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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 8, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> the better we design our systems, the more effective the safety culture of each organization has, the better we arm each pilot, each flight attendants, each mechanic and other professionals with skills and knowledge and tools to face the unknown, the face it safer we will all be. pushing speeds of 180 miles per hour, we will speak with a razor taking part in mohicans moto american race in snohomish county. from ktvu news, this is the four. preparations are underway in san jose for the city's jazz fest and on the heels of mass shooting throughout the country, city officials are beefing up security but it is not only the jazz fest that will have extra security. welcome to the four, i'm christina run down in for heather . >> i'm alex savidge. specially trained officers will patrol events and schools across the city. tremont ann rubin joins us live
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from police headquarters with more what is being called the guardian program. and ann? >> reporter: this is about focus. offers is will be responding to burglaries. the one objective will be responding in the event of an active shooter. this year's jazz fest in san jose will feature 170 performances over 3 days. it will also be the first test of the police department's new guardian program. >> the city is doing pretty great on putting a program like this into motion. >> reporter: -- designated to respond to an active shooter. san jose police asiata says the blessed officer garcia says after the recent tragedies we have to do something . >> we can't wait for -- to save lives. >> reporter: garcia created this. in addition to monitoring
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committee events, the guardian crews will be stationed in 9 school zones around the city. they will not take the place of school resource officers but they will be in addition to them . >> to set this program up where you are going to have officers that will be in regions and a will partner together and will be able to respond within a few minutes. i think that is a marvelous plan . >> what we can do today is better create an environment of safety around our schools. this on a daily basis. >> reporter: the guardian program will be run out of the overtime budget. the chief expects the school portion to cost about $3 million the first year. he says right now, he is not worried about paying for. he is worried about getting to these kinds of tragedies as fast as possible . >> if there is anything that it teaches law enforcement, the quicker we have law enforcement engaging a suitor suitor, the more lives we can say. >> reporter: the program will launch this weekend. the chief said it was important to implement it before the start
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of the school year. christina, alex? >> ann rubin, live in san jose. more details about the mass shootings that killed 31 people in dayton, ohio and el paso, texas. as fox's lauren blanchard tells us, political pressure is growing for congress to take action on gun control. >> reporter: we are learning more about the circumstances surrounding last weekend deadly shootings in ohio and texas. this as the debate over gun control continues nationwide. >> -- >> newly released 9-1-1 call's in the date and shooting revealed some of the horror experienced that night. chaos as dispatchers fielded calls from witnesses. >> there were shots and everybody was laid down. and i don't know where my friends are. >> reporter: i and another development in el paso. the mother of the suspected
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shooter reportedly called police weeks before her son opened fire to seek information about the gun he owned. her lawyer says she contacted the allen police department because she was concerned about whether he was mature enough to have it picked a department spokesperson says they are not aware of the call. >> they have done an incredible job in both places, just incredible and the enthusiasm, the love, respect for >> reporter: president trump wednesday visited dayton and all el paso, during criticism. met with protesters in both cities, critics say his divisive rhetoric has sparked the violence. they are calling for increased gun control measures . >> if somebody who has really divided the country and uses racist language and has harmed people and dehumanized people -- these mass shooters. >> reporter: more than 200 signed a letter calling for senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to bring to a vote legislation expending background checks. the mayors of el paso and dayton among them. in washington, lauren
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blanchard, fox news. we learned this afternoon majority leader mitch mcconnell will not call the senate back into session to reconsider gun legislation. san francisco mayor london green, mayors libby schaaf and -- all among the mayors who called for the senate to reconvene. libby mcconnell hopes it will consider legislation in the fall pick the president indicated he might be open to legislation on stronger background checks after meeting with shooting survivors. >> the enthusiasm of love, respect and also double as let's see if we can get something done and republicans and democrats want to do it. >> the house passed two bills that would expand background checks for gun sales earlier this year. another proposal would expense uncle so-called red flag laws. the laws are already in fact in effect in california and other
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states. people ran for their lives during the give our garlic shooting and left vehicles behind can get the cars back today. christmas elk park is a crime scene but drivers can still go to the park and speak to security at the entrance to get their cars. if you don't have a car in the parking lot, you're asked to stay with area. the police and fbi say it may take several weeks for the park to reopen. ktvu will take an in-depth look at mass shootings in america. we will look at current gun laws , mental health and what lawmakers are doing to prevent more mass shootings. we hope you join us for a special ktvu report, "guns in america right here on ktvu at 10:30. the ghost warehouse trial has wrapped up the fifth day of deliberations without a verdict. yesterday the jury asked for an ipad so they could review 3-d images of the ghost ship warehouse. the defendants, derick almena and max harris each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. this in the deaths of 36 people in the fire of december 2016.
