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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 8, 2019 12:00pm-12:58pm PDT

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the bipartisan legislation to reduce gun violence. >> san jose police taking precautions with security at public events. the increased security for the jazz festival. >> and a once in a lifetime opportunity for some bay area women to explore their roots. the trip of more than a hundred women to trace their family's role in the civil rights movement. this is ktvu fox 2 news at noon. >> and good afternoon. mike has the dayoff. >> after shootings in gilroy, el paso, texaanother mass shooting. >> more than 200 mayors calling on the senate to reconvene. they want senators to pass legislation to address gun violence. after meeting with families of victims in el paso and dayton, the president has indicated that he may
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be open to calling congress back to washington. >> the love, the respect and also the saying let's see if we can get something done and republicans and democrats want to do it. >> there are two proposed bills to expand background checks. the house passed them earlier this year. another would expand red flag laws which allow for guns to be taken away from people who are at risk. law is in effect in california and several other indicates. a large turn out is expected tonight for two town halls with members of congress. east bay representative is speaking at shore lot wood middle school in danville at 6:30 tonight. another town hall will be at 7:00 at the college theater in redwood. they support stricter access to guns as does guns.
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they were the recent focus. >> worked very hard in the midterms to change the congress post parkland. we won 17 seats where an nra endorsed member of congress had held the seat. off that we passed background checks and now it's time for the senate to act. >> last night's mass shootings. >> pistols away but assault weapons, most of the people who have them weren't in the military. >> in addition to stricter background checks the representative also is proposing a ban on assault weapons and a buy back program for the assault weapons on the street. the nra sent us this response to the town hall saying in part, the nra welcomes calls to address the root causes of horrible acts of violence that have happened in our country. unfortunately anti gun
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politicians are focus instead on scoring political points by pushing legislation that only restricts the rights of law abiding americans. the white house is inviting internet and tech companies for a round table discussion on violent extremism online. there is no list of participants. the president is not expected to attend. earlier this week the president directed the justice department to develop tools to detect mass shooters before they strike. san jose police are adapting the way they provide security at schools and public events in the wake of mass shootings in gilroy and across the country. the changes meant to help the police respond faster to an active shooter. we are live in san jose and just spoke to the mayor about this new security plan. >> reporter: yes. san jose police are calling the guardian program and part of the plan calls for dividing the city into nine different stones and
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having dedicated police in those areas. if they aren't responding to emergency calls they would then provide extra security to san jose schools. now they are all going to have a specific tools and equipment as well to respond to those types of emergency calls. the program will apply to schools and school campuses as well as public events like the upcoming san jose summer jazz fest downtown this weekend. >> to ensure that we are as prepared as possible. i think we all recognize that we can't just stop all active shooter situations in every circumstance but we know there is a lot we can do and being le to be better prepared is the first step. >> we could just be able to focus on all the great music that will happen, the 170 performances over three day there's will go on. hopefully people -- once they arrive and come through security will be able to have a great time.
