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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 14, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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wall street taking a dive, all three indexes down 3% as fears of a recession begin to surface. a heat advisory. triple digits in some areas today. woe will talk about ways to keep cool during this mini heat wave. i'm sara zendehnam. >> i'm mike mibach. a heat wave is hitting the bay area. we have team coverage, mark is standing by in the weather center. >> first let's get to cristina rendon, live in concord where people are trying to beat the heat at six flags hurricane harbor. >> reporter: we have been outside all morning and it was extremely hot. we were trying to beat the heat. we said why not get in the lazy
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river. it is amazing. everyone trying to beat the heat. the first day of school is tomorrow. these families trying to have fun and stay cool. a heat wave call for the crowd to come out at six flags hurricane harbor. >> we like being here. we like to get wet. it's a hot day. >> reporter: the families enjoying quality time under the sun before school starts. >> we decided to come out here for a last summer hoorah and beat the heat. >> reporter: a heat advisory is in effect wednesday and thursday. temperatures are reach into the 90s in the north bay and south bay and 100s in to cities in contra costa county. >> i don't mind it. i don't. i like it to be a hot instead of cold. >> there is no better way than to beat the heat by taking a dip in the weave pool. there is something for every member of the family.
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we have for the little kids, water slides for the thrill seekers. something for everyone. >> reporter: the weather service is urging you to limit outdoor activity. don't leave children or pets in the car. wear sunscreen and hydrate, hydrate. >> stay cool and drink a lot of water. enjoy the water activities here. >> reporter: we have aiden and isabella, my helpers, they are holding me steady because the current will take me. they start school tomorrow. you can see my whole shirt is soaked because there is a fountain that goes down ender beneath the bridge. i got extremely wet. i will keep floating the river. the heat advisory will go from today all the way through thursday 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night. cristina rendon, ktvu fox2 news. >> very nice. enjoy the rest of the afternoon
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on that lazy river. let's bring in mark. usually people head to the coast. beaches warming one 70s. few spots closer to 80 degrees. this is a hot forecast for today. take it easy. if you can't make to it the water park or working outside, it's a serious deal, look for the shade, try to drink lots of water and maybe look for the ac. excessive heat wanting, the areas in red towards lake county, solano county. the key difference, with this event is the areas under the excessive heat warning not as much overnight relief in terms of cooling. it's tougher to sleep overnight with the heat wanting in place. it's hot for the rest of the region. the triple digits expected, up above 100, fairfield,
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calistoga. look at the satellite, we are fog free. fog to the west and to our south and as a result temperatures have been warming up. we will check this on the 12:00 numbers. fairfield 97. oak land 79. san francisco 71. downtown site reaching 78 degrees. off to a very warm start this afternoon and it will be a hot forecast not only for today but also into your thursday. the city of brentwood is offering some places to cool off while the heat advisory is in e if anything. there are two places people can go if they don't have air- conditioning, cooling centers downtown brentwood and senior center. both places are open when it is exceptionally hot. >> the heat vivary goes until 8:00 p.m. this evening. if people are here for the
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cooling center we don't ton them away and will stay open through the 8:00 p.m. time if we have people using the cooling center. >> the brentwood community center has a water feature that residents can use to cool off. another story, wall street, stocks plunging , the dow jones down 2.5% this afternoon after the u.s. bond market flashed a troubling signal about the u.s. economy. the yield on the benchmark 10- year treasury note broke below the 2-year rate. in the past it's been a reliable indicator of economic recession. james mc bride of mc bride group in the bay area. when i usually talk to you it's good or bad news. is investor faith in the economy faltering? >> reporter: it sure is. what happened today was a trifecta of bad news.
