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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 13, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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came down. >> from ktvu fox 2 news. this is mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday -- tuesday. >> it is tuesday. >> august 13th. i'm pam cook. >> are you are here. >> i know. i'm dave clark. we are talking about your weather. tell paulson is back. he said it'll be hot later today. >> for those inland, yes, bay side, yes. coast. >> i'm loving what i'm seeing behind you. >> i don't think it'll last too long. there for right now. it's there for right now. >> looks nice. >> it does -- when it's that low usually doesn't last very long. i think it's putting on the air brakes. a's and the giants and looks mild to me. the fog will belong gone and going pretty warm today. some thick morning fog for a few here on coast and parts of the bridges, especially the golden gate. then warm to hot. temperatures inland getting
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warm to hot with upper 09's to near 100 for some. 182 in the city. always the toughest forecast. 80's, 90's for many including santa rosa and san jose. everybody well above average. there's some fog but not a widespread fog bank. i don't think it has much chancest just to much in the way of high pressure. only southwest at 12. its calm at oakland. again, very little in the way of fog. if it's there it may impact your morning. 50's and 60's on a lot of the temperatures. 59 in the city. 58 el soroto. upper 50's and mid60's for some up in the oakland, berkeley hills. some warm air, loft. that translates in to warm temperatures, 70's, 80's. to a few well inland. 601, allie is here. fog is on the golden gate. any other distractions not weather weight. we are seeing the commute
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starting to build up, particularly in the north bay. that's where he will start. there's two problems there. let me show you the maps. one in napa. this is northbound, highway 29. photograph sick down to just one lane because of a serious crash. you see a back up developing because of that and then off interest to further east of there. this is westbound 80 just west of texas in the texas road in the fairfield area. there's a collision there in the clearing stages as well. let's go to walnut creek where we are still following the crash southbound 680 just north of highway 24. its being cleared but you see the back up into pleasant hill. also eastbound highway 24 and oakland. this is at the clairmont. the right lane is blocked by a collision there. you see the slowing in that area because of that. your drive from the bridge to the mcarthur maze will take you 22 minutes. here is nah nice picture with the fog, absent.
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the fog is just socked in at the golden gate bridge and nowhere else according to the traffic cameras. bay bridge toll plata. not to bad. 15 minute delay onto the span. we start this hour with developing news where the investigation is underway in the shooting death of a chp officer open the southern california freeway. the officer had pulled over a pickup truck just off the 215 freeway in riverside during the evening. the driver went back to his truck and grabbed a rifle and started firing. the officer was able to radio for help but he was killed. riverside county sheriff's deputies and police also responded to the call for help and shut down the freeway. the two injured chp officers and the suspect were taken to a hospital. that is where the gunman died. a big crowd gathered where one
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of the police officers is still in critical condition. the other officer is being treated for less serious injuries. investigators say that it could take days to go through all of the ra camera video. then create a detailed timeline of what happened. also they want to know why star shooting. >> it was a long and horrible gun battle. it resulted in a very extensive crime scene. we don't know where the suspect was coming from, where he was going, what his associations are. >> the family of the officer said that he had been with the chp for four years. he leaves behind his wife and parents. the governor issued a statement saying that jennifer and i extend our sympathies to the family, friends and fellow officers grieving the tragic loss of the officer who he will be remembered for his commitment to serving unity community and
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people of california. also new this morning, work crews are trying to remove a tree that fell and took downpour lines in a neighborhood in the oakland hills. sarah, there this morning as pg&e crews working to clear that up and restore power. >> reporter: good morning. there are tree trumpe here and they have gotten a lot of work done in the last 30 minutes. they are have tied a rope to the end of a large part of the tree. they are using their truck to pull the tree out and clear the roadway. a tree fell and took down brush and vegetation. it completely blocked fernwood drive here in oakland hills. the fire department said that the tree came down at 11:50 last night. when it ankle it took town power, cable and phone lines and even started a small fira courting to neighbors. 25 people are without power here open fernwood.
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the website estimates time for power to be restored is 9:00 p.m. crews say that it could be later than that. neighbors said that a tree fell in the same spot just a few months ago. that time it damaged the fence and he had to pay out of pocket. he reported concerns about this tree that fell last night but he said nothing was done. >> when that happened this tree was obviously leaning, covered in ivy. talked to caltrans on the phone. talked to a person that was physically out here and pointed the tree out to him and reported on the website that the tree was dangerous and going to fall down and never heard anything back. >> back out here live that same neighbor said there are a couple of other tree that are still leaning. what you are be log looking at are a couple of the trees.
