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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 10, 2019 10:00pm-10:44pm PDT

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f0 10s of thousands of people at the second day of outside lands packing gold and gate park. >> they made it diverse, that's a of the bay. >> it was a sold out event.
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good evening. we get live coverage from amber in golden gate park where the headliner just wrapped up. >> if you look behind me you can see the people leaving. the headliner was childish gambino, it was damp and chilly but it didn't matter to the people here. under overcast skies, typical of san francisco summer weather day two drew a tsao of mans. sea of fans. this video. they got a good lineup this year. they made it diverse, that's a
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product of the way a bay. >> grasslands is restricted to those 21 and up. >> for the first time cannabis is sold and consumed at a major festival in california. 24 haven't doors are in this vendors are in the area. >> the customers want to know more and we're able to educate them. >> while the musical performances are the main attraction, the appeal is the vibe of the event. >> the music is great plus, the fact i get to walk around and tighter extra fencing, a high profile police presence on foot, mounted patrol.
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recent mass shootings gave them pause. >> it's scary, especially being a minority, but i want to have a good time. >> sunday is the final day of the festival. paul simon will be the headliner, single day passes start at $155. sign up for text alerts. 888777 text outside lands as onrd. am per i'm so sad. i love alena barez. she was great. if you're going third and final day of outside lands you might want to have the number and we have you covered on
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for a list of everything. the list is on the home page. the ceo of the public agency that over sees the oakland coliseum has resigned over conflict of interest. he told the chronicle he believed he was exempt from conflict of interest rules, but he denies receiving a fee. accused sex traffic/ker -- trafficker has died. his death has federal prison ar >> the f.b.i. launching an into the death of jeffrey epstein. he was found in his jail cell
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saturday. he died from an apparent suicide. he was placed on suicide watch three weeks ago after being found in his jail cell with marks on his neck. the 66-year-old has been in jail since early july after federal prosecutors accused him of abducting girls. prosecutors say it was between 2002 and 20005. epstein fled not guilty. >> the system broke down. he should have been held for trial and his victims should have had a chance to testify against him. >> he faced similar accusations in florida but avoided federal charges. >> i believe a number of the
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women are going to prosecute the claims. william barr writing in part: . >> the burrow of prison said that mr. epstein was in a special area but it's unclear when had was taken off suicide watch. >> jackie spiers said given his past measures should have been in place. >> when migrants are coming from mexico they take the shoe laces out of
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the shoes and yet here's yefry epstein who was able to commit suicide. >> spiers sedin steen's victims will be given an opportunity to tell their story to congress. funerals for the victims of the mass shootings in el paso and dayton. puck died in his son's arms. he was a loving father. ohio governor and dayton mayor attended the funeral. in el paso a mass was offered for the youngest victim. he was a high school 106 more
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and sock -- sophomore. jordan died shielding her son was laid to rest. her two-year-old is orphaned. president trump is hopeful that all sides can come together on the issue of background checks. he spoken with democratic and republican lawmakers and the nra. >> i think we can have meaningful background checks. we don't want mentally ill having guns. >> the president was open to new control laws after the shooting at parkland but the white house pulled support. mitch mcconnell has no plans to call senate back but will allow a
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debate to go forward next month. the nra says they wouldn't have prevented the shootings. lady gaga is happening communities devastated by the mass killings. she announced her foundation will fund 162 classroom projects at el paso, dayton and gilroy. she's donating at a site where teachers put projects lady gaga posted a statement about the donations: i'm a vigil in oakland hosted
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by barbara lee from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. the event is called a night of healing. and to oppose gun violence and white supremacy. a san jose toddler visiting florida drabbed in a pool. a doctor and paramedic rushed to the home  and tried to revive the girl. it appears to haa tragic accident. searching for a man reported missing after his crashed vehicle was found. jose ortiz missing since tuesday and family members say he was supposed to meet his brother in calistoga but never showed up. deputies have checked his home,
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hospitals in the area where his car was found. anyone with information call the sonoma sheriff deputy. they are taking over. they are destructive. >> a rabbit problem in the east bay. a dozen rabbits are causing damage to homes. coming up in sports wrap, football is back as the raiders and 49ers kickoff the preseason. in weather typical summertime pattern with the low clouds and fog hugging the coastline. the 90s will return to the forecast. more cases of women being drugged while at bars at davis, how u.c. davis students are reacting to the crime.