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the 10 year fell below the 2 year yield for the first time since 2007. we know what happened in 2008. you had a negative report on the german manufacturing index and there was another report came out talking about the downturn in the chinese economy. it was a triple whammy that hit the market today. people are concerned. >> what is interesting here, don't forfeit the fed chairman has cut the central bank rate once and this still happens, is there anything to look into that? >> reporter: a lot of people are saying what they should have done was lower the rate by 50 basis points instead of 25 and there is increasing talk that the fed is going to be pushed to lower the rates again in september, maybe as much as 50 basis points. the fed does seem to be a little bit high with respect to the rest of the world.
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there are $16 trillion in debt at negative interest rates to the world. though our rates are historically low, they are higher than the rest of the world. >> sit back and relax? or what should he or she do? >> you have to relax. the horse is out of the barn for the next day or two. a lot of people, like yourself and anybody in a 401k, you invest regularly on a monthly basis, that's the best thing in the world you can do, it's called dollar cost averaging and you can look at a situation like a sale. >> is there such a thing as a false recession signal? >> reporter: the old adage is that the bond market does predict recession. it's predicted nine out of the last five. >> that's all you have to say right there. james mc bride with the mc bride group, thank you for
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joining us. free month police located an at risk man that disappeared last night. sky ca lo mo went missing from the area around 11:45 p.m. police didn't share information on where or how the young man was found. the united states has more than 1000 new citizens in the bay area around 1300 people were sworn in as me citizens this morning during a naturalization ceremony at oakland's paramount theater from 96 different countries. eric swalwell was the keynote speaker and says the united states is the nation of immigrants which welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds despite the current immigration system not living up to the basis ideals. >> we are aation of immigrants. we are also at cross roads in our country about who we are. are we a country of bridges that is open to the world and welcome divesty and other
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perspectives? or will we close ourselves off and build walls. >> he said the immigration system is broke scan undocumented people need to be given a new road map to earn legal status and citizenship. one person died following a police chase in a crash this morning. it happened at monterey and actually roads. chp says they were pursuing a car when it collided with a light pole. a passenger in that vehicle died in the crash. the drive of the vehicle was taken to a hospital with non life threatening injuries. both directions of actually red were shutdown between monterey and south 7th street until 7:45 this morning. chp motorcycle officer is expected to recover after he was hit by a car on west of the bay bridge toll plaza at 7:20. the officer was attempting to pull over a car when the drive of another car cut across two lanes and sideswiped the officer. the driver did remain at the
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scene and is cooperating. chp honoring fallen officer with a bell toll tribute. the ceremony was held at the chp academy this morning during what was scheduled to be a celebration of the agency's 90th anniversary. instead officers and loved ones paid respects to the 34-year- old officer. he was killed in riverside monday after a suspect started shooting during a traffic stop. moi called for back up and the suspect was kill during the gunfight. two other officers were shot and expected to recover. deputies are investigating a shooting this contra costa. a spokesman confirms three people were shot although no conditions were given. this happened 1:00 this morning near mariposa and california
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street in rodeo. bullet holes could be seen in vehicles and homes and dozen evidence markers on the street. the contra costa sheriff's department said it would release more information later today. the cause of a two alarm structure fire in fairfield is under investigation. it started along kentucky street, a block over from the high school. officials say no one was injud that fire. a fire broke out at a homeless encampment in richland this morning. this was near interstate 8 off of the mcdonald avenue exit. police are asking for help to identify three women suspected of a robbery at the apple store in walnut creek. the photos here show the suspects who walked in to the broadway plaza store on sunday and ran out with 16 iphones. they were seen getting in to a silver honda civic. anyone with information about any of the suspects is second
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degree to call the walnut creek police department is asked to call the walnut creek police department. residents are concerned over plan for a homeless navigation center in the area. stood the first day of school for many kids in the south bay. how students gilroy are trying to get back to normal after the shooting. temperatures soaring across the bay area. the heat inland, triple digits for today and tomorrow. a look at your forecast highs coming up. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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backpacks are zipped and lunch bags are filled. back to school for san jose unified school district students. kids and teachers made their way to campus this morning. a call. and quiet start to wednesday morning the last few moments of summer before the bell at 8:50 rang in the first day of school. >> i'm excited for the new teacher that i'm going to have because every year i have to adjust to a new teacher. >> reporter: 30,000 students across 41 schools in san jose unified school district kissed vacation and parents good-bye and sed hello to a new school year. >> the kids woke up early and they are excited. >> reporter: river glenn school welcomed back 500 students. tracy young has big plans for this year. >> they can expect lots of
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reading and math and a lot of science curriculum and a lot of curriculum that draws the students in. >> reporter: a boohoo breakfast helped kindergarteners and parents adjust. some kids were pretty shy. >> how do you feel? >> good. >> are you nervous? >> come on. you can say something. >> reporter: students aren't the only ones who feel nerves today. >> i still could not sleep last night. i'm going to crash and burn later on today and i'm still, they are good jitters and happy jitters. >> san jose unified launched a new program, rise into special education to address a special education teacher shortage. teachers can get a special education credential at san jose state for free as long as they commit to working in the district for four years.