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that is caltrans property. we are waiting to hear back from them and hopefully they will have in answers for us. for now fernwood is still blocked off. tree trimmers out here trying to do everything they can. in oakland. interstate 101 and santa ross is a is open again. it happened around 11:00. a motorcycle crashed in to an suv. the cyclist died at the scene. the suv driver tried to run. santa rosa police tracked him down. is he facing dui charges. the road was closed out there for about four hours but reopened at 3:00 this morning. also the chp is investigating a deadly one car crash. first reported about 8:45 in
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the eastbound lanes of interstate 780 near the east second street on-ramp. the chp closed down lanes of 780 to get evidence and get new, san jose's indianapolis auditor wants to make a big change in tracking a specific type of interaction with the public. they want citizen complaint that include an officer pointing a gun at a person to be included as use of force. the mercury news reports the police chief supports the idea and said his department will come up with a way to track those reports. he said that could include adding that the categories already listed on the use of force online dashboard where the public can file complaints. five oakland police officers who face being fired for the shooting death of an armed man are the city of oakland and the oakland police commission
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claiming that both over stepped their authority and that they don't have the power to fire them. the lawsuit claims that six separate investigations cleared them in the death of joshua pollack, found asleep with a gun on his lap. one of the investigations was done bypolice commission. however, the federal monitor disagreed the investigations and recommended that the officers be fired. the youngest victim of the mass shooting at the garlic festival has been laid to rest. friends and family of the 6- year-old steven romero attended the memorial service yesterday. he was remembered as a happy and out going little boy who loved to dress up as batman and look at comic books. tonight barbara lee will host a night of healing against gun violence. it's a vigil aimed to show support with the communities made victims by the mass shootings like gilroy, and dayton.
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the congresswoman said this event will rally against gun violence and white supremary. other speakers include the mayors of oakland and alameda and the co finder of the black lives movement it. takes place from 45:30 to 7:00 tonight. gun rights groups want to challenge a proposal by the san jose mayor to require gun owners carry liability insurance. announced the proposal live yesterday. the mayor wants gun ownerrers to have liability insurance or pay a fee to cover taxpayer costs for medical treatment and emergency response to shoots. he compare itself to attempts to reduce smoking and car crashes. he said drivers need insurance and cigarettes taxed to cover the cost for smoke reted illnesses. >> we are in the heart of silicone valley. we know that this is -- a
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crisis that is country countrying out for solutions. >> the nra said criminals are already ignoring california's more than 800 gun laws so its doubt of many would rush out to get live insurance it's nothing but another tax on law abiding gun owners. still ahead a controversial san francisco mural at a high school may be saved. what the san francisco unified school district board wants to do to save it. >> and first what is doing done across the state to try to prevent massive wildfires. >> we have a new crash we are following in southbound 880 in heyward. we will show you happens and the congestion. in the meantime here is a look at the san mateo bridge. . >> if your drive coming in includes the golden gate bridge thick fog there.
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parts of the coast. for most locations today will be warm to hot. we will show you the numbers.
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. welcome back. it's 6:14. evacuation orders remain in effect this morning for a wildfire burning just south of ukiah. flames off moose road. the fire started yesterday evening. it has so far burned 85 acres.
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it's only 25% contained but we understand that 300 firefighters there on the scene battling that vegetation fire. part of wildcat canyon road in the east bay hill also be closed again today for hours sot crews can clear away vegetation to prevent fires. here is wildcat canyon road. you see is just whipping through here. it'll be closed between or ind a and berkeley from ten in the morning until three in the afternoon through friday. tom show us what the crews will work on all week. >> reporter: its getting late in the season folks saw the evidence of the scary but needed preplanned controlled burn to rid a high fire prone area of glass, brush and debris that could promote a run away fire. >> we are looking at doing statewide is increasing when possible the areas we do burns. i believe this last year we have done approximately
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15 to 20,000 acres of burns. the bulk are happening on friday evacuate lands. >> much more of this is needed. >> now we are trying to come up to people say maybe 250,000, 200 acres a year trying to go. >> reporter: the wildcat canyon road was closed most of the day as it'll be each day this week to clear as much brush as possible from under big trees. the low lying stuff is called later vegetation that can let fire reach the crown ways of trees. >> just with the mega fires all the various fires over the last few years we have to and we need to do fuel mitigation work and create the fuel breaks. >> reporter: florida controlled burns more than a million acres a year which is seriously reduced the number of run away fires there.
