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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 9, 2019 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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san jose state campus, a man with a gun running from police hiding inside a building and a shelter in place was declared. we will tell you the very latest from there. a community rallying to take care of children, forced to take care of themselves after ice agents arrested more than 600 people during a massive raid. thank you for waking up with us. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about friday weather. i think you will like it. steve paulson is right over here. it's different. it's not something you see all the time. clouds and showers possible. if you are heading to outside lands, pam, you will be there,
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you have a vip tent? >> i'm performing. >> how about that. more on the way of high and mid level clouds, more so than fog. that's the way it's looking here. could be worse there. as far as montecito county or lake county goes, there is a westerly component for most. thankfully the temperatures are not that hot. should be to the mid-80s and humidity is okay. no heat or offshore breeze. they could also get a little help from mother nature probably more so on saturday. a system moving in and upper low could give light showers. we have to watch out for lightning. light rain would be nice. mainly northern california, northern sacramento valley, montecito county north up in to redding also shasta and low clouds are getting chewed up. more of a west, southwest
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breeze or a south wind as that system approaches. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. partly cloudy skies. 60s, 70s and 80s on the temperatures. sal is here. we are seeing some slowing, steve, but for the most part a little bit of a break on our tried. the altamonte pass, see the traffic is moving okay coming in from tracy, out to livermore, no major issues and the traffic continues to look good all the way out to hayward in castro valley. the drive to the area looks good after you get past the 580 area. this is a look at interstate 880, in oakland, traffic is moving well in both directions.
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80 westbound, westbound. first performers will take the stage at noon today. concert organizers are taking extra precautions to make sure people feel safe. elissa harrington joins us from golden gate park withwa we can expect this weekend. >> reporter: i'm here on 30th and fulton, you can see roadblocks in place. there are security guards and behind the gates are where the main gate is. certainly a lot of security. we can see in terms of gates and barriers being put up, after the recent shootings around the country, concert organizers have put in a lot of safety measures to keep the tens of thousands of visitors expected at outside lands safe. they added a second skew fence and the perimeter and worked out detailed evacuation plans in the event of an emergency. small or see through bags will be allowed in.
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keep that in mind if you are coming to this event. police are stepping up patrols. >> san francisco police department, we are used to doing large scale events. this is to different than any other, however, this light of what is on everybody's minds, we want everybody to know you are going to see a lot of police officers. >> reporter: 210,000 people are expected to attend the 3-day festival over the weekend. 21 pilots. tomorrow childish gambino and sunday paul simon. you can tect outside lands to 8877. certainly going to be a lot of fun but event organizers want to make sure everybody stays safe. elissa harrington, ktvu fox2 news. there is no longer a shelter in place order at san jose state university after the arrest of man suspected of
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bringing a gun on to can campus. the campus was locked down as police searched for the man. the search began after someone familiar with the suspect said they saw him in the area with a gun inside a backpack. when police spotted him he ran and hid in that spartan complex. students were alerted by text messages wanting them to shelter in place. >> a perimeter was put in place almost immediately and the whole place was put into lockdown and everybody was in a place where they could be safe. as soon as we found out there were people in the building we got them out. >> the suspect surrendered. the suspect is not a student at san jose state and the investigation continues. the san jose jazz summer fest starts today. the three-day events will be the first test of the new
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guardian program to respond to a possible active shooter. the police chief says the program is in response to the recent tragedies in gilroy, el paso and dayton two. officers will be stationed at schools and public events and specially trained to respond to an active shooter. >> if there is anything that it teaches law enforcement, the quicker we have our men and women engaging a shooter , the more lives will be saved. we are trying to maximize that as best as we can. >> the guardians will be stationed at nine schools and the city. the police chief wanted the program to begin before the start of the school year. one of the three young people shot and killed 12 days ago at the gilroy garlic festival has been laid to rest. family members and friends said good-bye to 25 year old wore pittsburgh steelers jerseys, they were his favorite team.