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students and staff are back for the first day of school. the older students often volunteer at the gilroy garlic festival and some were there when the shoot, happened. the district will have counselors for those that may need someone to talk to. the students are going to need to stay cool inside the classrooms. >> we are getting in to the dangerous heat category for today in into your thursday forecast. livemore had a high of 79 degrees. temperatures trending up a bit. today temperatures going way up, the thermometer scale above 100 degrees. the same story heading in to your thursday forecast. as a result, the state populated he with the excessive heat warnings warnings and advisory. tomorrow temperatures 95 to 105
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degrees. the fog would be cooling us off but not too much fog to speak of. an on shore breeze. that's keeping the temperature in check. san francisco couple of years ago, topping 100 degrees but not the case with this event. san francisco warming into the 80s today. oak land 79. concord 94. san jose 87. the area of high prubuilding in from the desert southwest. depends on where this high is. if the high were to the pacific it would set up the offshore wind that would clear out the coast and warm up the coast. that's not the case. wear have the sea breeze keeping those temperatures in check. today and thursday, the hottest days of the week up above 100 degrees well inland, that's the case later on today and a big temperature range from around 70 near the immediate coastline
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to over 105 or 6 degrees by 4:00 this afternoon. a look at the numbers. everybody heating up. antioch 104. brentwood 105 degrees. san francisco downtown, lower 80s. mainly in the mid to upper 70s later on this afternoon. san jose 94. gilroy 102, san mateo forecasted high of 90 degrees. take it easy, drink lots of water and seek the shade, maybe an ac. today and tool cooling begin on friday. 98 sounds hot to me. hot inland friday but heading in the right direction if you want relief and pronounced cooling towards the weekend by saturday into sunday. a san francisco judge released redacted copy of affidavit that led to one of several police raids on a freelance journalist. warrants issued in may for brian carpaldy's phone and home
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and office. police were trying to learn how he obtained a police report. the affidavit identifies him as a free lapse videographer and his career is producing and selling news stories. a judge signed off on the warrant despite law that protects journalists from revealing sources to police. the california supreme court is tightening up for standards when officers can enter a home. they can only enter with a warrant or emergency. until now, law enforcement could justify entering a house without a warrant thord to return a lost child or help someone they felt needed assistance. officers can now only enter with a warrant when quote swift action is needed such as to save a life or prevent serious damage to property. to property. san francisco, a homeless man has been arrested in connection to an attack on a woman. security video shows the
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assault at her door on biel street. the suspect is identified as austin vincent. the man appeared to be importantly ill or under the innuance of drugs telling her he was trying to save her and demanding her money and keys and phone. neighbors are concerned because there is a 200 bed navigation center for the homeless built next tore to the condo complex. >> this is mental illness. this is drug issues and security and the city is irresponsible and putting our life at risk. they kept saying these people are safe and harmless. you have proper resources. >> in a statement the mayor. office said it supported the center adding allowing people to continue to remain on the street without providing resources will make the challenges we face more severe. keeping an eye on the markets. stocks tanking amid fierce of a recession and how president trump's decision to delay china
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that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. stocks declining after yesterday's high sparked optimism on wall street. the decision to delay tariffs on china having a ripple effect this the u.s. edward lawrence is at the white house with the latest on how economic experts say your wallet could be impacted. >> reporter: markets opening wednesday amid uncertainty, the president's decision to delay
12:25 pm
chinese tariffs until mid december, initially creating a surge tuesday, stocks climbed more than 400 notice mid afternoon trading. this morning, the market taking a plunge as data in europe and asia signaled a possibility of a looming recession, worrying some investors. >> i think markets should be really happy about what happened yesterday. you have certainty now about how things are going to unfold. >> reporter: the tariff delay, bringing economic relief after weeks of trade tensions between the u.s. and china. >> the trump administration wants to save christmas. >> reporter: products set to benefit including cell phones, laptops, shoes and clothing. >> no matter what the white house guys say every week it's american companies and consumers that are paying for the tariffs. >> reporter: meantime extensions escalating between china and hongkong, as anti beijing protests enter the third month of demonstrations.