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ktvu fox. this morning pg&e will conduct a public safety drill in the oakland hills and the castro valley area. they want to reduce the time it takes to turn the power back on after a safety shut off to reduce the risk of fires. they will bring if bring in a helicopter to help. crews will inspect the lines both from the ground and in the air to identity and repair any damage. people affected by the wildfires in the wine country and butte can file claims to be recommend bursted for expenses. they can file the claims online through pg&e's wildfire program website for immediate needs and housing. earlier this year a federal judge approved $105 million for fire victims. political practices commission investigating a claim that agencies illegally encouraged people to
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support a measure on the june 2018 ballot that raised the tolls on bay area bridges. a complaint has been filed claiming that the metropolitan transportation commission, the bay area toll authority and ac transit illegally coordinated with the yes on regional measure 3 campaign. that complaint said that public money is not supposed to be used to show support or opposition to a ballot measure. regional measure three passed and money from the toll hikes is to be used to pay for bay area transportation projects. speaking of transportation, let's check in with allie. >> traffic wise thicks getting busy now that we are -- in the middle of almost the middle of the 6:00 hour. we want to look at napa because we told you about a crash there. northbound 29 at 221. we now that two lanes are blocked because of the
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crash. appears to be an injury crash. three vehicles involve. fire trucks and paramedics on the scene. an earlier crash on westbound 80 at texas and fairfield. that's being cleared. here in bay point highway 4, web highway 4. the drive is slow but this crash that you are seeing is actually just north of the highway. that willow pass and bailey road. we still have that problem on southbound 680. let's go back down to southbound 880 and heyward. there is a problem there. a two vehicle collision. it's creating a back up to 238 and castro valley. here in this part in oakland traffic is getting a little slower but it's still here. bad. people go over to the or crashes on that side of the bay. it's 6:19 and let's tub turn it over to steve. we have to appease pamela. she said there must be something in the air.
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isn't that a song >> i'm realing for the allergy stuff. >> back in may and june it was the trees and now it's about ragweed. grasses medium but the trees -- it's -- kind of worse during the summer. start as trees and then grasses. it's the ragweed. warm to hot inland. near 100 for some. fog, thick fog for a few and then sun. nice over by the coast. i don't think the fog has much chance. it's not at sfo. 50's to low 60's. 55 santa rosa. san jose. livermore and san francisco both dip to 59. i went all systems go for a nice day for the a's and the giants at 6:45. 74 degrees and sunny. tough to beat that in august. that's how it looks. there's some fog. hospitals on the golden gate and the ma rin head lands. high pressure building in and
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just hardly any breeze. traffic is 12. that's usually a sign that it won't last very long. that fog. 53, 55, 57 the water temperatures. bodega. they are all cold where they should be. 50's on the temperatures. 60's for some but mainly 50's here. 148. 14866 wood acre. warm air, american canyon a warm 62. 63 sacramento. 62reno and yesterday high pressure started to nose in and temperatures that today not much to bay upper 80's to low 90's to near 100 for some as temperatures go above and some locations tomorrow could flirt with 104 into thursday and then food weather friday and then cooler
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over the weekend. >> thank you. the warriors schedule has been released. when the team plays the first game at chase center and when kevin duramt could return as a net. >> and major protests in hong kong continue to impact city around the world. the newest details in just minutes.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. an australian man is in custody afteattempting to stab several people in a business area of sydney. people used chairs and a 12-inc hands and restrain him until police could arrive. investigators are not saying if it ed to killing of a woman in a nearby apartment but witnesses report the man was welling yelling god is great. this morning hong kong is canceling all remaining flights for a second day because protesters have taken over the airport. thousands of protesters, prodemocracy protesters occupied the building and forced to shut down canceling hundreds of flights. that's being felt around the world. the clashes have been going on for more than two months. there are mixed signal its
6:26 am
from washington dc and north korea about the future of nuclear negligentations. north korea over saw short weap the president said he got a three page let fresh the north korea complaining about united states military training south korea. he said he was willing to meet for a third summit. that summit may take place in mongolia. the governor responding to the trump administration rolling out policy changes targeting low income, legal immigrants. why it could make it harder for people to become permanent residents. >> and the tv show friends is coming to the big screen. we have a look at the plans to honor the show that debuted 25 years ago this year. >> first monterey this morning. hopefully you can head down with friends, little foggy and cool. are you watching mornings on 2.