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>> >> reporter: the director of the jazz fest said they have gone through several meetings with their staff and volunteers with police and emergency responders to review their security this year. they have made some changes including they will have reduced entrances to festival ground, only on the north and south sides. i believe we have a graphic, also separate entrance and exit only gates and patrons must wear wrist bands and all bags and purses are subject to search. now san jose's police chief will be speaking to ktvu about the guardian program and some of the security changes at one this afternoon and we will have that in the later newscast. live in san jose. fox 2 news. >> thank you. people who ran for their lives during the gilroy garlic festival shooting left their vehicles behind, can get their cars back today. christmas hill park still a crime scene but authorities say driver dear sir go to the park entrance, speak to security
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there to retrieve their cars. people who don't have a vehicle in the parking lot are still beingaer asked being asked to stay away from the area. tonight we will take a look at the mass shootings in america. we are looking at current gun laws, mental health and what lawmakers doing to prevent more a ktvu special report. guns in america. it's tonight 10:30 right here on ktvu. the chp is investigating a four car crash in san jose. it left one person dead and two others hurt. the crash happened about 3:30 just south of highway 85. police say it started when one car spun out and hit the center divide and then three other cars crashed in to it. one of the vehicles caught fire and soon all four were in flames. firefighters and the chp had to shut down all lanes of northbound 101. >> i was just driving home from work and, man, i
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just saw a lot of fire. man, there's like three cars and just -- engulfed. pretty bad accident. >> traffic was backed up for hours. we monitored this throughout morninit 2. there was another deadly accident in pleasanton. officers say it happened about 10:30 on the ramp from eastbound 580 to southbound 680. the freeway was closed for several hours. investigators say it appears the car ran in to the back of a big rig. at this point officers aren't releasing information on the person who died. 5600 pg&e customers had their power back on after a fast moving vegetation fire forced the utility to turn off the power as a precaution. fire in oakley broke out just after noon. burned about 60 acres prompting that evacuation order. sky fox was overhead as crews worked to contain the fire that destroyed three out
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buildings. people were ordered to evacuate. >> i have a dog here and my cat -- and clothes, you know and water and blankets and pillows and things and a litter box. >> that evacuation order was later lifted and power restored to most customers wor started. pg&e of a planned power outage at about 11:00 tonight pg&e plans to turn off the power on several streets near the marina near bridgeway to clean and rose quartz to preform maintenance work. the power should be back on by 5:00 tomorrow morning. in the east bay right now the fire district is conducting a prescribed burn. it was set to start at 10:00 this morning at or ind a oaks park. people in the area may see or smell smoke it. will let them test an early warning system for
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wildfires. the park is staying open during the burn. and hamming today there is rededication ceremony for historic high school. no classes have been held in the building on central avenue since 1978 because of concerns over earthquake safety. workers removed 16,000-tons of concrete and wood and replaced with steel to make the building safer. there have been cosmetic upgrades inside but the brass front doors remain the same. they were untouched. the ribbon cutting ceremony is set for 4:00 this afternoon. the first day of school is august the 19th. coming up more than a hundred women from the bay area are going to alabama for a special trip. how they are looking forward to experiencing history firsthand. >> and new concerns about pollution and one of the most pristine natural bodies of water on earth. research underway on microplastics inside lake tahoe. >> and a cooldown is really
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here. starting to see sunshine but we will see the coolest day of the week and could dodge a few sprinkles.
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. the jury in the ghost ship warehouse fire is continuing races today. deliberations today.
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defense lawyers say they remain confident that their clients will not be found guilty. >> this case is the second largest homicide case to go to trial in american history with 36 counts and its been a great tragedy. >> the largest homicide case was oklahoma city bombing with 168 counts. ktvu crime reporter henry lee has been in the courtroom since the first day and will help lead the coverage as soon as the jury reaches a verdict we will bring it to you. you can read his courtroom blog on the website. federal agents announcing a major crack down on illegal drug sales in the tenderloin neighborhood. the united states attorney david anderson said parts of the area and south of market have functioned as an open air drug market for too long. is he dedicating a 15 men team that includes the fbi, the dea, secret service and even the united
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states forest service. >> those persons living and working and visiting the neighborhoods should not be required to run a gauntlet of crime. >> so far 32 people tied to two different drug trafficking operations have been charged. agents also said it's its first time they have seen ring leaders renting housing to dealers which included apartments, and homes in oakland, heyward and other areas. now the number of fentanyl overdose deaths was way up last year in san francisco. according to the chronicle city's public health department said there were 89 deaths, that's a 150% increase from 2017. the increase makes fentanyl the leading cause of overdose deaths in san francisco killing more people than heroin or prescription painkillers. the governor said that he supports a bill making its way through the legislature to limit rent
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increases. theyit's 7% plus inflation. the governor said he hopes the bill gets to his desk soon and with stricter protections for tenants. supporter say it'll safe guard tenants, opponents say it'll hurt construction. officials with the smart traidollar deficits if voters tax extension. it doesn't expire until 2029 but smarwod have to least $9 mi if an early renewal isn't passed. officials say that operating expenses are going up and the early renewal would let them restructure and reduce their debt payments. opponents of a straight pride rally that's scheduled to take place later this month are trying to get the event canceled. many packed last night's city
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council meeting, organizers say that the straight pride rally is to celebrate traditional gender roles but the critics say the organizers spread a hateful anti gay message. >> when you invite terrorist hate groups to an event and then the city stamps sensatio church service. researchers at uc davis said they detected mi plastics in lake tahoe. the study suggests they are most likely from trash from visitors and neighbors. previous research focused on the effects in the oceans. they hope to continue sampling the beaches on a quarterly business. climate change is increasingly harming oysters.