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the jury of 9 women and 3 men will resume deliberations on monday at the courthouse in oakland. for more on all of this, we are joined in studio by legal and us, michael cardoza. michael, good to see you here. as always. defense attorney, the defense for those two men, they believe the longer the jury is out, the better that likelihood is for their clients. do think that will hold true? >> i don't know if it will but in a certain sense, the longer they stay out, the more it indicates there might be a juror or two or more that are disagreeing with the rest of the jurors because if they were certainly working in unison, they have had enough time to work through the law, they've had enough time, i think, to work for the fax . >> some people look at 5 days and the, well, that's a long time. how can i not reach a decision but you have dealt with a lot of trials. 5 days is in the grand scheme -- >> i've had them out two or three weeks.
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at some point, i can tell you, the judge and probably interest double is in response to the next time the jury sends a no doubt, she will bring them into court and say, all right, where are we? and she may ask, "what is the count. " don't tell me which way you're done. for example, don't say 9 guilty, 3 guilty, just give me two numbers, where are you and they may say, we are 8-4 and the question goes, can you reach a verdict? >> what does she want to hear? how close does she want the jury to be? >> well, she's got no real dog in the fight so to speak so what she wants to know is how close to a verdict are they because in a case of this magnitude, i guarantee you, any judge trying this will want to have the journey -- jury reach a verdict so they don't have to retry the case for number of reasons, one of which is the cost . >> let's talk about the possible outcomes we might hear
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once the verdict comes down . >> sure . >> obviously, there is a possibility that both men could be found guilty or both men found not guilty. is there a possibility that 1 defendant is found guilty and the other is found not guilty? >> absolutely. i know the lawyers talked about that during jury selection where you tell the jury, we have individual defendants. they are each entitled to your individual vote so you can vote 1 guilty, 1 not guilty, hang on one encounter a verdict on the other. there are all sorts of possibilities. they are individual defendants entitled individual verdicts. >> we get the signals, when a jury is out and you have tried to read the tea leaves, i'm sure many times in cases. >> i have never been right. i'm trying to figure out, what do they mean by that note. >> everybody is so sure until they are not but then the jury asked for an ipad to get a 3-d look at the warehouse itself.
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what does that say to you? anything? >> well probably, again, probably says they want to see how crowded it was. was it a fire trap. were there ways out. what exactly -- mike they see that they doubled is what they haven't seen. there was one trial when i was a prosecutor where the jury came back with a guilty verdict. i remember that jimmy lee was trying the case and jurors said, when we looked at the photograph, there was a footprint. nobody saw the footprint. the defense didn't. the prosecutor didn't. >> wow . >> it was faint in one corner and the juror, a juror short and bam! tilted like that because they knew the type of shoe the defendant was wearing so go figure. what are they looking for? i don't know but they might find something that everybody else overlooked . >> eventually. let me get your, we hate to predict but i like to and i don't want to put you on the spot but how do you think of this all plays out? >> -- depend on the tolerance
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of the judge. the judge could call the game at any time a week or two out. she could say, that's enough depending on the count. if they are close, they keep them out forever. they also have a blockbuster instruction that if it is like 10-2, they say, reverse roles. you argue with the other side to see -- so they do that type of thing in trying to come of that is why it is called the blockbuster, to bust them out of their position . >> and declare a mistrial is the last resort? >> except the defense will party after that one. they get a home trial, they will figure, depending on the count, because the judge, at the end of the trial them will ask, what is the count but tell me which way is going. 9-3 for delta, nine have into the other way and that will affect the d.a.'s decision on whether to retry this or not.