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. this is mornings on 2. >> and we want to take you live to the opening bell this morning. the new york stock exchange. trade fears continue to drive the market down. the dow closed down about 400 points yesterday. there is the live bell right now it looks like a little bit of a drop across the
6:30 am
board. we will continue to watch that. we will have all your business news in today's dollars and cents. and good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday august 13th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. >> don't forget happening today this is a spare the air day for the bay area. look at that picture there. unhealthy air quality expected because of hot temperatures, light winds and the exhaust from your cars and trucks. it's the 8th alert so far this year. don't expect good air quality until at least friday. >> gosh. >> yeah. >> you can bring out the air purifiers. no wind to blow that out >> only eight. not been a bad summer. not been a bad summer. we have had worse. >> a lot worse than that. temperatures on the way up. thick fog. pagolden gate. i dot warm up. warm to hot for many.
6:31 am
fog, sun, little bit of fog. some is thick but nice to warm over by the the city. forecast highs are all above normal for this time of year. some well above normal. not only today but also tomorrow. if we don't top out on wednesday or thursday it. will we one of those two days. the baseball forecast for the a's and the giants looks warm. 6:45 going 74 degrees with not much breeze. little fog but putting on the brakes right about -- by alcatraz. very shallow and will burn off as the high kicks in from the four corners. there's hardly any breeze. 50's, 60's on we are on our way and the fog. 70's, 80's and 90's. 6:31. is it busy some something you want to get to. it is getting busy. there's two new crashes. the first is in the dublin,
6:32 am
pleasant on area. this is on westbounda580. cars on the right hand shoulder. it should be cleared pretty quickly. there's a bit of a back up on westbound 580 as you approach that interchange. the other problem that i think will be a bigger issue for commuters just because of more traffic on this area is westbound 80 just east of university. there is a vehicle in a semi- truck involved in a crash there and the semi-truck needs a tow truck and that could take a while to get cleared. taking a look at the your drive fat bridge to the maze it'll take you 25 minutes. crash i told you about at university. here is the bay bridge toll plaza. if you have cash hand handy it won't take you long. carpool lanes looking good. everybody a 15 to 20 minute delay. time is 6:32. investigators say that it could take days to figure out what led to a gun
6:33 am
battle just off southern california freeway. >> one chp officer was shot and killed. two others were hurt after a man who had been pulled over for a traffic stop grabbed a rifle and started shooting. christina is here with more on what we know so far about this. >> reporter: good morning. this morning authorities are trying to figure out what prompted the man to open fire. they are going through transmissions of the routine traffic stop that ended in a gun battle. that's what it sound like as bullets flew just off the freeway. authorities say that chp officer pulled over rifle from the truck and started shooting. the officer was shot but able to raid radio for help. arriving officers were hit by gun fire. >> bullet went straight in the
6:34 am
middle of my windshield missing my head and my two kids. they were in the backseat. >> and take a look at this crowd outside the hospital last night. one of the officers is still in critical condition there. the other officer is being treated for less serious injuries. the officer was pronounced dead at the hospital. he had been with the chp for four years. the 33-year-old is survived by his wife and parents. >> he was so kind. you would not hear one bad word about him. he loved his job. >> the governor is expressing his sympathies to the family and friends and has ordered flags to fly at half staff. officials have not officially identified the gunman but are reporting that a man who said is he the suspect's father has come forward and said that he doesn't know why his son had a gun. time is oakland hills a pg&e crew is trying to get the power back onto one
6:35 am
neighborhood after a huge tree fell, knocked downpour lines and reportedly started a fire. that tree fell about 11:50 last night on fernwood. pg&e crews denergized electric lines so tree trimmer dear trimmers can quiet off cut down the tree. they say it started a small fire. one homeowner said that the tree fell a few months ago, damaged his fence. he then told cal tons that another tree was leaning. he said that cal troops never responded and said that the tree -- that tree was one that fell last night. we are waiting to hear from cal trans in a responsibilities to that. still no verdict in the ghost ship warehouse trial. the jurors are deciding if the two are responsible for the deaths of 36 people in that fire in december 2016.
