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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  August 12, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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for its variety, combining nationally known acts with homegrown performers. gregory porter, o'jays were some of the big names this year dazzling the crowd at the san jose jazz summerfest. fo fo plus finalists on you think you can dance. we caught up with one of the judges and who she thinks will take the top spot. not your average bagel shot. how it is set apart from the rest. welcome to monday. yes, you're back at work. oakland you're back in the classroom as of probably 20
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minutes ago. i can hear it now. you better pack your lunch. it is about personal responsibility this year. my little boys are not so little anymore and they have to do what they are perfectly capable of doing so mom and dad are taking a step back. >> so they can flee the nest. >> are they cated to go back? >> i don't think they rale laze they are sitting in a class ram right now. their summer was so great and i'm thankful it was. interesting story when they were very little about paternity leave. serena williams is stepping up to fight making paid paternity part of the land. his own personal experiences in an article in today's new york times. he took 16 weeks of leave after his daughter. despite he is the founder of a billion-dollar company and now urging congress to provide paid
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paternity leave for all fathers in the workplace. can it be accomplished? >> first, i lake he took that time, but he tack the time, because he could afford it and a lot of moms can't afford as well. it is good to get it out and get discussion about it. >> good luck for plym. >> buses are going in and out of the san francisco center. here is more with a look inside the newly reopened one. i'm sure there are happy commuters out there this morning. >> reporter: yes a lot of happy commuters. some are confusend saying what is going on? this place is nice and brand new and it is very nice and very new and very safe as well. i wanted to give everyone at home a tour. this is the bus stop area.
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you can sea the passengers getting off and there are passengers wait to get on the buses. the ground level is one of the main lobby areas. upstairs is the place to park. today is the official first day to commute. your time can be a cut down between 5 and 20 minutes because there is a dedicated transit lane right off the bay bridge leading straight to the bus stop so buses don't have to navigate the busy streets in the city. this $2.2 billion center opened yesterday with limited service, but it is running 26 and 4x press lines. 14,000 riders will take the transit to and from the transit center everyday. it had shut down september 25th because cracks were found on the bus stop and it took almost a year to repair and reopen the
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center, but all inspections are done and independent experts approved the building to reopen to the public. it is a big building and may be hard to navigate for some, but there is some help ch >> they did a good job of having people ready ready to help you. follow the crowd. everyone seems to know where they are going and they have done a great job of having people on staff to help you get to where you need to go. so we made our way up the esca later from the second floor. now ware at the 5.4-acre park at the top of the transit center. you can see people out here rate now. there is a play structure for kids. there is setting a little further away. we're floating over the city of san francisco so pretty impressive center here. a lot of people excited that it is finally open. we talked to a couple people who told us their commute times
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were cut down about ten minutes because of this stop here. definitely an exciting day all around. in san francisco, fox 2 news. >> a new rule is going into effect to make it harder for immigrants to be come permanent residents. doug >> reporter: throughout our history self relines has been it. >> the trump administration announcing the rollout of the public charge rule, a test to determine how likely green card and temporary visa applicts are to becoming dependent on the u.s. government. it makes it harder for immigrants to secure residency but acting director defended the regulations saying it promotes self-sufficiency of the >> as president donald trump delivers on his promise to uphold the rule of law, this
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administration is promoting our shared history and encouraging the core values to make the american dream a reality. >> the new rule coming into effect as the trump administration does the mass immigration raids that netted more than 600 workers at the processing plants. children were left stranded. over the weekend the president's acting security secretary said there were regrets since it was after the mass shooting and targeted hispanics. she wants reform. both over the weekend wrapping up a trip with a delegation to central america and the southern border. a if we don't get this rate, what a message will we be sending to the world?