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you want to guess? i think it will find 1 guilty and 1 not guilty if not hang. we have covered it all now . >> we will see. obviously, we will await the verdict. michael cardoza, legal interest analyst. we appreciate you coming in. a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for bay women to explore the roots. the journey of more than 100 women to trace their families roles in the civil rights movement. trying to make a plan for airplane landings to be safer. congress has an idea they hope will become law. in weather, very temperatures, cooling-off coming up. we'll let you know if the cooldown continues friday.
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disaster at san francisco international airport more than two years ago has given rise to a federal law that would increase safety during airplane landings . >> congressman mark desaulnier and famed pilot sally sullenberger introduced the safety proposal this afternoon. thomas rob roth spoke with them and joins us live from sfo. >> reporter: the proposed bill is called the safe landings act and it was born out of a near disaster that happened here at sfo about two years ago. >> -- of hitting one of 4
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planes packed with passengers still on the ground. >> reporter: an investigation revealed the flight crew mr. k kept taxiway for runway. now, two years later, plaster -- contra costa -- in recent years . >> we can no longer defined safety solely as the absence of accidents. we must do more than that. we must work harder than that. we must be poor more proactive than that. >> reporter: the bill would require systems that would alert pilots and air traffic controllers if a plane is not properly aligned on the runway and also requires important data and information to pilots
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be prevented presented in a manner easier to digest and calls for an aviation task force to identify best lending practices, safety risks and human error. we have a good system but we should constantly be vigilant to make it better. >> reporter: airline pilots are supporting the plan. >> it is a different aspect of aviation we are narrowing down and trying to improve. >> reporter: sfo made changes after the incident. the bill wood and sure safeguards at all u.s. airports . >> it is a manager matter of filling in gaps and correcting flaws to make the system -- >> reporter: congressman dystonia says if all goes well, his bill would become law in about a year. alex? >> rob roth live at sfo, thank
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you . evacuation orders have been issued -- grass fire -- broke out just a short time ago near golf drive and set up a row southwest of clearlake. we want to bring in live images and the smoke is billowing from the hills. authorities in lake county say the fire has burned at least 10 acres but in the last 10 minutes, we believe it has grown to at least -- evacuation center set up in kelseyville. however, fire crews are still battling this both from the ground and the air from away understand. it appears they were able to knock down some of the flames and there is smoke going up but it looks like they are getting a handle on the pic as soon as we have more information on the skull fire, we will bring it to you. >> a lot of concern in lake county. they have seen more than their fair share of wildfires over
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the past two years. mark, all eyes on the weather. conditions this afternoon, temperatures in the 80s. how are the winds looking? typically this type of day, this time of day, that is a challenge. here in the bay area, partly cloudy, temperatures cooling- off and the same can be said for lake county. not any extreme heat but it has been hot up there. it seems like every day for the past week or so at least. with that, things are so dry but today temperatures in the low 80s. this picture was updated by cal fire a few minutes ago. as you can see here, the typography, access is very difficult but the nearby water, of course with clear lake, that will be a good source to help fight the fire. the bell fire is coming closer, look at the layout here and the topography. there is kelseyville and here's -- you can see some of the terrain they are battling at least at this portion of the region. current numbers, a few
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observation points around the region, 80 to 83 degrees. relative humidity around 23 to 28%. typically we are talking about maybe temperatures in the upper line 90s, close to 100 degrees. the heat is not the issue but the wind will continue to be the issue right now with winds above 20 miles an hour. that will be the biggest challenge for the fire crews this afternoon. here's the satellite and radar showing you some thunderstorms toward portions of the sierra, coming closer across the bay area, scattered high clouds. low clouds mixed out of it so with that, a fairly nice day. it is breezy and temperatures have been cooling-off. no major heat of there. fairfield, 81, hayward, 71, and san francisco, 63. live camera look, san francisco and you can see more sunshine for this afternoon. it has been a bit of a cool down. livermore on tuesday was 92 and today, a preliminary high of just 76 degrees for the inland
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spots. that is kind of a welcome change if you are not a fan of the heat. overnight lows, some 50s and clouds to start the day. friday forecast, clouds in the morning, skies the cloudy, temperatures not a big change from today. it will be cool to mild to warm. here's a breakdown from 80s, 70s and 60s for friday afternoon. in the weekend, a slight chance of a sprinkle or light shower. we will talk more about that interesting development coming up in a few minutes. if you are at oakland international airport this morning, it was hard to miss more than 100 women dressed from head to toe all in red. >> there was a group, ladies in red and they did it all for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to experience history firsthand. premise elissa harrington has more than their trip from oakland. >> reporter: 120 format women 124 women left oakland international for birmingham alabama. the theme is "we will never let go of history. we are here to remember."