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human caused climate change is changing the chemistry of the water. the researchers say even moderate changes in water temperature, acitdity make it harder for oysters to grow. let's have a check of weather. mark is in this noontime and we have some blue sky. >> yeah. blue skies and breezy conditions. hold onto your hats throughout the afternoon. we could have winds up above 20 to maybe 30 miles an hour. that's here in the bay area and the sierra. look at this ing out toward the still amazing. it's august. we have a little bit of a coating of snow on the hills. nice day in the sierra though they have the possibility of thunderstorms later on this afternoon. for us some sunshine over san francisco bay but still lingering low clouds hanging out near portions of our coastline. temperatures have been trending down, that will continue for today. today we are cooling off and
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tomorrow 60's, 70's, and 80's. no major heat in the bay area forecast. this looks like a fall like weather set up. this circulation is drifting closer to tline. this will of more clouds and maybe the possibility of a few sprinkles as we head toward saturday. at least a slight chance. for us we have clear to partly cloudy skies as we come in closer. still patchy low clouds hanging out near portions of the barry shoreline and we will check in on the current numbers. 70's toward livermore. concord 73, san jose 7 # 73. wind speeds the biggest change for today. fairfield. that's sustained out at the southeast. 22-mile its an hour. look at that napa -- at 18. gusting to 31 miles an hour. here we go more reports. winds gusting to at least approaching 30 miles an hour toward sfo. this is a system we are watching this will take us into the weekend.
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has been a cooler weather set up. no triple digits, no 90's and today we will continue to cool it off. low cloud from this morning. partly sunny into the afternoon. 60's, 70's and a few spots inland we are just thinking some low 80's for this afternoon. as far as the shower chance, it'll be -- at least partly cloudy skies, partly cloudy this afternoon. tomorrow, starting out with some cloud cover, skies getting partly cloudy. look at this -- the action off shore here as we take in to saturday. definitely some clouds saturday and a little bit of some shower activity especially up toward eureka and maybe a few sprinkles or at least some drizzle first thing saturday morning. that could possibly linger into the afternoon hours. possibly could have trace amounts or .01 or .02. that's something we will be watching as we head toward the weekend. forecast highs. this afternoon. 80's toward concord, antioch and brentwood. san francisco 65, few more neighborhoods, san jose
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77 and about 80 toward pleasanton and livermore. the five day forecast. partly light shower and then we will of nex definitely over the next few day also feel unusual. bring the comaybe hold onto thank you. questions about the security of a different boeing plane. how a new report says that hackers may be able to access critical inflight systems. it's on. get to the ross shoe event for even more brands at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. yes! yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls. at the ross shoe event. on now.