12:26 pm
flights resuming into hong kong but president trump revealing china is moving military troops to the hong kong border. >> reporter: a spokeswoman says nancy pelosi and senate majority leader mitch mc connell are responsible for inciting violence and chaos in hong kong and say the statements destroy the truth and whitewash the violence for struggle for human rights and freedom. big day on the market yesterday complete opposite. today 35 minutes now from the closing bell stocks plunging after the u.s. bond market flashed a troubling signal about the u.s. economy and fear of a recession down the road. see on the screen, the dow jones dropped 100 points in the last 20 minutes. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 down close to 3%.
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today state lawmakers in sacramento considering a proposal to lower the state's voting age. what local civil rights leaders are saying about how the trump administration public charge rules will affect immigrant communities.
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the trump administration is defending immigration policy. >> the administration is facing more criticism for its reinterpretation of the inscription on the statute of liberty. >> reporter: the trump administration not backing down on wednesday following credit sis of the immigration policy. the white house announcing a new rule seeing green card applicants rejected for receiving public assistance or failing to meet income standards. in defense of that rule, acting citizenship and immigration services director saying the famous inscription on the statute of liberty is about people coming from europe. >> if i open my mouth they will scream something awful came out no matter what. the theme of the left media has been asked about this poem
12:31 pm
because they don't want to talk about the policy. >> reporter: immigration advocacy say it could defer them from applying. >> it's going to make us poorer and hungier and sicker. >> reporter: president trump claiming the crackdown is working. siting a 43% drop in illegal border crossings thanks to new regulations discouraging migrants and diplomatic outreach to central america. >> mexico is stepping up to do more enforcement between chavez and guatemala. transportation routes, human smugglers, they are making progress and seen a reduction in flows. >> reporter: the public charge rule is expected to take effect october 15th. president trump's immigration rule change is
12:32 pm
criticized from the nonprofit group chinese for affirmative action , the group is denouncing the public charge rule saying they will increase hardships for working class immigrants and unfairly restrict future family based immigration and says the rules penalize immigrants and harm working class families. >> the group claims because of the public charge rule, 3 million people due to fear, are at risk of dropping out of the assistance programs. state assembly appropriations committee will vote on a bill to lower voting age to 17. yesterday young activists rallied oh up the steps of the state capitol. tamers say they should be allowed to vote on the decisions that affect them.