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>> while that won't apply to asylum seekers and refugees, those can submit that. well pressure is growing on big tech companies to spread that content online. thanks so much for having me on the show today. >> of course. >> in the after math of the mass shootings are you hearing the companies are going to follow through or not? >> i think there is a lot of pressure on these company toss clarify what they are doing to fight online extremism. in the last couple of years, they have really stepped up their efforts to block this content and some experts are saying to me that the sign these companies have been somewhat successful in blocking a lot of the most hateful
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violent content of the site has been from somewhere we saw the shooter in the el paso shooting right before he opened fire. i think certainly the trump white house is looking more closely at this issue. they held a sum met on friday. the main topic of discussion there was whether or not the tech companies could work with the government to create a fool to be able to detect shooters and potential violent messages before a mass shooting takes place. that is something presidential has been having. >> one interesting idea is that there should be this newly coordinated body formed bate u.s. government and run by the industry to decide and maintain
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what websites those should voluntarily blame. where is this push coming from specifically and dut iz have legs? it is an interesting question. alex stamos now works at stanford university. he testified in front of the congress about online extremism. there has been a lot of momentum for this idea of creating an online consortium for these companies to share information about these violent threats. we have seen other sectors. you think about banks and financial service companies, they say information about hackers and spam. people are saying if that works for banks and financial, he is drafting legislation to create this kind of consortium. he said there is some kind of
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partisan insurance as well. it is interesting that it could move forward. [ no audio. ] ] finding darker corners on the internet of dark web and moving to encrypted messaging in some things and there is more pressure on facebook and twitter to make sure that, you know, that isn't so easily findable on the internet. >> thank you for the conversation. have a great week. >> thank you. >> now where deliberations in the warehouse fire trial are going to be returning. there was no verdict after five. they are charged with 36 counts
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of involuntary manslaughter, one for each of the people that died in the fire. if convicted they could be sentenced to 3 9 years in prison. if you would like to learn more, read the daily blog at coming up, concerns over safety at school. >> and our next half-hour we'll speak with a clinical psychologists some parents and students face. >> the best of the best so you think you can dance. >> now down to the topper formers and we'll hear about the dancers to watch and what she will be looking for in that cha pea yon. ♪ limu emu & doug
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with rising stress in the modern world, a good night's sleep is nearly extinct. however, there's hope on the horizon. every day, ikea is designing sleep sanctuaries to save our sleep. >> a "fast and furious" was number one this week. a >> the fast add furious spinoff
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brought in $25.4 million leading for a second straight week. scary stories was second with $28 millionnt "the lion king" third, in the 5th weekend in theaters, that is the highest grossing live relation. >> dora was fourth with $17 million the once upon a time 11.6 million dollars. a page lists trying to land the top spot through intense competition joining us this morning to talk about the top ten so you think you can dance is mary murphy. good morning. >> good morning. >> i have been a fan of the show. >> excited to be here today. >> i'm so excited to talk to you, because i have been a fan for years. the one hand it means the season is winding down, but this is when we get to see the
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stellar performances and choreography. who are the ones you're looking most forward to watching in this round? >> you are right what you id. i think now we'll see some magic start to happen because they are going to be paired up, not with an all-star but another consistent and they don't know who it is going to be. they don't know which dance they are going to do and they only have six hours to put it together for the show tonight. i'm excited about seeing all the parents because . i believe mariah and perry will be paired because . we have the brother and sister team from utah. they are used to dancing and brought up dancing together. they are very, very close.
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it will be fascinating to watch them now go step into their own light with somebody else. >> and that highlights the luck factor in this. a lot is lefts to chance. if you don't have the best chemistry wilt your partner, that can make a competition touch for you. >> it makes it extremely tough. until someone gets knocked off, another pairing might start up again so it will be fascinating who can make quick chemistry for the show to the. that is when every thing coming into a line. luther brown is core graphing tonight. he was just nominated for his first emmy. lodge for that in september.
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also great choreographer. how much technique matters and how much about they're performance technology for star power? >> well, you know, it is kind of again falling into the hands of the choreographer that does somebody bring it to an emergenal level? some have no technique and sometimes we have had two bal len reena a so you think you can dance. it can go either way. is it really who is making you feel something in that short time and you're only going to so them for a minute and 30. do they have a chemistry together? do they have enough technique to pull off what the choreographer wantsth that is going to come down tonight. who is that couple going to be? are there going to be several couples to knock it out of the ballpark tonight? i sit at the edge of may seat
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waiting to find out. >> sorry to cut you off, we're out of time. we can talk about this all day. thank you for talking with us about the top ten. taking the stage tonight, set to compete. catch so you think you can dance tonight at 9:00 on fox. thank you mary. thank you. coming up in a second on mornings on 2, celebrating a long-term tradition at the ballpark. a whole new way to buy a hot dog at the coliseum.