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the "ladies of red" will visit birmingham, montgomery and selma, alabama . >> the triple retouching and i can imagine that we will go to birmingham, montgomery and selma and those are some major cities that played an important role in the civil rights movement. so it is going to be something for us at our age, no. >> reporter: organizer, brenda night spent a year and a half planning the trip. the 6 day itinerary includes a visit to the sixth street baptist church that was bombed in 1963, killing 4 school-aged girls but the women will visit the same bridge martin luther king cross during the protest during the 1960s. they will go inside the rosa parks library and the freedom ride museum. >> i hope they gain the richness of our history as african-americans in the civil rights movement. and be able to see for
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themselves, come back and spread the word, talk to their children, their children's children. this in order to keep them excited about who we are as a people. >> it is a wonderful experience to be with all of these women from various backgrounds coming together to enjoy each other . >> most of the group our seniors and for many, this is the first trip to the south. >> of all the years that we used to watch on tv, things that happen, places where they happened and people were involved. this gives me the opportunity to be there in person to see and to feel. >> it is a historical trip. i was so excited to be able to go and to experience some of the things that i grew up, as a young girl, that i saw on tv. so i will be able to go to these places and to just really see it for myself.
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>> reporter: this is a 6 day trip. the ladies had previously visited new york city, the white house and the hawaiian islands to name a few. in oakland, elissa harrington, ktvu fox2 news. tensions with china hitting the stock market and american farmers but details after the break. it is happening tonight here on fox. tune in at eight a clock for an all-new episode of master set chef fall by spin the wheel at 9:00 and the 10:00 news and our special tonight, "guns in america" airing at 10:30 followed by the 11:00 news. don't miss a minute, all right here on ktvu.
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u.s. trade tensions with china are leading to continued volatility on wall street. the conflict escalated sharply following president trump's announcement to impose a new wide reaching tariffs on chinese goods . >> american farmers are being
4:27 pm
caught in the middle of the trade war crossfire. >> reporter: a rebound on wall street despite investor concerns about an ongoing trade dispute with china. worried of potential trade wars having long term economic impacts on global growth. there is plenty of uncertainty surrounding the future of trade relations with china and america. beginning september 1, the u.s. plans to impose new 10% tariffs on many chinese goods coming into the united states. affected products include consumer items like smart phones, laptops, clothing and toys. the tariff announcement has prompted china to suspend imports of u.s. agriculture. it is bad news for american farmers who rely on china for a large percentage of their business. one iowa corn producer says they are more than prepared to shift their goods overseas citing the spread of african swine flu among china's pigs . >> they have a hole in their supply of pork and they need that to be filled by someone and so we think the united states has got its best
4:28 pm
position to do that. >> reporter: chinese officials are reportedly discussing further ways to retaliate to tariffs without harming their own economy. they could decide to focus more on their own companies for various goods and products. china could also start relying on non-american foreign companies already operating inside the country. this issue could turned into a prolonged trade dispute leading to a dicey month on wall street. at the white house, edward lawrence, fox news. still to come, more about the extreme supervised road race taking place this weekend at the cinema roadway. some of the hundreds of workers detained during a large immigration raid in mississippi have been released. an immigration expert will weigh in on what is next for those suspected of being here in the country illegally.