6:36 am
the attorney spoke to reporters at the courthouse about what it's like waiting for a verdict. >> you are in a state of what i will call, you know, quiet, silent desperation. what will happen if he is convicted, what will happen if the case hangs >> with each day that goes by without a verdict the attorney think that it's more likely that the trial could end in a hung jury. ktvu is there at court. we will be there when the verdict is reached and will bring that to you live as soon as it happens. you can also read a daily blog about the trial on ktvu. the time is now 6:36. a fire department taking action against bed bugs. ktvu has found out that the bed bugs like the ones that you will soon see in a moment have been confirmed at fire station 13 on sampson street in the financial direction,
6:37 am
station 29 on vermont street and at station 36 on oak street. it's still not clear where the bed bugs came from but it's possible, maybe they clung to firefighters uniforms as they responded to a call. fire officials said they are taking action to get rid of them. today the san francisco school board will reconsider the decision to destroy a controversial mural at washington high school. they may cover it without damaging. it shows george washington's life and includes images of african american slaves, white settlers and native americans. danny glover grew up in san francisco and graduated from washington heights and he said that it's important to preserve the painting. he said that -- to destroy them or block them from view would be akin to book burning. we would be missing the
6:38 am
opportunity for enhanced his core for enhanced interception. teachers are on strike in the forestville union school district. this after no deal was reached. the teachers locked in a contract dispute with the school district and students in forestville are due to return to school on thursday. no new contract talks scheduled between the teachers and the school district. it's a first teacher strike in sonoma county since 1980. the new high school construction project is done just in time for the start of the school year next week. it was an open house yesterday for the community to see that new 1200 student high school. it took four years and more than 200 million dollars open ild . w look,s new space, two gyms, and a state-of-the-art 600 seat theater.
6:39 am
>> it's really beautiful and i think that it'll boost school spirit. >> many the homecoming dance was at the middle school. the senior breakfast at the church and we took sat tests at the library. >> like unreal to think about it. like -- it's -- like a small city and we are having this big school. >> the first day of school is on monday, august 19th. the time now 6:39. the city council expected to decide today if they will cut the funding for maintenance at four parks. they are at four schools, they are on the property of oakley, union elementary school district. the city has been in -- negotiating the school district for 18 months and city staff is recommending cutting the funding. the city spans $150,000 a year for maintenance at those parks. the school trick has offered to lease the land back to the city for a dollar a year and let the city maintain the parks.
6:40 am
we know when the warriors will play their first game at their newa rene a. new arena. once again the warrior also play on christmas day. it time it's a home game against the rockets who added russell westbrook. kevin durant's new team the nets come to san francisco on march 12th. it's unclear if durant will be cleared to play for that game after tearing his achilles. the oakland a's are going on a big road trip today. all the way across the bay bridge to play the giants. the bay bridge series starts tonight in san francisco. a very important two game series. both teams fighting for a wild card spot. tonight it'll be madison pitching for the giants and brett anderson starting for the a's. the game starts at 6:45. >> and city across the bay area are rushing to build more affordable housing.
6:41 am
coming up we will look at ate study that shows one city is leading the way. >> and parents, you know firsthand how fast kids out grow their shoes. now one big company is launching a sneaker subscription service for kids. >> really first gasia is here to tell us what's coming up at seven. >> sign me up for that service. when i join you in a couple minutes in the stiobarry officials at yosemite are touting their watermelon snow. a natural situation. high up in the mountains. we will tell you what causes this snow. >> and an athlete takes a page from kapernick's play book. the protest that took place and the message it was meant to spread. we will be right back. but is it going beyond fast?
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visit ♪herrrre come this hair is happenin'! they think normal pesticide treatments will stop us! nix ultra!!! ahhhh!!! kill super lice and eggs with nix ultra. more effective than the leading prescription. . welcome back. california is one of two states vowing to sue the trump administration over changes to the endangered species act. the changes include ending blanket protection for animals newly deemed threatened.