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fo fo >> it is back to school. hundreds are starting with a brand new backpack. a backpack giveaway event is
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getting under way. good morning. well, some soft organizers are speaking with students right now. we can take a peek inside but we will stay here until they start giving them away. >> that their education matters and this is what they deserve. it is not a handout or giveaway. it is what they deserve. >> they know what they need. they are preparing the backpacks with all the supplies which is helpful for the parents, definitely appreciate it. parents i talked to say these events are extremely helpful and take away a lot of pressure when planning for the first day of school. they help families save money and provide students with all the supplies they need at school and at home. kids and teachers return to the classroom. they demanded higher pay and
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smaller class sizes. the school board voted to/about $22 million in cuts. 20 principals also quit over the summer. even though there have been challenges, i got a chance to speak to parents and students and they are excited to be back and looking forward to being there and hoping the focus will be put on the kids. >> than walk for that. san francisco giants retired the number 22. no player will ever wear that number again. they surprised will clark in a pre-game ceremony before the game announcing his number will be retired. will the thrill joined the giants back in 1985. his number will be retired next year during an official ceremony. a >> they had a game to play against the phillies. bryce harper put them up early
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with the singment. they got back their lead. the game was tied at 6. he tripled and the giants won 9-6. they had the day off before the bay bridge series starts tomorrow. >> they are wrapping up a road trip with both chicago teams. all the team needed was one opportunity and that came in the 4th inning when olsen cranked a two-run home run. a's won 2-0. they are going to send brett andersen tomorrow. it starts at 6:45 in san francisco. the obamacare a's create a fun time and a whole new way to enjoy the longtime baseball tradition of weighing a hot dog. a >> a fun loving hot dog vender who has become a superstar in
9:24 am
the stands. a hot dogs at the ballpark. a tradition almost as old as baseball itself. how gordon or how the hot dog go is a true throw back from the outfits with the red and white stripes. we have sauerkraut, onion, three times of mustard, mayo, relish, catch up and some capers which is the super see yet menu item, the capers. >> even in this context, he is unique working on his ph.d. at berkley. i'm be dr. hot dog. >> 0 he is a legitimate vending vent ran. the >> every time i move, i think i am done, i am going to move on to something es. nen in the spring, i wonder if there is any good vending in
9:25 am
the city. >> then the personality overflowing. a give me an a. what does that spell? >> let's go! let's eat hot dogs. >> not all hot dog guys have the energy. >> you don't see too many venders do all that stuff. >> he is a rock sphar in his own right here at the coliseum. >> how many are popular enough to justify their own baseball cards. >> this is like making people laugh and also eating hot dogs. fans certainly appreciate what he brings to the ballpark experience. i can appreciate what it must take to lug this for three hours. it makes me jealous of the cotton candy guy.
9:26 am
>> they ask how much does it weigh? >> it is about 52 pounds. >> but the best part is, when you sell more, it weighs less. >> moving product, not a problem for hail, despite the fact that believe it or not he doesn't practice what he preaches. i'm a vegetarian. so i have to sell everyone hot dogs all year long. >> scott reese, ktvu sports. brings a lot oven theusyism. nice job. >> i can understand if you sell more. coming up, heading back to school can be nerve-racking for parents. still to come in the next half- hour, including concerns about safety in the clat room. accused of sex trafficking and found dead in his jail
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cell. what we know so far about his death.
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yes, monday morning blues maybe for some, but with all that blue sky, a lot of you may be getting excited out there as we have an increase in temperatures across the bay area. live picture at san francisco bay. >> maybe if you don't have air- conditioning getting prepared. >> warmer temperatures. >> oscillating fan already in the bedroom. here is rosemary with a look at the weather. >> ware gearing up for a warm one. if that is enjoyable for you, we have a few days of it. if nothings only a few days of it. outside at this hour, low 60s and downtown san francisco ester mostly sunny skies. santa rosa, 66. upper 60s in livermore and san
9:30 am
jose at 71. a few degrees warmer than yesterday. low- to mid-90s for warmer locations. we have fog along the coast lane this morning. you can see already enjoying the sunshine there and mostly sunny around the by and inland. the onshore breeze is very, very light and it will remain weak for the next few days. our inland cities not going to benefit from the cool pacific air. 92 the afternoon high in santa rosa today. close to the by, a lot of 80s. 84 hayward. these are anywhere from 3 to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday afternoon. 74 for downtown san francisco. a beautiful day coming your way. as far as the extended forecast goes, temperatures will be slightly warmer for tomorrow. we peak on wednesday when our inland communities are supposed to get near 100 degrees. mid- to upper 80s around the by and beautiful around the coast, 70s there. 80s for santa cruz.
