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needs to be done instead of having their own agenda. >> a community conversation over what the u.s. should do about gun laws and gun violence following the two mass shootings this past weekend. east bay congressman eric swalwell held a town hall meeting tonight to hear what community members are saying about the recent mass shootings. hello again, i'm alyana gomez. >> and i'm frank somerville. tonight's gathering drew a wide range of opinions on where the country should go from here. new at 10:00, ktvu's jana katsuyama in hayward where she heard from people holding out hope that this time tragedy will lead to real change. jana? >> reporter: frank and alyana, were appalled and frustrated by last weekend's mass shootings. but there was some very different opinions about what should be done. flags flew at half staff in
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hayward, people here are sharing in the nation's grief for victims of the texas and ohio mass shootings. >> this is an emergency. >> reporter: inside city hall the tough conversations of what the nation, congress, president and american people should do next. >> i just want to see politicians listening, listening to everybody what needs to be done instead of having their own agenda. >> reporter: this town hall called by eric swalwell, drew a big crowd. the opinions wide ranging over how to stop the mass shootings that have become too familiar. >> i'm looking at what the root cause of gun violence is and it's a disease. it's something the cdc needs to step in, the surgeon general needs to declare a state of emergency. >> we don't want to take the guns away from people who them n't in the military. >> reporter: congressman swalwell said he wants senate majority leader mcconnell to
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call a vote on the two bills passed by the house. one on background checks for private and online gun sales. and another giving the fbi a longer period to investigate potential gun buyers. >> work very hard in the midterms to change the composition of the congress postpartum so we won 17 seats where an nra endorsed member of congress had held the seat. now it's time for the senate to act. >> reporter: swalwell says he wants to see president trump support assault weapons ban and a buyback program for the estimated 15 million of assault weapons on the street. >> if he is serious about making us safer, call on congress to pass background checks. have an assault weapons ban. >> reporter: this gun owner says he's frustrated by both sides, the democrats for not listening more to gun owners, and the nra for not trying to compromise. >> that's why the nra right now is losing membership because people like me that you to join the nra jumped out of it because they're so radical. nobody wants to come to the 50-
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yard line. >> reporter: we've learned that tonight more than 200 mayors nationwide have signed a letter to senate majority leader mcconnell urging him to call the senate back from summer break to washington to vote on that gun legislation. frank? >> jana katsuyama, thank you. today president trump visited both cities shaken by mass shootings over the weekend. bringing controversy along with it. the president visited el paso where 22 people were gunned down at a walmart store. some in the border city said the president's words of comfort didn't line up with his anti-immigrant rhetoric. the presthe enthusiasm, love, t respect and also let's see if we can get something done. the republicans want to do it and democrats want to do it. >> demonstrators held a rally at a baseball field with
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speakers criticizing the president's divisive language. congresswoman veronica escobar was there and refused to meet with the president. earlier the president visited with survivors in dayton, ohio. no reporters were allowed inside miami valley but the white house tweeted video of the president and first lady meeting with hospital staff and first responders. outside, 200 protesters lined the streets flying the balloon. dayton's mayor said she asked the president to push for gun control. >> i reiterated to the president the importance of action around these issues in guns and that the people of dayton are waiting for action from the washington, d.c. earlier today the president claimed there is a, quote, very strong political appetite in congress for bipartisan legislation on background checks. in the bay area protesters gathered in oakland and san francisco to voice their displeasure with the president. they say his rhetoric is damaging to democracy.
