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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 14, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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violent attack the san francisco caught on camera, putting a spotlight on plans to build a.5 investigation center for the homeless that's already been approved. how san francisco's mayor is responding to the safety concerns of neighbors. >> peoplewere yelling and screaming and fighting. bay area families relieved to be reunited after escaping violent protests at the airport in hong kong.
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how they describe the describe the chaos that was shutdown. it's not bright but it is early. glad to be with you. i'm gasia mikaelian. pam cook is enjoying the day off. >> you made it in. >> i did. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. >> we had two fans in the bedroom and took a cool shower before bedtime and doing what we can to cope. >> it's going to be warmer today. it's 5:01. hot, temperatures today for many, as they will jump up from yesterday's high, readings, which were warm to hot but the high kicks in and parking it over california. warm to very hot inland. excessive heat warning, heat advisory for those who are affected by it. 94 to 104. the forecasted highs are
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between 99-105. ukiah, vacaville will be in there. ridge of high pressure parks for two days and lit break down as the system will dig in to the pacific northwest but not until friday. northerly breeze, oak land, concord, west, southwest at 9. 50s and 60s on the temperatures towards the santa clara valley. low 60s already. gilroy, san martin and morgan hill, santa cruz 56. 62 -- don't see that all the time. lots of sunshine, any fog is on borrowed time. it has nothing to work with today. 70s and 80s 90s and 100s through the interior. allie rasmus is here. we are going to go to tracy. there is a new crash. this is westbound 205 at mountain house parkway. see a little bit of a back up
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surrounding it. slow towards the altamonte pass. the collision, westbound 84 at vargas, livermore to the sunol area, this was a two-car collision. there is a back up building behind that as well. your commute on highway 4 looks good. no problems making your way from antioch to bay point, 242, concord and 680, walnut creek looks good as well. this stretch of highway 2 4, lafayetteing westbound direction, the traffic flow is steady build tags morning goes on. no problems to tell you about here. bay bridge toll plaza, a little bit busier. metering lights not on just yet. i expect that will change in the next 20 minutes or so. back to the desk. police are investigating overnight gunfire in contra costa county. this is a live scene near the area of mariposa and california street in rodayio. the gunfire broke out at 1:00
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this morning. our crew says they have seen bullet holes in cars and homes and seen 2 dozen evidence markers on the street. there are reports two people may have been shot and taken to the hospital. we are working with police to confirm that. we are trying to learn what police say led to the gunfire. as we bring you the live pictures in rodayio, it's an active street with police officers. if you can avoid the area, please do as the authorities do their work. firefighters in fairfield con taped a two-alarm fire. it started along kentucky street before 4:00 this morning, a block away from the high school. no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is under investigation. time to pack the backpacks and fill the lunch bags. today is the first day of school for unified school district students.
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sara zendehnam is live. >> reporter: it's a very exciting day for parents and students alike. i'm sure the kiddos are sleeping at this hour. it's calm and quiet here in san jose. still a couple of hours away from that first bell ringing but it is the first day of school. we are at river glenn, k-8 school. we are waiting for students, parents and teachers to come to campus. there are 41 schools this the district and 30,000 students between all the schools will head to the classrooms today after a long summer off. it still feels like summer. normally you have the fall clothes ready for the first day back. san jose will get to the mid- 90s. make sure to pack that extra water. the district launched a new program to address a special education teacher shortage. rise this to special education, offers the district teachers a
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chance to get a special education certification for free. there are 3500 students eligible for special education services. having more teachers will help. we pay all of the tuition expenses, testing fees and mentorship and support to help them pursue their dream of becoming a special education teacher. >> reporter: it's not just students that are going pack to school, it's teachers that will be going back to school. there are seven pleas that are participating in that program. sara zendehnam, ktvu fox2 news. new this morning, hongkong, the airport operations getting back to normal after two days of violent protests and clashes between pro democracy activists and the police. 40 protesters are still catched in the airport's arrivals area, several dozen flights canceled today the hong kong airport is
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open right now, planes are take off and landing. there is a court order to keep protesters from illegally blocking airport operations. more than 300 flights were canceled. also now, we are hearing from bay area people now back home after being caught up in all the chaos at the hongkong airport. several flights arrived at sfo, several passengers said they had to run through the clashes just to get to their planes and they consider themselves lucky to get on board. >> i pushed past lots of protesters. they were shouting and screaming. >> you were seeing so many different expressions on people's faces. i saw some people having panic attacks and breaking down. >> many of those we talked to were born in hong kong, they have family there. they say it brought back the