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we'll drop off five to ten degrees thursday, friday, saturday, looks just as nice. we'll heat up into our bay area sunday. >> for more of the top stories here is dave clark in the newsroom. >> mike, thank you. new immigration rooms were just announced today by the trump administration. immigrants under the aggressive new rules could be denied a green card if they use medicaid, food stamps or other public assistance. federal law already requires they will not be a burden on the united states but the new rules are expanded in a way that could dis qualify them. they will weigh public assistance with education, household income and health to sea if legal status will be granted. these take affect in october. >> >> buses at the sales force transit center are now picking up and dropping off passengers there after the center was
9:32 am
closed for almost a year for repairs. the $2.2 billion center opened yesterday with limited service, but this morning, muny, sam trans and other agencies have several lines running in and out of the transit center. it is the first day of school for thousands of district due didn'ts. hundreds are getting free backpacks. the kids and teachers going back to classrooms after a tough couple of month. teachers went on strike demanding more pay and smaller class sizes. the school board voted to have $22 million in budget cuts and 20 school principals quit during the summer break. >> that is a brief look at some of the top stories. as more bay area school district get ready to return to school, many are worried about
9:33 am
the multiple mass shootings. here is the doctor to talk about nis. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> >> if parents are concerned, should they say those concerns with their children? they may not be clued into what the parents are afraid about. >> very good question. i want to say first the experience for the children, there is empowerment. when they hear it from children in they're classrooms to whose parents did speak to them. we want to give them an influence of power and that this event occurred and it will not affect their level of safety. if we don't prepare them with some information, they will sense more dis empowerment and greater fear and anxiety. >> how do you reassure your children about something you have no control over? once they are at school, i'm
9:34 am
not there to make sure they stay safe and we have seen parms, teachers, they can't assure that either. >> god point. what we say to ourself es when we have children when they are born, i'll do everything to keep you safe. we send a child off to school, we expect the school personnel will do the same. we want them to know the schools are equipped to keep you protected and you have nothing to be a frade of. stay near an adult hing because they are trained with how to make you feel safe. you can tell them that is what our jobs are and they will do the jobs as best they can. a we have seen reports that some are buying inserts and some schools do active shooter drills. these are really real things that chips ren experience.
9:35 am
are these only ramp ing up anxiety or do they have students feel safe? >> making sure a child may have a bulletproof piece of material on his back doesn't make him empowered for other things, a sense of confident and safety. it is becoming more of an alarming event. if we say ware not worried, but we act as if we are, children are going to go to school feeling that worried as well. we want to make sure they feel confident in the personnel taking care of our children. providing me with bulletproof backpacks is saying i am still afraid and we don't want to send that with the school. >> is this the new normal? i remember to this day exactly
9:36 am
where i was when i learned about columbine. with so many school shootings in the aftermath i feel like wire feeling it more and if school starts, this is what might happen. >> you're right. we're feeling it much more. we call this the waiting for the next shoe to drop syndrome. we're always waiting and looking over our shoulder. this is not because it is true, but because our minds have heard or the news or hearing about it in social media. as a result, we have a hyper vigilance. this is not true, but makes sense if you hear it. i want everyone to listen. if you're worried this is going to be scary, and are being extra careful.