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. investors getting tech stocks after several days of fleeing to safer holdings. the dow is up, s and p is up by well over one and one half. the nasdaq is up by two points. to boeing which is facing a new problem over its 787. this time related to cyber security. a report by security researcher and wired said leaked code reveals potential security flaws in the dream liner's design system that can allow someone to access restricted parts of the plane's network such as and inflight enter stainment. boeing denies the claims by the researcher and the researcher admitted he can't confirm the claims. this against the backdrop of ongoing issues with the grounded 737 max jets after two of them were
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involved in crash that killed more than 300 people. united states is warning travelers about the unrest in hong kong. a travel advisory was issued and americans are told to exercise caution. protests have overwhelmed streets. they started after hong kong lawmakers proposed a bill to let citizens be taken to main land china which has a separate legal system. the bill has been tabled for now but want the government to not challenge hong hong kong's independent. more protests are planned this weekend. uber is set to report it's earnings after the closing bell. they are expected to post a loss. analysts are projecting uber to report slowing revenue even after it increased prices. uber's main r's main rival is
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facing similar challenges. the new ceo of barnes and noble said he plans to run the chain like a collection of independent stores. this after uk based hedge fund closed its deal to buy the company. the acquisition of barnes and noble. the largest retail bookseller in the united states follows it's 2018 acquisition of water stone, the largest retail book selmer the uk. james -- the new ceo of both chains plans to give stores the about to buy and promote books they think will resonate with people. we hope you will join us tomorrow or head to clayton because we are zip tripping. >> we are taking a field trip straight to clayton. population 12,000. mount diablo step away with a big can do attitude. how people rallied to build everything from a new libby to library to a bochi ball court. it's a place where neighbors run into neighbors on a
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daily basis. this is so much more tomorrow morning at nine when we take you on a zip trip to clayton. you mentioned this. you can watch it live here. stream us live at or meet us in downtown clayton if you are there. >> come on down and they can it check it out. and a backlash against soul cycle and equinox. >> and how captain sully is getting involved to make air travel safer. >> and two new studies linking red meat to climate change and cancer.
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. new, legislation was revealed at sfo to help prevent air travel incidents and accidents. it was introduced by a congressman and captain sully. the deadly 737 max jet crashes and the recent rise of near misses at airport across the country including at sfo in 2017 involving an air canada jet. the bill is expected to major gaps at safety. >> the better we design our systems, the more effective the safety culture each organization has, the better we arm each pilot, each flight attendant and mechanic and other professional was s with the
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knowledge and tools to face the unknown the safer we will be. >> sfo put in several improvements since the 2017 near miss at the airport like always having two air traffic controllers on duty. if you are at the oakland airport more than a hundred women dress from head to toe in red. they were with a group called ladies in red and they went off to experience history firsthand. we have more on their trip from oakland. >> reporter: 124 women are going on this trip. they left the oakland international airport early this morning headed for birmingham, alabama. we will never let go remember. the ladies in red will visit birmingham, montgomery and selma, alabama. >> this trip is going to be quite touching. i can imagine that we are going
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to birmingham, montgomery and selma. those are some major cities that played an important role in the civil rights movement. so, it'll be something for us at our age now. >> reporter: the organizer spent a year and a half planning this trip. the six day schedule includes a visit to the 16th street baptist church, the first black church in birmingham that was bombed in 1963, killing four school aged girls. they will cross the same bridge martin luther king crossed in the 1960's. they will go inside the rosa parks library and the freedom rides museum. >> what i'm hoping is that they gain the richness of our history as african americans in the civil rights movement and be able to see for themselves to come back to spread the word, to talk to their children, their children's children in order to keep them excited about who we are as a people.
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>> it's just wonderful experience to see all these women from various backgrounds come together and just enjoy each other. >> reporter: most in the group are seniors and for many this is their first trip to the south. >> of all the years that we used to watch on tv. thing that happened, the places where they happened and the people that were involved. this gives me an opportunity to be there in person, to see and to feel. >> it's a historical trip. i was so excited to be able to go and to experience some of the things that i grew up as a young girl that i saw on tv so i will be able to go to these places and to just really see it for myself. >> reporter: this is a six day trip. they have previously visited new york city, the white house and hawaii just to name a few places. in oakland. a new science report on
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climate change says that warming temperatures and inappropriate land use will lead to food shortages. they suggest that the way people use land needs to change. the food sector is responsible for three quarters of deforestation. production of red meat is one of the biggest problems. scientists say food is -- becoming more costly, and they said that people eat less red meat they could cut emissions by 15%. >> we humans affect more than 70% of [inaudible] a quarter of the land is degraded. the way we produce food and what we eat contributes to the loss of nature eco systems and declining bio diversity. >> also today a possible link between eating red meat and breast cancer. researchers from the united states national institute of environmental
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health sciences looked at 42,000 women and found the women who ate the most red meat had a 23% higher chance of getting breast cancer and that those who ate the most poultry lowered their risk by 15%. a deal to provide cleaner solar energy to the city it. will provide 100megawatts of power to san jose. it's enough power for removing about 870,000 car from the roads according to the mayor. the plan is expected to prevent adding over 4 million-tons of green house gases to the atmosphere and is projected to be operational by the year 2022. students in the oakland schoolic district will be back in class.