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ktvu's debora villalon is live in the mission district for the second of two impromptu demonstrations. >> reporter: different issues brought people to the protest. immigration, gun violence, white supremacy, and the shared opinion that donald trump is more hater than healer. >> it's easy for us to get numb because we hear these stories so often. >> reporter: the faces of el paso's massacre held aloft. >> i actually grew up going to the house of these two people. >> reporter: emotional protest in the heart of the mission, speakers alarmed about keeping immigrants family's intact and keeping them alive. >> i never felt so small before. you know what? love makes us stronger. >> reporter: on the other side of the bay, a crowd the same
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size but louder. >> immigrants are here to stay! >> reporter: this protest along international boulevard decried mass shootings and the hate behind them. and put the blame on the words and actions of the president. >> whatever words he might have been forced to say in front of a teleprompter, we know what he is. >> reporter: determined that white supremacy be rejected. >> not welcome in el paso, not welcome in oakland, not welcome anywhere. they don't belong to the america that we stand for and to nancy pelosi and the democrats, stop playing games and to actually act and impeach him. >> reporter: drivers passing by in a chorus of agreement. >> got mad a couple days ago because of the shooting. >> reporter: it's her first sto for every exit before i start doing shopping and anywhere i can hide just in case. you're not supposed to live like that. >> reporter: at both of these gatherings, people found
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comfort and confidence coming together. >> what comes out of your mouth can destroy other people. >> reporter: knowing those killed in el paso could be anyone's friend and neighbor. >> they ended up dying in each other's arms and i want to keep that memory of them being in love in heaven now. >> reporter: the couple she refers to were among the eight mexican nationals killed in the walmart store. each of tonight's protests drew about 70 people, part of a national day of action. reporting live in san francisco, debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. tomorrow night ktvu wion t mass shootings in america. we'll look at current gun laws, mental health and what lawmakers are doing to prevent mass shootings. we hope you'll join us at 10:30
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for guns in america right here on ktvu. we have developing news tonight from southern california where four people are dead after a stabbing spree in orange county. police say there are as many as nine crime scenes in garden grove and santa ana. officers have arrested a 33- year-old suspect. they took him into custody at a 7-eleven where police say he was found with a knife and a gun he stole from a security guard. the crimes apparently began about 4:00 this afternoon as robberies. then developed into stabbings. four people were stabbed in garden grove including two who died. two more stabbed to death in santa ana. >> no motive at this point. we don't know. it's pure hate this guy did this. we heard, i don't know, if he was under the influence of drugs or not but we know this guy was full of anger. >> police have not released the suspect's name. authorities say they are holding off until they complete a police lineup. new tonight, a planned fundraiser for president trump has prompted a boycott against two fitness clubs.
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ktvu's amber lee reports from san francisco's castro district where protesters gathered tonight outside the soul cycle club. >> reporter: under the gay pride flag is soul cycle, with locations around the bay area and beyond. workout chain is feeling hate because the chairman of its parent company plans to host a fundraiser for president donald trump. >> the irony that it's sitting here in harvey milk plaza just kind of makes my blood boil. >> boycott soul cycle! >> reporter: but anchor has led to calls for a boycott of soul cycle and equinox. the chairman of the parent company is stephen ross. a wealthy real estate developer and the owner of the miami dolphins. ross says he's known mr. trump for 40 years and that he's never been bashful about expressing disagreement on
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issues with the president. ross describes himself as an outspoken champion of racial equality, inclusion, diversity, public education and environmental sustainability. it. >> this is not negating us coming out to protest when that same owner is helping to reelect donald trump. it. >> this is a time and a moment in 2019 where i need to really sort of consider the companies i'm spending it with. >> reporter: on social media the club's ceo said, quote, soul cycle in no way endorses the political fundraising event being held later this week. soul cycle has nothing to do with the event and does not support it. >> they don't really have anything to do with that. so yeah, i think i have to learn a bit more about that. >> reporter: organizers are urging consumers to find out more about the businesses they patronize. in their words, follow the money.
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in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. this weekend's outside lands festival in san francisco will be the first event where adults can legally buy and consume cannabis. the permit issued today ushers in a new era of legal cannabis consumption at qualifying events. officials say the cannabis products that will be sold at the festival will be lab tested and cannabis will only be allowed in a designated area called grassland. admissions will also be restricted to those who are 21 or older. officials call the tenderloin a, quote, open-air drug market. coming up, find out how they are stepping in to crack down. plans for a so-called straight pride in modesto, how organizers defended the event even as the community took a stand against it tonight. looking into that cool down, it came today 10 degrees cooler in some places. that will continue toward the
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weekend. the five-day forecast when i return.