6:45 am
it'll also allow a look at the economic cost of protecting a species. that act is credited with saving bald eagles, grizzly bears and wolves. the trump administration released a new regulation to affect which legal immigrants will be allowed to stay. now under the new public charge rule immigrants trying to get green cards to stay in the united states could be deemed inadmissible if they received public ben benefits more than 12 months in a three year period. >> selfreliance is a core principal in america. this laid the foundation of the nation. >> make no mistake this rule is forcing immigrants to choose. basically it's going to deepen poverty it. will make hunger worse. >> the new rule takes effect on october 15th and is expected to be challenged in the courts.
6:46 am
the governor reacted to the new rule with a statement that said in part, this is a reckless policy that targets the health and well being of immigrant families and communities of color with widespread implications for our state's health care, housing and affordability. state lawmakers facing growing pressure to oppose a bill that creates tougher rules for those families that want medical exemptions from mandatory vaccines. the senate bill has triggered a show of let freshes anti vaccine activists to the offices of lawmakers. the proposed law would ban parents using personal beliefs as a reason not to give vaccines. >> it's forcing the vaccine on you. it's take away the medical freedom. the problem is once it's given and there's damage it's done. there is no going back. >> state senator who is a
6:47 am
doctor wrote the bill. he said that the rise in ng the community at risk to preventable diseases. that bill has a little more before month to get lawmakers adjourn for the year. new research shows people who take up vaping as teens or young adults are more likely to use marijuana than young people who don't vape. the risk is three and a half times higher for people who started vaping before the age of 25. the likelihood of marijuana use was even higher for those who started vapimg before they turned 18. researchers say that vaping at a young age may sensitize the brain toward using drugs. we work reportedly plans to release details of its initial public offering as early as this week the company is an office sharing start up. the ipo is expected in september. we work #
6:48 am
$.5 billion to make it is second largest ipo of the year behind uber. and post mates plans to reveal it's ipo filing next month. the san francisco company is on track to complete an initial public offering this year. that's offer after the merger talk was door dash fell through. and nike is rolling out a subscription service for kid sneakers called nike adventure club. you subscription costs up to $50 a month which is deducted from the cost of the shoes they can be altered or paused as parents see fit. some say the plan is a smart idea kid can out grow or ruin their shoes quickly . this is just for pam cook. the olive garden restaurant is bringing back the unlimited pasta pass but it has
6:49 am
a twist. 50 lucky people can instead buy the lifetime unlimited pasta pass and eat unlimited forever. regular pass costs $100 for nine weeks. the lifetime pass will cost you another $400. you can buy a pass starting this thursday about you better be quick. olive garden said last year all of the passes sold out in a couple of minutes. >> i'm not the unlimited pasta girl but i like their salad and soup. >> okay. >> the soup and salad and the bread sticks. i will have to pass on the pass. then i'm just paying someone $500 to gain 500 pounds. >> okay. all right. >> maybe five. let's get you started with traffic. it's about 650.
6:50 am
from that crash. then once you get to the toll plaza there's a report of a hit and run crash just before the metering lights. we try to see it in the traffic cameras in some of the freeways and overpasses. just be aware that it's going to be a little slow getting through the toll plaza. here say look at the richmond bridge toll plaza. its busy and slow going getting over to san rafael. highway 24 and lafayette. this commute has filled up. it's still moving. no major issues to tell you about. no crashes or anything. it's just a very crowded drive right now. i want to show the picture of fremont. this camera was down yesterday. this was a horrible commute yesterday because of all the brush fires along the side of the road. there was a couple of them and firefighter has to close down part of the freeway to tackled those. i'm sure fire danger will be
6:51 am
top of mind over the next couple days. it's warm and dry and it'll go from warm to hot today in the next couple days. you have been listening. that's correct. >> i pay attention. >> thank goodness there's not a north or northeast wind. it'll be no problem with temperatures well above average. coast, bay and inland. woe have a little bit of fog. if you are -- suffering allergies what the heck is going on it's the weeds. weeds are urinely usually the last to show up. ragweed is high. thick fog and then warm to hot. 70 ha and won't take long to get to 80's and near 90 to almost 100 in the back 40. depends on your definition. 8 # in the city. could be hot to you. i get it. i went warm. stinson beach. santa cruz, pacifica at 70 and then warm to had the. san rafael. san mateo. san jose and then hot for walnut creek. also morgan hill.