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his mom hairied a foe owe of her son and his dad was new documents show the gilroy shooter had an interest in violent ideologies, investigators say he had a clown mask, a wilderness survival guide, a passport and bottle rockets in his car. we still don't know a motive and the fbi is treating this as domestic terrorism. dayton, ohio, authorities released 911 calls revealing some of the horrific moments after gunfire erupted last weekend. >> did you see what the person looked like? >> no. there were shots. everybody laid down. >> nine people were killed in less than a minute in a downtown entertainment area sunday morning. the gunman was shot and killed by police before many of those
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911 calls were placed. there are shocking developments in el paso , the mother of the suspected gunman says she called police weeks earlier to ask for information about the gun he had purchased. her lawyer says she contacted the allen police department where the family lives near dallas because she was concerned about whether he was measure enough to have the weapon. the spokesperson says they are not aware of that call. for information and facts, we have compiled on gun violence in america, head to our website, you will find links to studies as well as other resources and media reports. go to and search guns in america. no politicians or advocates, just the facts average san jose family is hoping video will lead to the arrest of a burglar who rummaged through their house while they were still at home.
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it had wednesday morning on east san fernando near the downtown area. ed cruz was doing yard work, his wife was in the shower when a man went in and out of their home en8 minutes inside. when cruz found food outside, he realized someone had been there. he checked cameras, you can see the man walking around the house. >> he comes in and rummaging through things and steals the jewelry box. she is in here showering. it could be $20,000 worth of stuff. she had come back prom the philippines and had stuff out. a lot of it was things she got from her mother when she was a kid. >> the family alerted neighbors on next door that shared more video of the suspect walk down the street minutes earlier. they believe he is homeless and say he appeared to be intoxicated. the family has installed more
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cameras and a new alarm system. today a man detained three months by immigration agents will be in san francisco telling his story during a vigil outside of the offices of ice. supporters of armando lopez say daily city police pulled him over in may and they toned him over to ice. his supporters say that violates california sanctuary law. ice released escobar lopez monday while his case moves through the courts. immigration and customs enforcement says almost half of the 680 workers detained during a massive raid at mississippi food plants are now back with their families. it happened wednesday at 7 factories in the of mississippi. agents surrounded those plants to keep workers from escaping. 680 workers. >> reporter: taken into custody, 300 released they are
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awaiting court hearings. ople detained plead for the return of their parents. [crying] >> my dad didn't do nothing he not a criminal. >> ice tried to make sure the children did not have to take care of themselves and that the 300 people released for humanitarian reasons as they wait for deportation hearings. it's estimated 4000 people are on waiting lists in mexican border cities to claim asylum here this th are in tijuana alo which is struggling to house and feed those migrants. many are fleeing from gang violence and poverty in central america. back in june, mexico ageed to help the trump administration with a requires
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asylum seekers to wait in mexico as their applications are processed. homes are threatened, people near clear lake were ordered to up next the latest information on the wild fair in kelseyville. and why the former acting fbi director is now suing the department of justice a year after he was fired. good morning. we have a nice looking commute to start off a friday on highway 24 heading to oak land. we will tell you more coming up. more about an upper low, beginning to make its move in advance of the high and mid level clouds. few radar returns. it's not making any impact yet but for this time of year, pretty impressive.
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leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. lake county, firefighters are battling a grass fire that started yesterday afternoon in kelseyville near clear lake. evacuation shelter is set up at kelseyville high school for the people viera west community. 19-acres burned. at last check, 30% contained. cal fire says is the flames are
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threatening 40 homes and buildings. the campfire claimed another live, a man who had been in the hospital since the fire has died. 72 year old paul earnest died of complications from his burns. his death raises the number of people killed to 86. the campfire is the deadliest wild fire in california history. governor newsom will tour a san diego health program to see how the tate is investing in fayrdable health care. it connects people with health and social services. the first budget includes more than $1 billion in health insurance subsidies to benefit low income and middle class californians. today we will spend a full hour shining spotlight on one single community and another summer zip trip. heading to clayton, home to the young and young at heart. you are going to learn about the rich history, which dates
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back before the american civil war and about restaurants today. places where neighbors frequently bump in to each other. >> they used to go to the city, not anymore. they come over here how. >> clayton is a place with a can-do attitude, evidence this the way people rallied to build a library to a bocce ball court. >> it was a vacant lot. they were never going to build anything on it if this didn't work. >> join us live from the grove in downtown clayton this morning at 9:00 a.m., if you can't make it out, watch live on ktvu, or online at we will stream that for you. sal, i know you are focused didn't commute. are you gothe bocce ball when you are out there? >> i may. i maybe dragged in to eating more food. you know how i am.