12:33 pm
constitutional amendment 8 would need to pass two third of the assembly and state senate to make it on the 2020 ballot. two guards have been placed on leave and the warden has been reassigned following the apaint suicide of the finance financier and convicted sex offender. >> reporter: what we are learning this morning is that there may have been serious failures even misconduct leading up to jeffrey epstein's death. there was a cascade of failures behind these walls. that's what is being reported by the associated press and new york times. describing what was happening at this federal detention facility before jeffrey epstein died. details that shocked former acting tone general matthew whittaker. >> there were failures but there should have been more enhanced procedures. >> reporter: according to ap, surveillance video suggests that guards falsified their
12:34 pm
records about having observed epstein in his cell. two guards are on leave and the warden has been reassigned. the sex trafficking investigation surrounding end steep will continue with the fbi having raided one of his homes this the caribbean. given up seen's high profile circle of acquaintances there maybe more developments ahead. president trump refending retweeting of a conspiracy theory that the clintons may have been involved this epstein's death. a spokesman said president clinton has no nom of the crimes epstein is accused of. the unified school district will work on a plan to cover a controversial mural at george washington high school. >> don't do it.
12:35 pm
leave that mural alone. it tells the whole truth about mr. washington being complicit in the slave trade. >> the school board voted to preserve the mural but cover it at a contentious board meeting yesterday. the art work depicts george washington as a slave owner and oppression of native americans. critics say the images are cruel to the students of color and hindrance to learning. don't need a mural reminding me i'm a slave. >> i don't get it. i don't get why people are standing up for this. >> yesterday's vote was close one at 4-3, the mural isn't expected to be covered this year. a san francisco lawmaker is raising conditions about facial recognition technology. a bill would ban the use of facial recognition software in police body cameras.
12:36 pm
aclu tested the software by running the pictures of all 120 state legislators against a mug shot data base and found 26 false matches. >> my picture is right here. there are 26 legislators who are misidentified when they ran amazon's recognition software through a mug shot data base. >> police are not using this tool to spikes we are using it as a means to identify criminals. legislators need notto not stop us from keeping our community safe. >> amazon says the test was flawed and wrong about facial recognition technology. the bill passed the assembly and waiting for a vote in the senate which could happen this month. 18 high-definition security cameras will go up in san francisco's china town by next month. the city is joining in a partnership including san francisco state, that's a nonprofit working to build safer neighborhoods. they will be installed along
12:37 pm
stockton, washington street to the sacramento street tunnel. santa rosa memorial hospital one of three california medical centers offering virtual reality technology for pediatric and gynecology patients. the head sets are helpful for patients to cope with pain or uneasiness during exams. some patients have been able to replace pain medications with the technology. there is no charge for the use of the head sets at the hospital. santa clara valley is one of the other hospitals that uses the head sets. plans to mark transit lines with red paint are facing stet set backs. the owners of the shell gas station at gary and cook filed a complaint with regulators to try to stop the project. the gas station open rs accuse mta of not collecting data on
12:38 pm
transit times in existing lanes. they say it's required because it's part of a national pilot program. they are working with regulators to correct the issue. south bay parents are upset after the charter school they were planning to send their children to didn't open for a second year in a row. promise academy is a small free public school and administrators say it was supposed to open monday with 96 students enrolled. parents say a week ago the san jose unified school district informed them they wouldn't be able to use classrooms. district leaders diagree saying they are being made a scapegoat. >> as a mom i have been working to help create this school and have a place for my children to remain for the next number of years. we had everything set and we had our perfect school. it's been extremely emotional. >> we raised concerns with them throughout this process about
12:39 pm
uncertain enrollment numbers and whether they would be able to execute their agreement and unfortunately, they didn't share that information with families. >> the academy filed a second lawsuit against district. the jury in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial is in its 8th day of deliberations. jurors asked to review the testimony of derrick almena. this means the court clerk will read back his testimony a loud. the jury asked to review the testimony of the cofounder nico by shard and ryan o key. henry lee has been in the courtroom since day one and standing by for the verdict. we will bring it to you live as soon as it is reached. read help hen's blog at airbnb settled a lawsuit that accused the site of allowing race based discrimination on the site. according to the suit airbnb's
12:40 pm
former policy requiring full names and photos allowed owners to discriminate based on rates. they changed the policy to no lopper require photos and display after a booking was accepted. happening today san francisco's common wealth club is hosting a forum on homelessness as public health crisis. elected officials from california, oregon and hawaii will talk about options for solving the crisis , the first in a series of discussions about mental and physical and social health. it starts tonight with $15 for tickets and $25 for non members and a discounts for students. delays because of rising labor and material costs. officials told council they no lopper have app estimated
12:41 pm
completion date for the 32-acre project. originally the retail and office space was scheduled to be ready by next fall. the housing groups luxury hotel complete by spring of 2021, the company plans to work with the city to come one cost saving measures to build the develop as soon as possible. a rap artist found guilty of assault won't face more jail time. and the escalating protests in hongkong and how travelers here are being affected. in weather lots of sunshine today. the big weather story, the hot temperatures coming up we will let you know when the cool down arrives in the bay area forecast.