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the district is coming off a school year that included a strike and a decision by the school board to cut $20 million from the budget. i asked the superintendent how she is responding to parents who are frustrated what's happening in their district. >> staying open communication with families w our community about what we need to do so that people understand the problems we have had for decades and the need to have the courage to actually make the decisions so that he with can get on the other end and provide better resources for students and families. >> the superintendent also said that some school also be expanded discuss which schools to close. a new warning with iran escalating again. we have more from jerusalem.
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>> reporter: united states maritime administration issued a new warning toko commercial ships operating in and around the persian gulf about potential threats iran. in the warning released on wednesday the maritime administration claims iran has been jamming gps signals to try to get vessels to wander into iranian waters. the advisory came on the same day that united states secretary of state met with his british counterpart and thanked them for joining a new coalition to protect shipping. >> you understand the importance of protecting international shipping from unprovoked attacks. this is a victory for meaningful, support. >> reporter: they called end sanctions targeting iran. >> if the united states really wants to talk all sanctions. returning or not returning to the nuclear deal is their own business and we don't
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economic terrorism. the trump administration said that hard sanctions are the only way to get iran to renegotiate the 2015 iranian nuclear agreement. >> that's how we counter iran. it's not always -- there's not always a requirement for a military attack or a counter attackn. attack. >> the maritime administration is also telling united states flagged ships they are should send transit plans to both united states and british naval authorities before traveling through the persian gulf. they say it's because of the high military political tensions. reporting in jerusalem. ktvu fox 2 news. equinox and soul cycle are facing backlash over ties to the president. they are threatening to boycott after the post reported the chairman of the brand plans to host a fundraiser for president trump. according to the post ross will hold the fundraiser for his re-election tomorrow in his new york home in the hamptons with tickets
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costing upwards of $100,000. the social media backlash has been gaining steam, partly because of the efforts of activists and the hash tag grab your wallet campaign. soul cycle ceo said that the company doesn't endorse the political fundraising event and doesn't support it. the president back at the white house today after visiting dayton, ohio and el paso, texas and meeting people affected by mass shootings in those two cities. his >> reporter: we are learning more about what led up to the deadly shooting in el paso, texas. according to her attorneys the suspects mother called police weeks before the shooting concerned about the rifle her son owned and if he was mature enough to have it. she said that police told was legally allowed to own the weapon and didn't ask for information. the president meanwhile visiting both dayton and e
12:39 pm
passo on wednesday to offer support. >> good job you have done as police, first responders, it's incredible. >> reporter: the president's visit was opposed by protesters in both cities. demonstrators in el paso saying that the president's anti immigrant rhetoric fueled the attacks. >> his hate speech has inspired people who may be prone to violence and i see it as a direct result. >> reporter: the president' to drawing push back. >> i'm very concerned about a president that divides in his rhetoric and plays to races. >> reporter: the president firing back. >> i turn on the television and there they are saying i don't know if it was appropriate for the president to be here. you know et cetera, you know the same old line. they are dishonest. >> reporter: despite the protest the white house says that his visit had a
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positive reception. ktvu tonight is taking a look at mass shootings in america. we will look at current gun laws, menna tall health and what lawmakers doing to promote more mass shootings. we hope you will join us, guns in america, tonight at 10:30. happening today golden gate park to meet with the organizers of outside lands. it'll kick off tomorrow. this weekend's festival will be the very first event in san francisco where adults can legally buy and consume marijuana. city issued a permit yesterday allowing them to be sold. it'll only be allowed in a certain area called grass lands. admission to he will be restricted to those 21 and older. coming up here at noon, how a california woman's idea to tackled the
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homelessness epidemic is working in her community. >> and what police say happened during a violent and deadly rampage in southern california. >> and in weather today the morning clouds starting to break up but cooler temperatures will highlight the forecast and maybe the pocket of a few spring manies as the weekend.