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bocce ball or bloody mary. i don't know. the choice is clear. northbound 101 as you are driving in gilroy, see that transition? transitioning right out of. that northbound 101ing gilroy to san jose, the traffic is moving along very well. a touch morgan hill, northbound 101, consistent. a pretty decent drive into the silicon valley. westbound 24, through lafayette, the traffic is looking good. here in oak land traffic is moving well, both directions here, from the colosseum and continuing up to the bay bridge where we don't have a back up. this is the first sign we will have a lighter than usual day. don't. let'be our best friend today. >> you ordered up good one.
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>> we are going to be very fortunate. beautiful clayton. i hope some of you show up. i believe i will be at the clayton club. that's by design. heading outside lands, partly cloudy and breezy, high and mid level clouds and not fog which can be a big factor but it is not going to be. wiped out by this system. livermore on tuesday was 92 . that's warm to hot. yesterday, 76. that's amazing drop. lake county, good news, wind is not god but it's a west wind not a north, northeast, humidity 42 to 4%. temperatures are not that hot. they will be this the break and maybe a possibility of a few splash and dash showers. this does not bode as far as rain here because it's high
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based. the low, saturday morning, could generate shower activity, possibility of that. we don't want the lightning. that's mainly to the north. i would say today in to saturday from that low, looks like it's going to dip a little bit and move in towards northwest california. the southern end will generate what we call lift, it could trigger shower activity. some low clouds but a lot of high and mid level clouds. high based. more likely sore associated with the low providing the better dynamics which will be saturday. lows up due to the cloud cover and more high clouds than low clouds. sierra, nevada, might see a pick up in this activity over the weekend. this unusual pattern, for this time of year, is a cooler one unless you get the south wind. best opportunity for any rain
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would be saturday to north. 60ss 70s, 80s. when we get this cool we have to warm up. by sunday we will in to next week. bay area artist has a powerful message, he is sharing wit the world. up next, how his work made it onto the cover of time magazine for a second time in less than a year. the action mayors around the country, including many this the bay area are taking to call attention to gun control.
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i'm dating myself -- on live 105, that station doesn't exist anymore. they call it something else. i played this song. back to you. wait a minutes, i'm supposed to do something else. >> i can't remember what live 105 is now. thank you for the request. these peat outside land. . >> head bopping music. for a second time in less than a year, the cover of time
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magazine features the work of bay area artist. he created a collage that names the locations of 253 major shootings that happened this the u.s. so far this year. amber lee spoke with the man behind the cover. >> it's like a jigsaw puzzle republican it started with the word enough, john built the names of all the cities in the united states that have experienced a mass shooting this year. the standard was where four or more people were injured or killed not including the shooter, 253 in ng in gilroy, dayton and el paso are featured more prominently as are larger incidents, >> there san jose where bay area cities. >> places you know or have
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been. you think about how many people it affected. >> reporter: the first time his work graced the cover of time magazine was last fall he used phrases to create a portrait of ford, who accused brett kavanaugh of sexual assault. the artist says his working reflects his interest in politics and concerns about gun violence. >> i think what this cover does is sort of brings in into focus how many places are involved. >> reporter: he says the outrage is fleeting while the division over gun control lasting. he hopes the cover will help unite people. >> it's not like this anywhere else in the world. hopefully they see that and can comemake this country a little bit safer.
5:27 am
>> reporter: he showed us example on gun he tells me he speaks through his art work and if he stays silent he becomes part of the problem. amber lee, ktvu fox2 news. is that what we are going to do, lower the flag and couple of days later put it back up. >> reporter: the actions a marin county mar yore says he will take this will lawmakers in washington dc do something about gun violence in america. we are seeing movement this the field ic presidential candidates, up next, the new poll that shows the front runners who are slowly losing their leads.
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welcome back to mornings on, it's friday, august 9th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us this morning. checking in with steve. we talk about how people are funny on twitter. weapon talking about the ballpark, the giants play tomorrow. mia said our ballpark has microclimate. >> sal will confirm that. you are in the lower level it can be hot. second or third deck, it can be windy and cold, right, sal? >> absolutely right. >> day game tomorrow.