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1989 protest. they fear a military crackdown by the chinese government. san francisco common wealth is hosting a forum on homelessness. officials from california, oregon and hawaii will talk about solving the crisis, the first in a series of public discussions about mental and physical and social health. it starts at 5:30. tickets are $15 for members and $25 for non members and a discount for students. a homeless man has been arrested in connection with i an attack on a woman saturday night. video shows the assault at the door of her condo building on biel street at the top center of your screen. the suspect has been identified as austin james vincent. the woman said the man appeared to be mentally ill or under the influence of drugs telling her he was trying to save her while demanding money and keys and phone. next door to the condo complex
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are 200 bed.5 investigation center for the homeless is currently being built. without providing resources will only make the challenges we face more severe. our time is 5:09, a san francisco lawmaker raising serious questions about facial recognition technology, state assemblyman ting introduced a bilks banning the use of facial recognition in police body cameras. aclu tested the facial recognition technology, they ran pictures of all 1220 state lawmakers against a mug shot data base and found 26 false
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matches. >> my picture is right here, 26 legislators, misidentified when they ran amazon's recognition software through a mug shot data base. >> police aren't using the tool to spy, we are using it to identify criminals and reduce the criminal element in our communities. legislators need to not stop us from keeping our community safe. >> amazon says the test was flawed and wrong about facial recognition technology. ting's bill has passed in the state assembly and waiting for a senate vote which may take place this month. after several violent crimes, 18 high-definition security cameras will be installed in san francisco's china town by early next month. the city is joining this a partnership that includes san francisco safe, a nonprofit organization that is working to build safer neighborhoods. those cameras will be installed along stockton, washington to
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the sacramento tunnel. the city says this projer was already in the works before three men attacked two people in broad daylight last month and stole a very expensive watch. bay area people demanding change in gun violence and racism and want real action on a real problem. what they say is the root issue they want lawmakers to address. you are trying to wipe out american history. don't do it. >> the san francisco hool board reversed an elier decision to get rid of a controversial mural at a school in san francisco that some call racist. we will tell you why. following a report of a stalled vehicle on the dumbarton bridge. here is a look at highway 24 through lafayette. traffic is moving very smoothly. temperatures will warm up. a lot of 100s inland.
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welcome back. more than 200 people were at a vigil in oakland calling for an end to gun violence.
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it was sponsored by barbara lee cho will be reinstating a ban on assault rifles. this girl went to the individual toil find comfort and solutions. >> when i go out, i'm scared, you don't know if something is going to happen to you. >> these are not individuals who have mental health issues. this is a movement of people who are afraid of the ways in which the demographics of our country is changing. >> barbara lee says if no action is taken, it will lead to a country we will not recognize. students and staff in the gilroy unified school district will be in class for the first day of school. the older students often volunteer at the gilroy garlic
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festival and some were there when a deadly shooting happened last month. the superintendent says the district will have counselors for anyone who may need to talk to someone. she hopes that getting back into the routine will also help. el poiio loco restaurant raised $13,000 for the families of the shooting victims. the restaurant donated all the proceeds from lunch and dinner to the families. the restaurant near the festival grounds. the owners wanted to do something to help out. the san francisco unified school district will work out on a plan to cover a controversial mural at george washington high school. >> you are trying to wipe out american history. don't do it. leave that mural alone. it tells the whole truth about mr. washington being complicit
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in the slave trade. >> the board voted to preserve it but cover it at a hot board meeting yesterday. the art work shows george washington as a slave owner, as well as native americans being oppressed. critics say the images are cruel to students of color and hinders learning. >> i am a great, great granddaughter of a slave. i don't need a mural in my school and office to remind me that i'm a slave. don't get it. i don't get why people are standing up for this. >> yesterday's vote was close one. a 4-3 vote , the the mural is not expected to be covered up this year. let's get you out the door. allie rasmus in for sal castaneda. imagine you are looking to the super commute? yes, we are in super
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commute mode. gilroy, morgan hill so. far so good. highway 101 is pretty clear. a little bit of slowing approaching morgan hill but no specific problems. the rest of the south bay looks good. the elier crash, this is early, 2:00 in the morning on the state route 130, ridge view way. it's not tying up the area. there is a problem on the dumbarton bridge, a stalled vehicle mid span. it's in the slow lane. see a little bit of slowing around it. hopefully that gets cleared soon. we have the rob on westbound 84 at vargas, livemore to is a sunol. westbound 2005 is recovering from an earlier crash at mountain house parkway. the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are now on. you are starting to see that delay form 10- 15 minutes to
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get onto the span. it's going the be warm to hot for today and tomorrow. looks like cooling kicks in on friday. the summer hasn't been bad. the full moon almost there. it will be full tomorrow morning at about -- sounds like outside my window there. your dog and cat just looked. it will be full tomorrow. known as the sturgeon or the grain moon. if you are in the lower level, that's hot. it might be hot for some on the second deck. sunny and warm for the a's and the giants. high pressure kicking in, it's parked over us. it doesn't need one arrows it needs two. inland lots of 90s and 100s.
