the gilmore shooting. >> you cannot live in fear. you cannot be scared. coming here and getting everyone together, come to our,
6:32 pm
church. everyone relax and have a good time and stress-free. >> reporter: the rodeo kif with and team roping tomorrow night. both of those are free events. the big action gets underway friday, saturday and sunday. tickets for that are $20 online or $25 at the gate. in gilmore, ann rubin, ktvu fox2 news. immigration officials say the largest raid in a decade was carried out today in mississippi, resulting in almost 700 arrests. the agents targeted several food processing plants in and around the city of jackson. 680 people were taken into custody. they were put on buses and taken to a military hangar to be processed for immigration violations. >> why we do welcome folks from other countries, they have to follow our laws. they have to abide by our rules. they have to come here legally. or they should not come here at all. >> immigration officials say
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the rays were planned in advance with the plants targeted were coke foods and pico codes. no word on what penalties if any the corporations will pay for employing undocumented workers. a bay area man was released after 3 months in detention. josi escobar was turned over by daly city police in may and were released on monday while his case moves through the courts. advocates say his transfer to i.c.e. was a violation of the state's sanctuary city law. escobar lopez says he will talk about the experience at a vigil on friday outside i.c.e. offices in san francisco. a san francisco high school for at risk students is doing something it says has never been tried before. it is opening a dormitory for students who have no stable place to live. tran wants rob roth got a look inside and spoke with students about to move in. >> reporter: this 15-year-old
6:34 pm
san francisco student came to treasure island wednesday to check out his new digs. a room in a brand-new dormitory. his own bed at last. something he doesn't have at home. >> two of my brother slip in one room and my parents live in the other with my little brother so where would i sleep? so i would sleep in the living room on the couch. >> reporter: he is one of more than two dozen high school students who will soon be living in the storm full-time while they attend school at life learning academy just across the way. it is a charter high school for at-risk students who struggled in traditional schools. the new dorm is for students who are either homeless, in shelters or in unstable living situations. >> i'm so excited. this is like a dream. >> it is not just a dorm. it is a home where kids can thrive. >> reporter: the dorm's grand opening, san francisco mayor, london breed called it a model . >> this is going to save and change lives for future generations. >> reporter: this facility will
6:35 pm
have romance, community room and the dorm will have a chef and students will not be on their own . >> we have round-the-clock staff around them and that is what it is about is building a home for kids that needed. >> reporter: the school is spending $800,000 a year to house the students. it means not having to take buses across town to get here and back. and students say it will be easier to focus on their schoolwork . >> i would bring all my family stuff and my home stuff to school and then i would be mad that entire day because of something that happened this morning but i feel like here, i have more time to focus on myself. >> reporter: i'm ready to try something better. >> reporter: the students are expected to be almost and by sunday, august 18. school starts on the 19th. on treasure island, rob roth, ktvu fox2 news. a heavy police presence at usa today. the big scare today at the newspaper's export -- headquarters. hundreds of crabs seen
6:36 pm
crawling around a neighborhood. what caused the infestation, ahead. bay area people on broadway. claudine wong going to new york city and got on stage with the young man who plays alexander hamilton in the megahit musical, "hamilton." his name is austin scott. he is from venetia. here about the journey that led him to the spotlight coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. before they come you can listen to claudine's conversation with the star of "hamilton" in our bay area people podcast. search for bay area people in podcasts. here's your buick sir. actually, that's my buick. your buick doe a roof rack! this is my buick. how are we gonna fit in your mom's buick? easy. i like that new buick. -me too. i was actually talking about that buick. i knew that. -did you?
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the unthinkable events of the past two weeks have left
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everyone numb, asking what can be done. as politicians argue, we look at the facts from how we got here to what is next. ktvu is taking a deep dive into the topic on everyone's mind . >> "guns in america" a special report thursday at 10:30 on fox 2. the northern virginia office building that houses usa today was evacuated for several hours following reports of a man with a gun. s.w.a.t. teams say they searched every inch of the building following reports that a former employee was spotted there with a weapon. a gun was never found in the former employee was located elsewhere. no one was hurt. no indication that there was ever actually a crime. newspapers had been the target of mass shooters before in june 2018, five employees of the capital gazette newspaper in annapolis, maryland were shot and killed inside their newsroom. puerto rico swore in a new governor today. the second person to have the islands top job since ricardo rossello resigned last week. former justice secretary, wanda vasquez took the office
6:40 pm
becoming the second gum female governor in puerto rico's history. sheet double as the supreme court wrote her predecessor was sworn in on unconstitutional ground since he had only been confirmed by 1 of two legislative chambers. before taking office, vasquez says puerto rico needs certainty and stability following the corruption stand scandal that brought down top members of government. canadian please think they have found the bodies of two teenaged fugitives want and for murdering. police say they are confident the bodies are those of 19-year- old kam mcleod and 18-year-old bryer schmegelsky. an autopsy will positively confirm whether it is, in fact, them. the two are wanted for killing a north carolina woman and her australian boyfriend as well as another man.