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>> it will be pretty warm if you are in the sun. high, mid level clouds from this system coming in, that will be here tomorrow. it could produce a little bit of rain. for the outside lands, only patchy low clouds, more high and mid level clouds. you will get a break from denseing to that won't be the case here. enough of a breeze to stir things up. radar picking up returns now, high based, probably not reaching the ground. maybe it will over the next 24 hours, probably montecito, lake county north. northern sacramento valley for sure. in advance, bringing in high and mid and chewing up the low cloud deck and disturbing that, cooler air aloft. we could get sprinkles. 50s on the temperatures or 60s. today is partly to mostly cloudy. tomorrow, that low goes through. that will generate more lift
5:32 am
and a possibility of showers to the north. if you are heading up northern sacramento valley, tahoe, keep an eyeing eye on things. 60s and 70s and mainly 80s through interior. 5:32, sal is here. solano county looks good from vallejo in to hercules. looks like, hold on for a second. i had the wrong thing up which happens occasionally. 8, westbound, does look pretty good as you drive through vallejo on 80. 37 is slow. we have been noticing this, people who have written me saying what is up with 37, everyday it's slow. there is no accident here. a lot of people are leaving the area heading over for sanoma and marin county. other wise looks good on 80.
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hercules richland to the macarthur maze and the bay bridge which not very crowded right now. the top stories this morning, outside lands festival in san francisco starts today with extra security. a second security finance has been installed around the perimeter, there are detailed evacuation plans after the recent mass shootings. bart will not single track any lines this weekend to prepare for more riders. the suspect behind the sound california stabbing attacks will face a judge today. zachary costa nayda killed four people and injured two others in the stabbing and armed robbery rampage on wednesday. police identified him as a gang member with a rd. the white house hosting a meeting with tech companys about online extremism and how to identify and combat it. the white house hasn't said who will participate. president trump is not expected to be at this meeting butellier this week he the justice department to develop tools
5:34 am
that can detect mass shooters before they strike. democratic leaders have been lobbying president trump to move ahead with new gun legislation in the aftermath of the mass shootings in dayton and el paso. doug luzader joins us now live from washington dc where it doesn't appear anything will happen soon since the lawmakers are on summer vacation. >> reporter: gun control advocates since a real opportunity. washington has become a ghost town. the tumble weeds might as well beounds, hallways are empty and president trump departs for a 10- day vacation in new jersey after signaling something may move on gun control. he has spoke on the phone with democratic house speaker nancy pelosi and chuck schumer.
5:35 am
they are pushing a bill to expands background checks for gunfires something that's passed the house but the white house suggested the president would veto it and nra facing problems put out a statement suggesting it was open to ideas to prevents violence, many proposals are nothing more than sound bite solutions which fail to address the root of the problem confront criminal behavior or make our communities safer. republican senate majority leader mitch mc connell, the subject of death threats over this issue said he was open to something. >> we are going to begin the discussions during the august congress is going to come back from vacation any time sooner. senate leader mitch mc connell won't call lawmakers back in to session to consider gun legislation. that's despite receiving a letter signed by more than 200 mayors urging him to reconvene
5:36 am
the senate. 22 bay area mayors signed the letter including san francisco mayor london breed, libby schaaf and sam la carto. >> anyone can buy a gun in any other city or state and victimize our residents. we need national leadership on this. mayors are willing to step up, we need a congress who will step up as well. >> mitch mc connell says gun legislation will be front and center once the senate is back in session in september. there are currently two bills expanding background which is for gun sales. the house passed those is year. mayor ofon city properties to be lowered to half staff until congress takes action on gun reform. after the mass shootings in el paso, and dayton, ohio, president trump ordered u.s. flags to be flown at half staff until yesterday. san rafael mayor says the
5:37 am