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heat advisory, a lot of this is away from the coast. there will be a few locations that will be toasty today. the 100 club, windsor, pleasanton, lafayette. san rafael, palo alto, alameda 86. san francisco and santa cruz the 80s. e 80s. sunny and warm, above normal temperatures. any fog is limited. there is not enough, northwest navado, north at concord and east at the napa airport. 53, 54, 56, water temperatures, bodega bay. pretty cold. that's the one constant this summer is the cold water temperatures. 60s on the temperatures, few 50s and the bay. city is 59. berkley, 66. kensington. oakland berkley hills low 70s.
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that's really warm. 62 ukiah. 56 monterey. today and tomorrow, our fair weather friend, severe and clear. tomorrow might be fog. shallow, though. no impact inland. temperatures near 104 as in today. 100s for some. close for others. navado 99. temperatures warm here for another couple of days. cooling begins friday and cooling down for your weekend. libraries in solano are serving as rest areas. civic center on kentucky street open from 1:00 this morning to 9:00 tonight. fairfield cor dealia library on business center drive is end from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. alameda is offering different option, the free library, mastic senior center, open this week to give people a chance to stay inside and away from the heat.
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keep up to date with the changing weather by downloading our weather app, featuring updates and the seven-day forecast, the weather app is free to download for your smart phone or tablet. a fun day at a pond turns tragic for a dog owner. the owner's warning about toxic algae that caused her pet to have a deadly seizure. california is joining the fight against president trump's latest attempts to roll back an obama era environmental policy.
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unions representing keizer -- workers say they want skies tore offer wages and benefits supporting middle class families. if the workers go on strike it would be the biggest walkout since u.p.s. workers went on strike 22 years ago. california is filing a legal challenge to the plan to repeal the clean power plant. the obama era plan was designed to cut emissions from coal and ash power plants. 21 states and washington dc are suing. the act requires epa to crackdown on air pollution. president trump is
5:26 am
championing the construction of a chemical plant near pittsburgh, pennsylvania. the president visited the royal dutch shell plant yesterday and called it an example of what he says is the country's manufacturing revival. the plant will convert natural gas in to plastics. >> it's one of the single biggest construction projects in the nation and made it possible and was possible by clean affordable all american natural gas. >> environmentalists say the plant will be the largest air polluteer in western pennsylvania. construction of the plant alone employs thousands of workers the president's planned visit was postponed due to mass shootings in ohio and texas. water may have blooms of toxic blue-green algae. dogs died within hours of playing in a pond. the city urged people not to swim or drink from or take
5:27 am
their dogs to a lake that is contaminated with the neuro toxin. there is outrage in one community over plans to shutdown an arts program. >> i can't tell you how many kids have grown up here from the community support of our theater. i encourage you to fix whatever it is that is broken. >> what the city of milpitas may do with the space. a crash on westbound 580, livermore. we will check that part of the commute coming up. bay bridge toll plaza is busy because the metering lights are on. in the 100s, the forecasted highs and see if there is cooling on the way coming up.
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i'm dave clark. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. pam cook is enjoying the morning off. this is one of those days you have to get your stuff done early, no one wants to be out at 2:30 in the afternoon. get those chores done early. today will be hot for many. temperatures on the way up. the a's and giants, 80 degrees.
