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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 13, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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preserve a historic mural but cover it up so, no one can see it. >> the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. in a 4-3 vote tonight, the san francisco school board approved an alternative solution. i'm alyana gomez. >> and i'm frank somerville. that is at george washington high school. some think it's a racist mural. and that it needs to go. others want it saved. they say it's historic artwork that can be used as a tool to teach students. ktvu's debora villalon in the city tonight where she attended this evenings meeting. debora? >> reporter: always emotional, with boos, hissing, interruption. under pressure decided to conceal the mural. rather than paint over them, which satisfied no one. >> you are trying to wipe out american history. don't do it. >> in one issue, the overlap of
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art, free speech, racial justice, education.. >> -- >> leave that mural alone. it tells the whole truth about mr. washington being complicit in the slave trade. >> reporter: the depression era murals are a teaching tool showing george washington as slave owner and native americans all pressed. critics say the images are cruel to students of color. a hindrance to learning. >> i am a great, great granddaughter of a slave. i don't need a miracle in my school or office reminding me that i'm a slave. >> why the change of heart on your part? >> washington had a change of heart. >> reporter: the president stands by his past vote to paint it down. but has managed to craft what he calls constructive solution covering it over instead with panels or sheeting. >> we are not going to paint over art. we are going to find way to keep it from public view. with this alternative, there are folks that aren't going to
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be happy with it. >> reporter: those folks kept up dueling protests throughout. opponents objected to the board's changing its mind. they might still sue or go to san francisco voters. >> could be. we are going to pursue every legal and political option afforded to us. >> if you want your barrel, i say, get them. we don't want them. >> reporter: board members accepting compromise voiced frustration in the murals are such a distraction. >> i don't get it. i don't get why people are standing up for this. black and brown boys dying. >> reporter: next step, staff submits a plan to cover the to state environmental regulators, that's not a fast process. nothing will change this school year which starts on monday. among those who alone, actor da most famous alumnus. he says messing with the 83-
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year-old merrill is a kin to book burning. frank and alyana, it's that kind of feedback that prompted the board to revisit their first vote. >> i'm trying to remember but i think that it was going to cost $600,000. that was the estimate to paint over the mural. do they know what it might cost to take this other route here? >> reporter: it's not significantly less. there are both estimates, $100,000 of each other. so that's what the staff will start hammering out now. >> debora villalon in the city tonight. thank you. a homeless man under arrest in the city for frightening attack on a woman that happened last saturday night. security video shows the assault at the door of her condo building on beale street. the suspect has been identified as austin james vince didn't. that's his mike schultz. the wound told us the man appeared to be under the influence of drugs and had demanded her money, keys and phone. the condo complex happens to be next-door to wear a 200 bed
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navigation center for the homeless is being built. >> this is mental illness. this is drug issues and this is security and the city is irresponsible. putting our life at risk. they kept saying these people are safe, harmless. you have proper resources. >> in a statement the mayor's office supported the center saying allowing people to continue to remain on the street without providing resources will only make the challenges we face more severe. now to vallejo where a four- alarm fire burned dangerously close to home tonight. forcing people to evacuate. the fire started at hands park in north vallejo just before 6:00 this evening. it threatened a number of homes on creekside drive and residents, we are told,, were told to leave their homes immediately. agencies were called in to help vallejo firefighters knocked down the flames. only four acres burned but two homes had minor damage.