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. some bay area children went back to school shopping from law enforcement officers. they went to the san rafael target. each student received a 100- dollar gift card and paired with police agencies. >> these children will go to school and excited. they have the clothes and we give them a
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backpack full of school supplies. the group said parents may gets a much joy as the children. the city of richmond celebrated with the rosie the riveter home front festival. hundreds of women showed up dressed as rosie the image used as a recruiting tool during world war ii. it paid tribute to the women who filled the jobs while the men were over seas. >> along the way they had a lot of struggles and they made of the social changes that made us what we are today. >> organizers hope to break a record next for the largest gathering of people dressed as rosie
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the river etter -- riveter. rabbits are running rampant and neighbors are doing what they can to get them out. this appears of a case of pet ownership that's out of control. >> i use the cage, this is where they come from. >> darryl didn't think his first year in retirement he would be the bunny catcher. >> call me elmer fudd. >> domestic rabbits have multiplied. first two, three, and at one point 14. they rome >> they have taken ov they dig into the yard and dig for the roots. >> we saw one of the rabbits under a car. some say they are cute they are
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causing problems. >> they like to dig, chew on the grass and pop everywhere,. >> the rabbits destroyed her parents backyard. >> we're not besties with the bunnies, baby bunnies they caught and brought to a shelter. residents don't want them hurt but they want them gone. they contacted antioch animal service and they brought over the cages. >> we started barricading the area. >> they want the action and take the road of the problem. his message. >> keep them in your own backyard. more mountain lion sightings in the bay area and this was spotted
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in the backyard of a home. the big cat was walking into his yard, it was captured on camera near skyline. if you spot a mountain lion never approach it but back away slowly. authorities in san mateo county are telling people to be cautious when entering the water after a possible shark sighting. a great white shark may it's no a discarded cigarette is to blame for uff fire in lake coun at one point a few dozen homes were threatened. evacuation orders have been
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lifted and cal fire reduced the acreage burned from 33 to 20-acres, several of the roads that were closed have reopened. it was a good day today and it was hotter. it's going to be increasing. >> had a break from the heat but as you referenced it will heat up. back up into the 90s as early as tomorrow afternoon, highs from this afternoon a big range from the lower 60s, san francisco 69, the hot spots in the 80s toward antioch, morgan hill, santa rosa 81 degrees. fog is back near the immediate coastline. we've watched the showers to of the bay area. as we come in closer it's
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patchy fog and higher clouds, tomorrow morning partly cloudy fog. temperatures in the 50s and 60s, with the warm air above our heads will compress the marine layer. the fog, low visibility setting up with the pattern overnight. tomorrow morning fog, temperatures in the low 50s to low 60s, in the afternoon the clouds clear back to neinland upper 80 lower 90s. most areas will be warmer than today. san francisco downtown around 70 degrees, the hot spots
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womaning up into the 80s. 80s. it was a good day on the water in pacifica where 100 kids took surf lessons. the organization a walk on water provides free surf lessons throughout the country. >> kids with special needs benefited from the time in the water. we've seen children who are nonverbal said their first words after a surf therapy session. >> there was little swell but everyone made the most of it. 100 people volunteered to make the event a success. >> up next, president trump responds after north korea launches another missile. >> how a student is telling the
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the president said kim jong-un would stop when the exercises with south korea was over. >> you know i've never liked it. you know why, i don't like paying for it. we should be reimbursed for it. >> president trump said that kim wants to meet and start divisions as soon as the joint exercises are over. clashes in hong kong for the 10th straight weekend. part of the protests included a sit-in at
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for nine weeks protests have rocked hong kong, if the government thinks they will give up they are mistaken. on saturday protesters and police crashed into the night. police used tear gas with little to no warning after protesters blocked an intersection. thousands gathered at the airport, most wearing black, some handing out pam let's. all of them protesting peacefully. >> our government still to this day didn't respond to our demands. up to 2 million people marching out and they didn't respond and to this day they didn't respond. that's why we're here. >> the protest began after the
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government introduce legislat allowing defendants be extradicted to china. the bill was suspended but the protest continued. they want more freedom, greatest democracy and hong kong's top leader to resign. the united states says claims are ridiculous. a mural has popped up at the u.s. h mexico. a woman created the muirial. it's at a beach in tijuana and tells immigrant stories not just in art but people can read the story by scanning the barcode.
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a web site offers first person narratives. the artist said the idea humanizing border crossing stories. >> because i want people to know the stories, i feel with technology that's one of the best ways to have the opportunity to know the stories of those who have chosen to share their story. tijuana beach is where her father entered the u.s. illegally before she was born. addressing a drug problem in davis, how police are responding after six more women say their drinks were drugged. >> this kind of stuff has happened here longer than a lot of us would like to think. here's your buick sir.