5:31 am
as far it is high pressure goes, it is billionth back to california, parked it and going to be hot inland today and tomorrow. these are the forecasted highs today. ukiah 15 antioch and calistoga 104. morgan hill walnut creek and heelsburg 100 degrees. excessive heat warning. vacaville, clear lake, ukiah, 105, most locations between 100- 104, the ridge kicks in for two days. it will usher in a cooler pattern. signs point towards temperature s not too bad, 50s and 60s. warm air aloft. it's 70 for some. wood acre is 76 degrees. temperatures 50s 60s to the north and well above average temperatures today, fog is not
5:32 am
an issue. 70s and 80s and 90s and 100s through the interior. from tracy in to livermore, a super commute we like to watch and keep an eye on. i am not there yet. first we are going to start with the westbound 80 commute. checking this super commute from the north bay. everything looks good. 18 minutes from the carquinez to the macarthur maze. this is westbound 580 vasco as report of a crash there, hit and run, no one injured. it maybe blocking one of the middle lanes. we don't see a back up now. there is a slowdown westbound 205, towards westbound 580. we have the problem creating a slowdown on 84, from livermore to sunol. this could get busier. we will keep an eye on it.
5:33 am
bay bridge busier than a half hour ago when the metering lights were not yet on. a 20 minute delay to the span. back to the desk. following news from contra costa where police are investigating overnight gunfire in rodeo. we have seen bullet holes in cars and homes, two dozen evidence markers on the street. these are live pictures. you are looking a at the police cars and tape out there in that crime scene area. there are reports two people may have been shot and are in the hospital. we have called in to police and trying to confirm that. we will try to fight your out what led to the gunfire. this is an active crime scene in rodayio. today is the first day of school for students in the san jose unified school district. almost 30,000 will head to
5:34 am
class at 13 different schools in the district. there are still job openings and a new program to help special education associates get free tuition at san jose state to complete d credentials. parents are upset after the chatter school did not open for a second year in a row. promise academy is a small, free public school in san jose, administrators say it was supposed to open on monday with 96 students el old. parents say a week ago, the san jose unified school district told them they would not be able to use classrooms in south san jose as was initially planned. district leaders however disagree saying they are being made a scapegoat. >> as a mom, i have been working to help create this school and have a place for my children to remain for the next number of years. we had everything set.
5:35 am
we had our perfect school. it's been extremely emotional. >> we raised concerns with them throughout this process about uncertain enrollment numbers and whether or not they would be able to execute their agreement and unfortunately, they didn't show that information. >> promise academy filed a second lawsuit against the district. community theater program in milpitas fighting to keep rehearsal and performance space while the city is considering new ways to use their community center. last night at a city hall meeting, members fought to creep that program. load leaders are re evaluating before they sign a new contract with the group which has been using the theater since 1983. >> i can't tell you how many kids have grown up here in support from the community support of our theater.
5:36 am
i encourage you to fix whatever it is that is broken. >> now, city council directed staff to go out in to the milpitas community to ask the residents what kind of performing arts programming they would like the city to have. >> the program was eliminated before in 2012 because of budget cuts but the families fought to safe it. a community workshop will be held august 22nd a decision is expected in october. new this morning, two airline catering workers at san francisco airport were among 58 rotesters arrested as a rally at american airlines headquarters in texas. the rotesters were arrested yesterday after they blocked an intersection in front of the airlines headquarters this fort worth. the union representing airline catering workers say they are under paid. the union is in contract talks with a sub contractor that especiallys the airline catering workers. they plan to keep rotesting this week at the dallas fort
5:37 am
worth airport. a controversial community figure died in 2016. supporters say she fog for china town projects but oppose say she was victim ticktive against political enemies and the protest group wants the transportation authority to stick with the policy to name transit stops based on geographic locations. transit leaders will consider the naming proposal at next week's board meeting. the san francisco opera is cancelling a form form in october by domingo who is facing allegations of sexual harassment. he is 7 years old , the director of the los angeles opera. the associatedes are says it talked to 9 women who say he tried to pressure them into having sex by offering them jobs. 36 people say they witnessed
5:38 am
inappropriate behave byplaysdo going back to the 1980s. >> i would exit stage left. after our scene. i would come off of stage left and if he was this the house, he would be in the wings waiting for me and he would come up to me this close and he would say, patricia, do you have to go home tonight? it was arresting. it was very difficult. >> domingo denied wrong doing and calls the accusations troubling and inaccurate. new information this morning about the apparent suicide of wealthy financier jeffrey epstein in his new york jail cell. doug luzader joining us live now from washington with the very latest.
