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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 9, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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festival kicks off in san francisco. >>we have gone to music festivals before.'s >>a perfect getaway for fans of taco bell. we will take you inside this pop up hotel in palm springs with all the touches of the popular fast food chain. a fast-moving wildfire in dublin put crews to the test. they were up to the task getting the fire under control in less than an hour. cleanup is now underway. welcome to the 4. >> we begin with this developing news. the fire burned nearly 250 acres, it started just before 2:00 this afternoon in the loop
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area not far from interstate 580. it appears that crews are getting a handle on the fire. right now it is 90% contained. firefighters are on the ground and they are using flames to put out the fire as well. moving to oakland, a fire ripped through a warehouse early this morning on 23rd avenue and east 11th street. >>the fire quickly grew drawing comparisons to the deadly go ship fire. this time no one was living there. we are live with the investigation that is underway in this fire. hour this building is still smoking after the fire was not down earlier today. investigators say they believe this fire began accidentally. a fire tore through and oakland warehouse right off of
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interstate 80. >>it is a commercial facility. property management was on-site with us, 37 individuals use the space for different types of artists work, woodworking, metal crafting. >> reporter: the fire began around 6:20 in the morning. firefighters had to pull back because the intensity of the flames. >>unfortunately the fire grew too quickly and we had to retreat. >> black smoke could be seen for miles and nearby residents were told to shelter in place. >>it is scary. >> reporter: she saw the smoke while dropping off her husband. she immediately thought about the goats ghost ship fire. >> it is very sad. it is not the first warehouse that went down. it is very emotional that this
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keeps happening. >> reporter: unlike the ghost ship no one was hurt in this case. as far as they know no one was living here. >>it is not a live and work studio. individuals come and work during the day and they go home at night. no one was in the building when the fire started. >>firefighters say determining the cause a fire could take some time. >>it is not suspicious, it seems accidental in nature. >> reporter: the marshall was on scene and spoke to others. there working with the fire department to determine the steps. >>very clean workspace, very beautiful artwork was lost. >> reporter: unfortunately a lot of art was lost but thankfully no one was lost. again, the cause of the fire is under investigation. ktvu fox
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2 news. thank you. deliberations in the fire trial are set to resume monday. the jury is determining the fate , they have deliberated for five days without reaching a verdict. henry lee has been in that courtroom since day one and he has continuing coverage as soon as the jury reaches the verdict. we want to get back to the developing story we told you about at the top of the story, brushfire has been threatening homes in dublin. we are getting an update from fire marshals. >>it did not impact traffic, it did create a lot of folks looking and watching smoke versus paying attention to their driving.
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>>we are starting to get into peak fire station season and everyone is on edge -- >>as we have done several times in the news and with all the fires recently, we continue to move in these wildland areas and it becomes a threat to everyone. that is why we escalated quickly and we had additional units respond very fast. once we get an approximation of a working fire, and we are the first unit, we asked for additional units immediately. >>that is critical, right? >>yes. we contained 240 acres within an hour which is very quick because we had a quick response and we contributehat directly to our response.
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>>absolutely. a couple of our priorities is to stop the progression of the fire. as i stated earlier the fire was impacting the structure, the fire was heading towards the structures. in seeing that we found a structure just with structure protection. >>you are listening live to firefighters giving us an update about that fire. we are on the scene and we will have an update at 5:00. you can watch that online or on our facebook page >>-- is underway outside of
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golden gate park in this year security is on everyone's mind. we are live from san francisco with a look inside the three- day festival. christian, a lot of fans continue to go this afternoon. >> reporter: they are expecting 200,000 people to turn out. they say it all starts here. people have to go through layers of security. >> reporter: the beat is bumping. music lovers are streaming in outside the golden gate park ready to see their favorite artist. first, everyone had to wait in line in the file in one by one past security. >> i did not want to bring
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anything besides my phone because i knew there would be security. >> they had metal detectors and they open my bag. >> reporter: inside more san francisco police officers watching the crowd and could patrolling the perimeter. the premier music and food festival, this year organizers are trying something you knew. for the first time people can buy and use cannabis. >> it is going to be altered and elevate the experience. >> reporter: cannabis company say they are providing jobs to locals who are working the booth and they are expecting a lot of business over the three-day festival. >> over 200,000 people and this is our 12th year. it is not far-fetched. >> reporter: san francisco's watching how cannabis consumption and use goes with and i of future events.