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. the davis police department is investigating 76 new cases of women being drugged at downtown bars, earlier this year there were three confirmed cases of the same crime. >> downtown davis, a busy spot for families and college students all hours of thaccording to the department since mid-april there's been nine cases of possible drugging all involving college females. six of which were reported in the last three months. >> i'm glad people are talking about it. this kind of stuff has happened here
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longer than a lot would like to think. >> davis p.d. do not believe they are patterned they want the community to stay alert. >> buddy system. watch your drinks, watch your friend's drinks. >> students say talking about the issue and the frequency may help educate people on how it can be detected and prevented. >> according to the american addiction center the three main type drugs are ghb, ketamine and rohypnol. they are untraceable within 24 hours, because they work through the body so quickly it's important if anyone thinks they may have come in contact with the substance they go to the doctor
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immediately to get tested. >> when this happens to young people, they are less likely to come forward. >> for those in the davis community, always this is hard to hear they hope it opens up a dialogue and generates a way to address the problem. >> people don't feel comfortable talking about it. they are less likely to report it. i'm glad we are talking about it now. in sacramento people celebrated the birthday of stephon clark the man killed in his grabbed mother's house. they call this i am sac day. aimed at bringing together
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sacramento communities. >> not just talking about accountability as a talking point. it's justice. >> we have planned an event that will be the beginning of many events. >> back in march the district attorney's office declined to bring charges against the police officers who shot and killed clark, they started shooting after mistaking his cell phone for a gun. elan musk has possibly announced his pick for present. he said i support yak. he says yank's income is needed. yang reached the polling requirement. and as the race for the white house heats up we see a number of
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democratic candidates using religion in their campaign. democrats are trying to ligious voters to switch party. >> do not be deceived, god is not knocked. >> i'm walking the way of a religious progressive. >> bodge is hiring a faith advice -- budge budge is hearing a faith adviser. while the republicans corner the religious mark on pro-life, there are other faith issues democrats can claim. >> the bible has 2000 verses about the poor of the 2000 verses, i never hear any of that
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from the republicans. >> conservatives like tony perkins point to democrats support of a bill in congress that emphasizes but right at the expense of individual religious freedom. >> people who follow the bible that it gives correction to our lives are not going to be deceived by the rhetoric. they will look at the record. >> there's one thing they agree on dodd does not wrong to any political party. in los angeles picketed outside a popular gym, exwin knox urging a boycott of the onery. it started afros announced he will host a fundraiser for president trump. ross a donor to republicans and
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democrats announced he and the president could not agree on all issues, he will continue to speak out for racial equality, diversity, public education and environmental sustainability. in the wake of the controversy the cycling is offering free community rides. according to the ceo the instructor can do rides for whatever cause is true in their heart. coming up how people of all ages turned out for the presidio kite festival. after a bit of a break from the heat. we're talking about low-to-mid- 90s. my experience with usaa
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. in san francisco families let their imagination soar at the kite festival. hundreds flew at the main post and many made them on the spot. the free build your own kite booth provided the material. fog and drizzle to start out the weekend near portions of the bay. tomorrow we'll warm up. look at the temperature climb compared to today.
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most areas warming up a bit. coast side 60s near the shoreline. the showers and thunderstorms not in the bay area but up to the north, those are fading out of the picture. right now we have the fog near the coast. current numbers, we'll check in on those. san jose 64, san francisco 60. it mild with most neighborhoods in the 60s for saturday night. here's the life camera, we have the fog, it's a factor and it will impact the visibility driving highway 1 and sunday morning. outside land, that's going by quickly. you can see the forecast tomorrow. areas of fog at 12:00, patchy fog into the afternoon hours. here's the day three lineup for tomorrow. this area of low pressure has
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been cooling us off especially inland, it is heading out of town over the next few days. tomorrow the hot spots, upper 80s to 90 degrees inland, still the coast mid- to upper 60s. the hottest locations will be approaching the mid-90's. the low clouds and fog near the coast and portions of the bay. temperature start out sunday morning low 50s and low 60s. still patchy coastal fog, lots of sunshine and temperatures inland. a 90 degrees, clearlake 91, right around the bay 70s toward oakland and heyward. upper 80s to low 90s. san jose 84, fremont 81 and san
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francisco forecast high downtown. the beaches in the mid-60's. we're going to warm up the temperature by monday and tuesday, inland. a little bit of a break, it was nice, it's still august and talking about inland heat. >> can't believe it's august and before we know it we're talking about winter storms. >> one stop at a time. that's it for us, sports wrap antonio brown situation and 49er rookies show off their stuff.
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. what's up, preseason football front and season for the first month. the candidates for the number 2 qb job got reps, both had the moments but the young wide receivers stole the shot. jimmy g, nick bosa are spectators tonight. nick mullins played and played well. looks downfield for yilin -- jalen herd. beathard's turn, he looked downfield,
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samuel, how about that catch. gets up a yard or two after the catch looked great as a runner and receiver. that set up the same drive, bethard to herd. a touchdown and interception. it's 17-9. 14 seconds to go in the game. mike white, niners win 17-9 despite 18 penalties. the rookie wideouts were the talk of the town. herd got the touchdown, samuel


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