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clashes between hong kong police and pro activists are moving to the streets. today there were confrontations at a residentable neighborhood. demonstrators gathered outside of a police station. police in riot gear fired tear gas at protestors to try to
12:45 pm
break up the crowd. the airport is back up and operational after hundred of protestors caused flight cancellations elier this week. >> reporter: after two days of travel disruptions from protests at hong kong's airports, nights resuming at the international travel hub. tuesday pro democracy demonstrators swarming the world's 8th wooziiest airport, clashing with police, forcing more than 100 flight cancellations on top of oh backlogged flights grounded due to monday's revolt. by wednesday a few remaining people catched out in arrival but left travelers alone. >> the protesters have one thing wrong, they should not be here doing it here. they should be having their protests in hong kong with the government, with the police, with whoever. not innocent travelers. >> reporter: the terminal
12:46 pm
turmoil comes follows weeks of proest it is as hundreds of thousands fight for freedoms they were promised in 97 when sovereignty was transferred from britain to china's communist party. protesters calling for the leader to step down and for lawmakers to pull legislation that would allow criminals to be extradited to the mainland. authorities releasing a statement denouncing the airport demonstrations saying in part, quote, the government severely condemns the violent act which is are outrage and have oversteped the bottom line of a civilized society. the statement going on the say police will bring those involved to justice. more than 20 countries issuing travel warnings to hongkong due to the violent protests. we are hearing stories of chaos and panic from people in the bay area who just traveled to hong kong. several flights from the troubled region arrived at sfo last night passenger after passenger told us they had to
12:47 pm
run through the clashs to catch their planes. they consider themselves lucky they were able toic ma to make it on board. pubbed past lots of protesters shouting and screaming. >> it was terrifying. you are seeing different expressions on people's faces. i saw some people having panic attacks and breaking down. >> many people we talked to  were born in how long cop or have family there. the protests brought back memorys of the student protests and massacre. there will be another crackdown by the chinese government. a hot day today. hot day tomorrow and the next day, i think. >> that's their thinking. temperatures today, back up to around 1 hundred, 105 degrees for the hottest locations of the bay area. excessive heat warning, the advisory in place for wednesday and thursday. friday will be hot inland.