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>>today we will get a sense on how may people are interested. are people going to act in good faith, do we need more consumption space? >> reporter: they have a stellar lineup here at outside lands. tomorrow night gambino and it will be closed by the legendary paul simon. that is a pretty good lineup to me. thank you so much. if you want a full rundown of events happening at outside lands this weekend, you can go to our website we have it all up on our homepage right now at >> it is looking pretty sunny out there. let's get a look at the weather. >> beautiful weather today. we will cool down as we get into the evening, the fog will come back, there is another
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loose guy over areas of the golden gate bridge. a lot of sunshine today. we have a system that is bringing us a cooler pattern but it is also disrupting the cloud deck as a result mostly sunny skies. as we get to the second part of the day it will begin to change, 66 degrees right now, upper 60s earlier around 3:00, 4:00. breezy, the wind is beginning to turn in as we get into 8:00 64 degrees. clouds again rolling back across the bay. here's a look at the temperatures in and around the bay area 83 in concord, san jose at 81, 70s around the bay even downtown san francisco coming in at 70. here is a look at all of that blue sky. even though we have plenty to go around this morning we are now pretty much partly cloudy
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to mostly clear along the coast in the bay and inland. tomorrow morning a possibility of patchy fog, oakland 13, we do have a system off shore write about in here just north of california it is providing us with the change in the weather pattern breaking up the marine layer and the low cloud deck. you can see it comes back, tomorrow morning plenty of cloud cover again and you also notice a possibility of showers over northern california may be a sprinkle over areas of the north bay. in the afternoon another sunny day. temperatures tomorrow morning 59 in san francisco, 60 for livermore and for the afternoon 66 in san francisco low 70s in oakland and low 80s inland, 83 for concord.
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we do rebound into sunday we will have a look at the extended forecast coming up. >>the trump administration hard- line stance on immigration seems to be having an impact on the southern order. the number of people trying to cross the border illegally is down significantly in recent months. >> reporter: president trump still taking a hard line dance on immigration. customs and border protection said the number of apprehensions at the southern border dropped 21% in july and 23% in the past two months. the first time in five months the number has the below 100,000. migrants are starting to get the message. >>they come into the united states illegally they will be brought out. >> reporter: after the biggest immigration rate in a decade with 600 migrants arrested -- community leaders are doing
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their best to care for dozens of children left behind when their parents were taken into custody. >>i understand the law and how it works everybody does need to have kids they need to hold the kids in their minds. >>the situation at the southern border remains extremely volatile despite illegal crossings. border patrol officials say it is starting to improve increase enforcement on the mexican side. >> the credit has to be given to the administration for putting pressure on mixico and guatemala to enforce their own laws. >> there has been a significant drop in the number of children being held in detention facilities with fewer than 200. a man arrested during a traffic stop turned over to ice is speaking publicly for the first time after three months in detention.
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he was released on monday. today he attended a rally outside ice offices in san francisco. he said he was coming back home from church when he was pulled over by police. he said he was never issued a traffic ticket. he was then taken to jail without a translator. within minutes ice agent showed up and took him into custody. >> i asked the city to change the policy that they no longer collaborate with ice. the police are here to protect the community. >>he came to the u. s. as an unaccompanied minor, his advocate say that police -- they say that they are charging , and they violated california sanctuary law. the city is investigating a thorough investigation. >> still to come, a look inside
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meeting with voters at the iowa state fair. it is a traditional stop at the campaign trail and as we find out iowa is ground zero for anyone looking to win the white house. >> reporter: nearly 2 dozen democratic presidential candidate will start stand in iowa front and center. >>amazon is paying zero in taxes, how is it possible that $1 trillion tech company pays less in taxes than everyone here today. >> reporter: for those lagging behind this is a potential path for nuts much needed notoriety. >>kids born in low income situations have structural disadvantages. public schools are not as well-funded, their health care system is not as well-funded. >> reporter: the only latino in the presidential race criticized the trump administration for the mississippi ice rate. >> we can do better than this. we can put undocumented
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immigrants on a pathway to citizenship and we end the separation at detention. >> reporter: vice president joe biden made an impact this week but not in the way he was hoping for. >> for kids are just as as white kids. >> reporter: he tried to get back on track. >>we have to make sure that every child gets a great education regardless of your race. not just wealthy white children, all children. >> reporter: the biggest came from beto o'rourke who stayed home in el paso texas following last week's shooting. >> with the campaign in full swing as so many heated political debates across the country, there is a lot to talk about this week. as always we are joined this friday by emmett michelson.