5:39 am
>> reporter: there are serious questions and allegations of misconduct leading up to epstein's death. there was a cascade of failures behind these walls. that's what is being reported this morning by the associated press and new york times. describing what was really happening at this federal detention facility before jeffrey epstein died. details that shocked former aking attorney general matthew whittaker. >> there were failures but should have been more enhanced procedures. >> reporter: guards falsified records, two guards are on leave and the warden reassigned. the sex trafficking investigation surrounding epstein will continue with the fbi having raided one of his homes in the caribbean and given his high profile circle of acquaintances there maybe
5:40 am
more developments ahead. president trump defended retweetedding of a conspiracy theory that the clintons may have been involved in epstein's death. a spokesman says clinton has no knowledge of the crimes that epstein has been accused of. the city of modesto is cracking down on weapons at certain public events. after years of controversy between the nfl and players there is a w agreement between the nfl and rapper jay- z, that may help build bridges. your bay area commute getting off to a pretty good start. following the south bay and the sans not too much down there. the bay bridge toll plaza, 15-
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we want to give you a beauty shot of the bay bridge. look at the sky across the top of your screen. >> it's beautiful. the coast might be where you want to find yourself around 3:00 this afternoon. inland it is going to be awfully hot. a heat advisory. ts in inland cities are going to top 100 degrees. cristina rendon is live at the concord community pool. this is one option for those who want to beat the heat today. >> reporter: it's exactly right. it is going to be a very hot
5:44 am
day not only today but tomorrow as well. these two days are forecasted to be the hottest this week and you are right. the concord community pool, one of the places where people can find relief to get out of the hot sun. this advisory issued by the national weather service for today and tomorrow, again, this is going to be the north bay valley, east bay, santa clara, the national weather service issuing this advisory because heat is rising. temperatures that could reach into the 100s. santa clara can expect highs in the 90s. the weather service is urging you to limit outdoor activity, drink plenty of water and don't leave children or pets in your cars. it's something we talk about all the time. if you have to have activities outside or work outside, it could be dangerous for your health. if you are commuting this morning, it's best to do so by train or car pool.
5:45 am
it's a spare the air alert today. unclear whether there will be another air alert called for tomorrow. this heat advisory today and tomorrow, it's going to run from 11:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. thursday night. if you do need some relief, head to the coast, san francisco and berkley will not be as hot as the inland areas. cristina rendon, ktvu fox2 news. new developments in oak land's ghost ship warehouse fire trial as the jury begins its 8th day of deliberations. the jury asked if they could review the testimony of almena. the clerk will read back his testimony aloud and read the testimony of by shard and o key, working on the door the night of that deadly fire in december 2016. henry lee has been in the
5:46 am
courtroom since day one. he is standing by waiting for the jury's verdict. we will bring you the verdict as soon as it is reached. you can read henry's blog on san francisco judge released a redacted copy of affidavit that led to one of several police raids on a freelance journalist. the warrants were issued in may for his phone and home and office. police were trying to learn how he obtained a police report that detailed the circumstances that surrounded the death of a public defender. it identifies car mody as a freelance videographer and his career is producing and selling hot news stories baa judge signed off on the warrant despite california law that rotects journalist from revealing sources to police. the california supreme court is tightening up the standards for when officers with search a home. they can only enter with warrant or in an emergency.
5:47 am
until now law enforcement could justify entering without a warrant to return a lost child or help someone they felt needed assistance. officers can now only enter with a warrant. the justices said someone's home is a place quote where privacy expectations are most heightened. the modesto council voted to approval changes to what you can bring with you to protests and rallies. leaders debated it for two hours last night. it bans slingshots, glass bottles, aerosol spray cans or anything used as weapon. the police chief says this ordinance is this response to a controversial straight pride event that organizers want to take place later this month. there are conditions opposing sides may clash at the event and things could get violent.