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. a violent series of robberies and stabbings leaving four people dead and two others hurt in southern california. we have more on the man who stole cash from at least three different locations and attacked six people in just a matter of hours. >> authorities in california are arrests a suspect during a violent and horrible crime spree. the suspect stealing cash from multiple businesses and stabbing six across two cities. four people, lost their lives from this savage suspect. >> reporter: the crimes first reported around 4:00 p.m.
12:45 pm
when two people at a grove aparlex reported a robbery. while police were responding the 33-year-old suspect allegedly robbed a nearby bakery. he later returned to the apartment complex where he lives and stabbed two male residents. one died inside and the other was taken to the hospital where he died. in his next moves he robbed a check cashing business and confronted an and attacked a 54-year-old at an insurance company. >> she fought as best she could against this armed suspect and sustained stab wounds. >> >> reporter: the suspect thenna attacked a man at a gas station. he was stabbed in the back. >> reporter: then the suspect drove to santa anna and stabbed a subway worker and then went into a 7-11 and killed a security guard. >> he stabbed multiple times and ended up using his knife to cut the gun
12:46 pm
off the guard's duty belt. >> reporter: the suspectist exited the store where he was confronted by officers and taken in to custody. the male and female victims are expected to survive. police are investigating a motive and charges have not yet be determined. a bay area weather is definitely brings us that cooldown. you told us to expect earlier. >> yeah. you feel that change today. more low clouds start out today and temperatures not warming up too much this afternoon. we are talking about 60's, 70's and maybe a few low 80's. still lingering clouds over portions of the east bay is this bay. just a couple days ago live more 92 degrees. look what happens today as we look at the forecast. temperatures down to around the 80-degree mark this afternoon. no major heat in the bay area forecast until possibly early next week. op over the pasttoward a bit of
12:47 pm
the weekend we may be few sprin approaching northern california. here is the main reason why we are cooling off. it's a circulation. you get the idea of the upper level pattern. this will be drifting closer to the coastline over the next couple days. right now we have partly cloudy skies, still some patchy fog near portions of the coastline and we showed you that live camera out toward the east bay and patchy clouds for this portion portion of the bay area. having a huge impact on temperatures. right now just some 70's in livermore and concord. 73 degrees, san francisco 61 and mountain view in the mid-70s around 75. definitely the winds picking up in a few spots out toward napa. that's a gust at 31 miles an hour. oakland airport will be west and toward sfo sustained at 16, gusting to 29, even livermore that's a southerly wind with a gust to 24. it's breezy to windy across
12:48 pm
portions of the bay area this afternoon and this is the guy we are watching at least as we head toward the weekend it. will set up that cooler weather pattern. today we had the low clouds this morning, partly cloudy this afternoon. 60's, warmest location around 82, maybe 84 degrees for the afternoon high. what about that shower chance at least for today you can see partly cloud sky ies. then cloud wills be partly cloudy. look what happens. that circulation we have been pointing out drifting closer to the coastline. this is saturday morning. lots of cloud cover and the possibility of some drizzle or a few sprinkles. you can see for portions of the bay area for saturday morning, that slight chance into the afternoon hours. i wouldn't cancel any plans just yet but something we will try to hone the next few days. still that sprinkle chance as we head toward the weekend. highs this afternoon, warmest locations will be in the 08's toward pleasant on, livermore and look ahead.