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always good to see you. we know the political candidates that you're talking to this week on the show focused on the issue of gun control. >> reporter: indeed they are. one of the headliners this week is the governor of the state of california, gavin newsom, for so many years he has been one of the biggest advocates for gun control he passed gun control before he was governor of the state. we talked to him about what we should do now. >>this was the biggest issue this week, gun violence. california has some of the strictest gun control measures in the nation, do there need to be more? >> i think so. we are looking at at least a dozen end new bills in the last few weeks. here are couple of points, we have passed some of the most progressive gun laws and the national rifle association have sued, large capacity magazines
4:21 pm
were illegal to possess in the state the national rifle association sued and that is currently pending in the courts. background checks on ammunition , first in the country to do that, last month over 100 people were rejected from getting ammunition because of those background checks, now the nra is suing. it is one thing to pass a law and it is another to implement it because of the argument from the other side. >> reporter: one of the big debates right now is to go forward on what is called red flag warnings. california has some of this allowing somebody who fears somebody else to be a danger to themselves or to society to petition the court to get the gun removed. they are talking about expanding that to allow teachers, staff and other people do have a role in that. the governor told us that he
4:22 pm
does support the concept of expanding that. he says california is the leader of the country and will lead on this issue as well. it is important to be able to -- we also talk to him about homelessness, we talked about the lawsuit with the trump administration over whether the president should release taxes or not. we are also joined by republican strategist and podcast her for an interesting discussion as well. a big week in politics. >>it has been. let me ask you real quick on gun control, it seems like democrats are throwing up your hands and they seem to be frustrated that nothing ever gets done in washington on a federal level to expend extend background checks, did the governor pick up on any sense of optimism that something on the federal level mike dunn?
4:23 pm
>> he did not seem optimistic. we talked to congresswoman katie and bernie sanders about that. i asked if washington does not do anything, which it does not seem like they are can california do this on their own that california need washington. he says the state will have to do it on its own and the state will have to make an impact. if california is successful if they have the motto that washington adopts, if you really want gun control been having a republican backed by the nra is not going to get it done. >>once again, california leading the charge on a number of issues. good to see you. >>this week on the issue you
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can see more of that interview, the issue is airs tomorrow morning at 1:30 am right here on ktvu immediately followed by morning's onto. >>the president is also talking about gun control today coming off of summer break. the latest next. >>be sure to tune into that. you can watch beverly hills 90210 at 8:00 and tune in for the 10:00 and 11:00 news right here. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit ibigger, tastier strips spicy chof juicy chickenbo. with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce
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- ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit new details in the el paso mashing. authorities say the gunman admitted that he was targeting mexicans in the attack. the 21-year-old was stopped shortly after the shooting. the police report shows that he said he was the shooter and he agreed to talk to officers. most of the debt have hispanic last names eight were mexican nationals. >> the latest investigation into the shooting comes as gun
4:27 pm
control rages on. today president trump said something needs to be done. >> last year after the school shooting in parkland florida president trump said that he supported stricter background checks but he later backed off after pressure from the national rifle association. he says it is now time for congress to get it done. >>we need intelligent background checks. >> reporter: president trump told reporters that he has tremendous support in the gop to pass stricter gun control legislation. >>we don't want insane people, mentally ill people, dangerous people, we don't want guns in the hands of our own people. >> reporter: this comes as pressure mounts from congress to act after the recent shootings in el paso and dayton left 31 people dead. >>the people in this country want to do something and we cannot sit on our hands at home and watch television while
4:28 pm
people are being murdered, slaughtered if you will and simply say it is a republican fault. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi urge the president to call congress back into session to consider gun violence prevention legislation sinkhole, we have an opportunity to work in a bipartisan way and to pass gun violence prevention checks. at the iowa state fair the topic of gun control is a hot topic among the 2020 presidential contenders. >> reporter: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has rejected the idea of reconvening the senate but says since september they will debate a number of measures including background checks, and red flag laws. a former firefighter is being credited with stopping and attack at a walmart door in
4:29 pm
missouri today. police say the 2002 was in body armor and carrying a rifle when he walked into the store threatening stoppers. quick taking walmart employees pulled the fire alarm to get people out of the building. a former firefighter stepped in and managed to detain the man with the gun. the firefighter who wish to remain anonymous was armed himself and he held the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived. >>i asked if he was the mail inside and he said yes and i drew my weapon and he put his hands in the air. hopefully my actions prevented something like el paso from happening. >>no shots were fired during this and no one was hurt. this happen five days after 22 people were killed at the walmart in el paso texas. >> still to come, see how the
4:30 pm
community came together to make this parker reality. president trump ready to about the possibility of a trade deal with china. here's your buick sir.