5:48 am
>> this does not have anything to do with firearms or anything to do with the second amendment. all this does is allows for our police officers and law enforcement officers to more closely regulate what is brought to a demonstration. >> people will also be banned from wearing masks or anything that can hide their face. the proposed orders nans doesn't apply to entertain mm and social events like an outdoor concert or parade. organizers of is straight pride ma parade didn't resubmit a permit by the deadline of yesterday. their original permit was toned down because of lack of insurance and because of safety conditions. how, the parade organizers have said this the past, regardless of the outcome, they plan to have some kind of event on august 24th. allie rasmus, this is around the time the commute starts heating up. today is going to be hot.
5:49 am
>> things are pretty calm on the roadways. you are going to have an easy drive just about everywhere you go. this is the drive from 101, gilroying morgan hill, slowing around morgan hill, no specific problems there. we have that report of the crash at state route 130, that started two hours ago. it's not creating other traffic problems for the rest of the south bay. that stalled vehicle in the westbound mid span of the dumbarton bridge is clear. traffic is moving smoothly without problems. san mateo bridge traffic moving well as people go from the east bay to the peninsula. no problems here or on the peninsula. here is a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge, crowded as the morning goes on. it won't take you too much time to get in to marin county.
5:50 am
i want to bring in steve paulson. there is ragweed and pollen in the air. ragweed is the main one if you are suffering fromel the allergies. the harvest moon or sturgeon moon or the grain moon. the harvest moon is september and october. >> it sounds similar. >> it will be full tomorrow morning at this time. thank you, ali. bay bridge series, a's giants, it will be warm. sunny and warm. they will be at the game. 80 degrees today. high pressure, we had a nice summer. it hasn't been that bad.
5:51 am
june 10th, 11th, it was hot. today will be hot. ukiah 105. antioch, calistoga, livermore, walnut creek, between 100-105. yesterday the models overshot the forecasted highs. 94 to 104, heat wanting is out. the hots will include winds sore, pleasanton. pacifica 70. san francisco and santa cruz in the 80s. we don't have offshore breeze. if we did it would be warmer than that by the coast. strong high pressure parked over us and so far i can't find much in the way of any fog. not much of a breeze, a slight offshore, north, napa and cop cord, under oh 1 is a sure sign they will be warm to high.
5:52 am
104 fairfield. free month 60. berkley, 66. brentwood 68. toasty numbers already. the ridge winning out for two days and breaks down on friday. temperatures above average in to thursday. friday cooling begins and cooling on the weekend. night of healing event this oak land after the deadly shootings in gilroy, el paso and dayton, you will hear from the people there at last night's individual until downtown oakland. a new episode of people podcast, out right now, candice
5:53 am
win sat down with a college medalist. search for bay area people in your podcast player. taking you out life with this beauty shot look at the bay bridge. look at the bridge the water and up top at that sky. amazing. you are watching mornings on 2 from ktvu fox2 news.
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there is jay-z, nfl is teaming one the music mogul and his rock nation company to consult on music and entertainment events like the super bowl halftime show and teaming up with jay-z on ways to improve bonds with the community through music. san francisco 4ers continue training camp today in santa clara. yesterday the 4ers held a football style boot catch for dozens of men and -- camp for dozens of men and women from the military. 50 military members put themselves in the shoes of the 49ers and competed against each
5:57 am
other. >> we had to do a lot of this running. >> you think you can hang with the 49ers? >> yes. i do. >> it means the world to me. there is not anyone i respect more than the military members. >> the boot catches are in six nfl cities throughout the month of august. this is the first one with the 49ers. if you own a dog, beware, why veterinarians are warning pet owners keep your pets away from lakes and ponds. live to san jose. a look at back to school for thousands of students in the south bay this morning. from the couldn't be prouders
5:58 am
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a vote over the fate of a controversial mural at george washington high school in san francisco, what the school board says about covering up removing or keeping the mural. also today, back to school in san jose for almost 30,000 students, we are live in the
6:00 am
south bay. what is in store for students this school year. i hope your wednesday is off to a good start, august 14th. i'm gasia mikaelian. pam cook is enjoying the morning off. >> i'm dave clark. you didn't save me any of the peanut butter and banana sandwich. it's a hot day. steve paulson will tell you what is in store for you. lots of 90s and 100s inland again. warmer than yesterday. you can be part of the 100 club. clear lake, ukiah, vacaville, near 105. the heat of the day, i hope this ends sooner than later. it's


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