president's order didn't go far enough and keeping the flag at half staff will symbolize frustration and disfaction with the lack of action by -- dissat satisfaction with lack of action by congress. if congress does not take action mayor philips will take the issue to council next month and ask if the city should keep the lowered flags or raise them to full staff. candidates a the state fair and for a chance to meet voters ahead ar. >> allie rasmus explains, this the studio, this are polls showing a the top five democratic front runners. >> the new polls are so candidates because they need 2% support
5:38 am
and a hand of of polls by the dnc to qualify for the next rounds of democratic debeats in september. the iowa poll shows former vice president joe biden leading the field. bernie sanders dropped behind kamala harris. pete buttigieg rounds out the five. >> when i saw how, eloquent she was, i feel like the poll shows people, i'm not the only one that saw that in her. >> the poll was a big the qualifying line for the september debates. joe biden is at the iowa several other candidates including montana governor, senator warren and california
5:39 am
senato iowa right now beto o'rourke is not campaigning in iowa right now. he remains in his hometown. the famous pilot sully sullenberger made a public appearance at sfo, the airline safety legislation he is now backing. also historic school building is about to re-open to students for the first time in more than 40 years. take a look. we will see the $60 million makeover that's making it possible. . we have mostly sunnily good traffic. we have problems in san francisco we are going to talk about. mostly cloudy to cloudy. it's not fog. it's mid and high level clouds. a great opportunity for sunrise as the upper low will make an impact in the next 24 hours. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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and accessoriesphones offers free devices
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visit right now during business hours. a plea hearing for the man accused of breaking in to a san jose woman's home and killing her. he faces murder charges in the stab death of bambi larson. the jury this the ghost ship fire trial is home for the weekend with deliberations set to resume monday morning. they are determining the fate of derrick almena and max harris and deliberated without reaching a verdict. we asked retired judge who served alimmediateda county for 30 years, he sed said there is no way to tell how a jury is guilty rd have a jury that wants to has been over every detail and will take 2 or 3 days or 2 weeks.
5:43 am
>> he says it's likely the jury is simply taking time to review the evidence in what is cared a high stakes case. ktvu crime reporter henry lee has been this the courtroom since day one and will help lead our coverage as soon as the jury reaches a verdict. read henry's daily courtroom blog as well online at facebook users in illinois can sue the company over facial recognition technology. a san francisco federal court of appeals ruled users can sue over the tag suggestions feature that let's facebook use facial recognition to help tag a user's friends in photos. the court ruled that feature violates illinois' bio met trick information privacy act. facebook plans to appeal, they say they have always been up front with how it uses technology and that you can ton it off whenever you want. time is 5:44, a bay area
5:44 am
congressman teaming up with famed danville pilot sully sullenberger to push for new irline safety rules. congressman mark desewnia and sully sullenberger are promoting the safe landing act after a close call two years ago, at sfo. air canada flight from toronto came within 14 feet of hitting one of four planes at sfo. investigation later revealed the crew a runway. >> we can no longer define safety sewly solely, -- we must be more proactive than that. >> we have a good system. we should be vigilant make it better. >> the legislation would require faa to create a system to warn pilots and air traffic controllers when an incoming plane is not aligned with the right runway and it would change the way pilots around the country are informed about
5:45 am
developing safety problems. a bay area freeway has been name in memory of a chp officer killed this the line of duty. kirk griss was killed when he was hit by a truck on the shoulder of westbound i-80. a position of highway 505 in vacaville between the 80 interchange and vac valley parkway will be named him. he was he left behind a wife, two adult daughters and a teenage son. a controversial plan for shooting elk at point rays. in the past five years, the herd of elk at the national seashore has grown from 76 into to the hundreds. that larger herd has been hurting livestock and damaging ranch respect. the pack service says it can shoot up to 15 el akio elk to retuesday the herd.