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you'll ask... what pain? with advil. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? on wall street stocks dipped down, trade escalations continue between u. s. and china. president trump warned that the talks between the two countries may not happen. the nasdaq down 80 points, the s&p dropped 19 points.
4:33 pm
>>they would like to make a deal, i am not ready to make a deal. >> reporter: president trump today saying he is not ready to make a deal with china and raised questions about whether a scheduled meeting with the chinese will happen next month. >>right now it is scheduled in september, whether or not it is canceled we will see. >> reporter: president trump also sink the white house will not allow federal agencies to do business with the chinese giant huawei. >>it is much easier not to do anything with hauwei. >> the administration hauwei and made with security concerns. last month they eased up on a. china announced that they would stop buying u. s. agricultural products in retaliation to the threats of new tears from the trump administration. >> the u. s. has the mentality
4:34 pm
of billings and putting tariffs on the world, it is doing its will against people. >>the tariffs announced last week will be an additional 10% fee on $300 billion worth of chinese imports. at the white house, fox news. for more on the fluctuation on the market we are joined by a financial advisor. give us your thoughts on the trade deficit. >> it would be nice if we were on vacation, if you look back a couple weeks ago the s&p 500, the dow, the nasdaq records. monday without the market crash and tuesday followed the same, wednesday, thursday and friday were not good. why did this happen? the market is based on two things, it moves on fear and greed. the president sent out a tweet and he said we are going to take
4:35 pm
tariffs and take the next 300 billion worth of goods coming into united states and put a 10%-25% tariff. that scared the heck out of the stock market and causes fluctuation. >> what does that mean where does it take us >>if you look at the economic indicators the job support is good, earnings is pretty good, they are lower than they were the previous year. the first quarter gdp came out, the second quarter just came out it was 2.1 and morgan stanley is projecting lower than 2% this quarter and higher the fourth quarter. then you overlay tariffs on that it scares the market and it causes the market to drop. >>when people look at this, some people are overly sensitive they the market turmoil and they think recession. is that on the horizon? >>it is interesting morgan stanley put out an investment
4:36 pm
pool in the bay area and eight out of 10 are projecting a recession by the end of the year . our economist at morgan danley don't think so. we see a potential recession about 20% happening after the 2020 election. no president other than calvin coolidge has been reelected for a second turn when the economy is in a recession. it is important to work it out to get the economy working forward. at least that is what the current president would like to see. >>telus were quick, is there a -- what should we be doing? >>if you're passive it is great. don't look at the market. you're only looking at the long- term. are many bull markets and bear markets, the bull market last longer. if you're passive trader, just enjoy it you will be okay.