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the fire was 100% contained by around 8:00 tonight and no one was hurt. the crews plan to remain at the scene cleaning up and watching for hotspots. in hayward, police opened fire on a man who witnesses say was waving a gun at passing cars. officers responded to mission boulevard about 9:00 this morning. suspect is an asian man in his 20s. he is expected to survive. investigators say the gun turned out to be a fake. a witness told us he saw a man dressed in black and white and armed with a large handgun pretending to shoot at cars. workers at the construction site also described what they saw and heard. >> i heard a shot, six shots. i was working right there. out of nowhere, you just heard that, pow, pow, pow, six shots. i seen the guy, he received the bullets. i was like, oh, snap. >> t shot has not been released. mission boulevard was shot down
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between tennyson and industrial until 1:30 this afternoon. learning more tonight about the chp officer shot and killed in a gun battle on a freeway overpass in riverside yesterday evening. as phil shuman tells us, the slain officer called working for the chp his dream job. >> reporter: a big heart, dependable guy working his dream job. that's how slain chp officer andre moye was remembered by his colleagues today. as wreaths with messages of love and support were brought to the chp riverside station. >> the type of guy that everybody liked. >> reporter: that was his boss with highway patrol still shaken in the aftermath of this dramatic gun baok moye's life after a routine traffic stop, 5:30 monday on a busy riverside street. >> this incident shows how dangerous the job of a california highway patrol and law enforcement is in general.
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people talk about routine stops, but there are no routine stops. >> reporter: moye mortally wounded was able to call for backup and it came from all over. the exchange of gunfire lasted as the chp put it several minutes. >> start shooting at the cops and the cops returned fire but he had the upper hand the whole time. he was on them. didn't let them get up. >> reporter: we are learning more about the suspected shooter, 49-year-old aaron luther, who died at the scene. presumably shot by law enforcement. he's an ex-con, paroled in 2004, after serving time for attempted murder and burglary. as for reports he was a member of an outlaw motorcycle gang, investigators are reluctant to say much. >> we run off of everything, we are told,, rumor, speculation, social media. we have two follow-up with all of that today. >> a search warrant was served on luther's beaumont home.
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looking for some evidence, some indication of what led this man married with kids out of prison for some 15 years now, off parole, to pick up a rifle and start shooting. >> the shooter is deceased and the person who is trying to stop him, the officer is killed in the line of duty. so we don't know. >> hopefully we can find something in the suspect's background or whatever that could lead us to something but right now we don't know. >> reporter: in addition to the death of moye, two other officers hit by gunfire last night. update, one treated and released, the other more serious, gunshot wounds to the legs, critical condition. the chp chief said he was awake and talking this morning. in riverside, phil shuman, ktvu fox 2 news. it's been more than two weeks now since the gilroy shooting and today flags at santa clara county government buildings were raised back up. the flags had been lowered to
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half staff after the july 28 shooting. and remained that way until now. officials say raising those flags is a symbol of hope and healing for the community. it was meant to honor those killed. stephen romero, kayla salazar and 25-year-old trevor irby. now to oakland and a vigil calling for an end to gun violence. >> barbara lee sponsored the gathering and she wanted it to be a night of healing. ktvu's amber lee was there and heard from people in the audience tonight. >> more than 200 people part of healing is taking action. she plans to push for a return to a full assault weapons ban. when she gets back to washington. after the recess. the drumbeat for change was loud at frank ogawa plaza in front of oakland city hall. a night of healing hosted by barbara lee. >> through our grief and our
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fear, we are strengthened. to take on the challenges of gun violence and racism. >> reporter: in the audience was a teenager who emigrated from guatemala six years ago. because of her skin color, she's worried she may be a target. >> when i go out, sometimes i'm scared because you don't know if something is going to happen to you like for example like what happened. >> reporter: she and others came to find solace and solutions. some say mass shootings often stem from racism. >> these are not individuals who have mental health issues. this is a movement of people who are afraid of the ways in which the demographics of our country is changing. >> we have to really dive deep and understand why it happens and we have to take it and donate. that's the only way we'll be able to fix it. >> reporter: blackard's displayed photos of gun violence victims.