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new at 11:00, dozens pack tonight's city council meeting in modesto to oppose a straight pride rally to be held at a city park later this month. many are calling for the event to be called off. others say it's their right to voice their opinions in public. organizers say the straight pride rally is to celebrate traditional gender roles, christianity and western civilization but opponents say the group spread a hateful anti- gay message. >> when you invite a terrorist hate groups and the city stands for that approval that's no longer protecting their first amendment, that's hate speech. >> everyone is trying to sensationalize this event. and it's going to be much like a church service. >> the straight pride rally is scheduled for august 24. u.s. attorney in san francisco is launching a year- long effort to crack down on illegal drug sales in the tenderloin.
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ktvu's christien kafton tells us the program is underway with dozens of arrests made so far. >> reporter: san francisco's newly appointed u.s. attorney announced a new initiative aimed at making the tenderloin more livable. >> those persons living and working and visiting the tenderloin neighborhood should not be required to run a gauntlet of crime. >> the attorney saying for too long parts of the tenderloin south of market have functioned as open air drug markets. he dedicated a 15 member team to focus on the tenderloin and is bringing together agencies from the fbi, d.e.a., secret service, u.s. forest service all working with local law enforcement to crack down on drug dealers. >> as federal law enforcement, we have a wide array of tools that we can use. >> as many of you know parts of this great city are now known for what appear to be open-air drug markets. >> reporter: the drug enforcement agency saying the work is already underway,
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authorities today unsealed to three dozen indictments following a two-year investigation into two major drug operations and their leaders. the drug enforcement agency says both gangs worked the same way. with commuter drug dealers living in the east bay who had been carpooling or take public transportation into san francisco to deal drugs in the tenderloin. >> my 23 years of law enforcement i have not seen this type of model being used. >> reporter: randy shaw from the tenderloin housing clinic says he's encouraged to hear about the arrest and someone seemed to be taking drug dealing and the problems it causes seriously. >> i've been in the tenderloin for 40 years and this is the first time i've had any high official make these commitments in the neighborhood at. >> reporter: we received a statement from matt heiney who represents the tenderloin south market area. he says in part, the u.s. attorney's initiative presents an opportunity to focus on high- level operations that are meant to disrupt the massive flow of deadly drugs into soma and the tenderloin. but he says it needs to be part of a more comprehensive strategy. for decades these areas have
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been neglected and it should be the city's goal to make all of the neighborhoods safe for everyone. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. in vallejo, police are looking for a man who say they tried to loot or a teenage girl out of an apartment. police say this man followed the girl around the store on saturday around 6:00 p.m., they say he tried to lure her with money. when he was confronted, he left the store, got in a minivan and left. if you have any information about who he is, call the vallejo police department. fire crews in contra costa county put out a fast-moving vegetation fire this afternoon that prompted evacuations. the fire broke out just after noon on co-sellers avenue near delta road. it burned about 60 acres and destroyed three outbuildings. pg&e decided to shut down power to 5600 customers as a precaution. the power was restored to most residents buy 6:00. the cause of the fire remains
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under investigation. a warning tonight from police in sebastopol after two small mountain lions were spotted last night. they were seen around midnight near healdsburg avenue and north main. mountain lions are rarely spotted in the downtown area. police are urging everyone to be aware of their surroundings and of course keep an eye on their pets. if you come across the mountain lion, give them plenty of space and slowly leave the area. all right. as we move forward, there's a lot of them around here, you don't see them. out at night and they have lots of room to roam and they try to avoid people as much as they can. more than you think in the bay area in the hills above pacifica and montero. so if you go out the coast, you've got the fog, it's not as profound as it was pronounced the last few nights but it will come back to the point that you should have a lot of low cloud and fog in the bay area tomorrow. it burns off and then we end up a little cooler than we did today. foggy at sfo right now, high
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fog and see it there. this is the reason when this low gets in here like this, takes the fog and it sort of ushers it right on in. lifts up that in version and stretches out and pushes it in and even if it's not fog, it's the moist, cool marine air so it doesn't have to be fog. and it pushes inlet and helps the fire danger and herbs that help the air quality. temperatures will be chillier, milder as we go into tomorrow and as we go into friday and a little bit into the weekend, there is the forecast for you. tomorrow, you see the yellow, 70s, orange is 80s, greens are 60s. look how, usually you've got the oranges and the reds are much closer to that but really far inland. tomorrow is going to be a milder day and cooler than today by another three to four degrees. vacaville, fairfield, temperatures down in the 80s. fairfield 80 tomorrow, 12 degrees less than you'd expect. i would expect it this time of year.