4:37 pm
if you are a daytrader you will have a little trouble. >>i don't have a crystal ball but the s&p 500, what is your prediction? >>best case scenario is 3000 for the s&p 500, we think the average case is about 2700 which is a gain from the beginning of the year the worst case is back to 2500. >> thank you so much. >> we were on the road in clayton earlier today for this week's zip trip. we want to thank everyone who came out to visit with the group to play bocce ball and enjoy everything the city has to offer. it is the bocce park in clayton. when it comes to getting things done it can be a challenge and everyone needs to pitch in. we have a story about how the
4:38 pm
bocce park came to be. >> reporter: hitting the backboard and bocce is not the goal, i have never played before , if there's a place to learn it is clayton. this is the land of bocce. >>the red ball is the plano, the small ball, you try to get as close as you can do that. >> reporter: it was not always this way. five years ago a group got together to build courts. >> i never picked up a bocce ball before the words were built and now i am down here two or three nights a week. >> reporter: he is not the only one who came to play. >>we have 180 teams. of that about 300 -- individuals are about 1500. >> reporter: in the town of this size that means about one in every 15 people who live in clayton play bocce. this is not just a story about that little red all and the
4:39 pm
quest to cozy up to it. this is a story about community and about what it took to get these courts here. >> the biggest way new players get in is -- >> reporter: ed and his wife fell in love with bocce in 2001 and i thought it would be great to have a park. one day he got a call from the local pizza place in town offering land and a contribution on the condition that ed and the volunteers at the business in trinity association would run it. >>it took us a few seconds to say yes. >>they were never going to build anything on this and it did not work. >> reporter: $350,000 in private money was raised with contributions from the gibson family ncba, in 2014 that vacant lot was transformed into the ipsen family bocce park. it was an overnight success.
4:40 pm
>>we were quickly overwhelmed we thought we had room for 50 teams and we had 70. >> reporter: the money goes back to maintenance and to the community. the waiting list is long with about 500 names on it. >>the oldest player is 98. i think we have a 12, 13-year- old playing. we have blind people playing. there is something in common that people have when they play bocce. >> reporter: it took a village or a town to get the ball rolling. fair to say, things have lined up pretty well. ktvu fox 2 news. >>make sure you join us in fremont for our final zip trip of the summer season that is coming up in two weeks, friday, august 23. taco bell and bull fantastic nest. is not a word?
4:41 pm
i don't know. >>taco bell enthusiast in palm springs. >>mild weather around portions of the area. temperatures will drop a little bit. may be a possibility of scattered showers coming up. unpredictable crohn's symptoms following you? for adults with moderately to severely active crohn's disease, stelara® works differently. studies showed relief and remission, with dosing every 8 weeks. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection or flu-like
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welcome back. talk about taco bell room
4:44 pm
service? people are getting that in palm springs it is not just the weather but the hot sauce. >>this is the official taco bell themed hotel. it just opened it doors. we get a first-hand look and talk to guest who are super excited about taco bell everywhere. >> it is everything. it is taco bell in its full fantastic this. >>checking into the bell hotel and resort in palm springs. a dream destination for diehard taco bell fans. >>dream come true. >> reporter: overhauling the decor to make it a taco bell getaway. >>all of the details are here in
4:45 pm
we have been checking out everything. >> reporter: just enjoying the tasty treats. >>the best part is coming to the pool where you get taco bell food where you cannot get anywhere else. >> it looks amazing we are speculating we need to try everything. >> reporter: you can find the baja bar with taco bell cocktails, a cucumber crush, or a smoothie. we just came upstairs to see this celebrating the 50th anniversary of one of my favorites. let's give this a shot. delicious. the taco bell makeover. >> i have been saving my hair so i could get a cut at the taco
4:46 pm
bell salon. you can tell by the way things look. >> reporter: in palm springs. he is really excited about taco bell. call me when there is a chick- fil-a hotel. >> i love chick-fil-a. >>the golden gate bridge, there is a cloud going by the bridge. rosemary says she loves taco bell. i do love taco bell. i don't know if i would stay at the hotel. we have some clouds moving into the bay, gaze at that for a while. san francisco 70, you can see that is about to change as that
4:47 pm
cloud moves across the city. we have the giants playing later, 80 degrees right now in santa rosa, 75 oakland, low 80s livermore, san jose 81. temperatures came up in many areas today because of the sunshine. around the bay and inland going out to oakland park temperatures will cool and as we get into the 7:00 hour low 60s expected with partly cloudy skies and a southwest breeze about 15 miles per hour. here's a look at the system that will bring us interesting changes. this will continue to move east right along the oregon and california border. you can see that moisture up over there, even picking up on lightning strikes if you watch the time- lapse long enough. we are looking at unsettled weather for the next 24, 36 hours. here's a look at the future cast models as we get into the overnight hours, low cloud cover