9:37 am
we want to make sure that level of attention that should be calm will be. >> >> dock freed, thank you so much for joining us. >> >> thank you very much. >> of course. i apologize for the brief audio problem. the a fight for tougher gun safety laws. i'll home you're with us when sam joins us. we talked about going on his plan to carry liability insurance. the idea is that insurance companies can incentivize people to be in safe behavior, bike taking gun safety collapses. it has a sade ty block on it. those kinds of angst in the same way r they do that is driving. the gun owners unable to purchase insurance could have
9:38 am
to by a fee. this would be the first of its kind in the country. >> mitch mcconnell is refusing to summon lawmakers back, but many democrats promise to make gun control their priority. several democratic presidential candidates demanded the white house take on the national rifle association. several of the 2020 capps warrant to ban assault weapons, a ban that expired 15 years ago. >> president donald trump says he has talked with nra leader shin and he believes the group will support new gun legislation that the white house would also approve. they performed an awe ton sy on jeffrey epstein. they have not released the results. he was found unresponsible. he was accused of sex traffick fixing and 45 years if con
9:39 am
vined. he was placed on u sade watch with mark on lis neck. the watch had been lifted but garths were suppose to happen every ten minutes. epstein's death came one day after the federal court unsealed thousands of pages of court documents alleging new details of sexual abuse claims against him and lis associates. >> >> white house counselor kellyanne conway defends the president. >> this is all speculative and is not for me to go further than where the doj and fbi are now, but you do hear different people asking questions and they want to know who else was involved in epstein's crimes or even just activities. epstein has been linked to
9:40 am
a number of figures including president donald trump, former president bill clinton and prince andrew. people will have the chance to weigh in on the city's plan for the homeless. three public workshops will provide information about that navigation center. the homeless population increased 27% in the last wo years. fremont is considering two locations for this center and you can fine the dates and times for the workshopping on our website at starting today three public toilets will be open all day, so they can give homeless people access to bathrooms. attendance will monitor those bathrooms around the clock. the pilot program will run for six months before it is
9:41 am
reevaluated. the facilities will help cleanup the city streets. it is not your average bakery. ware getting a taste. what we learn about making butter. ♪herrrre come this hair is happenin'! they think normal pesticide treatments will stop us! nix ultra!!! ahhhh!!! kill super lice and eggs with nix ultra. more effective than the leading prescription.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit welcome back. it is a new kind of bagel shop called daily driver in san francisco. the owners are putting a twist on bagel making. we're joinnd by hadley and what is the philosophy behind it? when customers come in how is your place different? >> we're a factory turned inside out. you want to see everything
9:44 am
being made in front of you. we're one of the first and only urban creameries in san francisco so we make all our butter and cream cheese and cork right in front off you. >> you mate your bagels differently s? >> yes, it is the traditional style. they are boiled and wood fired. it gives that nice crunchy texture on the outside and chewy on the inside. >> what was the inspiration behind this? people being able to come in and sea the process and how their food is made? >> i worked in farming for awhile. our collaboration between two couples who own the farms and creamery, we wanted to bring that aspect of like farming, dairy, directly for the city and be able to be very trans pant how our food is being made. >> to make butter and cheese, it is easier just do make it
9:45 am
ahead and freeze it. >> yes, exactly. we work with the incredible dairy farm. i go up there two or three times a week and talk directly with the farmerand pick the milk myself and bring it to the city so it is a challenge bringing the milk down, but it is worth it because you can see it being made directly in front of you. >> what are you going to show us? >> these are wad den butter paddles. i use them to actually mold the butter so the butter is a little hard right now, but it is away kind of like an old school way to mold it. there is usually buttermilk and moisture in it and these get the moisture out and make it pliable so it is a beautiful texture. >> i think of the school field trip to the heritage farm where you saw the broom stick looking thing for butter. is that what you do? >> we have a small european churns.
9:46 am
it is metal, not like the one you're seeing. it is a big auger. i put the cream in. it takes about a half-hour to create this. it is a beautiful yellow color because of the breed of cowway get our milk from and these paddles. ipad el it in 0 a marble slab in front of the customers. >> the cheese, butter, bagels? >> yes. the creamy full stop. i love making butter for a long time. i think butter is an interesting thing because you can tell so much about the cow it came from, their diet and all the soil health. >> like a cheese or wine, it has different -- exactly. that what i wanted to bring to the city. yes. >> thank you so much hadley for joining us and talking about daily driver. where are you? >> in the dog patch on third yes. >> thank you so much. >> i'll save some of this for you. >> i'll take it all.
9:47 am
>> he wants the bagels. i want the butter. i tried making them at home, disaster. >> never tried. >> don't bother. if i can't do it, you can't do it. best left for the experts. skipping the line in store at your favorite donut shop. we'll let you know what items krispy kreme plans to deliver to its customers ard where it is testing out this new service the >> donuts or bagels >> donuts. >> we'll have highlights from the teen choice awarding straight ahead. millions of well-rested humans once roamed the earth. but with rising stress in the modern world, (yawning) a good night's sleep is nearly extinct. ♪ ♪ however, there's hope on the horizon. every day, ikea is designing vital sleep sanctuaries.