6:52 am
looks like a beautiful a's, giants forecast. 6:45. i'm 74 degrees on that. not much breeze. i don't think the fog will be anything left. pretty thick. high way one and on the golden gate bridge that. is about it and with the high kicking in and -- we have inversion aloft. that's sending right down on to the ground and no breeze. just a puff out at travis. that won't matter. 53, 55, 57 the water temperatures of bodega bay. still the water is cold. it's not getting to much help today. 50's, 60 ha on the temperatures. couple of midand low 50's. wood side 50. redwood city, foster city and belmont and mont era beach 59. monterey 55 to 58 santa barbara and 41 truckee. the high kicks in.
6:53 am
a little bit of fog and warm, hot temperatures and tomorrow if we don't peak out tomorrow it'll be thursday. inland temperatures to 104. 104. 70's, 80's, 90's to 100 degrees and some of the temperatures, all of them coast, basin land are well above average. we have had a mild, nice summer but next few days will be toasty for some. >> all right. there's a big return for the hit show friends that you fans need to know about. >> do you know something >> do you know something >> i may know something. >> i may know something to. >> what's the thing you know >> i can't tell you. >> i can't tell you. >> i can't tell you. >> okay, fine. >> i upcoming 25th anniversary of the premiere of friends the show is headed to theaters. fathon event also host a three night run of 12iconic episodes. all have been remastered in 4k
6:54 am
quality. the tickets for each night go on sale this friday. you have seen them on the menu at several bay area restaurants and they are really popular. are those plant based beyond burgers and the impossible burgers really healthier than ground beef or turkey coming up the next hour we get the facts. >> and a high profile car break-in in san francisco. the investigation underway this morning after a car used by former baseball star arod was broken into. this is worth singing about. a higher love, live pictures th morning. that is great. you are watching mornings on 2 on kt
6:55 am
from the couldn't be prouders to the wait did we just win-ners. everyone uses their phone differently. that's why xfinity mobile created a different kind of wireless network. with a different way to do data. one designed to save you money. now you can share data between lin mix with unlimited, and switch it up at anytime. design your own data with xfinity mobile. simple, easy, awesome.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time, 6::pench. according to the chronicle. oakland is building more than san francisco. right now, 9700 housing units are under construction in oakland. and more than 6800 are expected to be finished this year. that compares to 4700 new housing units this year in san francisco. and even though san francisco has twice the population of both. retired baseball star,
6:58 am
arod, alex rodriguez, his rental car was broken into in san francisco. and police are busy checking surveillance video, trying to catch who did it. arod was in san francisco sunday to broadcast the giants-phillies game. afterwards, he and a group of people had dinner at marlo's restaurant on brandon street. police say someone smashed the suv window, stole bags, a lapcop, camera, jewelry. arod issued a statement saying, i am saddened that several items that were of a personal nature and irreplaceable with sentimental value were taken, stolen. i am encouraged that local law enforcement has security footage of the crime and they're doing all they can to get the items back. >> i've seen a lot of broken glass in the area. it kind of comes and goes. you know. sometimes walk on the street and see piles of broken glass. >> while there have been
6:59 am
reports that a half billion dollars worth of jewelry was stolen in the car, a spokesman for arod told ktvu that figure is an exaggeration. meantime, a singer-songwriter who made a stop here in the bay area, is asking for help, after someone stole his three guitars. andres osborne had just played to a sold-out crowd. he fell asleep at a motel in corda madera. woke up when he heard loud noises outside. thieves broke into the truck, stole an instrument. including a custom guitar, and his favorite, a strata caster that he called blacky. he's had that one since he was 21 years old. >> it's been my main guitar. been through everything. got a little sticker from my mom. a little butterfly when she was dying. it's got a lot of memory. i've played with everybody with
7:00 am
that guitar. >> andrews said he was a working class musician. so he had to think fast about how he would be able to perform. for now, he borrowed guitars and says he will keep touring until christmastime. but says he hopes to get his own guitars back. and keep on going from there. a chp officer killed in a shootout in southern california. the latest developments on the shooting, and what we're learning about two other officers who were injured.


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