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♪ "shaving has been difficult for me i have very sensitive skin, and i get ingrowing hairs" "oh i love it. it's a great razor. it has that 'fence' in the middle. it gives a nice smooth shave. just stopping that irritation.... that burn that i get. i wouldn't use anything else" ♪
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i.c.e. says agents arrested 680 workers, most of them latino at a sting operation at 5 chicken processing plants in mississippi yesterday. about 300 have been released for humanitarian factors. steve harris shows us children involved face an uncertain future. >> nearly 700 arrest at seven food processing plants in mississippi. officials say it could be a new record . >> believed to be the largest single state immigration enforcement operation in our nations history. >> reporter: the race happening wednesday in small towns outside jackson where the workforce is largely made up of latino immigrants. authorities say about 600 agents fanned out across the plants, surrounding the
4:32 pm
parameters to prevent workers from playing. some of the children of those arrested now left homeless. they are unsure of when they would see their parents again. >> reporter: >> -- -- >> a lot of people here have no record. they been here 12 to 15 years. with no record. just working and taking care of their families. >> reporter: i.c.e.'s acting director defended the arrest . >> these are not victimless crimes. illegal workers create vulnerabilities in the workplace by presenting false documents to obtain illegal employment. >> reporter: those detained were brought by bus to a military air hangar to be process. some will be deported and some will be released wearing ankle bracelets.
4:33 pm
for more on the sweep and what comes next, we are joined by bill hing, professor of law at usf. thanks for joining us. a lot of families in the ball right now. some children without one or both parents but half of those detained were released for humanitarian factors. what does that mean in this case? >> well immigration authorities always have the discretion to determine whether or not somebody is a flight risk and so if they feel that someone will show up when they are supposed to show up then they have the authority to release the person on their own recognizance or with an ankle monitor and it sounds like that is what they have done in the circumstance if they feel their is a lot of them, maybe have to 300 that have been released under these types of conditions . >> for those still detained, what is the likelihood they will be deported? >> it depends upon whether they were already had a hearing. there is a mixture, from what i gather, of the backgrounds of these various people. some apparently, have never had any immigration encounters
4:34 pm
before. those folks have a right to a hearing and so it depends upon their circumstances. if they have lived here more than 10 years and they have got a citizen child who is very ill, they might have a chance of something called cancellation removal. others who may have already had a hearing and or did not show up at hearing and got ordered in absentia, if they didn't show up and got ordered by an immigration judge to be deported, those folks could be out of here very quickly if travel documents can be arranged for them so it depends upon whether or not the individual has had a deportation hearing or not . >> and a lot of those cases, we know that some immigration attorneys always say those without orders of deportation did not know about the hearing because they did not show up because they did not know. is that actually accurate?