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one man says mass shootings make headlines. but the shootings that claimed lives in oakland are often overlooked and so is the pain. >> my nephew was in a triple homicide and was a gathering like that. >> reporter: he says his nephew was the 12th family member he's lost to gun violence in three years. he's here to honor his loved ones and the victims of mass shooting. >> acknowledging each other's history and pain brings a healing and strength needed to overcome grief and to take bold action. >> organizers urging people to grasp this moment and call for change. lee says if no action is taken to prevent gun violence and hate speech, it will lead to a country we want to recognize. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the city of moda so is cracking down on weapons at certain public events. how it's meant to keep the
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peace at the upcoming straight pride parade. members of the military putting their football skills to the test. the special guests for boot  camp hosted by the 49ers. here's one you guys will like. show me making it. oh! i got one. the best of amy poehler. amy, maybe we could use the voice remote to search for something that you're not in. from netflix to prime video to live tv, xfinity lets you find your favorites
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a measure to lower california's voting age is getting support from young activists. they rallied in sacramento on the steps of capitol hill in favor of constitutional amendment eight. the measure would lower california's voting age to 17. the teenagers say they should be allowed to weigh in on the decisions that affect them. >> when you're 16 and 17 you are thinking whether it's u.s. history or econ, taking more civics classes at those ages in high school than any other age. >> the amendment goes before the assembly appropriations committee tomorrow and it would need to pass two-thirds and state senate to make it onto the 2020 ballot. city of moda still looking to ban slingshots, glass bottles and baseball bats from certain public events.
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city leaders want to outlaw anything that could be used as a weapon during political rallies or protests. a spokesperson says the ordinance is in response to a controversial straight pride event that is supposed to take place later this month. and concerns that opposing sides might clash. >> this does not have anything to do with firearms, doesn't have anything to do with the second amendment, this allows for our police officers and law enforcement to more closely regulate what is brought to a demonstration. >> the proposed ordinance does not apply to entertainment and social events like outdoor concerts and parades. they held a football style boot camp for dozens of men and women serving at travis air force base. >> as rob roth discovered, those in the service are more than up to the 49ers challenge. >> it may be the san francisco 49ers practice but those were not the minors using it.
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those are airmen and women from at travis air force base. as part of their salute to service, the niners along with the nfl and usaa sponsored a boot camp of sorts, not a military boot camp but a football style one. 50 military men and women from travis put themselves in the shoes of the niners and competed against each other in running, jumping, agility and pass catching. >> it was awesome! i loved it. thank you for the experience. >> reporter: these folks from travis seemed in pretty good shape but can they measure up to the niners in the three cone drill for instance? >> super in shape, just bigger than us. i mean, beings. they're just amazing. sit ups. er: a few thought very good. very good. >> you could hang with the
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49ers? >> yeah. i do. >> reporter: these boot camps are going on in six nfl cities throughout the month of august. but it's the first time with the 49ers. tight end george kittle served as honorary host. >> it means the world because there's not anyone i respect more than military and the fact they do what they do so i can do what i do. >> reporter: an appreciation for those in the military base near an nfl team. >> i'm proud of the fact that we are being recognized and it really, it really is meaningful to come out here and have them commemorate this thing for us. >> do you think they could play? >> there's some good athletes. running around in tennis shoes so that was a little difficult. put some cleats on and see what they're doing. >> reporter: maybe next time. at levi's stadium in santa clara, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. the nfl has entertainment e
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the social justice efforts. the nfl says it will use jay- z's rock nation to consult on music and entertainment presentations like super bowl halftime show. the league has teamed up with jay-z on a plan to strengthen community bonds through music. the inspired change initiative was created by the league after players started kneeling during the national anthem. warm to hot temperatures topping our headlines as we head into wednesday forecast. a lot of areas will be topping 100 for tomorrow. we have been trending up, take a look at the highs from this afternoon. san francisco 76, san jose 91, santa rosa upper 90s and fairfield 103 degrees. hot day out towards solano county, heat advisories stthe n santa clara valley. wednesday and thursday, excessive heat warning towards solano county and lake county
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for those two days as well. current numbers conquered 80 degrees, san jose 70, san francisco cooled off, mild, 64. life camera looking toward the golden gate bridge mostly clear skies, patchy fog return to portions of the coastline as we head into tomorrow morning. this big area of high pressure is the source of the heat that will continue to build in for wednesday and thursday. very hot in lund, we'll have that sea breeze that will keep the temperatures in check mainly in the low-to-mid-70s and once again we could be tracking patchy fog out there. forecast model trying to generate that fog. upper 50s, upper 60s and then into the afternoon, a big range, 70s, 80s, 90s, 100. 106 and, of course, with the intense heat, fire danger will be going up. let's keep an eye on the peak heat of the day around three, four, 5:00. on the fire danger and potential fire activity.