4:48 pm
, we will begin to stretch back across the bay and then we wake up tomorrow morning with clouds in place. in northern california they are getting some rain tomorrow. this may go down to the northbay. it is not going to be a big deal , we may squeeze out a few scattered showers in the morning and see what happens in the afternoon. 72 degrees for the afternoon high tomorrow for oakland, 75 in fremont, 80 around san jose. low and mid 80s, that is a warm day, in august it could be worse. up at tahoe it will be relatively mild. for tomorrow dropping off to the mid and upper 60s. as we get into sunday temperatures rebound a little bit 42 started start the day 74
4:49 pm
for the afternoon. beautiful weather if you're heading to tahoe. here's a look at the forecast for us at home, temperatures cooling off, tomorrow will be the coolest day, as we get into sunday things start to change a little bit. tomorrow low 70s around the bay, low 80s inland which is nice. it does not last we get back to 90 or so on sunday and then monday and tuesday and wednesday -- >>that roller coaster ride that we talk about. >> today marks 50 years since the killing of sharon tate and others at the hands of charles manson. we have a look at how the interest in the murders remain high decades later. >> reporter: it has been 50 years since charles manson and his devoted members of the manson family went on a gruesome murder spree in los angeles leaving the city in the country stunt. and establishing
4:50 pm
manson as a criminal icon. in 1969 manson sent mostly female followers to carry out his plan of rampage. over august 8 and ninth they killed seven people including actress sharon tate, the wife of director roman polanski who was 8 1/2 months pregnant. >>the killings themselves were weird, there was blood on the walls that said killed the pig in all of these weird things. >>one of the mothers later said we wanted to do a crime that would shock the world and five decades later people are still shot and even faceted by the murders and the cult leader. >> no one had heard of these people. charlie manson was on the cover of life magazine was the picture of saint in. >> reporter: hansen and members of the family were later tried.
4:51 pm
the cold leader convicted i 37 to spend the rest of his life in prison. >> manson trial superseded everything. it would have been like the oj trial if there was tv at the time. >>his followers went to jail for their involvement, some remain incarcerated today. in 2017 charles manson died behind bars, he was 83. the national park service warns a fine for shooting elk. the herd has grown from 76 into the 100s and that heard has hurt livestock and damaged ranch property. they could shoot 15 a year to slowly reduce the hurt. some say they prefer the park -- the park service expect have a flat final plan early next year. it is the only thing taking
4:52 pm
place as we can. coming up we take a look at everything happening at the bay on our we can watch.
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
welcome back. we have made it to friday. we have a look at today's weekend rush. >> reporter: we are heading into the weekend here's what is happening. san jose will have more than
4:55 pm
100 performances on 12 stages in downtown san jose. on the peninsula get a fill from the islands from the aloha festival with music, dance, food, vendors and culture from all over the pacific. in san francisco the parade and festival where you can expands filipino acts, dance, music and food. parade is saturday starting at civic center. in the east bay the rosie rally festival returns. the free event includes live music, food, costume contest dancing and more. head to concord for the japanese festival. you can find games for kids, exhibits, food happening at ygnacio high school. celebrate community and
4:56 pm
tradition at the 20th annual laurel street fair in oakland. it will have food, craft beer and shopping it is over six city blocks and a carnival in heading zoo. az our way, giants our home. that is you we can watch. >>we are going to get a life update where a quick moving grass fire broke out this afternoon threatening homes. >> place officers are forced to shoot a dog in san francisco, police say what the dog did leading up to the shooting. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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i'm a fast moving brushfire near homes and businesses in the east bay. luckily fire crews were quick to get the fire under control. that fire broke out before 2:00 this afternoon off camino loop in dublin. the fire has burned 248-acres and is 98% contained. top, you got an update from fire officials. what are they telling you. >> this one almost got away but
5:00 pm
they had such a full response it was unlikely it would get away. between 1:30 and 2:00 a fast moving and fast growing fire hit on camino loop, alameda county fire and cal fire responded. fo aerial tanker it'sa chopper and many ground cruise a full scale response. the fire was 90% contained and now 100% contained in mop up that will go on for hours to kill the hot spots. >> the concern with the structures where the fire was close to the structures, the wind was blowing it away from the structures, we sent a full alarge to


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