4:35 pm
>> that is pretty common. in fact, at the clinic we have at the university of san francisco, we have had a couple clients that were not given adequate notice. they were not told of the right date or time or the notice was sent to the law -- wrong address and the government screwed up and in those circumstances, you can make a motion to reopen the case and if the judge believes that notice was inadequate, then the person has a right to a hearing. so it really depends upon the circumstances. >> and when you talk about the families, children and we heard the girl begging for her father to be released, is there a possibility that maybe some of these families could maybe apply for an assignment claim or is that out the window at this point? >> if they have already had a hearing, it is going to be very difficult unless they can make a motion to reopen that they did not get adequate motion. however, in order to apply for asylum, there is a rule that you have a 1 your window. you have 1 your to apply the time you entered. unless there has been a severe change in circumstances in your
4:36 pm
home country, that is going to prevent you from applying for asylum if you missed that 1 your window. >> okay and in terms of what happened, i want to be clear. this is different than what is happening on the southern border where migrants are coming across and being detained for long periods of time. can you explain about how there is a difference in the two types of enforcement, what is happening? >> what happened in mississippi is labeled "interior enforcement" there was an investigation of immigration violations. at the border, it is folks that were apprehended either trying to cross illegally or presenting themselves at the port of entry and saying they wanted to apply for asylum. that is border enforcement. those individuals are subject to arrest as well and incarceration. i was at the clint, texas facility in mid june that was exposed in the media and those folks are in a different situation. those children that were
4:37 pm
detained, were also undocumented at the border. whereas the children that we saw in the video at the opening of the segment our u.s. citizen children, children that are not subject to deportation. their parents may be and incarceration but not the children in mississippi. >> before we let you go, i want to know your thoughts. do you think this is the start of more enforcement we will see in other states? >> i do, immigrant rights advocates have been bracing for this and the immigrant communities themselves in the bay area has been ready. there has been noyer rights presentations across the board. a rapid response network and all of the bay area, if folks see immigration raids happening, there are rapid response members that can be called and there will be immigration attorneys that show up right away . >> bill hing, professor of law
4:38 pm
at usf. thanks for joining us . >> you are welcome, thank you. coming up, next, a live interview with a 3 time moto america superbike champion. more about the high-speed road races taking place in the bay area this weekend. ended bay area weather, a cool down will continue as we approach the weekend. possibly, we could be tracking a few sprinkles or a light shower. more on that or lisa slight chance, in your forecast, next. went overnight news happens in the bay area, it happens on mornings on 2 . >> a bigger crash are not from 101. it is shutdown. you may want to get on the road extra early. >> ktvu powering your commute starting at 4:00 a.m . >> tomorrow, mornings on 2 the 9 will be in clayton for the next zip trip. watch tomorrow on mornings on 2. raiders, rams, saturday, right here on fox 2 ktvu.
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it's going to be quite a weekend in sonoma. superbike, road racing, motorcycles going up to 180 miles per hour at the sonoma raceway park. part of a moto america superbike series. the races taking part in the event this week and includes, one of the racers, cameron bouvier. cameron, thank you for coming.
4:42 pm
this is not your actual bike but this is one of the bikes you will be racing here? >> yes, we have a stock production are one douglas r 1, a stock version of the bike i respect race for the yamaha team and yes. >> so we are talking about 180 miles per hour. on one of these bikes? going around some really tight turns. i know, at sonoma. most folks are never going to experience that. what is that like, going that fast? >> i mean, i'm used to it now, obviously but it is a pretty crazy feeling. every off-season, we are off the bike for a few months and we go for the first practice, the test day back and it is definitely an eye-opener. you like man, i have to get my brain used of this again but it is really a cool feeling, though. >> i'm amazed at those tight turns. that's what gets me pick you go around those tight turns and
4:43 pm
your leg looks like it is scraping the ground. you don't touch the ground, do you? >> we do but we actually have elbows letters and knee sliders and you lean over because the further you are able to lean over, the more you are able to turn the motorcycle and that is what creates the fast lap times. >> all right. you are sort of a local guy from northern california, right? look you up in the sacramento area? >> yes, i grew up in roseville and my dad and grandfather and uncles raced motorcycles, or on the dirtbike side and they got it be into it on the at an early age. raced in europe and sign with yamaha and have been with them since 2012 racing per we have had good success together. >> reporter: you have had a lot of success. you are a 3 time moto america champion. that is pretty good. congratulations on your success. what you think sets you apart from the field? what are you doing differently? is it the bike when you ride, is it you co-ops douglas?, is