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79 in gilroy and along the coast, low 60s and then five- day forecast. you'll see this top-tier number is not really crushing it. in terms of heat, this is mild. that's cal fires dream right there in august. you want to see that. and then it warms up a bit into monday too. so there you go, five-day forecast. tomorrow night. >> thank you. the 49ers' top draft pick injured at training camp. mark has no information about the extent of nick bosa's injury. that's coming up next in sports. taking over the hotel. it opens in palm springs. guests will be able to order from an exclusive menu and visit a special salon. all 70 rooms are already sold out. sorry about that. the promotion runs through monday. the 11:00 news picks up after the break. here's your buick sir.
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marquez here with sports now. a couple weeks ago the giants a fire. finally getting it. >> if you look their great dn't trade madison bumgarner, they hung onto will smith in the bullpen.
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didn't make moves because they thought they were pendant contenders over the past week or so. having lost seven out of nine they look anything but. back to barely unwatchable. the best thing this afternoon, had to be the food because the giants were not hitting again. swept by the washington nationals in a series where they scored only four runs in three games. gerardo parra takes care of three runs right here off shaun anderson. a stroke to left center that will leave the premises. 4-0 in the third. that's just too much of a deficit for that offense to overcome. the news gets worse, juan soto in the outfield, steven duggar, he heard it again, shoulder calling it a sprain. you see his frustration. 4-1 final. let's go to wrigley field where the a's had homer bailey appropriately named on the mound because that's what he
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was serving up today. five run fourth inning. 4 2/3, gave up seven runs including that ian happ grand slam her. >> the grand salami. >> that's what you always call it. grand salami. kyle schwarber, three-run shot. a 10-1 final. the a's have the day off. hang out in chicago and play the white sox over the weekend. these days, they scare the be jesus out of you, the injuries continue to mount. big scare for the 49ers today. number 1 draft choice, number 2 overall, nick bosa had to leave practice 45 minutes left in practice when he went down. the 49ers have apparently diagnosed it after an mri as a sprain.
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it's doubtful that fans will get to see the number 1 draft choice at all in the preseason. why risk it at this point? a little time for some extra video. check this out. in pittsburgh, stewart deep to leave the yard. makes the nice play out there, what does he want to do with that ball? the visitors had it. he throws it into the allegheny river. yeah. that's a fan for you. former giant drew pomeranz serves it up for jacob snelling. the fan makes a better catch than the outfielder. and then the fans start taunting the outfielder. we got it. check this out. the old around the horn triple play. tyler flowers hit into it. the twins turn it. guess what, the braves won. this is steph curry's summer
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camp, guarding a 16-year-old who takes him to school. a 16-year-old right there. who goes to the hoop. he is seven feet tall. 16 years old. chet holmgren is the name. steph curry is trying to be nice. have a little basketball camp. gets taken to school. as you guys have heard in the past, about these exhibition games, players getting hurt, seems to be more prevalent and it's happening more and more. for the 49ers, their top guy just hasn't even gotten into a game. nick bosa has got a little bit of a history of injury. now, fans probably won't even see him play in the preseason because why risk it? >> plus if you're a season- ticket holder, you're forced buy the extra ticket. >> biggest ripoff in pro sports. exhibition football. >> that will do it. good night.
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