6:41 pm
the discovery comes after weeklong manhunt. a sex trafficking victim who spent 15 years in prison for killing a man who paid for sex was released from custody today. cyntoia brown was freed from prison after having her life sentence commuted by the outgoing tennessee governor . several celebrities including kim kardashian west and rihanna advocated for her release. they say she was forced into prostitution and versed verbally, physically abused after running away from home in 2015. brown admitted to fatally shooting a 43-year-old man in the back of the head. she said she shot the man out of fear after he reached for a gun while in bed. ol down yet again today. this pattern is going to continue towards the weekend. then there will be a slight warm-up. details on the five day 1 see you next. k2 views alex savidge looki stories for 7:00. >> reporter:
6:42 pm
police need your help to find this man, accused of trying to lure a teenage girl out of the bay area department store. we will tell you how he tried to convince her to leave with him. plus the paradise police department is trying to rebuild. after the camp fire. we will tell you about the cash incentive the department is using to try to encourage experienced officers to join that force. will have those stories and more coming up tonight live at 7:00 over on ktvu plus. but first, after the break, a popular destination for people in the bay area. we will tell you about the emergency plan being rolled out in case of a wildfire in the tahoe basin. a live look outside. the salesforce tower in san francisco, the east bay hills, you can see them there in the background. back with more in a moment. back ♪ in my midnight obsession. ♪ right tell all the world that i love you. ♪ in my ♪ when i say all the things that i want to. number ♪.
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south lake tahoe counts on tours and people who flock there during the summer. what if they all needed to leave in a hurry? >> after recent wildfires across northern california, the city of south lake tahoe decided they needed a plan to create evacuation routes to get people out of the lake tahoe basin in the event of an emergency. reporter, lonnie wong has the report. >> reporter: the city of south lake tahoe has a little over 20,000 residents but on any given day in the summer, it could be 100,000 tourists in the basin. there is only 1 major highway in and out of the area. a major evacuation could be at huge concern for responders. city officials know the risk involved. inadequate evacuation plans contributed to deaths in recent northern california wildfires that encroached into inhabited areas.
6:46 pm
>> the campfire and fire in santa rosa demonstrated that there are -- there is a new paradigm. >> reporter: does an updated evacuation plan that seeks to get around a stumbling block . >> we are a population plus all the visitors that want to leave at the same time, the roads would be at a standstill. >> reporter: one city launched an emergency preparation website. it features a map of interactive neighborhoods that focuses in on secondary escape routes. it sets aside safe refuge areas where people can wait out a fire event safely without leaving the area. go one step further and commercial boat operators and marinas have agreed to evacuate up to several thousand people if required . >> the marinas and boat operators will assist in getting people to safe parts of
6:47 pm
the lake, perhaps across the lake. >> reporter: the plan is not perfect. escape routes generally lead to the already busy highway 50. routes could still be in the path of a moving fire and evacuations by boat is a backup option that is unproven but city officials say having a plan is better than no plan at all. >> what we are doing here is getting the best information possible to make sure people can stay safe in the event something terrible happens. >> reporter: officials know the emergency evacuations are not on the radar of most tours in the tahoe basin. that is why they have prepared flyers to give them more information. in lake tahoe, lonnie wong, ktvu fox2 news. we are seeing warm temperatures but not as hot as we are used to . >> not as hot and kind of mild which has been the way he has it has gone the whole summer. it has been nice. look at your pg&e bills over the last month or two and i would imagine you would be noticing a drop in the bill because the air-conditioners are not coming on as much as usual. look at the difference between tuesday in livermore and
6:48 pm
thursday in livermore. that is tomorrow so 80 degrees. a big drop off in temperatures again tomorrow or thursday as we look at this low pressure sitting off the coast and will continue to drop temperatures. the pattern is repetitive. the low pressure dropping in and talking about every night for the entire summer. it will stay with us. it does not want to leave and with that, if your with cal fire or air quality districts, like i keep saying, you love the pattern because don't think the men and women in cal fire and certainly in air quality, they are watching this and they are on pins and needles when we get into these hot high fire danger months. coupled with extreme weather concerns with low humidity and high temperature and with this pattern, they can take a deep breath and prepare for what is undoubtably going to come which will be the fall, the east winds. there is rain showrms earlier. little fog on the coast. very little fog on the coast. it is patchy.