4:44 pm
it you? >> i think it is you . >> i think it's a combination of things. from a young age, i grew up with a lot of young talent around here and in the northern california region and we all just came up like pushing each other on super moto and many road racing and stuff like that and i took that with me to europe and i feel like i gained really good experience over there and came back here and like you said, i signed with yamaha and i've been on one of the best bikes in the field ever since 2012 and i think that is really helpful and associated myself with good people. i'm hoping to keep it going and hope to see you all at the races . >> are you feeling good about this weekend? >> i feel really good. tell us what it is about. the event this weekend and what they need to know if they want to come out? >> so moto america has 3 for bear classes and the superbike series or the superbike class
4:45 pm
is the premier class and this year we are only doing saturday and sunday. >> okay . >> we certain the morning, we have two practices saturday and a race at 3:00 saturday which is like the premier race. then sunday, same thing. just practice in the morning and the main event around 3:00 p.m. it is a really cool family atmosphere. i see a lot of kids out there and sonoma has been off the calendar for a few years now but the last two years they brought it back and slowly, we are getting more attendance and it is really good. i think moto america is doing a minute an amazing job. we are on fox 2 now. >> it is a tough tractor race on? >> it is . >> what are the challenges? >> it is one of the most technically demanding tracks on
4:46 pm
the circuit. it is tight and twisty. not too many places to rest and honestly, not one of the fastest tracks we go to. we go to tracks where we get over 190 miles an hour but here we are maybe 160 or so which is still pretty fast. >> fast enough for me. before we wrap, you know think the folks are thinking about this at home. there must've been times you lost control of one of those terms. what is the worst crash you have had? >> man, i've had, quite a few but luckily i got a really good set of sponsors, helmets and all kinds of things to keep me safe. some of the best quality protection you can get so i mean w >> that is why you are standing here now . >> yes . >> you want to say to the kids, wear a helmet, right? but that is for sure . >> we really appreciate you stopping by . >> thank you . >> cameron bouvier will be racing this weekend at sonoma raceway . >> the only thing missing is you getting on the bike and trying it out but i know you won't dare. >> did you say that off-camera,
4:47 pm
used in the? can i try? >> let's see who has the keys. >> here we go. >> reporter: let's started up. we cannot take it for a spin. what do i need to do? i want to throttle this thing. >> -- >> not going to go anywhere, right? >> whoa! alex. >> i like that! >> you don't even have your helmet on yet. >> wow. i don't know. i might have to tell my wife that i might be shopping for motorcycle. >> all right . >> what does this cost, by the way? >> it is hard to say . >> it is out of my budget is what that means . >> it means none of us can afford it. >> the new 20/20 models, the r 1 are a little bit different than the 19 and some come what electronic suspension and pretty advanced stuff . >> nice bike. i will send it back to you.
4:48 pm
>> thank you, alex. stay safe out there. it looks like fun. it should be a nice weekend in sonoma. it is that time of year. by the way if you want the new 2020 r 1, i don't know . >> i don't know about that . >> weather-wise, for the race at pierce point, there is a slight chance of a sprinkle saturday morning, about a 20% chance. in terms of measurable rainfall, probably not going to happen but still something we will be watching. outside lands, day one begins tomorrow, the bands playing here for today -- tomorrow and we are expecting some cloud cover to start out the day and partly cloudy in the afternoon so a big event toward golden gate park and tomorrow, temperatures mainly in the low 60s for afternoon highs. here's the satellite showing you this. you can see some thunderstorms closer to the bay. lots of low clouds and fog this morning getting mixed up with
4:49 pm
this upper-level low to the north so it is turning up that marine layer and as a result we have a little more sunshine today. turn numbers, santa rosa, 81, concord, 78, san jose, 77 and san francisco in the low 60s. went speeds have been someone of a bigger deal. strong winds today. that is a gust of 31 miles per hour out toward fairfield. travis air force base and more reports, sfo sustained a 20 month -- 28 miles per hour gusting to 33. live camera toward san francisco. the unofficial wind gauge. is moving of it. the winds are out there around 15 to 25 miles per hour. overnight lows, starting a friday, you want to bundle up with temperatures in the low to mid 50s. this is the guy we have talked about all week long. we kicked out all the extreme heat and it has been cooler and that will continue. partly cloudy friday, showers north of the bay area as we head into saturday, there could be enough energy for maybe a sprinkle saturday morning.