12:49 pm
your five day will thick especially up the cloud cover to saturday. warming temperatures by sunday and into early next week. >> thank you. a sacramento woman said she can't stand seeing people sleeping on the streets of her city so she is taking matters in to her own hands. >> how you doing nice to meet that's gloria. she said she loves people so it hurts to see them with no place to get out of the cold or bad weather. she thought she couldn't do much but she could do a little. she bought 110 tents and gave them to people who were homeless on the streets. >> it was just me and i just came up with it. not really housing them but it's all i could afford and people just started donating. i was like wow. then people i didn't know just giving from the heart saying that's a nice thing to do. >> $2,000 was raised through her facebook. she now she is close enough to
12:50 pm
buy 110 more. coming up, how beatle super fans greeted the 50th anniversary of the abby road photograph today.
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12:52 pm
. take a look at stocks here. very good day for the dow. surging well over 300 points today with just minutes left in the session. tech stock was a big day as well. nasdaq over 8,000 again. advancedup your 401k mighty happy today. >> we have liftoff of the united launch alliance cket. >> successful launch took place early this 5 carrying an advanced communication satellite for united states air force. it's the first of six satellites and a new military communication system. dozens of hot air balloons
12:53 pm
taking to the skies above bristol england for europe's biggest balloon event. it has more than 130 colorful, hot air balloons taking part. crowds cheered wave from the launch that included balloons from japan and taiwan. itit raises money for a foundation. and in england hundreds of beatles fans gathered to celebrate 50 years since the band took that as fans took photographs and sang classic songs. regarded as one of the most memorable album covers of all time. the photograph featured the band members walking across that pedestrian crossing near the abby road studios in london. the famous black and white
12:54 pm
crossway was given protected status in 2010. is was the last studioal studioal album by all four members. the gilroy rod yellow rodeo is back. organizers say that a fun event is just what gilroy needs right now after the mass shooting at gilroy garlic festival. they are hoping for a big turn oat and so far they have sold three times more tickets than last year. >> it's a new event that you can come together and make new memories to have fun and it's going to hopefully take your mind off what happened. >> of course it'll be stepped up security at the event. private guards and santa clara sheriff's deputies will patrol the grounds, proceeds from this year's rodeo will go to local youth groups, a cancer charity and to the victims of the gilroy festival
12:55 pm
shooting. >> we are still waiting for the jury to give a verdict in the ghost ship warehouse trial. >> coming up at four we will sit down with legal expert michael cardoza to discuss what the deliberation could mean for the defendants in the case and what comes next when the verdict is announced. that's today coming up on the four. you may have seen them around san francisco. new advertisements for the monterey bayh bay aquarium. they feature a lot of light hearted way. they were installed this week o cars. here is something you don't see very often. law enforcement trying to chase down a zebra. it broke free from a ranch yesterday in texas. it evaded authorities by
12:56 pm
swimming across a river. apparently it really wanted to get out. eventually the police and animal control were able to team up and catch the zebra from sedating it. the police said that a second zebra also escaped at the very same time and is still missing. apparently they were in on it. >> only in texas. >> exactly. a zebra. >> good having you here for mechanic today. we are hitting the road going to clayton tomorrow. >> off to clayton bright and early. have a great day. it's on. get to the ross shoe event for even more brands at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. yes! yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls. at the ross shoe event. on now.
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you...and mom also gets aoss shoppiback-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. >> abducted by a family friend. >> i was kidnapped and strapped to the back of a dead in a motorhome. >> told aliens would kill her. sexually abused and manipulated. >> i haven't finished the mission. >> and her parents blackmailed.
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>> your abuser convinced your mother to be unfaithful. >> he threatened to expose that. >> coming up next. dr. oz: today's show contains content meant for mature audiences. some of our discussion may be inappropriate for teens and young children. on an autumn day in 1974, 12-year-old jan broberg left to go horseback riding with her parents permission. she was driven by a family friend, robert berchtold.


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