6:49 pm
temperatures running about 8 degrees behind in livermore and concord. you can see some haze in the atmosphere today. low pressure. there it is. that is the story. it is not supposed to be there. occasionally it shows up in the summer but it has been so consistently showing up that we keep getting cooler patterns and they are helpful with fire danger but certainly, not as warm as you might expect. that would be today, tomorrow and even into friday. saturday once up a little but the temperatures, vacaville, 84? that should be 94. fairfield at 80 tomorrow? that should be 92 or three. 81 and -- these temperatures, fire danger is one of my biggest concerns right now but this pattern has been very helpful. 64 in san francisco. let's look at the five-day forecast. you can see, there it is with temperatures, look at saturday. the hotspots are down to the low 80s. warmer by monday. you back here tonight at 10:00. hundreds of crabs have
6:50 pm
taken over a neighborhood in florida. residents in the coastal city of stewart woke up to this this morning. crabs crawling across the streets and sidewalks. according to researchers at the universities of florida, these are blue blue crabs. scientists say they borrowed but right now it is spawning season which may be the reason why so many were spotted in that neighborhood in stuart . >> too much work. >> i have never tried crab. do you eat blue crab? yes it is a maryland thing . >> being a vegetarian, i have never tried it. the 49ers top draft pick injured at training camp. next in sports, we will tell you i nick bosa is getting an mri. your buick doesn't have a roof rack! this is my buick. how are we gonna fit in your mom's buick? easy. i like that new buick. -me too. i was actually talking about that buick.
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the power of 2 continues to work for you. fox 2 news at 7:00 coming up in minutes on ktvu plus. here's where to watch ktvu plus on your tv. you always run the risk of injury during training camp in football and the 49ers, the first round pick, how bad does it look? >> that is of thing. all of us watch football a long time and injuries obviously always a part of football but it seems in recent years, it is more prevalent and today, everyone holding their breath that cares about the san francisco 49ers because it is none other than their top pick,
6:54 pm
number 2 in the draft, nick bosa goes down with what appears to be a right ankle injury. he did walk off the field under his own power. he seemed a bit tangled up on a running play late in practice. you will have an mri. it has not been released as far as results go but defensive coordinator, robert sulla not appearing to be overly concerned. >> i think is all right. i still haven't heard from the performance staff but i'm very pleased with him and he has got a knack for pass rushing and very good in the games so at this point he is progressing very well and we are very excited about him. >> reporter: let's hope he is all right. very special day at santa clara at the 49ers training facility, august 7, 8-7, dwight clark day. number 87. those in the organization honoring dwight clark to bring awareness to
6:55 pm
als, terrible disease that took dwight life last year, much love and respect, always fort white from his former teammates. >> he is helping you knowing that you are trying to take his spot but that didn't matter to him because he was a team player. it was all about a brotherhood with him. he felt like this, if you succeed, the team succeeds, he succeeds. you know to me? that's the way we look at it. >> john taylor, great to see him. and underrated player, sensational during his career. lots of big-time football players wandering around napa valley this week as the rams are in town to meet the raiders in a little scrimmage. some of the big names on hand like sean mcvay, the head coach, the quarterback of the rams, todd gurley, one of the great running backs in the nfl looking healthy and aaron donald, ferocious pass rusher and know it makes a lot of sense? to have these scrimmages with the guys over couple of days
6:56 pm
instead of exhibition football which is just a joke. it is a rip off of the fans and it iing that has reached its end, i believe. derek carr seems to believe and agree with me. >> we get the let's work, 3rd down work, second and long work, different situation work all over the place and we get to see a different defense, let our guys compete and see if they get open or who we can block and that kind of stuff and it is really good. like i said, i would rather do this any day. >> fans would probably like to see it more than exhibition football, too. yesterday, the a's blue the club comes off the field 1104. today, chicago returned the favor. afternoon game at wrigley, mikey having it a day off. he did not like what would transpire. buyback runs against homer bailey into the bleacher bum area.
6:57 pm
a sundrenched afternoon, a grand slam, 5-1 lead, bailey gave up 7 runs in 4 and 2/3. this is a three run shot, 10-1, final. oakland a's lose 2 out of 3 to the cubs. the best things going for the giants today? >> -- >> the baseball barely watchable again. they have now lost 7 of 9. august is bad. here is one being shot out, 3 run homer off sean anderson. 4-0 in the third and worst. it gets even worse. a nice catch right there, fumbled on his shoulder, apparently a strained shoulder, the one surgically repaired last year. the giants lose again. swept by the gnats. that is sports. >> see you later, everyone. that's unfair.
6:58 pm
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