4:50 pm
the forecast model, tomorrow morning, 7:00, lots of cloud cover. skies becoming partly cloudy.  noticed the shower activity in the pacific and the edge moves closer to the bay area. saturday morning, some clouds and maybe a few sprinkles out there. and then in the afternoon hours, skies becoming partly cloudy. temperatures for tomorrow, as we fly around the bay area, the warmest locations, low to mid 80s and lots of 60s and 70s in the forecast panels. oakland, 73. south bay, san jose, forecast high 77. 80 at morgan hill and gilroy. san francisco, 65. the coast in the lower 60s. a look ahead, the five-day forecast, temperatures continuing to cool off a bit into saturday. it looks like the cooling trend will soon be coming to an end. warming temperatures by monday and tuesday, the hottest locations and land back into the 90s.
4:51 pm
some people are not a big fan of the heat. they are making the most out of today and the next few days because it has been cooler. make sure, absolutely . >> it will not last forever. keep that in mind. a new report from the u.n. sounds the alarm about the connection between climate change and shrinking food supplies. details after the break. white t spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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4:53 pm
♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. a new study from the united nations says climate change is resulting in less food for the entire world. >> benjamin hall reports it is not too late to reverse the
4:54 pm
damage. >> reporter: climate change is here and it means less food for all of us. that is the finding from a major new study by the un's intergovernmental panel on climate change. this time, focusing on the misuse of land and how it leads to food insecurity. >> reducing food loss and waste can reduce pressure on land, improve food security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. >> reporter: the study shows landmasses are warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. climate change is already transforming those methods, making towns and cities more vulnerable to drought, fire, pests and disease. the transformations are being measured in crops like wheat which has 6 to 30% less protein than it used to. because of climate change, food
4:55 pm
supplies are already decreasing. in part, this is due to the growing number of extreme weather events disrupting food chains. we are seeing those effects clearly in central america. drought and excessive rain is decimating crops for the fifth straight year, helping to contribute to the migrant crisis . >> we couldn't grow enough. the land didn't yield as much as before. so we came to the united states. >> reporter: ultimately the city said it is not to reverse the dungeons but big changes need to be made in the way we eat and grow our food. >> under growing human pressure and that is part of the solution but then the land cannot do more. >> reporter: the report was approved unanimously by every company country participating including the u.s. in london, benjamin hall, fox news. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 is next. you will have the story of a woman who claims her special needs daughter is being discriminated against in school
4:56 pm
. >> administrators say that is not the case. coming up, the disagreement dividing a small community in lake county. watch masterchef and spin the wheel, tonight on fox 2. wow! that's ensure max protein, with high protein and 1 gram sugar. it's a sit-up, banana! bend at the waist! i'm tryin'! keep it up. you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. ensure max protein. - (phone ringing)a phones offers - big button,ecialized phones... and volume-enhanced phones., get details on this state program. call or visit
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- ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit the active fire tonight as helicopters take turns trying to contain the fire burning. good evening, everyone. >> i am frank sommerville. evacuation orders issued in lake county because of the grass fire.
4:59 pm
they are calling it the gulf fire. so far it has burned 10 acres and dozens of families living in the remote area of lake county have been told to leave their homes and had to the evacuation center. fire crews are battling the flames from the air and ground and it appears they are making a lot of progress. here is a map of the gulf fire area. it is southwest of clearlake. we will keep you updated. new plans in case of an active shooter. today the city of san jose detailed its new guardian program. officers will patrol events and schools throughout the city. the responsibilities the police officers have. >> reporter: this is primarily about focus. the crews will not be responding to burglaries. the officers will have one objective to respond in the event of an active shooter. >> this year's at jazz festival
5:00 pm
and san jose will have 170 performers over three days and it will be the first test of the new program. >> the city is great on putting a program like this into motion. >> the guardians will be eight two person crew armed trained and it designated to respond to an active shooter. the police chief said after the recent tragedies in galway, el paso and dating, he had to do something. >> we can't wait for legislation to try to fix this issue or problem. the residents want to know what the police department is doing to save lives. >> garcia created this. in addition to monitoring the events they will be stationed and nine school zones. they want to take the place of school resource officers but they will be in addition to them. >> you are going to have officers at the school and


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