5:46 am
others prefer the park service end ranching in therria. they expect to have a plan in place by next year. several mountain lions were captured on camera roaming around one of the highest peaks in the bay yeah. mountain lions in is santa cruz mountains. that's 2400 feet above sea level. it is their home. they are moving around. >> they are slowly cruising around. steve paulson's mountain. i do have a problem in san francisco. they are clearing it out but it is still there. i can show you traffic on highway 101, san francisco, southbound, a crash, they are clearing it up. they moved some of oh it
5:47 am
already but the flashing lights distracting people here. the traffic, there are light there is and also another crash near caesar chavez, a couple of things going on here. both the crashes may affect the bay bridge. traffic has been light. we got lucky, i will she you the bay bridge in a second. let me show you the bay bridge now. we will get back to the tracy commute this just e is an accident inct the bay bridge traffic but has not just yet. now let's go back to the tracy commute. is slow and 580. better in livermore and to dublin knocks major issues there. the drive to castro valley looks pretty good. no problems 880 and oakland in
5:48 am
and out. our weather is different for this time of year. high and mid level clouds. not so much in the way of fog. possibility later today and tonight for shower activity. my mic is falling. >> i will keep looking at it. expertly put together there, steve. >> mark, way to go. the outside not so much in the way of fog, a huge difference from what usually happens this time of year. livermore hit 92 tuesday. yesterday 76. that's a big drop. what is normal is 88 on the highside. below average. lake county, we get some good news. the wind is e but it's a westerly component for most,
5:49 am
it's not that hot from mid-80s. humidity 42 to 61%. there are some areas of good news and cloud cover is coming in as well. partly to mostly cloudy here for the morning. i don't think much of the shower activity. maybe montecito, lake county could get a little bit or likely tomorrow as the upper low moves in. some light shower activity possibility of thundershower activity on sunday. that's dynamic system for this time of year. it's going to provide lift and a lot of dynamics it inches into tomorrow in northwest california. high and mid level clouds, mostly cloudy skies, see, radar is picking up high based runs. if this was coming over us, it would put us closer this to the mix. it will be north tomorrow. 50s from morgan hill, 57. boulder creek cooler. upper 50s san jose, campbell,
5:50 am
saratoga. on the mild to cool side. a south wind can develop for some. lot of clouds cover here. nice sunrise maybe picture opportunity. cooler pattern takes us in to saturday. the system will move through. 60s, 70s 80s on the temperatures here. side saturda warming up sundays and monday and tuesday. download the weather app it has interactive radar, hourly updates and seven-day forecast, it has a really easy feature to upload your weather photos and videos. the weather app is free to download for your smart phone or tablet. a possible settlement with bayer, the company that owned round up, how much bayer could
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pay out after hit with hundreds of lawsuits claiming rounds round up causes cancer. that live picture is an incredible sky. that's made for this friday morning. take a second, a second and enjoy it. you are watching mornings on 2 from ktvu fox2 news. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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he is headlining outside lands. we are playing outside lands thank you for the request, thank you, tim. if you want to hear a song from outside lands, we will play requests. use the hash tag ktvu on twitter, facebook or instagram. >> thank you, sal. happening today in san jose, more than 3000 students will get new backpacks and school supplies for the coming school year, part of sacred
5:55 am
heart community services pack a back education campaigns helping families manage the high cost of living in silicon valley. they are collecting backpacks and supplies, they need black or gray backpacks, usb drives and child safe scissors. drop off donations at the donation station on south first street in san jose. it is a building that is not been used by now, gh school in time for the year. the school closed because it has seismic deficiencies. a two year construction project made the school earthquake safe. august 19th, students will fill the halls of the school building for the first time in 42 years. administrators say the work is world class and this is a real asset to that community. >> we have done a complete
5:56 am
seismic retrofit. the bulk of the money went towards. that we restored it to its 1924 condition, the facade has been restored to the original colors. there is ornamentation that's been restored and modernizeed the classrooms up to 21st century standards. >> five years ago alameda voters approved $5 million in bonds to renovate schools in the district. this is the most visible proof of the pay off so far. the outside lands music festival starts today in san francisco. security will be tighter after the shootings at the gilroy garlic festival. the shootings in el paso and dayton, ohio. we will tell you how a tense moment ended inside a missouri wal-mart where a man walked in with a loaded rifle. rnia phonef . like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones.
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get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase visit right now remembering one of the victims from the gilroy garlic festival shooting. up next, we will she yo year old trevor irby. we want everybody to know you are going to see a lot of
5:59 am
police officers. >> tighter security today in san francisco at the outside lands music festival which starts today, we are live in san francisco, we will tell you what is being done to keep everybody safe. thank you for joining us on this friday morning, august 9th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about friday weather. steve paulson has been busy painting the sky with incredible colorsch colors. >> i forgot to fill in number 72. we have a lot of high, mid level clouds again, santa rosa north. could get light rain. we are very, very when the high is only going to be 81 in august. it could be 95, that won't be the case. a beautiful day. 9 to 10:00 looks nice under partly cloudy skies. see the high clouds.
6:00 am
whether i the low, beginning to make its move tomorrow. sending in high, mid level clouds, some returns on radar, high based but rain to the north, few light showers, santa rosa, the cloud cover will be with news the morning. partly to mostly cloudy skies and partly sunny later. doing its best to chew up most of the low clouds. upper 50s, low 60for some to th vellejo 60. the low to


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