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with rest reserves like these, repopulation is possible, and together, we can save our sleep. ♪ ♪
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taking a look at the markets. stocks extending their losses as invest foy open it's weak with concern about president donald trump's im pending september 1st terror. down 261 points. nasdaq and s&p 500 in negative territory. olympic gold medalist became the first woman to hand a triple-double in competition on the floor exercise. she did it yesterday at the u.s. gymnastics championship in kansas t city, missouri. she tried the same move on friday, but fell and said she was ditt a pointed in her perform plans. after nailing it yesterday, she was byhaming. biles won the championship for the sixth year in a row. >> congratulations. >> i could watch it a bumper to bumper times. >> teens and their favorite
9:51 am
celebrities. >> there were awards from a nod to the marvel university to cast members crazy rich asians. >> surf is up. the surf board trophies handed out. at the 2019 teen choice awarding est. for the first tile fox's fun day bringing a crowd to the beach. >> lucy and david taking the mic.'s for em seas. >> for my friend taylor. >> taylor swift taking home a surf board. a every single minute of every day i know you're the reason i have the life i have. >> joe nance brothers getting the choice decade award. >> ♪ >> robert downey jer accepting one for "avengers: endgame." another marvel superhero, spider-man far from home wins
9:52 am
summer movie and one for her. >> these movies have been like a dream for me so thank you for allowing me to live out my dream. >> plus he is thanking voters as crazy rich asians wins. >> it is not a movie, it is a movement. thank you so much. celebrating all things pop culture rate here on fox. this weekend the festival in san francisco may be one for the record books. reportedly breaking attendance records with 90,000 people over the three-day event. paul say mon closed out with the finale performance. festivalgoers say they lake the vein of the event and variety it offers. the music is a great plus of course but it is the fact i get to walk around and experience new things and great times. >> the festival had the area set aside for marijuana sales
9:53 am
for 21 and over, the first tame sold for consumption at a major festival in california. >> in the south by, three days of musical fun came to a close as the fest wrapped up. ♪ >> the 30th edition of summer fest drew 30,000 people. it is touted for its a vice with nationally home acts and homegrown performers. in san francisco, chinatown is holding the first of eight block parties called sunday play streets to promote chinatown and encourage people to come visit the area. it had plenty of performances, exhibits, activities for the children. yesterday's theme was the way it was with some classic cameros and mustangs to honor older generations. recent reports of violent crime in china town, they want everyone to know this area is
9:54 am
still family friendly. >> this is just a one-case scenario and it is a very safe place and people are very friendly. come in and eat food here, because we still considered the large gers and cleanest chinatown. >> it will take place sundays there until september 29th. it rubs from 11:00 to 4:00. there is valid days of up to two hours of parking. >> chemistry with hands on activities. staff members and their families had a free staff day yesterday. 2019 is the international year of the periodic table and sunday was an opportunity to learn about the elements. to learn it is one of the places key in discovering some of the elements on the periodic table and we're here to celebrate them and recognize them. >> there is a chance to build a battery and talk with the chemist about elements
9:55 am
affecting your daily life and the my favoriteelement bath allowed visitors to record a favorite video. a two-year-old girl gave a special thank you to an officer who saved her life. he rescued her last year when she choked on a grape and stopped breathing. he even went to checkup on her after she got out of the hospital. she was able to start preschool this month because of limb. >> right now a chance to win a fox 2 mug. to enter and see the rules go to and click on the contest t tab at the top of the page. we're accepting entries until 1:00. these are the mugs. he got off a week's vacation. mike, will you do the honors? >> i'll spin it for you. no problem. >> fox 2 on one sides and ktvu on the other. what we would love if you get the mug, send a picture and
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send us your mugshot and we'll pop it up. jerry o'connell will be filling in with hit own show for the t next three weeks. you can watch it here on fox 2. wendy williams is the show's executive producer. he said the show will have some very gossipy stories and some on there will be kelly ripa and lis own rife rebecca romijn. you can watch every weekday for the next three wakes. the premier is up next in a couple minutes here. >> there are new travel products in the black hole bags line and they are made out of ten million recycled bottles. they are 100% upscaled. they are made into duffel bags, wheel duffels and all sorts of things. they want to make all of its products 100% from recycled materials. >> you can skip the wait for your morning sugar rush.
9:57 am
criminal investigation py cream can deliver it to you. they have a new online org dering. they can now get their favorite beverage or donut sent directly to them. so far only in southern california but they hope to recall it out in all u.s. locations by the end of the year. we can continue that donut versus bagel debate. >> i'm bagel. >> i can't clues. >> we have bagels right over there. >> i'll call for a krispy kreme delivery. >> thanks for watching. have a great morning we will have you back at noon. >> thank you. ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so...
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♪ ♪ >> excuse me, mr. o'connell? >> jerry: dairy. just mr. jerry. speak okay 10 minutes, mr. jerry. >> jerry: i'm taping my show in 10 minutes? we haven't even gotten to my eyebrows act like you axes.


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