12:48 pm
upper 90s but we will definitely be heading in the right direction by friday and into the weekend. we have options in the bay area, not so hot for the coast. temperatures in the mid-70s and inland spots, walnut creek, topping 100 degrees later on this afternoon. already in the 90s. what would cool us off is the fog and no fog to speak of. mostly sunny skies over a good portion of the bay area. lookingout, seeing that layer of haze in the sky as well. air quality impacted and spare the air alert extended into your thursday forecast because the weather pat certain not changing too much. concord 94. san jose 87. oakland 84. san francisco one site showing you 78. san francisco will be approaching lower 80s this afternoon over the next two to three hours. this area of high pressure billing in. it is setting up for today and tomorrow. temperatures inland close to
12:49 pm
100 degrees. topping 100. what is helping us out a little bit is we have a little bit of on shore breeze. that's going to keep those temperatures in check for the coast. not talking about excessive heat. it's not. it will be heating up into the 80s and 90s. later on today, not expecting much in the way of the fog. 70s, 80s, 90s, topping 100 by 4:00 this afternoon. santa rosa 100. san francisco downtown 83 degrees. a warm day, hot day at the ballpark for the bay bridge series this afternoon. taking place now. hayward 90 degrees. san jose checking in 94. triple digits pleasanttop, gilroy, the coast, mainly in the 70s. could be inching closer to 80s degrees. another hot day in the forecast for tomorrow and with this pattern, we do not have red flag fire warnings but danger to dang ser rising going up
12:50 pm
because the heat, it could take off rapidly. cooling begins on friday. hot inland on friday. by the weekend, this is over, cooling things off by a bit by saturday. thank you for that. american rap artist asap rocky has been found guilty of assault in sweden. >> this is a talker. the verdict comes despite claims from president trump and celebrities he was innocent. >> reporter: u.s. rapper asap rocky found guilty of assault charges over a street brawl in stockholm. a swedish judge delivering the sentence wednesday. the rapper and two member of his entourage were taken in to custody july 3rd. prosecutors accuse the artist
12:51 pm
and two men of assaulting a 19 year old man including kicking and beating the victim with a bottle while he laid on the ground. >> the court find that it has not been proven that the victim was struck to the back of the head by a whole or broken bottle by any of the defendants. >> reporter: he pleaded not guilty to the charges against him arguing they were simply defending themselves. >> the district court found no situation in which the defendants were entitled to use self defense. >> reporter: they were released at the conclusion of a three- day trial august 7th and allowed them to leave the country pending the verdict. >> i had a chance to visit them while in jail. they showed grace and dignity. >> reporter: it drew attention from president trump that demanded the rapper's release and raised the issue of the prime minister. the prime minister said the
12:52 pm
swedish government was not allowed to influence the on going legal proceedings. under swedish law, he faces a maximum penalty of two years in prison. the judge says he will not serve any jail time. coming up next, new link between eating gluten and celiac disease. the warning parents will want to hear. ess phones (phone ringi) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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one last look here at the market before the closing bell. the dow is down nearly 3% more than 700 points on the screen. pushing stocks down the bond market flashed a signal today that basically warns of a recession to come. market analysts say maybe not but even so investors reacting today, the nasdaq and s&p 500
12:55 pm
down nearly 3% as well. coming up today at 4:00, we will have the latest on what is happening there this wall street. plus fertility rates in the u.s. hit a record low. we will speak with an expert about the trend and why she says it is not time to panic. that's today on the 4. more people are opting to say stay home instead of spending money on recreational activities. nearly 70% of americans say they skipped out an a fun event to safe money. the study shows 40 president of respondents decided not to go on vacation because of cost. increasing debt is a main factor. more and more people are classifying themselves as foodies. blue diamond almond sponsored the study, three out of four people consider themselves foodies. besides offering reviews and trying new cuisines they are willing to drop big bucks to stay on the food trend.
12:56 pm
nearly 60% enjoy testing out new flavor combinations. eating high amounts of gluten as a child could lead to a gluten intolerance later on in life. scientists examining close to 7000 babies that were genetically predisposed to type 1 day beats and celiac disease. those who ate large quantities of gluten increased the chances of developing celiac disease by 6%. close to 20% of the 7000 children developed celiac disease by the time the research concluded. did you see the a's giant's game last night? did. >> giant's victory 3-2. they are playing in san francisco at oracle park. it is 0-0. in the top of the first. it's a nice day at the ballpark. >> a little bit warm.
12:57 pm
water, sunscreen, all that stuff. >> day baseballs enjoy. enjoy the rest of your afternoon. our next news cast is here coming up at 4:00. have a great afternoon, everyone.
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dr. oz: you want fries with that? why can't we say no? but maybe we should. >> could be associated with increased risk of cancer. dr. oz: we investigate french fry lies. >> there's a secret ingredient and it is this. dr. oz: plus, the dish crew is creating the best recipe mash-up. >> tacos, guacamole, and pizza. what more does a girl need? dr. oz: coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: are you already for season 10? >> yeah! >> i love you, dr. oz. [applause]


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