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forecast highs for tomorrow, santa rosa 101, fairfield 106, still hot for oakland and san leanhaard lower 90s. over the hills, temperatures jumping up to 105, 106. san jose 96, fremont 94, san francisco downtown in the lower 80s, coastline in the lower 70s. here's a look ahead, another hot day on thursday. we'll be really inviting the marine layer back, the cooling relief and finally get our wish especially toward the weekend. >> those are some serious temperatures. >> not just 99, we are going 105. >> thank you. plans to buy a gh the golden gate bridge district has given a -- been given a $6 million grant to purchase a $30 million boat. ferry trips have increased to 34% in the past decade and they serve about 8,000 riders a day.
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once the funding is secured the ferry is expected to be in service by early 2023. still to come, wide receiver antonio brown returns to camp but is he ready to play? game one of the bay bridge series delivers a little bit of everything. mark will have the highlights including the finish that's coming up next.
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mark is here with, i don't know, with sports. game-worn, the a's and giants. >> in a pretty good mood because you favor the a's a little bit. >> i'm amped up tonight. >> well, if i was going to bet, the a's probably realistically have a better chance. >> having a run. >> if i were to better. >> they probably do but tonight belongs to the san francisco giants who pulled one out. down to the final pitch, good ball game, balmy night and probably one of the best all- around fans. always wearing a giant jersey. he pulls for all the bay area teams. madison bumgarner, the giants have won nine out of his last 11, struck out nine. and as this inning, the sixth unfolds, the giants put together back to back to back doubles. i love saying that. the second one by evan longoria scored buster posey who had doubled. a game of inches.
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always preaching to me. kevin pillar deep, robbie grossman, probably should have made that catch. giants go in front for good. ninth inning, will smith. already walked in iran so it's a 3-2 lead. bases loaded, down goes chad pinder on strikes. 29 safe of the year, the all- star closer gets it done. that kid, doggone cute. no doubt about it. situation that jon gruden would tell you is not so cute, antonio brown, not ready to play football yet. the good news if you're a raider fan, he was back on the practice field today. doesn't look like he's limping. bad blisters on his feet. showed up with his entourage, agent by his side. and present but not prepared to play football with the badly
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blistered feet that were injured when he didn't wear boots in a cryotherapy session. he talked about all his troubles today. >> grateful to be here. dealing with a lot of adversity. battling injury. seeing my face all over the news. all the talk. these guys are doing a good job of supporting me. in the process, any time you've got a lot of blisters, it's hard to change directions, cut and run and be what i do. >> we've had a pretty good understanding of the foot injury. we know where he's been. we know what he's been through. thrilled to have him back. >> jon gruden. close to the end of his rope but still training camp with this guy. a little time so why not check this out? he calls himself the moroccan mamba. he does tricks basketball shots and that, if you've ever tried to do lfourt,
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i've got to take another look at the moroccan mamba who posted this. up behind his back. i don't know how many times it took him to do that. but we had a little baseball outside the bay bridge series tonight. jordan springer in right field, got a good arm throwing to the plate. robinson chirinos will hang onto the ball although as you see the replay, he gets matched by welington castillo. but he is out at the plate. oh. there's a backstop there, frank. okay. all right. she is safe and sound. i can't say the same for delino deshields here. he made the catch but watch closely. hitting that wall pretty good. that's the sporting life. good night. ♪
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